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You're listening to the globalist first broadcast on the fifteenth of September two, thousand and twenty. Oh monocle twenty, four, the globalist in association with UBS. Hello this is the globalist coming to you live from MIDORI. House in London I'm Georgina Godwin on the shower head. It is about two issues where they're going to override international law. It's about exit declarations Northern Ireland two GB. And the definition of state-aid relating to Northern Ireland. We'll start with a discussion which theoretically should never have taken place Britain's lawmaking body parliament debating whether or not to break the law. Then the spiracy theory or credible plot we'll examine reports that Iran is contemplating assassinating the US ambassador to South Africa plus. In Columbia at least seven people have died in protests following the police killing of a suspect in Bogota will look at accusations of endemic problems within the fourth and talk video sharing up maybe about to seal a deal with Oracle just ahead of Donald Trump's deadline to sell or shut up shop in the US with news and analysis of the top stories on the front pages. That's all ahead here on the globalist live from London. I look at what else is happening in the news Boris Johnson's plan to breach. The brexit treaty has passed its first hurdle to UK MP's voted to back the internal market spill. We'll have more on that story in just a moment. Joe Biden has called US President Donald Trump a climate awesome list the his failure to recognize the role of global warming in the deadly wildfires along the country's west coast and Russian opposition leader. Alexina. Valmy. Says he fully intends to. Return to Russia to resume the fight with the Kremlin as he continued his recovery in Germany after being poisoned, do stay tuned to monocle twenty four throughout the day more on those stories. We start here in Britain yesterday the House of Commons late into the night as Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to persuade MP's to vote for the internal market. Bill. After the second reading stage, it's hugely contentious because it would break international law by breaching part of the Brexit. Divorce deal. The EU, says, it will wreck trade talks and has demanded it be scrapped by the end of this month. Well, Lance price former director of communications at number ten. Downing. Street, was up late and can tell us how vote went launched. Good morning cheese. Thanks for coming on The prime minister has a majority of eighteen the parliament. So did it sale through as expected? Yes he had a majority of seventy seven in the vote last night although that figure, you shouldn't read too much into that singer because this wasn't the crunch vote on the bill. It was vote on the on the principle of the overall package and and I think the Clintons are look at is the thirty of his own backbenchers including some very very senior figures former chancellors, former turn general's and abstained refused to support him in the lobby had the backing of the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern, Ireland lots of MP's away on various business here and there. So this was never going to be the crunch wrote, but I think the size of the rebellion at your to call it that certainly those. Who refused to actually go in and vote for the bill last night on the conservative side walls. And we'll those employees who oppose the bill the current ones have the whip withdrawn. No I don't think they will at this stage. At the moment, the whips the those responsible to try to discipline. The conservative parliamentary party is trying to play more softly than that. That vaguely hinting perhaps some sort of compromise before the crunch votes which will come. Next week as well. I don't think anyone's going to have the whip withdrawal at this stage I think probably never will do and that would be. That's that's the sort of nuclear option when it comes to trying to discipline recalcitrant conservative MP's or MP's in any party and and with the majority of eighty then Dory's Johnson doesn't have to press the nuclear button I. Think he's got to get this through. That the reputation of him and his government, and sadly the whole of the United Kingdom's suffer in the process. I felt that Ed milliband gave stand up speech in place of the Labour leader kiss stomach who's self isolating, and he seem to be many virtuoso performances from the floor. What did say yes, it was a good parliament performance and it was made all the best because some very very senior figures had very serious things to say that is always parliament at its best and Ed Miller Band who's the former leader of the of the Labor Party and now is in the shadow cabinet under secure starmer who say was at home because one of his family shown signs of Kobe's yourself isolating. His argument was was twofold really what the I the obvious one that's Boris Johnson is asking people asking. To vote against something that he himself signed, which was the draw agreements. And admitted that made the very good point that. Didn't you read it in the first place? Yeah. Why? Why did you sign it? Why did you have it in your election manifesto? Why did you make such a fuss about it being such a huge triumph of you now turn around intelligence that it's fatally flawed and a under binds PERC- suffering to his first but the second point he made was. In response to Boris Johnson Boris. Johnson said well of the holy gun to our head and they're threatening. The possibility that we wouldn't even be able to export sued from a Great Britain to. Northern. Ireland and and at mill tension him immediately by plenty of other this absolutely nothing in the bill that was put for the House of Commons yesterday. The would do anything about that. At all I mean, but the government's been very light on details they've refused to discuss who in the EU threatened to ban. British exports to. Northern. Ireland. Why would that be? Or concern huge amount of bluster around it. And This is more political than it is anything else. So. They are trying to make the e you look like the bad guys in the soon as they got in if they get it the specifics of who said, what when it would be slightly match with the European Union. Actually. The