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Did Bobby Make A Thirsty Instagram Post? + Favorite Gas Station Snack Fantasy Draft + Amys Kids Got Hired to Be In A Music Video


And we're back at the ron burgundy podcast season two baby pressure team what we'd do. I brush my teeth. Whenever what else does on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smile of your breath. Bother you being the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey. Excuse no carolina that doesn't bother me. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever after you find your podcasts the bobby bones post show pre show. The styles of t shirts are getting a little shorter like this shirt a habit. He should have won. It only goes so short. You'll see it chris martin. That's all arms arms up. I was like i'm looking at chris martin from coldplay <hes> it was like no you don't shirt. Does nothing like chris martin the styles shirt starting to get you. I don't like debt got. You don't normally lift up your arms. Do actually run around a lot because when your arms are lifted up fits perfectly abba joke of standup joke airplane. I don't want to say because ability to happen. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I can hear the crowd. Just go when i tell every time i go aw come to raging issue and like a middle kinds is a prizes up in there was i'm with you all the time. I didn't even know this stuff. <hes> all my jokes are derivative of stories in my life and when did happen. I don't wanna give way. I'm not opening my mouth. Love that raymond video for vacation. Just came out by the way that is for real dropped amazing. Thanks buddy. Thank you very big moment. I had one line in the song. The video is simple shoot. I didn't even do any of the work but yet it's a big moment. Everybody's pumped about how saudi <hes> promo on instagram yesterday on your instagram. It's pretty good. All day did dude dirty job. I mean they put some money into it. What is dirty mean good. I assume we're doing it on iphones bouli style but they wanted to be good enough to be on mt possibly bob. I bet you it gets i._c._m. T- dhabi offset turned up case spady destination nations little play college off. Thanks oh sure keisha aac i saw what are you carrying white claw out of the house and you jump yeah. They were partnered in that bad boys. We had to carry as in waco partnered yeah. What do you mean they pay for the video. Yeah they <hes>. I guess it was catered all food. We're eating. All the white claws were drinking. They're the ones that did it all i i i saw this raimondo and i was thinking about you. Some beer sales figures have been released. What do you think the biggest beer is right. I'm i'm not gonna white claws not a beer. I would say white cloth. I would say the usual miller light on the top five. That's weird wow number one <hes> house to be but <hes> people lose bud light over miller coors light to macron baltra three what one other big surprise the list is but is in the top twenty <hes> supposedly blast from the past. I haven't had that since like i ahead ahead of pabst blue ribbon and blue moon. Wow apparently michelob. Ultra marketing was their key to success. They promote an active beer brand with people working out and staying in shape totally totally they do. They make you think that you can just drink beer and you'll like amazing sand volleyball. It's really really do they have done a good job. Marketing post workout drink marketing these big realize every time i go to the beach i get a corona like like i'm at the beach corona beer right. It's crazy. It has nothing to do with the beach. They have made you think that men look more attractive and younger after plastic surgery. Okay go figure according to a new study guys look more attractive and significantly younger after getting work done researchers actors worked with men with an average forty nine years eyelids forehead brows neck's nose in chins one of them after the procedures. These guys got higher scores for their attractiveness. Likability ability social skills trustworthiness. Most guys are able to get fillers botox. Merigo furniture five hundred bucks for just a minor work. Amy i haven't talked about bobby is your friend. I'll go to your friend. I'll go see your friends but you can do like not. Boat doctors like now she'll knocks. You have zero skin care regiment. Nothing i do nothing i don't. I don't even wash my face but like the soap you put on your body. Now face wash from dollarshaveclub okay good but but i mean that's the only time i don't do any kind of skin care regimen. I mean you're you're lucky like you so you have great skin like y'all have great skin. No i never said winded betty white house for him. It wasn't me that said it. It brought it up like eighteen times. Are you supposed to wash your face with some else. I listen. Yes some people do. I don't but a a lot of people in television really take care of their skin i should i guess that's wash wash cloth yeah. Oh that's good for exploiting. I wash try here yesterday to go into this photo shoot. I don't wash my hair make you don't use shampoo. I get my hair but every two and a half weeks and so because it's short and has to stay looking somewhat similar shoots. It can't be longer on a shoot. That's one day later even though we taped it four weeks difference yeah so i have to consistently get haircuts and i don't have a wash my hair wash there but you do nothing spin classes sweat day. Don't wash his rents what control my hair so curley. That cannot manage it whatsoever if it's not how do you not have like dandruff for some probably do oh. You're like no big deal. So what's the first first thing you do. What do you want to pittsburgh. I mean i don't smell you. That's why i'm super curious. He's like you would think if i go to exit washing my hair and i'm working out and sweating. It is going to smell well this. I'm not bragging about this is actually an emission. This is being vulnerable in the safe room <hes> yeah we're we're and we're taking that ever watch very very very rarely again. I gotta cut every couple of weeks and then also i needed to be manageable and so i don't picks up again. Maybe every four days girlfriend. It's a few every once in a while so we're to you. Yes extremely weird. Yeah like i don't shower without washing my hair like yeah but you don't have any hair no offense while doing your hair feel greasy. No just moving around. Probably it's so curly like just. I can't control it so i don't i don't i guess my i guess my product. It's it's free <hes> so yeah there you go <hes>. The boys becomes on amazon prime. Most watched shows just after two weeks did g._s. Watch episode. No no. I'm talking to you. Oh you said you guys are bad eight her husband. You watch. I one fully episodes. Yeah go ahead. He likes likes it. I don't i don't why don't you like it was a lot in like the language well yeah. It's a gritty movie as good word are gritty gritty and i wasn't really into the characters i guess really like. I didn't really care that this was their life also in there a superhero but my husband had like it and i was like great you found the show to walk even more now. It gets so good episode two through eight right. I get that i'm probably in the minority here given all the crazy amazing reviews. I keep staying everywhere including yours so but i'll just i'll stay over in the minority. They have started shooting season too but it's the most binge watch series of the year. Wow not to mention prime videos most watched series ever wow amazon prime share their delight to say. I've watched a couple shows and it was on. I watched the jim halpern from the office. What he do jim he did. Something watched the show. Oh i don't remember he tom clancy. Oh yeah yeah jack. What's it called. Oh no no no oh yeah. It was good that show was jack ryan jr. You got there it is it's good if people have not seen that but that's on amazon or watched that one. I watched fleabag. You'd hatefully bag is hilarious ton of oats getting a ton of war nominations. What's that ed. What else comes on amazon prime. Oh hi catman and high high castle <hes> you know the the premise frigging amazing the show the execution little slow yeah i i never continued with it but it is amazon original man at high castles about if the united states would have lost world war two and our country is divided up between japan has the western side of the country. Germany has the eastern side of the country in the middle. There's a land of <hes> just kind of no man's land well. I guess that's what would have happened yeah pretty it's pretty wild. The premise is awesome. It just gets lost accepted bit. This story is confusing based off a book or books not a true story though <hes> the marvelous maizels amazon show but i never watch that i watched one episode or two. I probably should give it a try and i bet i'd get hooked because most of my girlfriends love it. Watch sneaky good one. It was on <hes> there's so many platforms now because amazon ahead for free for free amazon prime you get for free but it's just part the package right by the streaming service on purpose. I just had it so it feels like for free because i'm getting the value at amazon prime being all this crap sent to me that order and so i have that i have net flicks have google play but you buy individually on google play right so there's no subscription to google play but you have it on my tv and so there's something that i can't find somewhere else or go to google play and i'll just buy it. It's like the world has always turn. All this content is it's amazing speaking of that. A man has spent two weeks in a hospital with a permanent action. How long do weeks this is me from age twelve to twenty seven there is it just check what why two weeks in the hospital because he took a viagra okay. He met a nurse while out and ended up allowing her to inject a stimulant into his interesting. Gosh she got autumn. Two days later he woke up and excruciating pain with an erection. That wouldn't go away now. He has now. We may have to have his member amputated. Oh no no no like <hes>. I'm john dirty john. You ready to cut off john wayne bobbitt field guys. Let that be a reminder. You cannot meet people out and let them inject. You know just period. It's where you meet them or just. Nobody's professional but she's as a nurse. See it's slippery slope. Guys have a lot of body issues. A new survey found that more than half of america shame to their body in some way. I'm in this list for sure. You have a great body. I don't okay but that's not what people go to. It'd be like that you can't do that. You can't put on somebody else. You have a good biased. You're not allowed to feel. I'm not saying you're not allow it. I know i know that's how i yell at myself to talking negative self talk so that was me affirming you. I thought i was giving you support like stop thinking that way. In the middle of a story yell at me as aggressive min that were surveyed said did they avoided swimming because embarrassment body or body hair or body fat. I feel it. I felt that about that that i thought that so. What does it give a percentage yeah over half american have and so sometimes like i don't learn alzheimer's shirt off kind of feel it and have follow slightest slightest my back which means tiny hair follicles and sometimes it's like ingrown hair so it looks like a pimples disgusting. I made myself on a bomb. It look excuse me. I don't wanna say anything. I don't think i'm yelling well. If you say it in a tone where you let me finish my sentence and then you say in a in a in a pleasant. Maybe a room temperature tone. Okay are you done. I think that you have a good body suits me. You know you have a great part of what i'm just trying to. I'm trying to be delicate here. I think that you have good body and you should you should be proud of all your hard work and feel good about yourself. Thank you hear you talk negatively. These guys over here don't talk negatively about their body body body the best buddies buddies ever when i look in the mirror their confidence me go to the pool all the time no proverb in like maybe i should go. We'll never live like that. That'd be amazing wearing shorts shirts off right now. We're good okay just checking. We okay like i just need to. I'm just going to start. I'm going to start telling these guys and put on shorts milking away. Who cares because when you go to the pool. You