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Ep 10: NBA RE-DRAFT 2018


The locked on podcast network your team every day. Hi This is David Locke. Ceo of the lockdown podcast network is just amazing to have Chad Ford back. Chad's always been one of my favorites talking the NBA draft. I wanted to make sure you know. What the lockdown podcast network is. We have a daily podcast for every NBA team. That's right. Your favorite team has a daily podcast. So when you're done listening to Chad Ford's MBA big board. Make sure you go find your favorite teams daily podcast on the lockdown podcast network enjoy chat aloha. You're listening to chat for Big Board on the mocked on podcast network. I'm with John. Hollinger senior writer for the athletic and Co host of Hollinger Duncan on the lockdown network. We are doing a series of redrafts. Done two thousand fourteen two thousand sixteen two thousand thirteen two thousand seven last week. Now we're going to do one just a couple years away two thousand eighteen for those of you. That are new to the podcast. We'RE GONNA do it. In the form of a mock draft each of us will rotate making picks based on hindsight what should have happened on draft. Night we're going to do the entire lottery. It's really tough to do a draft. That really has a season and maybe almost a full season right this is. This is a little bit trickier. Yeah exactly. How much do we weigh the information we have from those first two years versus our our priors when when these guys entered the League which still probably have a fair amount of validity? Since we're still pretty early in the game a lot of these guys careers and playing opportunity injuries. And there's a number of things that are always problematic. Become more problematic when you're a year almost two years two years into it. Here's how it went down on draft night. Phoenix Suns had the number one. Pick in the draft. They took the Andrei Eytan out of Arizona. Sacramento Kings number two on the board. That Marvin Bagley freshman out of Duke. The Atlanta Hawks had the third pick in the draft. They traded that pick to the Dallas Mavericks. Who got the guy that they had been trying to get along guy? They would have selected with the number one pick in the draft that they had had the chance. Luca Danni sits out of Slovenia. Never four John. Hollinger was on the board. Grizzlies took Jaren Jackson junior freshman out of Michigan State Number Four. The hawks who had just made that trade with Dallas selected fifth and they took trae young freshman out of Oklahoma. The magic selected six Mohamed Bomba. The Long Lanky Shot Center at Texas. The bowl selected seventh window. Carter junior freshman out of Duke Cleveland Cavaliers Eighth On the Board to Colin sexton score. I point guard from Alabama who once played three on five in college basketball game number nine New York Knicks all the hype around the Knicks. Kevin Knox Freshman out of Kentucky. Seventy sixers were on the board at Tenth. Pick McCall bridges who was related to a seventy sixers worker. I can't remember exactly what the relation was. It was his mom. Yes mom who worked with the seventy sixers? Yeah only the heartlessly trade him to Phoenix. Yes that was. That was a wild bait eleven. The Charlotte Hornets are GonNa Trade. This pick for the LA clippers. Shy Gil Alexander Freshman out of Kentucky Twelfth. Pick the Los Angeles Clippers miles. Bridges Trades that to the Hornets thirteenth. Pick Los Angeles Clippers Jerome Robinson junior out of Boston College and the fourteenth pick in the draft a guy that many people including me before I went into. Espn quarantine had number one on on their board at the start. Preseason Michael Porter Jr. the freshman out of Missouri who got injured and lots of concerns about injuries caused him to drop in the draft. Think he's GonNa go higher on a redraft. This was a pretty exciting draft. There is a lot of players that I think teams were actually really excited about in this draft right John Yes. It was fairly deep. Draft and quality at the top was pretty deep where landing fourth in the lottery. We felt great because we knew we were going to get somebody who had a chance to be really good and there are some years where you don't think that let's just put it that way. Certainly certainly like if you fit. Finishing fourth in in the twenty eighteen lottery is a very different emotional experience than than being fourth in last year's or this year's lottery and it's really interesting too because you had a variety of different types of players that you could take as well right here get you have a guys like trae. Young Don Sets Jackson and Bagley eight in any position that you wanted there was a guy for you in the strath and that also was was an interesting aspect of that as well. We'll we're GONNA do the redraft. I get a B. I this time you gotta be I last last time. Okay I'm the Phoenix Suns to me and again. I can deal with this with skepticism. Because I wasn't able to to talk about a write about the draft this year. Don such to me was the no brainer number. One pick in this draft and