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Tonight Breaking News as we come on the air president trump leaving Walter Reed medical center the president heading back to the white. House. Tonight is dr saying late today of the president he may not be entirely out of the woods yet the medical team giving few specifics on his condition but confirming the president did receive supplemental oxygen twice pressed the president's lungs and with the doctor said about the coming days saying the team remains on guard into next weekend given the course of the virus and as the US tonight now marks two, hundred, ten, thousand lives lost to the virus the president drawing outrage from many after he tweeted, don't be afraid of Kovin. The president given the best healthcare available in the country to experimental treatments many months into this pandemic. I, get it. I understand it. Tonight at least eighteen people connected to the president or who were at events with the. At now tested positive with another key member of the West Wing coming down with corona virus team coverage standing by world. News tonight. is now. From ABC News World Headquarters in. This he's world. News tonight. With. Heaving, and it's great to have you with us as we start another week together and we're going to begin tonight with that extraordinary moment that played out just a short time ago president trump has left Walter Reed Medical Center after being taken there Friday night he has now returned to the White House tonight where he continues to battle corona virus this was the scene. Moments ago in Bethesda Maryland the president walking down the steps six, thirty, eight PM, eastern wearing a mask something we did not see him often do before being diagnosed at times he did. But now wearing that mask as he waved to the cameras, a thumbs up to the cameras you heard him say at one point. Thank you very much. He did not take any questions. Then the extraordinary moment the motorcade driving him to Marine One. Obviously, we have never seen this before this country deals with the pandemic marine one waiting for him as the president. Now for coronavirus to experimental treatments at Walter Reed also a powerful steroid supplemental oxygen, and then that Short flight on marine one that took him across from pathetic Maryland back to Washington D. C. to the White House where they will pay close watch doctors acknowledging today that they will be on guard at least through. Next weekend given. The course of this earlier today is medical team coming before the cameras they treated the president aggressively with variety of medications as I mentioned some experimental along with powerful steroid and the president's Dr confirming that the president did receive that oxygen twice testing positive for covert the president's doctors saying late today, he may not be entirely out of the woods yet. In fact, the doctor said we won't know for several days from now truly how the president is faring given the normal. Course of the virus that we have seen millions of Americans fight tonight the president back at the white. House at this hour and this evening, the number growing at least eighteen people now connected to the president of tested positive eleven of them at that. Rose Garden event including introducing judge. Amy. Coney. Barrett, not have corona virus from this but several people who were at the Rose Garden have come down with it among them. Top aide whole picks, Kellyanne Conway Governor. Chris. Christie three. Senators just. Today we learn more. We learn the press secretary Kalia Canadian to members of her staff in the West Wing have now tested positive the president tweeting today about leaving Walter Reed telling the American people don't be afraid of Covid, don't let it dominate your life it true outrage from many who point out this country just today hit two, hundred, ten, thousand lives lost, and at the president received the best healthcare in the world. Those experimental treatments many upset with him saying don't be afraid of COVID. We begin with our chief. White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl tonight with the breaking. News. After receiving some of the most advanced medical care in the world for three nights including experimental treatments usually reserved for the most serious covert cases. President Trump tweeted today that he is heading back to the White House, telling Americans don't be afraid of Covid don't let it dominate your life. He added I feel better than I did twenty years ago. Presidents. Doctor says he gave the all clear to go home though he may not entirely be out of the woods yet. The team I agree that all our evaluations and most importantly his clinical status support the president's safe return home. We're he'll be surrounded by World Class Medical Care Twenty, four seven. So how is the president really doing? It's been nearly impossible to discern amidst a series of false or conflicting statements from the White House and the president's physician Dr Shawn Conley over the past four days. Once again, today Dr Conley refused to answer basic questions about the President's health inflammation long at all. So we we've done routine standard imaging. I'm just not at liberty discuss on Saturday, Dr Conley insisted the president was doing justifying this morning. The president is doing very well the team and I are extremely happy with the progress. The president has made he falsely told reporters the president had been given oxygen one. In fact, he had been given it twice yesterday today he was not on oxygen none of this moment and yesterday with the team while we were all here, he was not on oxygen minutes after that briefing ended White House. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows pulled reporters off to the side. With, of young, getaway. Meadows then directly contradicted the doctor saying quote, the President's vitals over the last twenty four hours were very concerning and the next forty eight hours will be critical in terms of his care. We are still not on a clear path to a full recovery. Sunday as meadows looked on his head in his hands Dr Conley admitted he had not told the truth about whether the president had been given oxygen. He acknowledged he was putting a positive spin on everything to please the patient I was trying to reflect the the the upbeat attitude that the. Team the President of course of illness had Didn't want to give any Any information might steer the course of illness in another direction and in doing. So you know came off that we trying to hide something twas necessarily true. And so have. Over the course of his hospitalization, the president staged a series of photo ops designed to project strength and to prove he was still on the job. In this photo, the president appears to be signing his name to a blank piece of paper. Yesterday the president had the secret service, drive him outside the hospital. So he could wave to the cameras and to his supporters possibly exposing the agents riding