April 26: Racing Updates from Erik Tomas and hear from Jimmie Johnson!


The coast to coast in Canada across America and around the globe the World Wide Web. This is race line on the race. Line Radio Network presented by Subaru and race line is driven by the twenty twenty Subaru wrx wrx s ti the a typical sports cars by the Subaru. Vr's add the attainable sports car. That's fun to drive. And by general tire anywhere is possible. Subaru candidate presents. Your National Radio Motorsport Authority. The good old waistline radio. I'm Eric Thomas Host and anchor working in the home studio rain. Postmark are supreme commander in race line. Master Control William Weber is in Training Josh. Santos managing the network this week. The very latest covert nineteen damage to our schedules. And there's lots of dense realized some teleconference questions as well for seven time. Nascar Cup champion Jimmy Johnson on this pandemic his I racing and INDYCAR ASPIRATIONS NASCAR racing as William Byron says. The competition is getting better because guys are practicing more plus a few more entries with commentary for the Subaru race line email bag trimming out contest in the race rap. News couldn't ask car get a state exemption to run at Charlotte and Ferraris grumbling yet again. Super Ray Spans everywhere. Powerful sport powerful radio are twenty eighth year on the air across Canada. This is the race line Radio Network. Still Junior and you're listening to race. Line Radio Eric. Thomas H line on the Radio Network News and opinion on the race line race. Wrap some good news off atop for you presenting Partners Subaru Canada Inc honored in three major categories of the Twenty Twenty Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards. Best overall brand most trusted brandon. Best performance brand. Subaru is now one most trusted brand for six straight years in addition to three best overall brands and four total best performance brand awards. That's not bad. Subaru dealers across the network thanking all frontline workers during this covert nineteen pandemic. You give us confidence from everyone at Subaru and the radio network. Stay Safe Canada. Here's the latest scheduled news around Kobe. Nineteen restrictions at one Canadian Grand Prix. You should all know by now for tsn. Six Ninety June fourteenth post bond F. One director in recent guests Ross Brawn says if they can start something in July they could work nine hundred. Gp's but if they're not underway by October the whole season could be lost Nascar. Finally postponing may ninth at Martinsville. Look at Charlotte may twenty fourth incredibly North Carolina. House Speaker more asking Governor Roy Cooper to give NAS car and chart at an exemption from their isolation order to run the May twenty fourth weekend too soon people way too soon. Indy-car Toronto still listed for July Twelfth. But they need a month to assemble the track. A non emergency construction in Ontario has still been restricted. More schedule changes coming up later a few. I racing notes to ponder streaks are starting to develop notice this indycar from a race lumber guest. Simon passionate was one two in a row adding virtual piggy Japan to virtual win at Michigan. Canada's Robert Wickens had the poll up on tiki finish fifth last week's guest James Hinchcliffe. Some glitches in his computer had to drop out and finish tail. Thirty Third F. ONE. Let's make it back to back wins here for Ferrari Charlotte Clare taking the virtual Grand Prix of China. Canada's Nicholas Latifi recent guest ninth Nascar Racing Richmond and make it two in a row for William Byron some oddities in this one Matt Damon Adecco for some reason raced wearing a giraffe costume. He wanted to fight Ryan after get together on the track. They parked the GIRAFFE. Good Decision Kevin. Harvick is launched during a stop for repairs. Didn't tell us what he ate. Anyway through the Tomfoolery. Back Back Byron says guys are getting better on the Sims with each race. What I thought was that everyone was really equal on a short run in terms of speed. Like even the guys with a little bit less experienced I think the more experiences just running those longer runs and how the tires wear and stuff like that. Yep always proven practice makes perfect more. I racing chatted a two part teleconference with asker Jimmy Johnson coming up later in the show more NASCAR F that's F. Races are staged anywhere in May or June bet on empty grandstands to limit the number of teen people. If social distancing is still demanded and I hope that's true NASCAR is considering eliminating practice qualifying and racing. We've also heard they're thinking about eliminating pitstops as well to reduce population little more F. One Ferrari denying boss Mattia. Pinocchio issued yet another threat to leave F one. Should the new budget cap originally set? At one hundred. Seventy five million for twenty twenty one six to Iran one forty-five mill an adjustment suggested around the covert nineteen loss of GP's but no intimating that other racing options outside of f one to reallocate staff in the budget cap shrinks right now says that meant those other options or in addition to racing an f. one not in place of it anybody else sick and tired of the red cars threatening