as much as I thought eight was a good prospect Bagley and Jackson and trae young. And and what have you dodge to me had the qualities of of a superstar and he was already showing that at a very high level in. Europe. A lot of times when you're drafting those European players. You're drafting them more on potential. They might be on a good team but they're minutes are limited. It's actually tougher for young players to get minutes on really high-calibre caliber European teams dance was already dominating there. And while there was questions about his jump shot in questions about his athleticism and whether he's going to be able to get by people and questions about his defense to me. This was a player that was a once in a generation type of talent as a basketball player and you had multiple teams three teams that we know of right. The sons the kings and hawks who decided I'm GonNa pass on that for something else. Yeah Yeah what did you think about dodges at the time? Where did the grizzlies have? Have him rang? So Dodd Sich you know. Obviously he he showed a ton of talent and there were you. You're correct though. There were questions about him You Know He. He gained weight during the course of a season which he played seventy games and that was a little bit of a flag to people wondering what he was doing at night. And what is what is lifestyle was like there were concerns. You'd see him against switches have have a lot of trouble getting by people and that's the one thing he's improved on the most at the NBA level. I was actually just talking to one of our Dallas people about that Today is that's the real transitions made in the two years from him. Being in Spain to what he is now is that he is so much more able to accelerate and and start stop and go and and And get by people and does it with with an ease now that if you go back and look at the tape from Spain he just he just didn't do it then and he had a lot of trouble with guys get into his dribble. He just doesn't that just isn't an issue now So him him evolving. That way I think was the thing that turned him from projecting a pretty good player to projecting as a freaking gigantic superstar. Part of this was an hats off to the Dallas Mavericks. Who were on this on this early? And we're doing everything in their power to move up as high as they could in the draft to take him. Dallas has a long long history of scouting international players. Tony Ron Zony. Their longtime international scout is not only talented scout. But one of the most networked people in Europe and information becomes just as important as a at times as as just the scouting itself But Donnie Nelson Junior as well they. That was part of where my confidence was coming. A they've they've been super bullish about that group about four players one who didn't pan out dark milicevic and three that really did Which were Dirk Nowitzki Yacht? Asante Combo they were all in on Janta Takubo yet and say well. Why didn't they draft Mon- draft night and that was the decision of an owner that solid team in a very different place in just didn't feel like having that sort of reclamation or that that that rebuilding type of project that everybody thought was he was going to take several years to become a player and don's h those were the guys and some of this trusting track record as well with with teams and scouts? About how they were seeing things. It's a pretty impressive thing to say that you drafted Dirk Nowitzki and you drafted Luca Danni and that you saw both of them. As clearly as they saw them they They also loved Porzingas as well and again without injuries. I think porzingis out I mean. That wasn't that wasn't like a contrarian take I mean there were. I know we were trying to do this. And I know other teams are trying to do this. The year before he came out were promising him to to get him to come out a year early using us. Yeah so that was. That was not a That that was not under the radar right there. Okay we'll he goes. I don't think there's probably much of a of a debate anymore. About who the number one picnic draft should be. Maybe you think it's closer than that. It's only two years into this. Oh he's he's already lapped the field so like yet. I mean they'd have to be some pretty dramatic changes in your career trajectory from these other guys so it gets more interesting for the Kings at two. Yeah again talk about another team. How did VLADA DIVA touch? Miss On. Don's it's because the kings were never really that high on him that that wasn't really their guy. Yeah go scenario. Thought it would be. That was really surprising that you have a front office of lot and pager and that you know a generational player comes from eastern Europe and they just. They just weren't that had into him. There's this phrase you can't be a prophet in your own country. And sometimes I think you can be critical right of of actually in this case. Yeah Eastern Europeans. Yeah then you might be with young Americans because of how you grew up culturally generation only as well just in in the mistakes that the kings of made over and over again this may have been their biggest because it was their real shot to get a generational type talent. It was right there for the taking. It was obvious fit for them and they blew it. Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely and so. Who Do they take two and then they they? I mean they kind of blew it a second time to because then they I mean they took Bagley who had like. I don't even know if he's going to become a good player I think all of us behind Sacramento were relieved when the took Bagley second. Because we knew that we were going to get somebody else that you know. That would move up someone else and into into us Especially sin it for so once again Chad is asking me to pick him on my children. Here so There's a couple of ways you could go with. This in. The book is still being written on all these careers Eight who is the number one? Pick trae young. Who made the All Star team this year? You Have Shea gilders Alexander who looks like a really good player But I'm I'm still going to stick with Jaren Jackson junior here. I think he has the potential to be the best player of the group and more than that I think is game fits in on a high level championship team better than any of these other guys because his ability to stretch the floor but still be alive threat but defend multiple positions You know just fit into a variety of roles where you can imagine him being a really good player on a very high caliber team. In a way. That's harder to imagine even with in with someone like trae young just because the way he plays in the The defensive deficiencies and whatnot So I'm still GONNA go with Jaren Jackson here. I that would have been my my choices. Well Okay loved that. Pick for you. I think that he is a obviously as a player developmentally. He needed a little bit more time in the League but you look at the potential of what he can become in the way that the league plays right now. If you're asking me to project out in five years after Don said choose who has the highest highest ceiling of the players that are that are left on the board there? I Take Jackson at two. Yeah Yeah and that was always our yo you know. We're actually pleasantly surprised with the rookie year. He had because we thought he was a little project. He may be in his development curb. Eat I still get like stronger in his lower body and hold his position. Rebound better and stuff. But that's GONNA compasses body. Fills out k the Hawks on the board at three. It's a little bit harder. Criticized the Hawks for what they did because they got trae young and he's had two fantastic seasons for them. They got other assets as well as part of that trade by again. In many ways disastrous. Because I don't think trae young is a generational type of player or necessarily even the franchise cornerstone that you build around and Donna would have been so again the Hawks while they certainly got value in the draft yet. He's not the guy that I'm going to select at three nor what I selected at four or five. Wow okay. I'm going to do something I think that's going to be controversial. Maybe not I'm taking Michael Porter Jr. Okay at three okay I think. Obviously he misses a year. He's played just four forty eight games right for Denver. He's only played six hundred and seventy minutes. Yeah FOR DENVER. Right now but in those six hundred seventy minutes you see why he was projected coming out of high school as being the potential number one pick in in the strath. I think as he gets healthy assuming that there's no long-term injury issues for him and his role begins to expand in Denver from where it where it is right now on a very good basketball team. I think that he has the chance to to be a star in the league in part because of his ability to score the basketball. And shoot the basketball. He's shooting forty two percent from three. Yeah so Michael Porter His the draft workout that he did conduct. It wasn't much of a workout but the thing that he did do they had shooting drills and I mean he made every single shot like it was. It was unbelievable. It was one of the best shooting drill performances. I've ever seen and I know we weren't awash in shooters with the grizzlies. But like we had Mike Miller at Troy Daniels. Okay and this was better than anything I saw from. Either in that The issue with Porter I mean obviously I saw the medical report on him I I. I don't think he'll ever stay healthy for like across multiple years. Like I'd be shocked based on what I read if he can if the nuggets are able to keep him upright and playing fifteen hundred thousand minutes seasons like their medical crews. Doing something amazing. Okay we'll there's where I'm not privy I was out of. It did to actually see whether there was going to be long term issues. I'm with that on talent. Do you think that he belongs here or not even there? I think he's in the discussion. I think the watching him things the things that you love or that can really jump can really shoot you know. Good Straight Line Athlete. But things you don't like were really bad defender and very like a lot of tunnel vision offensively And