don't think you're walking around your shirt man. Everyone is looking at me like dang. You don't have that never once. I don't like to walk around with a pool. Scientists are working on a pill that cures loneliness colonise ooh lonely. I can add that to my regimen morning regimen with all my multivitamins suppository. Hey me she's working new material and my gosh. She's telling me you stand up. She's like all right. Yeah you wanna keep going with the joke. The joke is appropriate. Study suggests jessica condition is worse than obesity. The condition of loneliness makes a person irritable depressed an associate with twenty six percent increase in the risk of premature mortality. That's sad. I have my moments definitely but it's on me right. I agree like when i'm feeling lonely i needed. Just check myself because sometimes honestly. I just love being alone here but you have family. Also i love being alone. Sometimes and there are times. I'm so glad i get to just lay here and watch t._v. And watch what i want and live the life that i want or like like you know be able to go and work in just going to take and go work at a california for a couple of days. Now check with anyway. There's a good yeah with anything is going to be like yep of sacrifice to get what you want and then when you get what you want and you get this over here like oh man. I'm really miss not over here. <hes> normal i know i used to always want to be a mom and be called mom and now i don't want that anymore. Now i do want it but not five hundred times in our ma ma <music>. I'm a couple who met while working at a florida grocery. Store has included the store in their engagement photos. I'm always a big fan of that. You're you're happy. What makes you happy cool ride with that. <hes> some people think dorky. Most people think most things i do are dorky rookie. You're not dorky. Thank you practice. I'm proved that you see like charms of selling bags of just this marshmallows. Yeah that's cool. I got you a box of marshmallow and i don't think you eat them. I didn't eat them but i i understand what you're saying by by them like it wasn't just eat marshmallows. I have a lucky charms outlook on life where when my lucky charms much like my life. I do all the work upfront. I do all the oats and i'll even marshmallows for the last so i haven't really got to the marshmallow part of my life yet so i do all the work upfront when when i get on my bike and ride i grind it so hard to beginning and i tried to hit like four thirty four forty and then when when a hit with a couple minutes left and i'm like i'm good i can relax. Try to set a new record. That's just how do everything like get into frigging run. That lucky charms thing is a great analogy for live their life because i was the exact opposite growing up like marshmallows. I and i would throw away. Marshmallows only throw the ball always see. That's how i live my life. I like to get like okay cool part of all on this because i feel like if you put it all together that's when you get the perfect flavor. Is that funny. That's kind of how we live our lives and say that's and mine is i only ate the oats and then and sometimes if i don't eat the rats dumped marshmallows out down dessert. Oh man morgan or to how do you do. You're a lucky charms drunk with beer to be fair. Though like you do yourself yeah. I i was watching your against all the other day and morgan number twos at dinner and some dude just poor and alcohol girl the waiter yeah it was a waiter tuesday and moya ullah either due to poor galling her mouth and she's like why would you say that about me to your brand. We love watching your stories on the road and we're on part of your brand is is party morgan number two your party girl. Yeah i hold my alcohol very well. No one that you're saying i mean drunk uh-huh charms. You're assuming that that's what i'm doing. We do not get drunk when you drink i do but i hold it very well. Bobby's been around me many times when i've been drunk yeah oh so. What does that mean fake it well like you can. You're not out of control okay so you can be like i'm so how do you use your lucky charms. I e i get a little bit of the marshmallow and a little bit of <hes> so good stuff and then you combine them together. See you eat them style. <hes> i don't know maybe i expect to be a little more like me. Like you know more oats affront mike d maybe my d. mighty goes. He doesn't get any of the syrian. My all generic have lucky born yeah all right all right. Don't want to a woman's trying to crowd fund but less for mental health not not going great. She says she wants left because i needed for my mental hill. She was able to scam the government into paying for her nose job faking depression but now they won't pay for her but so she's crowdfunding the surgery. She's currently made fourteen dollars and fifty cents getting their your wife's at butler. Who would you say i have. You made you feel hotter. Let's do it. I mean i don't know i don't really know any girls with the butler. Maybe i do but i'd have to see pictures what it's going to look like because i mean hate on her but so but if it makes her feel better i feel like it's a waste of money but hey if she wants to get you know butt lift up. I'm norman markus now. He's gonna start suggesting oughta. Stop stop stop there. Do you want to morgan returned to food world. We didn't get to the one today. Oh yeah. Let's do it all right. This is food world with morgan number two. It's time for food world know with morgan number two chick-fil-a had had introduced mac and cheese at five of their locations while it did so well now. It's at all of the locations as a side item to eat and i must say as and mac and cheese yeah. I've had it good. Did you see the chapel brought case so back but it's slightly different than the bad version they had initially blanco. Isn't it that they're making is it that means white cheese. Thank you so she's go white yellow louis comedy ahmadou. Thank you where we'll be this weekend. Mahdi obama yellow by morning <hes> <hes> morgan number two. Thank you go a couple of things one. Check out the latest episode of the bobby cast if you're listening to this for the most part if you're listening to a podcast you can just search bobby cast. It's one word it's an interview show that i do and the latest guest is angered andress. Here's a clip of ingrid the andrew his latest song. I'll be fine but you'll be breaking king guest just adding realize how many how beloved she was from the industry from the inside. Yeah was posting for like oh. She's so good. She's twenty seven twenty eight songwriter. Who's finally like yeah. I'm gonna be an artist because all these hits for people pop people country people <hes> but yeah she's. It's a fantastic <hes> bobby cash. Check it out that one thomas rhett one which is going to be the national special this week all the country stations cool yeah so there's a full thomas rhett our body cast hang out. John chris the comedian that was doing well so check it out today. Listen to a podcast of me talking to the people about their lives. <hes> check it out. Bobby cast intern john mccain show reach out yesterday was like i listen to john cur- chris barbeque as good thought that's pretty nice. It was nice someone from from another show. That's yeah every radio haters everybody. You know why like i'll something they'll be like a new story out about me. It'd be like hey so bobby's doing doing whatever and like all the like gossip besides pick it up. None of the radio sights will pick it up but because i guess they think if i'm getting in bigger it makes every such haters. I enjoy meeting people from other. Promoting people from other doesn't matter like there's enough for everybody to go out in the chief. Their names people have such haters haters nerve. You go do the work so i say yeah do less work hayden more work making a._l. When you say the national like thomas rhett like they're gonna play the whole interview. That's really cool. It's a whole special we did yeah. It's all it's into an hour. I mean probably probably like three quarters of it makes the special play commercials at some point because the air is on the radio but yeah we're doing that <hes> yeah so check that out eddie now be amarillo end in el paso this weekend doing a comedy show amy. What do you want to say. I have a new q._n._a. Episode up so before things podcast and every tuesday we call this the fifth thing the answer your questions and i talked about the vitamins. I take my favorite shoes to workout in recipes this episode <hes> stuff like that. <hes> the sore losers. We got a new episode today ray eddy myself. We do a sports podcast. It's a little bit sports a little bit of just us being idiots. If you wanna listen and we'd love for you to download and listen all right. We're going to follow me on instagram girl morgan. Apparently i post a lot of drinking videos. Not apparently you know what the post on the weekends one big party story and as they say we're all here for it. I'm pretty sure you you like even comment. Sometimes like don't hate while you're chugging beer. Yeah my best life yeah. Thank you for using all of the slang terms. I appreciate it. I'm with you just died. You have created your lane. Oh yesterday. She was fixing a weed eater on its story. Oh yeah do you watch that no. I'm saying it's still is laughing at la. Did you have a beer with her. She's drinking whisky here beer fixed leader here we go. This is as morgan number two on a change the wire my leader but i did it. It's not easy. It's not easy for good job. We're going to see what we were dealing with okay. Here's a person i forgot forgot. I came to work in the comes through and guess what for a win here ties. It made my day interesting track down another woman to find a hair tie. They had a whole jar of eddie. Why don't you come work with me so i have two gyms in national and they're both title nash one like downtown area church street downtown because and then one east nashville morgan trying to get all the time i will. I just got to find unattended. Come down here again and do it but i'd love to do a boxing thing with you spar than here's one of her and her dog. It's just a picture okay only three the up but let's look at your last posts on instagram the last one is her pouring wine into a glass at the friday one fill your glasses for friends. It's friday love that that one. There's one of her love my body for its strength and undeniable womanly power okay. Here's one where she's eating ice cream okay. Here's another one drinking again so far your two for four on drinking. If fifty percent of all posts up drinking i'm sunburnt from mowing hung over for because nashville so although you're not holding drinking there you're mentioning so far your three for five on drinking. We'll check your last few looking at all. These people turning themselves elves old and i'm like i ain't even getting older that one at work looking at all of us who is doing the old challenge on instinct the older all getting taken by russia yeah yeah so you three for six fifty percent. Drinking of your projects posts pretty solid. I'm good with that. You're drinking as i am dog doc yeah. That's that that'd be fair to say. <hes> have to get off <hes> this. I have a interview with a birmingham radiation. Am i doing this on the line rare on the phone <hes> christina hillary phone phone yeah. All right should have done it on the line. Oh here we go. I'm taping in three minutes with dollar bill madison one or two point five the ball birmingham's number one country dollar bill hall of famer dollar bill right and then w t in <hes> tuscaloosa ten forty five cooling dollar bills he gives he hands out dollar bills. It's like real money. Gave me one time yeah out bones little baby bones. Little bones never mind like dog bones or any kind of bones but nobody want with it. It's fine yeah. We're good <hes> our bones story. Go <hes> thank you everyone. You're you're about to hear the rest of today's show. This is actually the whole today show for august thirteen. Hope you enjoy it and we'll check out vacation. The video <unk> out now all right. Thank you guys by thrown. The future of phone service is here and it's called visible for forty bucks a month. All in you get unlimited data messages and minutes on verizon's four g l._t. Network along with mobile hotspot at lt speeds up to five megabits per second with unlimited usage and with visible. There's