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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast. I'll admit it usually trade deadline day in the NFL doesn't give us some great excitement doesn't give us. Some great moment doesn't give us some great thing. They get hyped about. But this year, this is not the normal year in the NFL and this year one team got one player that has an entire fan base thinking Super Bowl at Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz were presented by progressive insurance. And sarah. I mean, it is rare for me to walk up and down the halls of ESPN radio and see or co workers and some of the people that work with the company walking around pumping their fists in the air and screaming Super Bowl. But that's what was happening for some eagles fans today as golden Tate is traded from the lions to Philadelphia giving the eagles the defending Super Bowl champion what they are sorely missing in the eyes of so many people a dynamic playmaker that can make a difference right away. It's a stunning moment on trade day. Oh, listen, I'm a huge move for the eagles. But I would like you to name first. And last name the people who are walking around pumping their fits and yelling Super Bowl because the eagles are are far from made in the shade. Now that they've got golden Tate. His numbers are great. They absolutely needed him. There wasn't a big difference between this team in last year's other than the loss of some pretty key defensive coaches. But to me we haven't seen enough from them yet to say, oh, this is the answer. And I was on board with them not suffering much of a Super Bowl hangover. I was pretty confident in this eagles team. But golden Tate is not enough in my opinion to have people buying their tickets at the Super Bowl. I don't disagree with you. But Mike, you does Mike. You was okay. One example, that's one example. But I will say I think credit from I think part of where this comes from is just the general excitement because you know, the eagles feel the fan base. Feels like they have the type of quarterback that can make things happen. And there's been at least the perception that the wide receiver position has been their great deficiency on offense. It's the area where they really need somebody that can help make things happen. And that is something to golden Tate has obviously done. So I see that that's a small part of it. I think the rest of it is that frankly, the NFC east is just a bad division. I mean if the Redskins with two losses are sitting there is the cream of the crop at five and two. I don't know that I'm looking at them and saying, oh, this is this is that moment that they can't be overcome. So I feel like that's part of it. I feel like it's a team looking in there looking in the mirror and saying what do we need an is there an opportunity to strike right now and is particularly aggressive. It should be noted because they traded a third round pick for somebody. That isn't under contract next year. They essentially gave up a third round pick for a loner player something we're not used to seeing in the NFL. Well, we'll say Tim McManus are ESPN writer broke it down. Smartly to say though that if the eagles don't resign him in free agency. They could get a third or fourth round compensatory pick back in two thousand twenty. So depending on a plays out. They could only end up really spending the difference of having a third round or in two thousand twenty instead of twenty nine thousand nine so it could just be backing up that third rounder a year the lines, of course, get a guaranteed third round or either way and then get some of his money off the books. He had a nine point three five million dollar cap number coming into the season, but stats wise. I think we are seeing a little bit more rentals of guys that look like they can add something right away. And NFL research shows us that Tate has the most yards after catch in the NFL since two thousand fourteen lead all wide receivers in yards after catch and three the last four full seasons. Second most third down receptions. The NFL since two thousand fourteen this is a guy who can make a difference right away. And the NFL is sort of a little bit more trade happy than ever before. I think there are windows guys are trying to take advantage of that maybe in the past. They wouldn't be willing to get a rental. I think that's one of the biggest trends we now have to acknowledge. I think the difference between the NFL, and let's say the NBA or major league baseball in the past is is sort of the window in the period of time where you feel like you can go out and be your best. Now, I think more than ever we're reminded constantly that because of injury or because of changing coaching staff or just because some years it's better to be lucky than good. It feels like you have the small window of opportunity to go out there and be great. I've constantly said if you believe you have a great quarterback. And you believe you have a competent coaching staff, you owe it to them to do everything you can to win in that moment at the highest possible level. So this is how we Roseman in the eagles front office coming in and saying, hey, even though we're form four right now, we believe we're better than formed for and we believe that this is the opportunity. Day to come and compete. And I love it, frankly, because it's making