Lovecraft Country Recap Show - Episode 2 "Whitey's On The Moon"


You're listening to the black girl. NERDS podcast. Seven, eight hundred bleeping to the end from world. and. Every Lazy Med Zonta rise space we, make. Target gave. The actors were. Black. Benedict. Police. runners. Welcome to this episode of the Black Owners podcast I'm your host and Jelica and joining me as always is my co-host Ryan Hey Ryan. Everybody. Hi Guys. This week we are covering lovecraft contrary episode to Whyte's on the moon and you guys. We're going to actually bring you an episode at least once a month I'm till we get through this. Kind of sad that the season is over hopefully we have a season two, but it's GonNa be fun to just Kinda like go back rewatch reminisce. That's what we're here for Ryan what were your first thoughts on this episode? well, you know overall I'm still loving it definitely love and a season can't wait to get the talk turned out Yeah for this episode. I like I said I. There was some moments for me that would just for me when it gets I really emotional some of those really on your Hartson adult like being on the edge of my Sita's hours on this episode. To meet there was those moments where I was lying. Let's get the ever. So three because it was like some heavy obits but yeah, I. Mean you know I'm still loving like you know all the actresses and everything that's going on and they had a lot of cool points especially for what we're dealing with time period. On. So yes, out I'm still I'm still lovecraft fans still on the journey. How about you? I'm definitely sold on. It I was you know like I said, we already ended the season. So I've been really heavy into facebook groups. You know lovecraft facebook groups I've been on twitter and the conversation is largely positive on this show that black people needed Time Eh Kinda like I said, it goes back to the whole. The scariest thing on the shell aren't the monsters it's the white people and. Getting Liberty Glare, they're making that clear right and you know for the I feel like a lot of white people are actually becoming more aware and watching the show exist how black people perceive as this is what we really look like and it's like I'm going to stuff like really happens us that was perpetrated by your great grandfather, your grandfather style It's it's nice unflinching look at it and much like watchmen last year I feel like lovecraft is doing the same this year. So hopefully, emmys are on the way just like we predicted for watchmen that's the same for lovecraft country. out there to put that out there shouts. On his emmy. Damage. Have you So yeah. So this episode is titled. The Moon, which is a nod to the nineteen seventy spoken word poem which was written and recited by guilds got hair in an basically it tells of the medical debt and poverty experienced. During the Apollo Moon landings the poem Beasley critiques the Resources Spent on the space program while black Americans were basically suffering and marginalized So in many ways on what we see on this episode as far as the brace whites pursuit of immortality in Eden, all power is at the expense of a black body whose tick and we'll get into that later on in the recap series, but the title was very fitting basically Very fitting. So we open up with a very familiar song moving on up, which is the things onto the television series the Jeffersons by John Devoy or do boss on Economic French James Apologies in advance. But we all know it moving OUGHTA. Right yeah I like that I really do like that opening except for the fact that it was just fill it at all like he knew was going down. But yeah, I did like it was very fun. It was like a very fun opening like not what you were expecting at all is this show is like in a nutshell, just not expecting it to everytime right? Exactly. It's a completely black and white from or different. Then the the last thing that we saw from episode one were there like covered in blood and show I? Half in and then like Oh we're moving on up. Moving on up they're happy. You know letty has all these beautiful clothes that are perfectly. Ankle. George has his library with every single book that he ever want to read. You know the songs plan ladies dance, and you know we got journal note about a lady. Oh, sure sure you. Costume Designer Dana Pink said it was about she when they wanted to make a dreamer in this because I. Really liked this on her there was like a couple of other episodes where I really like the Alpha to. You know. Where gives you that that was like that a question outfit? That's It. So you had that fabric for that period, but then you put like a little modern patterns on it. So basically, we know going throughout leads always that person that's like she was at like fabulous armor so to speak, but you know inside hoping stubs going on with ladies so I that was kind of cool to find that out and then like. To kind of anatomy like they every every Alpha throughout the season. 'cause I'm always thinking like has that little hidden secret as she doesn't want people to know right. Let me let us that girl who you're walking down the street. You see her like she looks fabulous and like so where'd you get that? She might not tell you like right arm and You're like. Where you got that friend. Exactly Oh bet is hurt. They like the way she strode out what what are you doing right now? Ma'am. So yes. So they're all well letty endured are making themselves row comfortable up in these why people's house does very comfortable very happy. You know an apparently as four reasonable. We'll get to that. Later I'm still come out the rooms and took issue suspicious like he don't trusted. that. Levy's clothes fit perfectly like a glove. How is it that? George is books are his fate like there. There has to be a reason for this. You don't just let people up in your home. It just doesn't make sense. And then I think they actually got. Got pulled out of the room because of an alarm going off they're like what the hell what is going on and the pair like the. As it's the lunch bell and incomes Williams just swagger ethic just walking in with all the waft looking good I'm anyway. Any thumbs like, oh, no big deal. It's just the lunch bell. I'm here to make sure that your stay is wonderful. I was