evidence that the EU is seriously making a threat of the kind of the privatised just in the last night is very, very threadbare. So they they it would be a dead end for them to try to actually approval let's and it has to assert it and they're relying on the fact that they have a very large majority in the House of Commons. And that the the most conservative MP's want to get business done and it's there if the government's frames, the vote as they are seeking to do as the national interest versus giving into the European Union and then conservative and as for the night of their own electorates and deny to the position that the government stands has been vehemently pro brexit going to vote for the government at the end of the day, and we know that this government has a reputation of POPs paying a little fast and loose with the truth. So is this threat? Didn't fact even credible? The threat. It is extremely unlikely that the threat that Boris Johnson claims of the E is making would ever come to fruition and there will be other ways of making sure it didn't happen without this bill. And the sensitivity of a smokescreen because what he was saying was, and as I mentioned a few minutes ago that the e U in his framing of the argument could prevent English Scottish farmers exporting their products to Northern Ireland. Well, what he should really be concerned about is whether or not. There is no a full trade deal with the European Union and he's talking about the possibility of there being no deal no deal being signed that under those circumstances, actually all UK farmers would be unable could be unable to export their produce to the whole of the European market. So He's concentrating his arguments on one very small area where he thinks he has a better case at nor in the big picture, which is much much more serious for the hold of UK farming in the whole of the UK economy I mean MP's from from the Gulf. Nations had plenty to say, didn't they? I mean people from from Scotland from Wales very, very concerned. Yes absolutely and right to be so and not only concerned deeply deeply frustrated that the Conservative Party the conservative government, this conservative Prime Minister Boris. Johnson are playing fast and loose with the issue rather than doing the serious hard work of trying to negotiate to deal which would protect not only and the agricultural industry in England. And Scotland that northern, Ireland for that matter and the whole of the economic interest of the of the four nations of the of the United Kingdom. So there's this really intense frustration at this abutting ear in style of leadership from from from Boris Johnson and a suspicion that it's it's all about trying to pay the tough guy. And get a bit of a better deal and they see element of trumpism in in all of this in all sorts, outlandish threats in order to try to get to back down and get a slightly back deal than you might otherwise have got. But are all saying is at what cost? What cost to average industry to British farming but also to Britain's reputation in the world. Where does this leave brexit negotiations? When it makes them very, very difficult they were difficult already and it shows that the British side of upping the ante very very significantly. But the up the back. There is nothing big. Every chance of this bill will get through the European Union will have to decide what to do about that during October, which is the absolutely crucial month but the fundamental facts will still remain that the on the from the EU side and think. Sides they still onto reach a deal, and if they do reach a deal that all the provisions in this bill was being debated, last night will Celo because they would be needed at all this Brouhaha and all this fuss and all this. A threat to to Britain's petition and and. Willingness to break international law, which we will demonstrated and will still be there after it would've been so nothing lance thank you very much indeed that was launched price there It's time to reset dial, raise your gaze and ambitions and see how entrepreneurship finance diplomacy, architecture, retail, and hospitality set to progress in the coming months and years. That's why monocle in partnership with our sister agency when creative is hosting a new summit in summer it from September sixteenth to eighteenth named the chiefs after the monocle twenty, four radio series presented by todd birthday, it will be a forum in which CEOS Founders Chiesa staff and heads of creative industries take to the stage to explain how it's get business running smoothly. Again, examine the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead. To Reserve YOUR TICKET HEAD TO MONACO DOT COM slash events is time you got some fresh air and clear clearview. Listening to the globalist on monocle twenty, four I'm Georgina God. Intelligence. Agency reports revealed that Iran maybe planning to assassinate the US ambassador to South Africa. The Islamic republic is still looking to avenge the death of top military commander Qassim, Suleimani at the hands of the US, and this may be the motive holly. Digress who is non resident fellow at the Atlantic Council and editor of Iran Sauce blog joins me. Now Holly thanks for coming on. Isn't it? A little a plan that hasn't been auctioned yet is being quite so publicly discussed. it. It really is right now I think a lot of people were reading this and kind of thinking the entire thing is bizarre given that the US ambassador to South Africa Lana Marcus has. No relationship to Iran and I it's a country that while does have ties with Iran is hasn't really been on the radar as having a big Iranian presence. So a lot of people reading this were a bit surprised that this was not only just so public, but also that there wasn't really a big relationship going on there. Why was at this ambassador was specifically being targeted and so what it seems to be is that the Iranians have seen that the marks actually has a close long relationship with trump and that may be really the only reason that she would be of interest. In as a means of being part of a retaliation for the killing of glitz force commander costs, and so the money in January I mean tell us a little bit about she's a political appointee of former handbag designer. Yes. She is a former handbag