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They. Hi, everyone. Welcome to be quitter film review podcast. My name is Vince, Leo. I'm the author of the film review website, quit stir dot net. I have to check out over four thousand of my written reviews, you can read there any time whip stir dot net. Q W S T E R dot net. Today, I'm going to be looking at the brand new version of hell boy v twenty nine hundred version, of course, a reboot of the series. It's an are rated film. This time out the first two films that attempted to help boy out of tation where PG thirteen this one has strong, bloody violence and gore throughout and language. The run time is two hours. The cast includes David harbour as hell boy with supporting roles going to Ian McShane meal. Jovovich Sasha lane Daniel day, Chem Penelope Mitchell and Thomas Haden church. The director is Neal Marshall this time out the screenplay credited to Andrew Cosby help. I think rises near the top. I would say of the list of reboots that few people have been clamoring. For this twenty nine thousand nine incarnation of the icon half demon known as hell boy, it doesn't have the iconic presence of Ron Perlman or the stylishly playful direction of Guillermo del Toro to boy it filling in hell boys formidable shoes here is David harbour. He's another fine. Actor a lot of people love him from stranger things, but he's an actor that doesn't quite command. The same screen presence despite being six three in hype that's a couple of inches taller than Ron Perlman who seemed to have much more of an imposing frame in place of Guillaume, although Toro whose wild ideas for his proposed third entry that he wanted to make they were nixed as being a little bit to financially and conceptually ambitious. Neil Marshall here is brought in martial as director showed early promise in his career. Thanks to a couple of low budget, but very intense and gory horror flicks like dog soldiers, and the descent Marshall hasn't quite had that kind of breakthrough hit that would allow him to cross over from. An independent horror making darling to mainstream success. He hopes to do that here though, unfortunately for Marshall while his direction of hell, boy is energetic and visually quite impressive. He's going to have to wait a little bit longer for that film. That's going to put him permanently on the radar for most filmgoers now in this movie. We already have an established scarlet bodied hell boy is part of the BP RD the bureau of paranormal research and defense. He's working for his adoptive father. Professor Trevor broom or Bruton home, he's they're working to corral and radical malevolent supernatural menaces wherever they may arise around the world held way ends up reuniting with Alice Monaghan, who's this powerful medium and this cat beast, man. They major Ben daimyo. They're out to prevent the blood Queen from our three times named him way from taking a mate and growing powerful enough to finally take over the world and presumably eliminate the human. Presence upon it once and for all so much more to the story than that. In fact, this is a movie that I had to read a lot more in terms of the plot. I had to go to Wikipedia to remind myself with the plot was because it is so convoluted over guardless of whatever I might say about the film. I think the decision here to reboot the entire franchise seems unnecessary given that this already stabbed his the BP RD. This could have been just a RD film off shoot from the original del Toro work, even without the original talent that was brought along for the saga. You could have done this without Ron Perlman involved fans might have been more accepting of that approach as kind of a quasi spinoff not that there may be enough fans to justify plunking down big money for another effort this budget is fifty million a rare mid range film these days. The prior to entries made a respectable but far from very confident to in sixty million dollars combined worldwide a percentage of that coming from del Toro. Filmmaking credibility, but nevertheless, by restarting this franchise that hadn't really actually petered out in quality until the fans lost interest. As you would normally see with the reboot. This one does suffer from comparisons to the original work, especially as there exists. More fans of the film hell boy than there is of the magnolia comic which was respected, but never really top seller in its print form either. Now, those who watch twenty nineteen version of hell boy are primarily those who were first introduced to this character fifteen years prior in film form now, most fans will accept a new director in new actor to lead the film because they've grown to like these characters and the momentum of the story, but by going back to square one with a talented, but less visionary director as well as this talented, but less fitting actor for the role. This is an endeavor that does feel destined to be a disappointment for those who actually might care about what they're seeing here. The problems with hell boy, really start with a script credited to Andrew Cosby. He's a dappling mostly from elements from Mike MC Knowle's comic book series must specifically. There was a series started in two thousand nine called hell boy the wild hunt. Those a twenty ten one shot called hell boy in Mexico that also gets incorporated