The Matt Bernier Show - Preview Edition - June 14, 2019


Tappin. Welcome in the map, Bernier showed DR TV, Miami's map Bernie, and you can follow me on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt. This is the preview edition. We are taking a look at some of the graded stakes action from Churchill Downs on Saturday, June. The fifteenth will go over the five graded stakes races. Not necessarily dive deep into them. Just give you some thoughts in some, some fields survived going into those races. We'll see what the weather ends up actually shaking down, as because it looks like it might be some thunderstorms forecast, but nonetheless, we'll go over these races. However, you listen to this. Thank you for doing so YouTube sound cloud. I tunes video dot the dot com as well Spotify, however you listen, please rate review in subscribe questions, comments or concerns beneath the video player on YouTube or directly to me on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt. No, I'm not recording this in a library and I'm also not an underground bunker, I'm in a hotel in Louisville. I'm trying to be respectful to the neighbors so not speaking to loudly getting. Ready for the dean foster show tomorrow night. NBC SNL dates thirty on part of the reason not gonna give you pictures because of that you're gonna need to go over there and check that out, but also because I still have a little bit of work that needs to be done. And again, that weather forecast is a little bit on the on the odds side. So the reason I am in a much quieter tone than I normally am at my little home office is because of that reason. Sure AJ in the folks back in New York. If it's too loud, or too soft other they can crank it up a little bit. Or you on your computer our Viollis into this thing you can crank it up also the reason that there is no visuals that this is just going to be audio only this week discount bring everything along on the road. So let's go through take a look at some of these races. Just give you some thoughts, some opinions only going over the graded stakes races fifth. Matt win the grade three race for three year olds eight and a half on the main track. You know there's not a ton of speed in this race. I think everyone's gonna look at Mr. money for a number of reasons how productive that Pat Day mile has been those for how awesome he looked that day to me, though, that was part and parcel, because of the turn back to a one, turn, configuration. I feel like he might be a big player in races. Like the h Allen jerkins over the summer and going forward in those sort of seven turn, seven for long term miles, not guessing. He can't win this race. I personally prefer him more at the one term variety though. And that's you know, you take a look at some of the other horses in near I suppose proverb is going. Before replace the long we've Knicks, go Kaynak's go. But neither of them really get me going. I found it very interesting that no low contest. Oh, we shipped here for John Sadler. I know gift box. Maybe he just needed a friend to come along with him, but there's grade three race out at Santa Anita on Sunday afternoon for three year olds noble contest. Very easily could have stayed home run in that race. Instead he comes here to Churchill Downs to run in this spot. It feels like a nice starting off point for a horse that if you've listened any of these things in the past, you know, I'm a big fan of Nola contest. I think he's going to turn into a nice horse is paired up by tops of eighty eight. I think you might be looking at the forward move here that if I had to make a pick in here as much as I do, like Mr. money, I just wonder if he'll be better at one turn of goes, no contest. Oh, in the fifth that Churchill and Saturday night. The grade three Matt win who've onto the wise, Dan. This is going to be one of the three races covered on the NBC S N show, violence, sixteen on the grass is a really nice field. You've got some some interesting horses coming into this thing, especially coming off of long layoffs. You know, you get a horse like it's in the post. Again, anyone that's paid attention or stakes previews over on video dot the dot com or anywhere else knows how much I think of it's in the post, he's really talented horse, but boy, it feels like he took his game to the next level at longer distances. And we haven't seen him since August of last year to me, this feels like nothing more than a means to an end. Maybe this is just an instant get a race into him. You get him back to del. Mar you get him ready for a race like the Eddie read the del mar handicap or whatever it may be. But guess start somewhere? Maybe that's what this is just kinda shaking the rust off. You know, you could look at some other logical orces like inspector Linley. I've never been almost they've never been a big fan of his age. I don't I don't totally trust him. I just I'm not totally convinced that he is really of the upper echelon it again. He might just be one of those horses for showbiz. They get older and older. They continue to improve. But I don't know that I need him at a short price in a race like this. Maybe I'll pick. And maybe I won't knows admission office, the horse that ran second to Catholic boy and the Dixie. He's interesting coming from off the pace showed a little bit of versatility to starts back. Right. Maybe can be a little bit closer to the pace, if it doesn't develop it really is just kind of a wide open race bourbon resolutions wildcard trying turf for the first time, L P Caro for natural courageous in heavier a bit of a wildcard. Don't let this look like first time in the states. I think the horse in most intriguing with right now. I, I don't want to say, I'm again, he's not going to necessarily be the pick, but the one most intrigued with at the moment is marched to the arch get a little bit more tape to watch. But it's an instance where I thought he really well against better horses in that turf. Classic most recently scenario where class relief. This time around the run to starts back was really solid. I know it was a Florida breadsticks race down at Tampa, but he's always hinted at a horse. It's got some big ability now. Maybe he's just a horse