UF275: Johnny Walker, Tim Means, Randy Brown In-Studio, and UFC 235 Recap


Arose. This away. The is. Tennessee. The garden. This is you have see on filtered. And now your hosts, Jim Norton and bad, Sarah. Hello, matt. Offi? That's ranking coffee. You did it. I you plan that I sent you say I took just like a sip. And then you say good morning. We are still in professional. Let's show right now. All right. Forget just cut that part out. All silly. Okay. Well, welcome to U of C, unfiltered. We have a great show. We have Johnny walkers calling him. We got Tim means calling in and Randy Brown. I love it. When a guest comes right before the show, we hang for the whole show. I like to well. Yes. Randy brown. The great Randy Brown hitting the applause button because guess atlas here, you know. I don't want to get crazy with it. But I like to give respect what it's do. Yeah. I like. Retu- what's up? Randy. What's going on, you know, and how that came about as I see them last week strangling someone like guys, and I'm just like what just happened? Oh, well, you got to get them on. We're going to cut that out. Don't worry. That's I liked the flaws. What was I saying? Oh, so I saw Randy rainy comes down on Tuesday nights and down to one of my places any beats my guys and leaves. You had a good night last week, by the way. I don't know if I talked to you afterwards, but you weren't rolling with lemons and. Let's say an exactly what you will get in. Because you might use it in your next fight. But you were you were strangling some people PJ J games coming together. Man. Wrestling games, come together all around grappling games coming together since they nor do you've been working with a lot. Yes. Absolutely. I told you guys how you know. Like, the seven degrees of Kevin bacon type of thing. Yes. Sixty res excuse me. I think six degrees academy. Let's not. Let's it really doesn't. That's not the point. Okay. I mean, listen is it six grease. Degrees. You added a degree if I maybe like six degrees separation. It could be a different game talking about show changed those probably the game. You wanna play seven degrees of Randy Brown? What I'm trying to say is. Randy's low time teacher mentor, but as far to say mentor. No, I don't think. So I can tell you guys a close absolute is the great nor do Debra Debra Debra, and yeah, he's a bad ass, man. He came up. He he I started always been a martial artist longtime, but he came to me back when I didn't even have my first school, nor do and he was men with people do gangs. Are you pointing to him? I had such ADD. No one point is the show right now. I it'd be hard today you on drugs. What do you think you might be Jimmy don't judge me? First of all, I'm not. I love life. Work out, and you notice Radi. I just worked out. Hey, you get endorphins running through your mind. Yes. So who struggled this this morning. You know, shoveled I imagine you did after you hit the fucking pipe bomb. I'm not gonna lie. My wife. Shoveled. Hey tight this. No. Because she thinks my my knees hurt me. It's ridiculous. So I got back from taking the kids to school. I see shoveling. But who helped Randy Brown this guy? And you know, they don't clean it up too. 'cause then about to go into Nicey my neighbor Bob house, and Bob you think I'm walking fucked up. Bob's got some issues. So megani? I got to care. Bob, clean off his car. When I'm trying to say is the endorphins are. And I started rolling the other day if you checked out my Instagram VJ, what is that? Can we get back? The Randy Brown. We are you just on the Randy's lawyer. Hi online. He's looking right in my face. Like, he's at a meeting. Could you don't draw in fairness that you did say it's hitting me hard today. No, I met my ADD. Okay. Now ready? Microphone. By the way, might be able to lip cock. Yeah. Trust me feels this is going to be a show of the ages. We gotta just now. Because you you talking about your restaurant jujitsu and first of all my picks. What a bloodbath. I did terrible against Woodley. One of the hardest fights I ever picked. Of course, I picked it incorrectly. Having picked correctly. I you weren't correct picks. Just go to my Instagram touching on the score you pick. Well, of course, every time who who'd you pick in Woodley who spun this month. You did pick him I had him. And then when again, I'm so stupid. How did you pick them by decision? Yeah. You did. We we use. I was surprised at his wrestling with so much stronger than woodley's I thought that'd be kind of a more even match up. And then woodley's would these power would be the difference. Jimmy. I was really fucking Jimmy Jimmy. Yes, sir. You know who else that thirty would win by decision. You did. Point out. Well, I forgot you didn't forget you fucking knew that was new, and you hate you like you like them are what else. But you hate wait that I hit that on the head. No, I was happy. He won. I like you. I was. Yeah. I don't care about the pick. You you have one that way by decision. Okay. Can I pick them who won last month in the picks? Besides you Jimmy. Besides rainy, pick them ready. You pick them. You get you're gonna pick. It would you pick? Muna's against Cody Garmon, I had Garvan I everybody in my head Mon ios. I run kale. Oh shit. No. No. Johnnie walker. I just want to is Jimmy Shane. Oh, no, no. I I was here for that episode Jimmy. You're just going to be cutting the Skype that is so come on guys. Together. It was a hot body. I want to please, the then I think we have to leave it. They can hear it because they're gonna think I'll messed up everybody else. Hey, johnny. Hey doing. How can we don't want him? Hello. We have a Johnny walk around the phone. How're you doing Johnny? I'm kim. Offend her new. I'm good, buddy. You're talking to Jim and Matt Sara and Randy Brown on you, unfiltered. It's up, Johnny. Congratulations on on the win. You looked incredible. Thank you. Appreciate my friends. How did this fight come about? Because you fought what was it twenty eight days ago? And you're not originally scheduled to fight this fight. How did this come about? The front. Like, so so fast then. Less than will move. But I will be prepared like more than five years ago to this fight you answer. Yes, it showed. Yeah. Now, are you are you hurting you go to the doctor today for your shoulder? Yeah. Have to go to the doctor. I will go to the doctor sink. Jay. And check what's happening if you know, multi cedars, I hope nothing Sita's 'cause I wanna fight some again. How does it feel now? I feel great great fuel happy project myself. How about the shoulder my show this, okay? Little bit thin. Now. Are you going to stop doing that after Dana? Dana said he doesn't want you to do that anymore. Because we everybody wants to see you fight. Nobody wants to see you get hurt after the fight. Yeah. Yeah. I have to take care. I have to true to to hold my myself to know how to like too strong celebration yet just kind of maybe thumbs up maybe walk around calmly thumbs up the audience that he was doing the worm yesterday. Giardi? Do you just do you do that in the in the dance club in the disco? You do the worm where did in the disco tech? When you say just go making seventy eight the club in the closet. English thing. Johnny sorry. Johnny match old. Old in the disco. I never wing morning by these birds. I'm here. Maybe Fane needs it. Again, the. He's he's not bad at it. He might Jimmy Mathurin way. Now, you want Johnny before you fought you wanted to be a professional soccer player. Professional butts. You wanted to play soccer when you were a kid football soccer nano, I only play football when a young and by scat ball volleyball. I love him spots. No. Then I always try defendants one what got you into mixed. Martial arts. When. Yeah, what got you into? It. Was it just growing up in the neighborhood, you grew up in or what made you want to train. I stuck later sought to be like eighteen years old why in jujitsu, then I have I have main experience. But that's surely learn everyday you seem to really enjoy fighting. You seem to enjoy the walkout you seem to enjoy every moment of it. Yes. Of course, I love it fighting a love, you know, 'cause I trained so hard to make like a very good impressive show a trend for this dinner. I have to enjoy my my my moments the bed boxes that training diets ever nights. I can go out can drink after focused than the time. The day of the show. I have to Sean joy have Choo Choo to be hundred percent happy. 'cause this this time. I'll be happy you really walk around. You said your walk around weight is about two hundred forty pounds. Again, please are normally when you walk around you walk around at about two hundred and forty pounds. That's your normal weight. Madama wait like for just your day to day. Wait. Yeah. My mind two hundred thirty have you ever thought of moving up? Now, you being future can that can go to heavyweights. But now as soon light-heavyweight onto my the belt yet. No, I don't blame you. I mean, who do you have your eye on now? I mean, I'm sure you saw Jones and Anthony Smith and Anthony Smith put up a very valiant fight. But I thought Jones was very dominant. What what did you think of that site? Ciragan, please. What did you think of the Jones Anthony Smith fight? What do you think about? Yeah. Did you what what was your? What did you think about that fight about their fight? I wait for more. No. 'cause everybody waits mar despise which some like knockouts submission. No, let's for the heifer hands. Everybody would like impressive fights. But is not true impressive than like. Little bit disappointed. A little disappointed now. You're your rank it. Yeah. Yeah. Pointing now you're ranked you were number fifteen Misha's circuit off was fourteen. So you're going to move up in the ranks. And a lot of people think theocro Santos might get the next shot at John Jones. Who do you have your eye on? Now is there anybody you're looking at to fight? Now, I'm not rush to to to to fight against the gym. I know I can give you a proper fights to him. But I need more experienced some tests myself. I'm not rushed all I'm young. I wanna be I wanna be checking body in front of my before. I Mitch the Johns. That's very honest. A lot of fighters wouldn't say that you you think you need a couple of more fights before you are to John Jones. Yeah. Of course. Well, VO news demeer is fighting Dominic radius. I would love to see perhaps I would love to see you in Russia's fight. But for the winner of that fight, and you either one of those guys. Is a great match up for you. Ciragan, please. Either volka news demeer is fighting Dominic radius. And I would love to see you fight the winner of that fight. But look dingy looking Lucas will help me 'cause cow. Cosmo reds. That's okay. Hey, guys can translate for info problem. Look good. I was just saying that Vulcan used is fighting dominant grey s and I would love to see Johnny take the winner of that fight. Okay. As is on simple invasiveness of. Oh, yes. