The Wrap Up Show Padres Sweep Giants


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The padres will finish twenty twenty over five hundred for the first time. Since twenty ten s San, Diego moved to thirty one and seventeen with a couple of very impressive wins on Sunday afternoon six nothing in game one by my cleven jer three, one in game two behind some clutch hitting three relievers. Behind Garrett Richards and the padres absolutely rolling into their huge series this upcoming week against the La Dodgers. This is the wrap up show with John for and Jim. Russell. If you're not following us on social media, please do that at twitter at John Shaffer at Jim Russell. St. Over the next hour, we're gonNA hear from the manager Jay's Tingler we'll hear from my clovinger as well LS scores and we'll get you set for the massive. At PETCO Park against La the begins on Monday and six ten. But what a weekend Jim, we didn't know if the momentum would be halted as the padres didn't play Friday and Saturday, because of a false positive in the giants organization but the Padres pick up right where they were and they've won seven consecutive games. Yeah. A couple days off may have actually helped team to be honest with you and they got to sweep today. Kinda like. Easy I to me it did it to me. It felt like there's no doubt in my mind that not only the Padres, the better team, but they're going to win these games. They're gonNA to find a way to win in the second game there, and then the first game I tweet this out after the third inning, I'll like this feels like clovinger I'm just GonNa go seven complete this game type outing for him and which he did he went seven. Felt Kinda effortless almost when you look at the box score complete game seven strikeouts only one walk only giving up two hits like that's the Mike Levin show that this team traded for and who they hope they get in the postseason is a guy that's going to give you seven innings going to not allow any runs couple couple hits given up. strikeout seven plus only walk one it was it was his best as a padre so far and couldn't have come at a better time. And then game to like it was you know giant scored I there but to me I was like, all right. You know I felt that they were gonNA come back and win that game somehow, and it wasn't pretty will myers at a home run. But other than that the other ones they scored wasn't pretty how they did it but still they got the job done and their bullpen. John, this is a strength of the team. Now it's incredible because it's been nine days. So the first twenty, three games of the year, the padres bullpen was six point four, eight, the last twenty, three games coming into today two, point, seven five and the bullpen today two and two third innings of one hit no run baseball Tim Hills now three. Now he was the winning pitcher in game two drew pomeranz not allowed to run JIM this year and fifteen scoreless innings and Trevor Rosenthal was able to work around two out error committed by Fernando Totti's junior. To Work School. seventh-inning for his tenth save and third with the chargers. If there's one thing we saw over the course of these two games and maybe over the seven game winning streak is that Fernando Totti's junior is a human. You know he wasn't GonNa hit three fifty all year. He wasn't GonNa hit thirty five home runs and sixty games you know he For the first time, maybe as a professional at the big league level actually slumping, he's one for fifteen. Now, in his last five games, the Patriots won all of those games. So that's the good news. In this double header he was over six also committed an error with two outs in the seventh inning, which brought the tying run to the play but if Listen typically over the course of any sixty game stretch. Essentially, every player in the big leagues is going to go through stretch four or five games with or not having success. If there's any good news again for the padres are winning and they're still twelve games to be played. So he's got time to work himself out of it. Maybe it's pressing a little. Bit that such a spectacular star Jim is only twenty. One can ofer six year today. I don't think it's caused for great concern. But again, for the first time all year he's struggling at one I last fifteen the fact that in those last seven games he is slumping you know this entire month he is not is not at the plate Ben particularly well. And this team is still won seven in a row. It's it's kind of amazing that they can do that and they can. They can withstand. You know a slump from Todd Totti's, and then the bullpen delivers night in night out now the starting rotation is. Lights out in Chris Paddock dig injured. But still he had a good couple lanes there. Aguirre Richard Dot Pitch Pretty well, today groups you and I feel like the only reason why they put Gary Richards. Is because they needed to get the bullpen maybe a little bit of work because they would have been four straight days of the bullpen. Pitching because of the Games lost on Friday and Saturday, and then today they didn't pitch and then going into tomorrow night's game. You WanNa have at least some type of work before you face off against the dodgers and I know this team