those are the same things that I think has kind of had him in and out of the rotation a little bit in Denver especially in the first half of the season now some got some guys display that and they end up fixing it And some guys don't you know. He reminded me of a little bit in an odd way. Guy. We talked about before was Was Zach Levine. Where Where just the athleticism pop so much? Even though he wasn't making the right play a whole lot. When you watch you know kind of the college in highschool tape. But I mean porter's much bigger he rebounds and crazy shooter in one way that I'll defend him. A little bit is especially young players. That are coming off the bench. This tendency they have the WanNa try to do everything when they get those minutes to prove they should be playing more yup and so there's sometimes that tendency that hey I'm only going to get limited minutes when I'm out there. This is about me and sometimes when you're in a more secure position on the roster and with your minutes and everything else that you can let go and so. I'm hoping that he's one of those players that when he gets into more secure position is going to let that go. Because I think there's a chip on a shoulder right now and I do think that when he gets into the game he desperately wants to prove that he was the guy that people thought he was before he got injured. And that's led to some of shot selection tunnel vision. I didn't talk about okay. I took him three. That's that's probably good for you. That left your guy on the board. It's the grizzlies. You didn't get your Guy Jaren Jackson. You've selected him to spots ahead within kings but you're on the board at number four. Yep So let me do my my road not taken here so we had two pathways right in this draft sitting at the fourth pick and the one was That hopefully The kings do what they did. Take Bagley at second and push down You know one of Lucre Jaren us. And then because abby everyone knew Aidan was going number one right like that was that was baked in from the minute the lottery was done so then the other alternative for us was If we didn't like was there at four we thought we'd get a lot of value trading down and taking shade. You'll this Alexander. We love this kid I still do. I think he has a potential a really good two way guard multiple positional Want to see the shot releasing shooting pick up a little bit probably to really get to the highest levels. I think he's really good. He's going to have an outstanding career. All the background on him was absolute. First Rate Topnotch So I'll go shales going contrary in here 'cause I left to pretty darn talented players off But I'm going to go with him. This is going to be our most controversial redraft. The part of it's because we're so new in yet is that we're still doing a ton of projection. I mean hindsight is twenty twenty and it becomes harder to especially when guys have been the league seven eight ten years to make huge arguments swings one way or the other though. Interestingly did get some feedback on twitter about our two thousand thirteen redraft with people questioning taking rudy at number two over mccullum. Victor Oladipo which I didn't I thought was a no brainer. Yes but interestingly that some people thought that was controversial I liked him more than like trae young in the draft watching them play even though young has put up significantly bigger numbers obviously early in his career for for the hawks. I still like Gilgit Alexander's game better. And part of that is why while trae young is a dynamite score in the league. There are some major major problems on the other end For him that that I think are real question marks and so that's that's really interesting that also would have been my pick. Wow Okay I'm great minds. Think alike and apparently mediocre ones due to. I don't blame the clippers for trading him to get Paul. George Oh yeah. They had to do that especially with Leonard. Needed that other player to get there but that this was a a nice salvage for Oklahoma City. I think actually a really good salvage for them. Oh absolutely that they were able to get a player that you and I would have said is a top four. Pick in this draft. Yeah Alright Dallas is on the board. They're crying because they didn't get their guy. I I just gotTa believe. In almost every universe Dallas would have done whatever it took to get done such if even if he was at number one. I I don't know what that would have been but I think they would have done anything they could have to get there. That's how high they were on him as a franchise player. He's off the board here. I'm going to give them the number one. Pick in the draft. De'andre Eytan here who I think has been good. He's averaging seventeen and ten pretty efficient. Yeah Yeah I mean his his so. Let's stop there for a second for like as maligned as this pick is the guy they picked in his first two seasons the NBA is averaging seventeen intent on fifty seven percent shooting. Like he's a good player and interestingly for a big man he shoot seventy five percent from the line. Yeah I think he will be able