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Raise looks really good programs. No program for me. No problem for you. Yeah. Do you worry? Because at one point Ronda Rousey was finishing a lot of her fights very quickly. Do you worry about finishing all these fights? In the first round said, it's going to either effect it make you overconfident or going to affect your cardio. I'm no, what is I want three hundred because. How long have stay in the octave on more experienced spinster? I will have to know then I hope next time. I make like freelance room make me happy if I three hunts reds for for house. It would make you happy. You're a very unpredictable guy to watch to you seem like you're very hard to prepare for because you're comfortable in throwing a spinning back fist or doing a flying knee. And you're a hard guy to figure out. Yeah. Yeah. Man. I turned so hard. It's all like I trained for free housing in nothing happening for house. Disappointed me it. I'm sure that somebody will take you. I'm sure that one of your fights will go, and they have not mentioned to you who you might be looking at fighting next. I don't know have no naming my mind's now and anyone anywhere anytime only call me, sending the location while we we love watching you fight, man. Congratulations on the win. And I'm looking forward to watching you. I know Matt loves you too. Johnny big fan, Johnny. We would love and love. And you're very exciting to watch you fight. Thank you. Thank you. I hope he combat soon. You will. I mean, you're you look like you're a future champion. So we'll definitely talk to you again. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you giant take care of. All right. Thank you. Yeah. He's he's a really fun guy to watch. You see this? What's that? We'll have I'll help you. Oh, that's wearing hilson. He's he's going to do this. Fucking. I don't need this on my head. Fox going on today. Just lifted it happened. We we'll get tangled tangled. Sometimes I feel better. I think my ADD were off it. I had this little slower just gets hard. It's hard with the language barrier. A little dude, I listen, I did not want too many cooks in the kitchen with that. Now, you could've said he was good. But I think you know, it could be a little rough. I I've been to Brazil, I should ask them where he was from Brazil. That's the best part of the interview not doing the things I should've asked because I've been down. There should resign. These brothels see brothels problem. I guy your question. Those so go tech will listen I I was thinking of. The hop. You should have said when you go to the hop Jimmy with Matt Christopher. How did this happen? It's a cat. With. Look at this. What does it tool time? What do you want to give? What happened? Chris how bad did Matt fuck this up. What is happening? Like a child like a child. How did you that the wires all tangled up, especially when we have a guest, the, I know I apologize. Sorry, Barry, we apologize. That's matter much myself. That's it's okay. Andy's friend, man. Yeah. I've never seen radio since we probably eighteen years. I've never seen a person. Fuck the court up that you know, why? Because I think it was on the evening, and I kept rocking back and forth with a big baby. That's okay, you're comfortable. I like to be comfortable Jimmy. All right. Randy. We start the show right now. I hope his shoulders. Finally, I thank you. I can't wait to watch him finding that. He's a fun guy to watch all fun. He's and I like him 'cause he makes funny faces and stuff and let me ask you guys about the respond Woodley. What do you think you wise that Woodley is such a dominant champion? What do you think it is use bond? Did he just seem hungrier or what do you think happened to liberal? He got shut down. So completely. Well, I think it was the threat of the take down. And and it's not like he was shy. I mean, he was always expecting the battle off. Comorros take downs. So when he felt that first initial. Exchange when he got him up against the cage stuff. I mean, that's a lot. What you get that blood into the into the muscles. That's gonna be enough to slow you down a little bit or you're thinking. All right. I want to try to take him down. I wanna try to like, oh, my hands. But every time I do this guys in on me. And I know what that feels like. So it might make your little hesitant. It does. Right. Okay. Anything you seen with that? Randy brown. I'm for me. I think it's just classic. Tyron woodley. Mantaro Woodley have has a tendency to be a very slow starter. You know, not he doesn't put out very much output. You know what I mean? And when he have a guy like that with a big wrestling threat like you said walk in you down. I feel like it's hard to deal with especially you remember when he fought him, ROY McDonald? There was a similar. It was a similar fight set for it. How it was on the feet. You know, he didn't really throw much any backed up the whole time. I think we have to give credit and I was talking about this with Ray Longo. And you know, I hate to give any kind of compliments to. Very long. No to my good friend dean Thomas. Yes. But let me tell you something. He was really good. He was really really good in that corner. He was he was very honest. He was he wasn't sugar coating anyway, saying, oh, I love. Oh, I think it might have been roundly three or four. He was like he was basically telling them made me, what are you? What are you let you let them fucking do this to you? You're going to do this deal. Mouthpiece and move forward. Yeah. How's it? Bike down and move forward. Backing up. You're not going to get anything done. Right this. He was both technical. And he was very honest this on fights with I watched between rounds when you guys, you know, he's down three round. Yeah. No, he's and then up and they're like, all right. They give them some advice between rounds was like, no, this is an all or anything. Yeah. Shot. And if you'll listen to both dean and Duke Rufus that fifth round. He was honest. This could be man you want you got to put them out. They would tell them. I mean, it was just an, but you could tell he was it was just not a I'm not saying listen, you can't say it's an off. I mean an off night you for for for Woodley. But you could tell in his looked in his between rounds the guy where it's like it. It looked to me. Like, I never if myself it's like feeling like a bad sparring session, like on my shirt, you just have those days where you just feel that you just like this is maybe goes to other guy was way on. I mean was way on who's been was fighting brilliantly. He was so good. The gauge was offered him up. Oh, oh, first of all the time. Hold on. Let's just address the ref. Mark Mark Goddard. Yeah. Yeah. Arrogant arrogant arrogant, oh, all it's a fight. It's a fight Comoro stood him up. And I think Joe Rogan pointed out with that he said something to him where you'll get up. It's a fight Kamara. What even Joe said, that's an income are probably said like what are you talking about? I'm working. But I it's a fight. What are you? He's fighting brilliantly. You ask what he's baiting champion? Yes. I'm whatever. Jon, Jon Anik, actually went ahead a little hole winter back and forth with them about. What really is there guide because? Okay. So we can go through it. So somebody at tweeted, what are you guys? Think of Mark Goddard, and is concentrating up of Woodley and use Mon and deans allowing Jones and Smith to grind it out and Anik replied to this Phanor. Whoever said, yes, wildly consistent and use man was. Working his ass off. Yeah. And more Goddard replied to that. And he said the only thing wildly inconsistent is your and your commentators recollection and observation of an actual events. I'll save my side for later bars. And for what for what Mark you for your freaking book that it'd be coming out that no one can give a fuck about and waiting for it say Anik replied, he said, I always try to be respectful. We are just calling it like we see too. But there's an arrogance with which you deal with the fall shit. Yeah. These fucking arrogance, but there's an arrogance with which you deal with the fighters commentators and many in the sport. And I find it off putting one man's take. And I'm quite sure you'll give yours for everyone to hear. And then somebody, you know, someone else comments Antic, and then he kind of clarified way. He also sorry. What was the one Goddard stopped the shit? He just got what fight? Did he don't tell me? Just hold on. And he's getting the thumbs up. He just didn't see it. And I it was Sam Allie. And he was saying, yes. And he's saying he didn't wasn't Sam how that yet. And it was the Jimmy Carter. And he was saying that he didn't see the thumbs up. And I believe God her. Well, that's right. That's correct. Yeah. Listen, I just think that you're telling us, you know, the quick stand-ups quick stand up stand. You tell them the guy. It's a fight. Now. What do you want? So what are you? Now. You're trying to say what he wanted to do. Cody garbrandt. Did I love Cody? I'm not talking. Yeah. But you need a while. You're trying to say it's a fight. What are you trying to say don't take him down? Don't work. They take him down just mount them and finish them. The guys the fucking champ. These being regarded as one of the best ever who was the last time somebody took down Tyron Woodley when when Damian didn't do what he might. I think he had a ninety six percent take down or something like that Bach. But he worked the hell out of that four percent that Comoro, dude. He was the body shots on the ground those body shots on the ground. I mean, it was just relentless it was he was relentless. Excellent. I love Henry who's who in the corner? I thought he was I like I like everything he was saying I love good corna work. Yeah. Of course, there's a there's a there's a line with this. It's a combination of both technical, and and when you need it motivation, and just you got to be in sync with your fighter, and they were definitely it's because you know, Kamara was talking to you had to be those are that wasn't easy. What he was doing. Putting do down keeping them down five getting up putting him down again and just for five rounds he won every round. So when you want. Every round when you're tired. And you know that this is happening this guy like that first round. And you know that he's just pounding. You. What does the mentality when you're going into the second and third and then he grabs you need put you down again. And you'll just oh fuck this against the be. I have to be more offensive. I can't wait for this person to be offensive. If the results are I'm getting taken down every time. He's pushing me back. I'm getting I'm getting out struck every time I take a step back. You cannot step back anymore. Good. Good ready. You just have to bite them in your mouth. Yes. Yeah. Thomas was calling it. And you're saying, well, then well if I go to throw strikes these in on me. Well, that's what the feigns come in. I think are very important that radio tell you. You wanna see him when a guy is gonna shoot you give a little twitch a little even a little turn of the hips. You'll see that guy's looking for an uppercut that guys shoot. Then it it'll it'll show you is hand. He just like you said he was he just seemed like he was maybe flat. I guess that happens every fighter right? You have a sparring session wherever you just don't feel yourself. Then I'm sorry, man. And the post by press conference sirens set as much, you know, he he made no excuse he said, I came in ready. I wasn't hurt. I just it was like one of those bad dreams. I just couldn't do what I wanted to do. I was looking for a place to put the apricot. I just couldn't do it. You know, confined it. Okay. And that could be credited Kamara on. Sure. Sure. He was looking for it. Yeah. First of all huge credit. Tomorrow's and of course, there's one thing to talk about