because they've been asked, right? Hey what do you think the dodgers? What do you think about catching the dodgers and the the status quo answer them as we're just worried about ourselves we're just worried about ourselves. But it's hard not to think now looking at the standings that at worse they'll be two and a half games back going into tomorrow night against the dodgers at home for three game series like it is set up for for the padres perfectly 'cause laments GonNa Pitch Tomorrow, night. And they have a chance. Now it's an outside shot because the dodgers have been swept all year they've only lost what one series of home. Series of allows one series. So Ariza shot, right it's out there that if they get the sweep they will, they will then lead the division with about nine games to go. Right they'd have a half game lead although the dodgers would still have that half game in hand, which means they could get back even with a win, but they would be even in the loss column if the padres sweep the dodgers but to your point, so you're going in two and A. Half Games back at all likelihood. There's a possibility of Houston comes back tonight from a big deficit. You'd be a game half out. So if you're two and a half out, even winning a series, Jim and pulling to it's in a game and a half gives you a very realistic chance to catch them down the stretch because the padres will finish Seattle on the Road Los Angeles, the angels at home, and then four games at Oracle Park in San Francisco the fourth game. Has Not yet been announced. I would guess the Middle Game of three game series will be a double header at Oracle because the giants are playing sixty games the giants are thick or right now in the thick of the playoff chase, they're not gonNA have the giants play fifty nine games and the padres they're gonna WanNa have played sixty games as well playing for seating and they might be playing for an NFL west. So you can win this series if I'm the. Padres, if I'm Jay Stigler. I'm not putting too much pressure on my team to go out and be perfect in this series. Try to win this series. Don't try to sweep the series. Of course, you'll take the sweep but if you can find a way against a good baseball team to win two out of three that means you've won nine out of ten overall, there is no team hotter right now than the padres who since Fernando Totti's junior swung three Oh in Arlington. Or Twenty and five at not looked back they were under five hundred. When he swung at that pitch, I've said that few times they were eleven and twelve firmly leading that game against the Rangers and like you said, they haven't looked back there twenty and five I'll take my chances against the against the dodgers anywhere and that's the chance they have this week Monday Tuesday? Wednesday. I like having lament pitch in the series by the way clever in his career. Did you see this is the only had one appearance like one plate appearance against any every dodgers? Yes. So. He's never faced the dodgers he has faced. Dodger has faced him but he has never faced the dodgers I believe. Okay. So I think that works to the advantage of the padres if they meet in the postseason and by the way by pitching cleven jer today a smart essentially saying Cleven Jersey Game One starter. Yeah. By putting clever in front of Lamont, you're not doing that turn in the rotation. And the final turn of the rotation into the into the postseason. So I think it's going to be cleven jer who pitched like an ACO today followed by Jerusalem big opportunity tomorrow night for lament no question and the thing with the padres this last ten years right was they couldn't win games in their division that was their problem is division games they were horrible in division this year they're seventeen nine against. Three teams, the National League, West and just three and four against the dodgers. So they're twenty and thirteen against the NL West that's that's what you need to do. You need a win against your division opponents and that's how you make the postseason and that's what we said coming into this year because there are so many division games they needed to play welcomes their division and they played well against their division tomorrow night it just it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be the series that I think while they're not saying it it's the series they've been looking forward to because they've been playing such good baseball, right they now have a shot to catch the dodgers outside shot. It's going to take a lot right? It's going take a lot of winning and a lot of dodger losing and it's hard to say the dodgers are. GonNa lose that many games but they've given self this shot and I think it's great for the psyche of the team to to know that they're in striking distance of the dodgers and if they don't catch the dodgers, that's okay. They're still going to be the four seed in the National League. It's highly doubt or how scenario where they drop past the four Cedeno they shouldn't they. Shouldn't, and they're definitely not going to get below second place in the National League West it's it's almost. Impossible for that to happen, well, the magic number. Now to clinch second place in the West is down to