to stretch stretch. That shot out at some point. It's a little line Dr Ian and it's probably gonNA take a while but I think I think you'll get there eventually. He's had he's had a really good year ran into a little a few problems with the league causing miss a few games. But it's a maligned pick because of you know Don's at sitting there especially ahead of him and I and I think that that unfortunately happens. Sometimes the players is there was a guy that was so clearly. Great ahead of you that it taints your career little bit eight and has been terrific in his first two years and league and I think he'll continue to be terrific and in fact I actually think I had some Kirk concerns a little bit about his motor. How tuffy was gonna be whether he was gonNA put in the work ethic at Arizona. But so far all indications have been really good with him and he's actually been a bit better than I thought he would be in his first two years. Only okay. We'LL BE BACK WITH. Pick six or ten on the next segment John. 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Why is he a little bit lower on your board compared to the production? That's obviously been off the charts for. I think some of these guys are going to get to that place and they just aren't there yet I think there's the defensive concerns with trae young Here kind of more whispers and maybe guys don't play with him as much which factors into it a little. I think he's going to have a hell of a career. Though I mean this is this is probably as deep as we've gone in and one of these where like we're at number six. Were still selected. Somebody who you know made the All star team is going to make more and this is a guy that I I think some taints with with me I. I was not a huge believer in trae young coming into draft. I worried he's not going to be able to defend anybody. I loved his act that he was playing like Steph Curry But whether he was Steph. Curry seemed to be a pretty big stretch. And and what was that? GonNa look like with the physicality and the athleticism in the league and his ability to really do the things that he did in Oklahoma and so I just shout out to trae young. Of course he did. No I was about this at the time but I would have probably been one of the trae young doubters coming into this coming into this draft. And he's clearly clearly proven that if nothing else he can get his shot off from anywhere in this league. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean the success of Luca and trae in this draft is kind of like it's a reminder that skill wins and we all need that reminder. Yeah we do at times because again that falling in love with a link athleticism the physical attributes of a player can be so enticing and that was part of again why I struggled a little bit with trae young looking at him. And and frankly while I liked steph curry certainly more than trae young coming in the draft. I also didn't see this coming from Steph curry either for those for those same reasons. Yeah and he's clearly performed. All that the Bulls are on the clock at seven. They took Wendel Carter. Who's also been pretty solid for them? Yeah at seven. He's not who I'm GONNA select okay. I'm the select a player that went in the second round of the draft. I'M GONNA GO Mitchell Robinson here. Yeah yeah he plays somewhat limited minutes for the Knicks but man. When he's on the court this is a guy who's averaging seventy two percent from the field yet when he's on the court. I'm right now. His wind shares are right. There will look don such Thirteen and twelve point nine right now. That's not adjusted for minutes. Yeah exactly exactly when it's adjusted for minutes. It's better than Look Don Sich. Why doesn't he play more minutes for the Knicks? Well there are two reasons one. The the the six foul rule is still a problem for them. But then the other thing is that you know. The Knicks went out and signed all these bigs and tried to Julius randle. And like he's he because he's a rib running five you like you can't play him out on the perimeter at all so you have to have other players around who who are going to open up the floor for his dive and then his dive is going to open up the floor for those shooters and the strategy. Last off season was a complete bungalow. It was a complete opposite of this where you know they just tried to get all these guys like Taj Gibson a bobby portis. They just crowded their team with all these other extraneous biggs and I think it really held back Robinson one of the classic fumbles that it didn't feel like the Knicks knew what they had here yet. You'll Robinson yeah and there was no way when you look at that was one of those baffling to me. One of the most baffling off seasons. I've ever seen what the Knicks. They took all the money that they had and they poured it into three four power forwards. Who weren't going to move the needle at all. Yeah in and they could have just kept that cap room open and and done trades to get assets and or or. I really believe they could have gotten Russell Westbrook with all the cap room and space that they had. I think