Peaky Blinders Season 2


Welcome to previously about caceres created to help you through some of the most complex complex really in television peaky blinders. We begin where we left off at the station. We close these one on the echoes of a single gunshot and now it's time france's inspector chem lanes is pistol towards grace seemingly intent on killing the woman who broke his heart however we watch his grace lifts handbag and pulls the trigger on her own concealed gun the bullet finds its target and campbell full backwards as he lies face up and clinging to life grace leaves the scene within jim ford two whole years in small heath birmingham. Two women push prams toward the garrison pub. Leave the premise of the door and quickly scarver as behind them. A a huge explosion rocks the drinking how we cut to a funeral thomas talks over the grave of freddie thorne killed by disease. He laid towards with ada asking her her. If she might return to birmingham she's reluctant but he states he has plans to expand the business into london and her life in the big city will become more dangerous. The shelby's returned to small heath if to find the garrison of blackened shell following the blast polyphonic confetti scattered throughout the pub and she and thomas consider who might have planted the bomb in a search frances france's. Thomas visits the black line pub his mac by young boy looking to the peaky blinders devil led to a tucked away warehouse. He end his knees patted down by two men before for psyches placed over his head sitting at a desk. He's mab i._r._a. Woman named irene o'donnell thomas giga and a man places a gun to his temple asking for permission to killing however irene says no and that his dedication to studying his enemies why he's been chosen later that evening tomas meets with sausage and moss and tells him he needs in area around stay was to be clear of please later that night the homes the sajjan some cash before leaving marsh reveals that campbell is returning to the city bombshell droped cut to kane wrapping upon a stone floor as now a major campbell walks towards a screaming prisoners being held by police in an dingy cell the prison governor's state the man has been made promises about being sped death. If he keeps his mouth shut he states he's working for campbell but the major refuses to acknowledge him and before leaving threatens the governor governor. Should anything be sent out to turn. He knows where he lives at the boxing club author his training. We're here that kitty was fighting was left in a very bad way. A shelby family meeting is called before thomas arrives joan stems and questions the logic of expanding to london he announces the shelby companies be making a hundred and fifty pounds a day day so why the need to change things. Thomas arrives in jones as may states that she has family in london and the place holds huge danger to gang warfare and brutal police force force in response. He tells ever on the ceylon as they stick together. They'll be fine but offers anyone who wants out the chance to walk but no one leaves later pauline in thomas talk. Thomas reveals that as its new market day the tommy's perfect show the hand in london as old bosses will bear the races explains that in the wool between the italian clean and jewish gangs. The jewish gangs need allies and can offer a foothold in the city. Thomas visits the prostitute lizzie stark she reveals. She's learning to tell also tells him just once. She wishes he wouldn't pay so they could feel like ordinary. People elsewhere paulie visits a medium seeking information on children who had taken years before. She's told her daughter ultra died and leaves distraught and screaming. A blacksmith is hammering as a whole shuna don't warehouse as he grabs a drink toma steps from the shadows and executes him later eight to thomas picks up author and john and then lee london as may talk to polly asking her if she too is against the london plans as informed polly that the medium she visited his a fruit paulie loses a temper grabs may in holden north to throat staging this she breathes would of the she'll cutter on toilet break. Thomas unveils the body of the blacksmith in the back the call the brothers grab shovels and berry in london the boys paint on welcome visit the eating club run by dobbs being impressed by the glamour and debauchery they quickly quickey make their presence known attracting attention from italian gang members having been recognized there has to leave kunal mighty kickoff with broken glass teeth and bones as the dust settles. Thomas is a speech that they're in town to make new friends not enemies before leaving as abruptly as they ended campbell visits churchill to discuss his plans to to prepare thomas for the biggest task. After he completed phase one successfully he also adds he punts to see thomas hanged ones. The job is complete. I can birmingham said thomas office luzia job as his secretary so she can turn him back on a former life. A furious polly hands thomas a note inviting him to a sit down with jewish gangs as he leaves the setup on by sabin's. He's many beat him senseless and brutally slices mouth and pull a gold tooth with a razor at the same time in london aiders attacked by more of sabine. These men just before i four thomas's executed please sworn the place in scattered the italians campbell stroz over the unconscious thomas telling the offices to check if he's still alive <music> thomas blooded unconsciousness stretcher entering hospital building down in london aiders rescued from sabinas men by group of p._e. Blind linda's she repays them by kicking firm in the melts and they clearing. Her name is not shelby hospital. Thomas