told treats you like family and they're like a everybody is like, oh. You know the owner of this house Samuel Brace went away on business with Christina and then took like where's my father? He's like I can't I. Don't know it's really not my please in essay gives me the creeps. Door. They start walking around and they happened upon this big giant portrait. Of this white guy in this hooded cloak. So uncle George assumes that Samuel and they're he's in Williams like, no, no no. That is his distant cousin who was the owner of the home and his name was titus brace wife He was the founder of Artem as well and so like there in those grandiose. Wonderful just like everyone's dream home and they're wondering where this guy has fortunate from Williams like shopping. And that he's like Aka slavery. Yup Yeah. So. Yeah. So they're like and apparently he was very kind to slaves. So that's something we should take away I. always hate that description like whenever? Yeah, it's the worst. Slave owners like there's like apparently distinction between the ones that were harsh and Tara sitter slave owners like album matthew was a kind man. He was a benevolent master no bump that they're still slave owners they still. People like anywhere. 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There's always like hints. And foreshadowing on the show. So you really have to pay attention. This is not a show where you might be on your phone. because I ever. Written into the show everything they say is important nothing to just throw away. So that I. I guess lovecraft bite was moving on up. The next one we're going to get into the town. So Lodge members are actually expected to arrive that even for a celebratory dinner and so in the meantime letty uncle George Antique or she did to this. Meal Verandah. Williams like, hey, you know eat settled down. You know if you call the Butler and then there's really funny scene like ring ring and took like what are you doing? She's like I'm calling the Butler give salt like you know why people don't season their food. Very. True. Very true I mean the by I'm currently I use hellofresh like not to go on a tangent but I use hellofresh now to cook my meals is just really easy. Okay. In the recipes always bill season with salt and pepper and don't tell you they don't tell you season when nothing else and I'm like I can tell these chefs are white folks because I use everything in my spice cabinet. By me. Is. Just not. going. To. Be. A little bit of like pepper. Lumowa, some Adobo, you know seeing some garlic. Some some some I do have kosher. Saw Him saying some lemon pepper's. Parsley some people like celery thaw? You just can't use on pepper. I'm just going to put that out there. Yeah. I I'm. Out here, probably say and I put down. It is not even really a spice but anyways address. So it looking. JELLICOE here. Shelvin Dogu Chef Ange. does not understand why she's eating after all that's happened and let us like what are you talking about? He's like you don't remember the monsters of is could eat you like attacking us the other night and they're like. No I remember waking up in the live in. That's about it. So ticks is to go off and clearly tick had a little bit of anger problem. He's like Yano understand people just don't invite people up in their homes and take care of them onto something is going on. So I'm just like calm down. We'll be on watched sit down eat your food will figure this out together. We'll go into the town and here's a little tidbit from the show. So if you look at the dinner or the lunch table There's an octopus they're. The octopus as one of lovecraft monsters That was like a nod back to lovecraft and his world. Nice I. Don't know if you picked up an octopus actually very tasty. Don't sleep on it that is something I will eat. Am I am I asleep on along? So yes. So they go to the garage after lunch and find what he now last we saw what do the car Ed crashed into the cabin It was completely like done for total and here it is basically brand new on thing that's different. Is the fact that the windows were bust out in the back, which is what happened when they got shot at by the sheriff. So they're like it's almost like like like it was like time went back in something's not right. And so we'll just like walters up on them. Tells him he found the car on the other side of the bridge and you drove and like best not right that makes no sense. This car was destroyed. He's like, no, there were like blood in the front, but the Butler took care of it but other than that now the car is fine. So just. Something's not right. Tick is now witted guy. He is just not right. He he's. He's like sometimes of I need to get out of here and you defined my dad's we can go I don't trust these people. So they end up walking into the town. Is actually talking uncle George. She thinks there's something wrong with it like you know he did go to war possibly you know he has like S. D. and I'm not crazy something is going on we gotta figure this out and by the way the village is super creepy like is it me is. About to say I think they were playing bad moon rising, which made even crappier as they were like walking through. Somebody's GONNA get shot. It was like super me out by what is avenue right now it was very like wicker man like there was actually a wicker man and the kids were like. Crazy and I. See like you're saying about two. He's one of those people that just cannot keep his like cool to blending. Time period is very much about I mean you know not as far as like you do have you know making a stamp statement but just like blending in a little bit like I just feel like he's very loose weight like you said, the anger man is ready to just like late going you like Oh, my God tick. Down because you like somebody who's GonNa try to set up or something like it just never feels good when he's like in that moment not. Just walking around I. was like guys something bad's GonNa Happen. The only black people in this town they need to kind of lay just like running and storm through them like Oh, my gosh. Calm down and also just back to those kids at the wicker they're thinking like ring around the Rosie and ashes is and I would at this reminds me of my daughter my daughter when she was little she I