designer. Pointed in. October. By US President Donald Trump in so and she speaks. Some of the popular languages in South Africa and has ties to the country. So she's very knowledgeable in that regard. But at the same time I, it just like in a lot of these popular countries have relationships with the United States, these are political appointees by the president Let's have a look at Iran's relationship with south, Africa and South, Africa, of couse, country rich in uranium. Could that be part of the interest for Iran given that it is a key ingredient to Kussin any nuclear program? I would say that's a bit that would be a bit too far fetched. Put these two together that that would be the reason that Iran has a relationship. Iran has a relationship with numerous countries around the world the with the exception of Israel and the United. States. So you'll see these embassies in Iran. I think the question though I think that we should also note that this was one of many. Ideas that they were floating around. This was that they were going to assure plot this assassination, they were actually weighing it as an option. So it's unclear what the other options are. It's also interesting to note that one of the reasons that the United States decided to kill hustle money in January is that they were saying that he had was planning plots against US embassies and when they went to Congress afterwards, to discuss this issue, they were unable to provide that actual evidence. So a lot of. Congress actually skeptical of this argument from the get go and they couldn't fathom that why the United States would decide to take out Awesome. So the money knowing that it could prove to be problematic given that he's a country's top travel and he isn't just a terrorist as they've been arguing in the case of Isis leader Abu Bakar Baghdadi. So for a lot of there's a lot of questions here I would say more than answers absolutely, and just sort of back to that relationship I mean it would seem old again to choose South Africa because we know that that that it's advocated on Iran's behalf at the United. Nations they have a military relationship during the Iran Iraq? War. South Africa would told SAUL defense technology to Iran in return for oil. There are lots of large South African or thumbs large South African companies. Operating in Iran. Could there be any suggestion that the South African state could be complicit in this plot. Oh I mean I I don't think that's something we could really argue here in I'm not knowledgeable enough about you Iran South African relations to say that. But I think that would be a bit far-fetched as well. What I would say is that why Iran chose South Africa is that they us has a very close relationship with intelligence agencies in western Europe. And It's police forces. So a country like South Africa would little bit further Iranians to actually carry out an assassination like that if they were going to do it. So I, I think that's where where that's all going there. I I also think we should note that. This is something we actually expected the Iranians to do to retaliate for Awesome Sola money. We still haven't really seen them retaliate or what they vow as harsh revenge. and. So we we've only been able to see that These Shia militias in Iraq have been firing rockets at. basis housing, US forces, and also at the Green Zone sons cost Sulejmani stuff. We really haven't seen much more than that but a lot of analysts and experts actually anticipated that awesome so that they would carry out retaliation for Awesome Sullivan as death. So I think this is Paul. Essentially what was expected? We just didn't think it would be so soon many also thought that it would not be weeks or months, but perhaps years because Iran has the memory of an elephant believes in strategic patience and so they had a history of carrying out assassinations and usually they don't. Act on it. So quick sometimes they wait years before they actually take out these. Individuals usually dissidents in this case Now that the stories received so much publicity. Do you think mrs? Marks. Can rest easy in her bed. I would hope so given that that she has probably the proper security and. The Iranians would probably. Be. Interested in her as an option. as part of a retaliatory strike. So I think that that she probably will be now resting although it's hard to when you have dot kind of possibility over your head. Holly. Thanks very much. Indeed. That's highly douglas now still to come on the PERGAMA. Chief Tyler. Meets Color to Benedetti the publishing giant to discuss the state of the media in Italy. The media market is very bull in most of the Western world because of the collapse united diving and Eden. Schick relation as well. These are normally has to be corrected in my mind and the only way to collect it is to. Find the eight you newspaper, which is owned by me. Stay with us on the globalist for more on that story. UBS has over nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different countries. Over nine hundred of the sharpest moins and freshest thinkers in the world of finance today. Find out how we can help you contact us at UBS dot. com. Columbia has erupted into violence Huntley seven people have died in protests sparked by the police killing of a man detained for breaking social distancing laws. The mayor of Bogota's forty, six streets in the city have been destroyed. Colombian Oscar Guardiola Rivera is a professor in international law and international affairs at Birkbeck polit. College and joins me on the line. Now Oscar, can you give some more detail on the initial police action which began this? Your Gina Very Good morning to you and to our listeners according to the mayor of low-tar cloudy Elope is the first woman to be elected in such. To such a high position what happened in volatile between Wednesday and Sunday must be qualified a so real massacre. According to the evidence, she presented to the Inspector General of the country throughout the evening uniformed policemen, policemen hiding their uniforms or presumed members of the police in civilian clothes embarked on the massacre in these four neighborhoods we now know that at least anything in between ten to thirteen people were. Killed by gunfire by police gunfire, that is and at least two hundred