this game plan is another thing to execute it. And he did it. You know, he really great, man. He did it perfectly every round. I like. After every at the after every round in between court rounds Henry's town of all right now look at them. Look at them. Look still on the school. He wasn't even yellow like that I worked up than him. But he's like, okay. He's telling him look at him. Like just look at it is he was stay with so in tune with each other. I really really enjoyed watching that and Kamar as and he looked between rounds whatever it was never you couldn't have made hocutt when he's looking at tyrant. Amen. I would never have known. He was tired, and tyrant was looking a little worse to where you could see you could read it, and you know, Kamara was reading it donating that might have been thrown Kamara off is one the guy closest to the action is telling you it's a fight is that the party that was really arrogant as saying. Aggregate. It's also there's a fine line. I mean, I think the referee has to kind, of course, let's go in there. But I think you've seen it with Mark Goddard a couple of times where he has no patients. Yeah. Exactly. He's to forceful or whatever you want to send you a betting, man. A betting man 'cause you never know. By the way. Tired Woodley had a Nazari? Kamara had a fracture in his left foot in that fight. Yeah. I heard he was walking around with a walking boot. He had a cortisone shot that week. So it's insane. That he was able to do that. Are we going to go through each year? We kinda do I mean by that. We can I also just give credit so to Woodley to he certainly was tired. But I think those part of tomorrow's game plan. He didn't gas out. I mean, I think there's a lot of questions often when he goes into a fight that he can do five rounds this and that he was still trying through all five rounds. It wasn't like he was completely gassed. But he looked like he looked mentally like he he couldn't do what he wanted. He looked defeated. No way like mentally. He just didn't look like he looked like when it was happening. Like, he was expect. Okay. Fucking do about this. Well, Kamara was incredible Mara was awesome. So by the way, house congrats him, call be Covington has got to be the first. I mean, again, I I don't particular like called me. But he was the interim champion and he does deserve the shot him against tomorrow. Everyone who's gonna love to see that. They genuinely hate each other. It's it's been out now a little bit you see that little ruckus. Yeah. There's a little I didn't see no. Shelley it for us and show it because this is interesting even Ali was involved through a punch out of. That's what it was. I mean, Kamara and Kobe never touch each other during this. They kind of like, I guess rented. He threw that when when Colby went up to him though. So the data did say because apparently Colby must being he was caged side. He had his his shirt or whatever. And Dan did go up to a few times on the last time. He said stop you're getting the next shot don't felt this up. But what we're about to show now is not that. No, no. After this next day in the casino. Is that right after the fight was later that night it might've been later that night. But have you seen this Randy? Yes. I mean, it's interesting. I I've seen it once. But then I'd probably headphones. I couldn't there's play the audio because it's TMZ, but we can watch it here. So it's a TMZ. All right. So explain what's going on this Camara and his manager Ali. Yep. Where's the call? Now. Who's who is coming after that is important called either just standing there? I mean, so far this video, you know, Kobe never shuts up Johnny really so. Phones. Trish. But this I'll show you what's and Comoros trying to stop as like all right enough. He's telling Cobra shut up I think that that guy right there. The big slap that's called the backed up. And now he's talking to him and Kobe goes over to Ali and Ali threatened. That's that's like a little that was a faint here. That lady between between him. And. Yeah. Now Kobe I'm you should be either walking away. I like the way he stays with this lady between. That tells you a lot about Coby literally look now, he's angling his body. So the ladies right between them at that. Blah can see tomorrow is going. I can just let him go. He's like I don't have to keep holding him back. But look at him standing between that lady. Yeah. Really? He nobody should be saying a man get out of the way the way I don't want you to get hurt. That's really wants to say is don't leave that Dan Lambert, though. Let me see. It's not. No, it's not I it's a bouncer on something security, but that's the dude that got in between because that other guy them the other big black guys with them. So I think he went to slap that phone, but then the further away, they get all of a sudden is ball's a growing again Kobe, listen, I think the feds creek, look it up that that is that his mom who is that lady. I don't know. I don't know what they're in line for he's barely KamAz begging him to look. But now look the further he gets and he knows his a couple of guys there and see that's what it is. That's the problem with Colby though. You wanna be about that life? You're gonna run into these guys. And when you run to these guys if you still talking your shape chainsaw, you're gonna get smacked me. Why does Ali hate him so much just from the stuff with camario become Moore's tight? I mean, I'll at least tight with his guys and I fucking an asshole. He's an asshole annoys right at the end of the day guys. In is I'll tell you one thing though, he is going to everybody wants to see this fight. I really wanna see him. Well, what that was was, you know, trillion, basically. Yeah. Brilliant promotion for the fight great for both guys. Absolutely. Yes. You know that they're gonna fight next now because the whole world, absolutely. Because neither of these guy that Kamara was not the he's a huge name in you have. But outside of the AFC. There's a lot of fighters that guys don't know who are not necessarily hardcore fans, and he's a guy who people are getting to get starting to get to know. But now with stuff like this happening, people will just kind of feel like, yeah, I wanna watch this. We've had come on a bunch. He's right. And he's a he's a really nice guy. So he's a great guy. So there's gonna be a really interesting build that's down, and they won't be. So did we did we talk about John Jones ethics? Why why don't we just do work our way down shirk, right? Because we by the way, so our picks for wrong Jimmy Norton, head Tyron Woodley by fourth round knockout. Hold on. Are USA you tired. I at tyrant by second round knockout and Matt Sarah Jimmy looking at the new champ decision. Such a it, man. I'm sorry. I know why I picked him in the fourth because. I'm not a good winner or loser or person. So I think twice I hadn't picked the. Twice twice that. He did. He did. In two under boy in the fourth round. So he had two explosive fourth-round. Yeah. And didn't happen this time. But I I was happy for football. I really like him. So good for him. He was incr-. That was I didn't think I would ever see. Tyron Woodley dominated so complete was amazing. I'll tell you right now, though when he came out I'll beat ya ass. I I. I was in. I was in my mic my crib. And I was doing a crook. And let me tell you do was fucking lit Jimmy. Yeah. Trying to it was very cool. He's trying to say younger. I was good that was going to sound younger. All right. Yeah. Hey, when you're at studio fifty four eight do you ever hear when he listens to this is the good music or you doing? That's true. He doesn't music does. Matt Latta hip house. You know, I think he also loves pokes Malone. Thrown to somebody in the sunflower list. Ready brown? It is true. We have my music brings good energy though. Yeah. Oh, I think so Randy. I mean. Yeah. It does. I love it. Thank you. I don't think he would just say that. Okay. Let's get the Jones Smith. We all have Jones. No, no mad had Smith by first round knockouts. First of all Jimmy. I actually did say that like that really look at the Lionheart I get in the face and kill. When you picked. And I thought that if he was going to knock him out of he was gonna finish them. I think it would have been for now there's no way because Jones is too smart. And he sees it keeps keep throwing mystic MAC. Knows he's not gonna you're not gonna he's not gonna let Anthony Smith close to him. He's never got on the fourth and fifth round. You figure Jones and trying to wear him down a little Jimmy both had a Jonjo by third round. Knockout, obviously went case. Yeah. Well, listen props Anthony for Jato taking the champ five rounds, you know, and John Jones is listen. But are you going to that guy is just just not? He knows how to win. He's on his game. Yeah. The top of his game. Playing chess everyone else's playing checkers. Yeah. And say, it's true. So congratulations to John Robbie Lawler about this. I really thought I I really thought that his arm dropped. I guess I it looked to me like he was out. It was an understandable stoppage. I it was a bad stop it. But it was understandable. That's good. That's a great way of putting it was bad in hindsight. But when they stopped at nothing her beans done a few times, you seem his art. But his arm wasn't moving though. So it's like that's a there was they say, oh, just let a guy go out, and when it's broken up, but Dana was saying when when assure science when somebody's put out or going out when you get let it go guy. Should it be just jumping back up? So yeah, it was Bashar the sign of somebody going out is when you touch their arm, and they're not responding. So I understand I don't know. I could you wanna put it on? Yeah. It was so. Thumbs up, but I didn't see that a one hundred percent, okay. Thumbs up, and he was by the way, I hadn't picked for that first round knockout. And he was he I really thought they were going to stop that five. I'm sorry asking to his credit fucking hung in there. Because I thought he was finished. That's the other question of it. Right it because I I had Robbie by first round knockout met you had Ben by decisions. So you got the the point there. But it did seem like it was very very close to being stopped. When when Robbie drops them and was landing shots on the ground. Man that was that was at the Robbi. He looked like a beast, man. Yeah. He was on that was fun as fighting. Yeah. For it was, but what's so odd? Tell his coach is longtime coach Pat militants back in the day. That's how he lost his title at UFC thirty one to call us Newton by bulldog joke. It's a little fun fact guys that's my little Snapple top cap top fucking fun facts. So there's about two minutes left in the first round. This is aware that was bad. Look look at his arm. You see was his right arm is I feel like his right arm. Can't stay there. So it had it had to come down at some point. It's a weird as angle, you know, what? I mean. It's yeah. Somebody can't see the see the. The other angle when he touches his hand. He puts it as soon as they have touches he his arm did dry drop. I feel for her because her nose herb herbs on audio with that shit. See? But this is the reaction. I mean like Robbie handled it very well. But he does not seem like he was anywhere near. I wanna see that again because his arm just drop plays. They're better. We'll see we'll see when they get them. The report he fucking pound