along with him to the virus the move outraged Dr, James Phillips and attending doctorate Walter Reed, who tweeted all those agents must now quarantine adding they might get sick they might die for political theater commanded by trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity Dr Phillips appeared today on. I don't know what the benefits of this political stunt were but I do know what the risks were and my concern is perhaps the secret service agents that were inside. Don't know the full risk of what they were up against there and what the real threats were. Tonight, the President returns to a White House thrown into chaos by Kobe one, thousand, nine, hundred each day more staffers getting sick today press secretary Kelly mcenaney announced. She to as tested positive for the virus for day, she has been speaking to Reporters without wearing a mask even though she has had extensive contact with both the president and with hope Hicks who tested positive last Thursday to of Macanese aides in the white. House. Press Office have also tested positive in total eighteen people who were around the White House and president trump now have covert one, thousand, nine, hundred eleven of them attended the. Garden ceremony where the President announced his Supreme Court pick others including Hicks former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and trump campaign manager bill Stepien attended a debate prep meeting. At the White House the President's daughter Ivanka trump has tested negative at the debate. In Cleveland, she didn't wear a mask over the weekend she was recorded by the Daily Mail jogging with her husband Jared Kushner in their Washington neighborhood both now wearing face coverings multiple sources. Tell ABC News. There is now what one person close to the president called a full blown freak out among the White House staff New York Times reporter. Michael share who tested positive after flying on. Air Force One a week ago Saturday says, no one has reached out to him to trace his possible contacts nobody from the white. House has said Abu and asked anything about where I was or who I, who I talked to or. Who Else I might infect it. They're also serious questions about why the president traveled to a fundraiser in New Jersey on Thursday after learning hope Hicks had the virus New Jersey officials are now tracing the contacts of more than two hundred people who were there with the president sources tell ABC. News. The president tested positive shortly after he returned from that trip but hours later he told Sean Hannity he was still waiting on results so. I just went for a test and we'll see what happens I mean who knows today his Dr refused to say when the president last tested negative for the virus? I. I don't WanNa go backwards s for the president seven months into a crisis that has unfolded on his watch. He now says personal experience has taught him a lot about a disease that has killed more than two hundred and ten thousand Americans it's been very interesting journey I learned a lot about Kovin. I learned it by really going to school this is the real school. This isn't the let's read the book school and I get it I understand it and it's Very, interesting thing, and I'm going to be letting you know about it. Giancarlo with us live tonight from Walter Reed and Jonah just want to show the audience the images just coming in as we're on the air tonight this is the president coming off marine. One. At the White, house just moments ago wearing the mask a wave a salute. as he makes his way back to the White House, obviously, this comes after three days of treatment at Walter Reed waving the cameras he did not answer questions heading back into the White House where he is expected to say and John, as you heard from Conley late today his doctor, there's the thumbs up. Customary thumbs up from president trump that you heard. Dr Collie say John that we are still ungar given where we are in the course of this we won't know Dr Condie said at least until next weekend. And for the time being all of the president is back at the White House David. He will be confined to the White House residence where he will continue to have a very top level medical treatment but he'll be confined to the residents that means no Oval Office. No West Wing of the White House insists that during this time though that he will continue to work and the trump campaign as put out word that he has every intention to participate in his next debate. With. Joe Biden although they don't rule out the possibility that could be virtual debate. And there you see John not only with the horns behind you at Walter Reed with the president of the White House, they're taking off his mask. Here's arrived back at the White House, he will head into the residents where he'll be working His team will be watching him closely there, and as you heard John just mentioned the president already signaling this evening that he plans to be back out I met campaign trail soon, he also according to the campaign plans to be at the next debate on that stage with Joe Biden. something that Dr Collie was asked about today and said, we'll just have to see. this president several days into this that we don't. Know for sure when this began because we don't have a firm timeline and the last time president trump tested negative for the virus. All we know is that he tested positive sometime Thursday evening. So still relatively early as we've done so much reporting on Americans facing corona virus in this country do want to bring in. Dr a Shisha. He's the Dean of the Brown University School of public, health doctors first of all, thanks for being with us every step of the way on this I want to. Get right to what we heard from the President's Dr Today. Dr Calmly said we all must remain cautiously optimistic and on guard when it comes to a patient who has received the therapies that the president has received. So early in the course of this, he said we are looking to this coming weekend, which I know several days from now he seemed to be acknowledging that we are still very early in this given the course of coronavirus that we've seen in the millions of people who have battled this virus. So David. Thank you for having me on. Indeed the president is not out of the woods. Thankfully, he's doing better it appears. But the bottom line is that we know that the course of this disease some people take a turn for the worse. Five seven or ten days after their diagnosis or there's symptom onset. So depending on when it all happened, the time line is still unclear. Probably looking to this weekend before I think we can cy. A sense of relief that the president is out of the woods, Dr Show we know the President received those two experimental treatments, the antibody cocktail, Desa Veer in addition to a powerful steroid earlier than many patients would have. Obviously, we would expect that in this country is the president of the United States has access to the best healthcare. I wanted to ask you about something Dr Conley