to leave. I know I am. Oh speaking of Ferrari as we told you months ago blowing up rumors again Lewis. Hamilton insists he is not jumping from. Mercedes to Ferrari give it a drink. Why the heck would he want to do that anyway? The NASCAR series report brought to you by General Tire. Anywhere is possible. Nothing new to tell you really. We know there may seventeenth season. Start at Canadian tire. Motorsport Park has been postponed. Nascar CANADA'S NEXT SCHEDULED EVENT IS JUNE. Sixth at the former Cuba speedway MC sports cars french-born Canadian raised Bruno. Spangler undefeated it emphasis. I racing pro series tillerson's BMW. Bruno won the virtual goons. Seca also took the season opener at sea. Bring Florida Nice work. Bruno bikes not good news. At all for Canadian superbike was see. Nineteen longtime title sponsor. Milpark Chrysler forced to withdraw and that indeed is a shame. They've also cancelled the first three rounds of their fortieth anniversary season. Shannon Ville next month June at Grand Bend and July at Que- I car in Montreal ouch indeed. Nhra refiring June. Might see a comeback for the SARGE Tony Schumacher. Yeah the former guests the winningest driver in top fuel history with H. Championships in eighty four. National Event Wins. Tony's been idle since the US army money dried up. It would be good to see the charge back in world of outlaws Kevin Swindell Hotman so far and we'll devote laws Virtual Sprint car racing. Winning virtual knoxville swindles first outlaws wouldn't of any kind since that career ending spinal injury in twenty fifteen he won again of virtual learner. Bill known as the bulldog Kevin Swindell is the son of sprint car legend three-time outlaws champ and former race. Line radio. Guest Sammy Swindell. The rally news is a presentation of the Subaru. Wrx AND WRX STI. The Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru with a reminder that the rocky mountain rally in Demere. Bbc has been moved ahead to November. So the next scheduled. Crc Stop is the rally. Betas Schiller New Richmond Quebec the June twenty-sixth weekend health restrictions allowing of course faces in the pits once again hundreds of tracks and sanctions across the network faced with postponing. Start dates as we're now almost intimate so. Let me offer this up to you. Anybody along the line network promoters in such to help you out any scheduling or event changes because of covert nineteen. Just send me a note Eric Race. Line radio DOT CA facebook and instagram race lardy network or via twitter at race. Line again on the air for you for free. You can't beat that. The heart of a champion hot rod classics vintage Racing Series with a very long title. They're scheduled to debut. July Eighteenth Riverside speedway and ignition over Scotia for news. Ninety five seven will. They've introduced a very cool line of vintage racing t-shirts paying tribute Canadian. Short-track LEGENDS PROCEEDS TO THE IWK Foundation but their outstanding Health Center for the Maritimes Women Children Youths and families poignant of course during the nineteen pandemic. The shirts depict the late Don Peterman. It has number forty-three along with junior. Hanley in his numbers seventy-two enrolling. Mcdonald's lucky thirteen three fellow. Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famers. It's the cars. They raced in the late seventies on tracks and events in the maritimes and even -Tario in that era. The shirts are available at an introductory price of twenty five bucks at heart of a champion dot. Ca just click on the general store. Great shirts for great. 'cause that's her for this week on the race line race. Wrap your questions your opinions and comments. Headlines of the news are always welcomed. Let's hear from you as you continue to stay safe. Share your thoughts theories your ideas fellow gear heads across Canada could win you the Grand Prize in the Subaru race. Line Email Trivia contest that we play in a couple of minutes all right Lorraine let's work in another pitstop. Went up next part. One of our teleconference with Jimmy Johnson. This race line presented by Subaru. Four information news on wrx w access TI and be ours. Ed Clicked Subaru DOT CA. This race line radio network. This is Tony Stewart. You're listening to race lime radio. Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority the race line already on the brick and loving this driver crossover in the IRA series Nascar guys hooking into racing virtually with Indycar Boys Dale earnhardt. Jr. Kyle Busch today two and seven Time Cup champion Jimmy Johnson. Who wants to? Try Indy cars for real once. This pandemic is tamed. So let's re ask some of the questions during a recent NASCAR teleconference with Jimmy Johnson. Back with us on race. Line Radio Jimmy recently. A lot of fun with Jimmy Johnson Day reflecting on your amazing career and some of your favorite moments or any moments more special than others. No it's the stock question when you you do some reflecting but are some moments more vivid in your mind than others. There's so many amazing memories. It almost would be impossible to pick just one but you know the the range from in drivers that I've built friendships relationships with the Us Tony Stewart. As an example there might