where at badly hurt inspector. General Financial Carino received nine thousand, nine minutes of video footage which shows how members of the public force are clearly a arthritic shooting indiscriminately in different neighbors of the city. So let us be clear. This is not a the proverbial case of. so-called rotten apples but agents of the state performing a suspected of them. What official response has there been? What's the president event to case it? Will response by President at Yvonne Duquet could not have been worst on Sunday. The mayor of. Cloudy Lopez having the nouns that in point of fact, the police had disobeyed her orders according to. The Colombian. Constitution the mayor bullet as the commander of the police. Chief announced that orders coming from the state that is to say from the Ministry of Defence, had over ridden her command. And she invited President Duca to attend an event of You know forgiveness and Reconciliation President Nuke not only did not attend leaving an empty chair but came out in front of the cameras. He usually does he prefers to appear on camera he dismisses avoids. Mingling with a actual real people saying that the stay to had acted. Using legitimate force and putting the blame on the people who were at first at least piece fully. Protesting against the assassination of the this common passer-by again, it's not the first time. This happens in Colombia. listeners would like to be reminded of the fact that social explosion have placed not only what about in other cities of Colombia and in fact, throughout Latin. America. During November and December which was interrupted by the pandemic and journalists were expecting that the social explosion will come back as soon as those measures were eased But of course, the detonate the fan that spark the fire. This time is the clear abused by the police assassinating a come on passers-by in a country where before these scandal, also the army had been accused of abuses and massacres had hit A. Two or three year. Record high. I mean, the police brutality may have been a spark point as you say, they've been huge demonstrations before. Do you think that there are many other factors playing into this big big sense of anger amongst the population? I am not the only one. Of course to point out that There are tears socioeconomic. Causes here, The pandemic has thrown than tired region into a much deeper crisis than that sparked by the two thousand eight. Financial Meltdown and a lot of experts suspect a lost decade in particularly in the kinds of countries which are really good by Fahd right forces such as Brazil Colombia Chile and is not a coincidence that we are seeing a return off repression in precisely these countries also believe here and. Also, the case that in that particular and concrete. Case of Columbia the fact that the. Model for Latin American strongman album. Has Put. It has been put in prison for allegedly. manipulating. Testimonies in a case that has to do with his involvement with other massacres. There are many who are saying that the the sense of. impunity. is also fanning the flames of indignation among common people in countries like Colombia. I mean. I understand that there are now investigations into nearly two thousand allegations of police abuse and Columbia. Is there any kind of structural reorganization plan for what's clearly of a very troubled institution? There has been a reform plan scenes. In fact, I was member of a commission back in the one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety s which proposed to subtract. The. Colombian police from the. Key, chain of command of the military and our proposal back in the ninety whilst to turn the police into what it should be, which is an organism serving civilians under civilian control. It is very unfortunate that those voices for reform had never been heard. Of course that also includes. the fact that the police like other. Agents of stating Columbia half merged with criminal organizations especially drug dealers who turn. Far Right. Paramilitary in an attempt to wash out the crimes by helping out with the counterinsurgency effort. So this is a very deep seated structural, a molest. At the heart of not only the Colombian police but. Also other. Sectors and elements offer the. Law Enforcement Structure. Finally ask what's the situation on the ground now? We'll see tuition is of huge indignation. Some. A lot of people did attend May Europe cloudy a low passes effort of for reconciliation. All Progressive. Parties. Including those that opposed a major cowgill in listeners. Would also like to be reminded of the fact that Lopez does not come from a leftist party hers. She's a centrist party and but they have all come around her in order to protect her because the filling in the ground of there was a sort of coup d'etat against. A local COULDA tie you prefer. To be specific this is unprecedented a case in which the police simply this obeys the oldest of their command. So at the very least, there was a break up in the chain of command but more so and more ominously. Does there is. Strong evidence suggesting that the break of command came from the top. Oscar. Thank you very much. Indeed. That's Oscar Guardiola Rivera his what else were keeping an eye on today Joe Biden has called US President Donald Trump, climate arsonist, the his failure to recognize the role of global warming and the deadly wildfires along the country's west coast speaking. In Delaware, Democratic nominee Biden said another four years under trump would only bring more inaction on climate change. Meanwhile, the White House will has delegations from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain today they'll. Find agreements towards normalizing relations with Israel and Israeli prime minister. Binyamin Netanyahu will be on hand to sign the accords with the foreign ministers of both Gulf states the and Bahrain will be the third and fourth states to normalize ties with Israel following peace treaty signed with. Egypt. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, and Jordan in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four. And Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says he fully intends to return to Russia to resume the fight with the Kremlin as he continues his recovery in Germany after being poisoned the German government's has tests have shown he was poisoned with form of the nerve agent Nava Chuck Russian officials say there's no proof and have floated several other theories for Navan these illness including a drug overdose this is the globalist stay tuned. It's been reported that the software giant. Has beat the competition to take over the US of short form video sharing Tiktok, which is owned by the Chinese company Bite Danz. This comes just in advance of a deadline set by the US president. Donald trump for the APP to either be sold or shut down within America just calls is a researcher at the University of Oxford Internet Institute. He's on the line to tell us more Josh. It was thought that talk would do deal with Microsoft. Why did Microsoft Pass on this? Yeah that's right. MC. Soft was one of the early plays considered to be the front runner to Aquatic Toco politics it to operate in the US is there's a bit of politics here and a bit of substance as well on the substance side like spokes really at the idea of having to police talks huge network, which is. Dominated one, hundred and seventy five million used in the US alone and anything you take online at that large-scale brings much a much of the unpleasantness of of offline human life with it and Mike self to maybe didn't fancy policing will be political extremism and all the things that have been cropping up on. TIKTOK as at any session over the last few months as I think that's todd of it I think the. Part of if you like is the proximity of or cool the chosen tech partners is being described. To the president and the idea that perhaps. With the benefit of the cozy relationship between the. Chairman of Larry Ellison I'm president trump to deal them outside was much more likely. I mean, remind us why trump insisted on sale. Yes the trump has been part of the wider set attentions with China. Trump has been pushing hard against many of the Chinese companies operating in various ways in us This includes Hallway which provides a five G. penalty which a managed to put some block. Some I also Tiktok, which is as as the the mole the Looking at notionally, could be harvesting data from Americans citizens outside China, for use a building profiles say in in Beijing is no evidence. This is actually happened on Tiktok has taken some steps to appraise it's. Business outside the outside China but nonetheless, the fear remains that it could be used to to do that. But again, we shouldn't get too far away from the politics and TIKTOK. Really become a one of the many boggling chips think in an emerging tech wolf between two countries and we don't have details of the deal but I understand it's not an outright sale. So how will it work? It's not an outright sale is being described as a as technology publish it with Oracle, was interesting. Though is what's coming to light in the last few weeks around the Chinese government's attitude to the sale I'm so sad itself as you say is is is unlikely acquisition to the school where we saw facebook by Snapchat, for example, nothing like that it's going to happen but the idea that it's going to be technology partnership is also coming under a bit of scrutiny. This is because Beijing post a few weeks ago. Adding new controls over what can be exploited. If you like a sensitivity can be exported from China to other countries and particular issue apparently for the Chinese is the idea that the algorithm which powers Tiktok, which is considered the most important aspects of the service which sets up videos in that. Incredibly irresistible personal. To to its uses. That may not be sold way one Chinese official put it. It's the the call will be sold up, but not the engine, and so I think that's through another spanner in the works for a potential valuation, and again might be another reason why Mike took a setback now sells database technology and cloud systems to businesses. Why does it want to video sharing up? It's a good question I. think it's a bit like husking your grandparents who is a rave? Really it's a, it's a grain company in a very exciting young technology ecosystem in the moment and so the question of why they do it I think why interested in doing it is probably to a one is the politics that we've mentioned between. Champion and trump. This is an interesting other reason as well which is the D say Oracle built state faces. And cloud software and that kind of thing. Many of his early clients actually US spy agencies, the National Security Agency the CIA were invoked curing some articles projects in the company's named after a one of its codename given swift by I think by one of the agencies so that that kind of that participation of Oracle. From the earliest days in the US military industrial complex if you like. I think gives it real beneficiaries, but it goes the closer to to the US closer appeases. Mr. Trump the more likely it is I think to rank who with Beijing and I understand that article fired around hundred staff from its team in China. Last year, it's accused of hostility towards Beijing that presumably is again to play against. China agreeing to this deal. I think that's right. Units another example of or Caridi playing. To the trump administration's playbook when when it comes to a hell to do with. The tensions with China I'm so in in a sense so hard to see how this would get by Beijing again I think probably will Beijing is more interested in local in the posturing as well is probably the underlying deal and I think what we could well see coming out with his two is a deal works on the substance spouse on the Chinese side, it'd be the APP doesn't give away. It's online coach a little too much of it's real assets. But on the kind of president presentational stylistic site, it may be deceived or portrayed to be a win for the trump administration. Just thanks very much. Indeed, this is just Kohl's and you're listening to the globalist. Is a global financial services firm with over one hundred, fifty years of heritage built on the unique dedication of all people we bring fresh thinking and perspective to our what. We know that it takes a marriage of intelligence and heart to create lasting value for all clients. It's about having the right ideas of course, but also about how one of the most accomplished systems