trade deadline day, which in previous years is sort of been a dud, it makes it a reason for for hope makes it a reason for conversation. Those are the things that really draw out of a trade like golden Tate a big name player going to a franchise. Like the eagles are considered right now to be so good. Well, and I agree with you in that if I'm an eagles fan walking around fist pumping. I might not be saying Super Bowl. But I might be saying, okay, good. Our team's not resting on the fact that we wanted all last year were still pressing. We're still pushing when we've got the guys that we have the core that we have from last year the team that wanted all and we're looking around the rest of the division and the rest of the of the NFC and were saying, we're we're still going to go after that. Because there are a lot of teams that would not right that way. So anyone fist pumping all allow that? I think taking Super Bowl maybe a little bit too far. But let's talk about some of the other trades from today because it was actually a pretty busy day compared to what we've seen. Of late. We won't even get into the fact that one of your team's players just quit. And you can't dome my shine today because here's the important thing. We've made it through trade deadline, and Derek cars. Still the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders that wasn't necessarily a given a few days ago. So, you know, I'm looking at it saying, hey, because I do believe that car is the quarterback, and we'll be the quarterback for the future. I'm looking at it from the raiders standpoint and say, well, at least there's one builder and back one piece of now Damaris Thomas go into the Texans. I think is also a significant deal and a little bit more in the price of what we're used to Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz presented by progressive insurance. Cars home boats, motorcycles, RV's and more that progressive dot com. The Damaris Thomas deal over to the Texans. I think makes a lot of sense because Shawn Watson has looked lost to me at this point. Will fuller goes down with an injury that significant and the value wasn't much essentially it was a Damaris Thomas for seventh rounder four or six hundred sorry for. Forty four to six around there. So not a lot of value in the trade. And you bring in somebody. They can maybe help fill that gap in another division that looks like it could be winnable, even if the team isn't great. It's I think it's a pretty aggressive move by the Texans and Texans are playing the Broncos this Sunday in Denver. See you can be certain that he'll be getting asked immediately. What were you? What were you working on over there? What can you bring to the table in terms of head on up there, the old white board and show some place and what's going on? You know, interestingly speaking of your raiders as we just were Amari Cooper hasn't made his debut for the Cowboys yet. I wonder if Cowboys are looking at around at what some of the guys on the trade deadline are getting in return for the for these wide receivers and wondering. We have given away first rounder, right? Because none of the other wide receivers going today are going anywhere near that. Well, and I have to wonder though, golden tape for a third round. And you make a great point about the compensatory to pick. But golden Tate for third round rental. It does feel like there's a sort of a strange value on wide receivers that nobody can pinpoint what they should be worth in. That's going to be the interesting piece of it looking for because these trades absolutely play into how they're viewed the pick that went from Dallas to the raiders is always going to be attached with the Maury Cooper at this point. Now, I do want to point out one other trade today that a lot of people think is a super huge deal. I'm a little surprised by Dante Fowler, jR, gets traded from the Jags to the Rams again talk about paying a lot for a third and fifth round draft pick third round twenty nine thousand nine fifth round pick in twenty twenty and he's becoming an unrestricted free agent after the season two, but he hasn't had a particularly good year. So I think that's a lot to give up their that. Again, it feels like tea. Teams in their window right now decided to overpay this year for results. And that's that's stunning to me. Well, and maybe they you know, he he's he's got some off the field issues. Maybe he's a guy that they just think needs to be put in the right situation. And they'll get the best out of him and be able to convince him to stick around because it is a good team in a good city. And maybe that's their hope because you're right. Suspend not on a guy who hasn't been dominant and will become an unrestricted free agent after the season is kind of surprising. But if you look at their defensive line rotation they've got Aaron Donald is leaving the NFL sacks. Sue and Brocker all four former first round picks Fowler third over on two thousand fifteen Donald thirteenth in two thousand fourteen th SU second in two thousand ten brokers fourteen twenty twelve so if you're if you're the Rams, and you're very very confident in your offense. You wanna make sure your defense can keep up every week. I maybe maybe you feel like again the. Window is there to take advantage this year? Yeah, you're right. Maybe a depth plays worth it. When you think you're in this moment