if you look at the deal that that Oklahoma City ultimately does with Houston. I'm not sure that the Knicks couldn't have offered a better package. Wow that's really interesting and that even if Russell Westbrook doesn't propel them into the finals he's exactly the type of electric player that would have generated a ton of interest in New York. Of course he would have wanted to play there. This is one of those great examples of a team. That got impatient. Wanted to be better than they needed. Be Right now in the rebuilding process and just blew an opportunity that showed up later to get a player that they've they've really wanted the time. They used up all of their cap space the way that they had they just really no longer had the ability to get Russell Westbrook and a trade anymore but they did at the start of the summer. There's my double like screw up for the Knicks Mitchell Robinson and actually think Mitchell Robinson would have been a much nicer fit given the personnel. That was on the on the team in in Chicago. Yeah Yeah Okay. You're on the board. The cavs selected Colin Sexton. Yeah a pick. The Kevin. Love has not loved no he is not going to go in a different direction on this one This guy Probably I don't know if he will ever be an all star that caliber player but every time I watched the tape on him. He's just stands out some of the stuff he does athletically. Defensively can handle the ball Shot is still just okay that parties come around a little better. But I'm talking about Dante Renzo. I think that'll be a controversial pick. I mean here's here's the interesting part like. He played on an awesome college team. And usually those guys who were like in the final four get like an artificial bump and he had a big final four two. That's part of it and ended up an end up overdrafted and he. He wasn't if anything like you should have gone higher than seventeen. Certainly to Milwaukee interesting selection. I D- I didn't see that one coming really to be honest. Yeah we're you know we got a Lotta. I the beholder types kind of here on the board now because it's so early in these guys careers. I think it's defensible. Just not where I would have. I would necessarily thought things were going next. Okay that's okay. I've got the Knicks. They're on the board at nine. They take Kevin Knox they hype the hell out of Kevin. Knox Yeah doesn't quite pan out. It's it's it's not happening. Let's just call it what it is. This is one of the ones that if you follow that closely at Kentucky. You could kind of see this coming. I mean there's certain things that were tantalizing about Kevin Knox for sure. Yeah Man. There were some red flags there at Kentucky that I think the Knicks should have seen coming in and and they didn't. This is where I'm going to select. Marvin Bagley okay. I don't think Marvin Bagley was the number two. Pick in the draft yet Obviously this is. This is the first time that I'm seriously thinking about him. Maybe one pick higher act as I didn't have Steve Essentially there. I still think that this is a guy who is going to be a solid power forward in the NBA. You know maybe like Julius randle asked power forward in the NBA. Who's GONNA be able to score the basketball? And he's going to be rebound a bit. He's had some injury issues which have held him back. I I still like Bagley. I just don't like him as a lottery or a top five sort of savior on your team but as a third fourth starter on your team. I think he's got some real potential there. Okay Okay what are your concerns about? Bagley the defense and then I think to really have value as to stretch game out to right now that twenty nine percent from three. Not Quite there yet. Yeah and I mean you see the end to end. You know the straight line speed and he'd be effective rolling to the RIM and he You know he'll probably be guy who when he gets minutes. He'll get points and rebounds but he hasn't like as far as impacting winning. It doesn't really give you anything on the defensive end or as a spacer is not really like a playmaker so you just you know you. You kind of just need to see more from him. A little bit of that empty calories guy. Yeah Yeah exactly okay. The sixers are on the clock. Yeah they take bridges yet as like. What a heartwarming story. Mom's on the team. This is great. He actually seems like he's a pretty good fit given the personnel that the sixers actually have on their team and then they trade him and they trade him for a guy that I don't think's GonNa make make our list. Oh Zaire yeah. Now they also got unprotected pick from Miami which they ended up turning into the Tobias Harris Fair enough. So then we're I'd Rath- perspective. They thought Zaire Smith was. This was a steel. He was going to be better. Whatever that's just you know. He had the food allergy. I think set him back. Definitely had that crazy athleticism but skill wise. He was a four and a two's body. That's a that's a tough thing overcome. Who The sixers. Who's should the sixers? Take your hand we're we. We got some difficult choices here. You know as I as I Map this out now certainly could go