Ashqar until it was so I wanna see his hand watches hand drop. Yes. It is a weird. It looks like if you hold us even what she moves his hand. When it's down here. He's moving his hand. He's not out. Let me say I thought. Was it their ways the thumbs up? There was the other hand show. The other angle the other hand as shown other. I didn't see it there. But his to his arm you'll see here. You see he gives it them. So now, she showed his there. Right right there. He was moving his arm a little bit. I could see why herb didn't see. Oh, he's right up. Well, listen, I think he hurts. Right. I mean, he's got it over the John. It's not like it's pleasant. I thought he went out for a second a quick a half a second chances are chances are he could've or he could have still went out. But we'll never know. I think the smart I think decide who's not gonna wanna watch that again, though, I won't find it. Again, ask you already said no Robbie again. Who who makes that decision though? Yeah. Said he's not into it. But Dana was like, but that's the fight. We want them. We'll talk about it. I think they should probably run that back. It's sure second round would have been insane. I like the feet I'd like to see as convey anybody though, it's not his fault that no to his credit. He weathered a dead and. You know, I'd like to see if I I'd like to see if the winner of of game brand and Darren tell that's what he's doing. I like to see him find either one of those guys, but I would definitely like to watch Robbie Lola too. So Amen, whatever they decide I'm watching. Yeah. You know, fun fight though. This whole UFC was great. Yes. Fight on the undercard too. So let's keep this these young. I'm thinking I had her you did you had her by third round. Knockout manatee Chautauqua is my decision. I had widely by decision which is how she want. One by one of them for knockout who picked up for nocco. I by around knock your there's never any knockout. When I know there's not, I know, I know. Training author around and I just get tickets. Doc, somebody out earlier and the card. Yeah. It's rare. It's way it's rate is normally decisions if it's if it's not a man in Nunez or. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's usually a decision on perhaps a submission. There's very rarely Synock especially small small room. Then again, you look at rose, by the way, why lease post fight interview was adorable. She was very she. She she spoke English a little bit the she said widely. Remember me, she's very. Got a little crash editors very sweet. All right. Let's talk about. This Cody props. Pedro munos. But you know, man, I don't I don't this is what I don't like. I don't like that. I will Cody was looking good during. Yes. Some of that fine. But then he set you put it on the head with the head. What was sure 'cause he saying if that he kind of just whatever. I'm not, but you, but listen, you got a. It's always hard. It's hard. It's like that. It is. Because you don't know what I was feeling could you is it possible. That Cody after having lost two straight fights is getting a little over anxious for a win and just not being patient. Like, you should I think, you know. I hate to. I hate to criticize fighters 'cause you you, you know, in like like Matt said when you're in there, it's different you know, and. For me. What I see in on. This is just one man's opinion. This may not be. Yeah. But I kind of feel like he's not he didn't evolve. Like just make small adjustments. You know, small. He's losing the same way the same exact way, you know. You can't you're as a champion at that level. You know, what I mean, a former champion I feel like guys like that at his caliber because he's very good. Yeah. He's fucking for Roche know what I'm saying. Yeah. Need you need to make adjustments? And he he's losing the same way. Her cocoa cocoa. He's just throwing hooks. You rolling the dice. Yeah. If he connected a little cleaner. You know, then Pedro. And that's what he, but that's what he put all backed everything was actually. And that's not that. You're not going to get a good as is planted. Sorry. It's part of that lack of patience. It seems like it's a bit of a lack of patience just to get it done. I'm wondering if the losses add up, and you start becoming a little like just over eager to get pressing think. So that's fighting though. Yeah. You have to control your emotions when Al Joe had. Jimmy that back Jimmy was staring a little bitch, and he had him up against the the cage. It took Jimmy Jimmy wasn't as her as he was a little or balancing it and take Jimmy wanted. Al Joe to kind of do what Cody did right there. Right. He wanted to put everything in the putting away and get a little closer for him to just one leash did come out. He did spoon. He did spring out to a smart. He kept the range. He kept a range of the kicks. He's he he he picked his shots. And then when he did spring out it was like, he had a spider sense. He jumped exactly back when genie went forward. But that that that is that's fighting like, you don't have that. Then how many times did you see? Maybe not a lotta times. Like, Pat berry and Chicago. But right. You see a guy almost hurt. And then they go for the kenley put everything that killed them. They run into. You know, unfortunately, my very good friend. Peter I go sell money to story of his career. He's such a guy smell blood and they get so ferocious. They just like he's almost out. I must stop him. And they just that's all they see is red. And that could be dangerous. Yeah. And I'm always amazed at the patient some guys because I as a family, you're watching it, and you see a guy hurt. And then you see guy not being as aggressive. You like, I know he's showing patience because it's the smart thing to do you want to see him just go in there and knock thing. I know. That's smart. He's he's being really patient and the amazing thing it's only three fights removed from when he beat cruise. Right. I thought he fought incredibly smart they didn't overthrow shots. He was just landing. In fact, it didn't even jump on cruise. Sometimes when it looked like he probably could've finished the fight. And that was a masterful performance. So it's like he he can go back to that. But he keeps getting sucked we lost the end of the file not sure where the head about happened. So we can just wash it. And when John Jones Ford a DC any heard him. He did not just go to kill every kicks his feet out. Like he messed up. His that's that's the difference with the elitist. All right. So this is to say fifteen of the first round and up, and yeah, he's but up until then this like he's finding he's being patient, right? And senior when dizzy you when does it chain that that I was going to say excuse, but I don't mean it that way. But that but saying he's on autopilot does make sense though. Right. That I mean, I want to see the head. I don't really remembered. Yeah. Gets. You could see blood's coming out. The fact was head. I think that's look caused the. I mean. There's different drills. You could do whether it works. I went to go spinning kicked by Pedro. Let me see here. Did that hurt him? When he threw a no he's still still I looked for. So it was. All right. So patriots being I right here. Minute twenty five left in that first round. Yes. I just don't know where the that's Adam. Watching. Yeah. So he's waiting to explode. I wanna see that head. But that's what I really I don't remember it. Yeah. I think they maybe go into a bit of a clinch against the fence. I think that's where it had it might become coming here. That was what it was. Yeah. Wait that was a headline. That was a minute into a minute lie. Why share? So it was like a downward. I think he went to defend the take them take. It was kind of cody's fault. Yeah. He kind of you know, it does not at fault. But patriots smart on the didn't like Joe he had to put it head down. Patriots. Oh, this is where pagers biggest advantage seemed to be in the fight. On paper. But then they seem to be like oh. The flying nave now Cody stood up. See Cody Meyer feel he he's. Yeah. Shoved up with that fly any and now, he's just throwing a hard hawks everything this. But now look heat now he's slowed down watch. Yeah. And he's he's the all hooks. There's no sophistication now. It's all hooks here now, but he another, Johnny. But now Pedro looks way better. Yeah. Wear right here. Look patriots better that look Cody put out more. Boy, that's it. Yeah. That is. Yeah. Let me tell you that if he did not put them away right there. You know, if he made it out of that round that that's going to take your energy bar took a hell of a hit young when you try to put a guy down. But that's part of the problem. I feel with the not the jump around. I do wanna talk about Mickey golf, I and I know, Randi Fordham. Also, I want to talk about his fight with Diego Sanchez because there's a lot that stood out with that. And you know, a big part of fighting is when to know to put your foot on the gas and keep it on at went to take it off when idle little bit. You know what I mean? And because if it's hard to keep certain pays, and it's it's hard unless you really felt how tiring it gets. It's like like like go could you to go to the Mickey gunfight for a second? Sure not to skip around. But he's on it. You know, you wanna you just wanna look. All right. Just go right to look at the pitch. Let's talk about this Pfeiffer percent guys, really quick. But by meanwhile, had Cody and that fight. So we all get that run. You in the Mickey prior who did you have? I had Mickey when we didn't actually picked. We don't pick just pick the main card. Okay. But I'm sorry. I thought he was going to beat them thoughts on the fine, man. That's. He he just fought like shit. You know, he didn't have a good game plan. And he showed his inexperience, you know. I think he came out way too hard swinging, you know, and given putting too much emphasis on strike and go to your better be your bread and butter, which is your grappling be offensive with your grappling. You know? You're not the best striker in you've been working on it. And I understand you wanna show it, you know, but I feel his best bet would have been to kinda like pace himself be more patient and look for the takedown out grappling out grappling. Instead he got out out positioned. So Jimmy, I agree. I when I started watching this fight, and I was like, yeah. And I know he's been worked with Joe schilling. See this is what Micky has gone for him. What he has going against the is the lack of experience and that does show at times like it showed in this fight now. But what he has going for him is that he he knows how to fight. Yes. And so he skills he knows how to fight us doing a lot of. I felt right in the first round besides gauging it besides the the. Conserving his energy a little bit. When you watch that first minute and twenty seconds. When I first started stuff, he was throwing you have to be not only have to be kind of. He was cl-. He was throwing his stuff with a bad, man. I hardly kick heart heart high kick, you know, fleeing into his punch doing it at the right time. But putting a lot into it. But I remember being like all right? This is a good fight for him to do this with because he'll have an advantage standing. Yes. I did not factor. The you know the. You know that one he would get tired. If you could if you could keep that up for for three rounds one tape down made Diego, the first