no catch no annual contracts. No shady hidden fees no foot long phone bills when they say forty bucks the month i mean forty bucks a month and that includes taxes and fees every month and when they say unlimited data they mean unlimited know. How much did you use charges and no caps on your speed. Need visible is not in stores so that means no lines no waiting around for a salesperson notice you you'll get hassle free service using the visible app or website so so you don't even have to get out from the couch visible dot com slash bones get twenty bucks off your first month service. When you sign up that's exclusive for just bobby balanced podcast listeners. The visible dot com slash bones visible dot com slash bones your buddy mr bobby welcome to the show a tuesday show for your morning studio thank you. Let's start off because this is pretty cool. Let's do on this country. Music hit me. Raimondo bobby bones show on disdain today in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which was thirty one years ago. Keith whitley has the number one country song with known close iraq <music>. Eh jazz wants then. Yes you do more <music> when you they told you about this on what it really meant. No we had the whole segment where it's like. He's like stop thinking about the him. Don't close your eyes. Oh okay real meaning. I thought this was like an alternative meeting again known yeah. We talked about this on the show where everyone feels like this is a super super love song but it actually going hey yeah. I know that we're together right now but when you close your eyes probably thinking about him. Don't close your eyes. Just be here with me. Be present with me. Which is why did the whole story about this record because the whole record was called don't close your eyes that he put out back in ninety eight and he had recorded fifteen songs and the label was gonna put it out of the whole record done and he went to the labels that i don't like it so they said okay. It shelled the entire fifteen songs so he went back in free. Cut the record don't close your eyes was released. It was number one. Would you talked about was the number one country songs of nineteen eighty eight. He went on to win his first and only see him as a solo. Solo artist got a grammy nomination and then he died the following year may ninth nineteen eighty nine did not know that died <unk> over oh that's super famous. We've talked about that a lot too on the show. I i remember the meaning of the song no there you go on this day in nineteen nine eight. That's the number one song keith whitley. Don't close your eyes. Don't go babbel disdain over and talk to jerry in massachusetts. Who's on the line. Jerry welcomed the body. Don't show how are you hi good morning audio. Why are you all were good. What's happening. I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the show. Thank you very much. You're waking up early with us. I hi and bobby. I'm so happy that you're going to be back on idol. Oh thank you. I plan to also perform this year and and try to win the competition. I felt like last year. I was just mentor on the show. I'm gonna get the mix school yeah i. I think that would be great. Well thank you very much and thanks for listening. Where do you live massachusetts. I wouldn't georgetown one of my favorite georgia's. We were drafting pig georgetown massachusetts georgia's jerry. Thank you for calling the show. Thanks for listening and if you don't mind telephone about us i well. I tell everybody about your perfect. Get a tattoo of us all right all right. Thank you have morning. Here's the bobby bones on show podcast highlights segment of the day okay hamels step on my phone of the snacks that i'll be picking here we'll do. We're doing our draft in fantasy z. Style a fantasy football. We'll go around the room and draft our favorite gas station snacks and i admire what edited yesterday <hes> what what's up eddie went to a gas station and then guide on instagram and said hey what's everybody's gas station snag and started looking at poll well. Hey just wanted to see what the you bud wanted good for you and i saw duckie's actually responded a did so we will go around the room. We will draft gas station snacks. The rule is there's no rule. You can pick anything in a gas station and be like that's my number one snack so i will go first with the first just pick in the gas station snack draft. I shall go with flaming hot cheetos the very much scott gale all messy when you're driving true juicing. I think they'll make me hate on your pigs because you know you're going to hate on a mini is getting ahead of a lot of times grow pick. I don't know i'm very very very warm at this game and the terrible pick unless you like the demons like songs from the eighty s and you pick block o brown to get up right right lunchbox did that with the thousands okay. Are you ready amy. I'm a little nervous. The second overall pick in gas stations snack draft. 'em you got king-size sharable peanut eminem's. Oh interesting. Were you already going there. Can you know i was that's the first thing on my listen. You said it earlier and i was like oh why are solid choice wrong graves. Nobody doesn't peanut sharable. Can you know you you don't don't get to go with the king-sized. We're not putting the size of the bags. Oh okay well but at the gas station that's what they offer. You and you're like okay might as well because if that's the case i'm gonna go with a keg of flaming hot cheetos. Okay all right lunchbox for the next pick in the draft when i stopped at the gas station i'm hungry. I'm looking for something that has protein kind of healthy. I walked down the island catches. My is something i love beef. Jerky sallow beef jerky saw. I saw a lot of people in that. He's a lot the people all right eddie with the next pick in the gas station snack draft. I mean lunchbox went beef jerky right in front of me but i'm going to be technical with him and i'm gonna take slim jim which is not a beef jerky. Okay there you go. Jim happen happen to us lynch. Is that randy macho man. Oh wow beef jerky jerkin slim. J. active split the vote with that one a little bit yeah morgan number two. I gotta go with something. I always when i play softball. Softball sunflower seeds pick one so here's everybody's first pick in the gas gas station snack draft bobby flaming hot cheetos amy peanut eminem's lunchbox beef jerky eddie snap into his limousine in morgan number. Two sunflower seeds morgan number two. You have the next pick because it goes down the line and then backward go ahead. I like like these for breakfast. Some hostess donuts k. hostess donuts for generic while you hate nettie generic hayden the solid pick. Maybe not the most glamorous but a solid pick if it's the powdered ones again a little messy in the car you're you're so good window on your genes. They got napkins at the gas station. They're very very good. <hes> eddie here we go. I'm gonna go pizza. Pizza flavored labor combines flavored combo flavor in life because that's the best one take a different combo flavor and do what he did. The knees man. If i knew another combo flavor i we made that up but no i'm not doing that because i get in trouble for making things up on on the fly through you do so i have beef jerky. That's protein but everybody likes sweets. When they go to the gas. She wants something fun and you want something you want to indulge wants tastes so good. Gimme reese's peanut butter. Cups politics solid pick. I'm going to tell you my first three picks. You guys have all nailed him really right now. Just look and i think it's coming up at jerky and combos on his mind to wait have combos on over and over you read the only time you buy combos is at the ghanistan by combos living there at the grocery store. Just shoot great amy okay. You have your second pick in the gas station snack draft. We'll see because i have a different flavor combos the i love you know because that's just gonna divide. No i can't do that. I'll just let you have at take. Take take it. I mean this is something i literally buy at the gas station all the time. I know it's not super fun but <hes> gum. That's funny gum. There's not a bad end though nobody loves it. Nobody loves that. Nobody said solid answer way to go. That's great but i buy that at the gas station. Okay all right bones <music>. You're thinking hard. I've got a couple here because i have two picks in a row now. Let's say you're crunching numbers over oh yeah three times to i'm gonna go with my next pick. I'm gonna go with bunyan's yesterday. I just think there's a there's a real passionate base for the fundings. I think the people are behind that one. Yeah people do like those. I think so to us here we go. You're gonna come after meet those well. I can take any kind of go. My want omits commits so we have all more pick left back over to me. I want to go three chips because doritos are always a solid pink eye doritos in like i would just slammed with cool. Ranch doritos probably right right right go specific yeah. It's my pick again and like i did love pork rinds though like the guessing pork rinds grocery stores now have all this stuff of groceries. I'm gonna go go pick out a lot of people pickles. Do i like switch it up and go snickers bar though oh good maybe v._s. Possibly the final pickier. I'm gonna go with thinking on this one year. What are those things called does does he sticks chicken bone judy tutorials okay my pick so far flaming not she doesn't functions with the next pick as tough. I'm getting. I'm gonna go with guardado's. That's that's. That's a solid fit. I don't y'all my radar out before history of doing this. I never yell my radar al doing except he didn't do yesterday. I know tricking you guys with the reverse radar takes me back to my childhood amy with your last pixel for you have peanut eminem's and gum the gas station snack draft. Yes i have once you pop. You can't stop sour cream and onion pringles. Our commissioner pringle solid it's time i still think i'll be honest. Pickle is a pick for someone has to still think. Pickle is a good pick for someone. I'm not even saying saying that. I think you gotta go with the gas pickle. I almost picked the pickle. I cannot eat the goal and say it was for me. Lunchbox so far or you have beef jerky and reese's peanut butter cups. Does your final man when you go to the gas station and you're hungry and you're really want something good is going to fill you up and you look at those things just spinning and spinning and spinning and you say yeah. I want one of those hot dogs from the gas add those piccolo rod great <hes>. They're there because they sell folks. They are there because people by them those look. Are there like shout one. Maybe once they are good. You didn't go sushi gas station. Yeah eddie okay all right. This is a tough and i thought you were going to take phones. You have slim. Jim and pizza flavored combo so far you mentioned it in your little radar dr thing yeah and i'm so glad you didn't take it. I'm gonna pork. Rinds songs are struggling with that one but i knew i wouldn't say it. I'd say it out but down south we call him on his play into your audience morgan number two at the final pick in the gas station snack draft so for you have sunflower seeds and hostess doughnuts. I gotta go listen sour. Gummy worms solid pick. That's a good candy. Pick gummy worms so sour gummy worms though specifically right sour where it's at two okay there we have it will build the page. Now you build a vote. The next fifteen twenty minutes bobby bones dot com on who has the best gas station snack draft. I have flaming hot cheetos onions and guard. Does i'm carbon up over here. Pipping up big time just committed ship. Lunchbox has beef jerky reese's peanut butter cups and hot dogs. The guy loves his meat. There's one thing about lunchbox launch box. He loves his meat. <hes> eddie has slim jims pizza-flavored combos and pork rinds. They're a little bit of jerky. Morgan number two has sunflower flower seeds hostess doughnuts and sour gummy worms originals right. No okay you skip naming gas gas. I have shared. She's is a penny for the ticket vinnie. Though that's funny she has courteous service for the person working the desk and a lider. She's got a pag a marlboros harbor alive. I actually have him sharable komo news. This is what i buy it at the gum. Everybody loves gum flavor hubbard john the the the choice is yours. Gump sour