six and the padres still have twelve games remaining what that means. Any combination of padres wins coupled with third place losses. Right now is the giants that equal six means the giants excuse me the Padres have clinched second place in the West to your point it's all but assured I mean the padres in these final twelve games. If. They win four of them and go four and eight and the giants lose twice in final dozen games than the ponchos will clinch second place. Let's get to the Games on field here today beginning with game one padres impressive shutout win behind my clever records again, his second career shutout seven next two hits one walk seven strikeouts, the Padres in this game Jim do what they've done all year and that's Gore, six, two out runs. Every single run in this game was played with two outs including Greg RC as big on single in the second inning the Koch you on the Board Will Myers big to run single in the third inning that made it four nothing than an RBI basit jerks in profile as well in the sixth inning part of two runs that plated in that sixth-inning they've been. So Clutch what they've dealt with men in scoring position this year leads. Major League Baseball and then what they've done with two outs leading baseball and runs scored with two outs again, it's just like it's a perfect storm right now offensively, and while the padres eight hits in this game I, know it was only seven innings and then a game two, six, zero, fourteen hits in fourteen innings good total. But they're scoring runs including six runs in that opener because a clutch hitting and now but hottest sitters. Pro Far he's brought his average all the way up to two, fifty, four, nine after game two against the giants. Later today, we'll get to that in a bit here, but he has been one of the teams hottest hitters and there was a point there where I know a lot of fans were wondering and asking why jerks profile out there sky can't hit. You know he did not have a good first month and a half of the year but he's been hot lately and he's been one of your most productive hitters and he made a great play in the outfield today in the second game he's been handling the bat very very well for this team I think he's hitting over four fifty s last eight games. With the PADRES. Pretty good. So that's pretty good I would say. It's just a testament to how deep this lineup is right when you're not having guys like Totti's or Moreland or. Griffin was one for four in the first game but you have guys like pro far in krona worth in Garcia and Myers wrapping up all contributing in that first game a they didn't need six runs, but they scored six runs and clever shut everything down it. Just it's just another testament to how deep this lineup is with all the production pretty much coming from the bottom the order, and then you look at a guy like Austin Nola who I think. has now made eight starts for the padres behind home plate and San Diego has four shutouts in those eight games That's interesting. So they've skipped absolutely no beat defensively we're told for years and years how good defensively Austin hedges plays the position and he is he's an excellent Defensive Catcher but Austin Nola has proven to be an all around player exactly Nolan. Game WanNA single a walk to on scored in game two he was the she was over three but. He has provided so much on both sides of the ball for the padres and then you've got, you know a clear secondary catcher right now, your backup catcher Jason Castro's caught a lot of big league games and has some pop off the bench for you. He started game two. Walked he was over one only two at bats. There's no easy. In that game there's no not really I mean, there's not right now. We'll Myers is pacing for an incredible year I just saw. Judson tweet this out he's pacing four, forty home runs one, hundred fifteen. One, hundred, sixty, two game season he's sitting to ninety six with twelve home runs thirty four RBI's in forty four games played. You talk about the potentially the NFL Comeback Player of the year who could be other than we'll Myers who has played so well, all year it's hard to think about anybody else other than we'll Myers and we all said all right. How just going to perform when air COSMA went down they have not skipped a beat like at all it's kind of like. Mars team and or not. We'll Mars Eric Hosmer. Excuse me the Silveira 'cause you know it's like Oh cool. When he comes back if he does then that's another added bonus lineup and the depth of this team and Oh, by the way Tommy Fam I'm sure it's coming back very soon about him right so another bat you can add to this lineup. This lineup is crazy. It's insane how good they are and how deep they are. There's nobody on this roster right now or at least nobody in the starting lineup that I look at is you know an easy out or Is. It Starts Matteo. Is Is You know obviously the the other reasons he he's there to pinch you're on he's there is still a base he's there for a defensive replacement you don't WanNa start them and to their credit they really haven't started them. You know what I mean like there was a period in time where he was getting a couple of starts and I think they saw what we saw which is he