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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. A federal judge is refusing to delay the sentencing date for president. Trump's longtime associate roger stone. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports. The decision comes nearly a week. After the Justice Department recommended a lighter sense for stone was convicted of witness tampering and lying to Congress federal judge says sentencing will take place on Thursday as previously scheduled. Judge Amy Berman. Jackson says she will also consider stones request for a retrial. And we'll give him time to appeal after she makes her sentencing judgment. The stone case ignited a firestorm last week. After Attorney General William Bar recommended a lighter. Prison Term Stone is facing seven to nine year sentence after being convicted last year. On seven felony charges stemming from the former special counsel's investigation into Russian election interference. President trump has called the recommended sentence quote horrible and very unfair and continues to defend bar. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Washington meantime a slew of presidential pardons and commutations today. President trump commuting roughly half of the fourteen year prison sentence a former Illinois governor Rod. Blagojevich is expected to walk out of prison today. Trump also granting pardons to former NYPD. Commissioner Bernard Kerik and financier. Michael Milken former governor was convicted of corruption in two thousand ten just months after he appeared on trump's reality show celebrity apprentice trump made the announcement says he was leaving for a campaign swing through the West starting with California trump also pardoned San Francisco. Forty niners under Edward debartolo junior depart low had pleaded guilty to failing to report a felony when he paid four hundred thousand dollars to former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards for riverboat gambling license. Day One of jury deliberations has concluded in the New York City sex crimes trial of former Hollywood producer. Harvey Weinstein NPR's rose. Friedman is in the courthouse and has more judge. James Burke spent about an hour giving the seven men and women of the jury their instructions. What constitutes evidence the presumption of innocence? What the law means by reasonable doubt and then? They began their deliberation. They'd only been gone an hour when a question Kim. Back to the court we. The jury request legal definition of the charges. They wrote and asked for answers about whether they could find Weinstein guilty. Different combinations of those charges Weinstein is charged with five counts of rape and assault. He denies all the allegations against him. If convicted of the most serious charge he could face up to life in prison. Rose Friedman. Npr News New York major cuts by Europe's biggest bank. Hsbc says it will cut thirty five thousand jobs the move one of the biggest changes in years for the london-based Bank. Hsbc says its global. Workforce will fall to two hundred thousand. The company says its net profits fell by fifty three percent last year mixed close on Wall Street today. The Dow was down one hundred and sixty five points. The Nasdaq closed up a point. This is NPR. As China reports the fewest new infections of the strain of corona virus. Since last month the World Health Organization says suggestions the outbreak has slowed should still be viewed with caution China's reporting more than eighteen hundred thousand or eighteen hundred new cases. Npr's Anthony Kuhn. Reports are eight new cases aboard the cruise ship. That's been quarantined. In Japan. Health Minister Katsunobu cotto said that all passengers aboard the ship in the port of Yokohama. Have now been tested for the virus of the eighty. Eight new cases sixty five tested positive without showing any symptoms of the virus. Those who test negative will begin to leave the ship. Wednesday local time after being quarantined on board for two weeks. Those who test positive will be hospitalized. Tokyo's handling of the cruise ship is under fire with critics saying the boat became a big virus. Incubator and passengers should have been quarantined on shore. Government spokesman Yoshihiko suge rejected the criticism saying the Japanese government's response was appropriate. Anthony Kuhn NPR news soul even as water levels begin to drop from the recent spate of severe weather in the south. It looks like more bad weather may be in the on the way. Art had central Mississippi is under a flash flood. Watch today National Weather Service. Predicting as much as two inches of rain in some spots with higher amounts in other areas forecasters say that could worsen flooding in the region. The National Weather Center says the threat of heavy rain. Today will be greatest cross stretches of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Georgia crude oil futures prices basically flat today oil closed at fifty two o five a barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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