cream it on your pringles yeah. She like went specific on the pringles but not the gun uh-huh. I like it though everybody. Everyone goes bodyguards dot com guess i'll sit said out again. I think you'll do well. I think you'll do well. <hes> okay so you're able to go to bobby brown dot com. Let you know whenever that goes out. Bobby bowl show trees agrees criminal. What you got here are warning to be careful to let your dogs play in ponds of water. There's a toxic algae bloom going on and it can be bad here. Dog's health making even die in san francisco half a million dollars. Worth of jewellery and electronic was stolen from ex baseball star alex rodriguez car while it was broadcasting. Police are reviewing security footage and finally a video of a c._n._n. Anchor threatening to call them in off-color name argument escalated in the anchors threatened to men with physical physical violence. Authorities are reviewing the tape now. A teenager got a b._m._w. As a gift from his parents which sounds awesome awesome however he wanted a jaguar instead he drove b._m._w. Into a river because he was mad made a video of it parents brought this kid up good <hes> the videos currently going viral. I would watch the delight to you now the exact model of the b._m._w. Sedan is not known. Let's three or five series which is about fifty thousand dollars. He reportedly pushed the car in the river and also made a video of it however after after the vehicle that stuck in a patch of tall grass he then took the help of locals and tried recovering the vehicle anyway. It's a brat. Don't raise brats. That's and that's the more you know right. Thank you yes. I repair not their apparent listening right now though they were about to buy their b._m._w. And they're like oh jaguar yeah. The more you know think the average person now against thirty six pounds in a long term relationship. Wow that's that's a significant. That's not three to six. That's thirty six according to a new study. The average person now gains a delicious thirty six pounds in long term relationships. You gained seventeen in the first year alone. We think the main reason is that you gain weight in relationships. You just get comfortable. Oh and then you're probably eating a lot more with someone. I find sometimes when my husband is gone on work trips or whatever i don't eat as much because sometimes it's like if i'm not hundred for dinner. It's like none of the bigger we deal with social thing right and then when he's around. You definitely eat a lot more when you have a significant other so there's that and then there's the comfortable factor. I mean forty. Two percents say it's going out to dinner and having dinner together. Sixty four percent of people say it's because they felt like they can relax see. I'm not there yet. I'm still so peacock and a little bit. I still gotta look somewhat pretty soon bill o. desirable gago where they're gonna have those feathers flashy. I'm trying yeah. Jonah's easy to hold as they used to be is that right yeah only got like two and a half the other ones are still in there hitting. I i know i got. I got to get on it again. I've kind of go at all but i'm not like one fifty nine right now like one fifty seven like the my my good spot and now goes right to my stomach like that belly spot but but when idle starts back in september. I got about two three pounds to really lose because it's at my worst i post. You've give me my face like the next day the next day from what were you doing that one day. That makes you know i mean. I'm assuming it's inflammation. It looks like weight gain. I'm like great great kevin in north carolina. You're on the bobby bones show. Hey kevin hey what's up. What's up dude. You're on the air. I appreciate. Hey good morning studio yeah so i just want to let you guys look. I grew up california now transplanted here in north carolina. I had no idea what country music was all about. I stumbled across the dial guys. I've been here for about a year now. I've got an hour commute every morning and thanks to you guys about two minutes. Hey that's awesome awesome. Thank you so much. I wish you guys ron and evening too. 'cause i gotta drive that same our back home and that'll get you guys in the evening so that's kind of a bummer but thanks so much you guys are awesome. Well on your phone. <hes> i have a podcast and amy has a podcast asked the guys have a podcast and so it's like our our our spin off shows. I would interview show amy has. Maybe maybe it's not for him but you can check it out. I have mail listeners do they. Sometimes they email me and i i get shocked. Check mines called the bobby cast. Amy's is called four things with amy round. Lunchbox eddie and raise called these sore losers. Hey thanks appreciate that own show. Your kids got asked to be in the music video. Yes by the way the get up is a song here. Were tell me more. I got an email from the music label and they're making the video and i guess there's gonna be a playground scene where they need like fifteen kids or so and they asked if my kids wanted to be part of it and ooh that's like there was a talent fee like they're going to get paid. It's a paid gig. I had to submit like headshots of the kids which i don't have. I just sent pictures but i don't know house like a low the ask for your kids to be in it or say. Hey would you like to audition to be in it. No they just straight up ask. I don't think that that they have to be you know really good dancers by any means means they did attach the youtube link to the video and they're like here. It is so that the kids can practice and i was like my kids are not going to be able to have this memorized by the time this goes down so today so i don't know i mean verge. We tried our best. They're showing up. I have no idea what the results going to be but i'm excited how much they get paid hundred dollars each. I don't know yeah okay 'cause they said if one or both of them want to do and this is the the talent one hundred dollars so i guess yeah don't tell them that i haven't told them one hundred <hes> are you keeping that money your mom and your first and then i will divvy out based on performance talk or attitude. Are you gonna go watch i can i don't it's like it's like a little ways out and so we've got it. We're trying to figure figure out scheduling but they'll get their video yet. Yes i asked them before. I committed. I said hey guys. I got a note. You've been asked to be in a music video for the song and they've seen your video with doing the dance so they know it and they both said yes right away. I would say no. I knew stevens. It'd be like whatever yeah and then insperity. She said yes. I was shocked. She doesn't like to be on camera and stuff. Are they going to be those kids that have the money stolen by their manager. Mom older on jerry springer version two thousand thirty like for it all started when i get up music video and i didn't get my money. I should've known them to mom. <hes> hundred hundred dollars each. They do not need one hundred dollars but they i can put it away i already i probably actually think costa shear around eighty mortgage taking money out of hers. She has a wallet in her <hes> dresser upstairs where she keeps all her money. That's from what you get money while. She sells her sa bracelets so she gets money from that. She gets <hes> birthday money like gifts and stuff and she just keeps it. She does not spend you borrow it and sometimes i need to go to the a._m. Which is her interest she doesn't. I don't think she's notice yet because i don't know that she's open the wallet up if she were to open it up at this point she'd be like where's all my money but i keep waiting for her to ask me where it is. I'll pay back door. I will just had argued with us. We're not even arguing with it. I feel bad that i haven't paid back yet because i mean it's been over the last few weeks today. Like eddie never paid back neck. They went back and did a year later. Yeah sure bone nashville in hollywood and morgan number two thirty seven blake shelton has a new song called hell right. He's dropping this friday. It's a collaboration with trace adkins. Brothers osborne have a live at the reimann album coming out on october eleventh. It was recorded recorded during three nights of shows there earlier this year and they said getting to record there is something they will never forget this place. One night is is a gift. It's an accomplishment accomplishment that everyone should remember the three. It's still my mind jay. Daughter peres has some serious facial expressions. Everyone has been telling jake that she gets it from him. He said that he thought he was a pretty easy going funny guy but he learned through peres very serious instead of friendly face. I'm number two. It's time for the good news. Take a nine year old boy from anthem. Arizona ona has donated his twice to a nonprofit that helps kids battling cancer. This is from k._p. Joe t._v. gets it. I decided decided to grow my hair because i thought the kids in cancer needed hair well. The problem was some of his classmates were bullying him over his long and sometimes awkwardly length hair because when you're growing it out it's not always super pretty. They thought i was crazy because i was a boy and they don't usually see boys with long hair. He said that they didn't he didn't let bullying stand in the way grew it out. Cut it off again buster off second time. He's doing it all well so good for him. One for the idea and for doing it in to for standing up to the ball isn't doing it anyway that's right. I'm sure that can't be comfortable for a nine year old kid. You're sons nine. Yeah i mean sometimes he does feel picked on and never any fun so shout out to anthem arizona and brody. Who's helping at other kids. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. Hey i'm andy if you don't know me. It's probably because i'm not what famous but i did. Start a men's grooming company called harry's the idea for harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed an outta touch at harry's. Our approach is simple. Here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by world class german blade factory obsessing over every detail means. We're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch switched to harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with special offer. Get a harry starter set with a five blade razor waited handle shave shave gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to harrys dot com and enter four four four four at checkout. That's harrys. He's dot com code. Four four four enjoy did not show. This story comes from florida. <hes> a man wanted to take his kayak out on the lake but he only had one person him and he couldn't get off the roof of his car. He's like what i'll do. Is i'll go down. The boat ramp and i'll slam on the brakes. The kayak will fly off the top of the car. Scientifically sounds wonderful <hes> yeah so he's going down the boat ramp and nationally hits the gas instead of the brake aw and his car is under the water water so the kayak did come off in the water but his s._u._v. boop boop well. Both options weren't gonna end well. You really can't break slam and then hope you're gonna do foldaway guy guys not the brightest guy anyway. Also you got to know before you go you. Get the kayak off anyone around. Hey excuse me sir. Would you mind helping him. A kayak off right or can't find go home. This is not a good plan. I it was a bonehead from the beginning for sure. That's your boneheads story. Today your body and mr bobby transmitter the right. Hey thanks for calling the show. Let's talk to robert urge zahn. Hey robert. Thanks on the show. What's up everybody. <hes> just wanna give you guys a call dissect rubber and michelle. <hes> you guys actually named our baby skywalker. We just wanted to call and let you know that we did have them on thursday. The eight and his name is skywalker. Let let me let me reset for our listeners robber and his wife called up and said hey you can name our kid but here are the options and what were the names for the boy robert you guys thinking between the names were a skywalker a tray you and caffeine so three characters from science fiction they love science fiction and we voted as a show and of the three we picked skywalker and then they named their kid on our votes awesome. It's a what's his name. It's skywalker. That's first name. Skywalker is his first name and his