two part here. There is a little bit of bits and pieces to other hell boy comic books. I came out around that era all of these elements were released in print after the release of hell boy to and that offers the makers of this twenty nineteen release virgin material to explore at the very least. But unlike del Toro's, take this interruption of hell, boy doesn't really get us on board with any of the characters before taking off in their wild in Erie adventure leaves us little to do, but marvel at the visual effects in the fine makeup work. But it does leave us also wondering why we should really care about any of what we're seeing or where any of them are going to by the end, there's a jukebox of rock tunes that accompanies hell boy as he kicks into battle mode. You know, all of this feels very brisk potentially big. Rating if only we grew to care about hell boy or any of the people around him at any point as well as if we actually would care about what happens at the end of that battle. We feel like hell boy does during this very point seeing in which he questions what good. They're all doing if the battle against evil is never ending asking, then what for every positive outcome. That's precisely how this film plays. It's a collection of conflicts to resolve for no particular purpose other than to perhaps do it all over again. Now, the makers of help way here try to differentiate this outing from the prior to by going for an r rating the language is definitely Pottier the gore much much more graphic than you've seen before. That's kind of a curious choice given that few if any of the fans ever looked at MiG Knowle's comic book or a del Toro's films time. This would be so much better of hell boy through in more f bombs or we could see random people exploding with CG blood and viscera while they're being torn in two by giant monsters. Creatures those elements are moderately comical at times. But it's also ultimately meaningless, and that chops out the juvenile audience for this very silly and jokey property adults have likely seen too many properties just like to find refreshing or absorbing on their own. You know, this is a movie let's likely going to play better for audiences who are not familiar with the two prior efforts. So it seems utterly futile to make a movie only for those who are old enough to remember and have seen those original health ROY films multiple times, and despite its more adult take this version of hell boy is most reminiscent to me of films. Like teenage mutant ninja turtles another film property that kind of takes off from the comic books, although those were much more aimed at kids the snarky bantering, the very cartoony monster villains for the anti heroes to grapple against it's very much in that vein except with lots of F bombs and a lot of blood and guts on display the pacing here. Here is fine. The repartee is potent the music video where the action is Connecticut. But hell boy, this time out feels like a movie that's made by those who care more about the mechanics of the filmmaking than they do of the substance of what they're actually making. You know, you contrast this to fan boy take by Guillaume, oh, the Toro GT's passionate fan of big Knowle's working and really enthused about making those films. You know, you think about that and you'll likely easily spot what's missing from Neil Marshall's reboot inspiration and personal vision. You know, it's okay to go back to the source material for the blueprint on how to make the movie palatable to the pre existing fan base. But that's MC Knowle's inspiration and personal vision. You know, just lifting those elements from comic panel to screen doesn't carry those facets over any more than a printed picture of the Mona Lisa would inspire as much all or respect. Then actually seeing that original work with your own eyes, the creature designs makeup work here are certain. Worthy of major motion picture effort. But a movie just is not exciting. If you just dress everyone up and then give them nowhere to go. So, unfortunately, despite a lot of good quality elements healthy is misfire here. I don't hate it as much as a lot of other critics, do I definitely do at Meyer, it's energy and its direction and a lot of scenes, but those del Toro films actually felt like they were made by somebody who was joying what he was making. And we enjoy those films along with him. So it was a much more fun and wild ride than this time out, which is very mechanical entering to be a fancier is film without being made by people who are fans of that property themselves. So the best I can give hell boy. Twenty nineteen is two stars out of four two stars. My scale means I think it's lacking something vital. That would keep it from being a movie that I would recommend to most people that thing that is lacking is what I just talked about inspiration a commitment to the characters that commitment to the material. That was just that everybody is on. On-board to make the best quality film that they can you know, everyone was just going through the motions this time out, and it shows on the screen despite being made by people who are obviously very talented. So two stars out of four is the best. I can give hell boy. Thanks, everyone for listening hope that you enjoyed this review. 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