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Live from npr news in washington. I'm louise schiavone with more than nineteen million identified cases in roughly three hundred thirty six thousand related deaths. The us leads the world and pandemic numbers. More than two million people nationwide have been inoculated and experts. Say it will take months to vaccinate everyone who wants a shot today. The next vice president got hers. Npr's windsor johnston reports after receiving the shot during televised event vice president-elect kamla harris once again stress the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine trusts the francis and it is the scientist who created and approved. This vaccine sired everyone will. It is your turn get vaccinated. The nation's top infectious disease expert. Dr anthony fauci had strongly recommended that harris and president-elect biden be inoculated as soon as possible he's also recommending that president trump who tested positive for the coronavirus. October received the vaccine. Windsor johnston and pr news. South africa is africa's hottest covert hotspot as ishmael fun decor reports the government. There is ramping up. Its response announcing a ban. On the sale of alcohol and onsite and public drinking and emotional president serum oppose said south africans have become complacent with continued to host an attempt social gatherings and events that in many cases violate the public health regulations and ban on all indoor and outdoor gatherings funerals limited. To fifty people is now in place failure to wear a mask in public. Now attracts define custodial sentence or both the hours of the night if you have also been increased and the measures would be reviewed on january fifteen. Npr news i am is a muff wounded in harari. What is terrorism. npr's hannah alarm reports. The debate arises a new. After christmas day in nashville authorities say sixty three year old. Anthony warner blew himself up in a parked. Rv in downtown nashville. The blast wounded three people in level two city block. It sounds like a clear-cut domestic terrorism case but is it some analysts. Say there are still too many unanswered questions. Authorities require an ideological component to violence to label it terrorism and there's no public manifesto or other solid information yet on warner's possible motives or beliefs others argue that regardless of motive. A public suicide bombing is a clear act of terrorism. They say there's no such hand-wringing when it comes to describing muslim suspects and still another argument is that the terrorism label is now so loaded and subjective that it should be dropped altogether hanau lamb. Npr news wall street. The dow down ninety six. This is npr. The first paying passengers on board a boeing. seven thirty-seven max. In nearly two years took off this morning from miami as the plane returns to service. The model was grounded nearly two years ago following a pair of deadly crashes that killed three hundred and forty six people. Npr's dave which has more the boeing seven thirty-seven max was grounded. Worldwide march twenty nineteen after its involvement in two fatal crashes in indonesia in ethiopia. American airlines used the plane on short test flight earlier this month at miami international airport before boarding passengers on tuesday morning flight from miami. The headed new york. The airline has become the first one in the us. flight passengers. Again on the boeing. Seven thirty-seven max. Last month officials with federal aviation administration approved changes boeing made to a flight control system on the plane since then airlines in brazil in mexico have operated dozens of flights with the aircraft. American says it will warn customers when they book that they will be on a max in case they are comfortable dave mystic npr news. There's an eight day extension for applications to the federal reserve's main street lending program. The program is designed for small and mid sized businesses in need of credit to get through the recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. There's been a rush of applications submitted since the trump administration said it was terminating the emergency credit facility and several others set up by the us central bank. The new deadline is january. Eighth twenty twenty one. The federal reserve said that the extension was approved by the treasury secretary. I'm louise schiavone. Npr news washington.

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