middle name is legacy. What was that excuse me. Langlands wins yes from lord of the rings. Oh boy skywalker legless yeah and he has a picture. She's gonna show i'm here. I'm looking at the baby will look at that baby right. They're cute baby have you have you broken the news to him. What his name is. Yes we <hes> and actually we did his <hes>. His room up is <hes> all-star were stuff and actually got his baby pictures taking with us some light sabers and walk and and you know so good for you. Are you gonna call him sky. <hes> <hes> no we are going to call them skywalker <hes> we'll actually find in our other kids because they wanted to call him just by skype or like no skywalker i bet you that's too long. I bet you eventually eventually. You'll just call them skywalker. I would think so. Maybe even walkers a normal her name for school so they don't make fun of right. It's going to be awesome so as of right now. We're sticking skywalker. Okay i love it. Yes the new love makes you feel good. That's awesome. I named my dog after a character from the office granted not a human but you know named after someone from the office in the baby's healthy everything's good yes both yeah the baby's healthy um michelle's doing good so yeah. Everyone's doing good how to how to good delivery well. We appreciate that update all right well yeah. We just wanna call ain't got that will stick with the name skywalker so you guys officially named our baby there. It is all the babies listeners good. Hey robert have have we're good day bud are you guys have a great day as well later by the way legless is orlando bloom's character and lord of the ring so just naming naming babies what we do <hes> let me go to mega california real quick. Hey meghan you on the bobby won't show. Would you like to say guys morning cereal <hes>. I was just wondering how you travel so much and you're like puzzles. Sleep schedule changes so much. How do you like do that like what's going back to work today. I'm struggling <hes>. The tip is for me as i never get used to it. I always kind of feel crappy when i'm traveling. I just get better performing feeling crappy like that's how i make. My strides hides is i can't fix my schedule. I'm west coast east coast central time zone late night travel on the weekends for shows. So what i do is try to improve myself when i don't feel my best because then when i feel my best rock and roll city. I'm like oh my goodness. I'm great but just a general principle in my life if i can improve on. I'm not my best one and my the best automatically going to be so improved because if i'm up when i'm down then i'm going to be way up when i'm up so my goal is to really focus when you're feeling bad get better at doing it when you're not feeling your best because because when you are your best you're gonna crush it. You know i mean yeah you can't you just can't help the fact that you're traveling and you're not getting sleep can't help it so deal the cards hards. You've been given get better when you're not good when you are great. You'll be even better there. You go make sense too much. It makes sense the right time for the country music played on saxophone game before the break we play this clip here of jayco and barefoot blue jean tonight on saxophone never gonna give up never going to slow down okay so all these our country. The song played on saxophone. You haven't seen the list no way by the way this is. Mike d production special special close. Thank you all right here. We go saxophone song number one. I mean the <music> town or girl crush. Crush everybody <music>. Hey all right number two raimondo plenty that country music song on saxophone <music> <music> but he's dragging down right three seconds. Ooh she's crazy in her. Craziest beautiful meets beautiful crazy. Thank you shoot crazy beautiful. I know how talk with you edwato beautiful crazy eddie not long reading next one up <music> <music> time speechless orange speechless speechless next one up <music>. They played again <music> <music> amy bright young lunch box holy no cop car. Wherever were you a good stuff income car yeah the shannon. I was too busy watching you run eddie winning here. I'm not backing down each year. The man all right here we go last one <music> <music> and i'm in you. No it's oh amy incorrect. God bless the broken road so close hard on that one guy gave me you eddie to have god gave wow road yeah. Couldn't they go on any now. You'll get me on the speed around uh-huh okay well no. I don't want to win very easily. Just buzzing your name. If you know over ready for this one here we go. Oh good good rascal flatts okay. What's the name of the pope. Our home big shot interrupting my thing so more. I get to hear anymore <hes>. Do you know i've even enough. I try. I was running county down in the middle of. I think time won't take your time. I don't i don't have the tuna go onto my head anymore. I what i was hearing if i if i can get it back if i get it right now in the next expires yellow in the middle of your thinking time though yeah i know i agree okay fine ten seconds. Okay hold us play some music. We'd ebbed air because that will kill that people change. I don't have lost the tune. It goes like this. Don't tell me because i heard it. <hes> i lost a tune all right. Thank you got played song. Ah school added so easy. When you hear the site what hurts the most eh hunan beating the patriots win win however you guys try to cheat trying to not let me hear that song. He hasn't let me take my listen how they win the same east pile of stories so there's a kid who broke the guinness world record for solving rubik's cube with with his feet. I was watching the video. It is a may i can do the rubik's cube in my hands in this. He looks like a twelve year old. Now i mean it's pretty crazy. It's amazing so first of all. The record by hand is three point four seven seconds so this kid decided dominant. I tried out with my feet sixteen point nine seconds is how long it takes them and that's about how long it takes us to put on a pair of shoes and lace them up and he solving rubik's cube. We'll the amazing thing is he can actually make a turn of the cubans feet at all yeah 'cause that's. It's tough to do just turning the cube at all even not getting it right yet but it's pretty amazing. It's only got sixty thousand views right now but a rubik's cube with the fi world record succeed point nine six seconds. It's a pretty amazing. How does this get amy to say. I not mastered it with his hands by age eleven but i don't know how it will be is in this video. The need twelve or thirteen years old yeah what else okay so we all know about the five second rule and the food joplin floor and you got five seconds eat it but buzzfeed is feed. I thought this is pretty funny does run a survey asking people which foods they will and won't eat after they drop them on the floor because it's not just being wit right anything set you. There's a point one second floor. It's done because it's going to stick to it right. Okay so i'm eliminating fruit out of the <hes> shell or out of the the rhine in using wet. Yeah there's some good ones on here in like sort of wet they think about it. You're making a piece toast and you're putting peanut butter and jam false face down. No you still need it none right. Here's a percentage of people that really gets final also <hes> spaghetti meatballs and he saw sir spread it can't you can't do that pizza depending on which side it lands i right great great question if it lands on the bottom side no big deal depends how clean the floor is and what part of the floor to but i could see myself breath scooping up quick from the bottom <music> but not from the top. We'll the number one thing that people will like ninety. Five percent of people are still going to eat if it drops on the floor. Let me think about this a french fry right cookie quality guesses. It's gotta be something dry and hard. What's my favorite drying hardest. Thing about falls on the floor falls on the floor. I'm gonna go with crackers a cookie. Oh alexa so there yeah that's fun so family in ohio is suing a fertility clinic after their dna kits that they got as a gift as a family <hes> showed that one of their daughters isn't related to the dead now she got pregnant using a fertility clinic and some other man's burn the the fertility clinic used a random person's sperm not one they wanted and this and the daughter she's twenty four years old now and just now finding out that pearl heavens c._e._o. Yeah that stinks for everyone involved so now. She doesn't know oh her bilo. I mean this is her. Dad's thought she was dot along raised her but her real biological dad like the medical history the family genetics who even is her grandparents are or does she have brothers and sisters ouch yeah <hes> she has to deal with the fact that a clinic fertilize her eggs with a complete stranger sperm and then place them in her body bomb pretty for her to go. I wonder where my biological dad is. That's those disney kits. Get you in trouble. I just i just wanna know what country from. I'm trying to find who i'm related to got cousins every two weeks reaching out to me on email. Hey bobby you might third cousin in the right. They have the data to prove that it amy amy that some filing that was amy's pile of stores and we're back at the ron burgundy podcasts season do baby carolina. Here is a pathological liar okay. So what does her brain look like. I normally would disagree with this but i made a pact with run earlier so yeah. Let's go with it but we never went else does on on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smell of your breath offer you the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey no carolina that doesn't bother me. You're leading a little bit for the back of your shirt that means it was a good waxing. They got the entire hair follicle. He say i know oh so. How long has it been bleeding. It's been bleeding all night lar- shouldn't go cheap on waxy through my sheets out. This is ron burgundy until next time. Don't use public restrooms. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever can you find your podcasts. It's time for the good news so on a highway in oklahoma homa city near tinker air force base an elderly woman was carrying heavy bags and walking two miles home again near highway. It's super hot outside. One airman who is nearby because of the base he offered her a ride home pelter load the groceries into his car and a woman that just happened opened me in the right area at all this video she posted it and it now has more than two million views and like sixty five thousand shares and an according to tinker air force based the airman is a member of the five hundred and fifty second air control wing good for him two million views on people watching goodstuff people see good stuff. They do like that story right there. That's what it's all about that. Tell me something good your buddy. Mr bobby transmitter moments away from the fantasy draft today. We'll be drafting favorite gas station snacks but first time for amy's joke with the morning corny <music> morning courting couples fight at the mall. Where do couples fight at the mall feud court. The feud court for that was a morning corny. Does your husband like shopping with you now he doesn't he he gets annoyed. His patients about twenty minutes twenty minutes. I mean you can even try one thing and twenty minutes. Oh you can't well. I mean find the thing and then go try it on. I'm already annoyed. I'm annoyed the length of this conversation. He acts like he's been at the mall forever seriously if he's been there twenty minutes and i say it's only been twenty. Minutes feels like forever. This just came in the text line so good morning studio the question for amy earlier this morning she was talking about borrowing cash wallet be wrong but sounds like our daughter is not aware of the quote unquote loan to amy. Is this the case correct. Amy wouldn't want to teach kids to be secretive and quote borrowing from her pocketbook. Why would you do this to them. Respectfully kim because on the mom gotcha. There's a lot of things kids can't do because the kids and then things parents can do because they're the parents so i mean she. We allow her money that she makes like we've told her she needs to put it in the bank which it that'd be better because when borrow it but she has asked if she you can keep it in her nightstand with her. She can't