minute and a half was getting outgun standing, and I'm like, wow. This keeps going. Yeah. It's a matter of time. I feel there's things that you could pick apart like as a coach. And that's what they're going to do with an in the long run. I mean, he's not a bitch. Man. He didn't go go direct broke it up. He he wasn't in that quick tap club. And Yego is as dangerous as he's algebra sterling dangerous would mount and back. He's that. I mean, guys keep BJ Penn. Guys, get that that position mount position in Luke, Luke rock hold. It's rough man. And Mickey was trying to do a lot of the right escapes that then he was trying to almost power out a little bit and Diego's everywhere. Just hadn't had the more. Isn't it? Amazing. How long Diego's been fighting twenty fights look at the somebody's wanting fights. Jeez. I mean like right there. He's got the double hooks. He threw into the Clinton even right here. What he's throwing his hands. He's putting a lot into it. But if you hurt Mickey I think Mickey said that he had a tough cut, and what he did he said he passed out during the weight cut and that he had a really hard time. So and you can see that. I mean, he's striking looked good looked better. Look, I I just think it's too much like, you're if you're not primarily a striker, you don't have a background in striking and your grappler, don't give so much because you don't understand how to maneuver and moving pace yourself and throw certain punches some punches take more than other punches. Right. And especially guy like the eggo where you got it. Hit him in the habit of shovel Shash. Yeah. Well, that was the other thing. I mean, Mickey obviously is known as a grappler, his striking does look improved. But sometimes don't you run the risk of falling in love with the technique that you're working on most recently versus going to thing that got you fall victim to your critics, and I feel like this is one of those things where you know, critics like, oh, well, he needs to work on a strike, and we wanna see strike in what's striking striking sucks. You know? And then you go and you wanna prove to them. You know, I say fuck that man. Just do what you do, and you know and improve on your own until his time. Don't try don't rush it. You know, just improve on your own. In other words, he could be using his jujitsu and his wrestling to counter the a oh his takedown his his offense. And then get off strikes that would be more, you know, energy conserving. The kid has great jitsu. He does like I've I've grabbed him before. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. And very, and even when we fought, you know, he he's he's tough. What he just he just didn't make the right decisions tests. This makes up huge difference here. Like when you get that. I take down. He's got such good pressure. So old school hips hips forward. These he's been on the receiving end of submissions all for how long he's Brian because he's been rolling for so long that he's used to just swatting it away and getting position. I'll tell you the problem also here, and what Micky felt is he he did such a high volume in any made any exerted so much energy on his feet. He never had a time to get some to get some get a breath of air. Right. Look, you're going to see him do agree b role. And it's Brits beautiful and up nine and a ten guys. Maybe in this division looking take down. What was that kind of take a trip Randy around the waist, and it was a backwards trip has got to be. Those fucking he. Three times during this fight. And it means such a huge difference in this fight. Because look we got him down. And he's so much bigger than than the ego. Now. That for Rowley did. But look but his hands locked and he's still on his back. Jimmy, most guys rewind that for a second that Graham bureau for most guys a little bit more than what he gets up now watch when Mickey Mickey's get roll over his left shoulder. I'm sorry. His yes, I'm sorry. It was it. Rachel. That's left. Yeah. He he wrote with him and kept his hands. Yeah. If locked the most guys are not keeping that grip and rolling with them. No. That's that's especially the way. Micky had his oh, you saw what he shouldn't have been able to command should have been able to get on top from there. And if he would've got on top with is jitsu he could have gotten a better position. And at least they would have got him some time they get some energy back some some air in his lungs. Look look where he is now. Now, he's in his guard would create the say look at the elbow in the face making never gets a chance to take a break. Now. He's elbowing his body. Everything's stomach elbows. Yeah. Man. And then everything that that. No. He's trying to defend themselves. He ended up with that this whole fifty five seconds. He's not gonna stop moving who's got who's spending more energy now Diego or Mickey still make you. So this is where experienced comes into play. And and it's basically him doing a fifteen ops are a five minute just burning burning burning energy. You're throwing hard. You're grappling hard. Now. You've got a minute to get that back. Look at the way, the next round start aggressive where does Mickey bite him. Diego showed up bite Martin. I think I on the chest. But what part of the fights vitamin maybe? Yeah. Yeah. I get show you the picture. I mean, unless there was an accident legit you'd have to talk to him because sometimes it's out of. That's very yeah. Yeah. Right. So who knows maybe we could say, but DA go has looked at making. Elbows. But man, I mean, so you Mickey like I said he knows how to fight. It's all about getting the experience about how much the put out. How did take the foot of the gas and just be a little calmer? But on that comes with experience. We're seeing this kid get all experienced before the world. So it's kinda rough. He looks really always Gary, and he said just marches towards them. Yes. The what you don't want to say see the ego does not he'll keep that same pace for three rounds. So he's not gonna get any more tired. So it's like. Now. Mickey you tell Mickey's he's tired. Yeah. Always walk. He's moving forward still, but it's winning man. So I don't know if you wanna watch the whole thing. But when he does get him down it it. He just stays on him. And he dropped some very heavy elbows on his on his fire. About the go. And this again comes with experience there you want some of his other fights when he four Joe Stevenson. They're having like a shitty box in maj. I'm not shitting on them. I I really loved the ego. But his stand up he didn't have the heaviest the hands. I mean, he caught Joe rigs that time, but you know, he and he's got a decent left kick. He's got a nice knees that come up that. I think he caught Mickey would also, but he's not a heavy heavy handed guy. He's a durble guy. But when he hit when he plays the his strength was his jujitsu is wrestling jitsu. His crown pound. It's fucking brutal. He's jujitsu for mixed. Marshawn is excellent. So I mean, that's what he this is the eagle haven said it, this is the patriots that won the ultimate fighter back today. And that's the one that we know in love, and that's the most dangerous version of the how old is he he thirty four thirty five. I think late thirties. Yeah. He's awesome. Yes. Head was amazing about anti aging. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was about was about fourteen minutes long. It was like it was solid. It was it was a good interview. And makes you it makes you like him. You know, he's really like what is it anti-aging? He was talking about what things he wants to do to slow down the aging process. Yeah. He's like hanging out with some guy that can stop his heart rate, you know, and sitting ice like minus one hundred degrees at the guy that Joe interview. There was the one got off. I think. Yeah. This he's a guy that can just hand he walks like in in barefoot, cold weather, now, it might you can you can control his heart rate and shit like that. Yeah. Is that teachable or is that just something you can do? No. He says that humans are meant for like crazy things. Like, we can we kinda like shut ourselves off. This is that they're you know, what I mean. This is what they say that we showed ourselves off from from being able to do a lot of the things that the human body can actually do what do we need to do it? I mean, let's be honest anti-aging caveman die when they were thirty. Fucking Romans didn't live that old. You're not. And it's it's being able to tap into the subconscious parts of your brain and third. I yeah. I could do things that normally doesn't it's on autopilot. You can tap into. They say shrooms help with that. Do they they say? Psychedelics jimmy. I didn't either that'd be that'd be against your that. You can't use second. Well, when I was when I was younger, and I was doing drugs and drinking. I I probably just didn't masculine by. No one would do ask us out to answer. Your Jimmy, no kidding. It'll be such a fucking bummer on acid. I would be the worst bad trip. I you might kill me or something. I don't like I wanna wanna trip out to me. I'm against drugs. Let's party. What are we up to now? Jeremy Stevens zip beat magazine. Share paul. I guess we already talked about Johnny Walker being a stud. Well, that's that's yeah. Oh, wait, which what are you go under just working our way down? There's our doubt. Right. Well, I listen Jerry has nothing to Jeremy Steven says, you know, keep his head down about thought. He was either is a good fight thought. It's close by you know, and it was a great great tests than agreed experience beat to see what's next year him. He's crafty man, he is I like his work. His stand up is amazing. It's while his foot work is good is range is good. And he just does everything. Right. You know as far as stand up. Yeah. Jeremy was ready for two. He talked. We talked to him last week. He talked about his is spitting attacks and all these wild things. And he he was ready for it. There was still affected like for. Sure, I would've would've liked to have seen a fourth-round again. And we talked about it with the combat. What rounded Jeremy would? I thought he won the second round on my remembering that wrong might have been at third was the third. Okay. Where's the beat looked like he slowed down? Maybe unless he thought he was winning. So it was maybe he would pay differently in a four or five five hundred dollars. He was always in the fight. Yes. You are throwing bombs, man. You know? We'll big ups football guys. You know, I'm excited to see. What's next? Let's keep going our Johnny Walker that mission circle fight. I mean cheese who saw that ending in the first round flying knee. He's really fun to watch. I mean, very explore. And he's only twenty six which is wild man twenty five thirty. She has really only been training for like five years. He has to stop that worm at the end. It's awful. I don't enjoy it. I don't like Jok arrays fucking giant alligator I hate that. Jimmy, would you do in the disco tack can't keep saying I bring in cardboard and I do fucking head spins like, it's nineteen eighty-seven. I do old break in moves Jimmy the robot. That's right. I love the robot. Very good. You have the robot patrol. I don't know what that is. Oh, it's the DC show on the that these app. Oh, good. Oh, sorry. Lucido school. Sad with Chris goofing on your comic book, Iran. Matt loves comic books. I don't I used to like them. But I used to collect them. I'm an anime guide. You like animate porn. I mean when I was about thirteen. Isn't that weird? They'll have a girl like, oh, California. The a penis tentacles. Jimmy, what's porn? It's crazy. I don't think I'm into that. Now. But anime for some reason, I can't get into my brother-in-law likes it. Edwin loves them. What does it what you guys with them? You guys. What do you mean met? Yeah. That came out wrong. What is that? Black guy thing get out on the Thomas like I do you watch anime or do you read the comic books, or I'm not into any of the comic books or anything? I just watch them. And I don't I'm not like hard core. But I watched like Naruto dragon ball little animators watch. What is it is Japanese animation is it you gotta start with like the classics like Akiro you ever seen a carer Akira. Now. I'm sure have heard of it. I see some of that is a popular it's weary L, it's cooled it. How me Bob. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. And there's a new one with the one punch, man. Yeah. That's kind of cool at is it cool. There's kind of me. I don't know why the animation is just different. Some shitty is how you gotta find. You gotta be in the community to find the right ones. Yeah. What headwinds into it? He's really into. It aren't we'll I call. It a cartoon movie. You got all you gotta bet that a shame. He's all counter. Out or may or whatever you call it. What do they love? What do you like about somebody is it just interesting the way, they do it? It's I guarantee enemy ninety percent of fighters has have watched. An enemy has inspired. Sure us growing up dragon ball z grow. You know style. Visit new or is it this is this is this is like one of the very first ones. This is a CARA generational. I don't know if this generation, oh, I don't know. Maybe it's the nineties eighties type. Okay. You know, see, someone's I still watch it. I kind of like it. It's like over a board like with the with stuff down with the anime. I hit it is just sick, man. It's just the things that you you can the things that they can do you know, what I mean, you can't do it, you know. But it's kinda like it's just it's just cool to watch. Why did you so much win? It's like a fight, you know, he's dramatic. It's a fight. You know, I mean, but it's like all right? I punch you in a face you fly through a fucking building some shit. Did you ever see the flash point paradox? It's almost like anime. It's a DC. I'm saying it's a cartoon movie, Edwin might say, no, no, no. It's a it's Atta may. But I don't think it was Adamy. He said if it's a violent. He said somebody of it's violence in it. It's a it's a I don't want to misquote him. But he said something like he can't be called the cartoon movies cartoons of a kids. Now. I don't know what the kids. Not some of those ones aren't is getting killed now. All right. Let's get back on the show batmans painters. Did you see that one your way on? They did you should see the finish. A paradox. No that ditch they did show batmans peanuts comic book. Are you think? I'm lying. I think you long batmans penis comic. It's true. They're looking. They're looking at. Because I want you to know. I'm not lying. It's okay. We believe. All right. Let's look it up. And he's fighting of one race deco price net als my last one you were doing great with that fight. What are fucking laces out? No. Not really. Thing. You know, you're he lost them. It don't want to sound bitter or anything. It's not man. It is an odd thing when his thing and next, you know, something comes out of left field. That's this game. It's a very treacherous. It is. It's it's heartbreaking because she like made him on top of doing the right thing. I'm keeping my base. It's not getting my leg. Fuck that come from. So it's one of those men, you know. What are the second about it yesterday? It's like one minute you 'cause I've never I've never been knocked out before anything like that. So like you kinda like you get hit. And then you just like actually don't even remember getting hit. Yeah. Like, you just there. What point and next thing? You know, you're looking at the doctor and you're like, whoa. Hell no way, you immediately know just because you're looking at the dockyard immediately. I saw the doctor, and I was just like get the fuck out here. No way. You know? It's like, hey, it is what it is. But I'll beat that guy ninety nine times out of one hundred. That's how I feel sure, you know, you'd find him again if you could oh hell, yes. He's doing well on that one. Yeah. You were and you, but I mean, you couldn't have possibly thought that he was going to be able to to knock you out from the position he was in no way. And you know, what happened? So basically he threw his leg over. I thought he was going for a hill hook. Yeah. I turned out the cage was in my way. The and he put his foot his foot was right there. So as I turned back because I couldn't stand up I was turning back to stand into him. And the moment I turned the per. Perfect time. And if he threw it a millimeter second later, I probably would have been standing up already hit me frontal it caught me like right at the base of my jaw as I was turning into. And I was out from I shop crazy. It is. It's a it's a crazy game demo, you know. But that's why we watch now surely because you never know what the hell's going to happen. I'm what I hope Cody that that's that's three stoppages in a row with that. That's not good for a young guy. You know, I I he should rest up his head a little bit and work on not taking so many shots and maybe sought utilizing his wrestling and switched stuff up a little bit. Because you don't want to just be that do-or-die guy 'cause it's fun now, and but in ten years from now, it's not going to be so fun. You know what I mean? So I'm and I again, I can't say enough about Cody. I don't know why go back to that. He has who knows he sorry. He has good sophistication in his boxing. But for some reason these past couple of fights, he's just not using it at all. He's just throwing bombs. It's not like you can't take somebody down either. Great lesson. You blend that in a little bit. Hey, man, you lift up that leg you might. You might wanna finished a single you might want to drop it and slept throwing some other. But you still picking up that singles, I don't know his he's that's that's something for him. And and you're right. You're and his team to you know, work on it reminded me of how Verdun lost to steep just kind of throwing wild punches being like just wanting at shea knockout so badly. Yeah. And it's like, I I understand sure. That's what you'd want to do in that moment. But you know, it just it costs you, and it's cost him. Now. His last two fights three now. Yeah. I mean, I know the throat the second round and lost the first one dillashaw. I mean, I that's the first loss. He was eleven and he lost the fight. But I think that the two after that have something to do with the psychology of having fun. Well, that's what guy I mean knocking people have got him there. It's not like he wasn't. He was finishing everybody on his way to the titles. Well, put the fights back on or is that that means peanuts. It's peanuts. We're going to call the shadow shadowy. Helmet in the shadowy. Jen genitals want Jimmy wants you to make it bigger. I can't see those. I know. But it said look at your straining say. Why is that? They just did it. What does it say up there? Oh, somebody wants to get a little Alison Bama peanuts. You're the Kakai Kakai only if it's on a woman, I'm not gay. You know, what's going on? Jimmy. Well, I'll tell you what. What's funny? It's not funny about this after Changle. Well, let's get back to work. Guys, call him and I'll go pistol. No. Also, though Randy took the town. We'll be right back. All right. We're back matching in the bathroom. Randy. And I are here. Matt will be back shortly. We just both had the P desperately Matt's already back. Waiting to start. The interview. Matt knows Matt knows the pace. We're getting Tim means on the phone. Oh, hanson. That's pretty impressive. Matt fuck. That's that's is that's pretty good balance. Oh, we got him on the phone. Hey, tim. How're you doing? I'm doing good. How are you? I'll get buddy you're talking to Jim and Matt on unfiltered and Randy Brown is in studio with us. It's up to him still on what's going on guys. How I was everyone. Good. We're pretty good, buddy. You get ready to fight Niko price on the main card. Wichita this coming Saturday. I probably should have tried to quit now. You're I tried. But I don't know what I wanted to. That's my fault him. I don't know what I wanted you to do it. I throw in a fucking statements. No shit. I know so Tim you're in the UFC go the fucking ice. I apologize by that was shit question. All right. How are you feeling that? I'm good man was polishing up last minute details here getting getting ready for for the flied out. You know, just getting this Guinness weight off as comfortable as possible and talking to the Trish nurse, and how do we prepare it? So you know, I may as comfortable as possible when we get down there. You know, now, Tim we Nicos got a he's got a weird style. Like, he's got a he's a wild a wild, man. How do you prepare for that with this barn? Pawn. Is you have guys really mimic? What what he's trying to do. If that's how you know. We have I have sparring partners have one guy particular Evan along that he he he's a little bit smaller than me go as almost forty five and has I same wild man style. We call them crazy legs. You know, you can throw kicks up from all kinds of crazy spots, and his punches aren't aren't they're not. They're not careful, but they're not super technical. And they they they hurt when they land so trying to figure out those timing, and then just mixing guys in that aren't on technically sounds. You know, there's the hi guys time such is a guy like. By Sergio mariah's, and my father was ill. Didn't didn't thorough technical? But through extremely hard. And those guys they're hang harder harder to get timing for and we'd be that's always been working on is just getting that that that fine tuning in. And you know, I literally just walked out of the gym ovarian now with Tom JJ and timing's everything, and I've been I've been asking a lot of the guys we talked to lately about preparation how much are you? Which did you watch a lot of tape? Are you obsessive about watching fight tape of your opponent? Or do you avoid it? I'm surprised how many guys don't do it. I'm not not szeswith. I make sure coaching and break it down. Really? Well, they they they're they're more involved in the in the footage. I watch a few things. I watched the first round how you star watch things in the middle around watch some highlights from the things he does his best. And and the third land sea ice finishes. I'll do that probably the first part of the camp. And then towards the end I watched a little bit more, and, you know, child member there Chhaya remember the things that I do well and not get caught up in his crazy aggressive or I think he is a cool style. He wants to come hurt yourself, mainly ideal and just kind of realize that you know, he has some timings and some things on his defense that is up and try pick up on those holes. Couple of really interesting fights and your division. What what did you think of a tyrant against KOMO? Right. I find going the other way I thought Tyron with not fight with he's experience, but came