that really fires fresh off the bench you go through, and take a look at his two most recent layoffs. He's come back, and he was a winner both times off that but again, I don't wanna totally say that I'm gonna marry myself they but March to the arches intriguing candidate in this spot for me that would be the grade to wise. Dan sixth race. Remove onto the two big races. The co headliners call the floor to Lee in these Stephen foster. Flirt, lease the seventh raise nine for a long on there. No real shocker in here. I mean the class of the fields Elat the question now is, is this, the same a late in that we have come to grow in? No, what she's all about I thought or two races at Oklahoma pedestrian at best, I just didn't think she was just didn't think she really ran all that. Well, in either of them I gave her the is area. So maybe she needed race which he came back, and I thought she was just sort of blah, in the apple blossom now look, she's midnight, who came back last weekend at Belmont, made that race, look very, very solid. But at the same time, I go back to the personal ensign or Hearn, Abel, Tasman, put on absolute show. It will Tasman was never the same after that. And I wonder if the same going go for a late Etta short price. I'm probably not going to be ended a going to be ending up on her just because again, I don't know that the values there and I don't know that you can still run the way that she wants did not saying that you can't win this race. But at the price is like it'd be just doesn't really do much for me. Boop prize understand folks look at her. She's got a beautiful. Record at Churchill Downs. That figure she needed a race off the bench second off. She takes step forward. She right. Well here in the Breeders Cup last year. I should won the spinster at Keeneland. Keep in mind that was the day that she was about fifteen paths off the rail when she floated out down the lane she makes sense in here again. But I don't think she has any tremendous edge. I'd be, I'm probably gonna bunch. She's Jewish paired up by tops ninety six I don't leave his distances in issue as she ran arrivals out in the Alabama last year the launch ROY end was gutsy effort. She went got those horses that were front over. She had that nice prolonged stretch duel with secret spice, second off the bench for asthma than I think she moves forward here. She also has the ability before the placed in a race that doesn't look like a ton early gas in here. You know, I wonder if skeptic from the inside you have no choice but to go if that's the case, she's Julie parks, just off. She hasn't go a Ricardo Santana consent. She's jewelry to the front that come and catch me. She probably were all land in the floor to Lee we go onto the Stephen foster. Look, this is. I know got downgraded to a grade. Two is a great one field. You take a look at these horses at a mile on an eight I didn't think gift box would be showing up here. I didn't think a number of these horses were showing up in the spotlight this, but here we are gift box, obviously, the horse to beaten spot the Gold Cup effort. Most recently thought was good in India was brilliant by any stretch of they're just gonna going up and down in vino. So at the end of that race, but any of his last three races make him a major player in this spot? Little bit of a quick turnaround only about three weeks. But you have to trust with John Sadler's doing here, and this is a win win for the bridge Cup classics or you're gonna understand why this field is large as it is. I think I quit. I've never been a huge fan of his you know that, that brought down at Oaklawn it was solid. Don't get me wrong but over a sloppy sealed track, and it was a complete blanket finish. Usually, those are the kind of racist, that I'm going to be taken a stand against got to do a little bit more homework on that, before I actually commit to or but Yoshida on the far outside. I'm not convinced that. Dirt is actually what is best surfaces. I still think turf may be even with the fact that he didn't run well than at Gulfstream to starts back. I thought his four star Dave given the instance, like okay, maybe it wasn't a great effort. But there was a good amount of cutting at ground. He ran a bang-up raise over ROY Alaska last year, he ran well winning that turf. Classic lasts less bring in, you know, just also say that he's a much better dirt horse than tur- force. I don't know that I entirely by that. He can certainly wins race. You would be one that would appreciate some pace which it looks like there's going to be signed on Tom's. They tie is very intriguing in here, just because this is the horse that giorno match from Kinsey. And yes, he was forward with slow pace down on the inside all the places that you wanted to be that day that they ran the Alysheba that would have been Kentucky oaks Friday. But he's wrong. Well at Churchill in the past. He doesn't have to have the lead. He can go. We can sit just off the effective. He is a little bit intriguing to me a mile in eighth know he's two or three added. But again. Inferior company just needs to prove that he can do this against the best of the best, not hold Pegasus against in to start back in tenfold. I don't love that Pimlico special nuts. Again. I'm not saying I'm not picking him but it seems rather unlikely seeking sole. I'd like them to get him back to one, turn to me, it sort of stands out on the page. Now that the AC Breeders Cup mile over his two best races in a long time, having said that, though from a number standpoint, you just rock, rock-solid you shows up runs his race if he gets a setup in front of him. He'll come with a run a Seton soil ios after respect douse Stewart in these kind of races runaway ghost. I guess if you're looking for sort of a wildcard, or maybe it's him leper takes the mount Todd venture ships this woman from New Mexico. He's really done little wrong throughout his career. The Keeneland race on just drawn drawing a line through that couldn't really get any sort of position early on that pays held up that day his runs at to turn, I think or better than his one turn raises. And he comes into this on the heels of a five and a half length victory in, I. I get it