teammates influence. I've I've had on guys like William Byron and Alex Bowman and Chase Eric Merola and how he felt fill in for us when we were on baby watching the doors that open forum crew guys and bicycle rides that we do on Saturdays and really across the gamut even track. It really was really special for me. Click through on on various social media platforms and and see what Cd's experiences memories and what people had to say. It was a special back Jimmy Johnson on on race. Line radio re asking some questions if a teleconference. You've had a lot of idle time during this unplanned break. Jimmy mean you're practicing a lot of SIM racing I racing. We'll get to more of that in the second any he thought to next year. Maybe doing more. Nascar racing are postponing your retirement. You've said that this would be your last fulltime. A season In Cup what about postponing that in light of what's going on here if he had an extra time off to sort of think about that. I really don't have an answer just yet i. I don't know what what's going to happen. In the coming months we'll be able to run the full season or not You know I feel like I set out to To make twenty twenty my last full time year but always left the door open for other racing and NASCAR and abroad for the future and and I feel like I'm. I'm still pretty much on that. That path you know and I am hopeful that get our full year in and we can get back going here and a month or so. Whatever the latest project number possibly could be and that I can run the season and its entirety so I just gotta speak fluid at this point. I really don't have an answer on. It's up in the air just as so much as in the world right now. That's for sure. How are you liking the extra time at home? A how you. How are you liking the The home schooling. I thought I would have much more free time. Being at home with the world changing is it has but at least the first couple of weeks as things tightened up lockdown just so busy with work very businesses that I'm involved with and the impact that this has had on all and then homeschooling was thrown in the mix Shandra has her or gallery and and the demands and workload that comes with that so it's another thing for us to focus on I I focus on but Just you're more stress in the house and let's free time around to help with home. Schooling home schooling Rockdale worlds. Were a few weeks in now and and have a much better flow going on and understand it all so. It's been a been a nice week this week. Honestly we've been able to balance things pretty well. Jimmy Johnson unraced line radio when racing resumes. Would you like to see you know weeknight racing or even maybe multiple races at one particular track like baseball's thinking about just get these races in get them done best you can when it gets back to normal? If you thought about that that at all Jimmy I really haven't I can only imagine the Balancing Act Nascar. Tv and he's trucks will need to know every weekend that goes by just complicates the situation more and more and I feel like many of our contracts and much of the structure that exists revolves around thirty six races and I would assume that that is the highest of priorities is to have those thirty six points paying events how that happens for me. I. I'm I'm totally fluid. I'm totally open. I know we're in uncharted territory here and I'll do my part in whatever I can him and certainly support whatever. Decisions are made to try to get an all thirty six rates. We saw bubba. Wallace lose his sponsor when he clicked off one of these. I races and quit And quit and we saw four not allow its drivers to do any race. Because I- racing's cars are all Chevy's how much of this is business? Jimmy and how much business work do you and your team needs to do before you can even do. One of these I- racism is supposed to be fun right. It's a game after all but a lot of seriousness has crept into this thing and I think the first race that was done it. Atlanta was much less about business and then when the TV component came in and switched to business absolutely. I mean there's Maybe not pressure from the sponsors and it's hard to say what she never situation is like but I can tell you what I feel in my own head is. How do I show value for our parts rice value for our team and our company and everybody involved in this tricky time So I just feel like there is a pressure. Were all feeling if it's self inflicted or if it's coming from the outside in but we're you know we're trying to figure out how to how to deliver for our partners in you know it's created interesting environment and everybody handles it a bit differently. Well there's part one with Jimmy. Johnson from recent NASCAR teleconference on getting wired in for I racing in two disciplines on race. Line radio part to where. Jimmy Johnson later in our second guest segment okay. Lorraine let's buyer off another print. Stop but dead ahead. The Subaru race. Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest and commentary. This is the race line radio network. This is Simon Badger. No and you're listening to raise mine radio Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority race line. Where deal network? I'm Rick Thomas. Good to have you with US checkup by Thomas. Tales Columns Motorsport news magazine and in the current season preview edition. You will find us. You can also view Thomas Tales at sports net dot CA. You know went on location covering events or anywhere representing the network. Everybody at the Line Radio Network needs to look sharp and that means a costume design crew shirts from our longtime friends and partners at Fast Eddie race where Canada's motorsports headquarters everything from crews shirts and hats to driver firesuits helmets gloves and much more. Whether it's an in stock item or something else custom-made Fast Eddie's in-house team leads the performance industry and concept design manufacturing and distribution with a solid reputation for impact your ability and comfort designed their own lines unsurpassed creative and quality control. Where would the pros? Where 'cause we sure aren't do Fast Eddie? Race where the official apparel supplier of the Race Line Radio Network on the Web Fast Eddie race where DOT com already. Here we go again. It's our Subaru. Raisani mailbag Trivia Contest Grand Prize. Pack to win if you qualify by answering the Subaru Trivia questions correctly in your email comments you can handle all of that and most Canon. The entry goes into the brake drum with a winner drawn random at the end of the contract racing season. Whenever the heck we get back to normal. But we're still playing. The game saw the qualifying question. What makes the Subaru be are? GonNa Start that again. We're not so qualifying question. What makes a Subaru? Vr said technically unique among other Subaru models. So I'll ask that again once again. New qualifying question. What makes the Subaru said? Technically unique among other Subaru models. Alright us at race line radio DOT CA to connect and enter the Trivia contest to win the prize. Pack you can also connect with via facebook and instagram race. Line Radio Network and via twitter at E. Race Line so let's go to the mail bag and get some entries and some comments here Stewart. Pets he says good afternoon. Et Listening to you on twelve ninety. Cj Be- K. in London Ontario. The answer to your Subaru Trivia question. What makes it technically unique to be ours is exactly right thank you. Stuart appreciate that for listening. And of course for entering the contest. J K now with two weekly airings of Race Line Radio Monday nights at seven Eastern Aminu airing in replay Saturday afternoons at five PM Eastern. Thank you very much for your entry. Here's another one from Daniel Simoni or Simone. Listening on sports net five nine of the fan in Toronto. If I butchered your name Daniela I. I Beg your pardon on that Sunday mornings at seven when race lines on of sports net five ninety two Fan Toronto eastern time of course and then again Sunday nights at eleven with the the new live. Airing he says Eric be ours. Ed is the only you got super. You got it right. Exactly we're getting these Into into more frequently In terms of getting the question and got a couple of re- fires here but Ted Daniel Simoni. Thank you very much. You're right you are Daniel into the Into the drama and a chance to win the prize pack and we do appreciate your listening on Sports Net. Ninety two fan in Toronto are co flagship station. Our good friend. Paul Anton Dearborn Heights. Michigan listens faithfully Sunday Nights. Eight o'clock on. Am eight hundred. Ck. L. W. The information station has always forty your show Eric last week listeners. If you would want to provide Racing Race results in the absence of real racing. I don't mind if you provide the results of the of the weekly racing being conducted but as a longtime auto racing fans prefer hearing real reports. Even it'll take six months or longer for racing to resume. He wants to enter the contest. What makes the Subaru Beers unique from other Subaru models? He's answered? The Subaru has vehicle dynamics control system along with active torque veteran. Batty's true Paul but we're looking for something a little more simple than that in this regard. Okay so take another stab at of course is a former grand prize. Winner can enter this contest. As often as he likes he closes. Of course you longtime aiming hundred see Kale W listener from Michigan where race on his heard Sunday nights. Eight o'clock. Paul Anton in Dearborn Heights Michigan already. So let's send us your contest entries and comments US Eric Race on radio DOT CA to connect better Facebook and INSTAGRAM radio network and on twitter at et race. Line attorney a question. You'd answer correctly. The qualified win the PAC. What makes a Subaru? Technically unique among other Subaru models. Let's break off another pitstop lorraine than Park Joo with Jimmy Johnson. This is race line presented by Subaru for more on the sports coupe. Go to Subaru dot ca slash ers at. This is the race line radio network. This is Martin ex junior and you're listening to race line Radio Canada's national radio. Motorsport Authority are twenty eighth consecutive season on the air across the Tundra. We are the race line radio network. Thanks for spending some time with US snug and safe in part one seven time Nascar Cup champions Jimmy Johnson gives some and getting himself set up for not only some NAS car racing but some