with with window. Carter you go Kansas homer here with devante Graham but I'M GONNA GO. I'm GonNa go with something a little more radical here. I'm going to take A. D. Anthony Milton Had A really good year in Memphis as a twenty one year old a Combo. There's some questions with the shot. But he's creates havoc on the defensive end he rebounds he's got a little bit of play making them definitely has some athletic pop. I think it'd be gets a little more Advanced in his skill level. He's going to be a long-term starter in the league who makes winning plays So I think I think at this point. I think he might be might be the best guy on the board here. Okay I think another controversial. Select my being a grizzlies homer here. Let's get come back. We'll do picks eleven through fourteen on the next segment with John. Hollinger you're listening to Chat Ford's NBA Board the locked on podcast network and we're back. John Hollander surprised everyone. Someone who wasn't surprised the Andre Melton. Maybe everybody believes in themselves. Attended the sixers. The Hornets are on the Board at eleven. I'm GonNa Take Mohammed Bomba. Yeah see I was looking at him. He you know for for as much as the narrative on his first two seasons has been disappointing relative especially when some of the other guys in the draft of have moved up. His second half season in particular was actually pretty decent. Like I say I feel like he's Cotonou quietly come along a little bit in the latter half of this year and I think that when you drafted him you knew that that was the play with him that this was not going to be other than the fact that he had ridiculous lengthen and shot-blocking. Something that you could see right away. Everything else about his game spoke development development development patience patience patience and I agree with you towards the second half of the season. You started to see. Some of that. Come to fruition and I think if you continue to be patient with him there's some real upside there if nothing else obviously a shot blocker for sure but I think there's other parts of to his game. That could continue develop. That could make still pan out to be a nice pick for Orlando. In fact we might might be actually selling him a little bit short And he was a little bit higher on my board and I think you could still still be he. He Bagley were sort of the next two guys that I was wrestling with their and so I think at eleven to the Hornets. This is a a really good pick with a guy that still has a pretty big ceiling in front of him. Yeah K- Clippers are on the board. Yeah Clippers off at twelve They made a really nice move to flip this. Pick to eleven and take Take shape killed Alexander The pitney original picture was miles bridges. Who WENT TO CHARLOTTE I'm going to take a bridges but not miles. I'M GONNA take Mikhail Bridges and I'm going to take him because I really believe in his defense ability and I a little puzzled. Why keeps turning down shots? But I think he's a capable shooter and I think he can Get to another level offensively to and become the three d wing that people really imagined when he came out of Villanova. Yeah he was. He was another guy that when he went as high as he did. I was a bit skeptical and I actually actually got it for Philly. I didn't get it for Phoenix in some ways. Yeah phillies yeah. I think some people in Philly wanted to hang onto him thought he could help him win right away. So right yeah he was. He came from that batch championship pedigree. Villanova he was going to be a three indeed type guy and and he was a little bit more mature. It could come in and play right away right. And then he goes to Phoenix which lots of things that Phoenix does make me. Scratch my head. So of course. Yes and interestingly the other bridges miles bridges that in high school lot of buzz around him a lot of buzz at the start of his career at Michigan State because the athleticism because of the versatility has been a bit of a disappointment for Charlotte. Yeah out out agree with that. The you know the the the shooting in the skill level needs to come around more for him to be a really good small forward and otherwise he's just a really short four. Okay well. Clippers are on on the clock. Thirteen year right. I'm going with window Carter. Why I can't believe you left both Devante. Graham v Michaela on the board of learning job. Never too late I was tempted with Devante. Grabbed is to be totally honest. Those super super tempted there. Yeah it's hard to pass on on Carter again. Who's had some injury problems? But what he's done in the minutes that he has played sure looks like he's going to have a long career in the league. Yeah I agree as a rebounder as a you know a guy with some touch around the basket high Q. Basketball Player. I think he's going to be in the league longtime can stay healthy. Okay you got the last pick. I got the last pick or I the nuggets. There are a lot of guy the lot of ways you could go here. It's interesting Two undrafted players you could potentially take Dunkin Robinson and Kendrick. Nunn still got Colin sexton sitting