and an unrivalled network of global experts. That's why it UBS. We pride ourselves on thinking smarter to make a real difference. Tune into the bulletin with UBS every week for the latest insights and opinions Romy Bs all around the world. You're listening to the globalist monocle twenty, four I'm Georgina Godwin and will continue. Now with today's papers joining me is in undecided former political adviser and chairman of the International Communications Agency CICERO group. Good morning to you in good morning. Now, we have been reporting on headlines that Biden has called trump A. climate arsonist the New York Times has a big piece on this. What does it say? So, trump has gone to California after weeks of these fires raging and these flown into. An, absolutely raging with the. Democratic. Governor Gavin Newsom and his cabinet sat dining with the president is the president flew into Sacramento's amazing pictures of the smook billowing around the airport and basically say to a president that he needs to acknowledge of the reality of off growing met change and trump's response to this new. York Times reporting is lit He doesn't think that science knows what's going to happen next and essentially saying that we'll kind of get over it. So it plays directly into the trump narrative of denying climate change and playing to his base in advance the election extraordinary, and meanwhile California buns. Yes it does twenty-seven dead so far many more injured. Clearly also too there's a major major a problem to in Oregon. I mean all the way down the the West Coast right now I mean many other states leaning in the California governor really acknowledging the support that the state's been getting from other governors. But when you look at the land mass of California over fifty percentage is actually under federal I e the US national government and for President Trump's control. Is A real question as to Whether or not the president was the leaning to help the situation. Well, let's turn to the C word. Now, I'm talking because of Covid and let's have a look at what's going on in France. What does Lemond say? Yeah. So at the moment, it looks like France If we own having a second wave, it appears that we are having a second wave Kobe. Is the current European epicenter of the kind of. Local authorities around Marseille and Bordeaux really gearing up now of banning. Significantly reducing the number of people that are gonNA pull appearance sports. Stadiums I've been wealth remained actually the proximity watching some of the spectators infringe sports stadiums. So far but they're increasing the distance, the reducing the numbers they're making a mosques compulsory from six in the morning through to to the next at am the next day, and it's all because of really a surging rate up in Mossy at the moment. The rate is three, hundred, twelve people per one hundred times and so an. then. Percent Positive test wait for loser being tested for those who've been tested, and that's a key story here in England isn't it? I mean people just can't get test but also there's been a change in the law. So it's now the rule of six. You can have six people together. No Birthday Party says the times, but you can go grouse-shooting. Yeah. If using Israel thing other than the rule of sex, does fact you? Toll and our Italian and actually some of the more a blaring headlines in the UK tabloid newspapers of this morning really questioning whether or not. That rule is the right thing to do or be politically helps Boris. Johnson with his agenda. Leveling up so maybe I should go don some. Tweeden. But it's only well of until the tenth of December because the grass seasons shorts maybe baby Christmas. Is Not going to be canceled off at all. Let's see. But yeah, it seems a very, very stringent interpretation and probably not the headline that the prime minister was looking for. And you know just talking about Christmas and shooting birds. All sorts of consequences that I think people haven't thought through what happens to Turkey farmers I mean all of those big birds that feed of twelve or more that especially bread they'll be absolutely no call for them. Well like so many things. Jordan have been reinvented through a twenty twenty people are living in a different way there the diets have changed people are exercising a lot more. Unfortunately, some people are drinking an awful lot more too but we may actually be having nut roast Christmas of this year because, yeah. Actually getting old of poultry traditional for Christmas may be off the table Finally, let's have a look at this whole route surrounding John, and Jo Malone. Sue John Boyega the Star Wars at Disney actor brought tone as the first male ambassador for this perfume brand Jo Malone very well known global perfume at Brandon and of course, that's a whole technique that brands use the bring on these ambassadors in order to drive a customers towards them not aspirational sense. Well, Boyega along a perfume with a Jo. Malone became the first male ambassador and yet he's suddenly finds that the Chinese version of the ADS. He's been airbrushed out of the entire concept I he's furious. He's resigned as a balloon ambassador because he said, the didn't talk to him or consulting in any way. So what once again using an ambassador to promote your brand may be agree idea but if you're not gonNA use them, you probably better tell them absolutely just to point out here that Jo Malone herself sold the company. She now runs Joe Loves and Jo Malone is owned by a corporation. In. Thank you very much indeed for coming on grades. We review that was in Anderson and this is globalist. It's time to business now with the financial analyst and regular voice here on the globalist Louise Cooper Good morning to you Louise Good Morning. Georgina. Now you sent me the stories and I just don't even understand the first one it's. Fits. Say You tell us you tell us what it is. It's an emanate. ooh Is that like s that Oh, no no, it's nothing to do with music either. So it's basically record numbers of companies buying each other mergers and acquisitions, and this is quite ought we have the largest economic shock global economic shock going on going on for generations we've never seen it and yet companies a buying each other at record amounts. So this