Indycar Sim stuff as well. So a few more teleconference re asks for Jimmy Johnson. It's part two on race. Line radio difficult for you if you're at home you know. There's there's this there's that in the background you know when you know with the television being on you know visual conflicts. How much of that is going through your head at a time? When it's supposed to be fun I mean when the television you say. The television component comes comes in it. Sorta changes all the rules. Doesn't it yet from my entry point into it was? The first race was on television. Nine new than in there that I had to treat it just instinctively knew I needed to treat a certain way and and have so i. I don't know for me in my head. It's been pretty pretty straightforward especially since. It's been on television. How how things would go. And ironically I I find that I'm trying to find ways to make sure that I'm on the broadcasts. I'm not fast enough yet to run up front for the TV time. So trying to be erased. Reporter or partisan crashes seems to be the only way. I find myself on as we mentioned earlier. You're doing both the NASCAR and the indycar racing thing. Can you compare these two? Jimmy main two distinctly different automobiles. We know you're interested in trying some indycar road racing down the road. How do you compare the two on the simulator? But you know the thing. I've really struggled with Indycar side is. I'm learning new tracks in new car. New Car sure Where the NASCAR side? It's much more familiar. It's just learning to gain component of it all So it there are different challenges that come with it. I feel like in some ways if I am able to find an opportunity indycar world a future. I'm giving up on track so that's a little rewarding and makes me feel good about the time that I'm putting in learning these drivers and it's hard to say that our and driving characteristics in symbol crossover to To the real world but there there is some kind of found foundation for groundwork being laid on that side of the door does open there for me some day and then on the NASCAR side it In the oval are much easier to drive on him and It is interesting to see the personalities kind of emerged there that are similar to the real world And I'm not sure she can hear the in-race chat stuff that's going on but it's pretty comical And learning more about my competitors there Deal with emotions from time. Seven time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmy Johnson. Back with us on race on radio talking the season being stopped by covert nineteen in his eye racing on both a Nascar and the INDYCAR side. Jimmy Twenty twenty as we. We've touched on before was supposed to be your send off. But now it's it's all on hold and you know what has been the adjustment in your thinking about everything that's going on with not only racing but you know with the world in general. We've never gone through something like this before for me in my final year in a cup car like I I feel I feel more for the fans that wanted to see at their track and experienced that and have it. I mean I I know where I am. I'm very content and fulfilled with the career. I've had ensure I want to be on track and sure I WANNA go these places of final time but of course the You know I I feel more for the fans. That aren't having that opportunity national than I than I long for myself to experience it and to be there that makes any sense or does in your own. That's only a small piece in the grand scheme of things when you look at all the individuals that are affected by the current virus. The families that it's affected economy businesses business owners. You know this this is way bigger than than me way. Bigger than what would What what was going to be my my final time at these tracks. So that stuff hasn't really even cross my mind. Why bring it up Jimmy? How much time have you spent on the simulator rig during the postponement to to get up to speed to be more competitive in this? Ira sing know. I'm probably averaging about five hours a day for seven days a week for like two two and a half weeks and I was finding those hours. Were taking place late at night. After we get kids to bed I would jump on the rig and then a lot of these coaches that are available on to help me fast-track my way in. I have day jobs and spend most of the evenings in the night. Doing doing their SIM works so I felt like I didn't sleep for two weeks honestly looking around the clock time at night on the Sim right back to I racing. How does it feel to provide a sense of normalcy to the American sports? Fan Right now with this because the sticking balls can't do it but racing can to stay engage with them which is so critical if only for a short while you know who knows when we're going back as we keep saying but what would be your message to the Nascar Fan base in both the states and Canada right now Jimmy. The viewership numbers in understand. How much from the fans are are having watching it Is motivated me in Has highly interested to keep it going and as we look around and see other sports trying to figure out how to virtually offer something for their fans You know really what the first one of the first if not the first to do it and do it well and breaking all