receives a visit from campbell he questions. If thomas is is gonna thank him for saving his life then reveals he knows about him. Murdering the blacksmith they briefly discussed the now married grace who lives in new york before campbell breaks the news that everything anything that has happened to thomas recently is part of a perfectly orchestrated plan to leave him dangling on campbell's hook. Thomas told he'll be sent instructions as he now belongs to the a major after discharged himself from hospital looking like the walking dead thomas makes his way to charlie's yard he helps a bargemen by curly and begins the slow journey anita london four days later he walked through camden town on route to a meeting with alfie solomon's played by tom hardy leader of the jewish gang the past sit into very serious mental business thomas places an offer on the table to join forces in a war against the beanie but alfie dismisses the idea however thomas paint a true picture the current state of play an offer two hundred armed men for the fight alfie draws a gun sticks intimacies face but then pulls away and after reaffirming his role is the perceived seve alpha male asks for the plan of attack light to thomas catches up with aida. She's less than happy to see him and pulls a gun just to highlight how ready she is should sabine. His men tried again. He tells her he's border house and hans over the keys. She agrees to have a look at what you would wouldn't you. Sabine visited the place but he immediately says his authority over them. They discussed thomas's arrival and he's meeting with alfie. Solomon's temple afraid incipient accuses the police of being in cahoots with the peaky blinders and throws them out and then demanded amen goes to follow thomas police greeted by birthday round of applause but entering the shelby house thomas is there back from london and looking in much better health. They hope in a car and drive to a huge country house when they get inside. Thomas breaks the news. The house is actually a gift for her. She questions and says it's too big for tallish brings us a more news. He said he's spoken to asthma and he's gonna find children. Later lizzie thomas alexa from grace and he dictates a letter of his own to winston instant churchill regarding the purge by campbell he highlights glittering war record and requests and export license and london churchill agrees much to campbell's disappointment point thomas pose a house in the countryside and approaches a woman called. Mrs johnson passes himself off as a council work that talk about her son henry. He ask what a sudden knows about his real identity. The lady realizes in often the council after role as the young henry approaches is told his real name is michael gray. Komo wants to talk to him. Tomas leases called with him in the boxing club. Things are going pretty badly. Actually a raging off the rules as relentlessly pungent a young fighter in blind fury until the boys won't dead finn tells thomas that all has been losing it a lot lately going mad and then crying afterwards when he sees alex. Thomas says the kid probably had a weak heart but author is in a bad place explaining how he can't stop himself when he loses control blaming the wall his mental state in the trauma that haunts him thomas is pretty unsympathetic and all the goes for him slamming him into the mantelpiece and screaming thomas retaliates and forces into look at himself in the mirror empties the bullets from his gun then leaves campbell pulled up solder moss about the bribes has been accepted from the peak is he informed moss's now back on the side of the angels and he's gonna work as a double agent and thomas tells police found his son but a daughter is indeed sadly dead. She's overcome with emotion told his up to michael henry if he chooses estimator polly pulls a gun on demand the address of his son he refuses she finds it into the air and storms out finn visits off. It's taken to the reopening ponti the garrison he's is reluctant to leave at fenner's other ideas offices brother-in-law of drug. Kohl's tokyo suddenly energized author his bounces himself to the party inside police hitting the drink full-throttle thomas burns the letter he received from grace without even opening it eight is an town and thomas asks if the talk to poly about the michael situation shen paulie however is in no mood to talk instead she asks him into dense then finishes the evening with a drunken nightstand a disheveled polly does the walk of shane the morning after these greet dose that by young men he asks for elizabeth grey stating. He thinks she might be his mother. <music> has been another death this tom. An argument is garroted on the streets of birmingham. The latest casualty in an ongoing war between gangs a recruitment drives into where the garrison is thomas author and joan seat new men to bolster the ranks. We say a young man calling himself the dig booth kid after his hero billy the kid the brothers malkin for watching too many films even carries a wooden pistol in a holster but when the hair the young men hasn't got a criminal record that he sought to hire him elsewhere paul and michael begin to lay the first blocks and then the mother son relationship pali word that she's not good enough for him but michael reissues author jim burstein fooling around with guns before thomas introduces them to michael in a warmer union by trump thomas meets culpability kitchen old wool but he hopes will lead a brigade of one hundred men and they shake hands on an alliance between the black country boys and the brothers and the belief that london is theirs for the taking michael catches thomas at the garrison he hopes to