weekend sixty, nine, billion dollars worth of deals announced just in one weekend global emanate margin acquisitions. Global deals are two trillion dollars year todate were only in September and the previous high was about one point something or billion for a full year you think this? Is going on, you would think companies. Slashing prophets slashing jobs would not have the confidence to go out and spend forty billion quid buying. Another company were first of all a lot of these deals are in tech, and as we know, tech has had a very good crisis as we've all spent loads times online and it's really enabled us to work from home. So first of all, a lot of these deals are in tech and the second thing is that money is very cheap. One of the reactions globally to this crisis is that central banks all over the world who said you know we're we're cutting interest rates if we can although. Often. They're pretty much zero Eddie and we will indulgent far more qe which rips down interest rates at quantitative easing, which ripped whips down interest rates even more. So so this is quite interesting. So one you've got a bit a catch up to it's very cheap to to buy another company using debt extremely cheap using debt to buy another company and three face something a little bit that may businesses aren't quite as bearish in his downbeat as as necessarily the headlines Indicate Now, there's been a really mammoth deal that soft bank's forty billion dollar sale of the chip maker arm tell us about that. So this is This is really interesting deal because I'm makes and designs particularly designs that she doesn't so much make them but he designs the chips pretty much used in every single one of the one billion mobile phones sold annually. It's got fantastic technology came out of the University of Cambridge Cambridge University years ago it's regarded as being like the UK's Doman, most successful tech company ever. It was so Softbank, which is a Japanese investment house at the time that happened years ago it was there was a lot of concerns about its UK technology if we sell it to the Japanese what happens then now it's been so to American company in the video core, they've bought it for about forty billion dollars. And there's a whole load of issues. First of all regulatory, it sold arm chips, design chips. So pretty much everywhere in the world it's a fantastic technology company. So everywhere in the world, is GonNa have to regulatory approval? So that's not going to be the second thing is customers. So the company has been. So tuna video isn't as independent Essays Investment House or completely independent standing by own owned by anybody else. So there's concerns about the independence will apple still WANNA, buy chips in arm if it's owned by sort of sort of a bit of a competitor to Better Nevada then the third issue which is provoking a lot of comment here in the UK is this idea that it's A UK. Technology Company in jobs are in the UK excellence in the UK technology is kind of owned in the UK. It's owned by an American company where does that leave us? So it's the age old issue of how protectionist governments should be about their own companies so Really, interesting one forty billion dollars. This one's going to wait to see how the story develops over the next eighteen months absolately. Should we talk about baseball because both you and? I. Had to look up. So this is this is again is another deal and the New York mets were bought by a billionaire for an astonishing number. Two point four, billion dollars who knew the baseball team was with T put four billion does it has to be central, Judean? I. Didn't need to look up the New York mets I was like, well, sport today I want. To Cup, they were baseball. The baseball and he's a billionaire is worth about ten billion dollars according to the Bloomberg. Billionaires index but he spent two point four billion dollars on New York. Mets. So it's even it's a chunk of money even for billionaire quite why is beyond me? Yeah. We too but. Finally let's have a quick look at j.p Morgan because they've done this very interesting productivity study on working from he's really interesting so so What they've concluded. Okay. So the pre the studies pre covert was that you could pretty much remote workers just as efficient as those in offices. This J. P. Morgan study is not quite as simple as that they reckon workout put particularly affected Mondays and Fridays. If you're working from home probably not a surprise. Then they also said the young workers are particularly less productive working from home and they think that's because young workers could be disadvantaged because they're not getting the learning opportunities in the office. So I thought that was really interesting. The other thing they talked about and you know management words. Honestly, it doesn't make me laugh is creative combustion. I think that that means that I'm going to set you alight and Georgina if I sit next to you in the office I, guess what it's referring to is the sort of bouncing apart bouncing around ideas. Doesn't happen necessarily if you working from home, Zine calls and I thought that was quite interesting as well. This idea that you do humans are social species and we do need to be together to come up with creative creativity and an interesting ideas. So so really interesting say from JP Morgan frankly there's GonNa be a whole lot more of these during. An analysis of how efficient working from home it is but it's one of the reasons that JP Morgan boss Jamie diamond says, we do want people back in the office of course, remember if you got a socially distant the capacity of an office according to J. P. Morgan is about fifty percent. So they can only because of social distancing half the amount of workers in the offices. So even it with this study if you've got social distancing. The work is still going to be working from home at least half the time because the buildings don't have the capacity to have everybody working in the office and I just wonder I. Wonder if you have this to as as a freelancer who works from home apart from when I'm in a studio, I think I probably work harder than people that go into an office because I'm still acid base o'clock at night. I mean, I I've I've worked for him for a long time and so I'm quite