was against far inferior company, but I do think it's an instance where perhaps, you look at him and say, if you're not sold on any of the other, short prices runaway goes can be followed to place. He's in good form. He's not that far off from speed figure standpoint definitely needs to improve. But it's not like he's a hopeless long shot in here. And you draw Peru who was Clinton at about twenty two percent strike? Right. Right now, he's a little bit. Interesting. Still have some work to do for the Stephen foster. But I think this is fascinating race. Can go a number of ways, and the last graded stakes race at Churchill I should say, as far as thoroughbreds are concerned because I believe they wrap things up tomorrow night with an Arabian race which I've Nigerian touch on next. I have no idea about any of those horses. The great three regret for three rolled Vilis nine on turf. This is a really nice rates, as well visually to me there to orces that make all the sense in the world. You've got a horse like hungry kitten who broke the main derby weekend. I thought visually spectacularly. But granted very, very fast paced to run. At from number standpoint, doesn't really have any kind of. Engine to be honest needs to improve to be competitive. Some of these other ones in Veronica. Everyone in their brother saw that run from Veronica Belmont, when she came back for motion, GM salute exploded home AVI or had a wrapped up for about eight of mile visually was phenomenal from a number standpoint, though, a little bit light from time form number standpoint needs to improve. She doesn't have the highest last out buyer in the field would be curious, though, to see where she's positioned in a race like this because when he goes through the field, not Las beedon's race. And I think that's what makes Princessa caroliina on the far outside is intriguing issue is not only because she has a number of speed figures that are fast enough to win this race. But it feels like she's comfortable going to the front. And I, I would assume the instructions for Brian is union going to be descend from the outside clear off try to back down the pace a little bit, and then have something where you can kick home, a obviously, you're going to have a major tactical advantage on the big girls in the spot. But then other really good race. It's a nice night of racing at Churchill Downs. Number one, winter sunset make some sense in here. You got a horse like Delta's kingdom for Bill Maher who each of the past three races earned seventy four buyers. You know, it's one of those instances where you can make case if you wanted to get creative for some of these longer prices, I don't think it's a crazy crazy thought that you could go out there and say you don't why not a horse card legacy for norm. Cassie from a number standpoint that most recent run in the Appalachian. Sure, no match for the top three but the one three time form rating that stacks up pretty favorably, getting back the firm Thurlow maybe that's what she wanted all along. So you can get a little bit q. I think in some of these races here tomorrow at Churchill Downs. It's going to be a good night of racing. Hopefully the weather holds off last. I looked looks like we've got a chance of some thunderstorms roll through. That's the case, obviously sort everything goes goes kinda haywire, but to be interesting to see what we get from a number of these big names, obviously, the Stephen foster that's headline or go headline event anyway. That just seems like it's a bit of a wide open race with the exception. Look, if you think give boxes just that good. Then I'm not gonna lie. Argue with you. I'm going to sit there and say, you know what? Dick, the chalk, and go on, with in maybe he'll stamped himself as I don't wanna say, stamp himself sort of reclaim a claim to being the best of the best for the older horses after we saw those big performance last weekend in the met mile in as far as the Phillies in marriage are concerned it may be a short field but I think he's going to go a long way into determining what we do with a late going forward, or what we think of her name, she can still run the way that she three and four year old or that personal ensign which is kinda my working theory, the debt just take some of the starch out of her in a very similar fashion way did with Abel Tasman if that's the case. Maybe she'll be a little bit vulnerable short field. Like I said, that's probably the one I'm going to commit to at this point. I can't imagine knock on with she's jewelry in that Florida. But there's still some work to do with some of these other races. Thanks for bearing with me this week as far as the late pod is concerned, novato either next week. We'll get back to everything. However, you listen to his YouTube soundcloud items. Video dot the dot com or Spotify. Thanks for doing so questions, comments concerns being video player on YouTube or directly me on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt, wherever you. Listen. Please rate review and subscribe, I will be back early next week. It'll be on Monday with the recap petition going back taking a look at some of these races for as much as we can. Because unfortunately won't be able to show too much refers replays, concerned doubled dive into some of these, and then get you sort of ready to go for what's still to come. Guess what? We're only something crazy like three and a half weeks from Saratoga with this new shortened ups sort of the short up the, the lengthened Saratoga schedule. It's right around the corner. Delmore is right around the corner, just because the triple crowns in the rear view doesn't mean that the racing year N's continue on into in my opinion. Drip grounded out of the way we have bigger and better things ahead of us. We got the summer meets. We've got Keeneland in the fall, and obviously we have the Breeders Cup still got some time. So thanks again, for baron with me here this week, I'll be back in the sort of normal setup. A Monday with recap show back at home. Good luck this weekend. However, you play whatever you play wherever you play spend the preview of the map on your show.

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