like. Nursery rhyme she learned learned was ring around the rosy but she never saying the whole thing she would just go ashes ashes and just imagine like a little you know eighteen month old walking around. was like that it's so creepy makers, SA-. Shoes. At a young age, she's I for Low Korea. Basically. Yeah. Shoots like ashes they all fall down and you know that's that's about the bubonic plague and dying. So yeah. Yes. You know little things they try to see. You know it's always something when they try to sneak into like he's nursery rhymes like he is stories that you just like though but it's like, yeah, we find you like this why you just need to sometimes be ignorant to somebody like. Like. Bad. But why why would you do that though like why would you sleep it in? Well, you know what? We could probably do a podcast episode dedicated to the original fairy tales because they're all horse. Horse I was light I I'm legit like that to go to like a whole little side thing on these biology when I found some of the stuff I was I walked in. Today sales but I really would have been fine just blissfully going through my person just fine because I'm like I don't know why he had to ruinous for me right now. I'll ruin it for you because there was a stage in my life where I was obsessed with gruesome fairytales because all the tells we hear now are sanitized so Yeah. Yeah. Yeah so Disney kind of it up real nice for us but it we were to break down these. Are we GONNA do that? We're going to episode on Fairy Tales? Boom. Right. As. Absolutely. So yeah. So there there's this creepy wicker man tight. and you know tickets kind of going off and then he hears this whistle and the whistle. He hears sounds like a like you hear movies the dog whistle on which were used last episode to call off the show. Goff's the the Vampire Lake monsters with multiple is that attack them So ended up running into this woman called Dow who has played by Jamie Newman, and she is actually the grounds keeper who is a very racist very rude. To say, easy. Right and George actually mistakes her for the sheriff on because she came out of a stone bills and he kind of knows like, Hey, are you the sheriff and she's like, why do you think he's like well because that's the only stone building that I've seen is entire town and she's like, Oh, now we keep the meat in there because you know creatures like to eat it. So we keep a safe here they're like creatures and she was like you know, yeah, black bears you know there's always issues with the blacks they're smart but not sue smart, but they are bees to are they're clever enough to like find mischief. They're always their noses where they don't belong Clearly. She's not talking about. Black bears. She's talking about. We're not. You got. We're figure out what you're talking about. Okay. Okay. Just rude. and. She tells making what I think. It's time for you guys had back on homes. You know before before dinner begins the sun is setting. So they kinda take heed to her words because this this ain't their town they're not from around these parts So they make their way back in uncle Georgia's like. The the base of that tower the Foundation is stone that tells me that it has a basement like a dungeon dass wear Montross is which is ticks father so they're already making a plan. So, they're walking through the woods. And it's starting to get dark George. Guesses memory of of something that Dora who is text mother, what she told him about. Her ancestors, her people antics like what she told you about her people I. Don't know nothing about my dad doesn't. So, there's obviously something going on between George Montross and door at least in the past like she revealed secrets to him that nobody else knows and he remembers that. She descended from slave named Hannah who escaped the her masters home and it turns out that was titus. And you know the kept mentioned how kind he was to his slaves. While turns out. Hannah was pregnant. So this birthright that Montrose wrote to about this is actually by his lineage or something in his blood he is a descendant of titus. So. It gets crazier. Discussing all this they're walking through the woods. and. The show goths just pop up out of nowhere. Boy To win a breakthrough ground who? was kind of scary. They pop up. Oh my gosh they they can't catch a break and incomes increase Dina on her white horse, the white savior shows up with her little worth though. It's actually funny I listen to HBO's PODCASTS on the show, their official podcast and. One of the hose had mentioned that she was like is that shot a fax and for those you guys that don't know shadow facts. is a noble horse like the King of horses and Lord of the Rings and he is used by Gandalf the white up like that's that's the horse he rides so. and. We're talking about wizards here. So you know here comes Christina Rodnina her white horse to save the day in Dowell pops up to her dogs and she's like, all right Adele. Take them back to the House make sure they stay in their rooms. So I'm at this point we Kinda don't know what's up with Christina issued good. Is Bad dishes something not quite right about like I don't know if I should try her. But she does like she is Clutch Jones Age does come through. So. I don't know I. Don't know about that one. So, yeah. That was that lovecraft bite was a town. So now our next lovecraft by is plans and dreams. So ticks goes to see Samuel Brace wife who was played by Tony Goldwyn. A lot of people know him. From scandal I know him as the Voice of Tarzan Shout Disney? And he was. Even look like Tarzan and he also was like the bad guy in Ghost. He was like Sam's best friend. Oh. Let me play Sam. He was saying best friend the one that portrayed him and he died at the end. Yeah. That guy. So anyways. Fits I couldn't get the scandal at my Miami I. Do I do know where your? As well, but be I. I just couldn't get that on my head I try so hard I was like, why can't I just I need to Samuel Mole right now but I just couldn't get on my I mean I watched like one episode of scandal I couldn't get into it so he's not that. He's not bringing watch more than one episode of scandal like if finished gamble, you understand what I'm talking about I like AC- is like. Out there and watch scandal all you