WA Republicans want fencing at the Capitol to come down


Now to olympia where republican leaders in the state legislature are calling for the fencing around the state capital to be removed. Here's kyw's austin jenkins. The fencing went up before the start of the legislative session in response to concerns that far right. Protesters might try to the capital. Now republican leaders. Jt wilcox john brown. Say the temporary chain link fence needs to go in a letter to their democratic parts and to governor jay inslee the republicans say the fencing does not fundamentally respect the rights of the people they also want public access to the north steps of the capitol restored. And they're calling for a plan to reopen the capitol building itself to the public. Ncaa's office says it's received the letter that security decisions are made by the washington state patrol in consultation with the governor's office and capitol campus tenants state patrol says there is continued uncertainty and that the fencing will remain for now but adds that it to hopes the need for these. Temporary measures will soon conclude. I'm austin jenkins in olympia.

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