out flat. I didn't warm up. I guess I'm I'm not really sure the issue that you come up with but asking for a rematch right after mountain any type of performances kind of what nobody wants to see. But I thought I thought it was look very good. I thought he the calm, cool, and collected and force to be reckoned with. I was reading that. You had a you had some kind of personal issues with Diego Sanchez back in. I don't know when I just read it out that he fought over the weekend. How'd you like his? I called him out. And you know, we talked to talk the notch magazine. And they said that the Egland personal issues pulled out of that fight wasn't able to find you know, I I called him out immediately right after he fly he fought at once seventy when he's trying to call me out at one hundred forty five pounds. He's been going around town here telling everybody's fighting the next his next fight was against the welterweight from fit in HP. And I'm the only guy over there. So he didn't want to say my name. So I so I said is he pulled out of his fight? And then knew that I was on the horizon turnaround. We side signed the fight fight Mickey go, and we all see how good Mickey goal is. So I understood why why Diego's going that route? So you think he took Mickey gall because you you think that he felt Mickey would be much easier fight than you know, for a fact he took that fight for those reasons he's hitting me on social media and direct messages. And you know, he told me that Mickey always a bigger draw than I was told me I was boring told me that. I'm a I'm a low risk. We wore a fighter. I he's trying to give me my props in Bangor, your tough, but you're low risk and Bob. Aw, man. You know, he didn't start and he didn't start saying word until that fight was announced they came back that fighting now, and then at the very end of that week, he's he's barking and sinister sending me music videos on my social media, and he serenaded me into being, you know, tough years, and that's cool. Diego asks crazy. But you know, it's just a lot of so serious sponsor ability there y-, if you will, you know, say you get past Nico price in is that a fight you'd be interested in this someone you wanna fight next is the will Sanchez. I don't I don't care where we're at in our careers need to go out across pass right now. I have somebody super dangerous in front of me. And he's a guy that's on everybody's radar. Be somebody. That shows tries to hurt you. So Nikola has all has my attention. You do you think of things like when you're considering a fight? They come to your fight. I mean, I guess the idea is somebody a draw. Yeah. I mean, or you're paying are they draw would might be something. Have you turned down fights and taking somebody else because you felt one guy would do a better job drought with with the draw. You know, I don't really get options. When they call me. I think I might I might have turned down a five if it was on like three or four days notice, and you know, the Waco wasn't realistic. And you know, my my my my cardio wasn't where needs to be on short notice. But I don't get a lot of options in those guys. Call me and say here, here's this guy. You know? And it's usually it's always been a yes, if there's that there's enough time there's three weeks or whatever it was time to prepare for it. I'm always amazed. I look back at the guys fire record and the first Pfizer in two thousand four. I mean, you had pretty much a fifteen year career. I mean, do you intend on going Columbia thinks that he wants to fight to lose about forty? Do. You have any type of a goal on it or any type of a definitive cutoff point. You know? I started that long ago. And then you know, I missed for four years or whatever doing my legal path and get getting responsible. You know? So I haven't been in a lot of crazy crazy wars. I've been I've been suffice a lot of those fights quickly. So right now, I'm trying to do it as long as my body holds up and as long. His I'm my I got the fire to want to get in there and get after it. I keep doing it. So, you know, I know there's not a long long period of time on my short window was when I was twenty three or whatever. But I'm still learning something new every day. I'm still holding out running with the young guy. So I feel good. I feel really good around at the moment. Gun. I'll just going to say I'll tell you though, this fight with Nico says this is fighting potential right here. Jimmy, this is an exciting fight. 'cause Tim means as is always exciting and NICO's kind of a wacky wacky guy. So this is gonna be fun as hell. Yeah. You're right. I've been everybody. That's okay. He tries to come and hurt you. And I feel watching him my fights in the past. If my the best when the guys get in my basic combat you try to try put me down. So I don't have to go look for this guy. I don't have to go dance around and try to find if he's going to be there. Now, I have to do is do my best to find his chin or find a joke before he finds me is it any harder for you. And I guess not because you are fighting the Saturday, but we've talked to a lot of guys to have said that as the years go on, you know, it's just after awhile you just get kind of sick and tired of the trainer. It gets a little bit harder to motivate yourself to to get out there, and to do it have you dealt with any of that. You know, the the the moment come up when I want my third world title fight that I just wanted to quit. And you know, the bunny was hard living was hard training was hard to get paid peanuts right now. I'm happy with the pay. I have in the US. I can I make a good chunk of change overnight. I pay some taxes to off some some funny of my my savings account left over and save. And right now, I'm sending my future down the road for if I want to work at WalMart or be agreed or whatever it's because I choose to born in live not because I'm broken after go find I have to go find dollar bills and since so right now, I got a chance to change change my life down the road and ten years fifteen years with finances. We get it now, and I say responsible with my taxes and all that boring shit really is important. You know, I can change my life and my family life down the road. And as the stick with it right now the fires there to wanna get violent fights. So like, I said this is what's called about this fight. Is it does have a potential for bonuses? I what I want when I was wanting to fight. Donald Sironi, and we had that match up in Pittsburgh. And, you know, do because I don't like him for whatever reason or one. If I Carlos these guys that are from here if not because this respect them, I don't like him. We're have a feud with them. It's because they're in the bonus fights every time out, and they come and try to hurt. You don't have to go. Find him. They meet you in the center of the cage and try to hurt you. So those are the fights. I'm interested in the ones that come with. You know, we have we have the chance to change change change your stars overnight. Those are the fight they're exciting. And these guys in the PF L are fighting for a million dollars those each going out and leave no all on the line. So give us a prize. And we'll go for it. And yeah. And that's smart to make those things that are going to have good financial implications and ten years or fifteen years. Have you have you thought is there anything that you love to do that you'll have to fighting? I would do this. I talked to my brother-in-law, you know, my sister's her on my sister. My wife's adopt a little brother. He he wants to be a professional fishermen. So I hope I can join them on that on that journey earth now making some money fishing for some bath. So hobbies, you know, like hit the golf ball is shooting. They'll have two different things together family right by was patrols and basketball. So yesterday, we're playing capture the flag, and I was getting my sprints in trying to capture the damn flag into hired. You know, so my journey, and my my fire right now is to be around for my kids and not be locked up in jail cell or doing some stupid with my life down the road. Hopefully, we're watching watching these kids win awards, and you know, structure their life get down the road. I want to be around for those things. And I I was missing those things, and I was in my legal trouble my early life whenever I was a teenager and young adult. I got more important things now that that are more important myself. And you tell you about are you a good golfer. I've never played around a golf in my life. Man. I can I can hit a golf ball doesn't go very straight people behind if kind of bad of your. Dr. The buddies in the mainly the cousins or whatever one's go walk around. And here's some things, you know, you see kid rock is at a hole in one playing with Jack nNcholas. Yeah. He hit a hole in one. I believe so. Yeah. Unless the whole thing is a fucking lie. But Jack nNcholas tweeted it, and he said he actually hit a hole in one. He's playing with Jack Nicholson. I know nNcholas it's pretty bad ass. After your way have hit a hole in one. So good for that. It's even it's even cooler if he faked it, I respect that if he could get fucking Jack Nicklaus to tweet ally. Even more than if you actually hit the hole in one. So let's do you have to deal the patient. I can't fish. I suck at fishing. I could catch nothing. You have the patience to sit there and actually do that for hours. If they're biting. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, biting your catching fish. Let's fishes, you know. But if you're there all day long and nothing's biting is just getting bit by bugs. That's not very fun. But you know, these guys going out to Oklahoma and growing out my family. They know when the when the Fisher riding they knowing what the season is old inner smart without water. Right. You you find an old timer and those guys they're in those brushes over there. No, they'll show you where where they get hunting spots where to get fishing spots are, but yeah, they definitely have to be by to make it fun or just put the polls down and start swimming yet. Now is there any kind you doing my friend goes fly fishing, which I just can't get a fucking. Hey, you got like move the poll and skirt it out I always have to shit when I fish. Yeah. That is the problem that I had also by the damn fly fishing. I haven't figured that out here at all you now my guy can do that family can do that. But no, actually a regular polar. You have some of the cousins that are doing the noodling where they're sticking their hands down in these damn cash, Colin fish out with their hands and shit. Yeah. No. Thank you for that. Either. Don't they let the horse bite them? Yeah. They stick it in their mouth and hook the Gill and the fishes flout like jumping around and they get some big ass fish on their arms. I'm good. I'll watch from the from the shoreline, you guys go ahead to Catholics like, hey on the mud, and they just gender fucking hands in these holes white them, and they pull it out three a rough, wait a minute turtle bites. You're Dan fingers off or something. But. Well, I mean, we love watching you fight your your fun guy talk show. So good luck against deco price this Saturday, man, we actually calling you always come in studio if you're ever in New York. Yeah. Tim. New York hit you guys up over there. So except for fight jersey. So I was looking at your from across the bay over there. Have you never been to New