was a little bit overexposed in those circumstances. Lewis can't be Sano to get some at bats and then we saw own you get. To get some bats off the bench and you're right Matteo in the postseason obviously going to start any game for the padres but could help you win a game absolutely because he pinch. Ron's maybe steals a base and maybe scores on the basis, the outfield maybe scores and important Ron just there the padres quick note on Eric Hosmer since I mentioned him there I tweeted out this picture of him. He was seen I think drinking a coffee like in the Dugout, and if you look carefully, he's not wearing any splint on his on his left index finger. You kind of see a little bump there and might be. Swelling but he was holding the can of coffee with his left hand with no splint and drinking it and look like everything was fine now. Obviously I'm not a doctor. So I don't know when he might be back but they did mention it's one of those things where they're going to wait ten days and it's might be a situation. Where just can he deal with the pain? You can you deal with the pain threshold in that left finger and they'll take that baby up and I'm sure he'll try to go and it's also the top fingers. So he's not putting too much pressure on that when he when he's Holding the BAT. So. That's another good sign that that there's nothing on his hand, right? Really good sign I think if I'm the padres I want back for the final weekend I don't need to force it beyond that gives them a bats. If you could play in two or three games the final weekend and get ten or fifteen played appearances. This guys thirty I don't think it needs more than fifteen plate appearances in the big leagues. Now to prepare for the postseason, which would be on Wednesday, the National League playoffs will begin the Wednesday after the regular season ends on a Sunday back to clovinger for a moment Jim, he retired thirteen consecutive batters at one point in this game he's not GonNa Three Point Zero Zero and three starts for the Padres I. Think he said his first two starts at San. Diego Felt A. Little bit like summer camp starts and this was the first where he really felt as if he had settled into a groove, he through multiple pitches for strikes he got ahead of batteries. He didn't really battle. He only walked one and this is the guy that I think Indians fans saw for a long period of time padres fans get a chance to see someone from the first inning was pitching well, and that's what we saw here today maybe for the first time this year and a padres uniform. What did I say after his last outing I said I think is next out we'll. Will be the outing. We'll see the room right levinger because the first one super nervous making your debut with your team on the road and the crazy travel that he had to do. Me Still had a quality start going six given up to, and then his next outing was the first outing. May He made it home? He mentioned he was nervous they ended up scoring two million runs that game. So didn't really matter. Right gave up three runs on the first inning to no one Aaron out of the three run home and give up four overall was like a cheap run there in. The fifth and he said findings four runs but he went through five and at one point he retired eleven in a row and I said, I was like look this guy next outing. That's GonNa be the real might clever because he's going to be settled down with his new team. He's already taken care of the debut at the team and the debut at home in dealing with all that pressure right in the travel and switching teams the trade. Now he's settled in new. Now this is where we're going to see the real might clovinger and today was the real might clovinger going. Seventy. It's a quote unquote complete game It was a shutout only two hits striking out seven giving up one walk and to CEOS just against the giants well, guess what the giants at the third best offense in an entire league So they had the third most runs scored in the entire league. So it was like they're facing he was facing a lineup that. Doesn't on its hodges or excuse me the giants or the hottest team in baseball entering the series on Thursday, they had won five straight games. The padres had won four straight games. The giants were fifteen and five coming into the series. I think the giants had aspirations of still finishing in second place in this division before the padres did what the Patriots did to the giants. A little bit maybe like what's coming up here with the padres and the dodgers podger padres have aspirations of passing the dodgers in the division. The question becomes can they do it and can they play well at home against La Monday through Wednesday of this upcoming week let's look to game two for a moment jim or the padres win through one that's their seventh consecutive win their nineteenth come from behind win. Again, it gets their magic number to clinch any playoff spot or excuse me second place in the division down to six and in this game. Will Myers trailing by Ron. 