was asked about late today he did confirm the president receives supplemental oxygen twice but it was this question he was pressed about the president's if there was any pneumonia or any inflammation in his lungs at all what they might have seen in the imaging he said I'm not at liberty to discuss. But that quite frankly Dr job would have told us a lot more about the president's condition in this. Absolutely. So the main way people get very sick or even die from this disease is damage to the lungs and we suspect that the president has had some damage to the lungs. But Dr Connolly has been very cagey about this and it's odd that he won't share that information when he's been willing to share as much more detailed information and I think it raises certainly a lot more questions than answers about the health of the President Dr John With again tonight, doctors thank you I gather. We'll be seeing you again very soon in the meantime as the president does leave Walter Reed, we take note it's Just twenty nine days now until Election Day obviously, you know millions of votes have already been cast the president's signaling tonight as I mentioned a little earlier that he will be back on the campaign trail. Soon, his doctor saying, we will see how this goes in the coming days Joe Biden campaigning in the crucial state of Florida today wishing the president of swift recovery. But saying quote, our nation's Cova crisis is far from over. and. This image was historic today underscored that point on the Ellipse crossing the White House today hundreds of empty chairs representing just a fraction of the two hundred, ten, thousand American lives now lost and so here's Mary Bruce Tonight on the race for the White House what it might look like from here including major changes already at vp debate this Wednesday night. Tonight with the president back at the White House Joe Biden says, he's glad he's recovering but making it clear. The Nation still hasn't recovered from this pandemic hope the president's recovery, a swift and successful, but our nation's covered crisis is far for from over now that he's busy twenty campaign messages, I would ask him to do this. This To the scientists. Biden in the key battleground state of Florida, today wearing a mask throughout his socially distanced events. The latest state polling shows him up five points over president trump as you all know. And quite frankly. We went Florida you one. You flat. One last night we learned that Biden, has tested negative again after his campaign said, they will now reveal the results of every test. He takes the trump campaign is trying to forge ahead keeping up as many events as possible saying it is the president's intention to debate on October fifteenth. Two weeks from his positive test his physician asked if it was safe for the president to resume campaigning as far as travel goes we'll see Biden says the decision to debate should up to the medical experts his wife today pulling him away from reporters reminding him to keep his distance. Scientists say. That it. Distances. Say. That I think that's why despite health concerns the vice presidential face off between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence is still on for Wednesday. But now at the request of the Biden Harris Team, the candidates will be thirteen feet apart separated by plexiglass pens continues to test negative. We're looking very forward. Vice presidential debate and after some in the audience last week's debate including the president's family flouted the rules by not wearing masks. This time anyone without a mask will be escorted out. All right. So let's bring in Mary Bruce back with us again tonight and Mary. Of course, a lot of attention we pay to this vice presidential debate particularly in this moment in our country giving obviously the president facing cove it both the vice president Mike Pence and Senator Comma. Harris will try to make their case that both are prepared to step in as commander in chief. David, there's no question. There's a new urgency to this debate with the president's diagnosis and with Joe Biden possibly becoming the nation's. President ever if elected Americans are looking for reassurance and confidence that the next vice president can step in if needed David Bruce I'll be right here with you Wednesday night for coverage of that VP debate Mary thank you this president trump returns to the White House tonight. Much of this country, still facing a rise in cases and an average of forty thousand daily cases. Tonight look at the map still mostly read thirty three states and Puerto Rico with rising infections. I mentioned earlier the death toll now topping two, hundred, ten, thousand lives lost and amid alarming neighborhood surges here in New York City restrictions. Now in New York governor, Cuomo announcing the state will shut down roughly three hundred schools in nine zip goes, of course. The big fear here is a potential new wave of this in one that could combine with flu. We'll be watching very closely when we come back on this very busy news night that deadly building collapse at least three construction workers killed and what could very well be a hurricane set to slam into the Gulf region. Yet again, we'll have the latest truck. Right. Now, small businesses have to be more efficient than ever, and that means every higher is critical indeed is here to help indeed, Dot com is the number one job site in the world because they get you the best people fast you only pay for what you need can pause your accounted anytime, and there are no long term contracts right now indeed is offering our listeners a free seventy, five dollars credit to boost visibility of your job post at indeed dot com slash David m indeed dot com slash David m terms and conditions apply offer valid through December thirty first. None of that deadly building collapse in Houston tonight at least three construction workers were killed one injured. When part of the building came down officials believed the collapse involved newly-built stairs there. Tonight Tropical Storm Delta could soon become a hurricane, the current track showing Delta passing Cuba tomorrow before possibly growing into a cat three hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico the storm expected to make landfall along the Louisiana coast. Friday morning as a cat to at this point but of course, we'll track it. Tonight. President. Trump back at the White House where his doctor acknowledged, they will be on guard until at least next weekend in the course of this, the president leaving Walter Reed, this evening after being taken there Friday night as symptoms worsened, walking out on his own this image already getting attention back at the White House tonight appearing eager to take off that mask and signaling. Tonight he'll be back on the campaign trail. Soon, we'll continue to follow this and of course I. Hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. I'm David Muir night.

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