fit Ali'i. Late. Peter. I gotTa pull myself out but I was like. Well. Is Blondes in this and he's racist and. Very cold. That that fix because you know there was something scandal but you know but yeah. L. Thanks will pull you away from that. He's fit. So yeah, there you go. That's like. Me Yeah I mean there's no Olivia Pope here guys but I I get I, get it. He's kind of I. Mean we using the next it? Well, in this one, he's family breath wife, the head of the sons of Adam a racist classy KKK. Way. Yeah that's pretty much what it was. Vice you to dinner which a fancy suits silence. Exactly. So we see him he's in this lab on the table getting a huge chunk of his body taken out of him I'm like what the Hell is going on here. That's one of those things where I was like trying to look away when I was still like. Is like the mini scenes lovecraft. Just white people white people in Tell us like for some type of like ceremony some type of Weird Shit I don't know it. It is what it is. So as So Takata walks in on this and Christina's looks boards and back there like drinking and taking notes and Yeah and it's like intrude white guy fashion after he gets sewed up and he knows this, he's like you know what? What I see. You know what's my favorite thing in this room that painting right there genesis two nineteen and I'm like what? The every time a black person walks into a room with evil white guy he always wants to talk about art go why? Yes. It's always the GO-TO so I mean. The painting is basically the the genesis where Adam is naming every creepy crawly creature. Samuel. Basically 'cause it nirvana where at a point in time everything had it's place. Everything was an order any kind of like ask Tikkun Christina he quizzes them and they'd get the answer right and they're like, yeah, it's about order. He's like, no. What's about creation? It's about naming something So tickets like what are you God in this whole scenario? He's like, no, I am at. You're just like, okay and the Christina's like, yeah, and then ruined it. So yeah. and. If we think about this this whole, this whole order is the patriarchy. It's nothing but men in power here we have this capable smart beautiful woman Christina who will never be a part of it. She's always going to be a periphery because she is a woman because she is of eve and you know Eve's greatest and apparently was searching for knowledge. So Christina is dangerous to these men she's not allowed there so. I think that's why in many ways I really like Christina as a character I still don't know if I can trust her but she's intriguing to. I'm not sure how you feel about but. Yeah, I kind of yes. As as the similar thing about her but yeah, she's definitely one of those characters that. Just has his cool power about her. She doesn't necessarily in my business always use it the way she should in the wake really good with it. But yes, she is pretty cool I and you know and I always love I guess if you want to call it at. What I always love the the female villains like when they can interact with. The about old you know the me and especially like if there's a white guy like the same old same old like trying to come over and change because he thinks he knows best. But if you. Female and mix it up a little bit. Yeah, definitely and She's not an she's in many ways to me represents white feminine white femininity, White Feminism So she's challenging the patriarchy. She's not really buying this whole everything needs order you know men at the top right right in and apparently in this world and black people for that on than the animals, she's not really buying it She's in many ways a little bit more towards the Left. She's not as much of a big I don't I don't think I don't really think I. Don't think we're is racist I don't see her as racist I I. Think She's Absolutely. Purveyor of white privilege. But I just don't see her necessarily as a racist and you can see you know she tries to like level with tick and she's like, Hey, like make some friends out here. Because not every white person is out to get you, which is Kinda funny when you wash series at the end. But. Moving. Right. Isn't it something at some almost Amedeo? purrs like you know when people kind of our say like, Oh, I don't see racism acid. bouncy color. Right to me, she has some moments where I guess like you said, maybe you wouldn't necessarily caller a raises, but you kind of want to be like come on Cristina come on. Now like you saw the way it was going to play out or I know you understand what they're talking about Those moments I think Christina understands I. Think she does understand she sees it. She doesn't agree with it but I know that Christina is about self so you know like yeah. But I'm about me. So I'm. About her grind yeah right. So I'm interested to see what is Christina's role in the series You know. Sam China Achieve Nirvana. He's trying to open up the doorway into Eden which essentially will give him immortality. That's what he's vying for but apparently, Christina brought tick to him. Titus dot titus saying says it like a my daughter apparently thinks she can help me. So what is Christina's motivation and bringing back into the fold? When she's not, he's she's not a benefactor or recipient of of the sons she's a woman. So what is her motivations and obviously we're going to apart the layers there with that but just something to think about in the back of your head is Christina good is Christina bad who is Christina? Really, looking out for. So I'll just leave it at that. But any WHO's so they have you know she has her heart to heart would sick and she tells them you can trust me I wanna be your friend. On about all that because you put a spell on my friends, you know all my family they don't remember anything that happened. And he mentions like you know you guys basically the KKK you know the KKK and don't call themselves wizard for no reason. On excuse you. My father and his associates would never associate with the Klu Klux Klan okay there too poor. And I was like see. White privilege. Outweigh. Okay. All right. Right I mean I mean shot her recall on the clan poor y'all are poor are moving right? and. She told job They they come to understand that he's like if you WANNA, be my friend, prove it. So she