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Just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there, for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. It took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse dot org dill tied at all the way into the fifth inning and the way they get out in front is back toback walks to lead off the inning. Then jerks and profile gives you the lead with an RBI. Single and you score two runs there in the fifth inning and the bullpen does the rest like you said a little bit whole home. I was a bit surprise that Garrett Richards went to. Sixty, five pitches. So was he he was not pleased when j stiegler came out there. In fact, I don't even think he looked at him I. don't even think they contact. He just walked off the mound I don't even know if you had the ball of the ball was one of his teammates supposed to take the baseball when you get taken of. Okay. So he just walked off the man without acknowledging J. Stigler. He he no, he's had some short outings. He's had some quick hooks and he goes four two third innings allows two hits and one run. You wonder what that means for Richards in the postseason knowing that the. Padres haven't trust him to like get an additional out through sixty five pitches in this game I grew you the bullpen needed some workmen sixty five pitches is not a lot for a starting pitcher. If you'RE GONNA ask him to start in the playoffs and I think James Taylor said after the game and we'll hear from him coming up here in a bit that they treated that any like the seventh inning because of it was because it was a short game you know. So in that situation there, they had just trump ski coming up they gotTa left-handed Rhett left-hander ready Tim hills pitched great for you the last you know. Handful of outings for him he came in there got the two outs, moved it over to Pomeranz and Rosenthal. Now that's the end of that. You know the bullpen to me was the story of game too because it just adding onto their dominance of late and just how good their eighth and ninth inning arms are like we know Pomeranians is your eighth inning guy. Now we know Rosenthal is your ninth inning guy. Now you have plenty of weapons to pitch in the seventh with begun. How great he looked his last outing Tim Hill match Traum like just one of the I l. he went on the I l. but I think. He'll be back. It sounds like they say, Zeman pitching with some knee pain for a better portion of the season. That's I, mean he's pitched really well pitch. Well, he's got like a three year right but that's something that to keep our eye on I. Think Dan Alta Villa like they have a bunch of arms for that seven n roll right in tonight it was Tim Hill for that quote unquote seventh and enroll so. The bullpen is clicking at just the right time and it's no coincidence that you see when the bullpen your went down this team's win started going up right because they could have had more more way more wins before that ranger series when Taty swung three Oh sure because the bullpen gave runs gave a lot of late any leads and it was a huge concern and it turned into now the strength one of the strengths of this team which it couldn't have happened at a better time. Yeah you're right. I mean the bullpen era right now they're nine and two cents to trade deadline. The padres are nine into. The padres even before we again prowler knew we had a good team and he decided to roll the dice and see if he can make the team. Better. He had a good clubhouse they were playing good baseball. But you gotta give credit, you know without risk there isn't maybe that great reward on the other side and there was some risk associated with making six trades you know bringing in two new catchers. Bringing in obviously a frontlines starter like my clever getting rid of some options off the Bachelorette Josh. Naylor's Josh Naylor Anti France Francis played really well for Seattle and eight or nine games with the mariners since that trade but prowler deserves credit because the padres have gotten better and that was the goal put yourself in a position not just to make. The postseason. But to win in the postseason, win around or two or more who knows win a world series, we've seen teams in wild cards and again every team this year is in the wildcard round but we've seen wildcard teams like the giants go on to win world series. It's not far fetched to think that someone's going to get to s earn. That wouldn't have necessarily been thought to get there when the season started two months ago and you could put the padres in that conversation. You know maybe people thought the Pasha's and make the playoffs. Make the national. Championship series. Well, that's very much on the line right now based on how they've played and just show you how like good. This team is just look at. His numbers last seven games. If you looked at AO, Totti's numbers and you would have told me okay these last seven games he goes what one I last fifteen that's his last five games. He's had some hits in the Games prior to that. But let's say it and we're making that. But let's say he's hit two hundred seven game. That's accurate. Okay. So He's His last seven games. Oh, by the way, the padres are seven and no. That's a scary thing to think about for everybody else because if you have a hot teas like this team. Right now with the bullpen, the pitching the contributions up and down the lineup Oh and then you're