use is the telephone to call his adoptive mother. Tele wary is tomas tries to get him to tell her he's coming home but michael insists that he wants to stay as recommended he calls his mother had helmand right poly to let her know will return in a few weeks when he's eighteen mike lynn sits again thomas questioned whether he knows what it is the shell is due and that people end up getting hurt michael. Well however says if he spends one more day in the boring village i grew up in he'll blow the place up impressed. Thomas declares he's definitely pelisson. The reinforce peaky blinds crewe arriving camden town by barge led by big lounge in jihad case billy kitchen that make their way to alfie solomon's place and bootleg distillery parading as a legitimate commit warehouse bakery each gets enrolled as a baker billy kitchen steps forward describing himself as head by thomas explains the situation. Which is the camden. I'm dan please a with them but north and south of there they've gotta show that piper's aman cracks a joke alfie steps forward and punches different man to the ground and tells the joke of the unconscious memo remembers his fault. He lays down the law in no uncertain terms of the men confirming if it wasn't any doubt just to the bosses thomas guys to visit ada. She pulls a gun as he lets himself in then takes the key. She didn't even know he had from him. It tells you need someone to find decent property london to ren to the man she's not too keen to help because of the conditions that have mental be captain and tell it in the house he's watched by pleasing gangsters but thomas replies that are there to keep her safe paulie and michael continue to bond she takes takes into a new impressive home with plans to stay the week and carry on the bonding process meanwhile the garrison authors to his nostrils in the drug tokyo snorting align as he prepare to open the pub woman tis imported ghonim is the mother of the boy killed in the boxing club. Mrs ross she's their revenge. He demands that she shoots him in the head because that's why the trouble is shouting at the pull the trigger. She shakes but she can't do it. They officer a drink but she suddenly fis hitting mirror behind the ball author an arms. The woman in sits sits with the office compensation in the form of cash and worked for the suns but she screamed and toppled the table declaring. Somebody has to stop them before she leaves distraught. Thomas meets campbell at his digs. He mocks the fact that the major has been put up in a hostel run by full of prostitutes and brothel owners digging that it may be a joke on the part of his plea colleagues the dig the kid aka harold handcocks arrested guide you through the booking process by surprisingly considerate sondra. Moss sabinas told that getting to thomas thomas is tricky as he surrounded by an army however the recent arrest of one of his men. The dig with kid is highlighted as a prime opportunity to send a message sabena suspects recent races have been fixed by the shelby's his man asks what to do with the kidding custody but sabinas paranoia bubbles up he grabs man by the throat questioning why he wants to have him give that order out allowed suggesting he's being dot to struggling to breathe. The men states himself that they'll kill hancocks kid back at his digs. Campbell tells the landlady to takeoff cafa toilets as a means to determine the truth of thomas's words. She begins to undress stops a demanding. She told the police he knows when his children comes. It will be him a._m. Who's laughing. The dig with kids sits in his hoffler stonewalled sal to mend boost in one grabs him the threatened his cellmate stating if anyone asks you tell them this is what what happens to blind as it went to the prison by orders of sabina the dig with kid pleads with them to these and the blinder but slit his throat thomas cole's it was a meeting vying revenge for the murder of the kid. The plan is to get a couple boys arrested and sent into the prison to find the killer deliver sweet sweet justice so also announced that the blinds it to buy a racehorse from auction as a means to gain access to the racist dominated by sabina. Mike lynch declares he wants to go to the auction with them but iran especially lebron. Y potty says no however as auction employee has had a change of heart michael is to go once. They're the boys catch. The alive upper class is whole stratum may carrollton a woman with a taste of the bad boys and seemingly thomas shelby in particular. She bids against him locking eye contact as she does. Thomas wins the host though and afterwards may stops him in presents himself as a possible trainer for it as the blind is made to leave their ambush by sabine even gunshots ring counted cross the empty auction ring the blinds killed the attackers and in another fit of blind rage author practically beats him to death with bands than bites a chunk from his neck before being restrained gene by friends when he loses it. He really loses it. Thomas tells mike lee didn't see anything but calm. Cucumber michael city wants to drive the car for them. The guy who michael plays down the day with polly austin saudis brimming with excitement to this thrilling new life that the boys wind down from the day toes pose the cod of may carrollton from his pocket and considered it and deep throat. Ooh we're in a grim place. The weeping mother places harold the digby kid hancocks wooden piston host on his gravestone. Thomas approaches an is met by the full weight of grief is the woman slaps and hits him. He leaves behind an envelope of cash ashforth way to meet campbell. He's led to a room where i renault donnelly seated alongside dodo henry and