just freely spend her money on whatever she wants like if i say no to ice cream or slushy she can't it'd be like well. I have my own money. I'm going to go by two different things. Though i know i'm asking is it's okay to take from her right. No that was my way of setting up that i i'm still still in charge of the money. So if i'm going to borrow it i don't. I don't have to run it by her. I will pay her back banker. I'd rather slide it back in there and she never knows and then it's a a non issue and that's that's my plan long story short 'cause. You're the mom yes. You answered it. There you go <hes> a-rod lost five hundred thousand dollars when his rental car got broken into now. This story is a little nutty to me and would you look up eddie. A rod's net worth as i do believe it'll be quite extravagant but alex rodriguez had a rental car broken into in san francisco and that the got away with five hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff including a camera a laptop jewelry bag. Well listen if you broke into my car. You're going to get a phone charger. Maybe a half drink <hes> mocha lattes. They don't even like coffee in the back seat because it wasn't that good. You ain't get much out of my car. Alex rodriguez had five hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff in his car. What's weird to me is that you would have that amount of stuff and not someone protecting it because for the low price of <hes> one security guy they can protect your stuff all the time worth it. If you have half a million dollars and stuff. You should probably pay somebody just to watch over it. What's alex rodriguez worth roughly three three hundred fifty million which to me. It wasn't crazy that he had five hundred thousand dollars in stuff in his car. Because if you have that kind of money i would imagine you probably believe it's a pretty fancy stuff behind but you're not you don't have somebody to protect it. That's the nutty part. You can afford some unprotected. This is the old when people would get d- you is and you go. What are you gonna do you all your rich. Get a driver over and now you have uber and you have drivers and you have lift and it's not a deal but with this when people get ton stolen from them. If if you're so rich gets me to protect it you can leave it in. There is have someone stand outside the car. What's it gonna cost. You thousand bucks anyway. I saw it was stolen. You know those so you're broken that car and they were like oh my goodness right this goal the bottom of the ocean floor. We've found it. This is it we've found so a rod had half a million dollars taken economic rental car what was rental car. It doesn't say i'm curious a-rod rent and does he go to enterprise compact economy right. Can i get the the prius. Special are the biggest songs in country music right now. Here are tuesday's top three at number three the ones that didn't make back home from justin moore <music> number two dan shea. I want you all the myself. You don't need it shoot and number. One luke combs his second week their beer. Never omar your biggest top a forty and alternative song this week billy eyelash bad guy so you ask what do you mean moved into that spot shoes behind someone berlanti. She's a longest number two behind little still there yet so many charts can income tip off song is liz. Oh truth hurts big girl power the songs and music you like that one amy or do you know what yes i like it. Were you with me. When did the show eliza. No i was yeah i was there but i didn't go to the event with you and did you even eliza was going to be there. They brought three people to do this. Show and i was like they're like to bring into artists big deal and i was like okay eh so i go up and i'm doing comedy and it was me dan shea who even other work showing couldn't like what are you guys doing. What are you doing here and then liz. Oh and we all three performed and wasn't a super cool wow yeah dan shared big davis. Just get <hes> yes. She was super nice and she's like exploded wooded recently. It's time for the good news box since he was a little kid. Mike wooten had always always dreamed about being a marine so he enlists goes. The boot camp goes through the thirteen week boot camp and riders graduations approaching. He has to go to the hospital and having an emergency surgery so he's mission missing boot camp graduation he sad the nurses find out about it so when he comes out of surgery they have the doctors nurses all line the hallways and they marched them down and they play the marine corps him so that way. He's like tack graduation when he comes out of surgery. That's pretty cool. That's good <hes> drugged up that it got to experience that. They said that he was smiling ear to ear but they didn't say it was at the medicine graduation that winter all right there you go. That's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something good off your buddy and miss. The bobby uncaught america right. You're right underneath mon-. I do see this right here. I cut myself shaving underneath my i guess i was getting a run and star. You have hair there. Oh right under my i know. Are we going so high. I ended nick myself as i was going down like i'm going in for the landing a cut the crap out of me yesterday no way to keep like clogging it up up because it was bleeding and they get an artery those things i- arteries look i did you can shave their though it'll help with your currency idea of what i got a a bunch of masters yesterday about you and you talk about you. Shave your face yeah something. You've talked about on the show before but amy shaves her face like a man well no i i don't see i don't put shaving cream on and use a man razor. I use orbit. It's called a tinkle razor and i just loves it. Thanks is high if he sees it. It's just it's like. We're a has to walk away for a couple of days. Goes inside uh-huh okay yeah. I know it's it's. It's a game changer. If you're a woman and you're shaking your face are missing out. I was suchet's yesterday because i had a photo shoot and i was doing a bunch of promo pictures. I've been lucky enough this magazine which it'll come out soon enough. They're gonna put me on the cover and we're like wow we'll go gosta picture the no one else has so. It's like all right so we do this photo shoot and we take the pictures and i i caught myself bad and i brought my dog up to shoot some pictures with him too and so <hes> take this and so at the end of the photo shoot i'm holding on. I'm changing clothes and it's all my instagram and i didn't know that we're actually taking that picture but you can see me and i don't have a shirt on you. Don't really see anything except like my shoulders my arms and i i start to get messages. I never gotten dirty in a direct message from girls ever until i posted this picture yesterday. What do you mean by dirty. Welcome instagram story. I posted one of the girls like it's all like heart is and then the eggplant emoji those girls nat amy. I've never been so aggressively hit on instagram. I feel like this picture. Was that good. So what was your reply to that one. I posted on the inside story. That was that was is my reply wait. I was changing. I pick my dog. Oh my gosh undying remember romero. Okay you can do your talk but hold on. Let me say in defense of this picture i literally it was changing clothes and my dog over and i picked him up real quick and so it wasn't like a post picture the last picture my instagram mr bobby bones if you want to see it. I'm just now seeing this so oh now. I don't know i feel weird if i like. Is it okay liking. I just saw it for the first eggplant. I mean i'm going to like it because you're my friend your your pants picture yeah. Yes good looking picture but it's it's. I could see her girls. Ask picture. I mean it has been really hot outside lately so go ahead okay. You're all dolled up because your photo shoe hair. Let's just be like like you look good. You know if you dolled up on point you don't ever fix your hair and i can tell that your hair is done. It looks really good. You're holding your dog which is flexing in your muscle ivy and a hater. How is that. I wanted to our what good describing picture your and then you have your pants manson done. So of course girls are losing their minds. I think losing their minds of the little much let me see you should lose your glasses and pants more often bobby. Yeah i mean there's a thousand communists. I woke up this morning and i was like what happened. I what did you say is. Your caption can't find my i. I'm wondering because of a comet comet. Someone's gotta salary. Bet can't find my glasses. My pants are falling off and my dog always looks annoyed but what a wonderful day and someone commented pretty sure no one in your audience complaining about any of those missing items. This girl said holy crap almost dropped my phone in the tub when i scrolled onto this this is is likely to hit of instagram picture of like me have a dog. This is fun. This is like a hot calendar. Pick another girl. Make sure you call me when those pants fall all the way down talking to somebody road. The pants are actually actually a huge turn on a few weird even saying that the nerd got over today kit. Perhaps you should lose your glasses in your pants more often bobby fire emoji three hour no no different y'all. I'm not really into this picture. Go ahead. I think it's a great picture. I say you should use it for your new profile picture on your dating apps well. I'm not wearing my glasses. Is that a little bit of cheating. No my normal life. I wear glasses losses every second you have. You'll have plenty of other pictures with glasses on their. This is great like i picture though this one sweet what a catch brains the personality sensitivity and god you look fire and this pick i write holy blank open pantai me like whoa forget about the doggone doc master bobby bones on instagram. I got you can get this four zero five number and they say it's definitely a tool pick really you. You said that i tried to get haters on all the time it takes the one hater but they run but no i just i just looked at my <hes>. My green and people will not be on the show the text anonymous or they get brave and that yeah screen. I'll put this four zero five number on its texting <hes> anyway mr i wouldn't we do a whole format a segment on. I just wondered what you thought about. It and we still look not even pantages now. You started the pants undone eating comment. Let's go over to dalton in saint louis dalton. You're on the bobby bones show. What's up bud hey. How's it going studio morning. So i listen to you guys everyday. Driving were listening since high school. I just graduated college and so when i get into work i'll turn on iheartradio and listened to the rest of the show <hes> but recently my boss kevin who told me that having they can podcast on a distraction. I can't listen anymore so now my workdays way way more boring. I don't know what to do with myself yeah well. When are you going to quit probably anytime soon. 