gonNA throw in a hot totti's. That's a scary thought for everyone else to be honest I, it's the the padres I would not want to play them in the postseason. Nobody's GonNa WanNa, play him. You know and if you're the PADRES, you want to win this division, there's the psychological advantage of ending the dodgers. You have an opportunity by the way you control your own destiny as crazy as that sounds about that. Because if you sweep through the dodgers, you control your own destiny to win the division. Now Easier said than done they've got twelve games remaining by saying they control their own destiny. I'm essentially saying if they win their last twelve games, they win the division. That's accurate statement. It's very difficult to do that in baseball the hottest team in baseball there twenty, five, one, thousand, nine, hundred down the stretch when nineteen straight, it would be nineteen consecutive wins the longest winning streak and patriots franchise history one of the longest winning streaks in baseball history but you get my point, they do control it because. They can go through the dodgers now right and they're not going to be more than two and a half games back, and if you swift the dodgers, presumably the dodgers will lose again if they get swept by the PADRAS presumably, they will lose again as well. But these are exciting times. I mean these are exciting times in San. Diego. We should hear from the manager J stiegler after the padres sweep through the giants who came in again among the hottest teams in baseball. But the padres dropped the giants under five hundred by sweeping a doubleheader sweeping shorten three-game series that was supposed to be a four game series. They win today in the Twin Ville six nothing in game one behind my cleven. Three one and game two behind Garrett Richards and the bullpen. We'll take a timeout. When we come back, we'll hear from the manager James Taylor. We'll also hear from Michael Savage who recorded that second career shutout in Game One padres move to thirty, one and seventeen. This is the wrap up show on Xtra. The wrap up show rolls on four five, seven, zero, thirteen, sixty. Hello. React Sandiego here are John Shaffer and Jim Russell. Sweep a doubleheader from the giants they win game one by clever six nothing. They take aim to at PETCO three to one by Richards and the bullpen John Shaffer Jim Russell back with you here on the wrap-up shows. So the padres have won seven straight. Let's hear from their manager postgame. Here's James Taylor. Now. It's it's It's a lot of fun I guess the answer, the question and and it's really hard to Take a double header to to get both games certainly helps you you go fourteen innings and you know you're pitchers gave up one run against a really good offense. So. Obviously, you know a lot of people a lot of departments contributed but you know I think the the group on the mound like I said going fourteen innings and only giving up one run huge. We'll talk a little bit last game about not needing the beginning all the time to get the job done this this last couple of games six for twelve years and scoring position. Timely hitting it seems like. Yeah. We haven't besides wills I guess shot to Dead Center. Haven't gotten You know the the big one but you know. We talked all year about being able to manufacture Ron's been able to score runs in different ways and and You know today a lot a of timely hitting two out hits and you know it's a 'cause They're big hits when guys are on base and certainly in scorn. they're all huge especially. As good as the giants pitch today and just being able to to add one on here there and then the the importance of that especially with the the way our pitchers throwing It was a good combination today. But you're. Far. That's something that you guys Paula at something that he did Amazon. Yeah. He went up there we we talked about it a he's you know one of. The better Just bad handlers on the team. He can do a lot of different things. You can hit the ball the other way can buy and so. When the situation came up if Castro was to get on, I think. I do want to mention. You know celmins been so tough especially on lefties and for for Kernan worth to win his at bat and then Castro to win his. So as Castro was kind of battling hit his at Bat profile. You know we we were talking about some ideas and and He wanted to go up and and give it a try and it worked out. Thoughts on Gary Richards out. Exactly. So I thought Garett. Didn't have the command early certainly the first Got The first two batters then ran away from him and he really battled through the second and And you strip see got him squared him up down the line we got we got that ball land and then I thought he did well after I thought he was the aggressor thought he found a couple of things that that was working for him and he was starting to roll We were in a situation with the seven inning You know we almost treat it like it was the seventh inning Probably could have let GARETT WE KINDA debated it go back out there. At the time I thought you strip ski was really the only guy that at that that had put in two really good swings on on G. And because the the way, the guys have been throwing certainly