actually lifts the spell and she tells them the spell was met specifically for them. The spell is for anyone that sees the show Goff's which are basically they're guard dogs but for whatever reason, it doesn't work on tech could be because of his blood socialista spell and then we hear letty and George Screaming. So clear they remembered what happened and actually if we go back earlier to the woods, they immediately forgot what happened to them after they saw the creatures. So clearly, that is a spell that was put in place and it was weird my troops and. Many speak in the mind trips They all kind of have their own experiences. So letty tries to escape the room is apparently there's magic the tobin in these rooms tick can't get out but somehow he finds his way into leads room she shot to get out and he calms down he tells like Hey we're trapped here. We're going to get through the and she tells him like about her childhood about the fact that her mother was constantly leaving her coming back with strange men. She always felt very alone Amish Usta pry hoping for her mother to come back and she's looking at a painting of Adamant. Even the serpent while she's telling these the statistic and he tells Aleksei I, will never leave you I will never abandon you and they kiss passionately. You're just like Oh this is Q. and he vows to never leave her and. We. Kind of Pan to take in his room. So I'm like what is going on here how tick making out with Letty, but also in his room and later on in the episode, he'd like unzips his pants and a serpent guns out like I was. Oh I went. All right this minute. I was trying to see something else but okay I'll take. So. For is also having his own looks like a hallucination was actually talking to uncle George through the bookshelf in Morse code and we see Uncle George rideout wizards. But before he can say anything else this woman taxing turns out it's the Korean woman that we saw in the first episode that was playing Deja of. Mars. And she's like basically fights into the death. Her name is Gina and he's like Jia I don't want to hurt you and he's like they're like throwing knives at each other punching each other out against laws. I, was like. Okay. And so. It. Wasn't pretty cool I. Mean you kind of get you kind of get pulled out a little bit because of like the craziness that is that scene because you're like what is happening but it? Is really cool if icing yeah. Fight Seeing she clearly knows how to fight he's military she he's been trained to military so eventually gets the best of her and chokes her to death I was like okay that's interesting and than Uncle George has a much more pleasant experience he gets to dance with Dora who is ticks mother and she's played Erica Bizal and they speak about dreams and their time in Tulsa their hood they're so just back it up a little bit. This is the second series that mentioned Tosa on HBO that is about Black People You know the the the Black Wall Street massacre. So. Apparently Montrose George and Dora grew up Tulsa and seems like they must have escaped. Happened, there. So, anyways. But it out like I is cool that you bought at that point to know both of these series. I. Think you know about the recent a grave they found a lot of the Toast massacre victims I think it's very interesting about all of this. These shows are kind of pulling that up. You know not like it should have been done years earlier, right it Mary like interesting to see that kind of stuff come up in the news. Now, because these shows you know, of course watchman, you know getting their emmy nominations and all that kind of brings it to the light, but it's just interesting how events are and it's like, Oh, well now we're going to go look and see what happened. Yeah, and it's just you know just the point out that this was a booming city with black professionals with their own law offices, doctors, offices, theaters, banks it was a growing community in Tulsa very successful, very prominent and all because you know supposedly a a young black man offended a white woman or some white folks it all went to Hell. And I also heard about the fact that Central Park was also similar in the fact that it was a city or a town with a black population they had their own and I. Don't know if it was as violent as a as a Tulsa massacre, but they were moved on out and central park with built over top of their homes so. Yes it's it's going to be I. think that's why I think is really cool as covering this and like I said, would watch mindy like the more this comes out it's going to be very interesting to see what else they continue to dig up. You know again, which doesn't help those families like wondering about the ancestors for generation a years like nobody paying attention. But. It is very interesting to see like the conversation has nearly to come out the conversation as is finally being discussed that we were successful. We we were. We were people we had whilst we had power and it was taken away from US people wonder. Why black people struggling it's like every time we get our own. White folks and take it away. So yeah. Yeah. I mean it's the running of the show rate so Dora in. Georgia, Dan San. Just throw me off a little bit because I'm like you would think he would be hiding a of his wife now of his his brother's dead wife but okay, and and then the what was that the the end by Earl grant was play. It was very they. They were trying to take you out of the Romance I. This queue where they were like as Gwen on, they just kept trying to fight every moment to pull you out like where you're like, yeah, we need to be watching this somebody's heaven. And they speak on the reality of magic no door tells them. He can now fly with his children. He only day and. He's talking about. Grabbing. His. So George kisses her and tells her you know this is a real and actually I'm going to back up a little bit. I'm a backup a little bit too. One Christina was talking to take and he asked her about William, her boyfriend and she says, you know, yeah, that's my my friend and he's a boy sometimes so. I'm GonNa just leave it at that. Leave that. To sit there for those who haven't aren't caught up just yet everything means something on this show. So anyways, the situation between door George