where heck not only are they talking Super Bowl for the Rams, but it's a question of when or if they'll even lose this season. So we're not done talking about the trade straight ahead. Tom Brady said he's inspired by Aaron Rodgers. But did a Packers player get traded because of Aaron Rodgers find out next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz breaking down all the trade action from today. And look I is the NFL trade deadline came. There were moves you sort of you raise an eyebrow to their moves it to look at it and say, well, what are we that come from? And then there's some moves you look at it and say not surprised at all in one of those was the Packers deciding to trade time Montgomery to the ravens. Let's remember over. The course of the weekend time Montgomery made news for deciding to bring a kick out. When everyone told him not to so the Baltimore Ravens make a low risk move. And the for a seventh round draft pick in twenty twenty a seventh round fake they acquired time on Gumri in a move. That is directly just the Packer saying if you can't follow the rules, and you don't want to give air Aaron Rodgers the chance to win a game. We don't want you here right there. Yeah. And for those who weren't up to speed on this. It's not just he didn't listen and ran the ball out. But according to his teammates who spoke angrily to the NFL media's Mike silver. This was a case of frustration from the play before throwing his helmet frustrated about coming off the field and deciding to try to make a play there perhaps to prove them wrong going against the orders of his coach and those around him. And as you said smartly yesterday, and I agreed. I don't know how you go back to a team and can be trusted after that. If it if it really truly, and it certainly sounded like from his teammates was a move that you chose. To do. And not just while. I was trying my hardest and I should have listened. If it was it was intentional and fuelled by anger. I can't especially in a season with only sixteen regular season games be willing to give up a chance at a win. Because of something as boneheaded is that one of the interesting things about time. Montgomery to me is remember he was third round pick in two thousand fifteen but he was originally receiver and he's switched to running back when the Packers just seemed decimated. Didn't it didn't have any other option, and then he played well enough that he sort of stuck there. So I look at this guy that plays his way into the roster plays his way into opportunity putting the game that we reference on Sunday. He'd only been in for six snaps. And so your guy that feels like you've done everything for your team and your guy that's feels like you finally played your way into opportunity. And now, you you you're not getting opportunity. And now you're emotional outburst has caused you to lose opportunity at all to play for one of the best franchises in the NFL. It's a it's an interesting piece of. That for somebody that worked so hard to make himself a part of the team. And then let's emotion essentially kick him off the team. Also interesting to me to say that's only the third time in ravens history that they've acquired a player on trade deadline day that says how it is for the organization, and it also shows how much Baltimore just felt like they needed explosiveness. They're not getting any love from the running game. He can't there's no risk in them seeing if they can say it's as much about needing that help as it is about this is an easy move because the Packers wanna get rid of him. Right. So it's super low risk. Maybe they don't usually make these moves because they aren't willing to risk anything in this case. It's it's what someone from the NFL network called the ham sandwich straight. Right. So you're not giving up a lot. Now, it is worth noting. And I mentioned this yesterday. It's got to be frustrating for Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers team that this franchise has not been able to get him a legitimate running back to the point where they are transitioning receivers into that running back role. And I don't know if somehow this will make their running game better to at least streamline it a little more. They have a couple of different guys in Jones and Williams and Montgomery were all getting reps. None of them really got into any sort of rhythm. None of them stands out as as a great option. And so maybe at least if you give the if you give the other two guys more reps, they'll find their groove. That's about the most optimistic I can say about this. But we've saying this over and over again, and this is another reminder you've got the best quarterback potentially of all time. And they just don't put enough talent around him, and the running back position is a clear indication that, you know, and it's funny because we give so much credit to the success of the Packers to part of part of it to the front office. And Ted Thompson in the GM there in when you look at the process for the Packers. I'm with you. I think that it's time to admit that there are certain positions. They just don't seem capable of scouting. Well, and there's not always an easy answer. Sorta like we constantly laugh at the Cowboys at their inability to acquire the wide receiver. They seem to be looking for the Packers are in that same boat. There are just certain teams in certain