realize concern campbell in the i._r._a. Been working together. Thomas digs irene about working for the king with tensions. Hoi an assassination target is presented. Thomas failed marshal henry russell campbell offers immunity after the act is completed but no help in carrying out the hit thomas refuses and walks away however when campbell follows state the donal henry is a spy that if campbell deals with that then they might have a deal down in london all the pays off the police storm sabinas eating club with a group of blinds they tear the place to shreds delivering vans and bloodshed on the dense flow and increasing out of control off the slices up a man called mayor's face with broken glass that announces the club is now under new hugh management by order of the peaky blinders autho then celebrates by dolgin his taste for both prostitutes and drugs back in birmingham. The body of dental henry turns up in a coal pile. Thomas contemplates these destination is to carry out. He's visited by a potential candidate for the role of clerk namely michael. Thomas is reluctant and tell him to phone polly. I as may opens the shell behind door to make calton. She tells me she's to train thomas. His horse for epsom thomas arrives and shows her around around the gambling dennis. She's never seen one before outside thomas. Bring the horse to while they wait for transport. It takes me to the garrison for a drink overaggressive gin. He he asks her. If she wants to have sex with him she forms. She's there for the horse and the cash and nothing else they raise a toast darby. She then reveals his homework on him. That isn't until any register but that he does have a distinguished war record before she goes. Thomas tells you the horses named grace's secret late pauline thomas clash with the job help the michael. They eventually reach a compromise. Thomas pays might a high wage but keeps him away from the old side of the business and put in place at the beginning of the new more legitimate one. Mike was birthday is celebrated in the garrison. Thomas presents him with a gold pocket watch so he's never late for work. These toasted into the family business the next day thomas pulls whiskey for authoring john that explains the drinks to be sent overseas to america where prohibitions in effect and rich folk pay big money for quality booze. He adds the thanks to the export license since the shipments went even be searched down south while looking over the books thomas notices the businesses made six hundred pounds from olive sales. He question's author who stumbles symbols over the answer never full thomas explains that i sell cocaine direct. Just take a cut. He then asks how much of the six hundred came from all his pocket adding that if he doesn't straighten right nope joan will take his place in london poking at sounded pasha and inhales thomas gets approached by policemen telling com paul there and has to move pretending his lost thomas starts the engine and cleansing his pocket watch realizes that only took twenty three seconds for the office to approach him thomas his next stop is aid is the doors by men named james aims. He rents a room for frosty. I thomas lines when he his james as a gay rights with no sexual entrusted his sister he tells ada that because he's got no children he set up a trust fund benefit jones kids in edison call in the event of his death that we set for life but he requires a two signature elsewhere in london elfin savini <unk> beanie meet sabina questions whether alfie knew about the blind is taking various areas of the city meetings tents and tempers flare however sabena seeks truth and a fresh loins alfie agrees and the two gangs pet wage war the peaky blinders. Thomas pays a surprise visit to may call it home. An impressive country mansion gets a progress report on his racehorse. The pair openly flew with one another with may suggesting many guests stay the night a suggestion. Thomas seems keen to experience. She revealed. She's lived alone since the death of a husband. He asked for a map of the house so we can find his way to a room at midnight might lanarkshire another young member of the blinders enders talk about hitting the town to find women they hit the mark was long pub and our approach by my name patty who looks to is your and says he doesn't drink with blacks fight breaks out by i should give as good as they get when patty held a glass to michael the bomb and tells him his police son the finding instantly stops lay to an author john hair by the fights they had to the public burned to the ground with a bomb still inside and michael gets a first glimpse of the powers family have in the city out in the countryside. It seems teams may did indeed have a map because she and thomas get physical. It must be the country. Thomas is back in birmingham. Meeting with campbell is told that the dave this assassination is in three weeks time. Thomas reminds campbell that if he's killed is made arrangements for campbell to delay as well. He is to his office. Thomas makes it coal to the ritz hotel in london and an american men picks up thomas stay silence and then hangs up. We see grace eskimo new cold but he tells it the line cuts off <music> alfie salomon's leads a goat throughs warehouse elsewhere <unk> beanie street with members of the police force and campbell gets g with his his former prostitute. Landlady back in the warehouse alfie welcomes all three and billy kitchen. They sit to break bread. As large metal door. Shuts billy becomes anxious <music> but office settlerism alfie delivers a speech about persecution of his people explaining about the ritual sacrifice of a goat that must be done in order to defeat their enemies