Perfect Health: Vata Dosha


Welcome back we previously obviously started to understand the three shows and how they affect our lives. Today we continue to descend though Barkat dough show. ADOC is notably called leading to cold hands and feet and an dislike of cold climates. Moving giving good or bad circulation depending on how well balanced this. Toshiba's hypertension engine is related to excess. Bata as our irregular heart rhythms muscle spasms and backaches in nervous ariss. DARTING glance is a sign of imbalanced. But what is also quick leading to many related characteristics six ability to pick up new information quickly poor long term memory good imagination but bad dreams dreams acting on impulse mood swings and scattered thoughts while is also dry leading to the dry skin. Dry Dull hair. The skin is usually rough. Texture is frequently course impact impact. It's very easy to tell a vodka horror pita or a cover just by shaking. Dan's they will have cool dry hands. Pita will have moist warm hands and a cop will have frequently frequently greasy and called Hands Latta's Echo more fake Betas Amis. More fake cough is and endo more fake war fake means skin and bones mostly. Mazo more fiqh muscles mostly and no more fake fat mostly now. What are the patterns of behavior that truly outra balance. Do you see any of these bygones engineer. Life let's go. You've been under stress and react with anxiety you have exhausted yourself and are who. ooh You are in advanced stages of alcohol or drug addiction. Or you chain smoke. There's been a sudden change in your life. Your died contains a great deal of cold raw food. You've gone without sleep or are you suffering from emotional grief. The first step toward healing is to identify underlying causes of imbalanced. Bought if you have any of the above symptoms. Join me tomorrow as we continue with understanding imbalance of the Pinto.

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