kinds of records in the process so hats off everybody involved to have this vision and to to pull it through our partners that television side. That allowed this to happen. So what would be your message to the Fans Jimmy? We're all in this together. Let's do our part. I think the sooner we can control the curve and push things down the sooner we can find out whatever and all this when we go back to actual racing we could do and the indications are more than likely is going to happen. Do it with empty grandstands. What do you think that's going to be like? It's not the ideal situation now by any means and I I know our sport amongst every other word out there is going to be faced with that That decision if they they choose to compete with fans in the stands are not for me. It's a real simple answer. I mean there are millions it watching on television and I don't want to deprive the greater some because we can't have the The fans in the stands. And I get it. I want fans in the stands. They deserve to be. We want them there. There's an energy that comes with it. But we are in uncharted territory. And we're GONNA have to do things a little different than what we're used to. And if we can get back to the tracks months and months before because fans in the stands and provide our or to millions and get people back to work Get some normalcy going on in our country in our industry Definitely for that. Yeah I think all of us involved are definitely for that. They talked about the schedule being compact when we go back as a driver to start racing you know. They've talked about multiple races in a week. Sunday Wednesday and Sunday again. Does that upset the routine that you're used to? I mean what what are you going to do to prepare for such a hectic labor intensive schedule because it eventually is going to come to that. Yeah good good question I mean I. I personally haven't been through a race schedule like that. Think Kyle Larson Christopher Bell some of these younger guys that have grown up racing dirt or more custom to multiple venues in a weekend and cars and trucks. And all that kind of thing But for me I mean I I've You know lived through the testing era where we had unlimited testing and spent a Lotta time during the week at different tracks and moving around. And you know it's long weeks but I personally enjoy the physical challenge that went with it. The mental side was was a little different because you can only focus. You know where you were at that time so in some respects didn't give you all week to over. Think over. Prepare for what. You're going to share. Yeah it almost. Simplify things where. Hey I'm extract right now. This is where my focus seems to be taking the my notes taking him every teen do the best. I can move on Some ways it might simple fundamental aspect physically will be far more difficult And then whatever driver experiences crew chiefs crew members traveling side? Even yourself as media. I mean that's that's GonNa it's GONNA be why harder for everybody Drivers would probably have it. The the best are the easiest to will workload wise. And the rest of the industry's Really Gonna. You know back to sort out how to manage physical and mental endurance. That's going to be required will. Listen Jimmy thanks so much for this. We're all anxious to get back to the real racing stuff and we hope we do that very soon. Thanks so much for the time you'll probably have me get here. But he's voice. So there is a two part teleconference with Jimmy Johnson on Race Line Radio. I think we all look forward to seeing. Jj and everybody else in an indycar racing for real in the hopefully not too distant future okay. Lorraine let's do that final bit stop. Then we're back for the Moslem next week's show plan and more. This is race line presented by Subaru Howard with a heart pounding. Wrx Sti for all things. Wrx Gold is Subaru DOT CA slash. Wrx This is the race line. Radio Network This scalping graceland radio returns in a Moment Eric. Thomas Race Line across Canada on the race. Line radio network white flag is signaling one more lap to go in this thing. So here's what we're lining up for you for next week. The very latest covert nineteen effects on our schedules. We'll have a two part teleconference with Indianapolis five hundred and indy-car bosses Mark Miles and Doug Bowls on the postponement of this year's one hundred and fourth winning of the brick yard classic and the juggling they've had to do with the C nineteen pandemic plus more entries and comments for the Subaru race. Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. But when checkers fly we say goodbye. Norma slime thanks going out to Jimmy. Johnson William Byron and NASCAR media big. Thanks as always. It's Bream Commander Rain Post. Not William Weber Jerry Lui Yanga and Josh Santos for operations and production so from all of us have raced. Line radio. I'm Eric Thomas. Reminding you use your head to stop the spread race line coast to coast and the baseline radio network presented. My Subaru has been driven by Subaru. Wrx WRX STI and be ours. Ed Learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible. Talk again next week and we'll do it right here on race line radio.

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