billy's tens both is oblivious to any threat and as the goat's throat is slit alfie declare they named the sacrificial beast tommy shelby at that moment billy shot in the head and killed failed off his grabbed tides would post and beaten by alfie elsewhere sabinas men retake the eating no-balls deep in birmingham and please stolen police home she. She sits down with michael. Sabina leaves a message for thomas who had become south. Shall return back north in pieces in the warehouse alpha opens the door to place until of his details. The author came armed and mood and billy. The officers dragged unconscious author away. Remember me and michael too is escorted away by the places polly fights cambodia stranger embrace. The news that thomas shelby's finished returning from the country high with mike helton a furious thomas meets campbell in church he questions the deal they had in the promise of protection campbell calmly explains that they arrested author michael to provide extra motivation for thomson carrying out the assassination. We hear that mike was arrested for the alliston. The mall quiz pub cam lads that knowing thomas's unafraid to die many needed extra assurances then breaks he also knows aid is addressing london a short time later thomas receives a call from grace and they arrange to meet at a shelby family meeting joan delivers the news of the peaky blinders losses both men and money and that the eating club in the other pubs of back in the hands of sabinians solomon's as my says she spoken to johnny dogs about getting additional men from the lee clan. Thomas takes her upon on the offer a furious police. She's gonna take michael away from the family. If he ever gets out of prison taking matters into our hands paulie visits campbell at his office he tells seldom michael could be free dole the next day but in return for signing the forms hitting to sexual favors from pauley with a son in heart and no room to maneuver paulie agrees. He's the next morning. Mike was released polly. He's been told why is a free man and treat pauley with cold contempt. The charlie's y'all thomas tells curly needs six six comes petro to be loaded into the back of his car. Grace lies to a husband clive mcmillan that she's going to see our aunty and she meets thomas at his home and initially cold reunion a union wombs when thomas declares oni acted that way too quickly discover how grace was doing in life the path and had out thomas introduces it to charlie chaplin imposed at a swanky drinking dan. She suitably impressed later. Thomas cole's camel to inform him. He's about to sleep with grace. The to rekindle old passions afterwards. He asked to see her again in wanting it to come clean to her husband about him. A shack would off his lead along a prison corridor nounce into a courtyard wedge. John white's for joan tells me will not hang in the things things are in motion to freeze brother later. Jon postel letterbomb through the door of the field marshal henry rose left johnny dogs districts. Please and god duty. The blast rips rips through the house. Thomas visits made to tell her. He won't be sleeping with her again because he still loves grace. She has trouble letting going kisses him. Camus stops by thomas his office in the wake of the bottom of the field marshal's home. Thomas explains of the original plan for the assassination has changed now. The location is in pieces. It classes now going to take place where it will be impossible for campbell tambellini men to have him killed after the deed is done mainly epsom on domain yeah. It's dhabi at some races. Thomas pens a letter to the editor of the new york times regarding the upcoming assassination declaring his family innocent of any involvement he adds that it will for the crown who he believes intend to kill once the mission is complete. The names campbell is the man responsible. He hands the letter to eighty with orders to post it. Should anything happen to him. Is thomas prepares to leave eight. His housemate. James joins him much weight as concern in prison off. Informed is being released as all witnesses withdrawn statements against him in camden town. Thomas meets alfie distillery. Jane tweets outside as he's led through the warehouse. Thomas stops the thais shoelaces nissim barrels oughta leave leave. Gentleman is picked up by johnny dogs informs him. He's gotta make a phone call that off his desk. The phone rings and thomas n says it's all breaking the news is a free man alfie then asks what he gets in return his presented with the export license. The peaky blinders were grounded by churchill unhappy with the twenty percent of the take alfie passes thomas a fresh rush contract that runs in one hundred percent of all the peaky blinders businesses declaring non-negotiable thomas plays as he mentioned the as an associate waiting eating at the door aka james and that is managed an anarchist even mentioned he stopped ties lace fat confirmed by off his man and whilst doing so placed a hand grenade into one of the barrels the wyatt trip he stays that if he didn't walk into the door on the stroke of seven the grenade is triggered by the associates and thanks to some highly combustible rum. Everyone's gonna get blown in to help obviously unsettled alfie places a gun into the hand of his man with oldest go outside and kill the associate thomas mentions that anyone but hey mocking through the dole will and boom alfie seems to call his bluff but is reminded that tomas blew up his own pub and makes a sudden u-turn offering newton's of sixty five percent. No ordeal alfi's man panics slapped by the boston then sent to sit in the corner alfie backtracks again. It's just forty five percent