door starting to realize is not real I need to back away from this and it turns out all of this was magic and it was for the entertainment of the DAG on lodge guests they're trying to get into their heads hated this moment. Because I already feel like, yeah. Already feel like sometimes black people are seeing like that exhibit feel like something to be just like look bad like. How do you do like you know like you just not human or it's not normal what you're doing? So yes, this. Moment. Mu. Passes. We are entertainment So they are released from their rooms. They are clearly shell-shocked George is like we gotta get it together too. So what's your dream about which is seems I don't worry about that doesn't matter and. He out here being slick. And tickets triggered by this experience because he's a war vet. So he's just like I did some things I wasn't supposed to do and and Georgia's calm down. You're a good boy you did what you had to do. You know they're trying to get into our heads. Let's let's get it together. So and then he tells. He's Ready do back this 'cause Latisha fuck and Louis don't get scared about nothing like that on a t shirt please yes. They need to have that there should be like. Is there like a love? It sounds like an HBO store. So there should definitely be like the lovecraft country thing or something like that because she uses the perfect moments throughout this whole series. I think I'M GONNA get I'm sure there's a teacher out there latisha. It'd be like if it's not Yala sleeping on that money because they she she wears this that a phrase out need to be on a teacher. And People GonNa be like Latisha. Don't worry about it. You waiting for meat and if you'RE GONNA to Lewis's right. Know you know so yeah. So George Tells you know. have. No fear I found something that might just help. So earlier in the episode, George tried to recall what was happening. You know before he regained his memory and he happens upon this book called the House on the Borderland on the bookshelf shelf and I just I just WanNa talk about this book row quick because it's kind of interesting. So it was a nineteen ninety eight novel written by William Hope Hodson, and it is a hallucinatory account of reclusive store a reclusive stay at a remote house and his experience of his cannot get these words out his experiences of supernatural creatures and other early dementia wow. Okay. Now that ain't love crab country in a nutshell. What Guy So the book it's There I'm looking to the book is called the House on the Borderland. So that book for whatever reason opens up the bookshelf into the secret library. He just. So conveniently comes upon this book called. The order of the ancient dawn like. About you but that just seemed like place. Perfectly. Yet they came to all this information very quickly I was like, okay something's not right. It's I'm like was a Williams was it Christina like who conveniently put that book about their whole water in the room where they knew for Fed uncle Georgia find? I'm just saying so they enter the dinner black tie only. So you know and men only lead is not allowed in there neither is Christina Williams there, and he assures them that even though they are not wanted there, they belonged there so like. Stay enters the room all these white guys in. Suits and ties their bow ties are sitting you know at various tables he walks in and he was like, yes much like Adam that gave his ribbed eve. So do I give my body to you and they present the dinner party? And I. Guess. As ripping out. no. To it is. Yeah. I was like okay and the Uncle George had had the nerve to starting to go in for. An took like not knowing that don't eat that. Else like he really about. that. So They start to begin their little ceremonial dinner an uncle George gets up and he recounted the guests, their own bylaws. Tom, then that they actually would never be allowed in the fraternity as in George and because they're black but he found a loophole. If you are direct descendants of titus, you're automatically a member and in fact, not just the member you are a son among sons and Assad amongst on can give order to any other regular member. In the group. So that's what. He gets up. He's like year I want everybody except Samuel to get the fuck out of here. Yeah I mean. and. They looked at him like he was crazy. He was like dasell order and they fly. Out of their. Sonny. Walks up on Samuel and he tells Samuel. 'cause technically Samuel is a distant cousin of titus but. Take a direct descendant. So quickly took has more pull over Samuel. So he tells him, I order you to bring me my dad. Samuel like I'm like the rest of the zealots. I'm not obeying the laws I know what's up and let me tell you something just because you're useful and your blood is useful to me doesn't mean you're indispensable. So Watch yourself amount was like they're white man throwing his weight around. Yeah and I thought it was interesting how they played this. You know when you try to figure out like how you GonNa face on the TV series, it'll make a little more mysterious 'cause. It's pretty clear what he was. You know why he had ticked there and what was going on. It kind of misery of like, okay who really brought him here and what's what can you get to the point already like how they kinda drag out the suspense away he actually wants right actually lie I didn't read the books but that sounds like a better to us to me just them. Yeah they. Played it. Yeah. In the series because it's like playing saint in the book like, Hey, this is happening. This is why your dad does that a it's just like very likes playing down the book and I was like well, this is cool how they gave you that miseries twist where you like it semyon yet like is he done? Exactly. So they end up getting up out of there. I call the section, the great escape. So they rushed at a tower to save Marco's who isn't there and they're cornered by Dow who prepares to shoot them but letty Letitia fucking Lewis shows up. And knocks her out appearing to kill her. I mean she looked at me. She's a gone. That's what she gift all that Shit. So they discover. Montrose somehow found a way Atta there he dug a tunnel, the count on Montecristo. which is one of his books. He comes out of that ground like Tim. Robbins