'cause it's my first job out of college pretty good company but it is a huge bummer. I'll talk to your boss. Can you transfer me <hes>. I'm sitting outside of work right now. I don't really wanna be like hey someone for you. What did you like. Have i quit your job. They'll let you listen option to. I'll talk to your boss otherwise. I don't know what i can do for you don well. I just want to let you guys now how much i love the show appreciate that the workday is definitely more boring well. How about this. I know you can't do it at work but you can always listen to the podcast. Whenever you go home or you drive you just search bobby bone. Show on demand and you can check the show out right then we do oppo show pre show to on pretty much every show which is extended versions of what you didn't get to your life. All right sounds great. I appreciate that eddie nar coming in saint louis show sold out but we'll come into saint louis alleging idiots and a few weeks yeah. My wife texted me like a couple of months ago. When we found out you guys were coming and we strongly considered it but the tickets were already crazy expensive. Um look closer to the show. They'll be real. Listen if anybody's going to <hes> the secondary sites. Don't spend two hundred bucks a ticket. That's where the really expensive. It's not us doing that. People buy them and then resell them but <hes> how about this. Oh here we go. We gotta hey ron. <hes> mckenna from oklahoma texted me being a tool and the picture on instagram mccain. I'm so happy i'm just happy you answer the cau- aw like no. I'm so sorry i didn't really like i really bad. I felt bad why you said so. That was a total picture. I like to cook. It's just not only i <music>. I rueda tool tool means something different to her. Let her it's an attractive picture like when a guy like me like when a guy like an attractive teacher i tossing don't feel terrible. I was happy you came on. I was kinda hoping you were gonna rip into me a little bit because i also was like. Should i post this. I didn't think think i'm just smiling and i have my dog. I didn't think it was a tool picture as you since you was so. What did you mean by toll picture though she breaking up it's easier. It's what it's the pants i know i heard that but it also if i'm being totally honest i could've cropped it out but i didn't so just transparent there but no i didn't mean anything so okay. Hey we'll do like so. The definition of tool is a guy with a hugely over inflated ego who in an attempt to get attention for himself acts like that or posts at it says acts like a province say the word heard. It says we'll act like a donkey. I don't think i'm acting like a donkey. There's no and that's not what i've been like i. I thought it was like you. You know it's a different picture for you to post so he was thirsty sure. I didn't feel like thirsty picture. I turn to ask her. I don't think it's thirsty. Announcing announcing higher honestly just thought wow what a picture of me and my dog and i'm smiling and the end opinions are on. I know i know they are well. Listen mckenna. I i commend you for coming on the show after telling me i'm tool like that i like no. I need vitamins so sorry anything it'd be sorry we actually like it is does you losing but i think this is a perfect example of how things can get lost in translation on comments in emails and texts like behind the screen people might abi typing all kinds of things that we interpret as rude and mean and really she's so sweet interpretation for tool. That's why i thought she might be confused on the definition <music>. My dog is actually showing his win the picture right oh cleaner. That's what everyone's talking about mckenna. Thank you for listening to the show. I appreciate that i listen every morning. I love it good day each you. <hes> let me go over and talk to john in florida john. You're on the bobby brown. Show what's up buddy. Sorry bobby. Hey studio pay morning studio uh-huh. I know we were just gonna. We're gonna go ahead john so i was just gonna say i appreciate the positive if you put out and you know i love listening to the show i found you like a year ago and i love it volume instagram watch you on idol. <hes> and i just wanted to say i'm really happy happy to. I was able to get the follow up on the whole election thing yesterday. 'cause i don't usually get the follow up for a funny story like that. Well amy did post a picture of the girl that she hired to come and be alexa edison's birthday party and it looked awkward but it was kind of awkward video where he thanked her and gave her a big old hug. Okay okay well so people have that it wasn't that part wasn't awkward. The whole thing was awesome. I loved it. I loved it. It was a little awkward but i loved it. Yeah <hes> thanks john appreciate that but anything else today. Now that's it. I mean just <hes> you know. I'll i get disappointed when i get into work and i can't listen to you guys but you know it is what it is. What it is a member. I work i work. It is our hey. Thanks for calling john. Totally get that like i said is what is i felt that uh-huh someone who took the picture on your instagram photographer that was that photo shoot got her without we were doing the photo showed and i did my dog the dog up while he was there. What is that people on twitter like emphasize it. I in all caps up our dog right right button. You're out. I honestly could have cropped wouldn't even wrote it though i wasn't trying to be like it does look like a professional like like if when i wrote my pants are like if there was by luke comb doggy calendar with their owner. Thank you guys with dogs. Thank you what are psychedelics healthy substances influenced our minds and culture. What exactly do they do in the brain and how could a renaissance of scientific study into their properties improve our lives hi. I'm robert and i'm joe. We've covered a a lot of varied scientific topics on stuff to blow your mind and we just wrapped up a five part. Look at psychedelic especially naturally occurring psychedelics such as cilla sivan in our series psychedelics the manifested mind we discussed the nature of the psychedelic experience and some of the ongoing research into how the state of consciousness could enable improved improved treatments for addiction depression anxiety and how some even point to its potential to enhance human empathy niro plasticity and more so listen to stuff to blow your mind on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. This was never going to be a good idea. <hes> the story is from a town called anaconda montana so the towns named after the snake so don't let that be confused has nothing to do with the snake okay anaconda parent children were hurt and one girl went to the e._r. When a crowd rushed for money dropped by helicopter at a cash giveaway event never never was i going to be a good idea to drop money from a helicopter and expect people not to go nuts on friday august ninth the anaconda days event at a local grocery store included giveaways of candy and real cash one five and ten dollar bills but this year they brought a helicopter to throw out cash for the kids. They're like okay. We're gonna fly up. Check it out but the event went nuts obviously as adults. We're watching the money. Come down on. We got to get in on this and trampled the kids photos and videos posted social media show kids with bruce and scrapes or they never had a chance if you're seven and have the video up here if you're seven dropping money. You don't think four forty year olds are going to be like peace out kid see on the flip side. I mean they're going. It's like an easter egg hunt but the adults go is easter egg hunt. It's wild so the anaconda days did not go well. I'm pretty excited about this. They announced yesterday the a._c._m. Honors participants which is a big jill and like keith urban christianssen barbara mandrell towns tricia your weather all going to be there and play but they also now the second half of the people which is lauren elena myself kaley hammock. Miranda lambert's gonna play. It's a big deal and if you can come and your nashville it's a fantastic show would love you to try to combat the reimann but the coolest listing is that billy joe shaver is going to be there. Oh dude like i'm a big fan of billy joe shaver raimondo ability share police and so i got to be the guy to go up and be like. Can i get a picture and you call him mr shaver. I don't know mr billie joe. Sir sir is i'm going to live forever as almost thing is song. I always like to go to them. They always that's fun really like that so the a._c._m. Honors dedicated recognizing the special on reason of in the off camera winners from the fifty four academy of country music awards <hes> brooks and dunn casey. He must grades rodney crowell villager shaver. It's going to be a cool event there. Yes do we have that song. I'm going to live forever. I'm gonna cross that at river with that raimondo close janice right. I started up. Ah let's let's listen for second. I'm gonna live forever on cross said i'm. I'm curious tomorrow. <music> omits don't miss abby allah ah way doug the song uh so if you're not familiar with billy joe shaver as from texas. He lost three fingers and a sawmill accident. That's what i was going to tell you for you. Ever wrote a song and so a <hes> was working the sawmill right off and he grabbed. I just want to doctor with them. Yeah what up and so he came to nashville and he's known for you know the hard luck songs about real life he met waylon jennings in the back of a peanut trailer that led to the outlaw album and so you know as waylon jennings songs written by billy joe shaver so so it's crazy if he's such a big part of country is this. Maybe some people that just know nashville newish music. Don't know how influential he was nice to the people that influenced all those people so you know the crazy to build your neighbor. The shooting story is a good one and so billy. Joe shaver shot a man in waco. <hes> let's go. Let's go outside and again. I've heard ninety seven stories about this right. Eh he goes. Let's go outside and so he they went outside. Some people say there was an people have a lot of accounts about this ability. Chevron shot the guy and the guy di di di yeah right yeah. Waco has a big trial willie nelson shows up to oh yeah and then a song was written about it <hes> and they use that song in the trial against them like y'all played played me this song we did. We talked about this whole thing yeah so anyway soapbox when you do meet him. Those fingers are on his right hand so it's really weird when you shake. His hand is be ready for the heavy shake. Have oh yeah i've. I've had lunch with him now. That's cool yeah back. In the day we went to we went to a diner and waco. We were interviewing him and we did the interview and just sat had lunch and heat man. He has the best stories ever yeah so if i see him. I'm gonna have to get out and i don't get a lot of people i made. You got him a heart but i don't go from geek out the picture i have to do that. <hes> yeah dale watson wrote a song titled. Where do you want it about. What do you want me to want you. I love that <hes> let me talk to holly in nashville holly. You're on the bobby bones. Oh what's happened to holly ex-college to update you guys on how the interview it yesterday. You know i was thinking about yesterday holly because you called a you went to interview for a teaching job right yep. It didn't feel like i i gave this most sound advice. Yesterday i was thinking about that craig advice to the next round through to the next round now. It's a <hes> impersonate. Yesterday was on the phone. I didn't correct you. I didn't realize until after we got a phone yeah yesterday was a phone interview and then today hey are not today but tomorrow's gonna be meet and greet and i have to do a lesson plan for science. I was actually going to ask you guys what you're do. You remember your favorite science. Trusting dinosaurs refund to me because okay dinosaurs fuel fun. It's almost like you're only about. 