York City? I haven't been to New York City at now. Oh, yeah. All right. Come on. Come on though. List of trying to do. All right. See you soon. All right, Ted. All right. See him. Fascinated with things like fish. I just can't do it. Nobody's talking about the with the with the fishing when they're biting. Yeah. Fishing bites. I don't like it either. I'm not a big fish did. I when I was a kid, my friend, build the Angelo quarter bunch of fish, and I sat there like a fucking asshole my pole in the water. I worm they stole. My I got nothing. I don't want to sound like an infant. But if there's a if there's a if you put like a nice the vibe system right here. Sure vibe is the virtual reality or a fishing boat over the edge, which I'm going to go I'm going into the away SIS, and I'm going to be getting some bodies. I'm doing anything besides fishing. Yeah. Me too for sure. But my point is Jimmy that so much fun divide. I don't oh video games. But you're not gonna be yourself for that fishing bites joke about Jimmy before what he said about Tim, which I wasn't really joke and it didn't make it on air. We'll show when are you going to, you know, Tim means business that's clever. I mean, that's. Ops now, Matt and you have to tell the audience. I lied not made. I made that joke up because gyms a comedian. And if people if they really thought that Jim said that Tim means business he might lose his comedy card. No, I guess I understand why you said that. Now, you'll lose look back that little thing in front of you. You'll lose. What do I what is that? You got a large coffee Cup, and I got a small one. All right. Randy even outdoors person before we wrap this up. We'll get back to the fights. We gotta go back to the fights. Wait a minute. What we're talking about thirty minutes unless there's some of the early pre could you go back. I don't want to miss anybody. Don't these guys. They only have fifteen minutes right here. And I want to give him that fifteen minutes. What about me see Macy chess on Macy chose knockout? What do you think about that? Jimmy. Well, but Randy was right. Sometimes, you know, occasionally, there's normally it's a submission. But I mean, a decision sometimes it's not it's not that often. Tell us about Macy's less fight. Mason was impressive. Am I the only guy here thinking that may see? Thinking that Macy was impressive. She was really I watch the vitamin. Bredesen? I liked it. He's honest. He could just went with it. Jim me. Don't judge me? Now, don't judge. Would you judge? Never do. You think I'm not a husband and a father? You're good husband father, Jimmy Randy Brown. Do you ever? See me down at my ju jitsu academies. It might not neglecting my students. Do you? See you down there, caring. Oh, absolutely. You're in it in it. And all over hold on. Maybe it might have to say that again. 'cause he's not even sent you. Elizabeth Randy coarsely, I may stop at what a good a good guy. You are good. You are in your studio and attentive to your students doing drugs on air. Caffeine is a drug Jimmy that Macy's last. Yes. Of course was at one hundred forty five pounds. It was the tough finale and she beat penny cans odd. She finished everybody. A weird naked choke then she'd just finished Johnny with a punch in our last fight. And she moved that was at one thirty five she moved down from one forty five her record. I I came out loud. And I showed that if you're smoking front of it, right? Play along with him because the people I don't really think something's going on while he saying she is let me say what is she don't get that. Roll man, listening producer. Oh, yeah. She's four. No sorry. I got confused because the ultimate fighter fights are. Excellent. She's dangerous. She's four now and tell me about Gina Gina Gina was game. Gina had a hard time just getting her range in. She couldn't find her range in that fight. Yes. She's lost two in a row. Lena landsberg? It was a decision loss before Macy finished her the last one. Can I apologize to the audience for that? Tim means joke that was pretty bad. Why? Because I I did it to try and make a joke about like, I tried to direct it to you. But nobody believes it's I they know I came up with sure I'm sorry, everybody. Okay. I can make me lose my job. I mean, your father of how many three so that's like a bad data joke. There you go. Normal the guy the guys at the training fight. I. We come from the dots. Jimmy, you don't look at me. How he'd always receptors the nothing? You can do. Sorry, Jen, nothing. You can do it was it was a pun. That's okay there. No fun about that pun. I now arriving. Sure, I think we should end the show. I think it's only gonna go down. And absolutely let's keep it going. Thanks to the fights that we done. Well, we just mentioned Edmund Chabane who is a Edward Edmund tha Verdy product who's managed by Ronda Rousey, he had a very impressive. I Matt comment Charleston. That comment. Oh, you know, this guy here. There's nothing to say what? I like them the corner. It was. Was the first round finishing guy. Looked awesome. I listen. I don't know how the guy is with people and whatnot. I knew he had prompted some people every time the guy he was a gentleman who Edmund nice dude and into Verdy and this is at a barrel. Yes. Oh, you're one hundred percent. Chelsea don't throw me. Oh, no. All right. Yep. Anyway. Awesome. He did pollyanna Viana and Hannah ciphers Hannah ciphers got the decision win. And I I was actually saying before the show that had like hates. I mean just hates being interviewed. She's so it should just makes her uncomfortable thing. And then she had a very funny interview with Meghan Alevi funny because she's all she said, it was like the worst case scenario for her. You know, she she answered it as you answer the questions that she's very sweet, I think she's just trying to get around the phone. Yeah. She has no play her post fight speech. Funded get her on the phone this guy. We're only twenty minutes into the show. Why am I saying that Jimmy sure the clock was reset you? You can't do that to us. I said it, but we did. He said we're already in our ten. All right. Is it just me that doesn't want this party to end? Yup. What do you want to plug? Anything you want to plug Randy now? Oh, my twits. I'm on twitch playing video games. Every damn this show is going another twenty minutes. Wait a minute. You're on twitch. Yes. I am actually play. You know, John. I actually being John play all with every night Chanu for Lante Jeon Volante, and you're getting an I don't want. I'm not getting in particular. But you get paid for that me. No. I absolutely absolutely terrible. No one wants to pay any money to watch me play. But no people watching people watch get he may wonder why twists on guy Randy is touching. Go one seven zero touching going seventy. I read it is. And they could watch you play. What is your game of choice? Don't they fortnight? Is. It comes up on hell that kid game. I don't believe that. She now real game is real games. Don't play for real game is played battle royale house. Stand up you ever hear that we chicken way, we can do. Winter take dinner in stand out about a royale. I don't know that one. But I've been playing club g I play pub Jesus same thing is that but in virtual reality by pro I've never played in a virtual reality all tune it. So it's the same thing you drop them a plane the perimeter you have to get weapons and the perimeter wall in smaller. I fucking love that game. It's like there's something wrong with me love that game. As a forty four year old, man. I'm going to be the last man standing. More than I'm not. People love it. I love it so five Jimmy Jimmy. It's a vibrance what I like about it and in so much fun in virtual reality. Because you're seeing that shit you're going through houses, and you squeeze the controller. I could squeeze I see you getting a gun. You don't see that come up, boom. I pull that shit out of your an Esa gun. Rogan has he talks about he has set up over there. You got to go over there. I can go right to my living room. Well, that's what I'll go over to anyway to see Joe. And when I'm here can hang out with Joe in the away says, I call it the aways. Wow, that's ready. Play of don't don't do. I'll say I'll talk. Play ready player. One is sick. That's a good job telling you, that's the I'm telling you. It's so much fun. My wife wanted to see was playing with the other day. It was my buddy Genova. He listens by the way. He was happy. I mentioned his name on. And I'm like, you don't think I'm talking to somebody. I put headset on and it's on looking like your friend Matt over there. And he's like hi miss, Sarah. Some thirty year old dude from Boston nice. He's a musician. But anyway, Randy, I know we're going along Chris good. But let me just tell you last night myself in breadwinner, I took out the infamous Duca prunes, this might get a little boring, anyway, what else do you wanna plug play apex? Sue, join us in the newest game. That's out right now. Apex is what gives the division divisions? Is about a Royal. I can't really go into it. It's a better way shooter kinda futuristic. You know, I don't really like Beecher Ristic games. But that game is fucking kinda system is this on the XBox Xbox One. Yeah. And they have for that. Yeah. They have pub g call of duty telling you every I ever since I got my vi- VR vibe promise. I tried to ever since. I got that. I cannot get I've I've been to some of the UC's. I can't get back into that XBox? Yeah. It's it's just it's the few wanna live it every one you have to live it. All right. What does show anything? I just wanna plug. Now. What did you school? Yes. Account. Martial arts is my main academy. That's why if you wanna learn how to be a slick smooth striker, you know, that's the guy that you need to go see low key. That's the man need to go. See him. Also, some some g jujitsu Ecologica there as well. I head over to Matt Sarah's place and get some good work. He accompanies me all the time. You know? Yeah. And follow me on Instagram at touching underscore. They listen Jimmy you wanna plug anything. Yeah. April. Fifteenth sixteenth. I'm going to the Orlando improv. I know I apologize March fifteenth sixteen Orlando improv and then April four five six San Francisco cobs Rochester coming up in may and the stress factory Memorial Day weekend in New Jersey. That's all the gigs. I have for now. I got back on that cameo because they were hitting the. Yup. Oh, that's nice. Oh, the fed. They like that. I don't like talking to the fans they get happy. They do you know, we're not. You know, it's expensive taking kids. Their movies shirt is did that last night. You know, what I saw that leg with the new leg of Lovie. I'm not really into that bay. Newbie bring kids kids like you. You know? But of course, I can't give it to that. I guess that's before being in the culture it yesterday. All right. What a great show. Randy. Thanks hanging. Dan. I'll see you tomorrow. I got it on the plug. You don't have to trade believe, but people do train it makes you a better person trained some moisture laws specifically Brazilian jujitsu. We're out and thank you to Johnny Walker and tears as well. Randy. Thanks a lot, man. I said we're out prematurely. Hey, we're out. All right now. Remember to subscribe on apple podcasts radio dot com slash U. F C, unfiltered, or wherever you get your shows. Not my business.

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