areas that can't find the guy one thing. I do know that maybe wouldn't be traded if he'd sent Aaron Rodgers some flowers because you can surprise it from their loved ones today or anyone that got traded in the NFL NFL with the bouquet from one eight hundred flowers dot com. When you order a dozen multicolored roses for only twenty nine ninety nine you get another dozen plus a vase absolutely free. Go to one hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. Sarah, the most important question out of that is to save ace or vase. I say both. I don't know why I always goes Caisley while reading I say vas, and I don't know why. But I almost I say vase in life and vase occasionally, while reading vas sounds very pretentious that sounds like saying aunt it. It's too. It's too boozy for me like. I just have. By the way, I wanted to mention you want to keep talking about vases. Are you confused by the trade of ha ha Clinton Dix to the Redskins? The the Packers get a twenty nineteen fourth round draft pick Dixon's bene- starter since his rookie season. He is going to be an unrestricted free agent after this season. I guess I didn't see that coming. He also had a nice tweet. Thanks, y'all for everything with little cheese emoji doesn't seem like there was any bad blood there. I'm kind of surprised. Yeah. I was really surprised. Honestly, I didn't see that one coming in is somebody. That's that's been a playmaker. I think since it came into the league I understand that there's been some ups and downs. And maybe he's never elevated. There was such high expectations for him when he came into the league that in some ways, I feel like they sort of maybe those were impossible to me. But he's been consistent playmaker. For the defense. He has not been a liability. And I don't understand why you don't at least I guess the logic is get something form rather than let them rack that. You're probably not gonna pay him what he's going to ask for in the off season. I I was just surprised by that. I didn't think it was that much of a done deal. Did you that even be consideration to pay him where he wants to be paid him in? Because when you're letting somebody walk you're essentially saying, I'm not gonna pay street market values. Somebody else will give that market value. I can't believe that the Packers were in a different spectrum of what his value would be. Then let's say the Redskins would be in free agency. Agreed. And there in the thick of things in the NFC north that division is as tight as any. So I'm super. Surprised that they would make move like that. They've now got two former undrafted free agents at their top to safety positions. And they let their last two high price safeties walk in Morgan brunette and mica hides. They clearly not been willing to spend at that position. I'm not really sure what the idea is there for them. It seems like it seems like if I'm Aaron Rodgers I'm looking around, and and I'm all in on Montgomery and a little bit confused about what we're thinking about it this point in the season with still very much a chance to win the division about the Clinton Dix decision. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more, especially when you think about the constant question. I asked how does it make your team better right now? And what's the plan? And I Don like some teams that are tanking in the giants. And the raiders I understand that. They're all out for this year. The Packers aren't in that situation. So it definitely didn't get traded Jerker also in bell because he can't be reported. And he hasn't signed his franchise tender. So he cannot be traded this season now. So now, it's just a staredown of are you ever going to show up or is is that it for this? You're just gonna sit and you're going to try to get what you can despite not accruing another season of play the whole situation gets weirder. And weirder to me. And I love it more and more every single day mostly because it's not my favorite team straight ahead. The first college football playoff rankings or just over thirty minutes away. Plus, Maryland surprised a lot of people today and not in a good way. We'll break it down next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the ESPN app Spain and Fitz. I can't believe it that Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit Helen until it got there alone. We get there. I'll get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button? Do what's best button? Do this. Don't believe at Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. We're going to go to the show Pennzoil performance line or ESPN college football. Reporter Heather Dench joins us. Follow on Twitter at CF. Heather Heather, obviously, you do. Great incredible work covering the college football playoff. The release is gonna come out tonight of the first selection committee ranking? So what team are you most interested in seeing where they fall tonight. The question is LS, Hugh because they clearly should be the highest ranked one loss team based on their resume, but how high can they climb? They have four wins right now. I guess how're five opponents with winning records. That's really impressive. None of them might be ranked in the top twenty five. But they're definitely respectable win is not enough though for them to leapfrog undefeated Notre Dame. Could it even be now for them to jump to that number twos? Dot