there. Who IS THE EIGHTH PICK? And his first two years of not been good but he still shows all kinds of potential But I'm actually. I'm going to take Devante Graham. I was I was down to him. It Landry Shamet for my a token shooter with the fourteenth pick. But Graham's done a little more I think to this point he has a little more by ability. I think is a as a starting caliber guard because was passing ability and his ability to really Make threes off the dribble from deep range Which he just kind of out of the blue blew up with that this year again. That's why we'll probably look at some of the three four years now and laugh because these guys are GonNa go in different directions with their careers. And we're that we just can't see right now and Graham blowing up. This past year was a perfect example of especially after they go and get zero zero exactly. I thought you'd never you thought you'd never hear from Graham again right. Yeah but one thing you'd say about Graham. He was a career. Forty one percent three point shooter at Kansas. Yeah Yeah and he was. He was to me the classic. He wasn't highly rated as a prep. And then that interesting thing where he commits to a to a mid mid major and then eventually comes to Kansas and to me his game was always not as respected as I thought. It should have been at Kansas in part because he didn't come in as the Blue Chip. Type prospect the way so many players do at teams like Kansas and Duke and Kentucky. And what have you? I always thought he's going to have a really long NBA career. What did I expect him to do? What? He's doing right now. Starting in the second year in his late in the League I. I didn't see that coming but I think he's been great. And I I really liked Landry Shamet by the way before the draft. I thought it was. I thought he slid too far in the draft. And I think that's a really defensible. Pick between those two guys. Yeah Yeah it's interesting. You Know Sham and had that really bad tournament game where you've got pick three times in a row by the guard from whatever that mid Major was. They were playing a Marshall. I think it was I. I think that might have hurt. I think that might have been an overreaction on his draft stock well. Let's look at who he didn't select. Actually the lottery. Did pretty good here. Yeah all the top seven players all still went and the top fourteen Collins Sexton. You talked a little bit about him. The competitiveness there the scoring ability. Is there the tunnel vision? Is there a? Yeah exactly exact. The tunnel vision. Is there a tunnel vision is? We'll see I mean he you know he's a he's a good shooter. He's athletic like I think. I think there's some Gilbert arenas potential therapy harnesses it Kevin. Knox why did everybody gets so crazy about Kevin Knox for made I think they saw the size and the touch like especially you kind of the mid range touch on on runners and whatnot and there's a certain mindset that Kentucky holds some of these guys back And that they blossoming they get to the the pro level and Giancarlo peris doubled over in laughter right now. Well I mean certainly you know if you if you watch Devon Booker Kentucky and then watch him his first two years with the Suns you can understand that people get that point of view but the the there were also a lot of red flags in his in his analytics and in his tape. Just wasn't just didn't compete that hard. In rebound and really have a lot of Defensive metrics there were a lot of things working against him to and that's really borne out at the pro level. Okay anybody else that enclosing stands out to you at all as maybe a guy that just needs a little bit more time and it's GonNa come on a little bit later in their career. I think we need to keep an eye on the time. Lord I mean. He fell because of off court issues in the draft. But he's he's going to be one one to watch to see if he can really you know get some traction because he you know he has Moments were even at the NBA level. Where you're saying. Wow like the Egypt's do that with a shot. Blocking heathen plays a little bit of skill. You Pass a little bit like. He's he's got some stuff too but it's just a question. Put it all together. I think you may have to tell a few of the uninitiated who you're referring to. When you say the time Robert Williams of the Celtics Twenty seven to pick out of Texas A. N. N. Such an intriguing prospect than a guy who had some real buzz and the draft. And then as you said for a lot of other reasons up sliding down in the draft I agree with you. That's the one guy that I'm still keeping keeping my eye on. May Be if he puts it all together. He's GonNa live up to some of that potential. He was at one time in the top. Ten I'm oh absolutely and and you know talent wise. I think he could have gone in the top ten and it was the other stuff that pushed him down. Okay John thanks so much for coming back. We'll be back next week. We'll do two thousand eight. Derrick rose goes number one to the Bulls. You've been listening to Chat Ford's NBA Big Board of locked on.

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