Garrett with his last outing going as long as he did in Oakland and and obviously we had the. The two games down clever goes the the the shutout complete game before. So we had a fresh and. I just thought you know take our chances with hill and you strips key and and it worked out we're able to score and then being able to give the ball to palm and Rosenthal, and let them do their thing ended up working out to. Kevin Spacey. In going back more in your vision for what you want to accomplish, but teens going to finish above five hundred, some that hasn't done around here in a long time. Of that. It's probably something modestly that It feels good you like honestly like didn't Our minds not not place. It's probably more. You know when we're done playing at the end of the year, some things will look back because. You know we're just trying to keep improving, believe our best balls ahead. We got things we can. We can improve on and we're just going you know day to day with it and we're having a blast doing it. soul really the the focal point is is you know the present and then you know looking ahead, very minimal and just trying to enjoy the moments because it's it's really hard to win up here. It's extremely hard. There's there's not much room for air and Our guys are are doing a good job right now a plane winning baseball. J. Stigler is the padres start a ten game homestand seven Oh, I mean completely dispatching of the teams behind them in the rockies had visions of maybe reaching second-placed start last week podger, swift them out of a four game series this week in the giants they've got visions of catching the padres potentially Indiana. West that's now all. But forgotten if you're San Francisco giants fan as the padres went three consecutive games, can they do really the unthinkable Jim and swift the dodgers and go ten and on a home stand? The level of competition only increases now obviously heading into this week Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and bought a we have. A pitching matchup of all pitching matchups on Monday denounced Clin Kershaw is a hell of a pitching matchup to store of that series. But you start you start to look at and you start to wonder if the padres can keep this thing going for the final two weeks of the season probably not a lot of teams go rhino on a ten game homestand probably doesn't happen. But no. You know if you can win two or three here, you won't catch the dodgers. You know standings. Wise. But it's still a notch in your cap that, hey, guess what we took two or three from you you know and we threw out one of our best pitchers and I I think David is going to pitch the series as well. Right? He's scheduled to pitch the series. Yeah. Okay. So you know lament, Davies and whatever's going to happen with paddock and his start like that's pretty good wh you know Clemenger won't pitch against them, but still just a psyche aspect of it from. On the like taking two or three from the dodgers having a chance to go five and five against them in the regular season this year like it's a big I. think it's a big deal. You know I don't I don't envision them sweeping. I really don't it's hard. It's hard to get sweep image league, Taylor and especially against one of the best teams in the League, the dodgers they've been the most consistent. They've been the best and you know the padres are on their heels. But it's just hard seen than than sweeping. Now the good thing is that there are over five hundred, they're a lock for the postseason, and even if you lose this series, you know if swept if that's the worst case scenario, it really is not that big of a deal. You know like that's the best part about this series one, hundred percent lose the series or even get swept and it doesn't even matter. It's a little bit of a house money series exactly you're playing with. House money. Now, the only detriment to getting swept in the series and I think you'd Agree Jim is that if you get swept in that series, it's hard to really anticipate a National League divisional series. Let's the padres and the dodgers and feel great about where you are. That's true. You can say, thank you follow month of the season man we beat everyone but the dodgers, and here we are sitting in the second round of the postseason on a neutral field taking the highest the. Dodgers team that once again as one a season series from us, something that the padres have not been able to do against the dodgers since two thousand ten. So that's the only element that now if you lost two hundred three here, could you still want to series against the dodgers investor five series? Of course you could they could get swept, get outscore thirty, two nothing and still wanNA series the playoffs. You know how the playoffs are a different beast or they could swift the dodgers thirty two nothing and then losing a best of five series against La in the postseason this is just all about opportunities the padres have played so well, they've. Presented themselves with opportunities that they might not have have envisioned. They might not have envisioned to start this year or even start this homestand or even two weeks ago but. Listen the dodgers are GONNA win tonight barring collapse