disciplined. And so I think actually not having all the distractions of being an office or chatting about last night's telly or the children have got up to actually think I'd get four far more done home because I only speak to my work colleagues about work wealth and How you teenage children they drive. So I would slightly agree with that but then I am not a younger adult worker Georgina I think I got into the. Adult. Work Category. Lewis I think you're a bit younger than me enough fast. Enough. Let me. Thank you very much. Indeed. This is the globalist on monocle twenty four. Hour. And finally hurt Monaco, we always rejoice when a new print publication hits the market and today was celebrating the launch of Damani, an Italian newspaper published by a man who spent decades with renown titles such as Espresso Unlock Republika for the latest episode of the chiefs, Monaco's editor in chief Tyler brule caught up with publishing giant Collar Benedetti to talk about the state of the media scene and how to fix it. He has an extract of their compensation. The Panorama of the media has changed. avantage substantially in the last few months, and now most of the media our own by company so people will have not the main interested media. The mostly in other business and they owned newspaper mostly to but that them side of thumb being candy sized and this distortion of the market. On top of the fact that today, the media market, the Israeli boarder in most of the Western world because of the collapse united dodging and relation as well. These are normally has to be collected in my mind and the only way to go it. They still solid eight you newspaper which is owned by me. After the first two years, we shouted a stout up. Of the new location, the ownership of the newspaper which is called. Domani. We'd be transferred to foundation, which is absolutely exception in the market. That is newspaper owned by foundation is quite the. Have gays in Europe as well because from the Guardian, and that's Minor I don't know any other newspaper being owned by a foundation foundation. Best sex is not a guarantee of independence of the newspaper, but it is a precondition in my mind that he's not attorney winters. There is no economic interests granola league to any body. We are totally independent. So, it's up to us to do a good newspaper but that article they should to be a success. I want to maybe start with you maybe pulling out your graphic design and editorial tools for us. It's difficult to do, of course on radio, but you're going to have to do it. What type of newspaper will greet people over the coming weeks. Of course, there must be a lot of work being done already on front pages, etc. What are we to think of? Are We? To think of something completely new are we to think of something which may be has the sober feeling of the Frankfurter Allgemeine is or maybe picking up the noise circuits I tongue does it feel a little bit ill folio? What's in your mind and what can you conjure up for our listeners when we think about seeing this front cover for the first time at the Equa-? You mentioned you which is a nice publication, but the directed will various selected the group of people. So we are not in that game, we want to be a newspaper which has to be. If you want to be objectively informed. On Russia politics economy having a struggle of investigative journalist. And a newspaper we take into gate. Account to gain economy. But we have filed away from the Fargo. Idea, which again is directed to an elite the and on the contract we are not looking finally. Second Reality Digital. Initiative. That means that our starting point and our success is going to depend. subsciber of our digital edition. We decided I decided that just the site without having. A paper edition would have been difficult to emerge as leading alleging off information because the mentality is still. That the paper is. Both the paper addition. So we are just starting. On an opposite way as additional newspaper has done, the newspaper provision without shouting to editors started all with printing edition and then added to that painting addition a digital version of a website we up of she didn't exactly the opposite way. Our success is going to depend on how many digital subscriber we are going to have not how many. Up We are going to I'll model on that point of view is completely new that he's no other publications that I know we should have started digitally we the guidance instead of the opposite. Many would ask the question and goes back to your starting point. That's you're launching as digital first product with a print component. Why bother with the Prince? Wouldn't it be lots of people sitting around traditional management meeting saying listen Mr Benedetti why are we bothering to cut down trees? Why are we bothering to have a press going? What does this do for us as a brand? Why do we need paper now? Personally I know the answer I think it's great but I'm wondering how do you defend this people when they say well, look just find be on an iphone beyond someone Samsung beyond. Someone's laptop. Why are we printing to begin with because he's probably Beige this I wish publication has to be a newspaper in the traditional sense of the word and the newspaper means news and paper. These is still a concept which is very strong among the public and these are the reason why I think that we won't be a as one like the word of newspaper is indicating thanks very much to Monaco editor-in-chief Tyler Rela- and the Italian publisher, Collared Benedetti and to hear the full compensation on the chiefs had to Monaco dot com forward slash radio or wherever you get your podcasts. That's all for today's program. Thanks to producers Daniel Beach page rentals and collateral Rabelo. Our research was Charlie Film Court and our studio was Louis Allen with editing assistance from miles clemson. Now do stay tuned because after the headlines There's more music on the way Fernando Augusto Pacheco is here guiding throughout playlists and we've got lots of interesting snippets and programs still to come including the briefing which is live at midday London time I'm Georgina Cauldron and return on the globalist at the same time tomorrow. Thank. Keith for listening.

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