that's kind of what I'm most curious to see right now. Yeah. You're the first I've heard to really be predicting a potential to jump into the top. Everyone seems to be pretty certain about the one in two spots and more interested in three or four this morning and Golic and wingo. The guys as soon as they read a stat about the number three team in the first college playoff rankings, never advancing down the down when it matters most. They decided they were hoping that Notre Dame would be done at number four. What's the argument you make for LSU topping Notre Dame for that three spot? Well. I think a lot of it has to do with their strength of schedule. Now, they obviously be ahead of Michigan, which I think we'll follow it number five because they have the head to head win over Michigan. Very good where Stanford band though, because now they're three loss team beyond the Michigan win. What's the next best went on their resume? So I think that's an important thing to look at. But again, the strength of schedule to me is what could potentially have LSU ahead of them. But look, I agree. I predicted that Clinton will have the number two spot. I just wonder how much of a debate will be in that room as to how high they can get Clinton over the last two weeks has looked out banding not only defensively upfront. The secondary starting to get better. And just offense. They've looked so solid. They've outscored their last two opponents one hundred ten to like, I don't know like seventeen or something ridiculous. So they're right up there with Alabama. I think for those once the LSU's resumes, still very good. We're talking ESPN college football reporter Heather dinner on the shell Pennzoil perform. Georgia fans screaming at their radio right now because you haven't even said their programs name yet where do you think Georgia falls and all of this? I think Georgia is right behind Michigan for the number six thought. And I say that because that win against Florida was still important. But it's their only big win. I think Michigan has a better resume right now. I think when you look at Georgia they have one more step against Kentucky to secure the he just not quite there yet, resume wise. And I think Michigan defensively I think you can argue has been better. And they've also quietly been making some really important drives on offense as well. Busiest woman in sports today, how their Dench because she's also covering the Maryland story. That's keeping her very busy for those. Who haven't heard the latest about everything that occurred today with president Wallace Loh football coach DJ, an athletic director, Damon Evans, can you give us a quick wrap up? Sure. So DJ Durkin is coming back. You've been on paid administrative leave since August. Wallace low also keep his job, although he is going to retire on his. Own in June of next year and Damon Evans athletic director is also returning James Brady, the chairman who of the of the border regions who spoke at the press conference today, basically said the reason for that is because they think EJ Dirk into is a good a good coach and a good guy and that he has the best interest of the student athletes at heart, and that Damon Evans and wall slow have been working together since the summer to try and implement some of those recommendations from the very first report the Walter's report to make Maryland better. So that's the direction that they chose to go with it in spite of a one hundred ninety two page report that documented a a lot of confusion within the the rank of who reports to who. And some you know, verbal abuse. And and a whole lot other. Okay. So Heather with that being said how surprised were you with the decision? I was shocked. I was shocked because there's just been so much information out of their own investigations that puts responsibility on DJ Dirk. And now, look I mean, I'm not surprised that while slow and David Evans necessarily returned. But in the report, there's just so many damning things in terms of the the way Durkan handled the program and just the the culture within it while they said, it wasn't toxic. They laid out detail after detail of problems that were in there and other kinds of abuses. So that was surprising to me, and I can tell you from source that there was a team meeting. And there was some players you walked out of it, Wendy, Wendy j hood is his team meeting today. So it will be interesting to see what happens on the back end. But you know, it's important for people to remember, you can also had a lot of support through this from some players and and parents throughout. It. It was a mixed bag of reviews in terms of where everybody stood on this. But it was very important clearly to the board of regents that DJ Dirk and come back. How you mentioned those players walking out is this a done deal. Even if there is a tremendous amount of pushback from parents and even players or does this feel like they are hoping to put this out there. And if the PR isn't that bad they'll stick with it? Because I I was surprised to hear that low set in meetings that he didn't want her to stay, but was sort of given the that's not an option answer for his job. And if he's leaving June. Anyway, why wouldn't he have made that his last big move? Well, I was told that the reason he didn't Q two parts. One a source close to the situation told me that you're you're right that the