eventually settling on thirty five and not being blown up. Thomas then leaves with james todd. I can birmingham polly places a huge one of cash in front of michael telling into leave and start a new life in london elsewhere where it acquired countryside location campbell meets men of the ulster volunteer force ordering them to kill thomas. When's the assassination has been carried out on route to epsom. Thomas lays now the plans to his men he explains he's gonna create a diversion to occupy the police while they take over sabine racetrack licenses off the questions the diversion but is told to trust brother in the absence tables thomas meets with may they kiss in he tells it whatever happens day. It was good adding. He'll find a later. Please tone really worries her. We see sabine arrived meals to see feel marshall. Henry russell join drinking uniform when he leaves thomas follows thomas continues to stalk of target. He surprised by the arrival of grace. She breaks the news that she's pregnant with his child. He stays he has to make husband. Believe is his in frantically tells her yes things to do and we'll say our afterwards. She declares a love for they range to meet once the race is run. Lizzy meets with thomas need beckons to follow him the belief that she's there to work as secretary crumbles when she's told her job is to distract the field marshall and take him some wet private. She's rightly angry but agrees on the basis that thomas gets to a before things get physical outside. The blind crew get themselves into position to strike sabina's med inside lizzy attracts the attention of the field marshal and makes her move an announcement that the dog is due to stall clears the ball leaving only thomas and campbell behind campbell one does if an element of respect might be growing between between them but then quashes the idea. Tomas reveal was grace told him she loves him. An all campbell got was a bulletin a cane and before he leaves at that he knows what he did to polly holly the by the end of the day one of them will be dead and waking up in hell tomorrow leases in the stables with field marshal. He begins to place his hands on dementia she undress when she resists he gets aggressive. Tomas makes his way to the scene. Plan hits a snag when the police stopping passing through an area and in the stable was lizzie sexually assaulted thomas storms in late the pistol but it jams as he fis in a fistfight breaks out with thomas coming second best. The phil marshall begins to galleries. I out when sibley. Thomas managed to push them out of pistol away. It fis puts a bullet through the skull of the field marshall. Thomas is the gun into the leaves and informs offices soldiers lying dead causing diversion. The blinds have been waiting for the peaky blinders. Take sabinas race pitchy by force a short time later thomas welcome savini to a seat at his table he breaks the news that his blind accrue building sabin's licenses as they speak and as that sabina made a mistake breaking palmerston alfie and that's why the peaky blinders is in the jewish gangs and back in business sabena stems and breaks a bottle preparing to attack thomas when police burst in in a surprising twist they grabbed thomas and drag him out leading into a van and declaring him a prisoner of the volunteer force the fun depaz leaving on thomas's cap on the ground elsewhere may- approaches grace introduces himself as his whole traina the meetings pretty frosty and ends his grace reminds me. The horse was named after her campbell's on the phone getting the story event straight right with churchill when paulie approaches she enters the booth and draws a gun. He suggests she wouldn't shoot him in such a public place but she reminds him that all the place around the king he attempts to talk his way out but revenge is served when she pulled the trigger leaving dying on the floor she stroz away and the aftermath of the day john convince lizzie under the false belief. She's working to make a few extra quit. Author begins to question what thomas is cut to the back of the van. It comes to a stop. The door was swing to an open landscape of quote countryside three men and ready dug grave calm. Thomas appear resigned to his fate and asks for cigarette. He talks about grace who he loves in mix of acceptance angle that he got so close to having everything he drops to his knees readying himself death when one of his execution is suddenly only shoot the other two men dead he states to show thomas that at some point in the future mr churchill who want to speak to him about a job thomas walks and stumbles from the as seen in disbelief that is still breathing short tears run down his face as the execution scene fades behind him celebrations underway during flows off hordes court toasting the peaky blinders in their unstoppable march at the office michael. Let's thomas no that he wants to stay a part of the business and make some real money. Thomas informs michael michael the he is planning to get married <music>. Thanks for listening hope. It's been helpful this. You've enjoyed this. I would love subscribe. We've got loads more shows where this came from and we'd love to join us mm-hmm a five star review wherever podcast from would also be absolutely fantastic. You've got any feedback or ideas for show that we should be covering gloomy suddenly be doing the big ones uh-huh but you never know. There may be others that we've missed lettuce. I'd love to hear from you over on twitter. You can find his at previous podcast just email as hello previously on dot coating u._k. Previously onis presented by jamie used visit daf doors production.

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