'em animals but what what grade is she who cares don's say. Can you dinosaurs for third grade. Oh i think that's about the right age. <hes> i think that dinosaurs what what about eighty some sort of like where you get to build volcano and watch it explode with meaning soda or something yeah. That's a good one. I would think source. I'm sorry not who thinks of dinosaurs extinction of the animals in general in about how our buildings are stopping the habitat for birds and different animals like we don't want him to go extinct fine birds beyond with you okay. I'm historic guy you know. I think it's awesome that you got through the next round in person you're ready for a big tip on any interview any meeting for the first time. Here's the biggest greatest thing that you can know whenever you meet with someone smile and it's simple. It's so simple but you become so focused that you're not smiling yeah smiling. If the the whole key to see i'm clapping for all the time the whole key to getting people to like you is to be likeable if they like you. The the world is your oyster likeable. People get jobs like get dates like well. People get raises. People like to work with people they like. Why do you think the show is what it is. Yes i like these people. We just sit around and smile and never been on the radio before they make me better. Let's bring everybody in if you're lying shot so i'll i'll leave you with some sound advice today because i didn't feel like neyla yesterday but go win in person anybody listening right now first interview first business meeting if you're likable edible. It almost doesn't matter how good you are. There are a lot of people what you do. There's a million great teachers but teachers that people wanna be around. That's a whole different story so that's my advice for today. Gobi likable you any you obviously passionate about your work and that's what i meant yesterday meaning. If it didn't go well yesterday there is a little bit of freedom and knowing that you're gonna go and do another interview another until you get it till eventually. You're going to get it so there's a a a little bit of freedom and knowing that i'm just gonna keep doing it until i do it until someone hires me <hes> so go do it today. Get tomorrow tomorrow for the for the interviews game the new let us know near the end of the week how goes and just be likable. Our will be likable her right and you guys make me smile to just want you to know that all of you put you on because we like you around you. Thank you have a great day. You'll have a great dane. Totally i dunno holly. Holly holly holly another call okay. I'm looking at the wrong talk to you all right so by kaelin on real quick. I have here's caitlyn in virginia kayla. Hey nothing much that's just going home. Appreciate your call and we want to <hes>. I just wanted to say that. I love you guys and i never miss a show and i've been listening to you since i got my very first car. And how long ago was that like eight years ago. Okay we can take pretty good yeah. Thank you very much appreciate that where eleven virginia as we call it on the show chosen for all right. Thank you have a good day ed. Thank you guys to national lefthanders day which for me finally my day now the only left-handed on the entire show. I believe so named extra. No you're not you're not i know with my right but i think as i was forced to okay. You can't go run yelling. I'm extra if you're not industry siam go. Yes this got baseball ambidextrous. Okay athletically am fine. I'm right handed. You're the only uh-huh lunchbox i'm right handed strongly eddie right handed over to right handed raimondo yeah. I'm right hard right uh-huh. I mean and he's like super left-handed right now. Oh yeah i was forced. I i can't my handwriting is a week with my left hand. Although i think it could have been better i know but if i step up to a batting eh played morgan number two these facts about national lefthanders day all today's national lefthanders day august thirteenth finally a day for there's a holiday for everything everything every day is a holiday but i'll take this one go ahead gimme gimme a fact about left-handers those who are left handed are more prone to ailments like allergies and migraines. Why do get allergy af migraines not so bad. I want to jinx myself but allergies i do every day. I take like ninety. Four allergy pills snort snort pill pill under the tug tongue sub lingual. Let's just when i wake up <hes> what else morgan improved approximately twelve percent of the world's population is left handed about ten percent of us. What about emmett extra ambidextrous amy what else most of those who are left handed are insomniacs. That's pretty accurate. Although i've been sleeping better someone taking probiotics don't know if that's the thing or not could be but that health is very important important. Give me another one lefties are highly smart and some of the most famous inventors enters like isaac newton and benjamin franklin wow. I think that's unfair thing to say because there were a million right handed adventure sue found two people edison there was like people. There's a smart because they use the right brain. Though that's like going <hes> you gotta face radio. Stupid people say they aren't they. Aren't you more more creative and smart and you invented glidden to oh. What am i venit yeah a lot of fun saying okay. You did yeah yeah yeah. <hes> what else mortgage number two and left us have proved to be good. Fighters like boxing fighters well. That's is just not right. That is true. I want some of this. How many times i got beat you up for you to stop talking to grab. You have not been me up yet. We will be charity boxing match. Ooh that'd that'd be fun. Give me a year to train those here. <hes> okay anything else. Mortgage lenders got right now. Nothing like kind big heart no no don't come at me now with these you come generous giving thunder under empathetic stuffing olive garden is selling the pasta pass again. Is this tomorrow what's happening lunch. Box are believe it's wins wins there thursday. I i know how you've gotten this almost every year yeah and if you are one of the first i think fifty people to get a year ear pass. You can get the lifetime pass so the neverending pasta passes one hundred dollars and you get unlimited pasta salad and breadsticks for nine weeks wchs and over the past five years. How many years have you gotten you bought it <hes> four and so if you're one of the first fifty people at this one hundred dollar mark you can pay five hundred dollars and get the unlimited pasta pass for the rest of your life. Oh my goodness yeah. I'm trying to get into this amazing. I think it's tomorrow no it's thursday also thursday at two pm eastern yeah the never any pasta pass goes on sale there twenty four hundred m available now so at twenty four thousand eight hundred bucks but fifty of them for the lifetime. I'm one. I'm trying to get on the lifetime. Yeah who is it. I mean you gotta have fast fingers. I don't know how quick your internet is home but i'm calling my company today and i'm getting upgraded burgess because you got to be other right. I mean just you have to take a chance and hit it about thirty seconds early. If it goes through because it's going to be chaos on the internet and all of garden can be shut down <hes> well. It'll be interesting. I've never sat online and tried to get this but i'm going to a partier at ed a nightclub swings on the water pipes and makes it rain. Literally unknown guy at a popular nightclub is wanted for questioning actioning after <hes> raining. Everyone's fun thank you <hes>. The man decided to swing on some water pipes at fat controller. That's the place and when he did it was up on the roof. It busted and everyone everyone loved that they're like until it didn't stop the whole incident was caught on security cameras including the guy after he broke it casual walked away like nothing to see here my deep clubs up and haven't heard this yeah but this fortnight guy the the champ hole so he's on he's streaming his playing fortnight so everybody's watching them and while he streaming he he gets swatted someone calls and goes hey. We need a swat team and apparently swatted him while he was streaming. That's where someone pranks by calling us team into a house. So here's the clip one of them's boga. He finds out the while streaming. The swat team is outside of his house dead. I actually can't tell you hey i yeah yeah so and he comes back to the stream. After thirty minutes talking to the swat team. Yeah swatted swatted no way i was lucky because the one the one officer he recognizes gay was the guy guy comes in. I got notice him and he's just come in with guns. They really pulled off. That's a sixteen year old one that three million dollars planned fortnight what it is. It's a prank go ahead. We have an emergency in this house and they send the swab your house and they bust in the door. It's a terrible prank yeah. Someone said that he killed his dad as what it was. Oh ooh ooh wow and they believe it came from europe now. There was a guy in california twenty years in prison for doing a swot people <hes> yeah. I've never heard of that. Oh it was a whole thing. They did all special on at once. We're getting hurt and some people were getting shot because it's a prank where they go up. There's emergency come in in the house and swat teams bust in the house. Who knows what they're gonna. Do we're going to see people aren't expecting him. Hey thank you guys for hanging out with us on instagram at bobby bones show. That's that's our show instagram. You probably know that marie antoinette never said let them eat cake but here's something she did say as she was led to. The guillotine. Marie-antoinette accidentally stepped on her executioners her final words were. I'm sorry i didn't mean to do it. I'm dana schwartz and i'm the host of noble blood a new podcast from iheartradio and aaron mink each episode focuses on a single story from the life life one of history's most fascinating royds for marie antoinette during the final days the baronet lost at sea might have reappeared as australian farm in the world is full of ill fated love affairs bad decisions and family drama for monitor the personal determines the fate of nations and and wearing a crown mistakes tend to be deadly listening subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever are you listen to podcasts bones show. What do you miss most about life before your kids way more freedom of my time. That's that's a big one. Because i mean i could throw sleep in there too because with my freedom of time i sleep more yeah yeah number. Three is the ability to leave the house in a moment's notice. Yes although your kids are nine and twelve now. We're getting to where i can start to do that but in the beginning yeah obviously again. I feel my dog now to get him. <hes> got a new dog. Just can't be running around. I know number two watching your favorite the television show on a nightly basis number one driving in peace and quiet for sure for sure the i yell i yell back then the other day and i was like i cut off talking no more talking applying the silent game. I don't want hear anything you punish the game. Wow silent game yeah. That is what works melville candy. I mean i get air controllers in the back. Seat probably makes sense for people that make cars and and seldom they're like louis soviet nice feature but then when you got two kids back there that want to control everything and they fight over the what where the air should be then that's when i went to like put tape bovine all touch anything taped up and that's why they got in trouble yes because they were just bickering about it and i needed it to just stop no air. You're on the air off on the punish everybody right. I tell them. Some people don't even have air in their cars some of course right. I say that too simple. I'm houses. Do you ever have to remind you about the orphanage. Yes i mean i try not to like. Pull that car. I i really actually. I don't really use the orphanage per se but i try to give examples of what people don't have. That's what i did. Amy in this new studio like some people have new studio city lot studios amy rather don't take it for granted. I know what's going on today. Eh what's going on with you. We'll see you the kids that don't have that music video shoot today and i'm trying to figure out if i can make it there but i haven't appointment so and it's far outta town. They're going for sure but that's what we got going on what they're doing the gap challenge music video with blanco brown yeah i saw practicing on your instagram story last night pretty funny. I think i responded responded to your story with ha ha ha did they were practising yeah. I have two phone owners right after the show one in birmingham and one at tuscaloosa aska lusa because we're announcing the rain idiots show and i'll just stay in birmingham. We have announced yet go now. We still haven't done it. Oh just saying what we're gonna do so i'm doing a couple of those have a podcast meeting. I have a call in lifelock. Were announcing a eddie and are playing fair in fresno which i'm not announcing yet we're doing that. <hes> have a meeting with the digital guy i have a._c._m. Honors prep. It's a pretty busy day trying to get a workout in but not a dots on that count dirk. Today's all my stomach's a little sour to knee to <hes> dijon happening to us like i'm a same is really weird yeah in how girls get yesterday. He said hey your allergies bad like yes then our stomachs serbia today like shark week but i gotta go see you guys on wednesday show goodbye we're starting the poor pre show now so you can go over to our facebook page right now and and we should hit that just <hes> facebook dot com slash bobby bones show. I'd edward back at the ron. Burgundy podcasts season two baby pressure team wind. Do i brush my teeth. When everyone else does on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smile of your breath. I mean the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey no carolina that doesn't bother me. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts.

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