from the Shawshank redemption okay okay. Hello did you think they will go find him this quick wanted them to wait a little bit. So the thing with this show is. A. Very like intolerably like. A lot of things that happened episode I felt like it was too quick for a second episode. But as you watch this theories, you realize they had to pack a lot of story and only issue Yup true. Yeah. And every episode kind of felt like a movie. So a different kind of moving a different genre. We still a whatever it was crazy So Montrose gets up out of there. You know like like Tim Robbins and the Shawshank Redemption Freedom and actually need A. Nina Simone's blackbird plays Blackbir- you ain't never gonNA fly He's like, yes, I got out montrose which. Was leary's modules upset he. was. Here. I gotTa Save Me. Would you wrote me a letter he's like, don't you actually showed up like I wrote that under duress I'm good i. got me like so. I, know what right? Yeah he was like. Listen to be I was dying. I was laughing so hard like it was so funny because I was like at the moment is at all so disrespectful. So they get in a car and what it escaped or tried to escape out the town George tells them that the lodge is actually one of many in the order of the dawn and this particular group is called the sons of Adam and they seek the book, a names which holds the spell of immortality, and apparently the spell failed way back when when titus was doing it and that's what caused the house burned down. So they need to get up out of dodge, but unfortunately, the car magically crashes. The cinematography in the seen, it looks like something hit the car and you see it's smashed up but nothing actually hit a car it was just magic but it was just it just don't like it just like eight it. Yeah. Yeah. You're crushing I can but they crashed the car. So that was pretty cool. And apparently it's Samuel and Christina sale gets badly car everybody else kind of climbing out of the wreckage in San shoots letty. Like what the? Yeah. Hi I'm out. Right. What's I was like we did make a campus. LETTY DIS. DIS bloodly intakes arms to Christina helped me and I'm like, wait a second but I know she and the rest of the series. So what is going on here but she did And And instead. The DOORKNOB. So saying most like you know because you were son of among sons, I'm GonNa give you the courtesy and let you choose a survive. So montross and Uncle George, and before taken even make a choice. He shoots uncle George and I was like. Oh I'll go door take Montross. Excuse me yeah yeah. You. See they have been montrose like. I was Kinda like. Not Jordan smuggled jars. So we cut to black on my the over note next we have the ceremony. So we watch a very naked a take get cleaned down by servants. And I must say John Major's really stopped his workout regimen. His booty was nice. Nice. Insight. Yeah. Gain is Watson three takes. Thing was a bubble and weight is. You're not an object you worry smarten. Main. Klein about what you're Jim root like you know. Like Quarantine Times if you shot up before they away Jim routine was right. I WanNa Budi like that too. So I mean. He's looking at. The. Kind of like the TV room like this, this image allusion of the room, and he is a leading on a couch dead and behind behind her is Montross attending to a dying uncle George so. Took wants to know what's up and Christina tells them that her father plans on opening a portal door into eating so that he can obtain mortality. When he steps through, you know he will fulfil his his his dream. So tickets like well don't Work Titus and Christina tells him that the language of Adam which is in the book of names is challenging Kinda hard to decipher. So many men have suffered as a result of it, but her father now has edge because takes blood is directly of titus line. So you know this might be something in apparently with magic. Abbadi apparently is a good thing I guess to like. I don't know be like a premium for the energy of matt explain it but a body. Is Yeah. A body is needed and he has a good body Nice intoned anti blood. Your blood got him in trouble. I'm in trouble. So tick wonders why Christina is even trying to help her dad at this point because she can never be a member in. Kind of. Laments this you know she gives him the ring of the order and she tells him like no matter how smart you are how much work put in no matter what I do I will never get this rank and you gotta just for being born a man and makes it even worse and he was like, yeah, I'm not even a white guy. I'm a black man. but she tells him like our destiny is not determined by our fathers It's up to US kind of like harnessed set and she tells him that her dad is true to his word if he helps them with the ceremony willingly, he will restore uncle. George. Any actually sees look. Let you come back to life like bloody is resurrected and honey she was shook it. Yet I mean if you got shot and died and. I say I probably would just been laying there for a minute shot at least she got on with Tabatha was up. I probably just been sitting there. Yeah she she. She got the Jon Snow Treatment like John was like ooh. That that was leading. The side effects of their. Shut outs a Kit Harrington so. You know he's a little better. Now he sees that letty is alive uncle Joe soon, be healed. So he goes on to the ceremony. and so we actually get a glimpse of the conversation between Georgia Montross. George. Look. I'm tired of holding on a secret. These tickets aren't people love by child my my wife politics you tick. And I just need. I just need you to love him like he deserves to be loved and he's Like maters like. About my son and he's like well, he may not be your son said. Hey I don't care if you got a bullet in your belly, we already settled this. That's my son Georgia's like. But you know, I'm not long for this world you're all he got laugh. So interesting. So I guess Uncle George's Uncle Daddy like. Have I. Don't worry about the fact that she could be die right now where we're going to keep secrets, right we're GONNA keep these family secrets and I don't know about you but failing seekers have a way of ruining everything right number he was like you could be I could be all the way dying right now. About. It we just got kicked seekers