board put pressure on low to retain DJ in order to keep his own job. The second thing I was told is that the reason Wallace slow did not fire DJ and then resign immediately instead of a year because there's this whole other academic side to it. And there are other things going on at Maryland. There are gains that need to be hired there. Other people within the university system of one point five billion dollar campaign going on right now that the board wants to see him finish through. There are other things going on there. And he wanted to stay to do that. So Heather, maybe I maybe I've been watching too many conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix. I'll I'll I'll admit that. But there's a piece of me that feels like all this information comes out when the college football playoff rankings are coming out for the first time. I mean, it just sort of feels like it's trying to be buried as a story. Was there some intent in your mind to doing that? I don't think. So the way that it is operated they've had so many meetings. So many phone calls. They've talked about this for so long. They gave them though, a self imposed deadline of today to announce any recommendations or decisions. And so they they met that deadline it it just happened to be the first day of the college football playoff rankings. And I'm here in Dallas talking about it. Well, that doesn't help my conspiracy theory at all one thing, I do know no conspiracy recording required for follow on Twitter at C F B Heather to get all the great reporting, not just on Maryland. But obviously on what the committee decides to do tonight. I know you're very slammed. Heather we really appreciate your time. Thanks for coming on with us. Thank you both so much Spain and Fitz being the likelihood is at some point and probably earlier than I thought it was going to happen. We're going to be Kylo leading. That's the SPN NFL giants reporter Jordan Ronan and ups because that may not be the best solution anymore for the giants. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz presented by progressive insurance. And Kyle has made the news for all the wrong reasons when you're a fourth round draft pick that may become the starter some point this season in New York just to see what they have what you don't want to do is find yourself in the news because you're arrested at eight AM around eight AM this morning. He was driving his twenty seventeen Jaguar radically in heavy traffic near the pleasant avenue entrance to route four ninety five the cops told him to stay in his lane. He made an illegal turn towards the tunnel almost hidden officer. So this is the day before when he was finally stopped. He wouldn't provide his license. Registration wouldn't get out of his car. I mean, this is this is terrible terrible decision. Making from somebody that right now is on the mindset. Week or not a week ago month ago, a very few people knew a lot about letter. And now all of a sudden everybody's hearing his name and today, it's like, oh, wait that's the same guy that might become the starting quarterback doesn't feel good for giants fans right now terrible decision making you said he sounds ready for the start. Also, what's the fourth round pick do them with the Jag come on? That's too much money in the car that agreed. Our producer, Vince, very smartly, set breaking the law Leta, and this to me the timing is what really gets me it's like any other week. You would have seen this coming go. You would have said he's an idiot. And maybe we'll talk a little bit about whether he's still in play to take over for alive. But the very week that it becomes clear to many that he is going to get the start. It's just so dumb. It's so dumb. It's it's not even you know, you know, criminal enough to be something that you should be angry about him as a person. Aegis sounds like a jerk because we've all seen that before. Right. Where you see that the line of cars that needs to turn right goes way way back. So instead you pull through that middle lane. And at the last second pretend like you changed your mind and do a wide turn around on the Kearns fan. Like everybody's seen that guy or gal do that before. And been like, oh, what makes you better than me? And he did it two days in a row and the first day didn't get in trouble. And then he pushed his luck. And. Here we are. And the thing about it fits is that before the show we start trading around different possibilities. Like, what's the thing that you've done where you know, you're being a jerk? And that's just the jerk thing you do. And I said, you know, maybe I can think of something when I'm in my car. I am kind of an impatient. Driver. Maybe there's something that I do in my car, and every single thing we listed off as a possible thing that people do as a jerk move. You're like, yeah. I do that car though in the car. A very polite car, you know, very polite. Like a grandma which is also insulting. No, I don't drive like ram. Behind you leaning out the side trying to peer around and see if there's something keeping you going so slow for I just need to hit the gas and peel around you go the speed limit and wanna know the lane, I need to be I get into earliest possible. And I don't see the need to change your sexual times. Of course, I use my single amount of savage. There are two differs.

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