going to take it to the grave literally so Take walks into the ceremony and he's surrounded by all these white men these goods and we hear resits Brussel Tation of Whitey on the Moon tickets place in the middle of three orbs and this ornate wooden doorway. So apparently, he's like what's going to center the spell in Begins to begins his incantations and the members look on and like the blue from the ORB starts to go into take and then as chick absorb it. Then this golden energy emits from take into the doorway and the doorway starts to open up and you see these like vines come out and tropical flowers I'm like Oh shit he really about to be an evening. Tide. Is Like oh no whatever he saying. and Re should I guess it's language of atoms I should be respectful and then take raises his hand like what the rain and it looks like. It's like a black energy leaving his hands Anna goes into the portal and then we see him. We see Hannah. Pregnant. and. She's played by walking Cooler Congo and she's in the doorway. So something is wrong and she is not supposed to be eating what's going on tighter stars take back control but a birth energy explodes from take and all the members to run off but they get caught by this Bursa of energy, Sanyal concerned into stone soda the rest of the members of the House the crumble everything's going to shit and you're like what is happening, and so we see Hannah run and the tech runs after Hannah and it looks like it's like almost a parallel universe, our reenactment of what happened to her because there's fire around him and Hannah stops in the doorway there's a book in our hand. And that looks like the book of names to me. I don't know about you. So seems like Hannah fled her masters home his magical book. And, the house burned down in this case, the House collapse at this point is like Uncle George Montrose letter getting out of there, but they don't want to move George because he might bleed out and somehow escapes just as the house collapses. The rest of the party is in the car they seem to be saved leading calls out to him. You think like, Hey, it's kind of like a low key happy ending the white people are dead. The black people survived that never happens But unfortunately, you can see in ladies is as she calls out to take that something terrible happen and Uncle George blood out in the car in the arms of his younger brother and you're just like, no Oh, and John Major's acting on the scene was amazing. He's like, Oh, go George I'm sorry just like breaks down, he doubles over and in your demand now. Okay me. Me there. Yeah. He was in. Maine and I, just can't and I I know there was nothing he can do to control. I. Was like come on Akerson you'll gave him the rain. You can give us something else to to bring back. George. The end I was like come on now ray. So I'm saddened because I really liked courtney eligible acting. He's just he's just like He's just comforting to me like you know he's A. And we got we got stuck while Montross. I wasn't really happy and it sucks because I, not in many ways feels responsible for this for his. but I mean like I said, it's not his father Samuel shot him but samuels dead now he nothing but dust now so good written. So we cut to black and a cover of a traditional spiritual song that was famously sung by Nina Simone we Nina Simone in this episode. Sin Centerman places the end of the episode in I think almost the entire series at the end of the episode they played Superman. And the song basically describes a center attempting to hide from Divine Justice on Judgment Day. So not sure how that plays into the show, but like I said, everything here is significant. Everything has a meaning. That ends Whitey on the moon. Any a final thoughts, Ryan. Yeah. And like if you guys get the check out I was trying to pull up the chapter we're reading 'cause they have like it's kind of funny to see the the book chapter names as we as we go along but. This one actually ended with everybody kind of making it out in the car and and William like hooked up they ride and everything it was crazy like if you guys making ever in check that out But. Yeah. There's so many like little intricacies in the book where I think they Kinda drag out like some of the moments, some of the more terrifying moments, kind of towards the end of it But yeah, just so I don't know to give like a little bit of Light Mia was hard. It was hard losing George and this moment 'cause I'm I'm still in like that a venture mode wanting to see you know what Lady Antique GonNa get into, and if they're gonNA, keep going and and not have him there where he's like the one like the glue holding it altogether. So Yeah I. Yeah I definitely think he i. didn't they courtney was leaving The second. Yeah you know gotTA gotTa ultimate plan and saying like you said, they anthology series at work here. So he is going GONNA be. Interesting. Dolphin Uncle George Fisher Lajos together. So it's going to be interesting to see how they all carry on without him and his wisdom and his advice and Oh Aso so bad for hippolyte and Andy when they had the and Gone. And everything. He's like, no no no. Time. That got us like what is your opinion? You know how she's GonNa feel. So you all this going I just I'm more chairs the come people. That's all. I know just were tears. So. Yeah. So we'll definitely revisit the series. We'll see you guys next month. This episode was Super Fun just in time for Halloween. So guys rewatch episode to listen to this podcast. and. We'll see you next month and we'll be covering episode three Holy Ghost. So thank you guys for listening. Make sure you add adblocker owners at black girl peaks at PGN podcast Ryan's at November bear and I still don't know my social media. I think it's at Melanin Mommy to eight one-sixth please forgive me. But. We'll see you guys next week by next month I should say by. I got. The black girl nerds podcast is produced by Jamie broad next the opening theme song to our show is written and performed by Sama's various instrumentals performed by best sky blue and chef Zilla you can find berries episodes at the Black Pearl nerves talk cast on Itunes Stitcher, soundcloud, audio, boom Google, play, music, and spotify.

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