in the ninth inning. The dodgers are GONNA win tonight it'll be two and a half games better than the padres. Dodgers will be thirty, three and fourteen. The padres will be thirty one and seventeen two and a half games back. But still with everything to play for heading into Monday night with the Nelson Lament on the man whose pitch like one of the better two or three pitchers in the national league this year and yeah, you're right like it is a psyche thing. So if you get swept by the dodgers here, it won't really mean anything standings. Wise. But at the same time, you set yourself up for okay. Yeah. We beat everybody else except for the dodgers don't want to have that in your mind. You just want to have that in your mind that we can play these guys right where we can stand toe to toe with them and we can compete with the best of the best because now we have a team that's capable of doing that we stack up with anybody in the league pitching. Wise. We stack up with anybody in the league with our line up we stack up with anybody in the league right now with the way our bullpens pitching, and if you end up getting swept by the dodgers, it's like Oh. Okay. I guess that sucks you know and it's a psychological thing. That's why we ended winning the vision while while it'd be great. It doesn't really mean much in the post season It's a psychological thing to overtake the dodgers finally. After how many years of being you know in the cellar of the nationally west and seeing the dodgers win the division seven straight years every time they come down and PETCO park their fans invade PETCO. It's you know dodger stadium south and it's just one of those things like enough's enough right enough's enough and you have a chance to finally say that. With the upcoming three games was won't mean much if they lose I think it would definitely is gonNA, mean a lot if they win the series or even sweep them because they sweep them, they lead the National League West with nine games to play. I'd be absolutely shocked if the PADRAS were swept this week by the dodgers considering Nelson Lament and Zach Davies. Will Pitch in the series and both have been brilliant this year just considering the way the padres have played, who will maybe get back one of their starting position players and Tommy Fam-. They don't really need Tommy. Fam- right now with the way, jerks and profile has played like you've been talking about pro for here today game one, they're eighteen and six at home. That's really I. Mean Pro Foreign Game One, two for three pro-foreign game two, one for one. The RBI single walk had that that play the J. Stigler talked about where it looked as if he was squaring then he pulled back butcher boy and got it by the third Baseman Longoria I thought. Longoria. Should make that play even though he was drawn in off his. What's that? He's not Manny Machado. It was hit Adam right I mean it was hit right Adam and it was office made into left field was ruled a single padres took a lead. They wouldn't relinquish it in the three one victory. So the Padres as we talk right now jim or two games out, they'll likely be two and a half games out at the end of the night dodgers playing on Sunday night baseball and leading the astros the last time the padres were two games out in September or October the final day of the two thousand ten regular season when they lost in San Francisco three nothing. To Finish two games back and missed the postseason going ninety and seventy two. That was the team that had a large lead in the West over the giants. But suffered a ten game losing streak at the end of August into September, before relinquishing the division to the giants who would go on and win the world series in two, thousand and ten. That's the last time the giant excuse me the padres were this close to first place. Yeah. It's a little different right if the police are still going to be in the playoffs and if if if they're postseason was expanded back, then because it wasn't only one wild because they're the padres has been easily and padres are easily in you know so. And if it's an expanded postseason like is it has now padres are easily and. I look at that compared to now is completely different I. Know It's happened in their history, but it just there's there's no way here. There's no way you know if you if you lose every single down the stretch. Winning record is there in the postseason thirty one and twenty nine is going to be enough right now the eighth seed is under five hundred. I mean the Chinese are under five hundred. 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Just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to Fisherhouse Dot Org Jersey shirt of being at least two games over five hundred at thirty one and twenty nine all right. We talked about like clovinger. Let's hear from him. Now he talked after game one again, a shutout for Cleven Jer, this is clever you're on if he felt more comfortable today for the Padres, take a listen but definitely felt or coke think also the day game really early me morning person kind of helped me dial in and bring it back a little bit. So we really find the even Keel of control aggression. My favorite he's the best player. He's made for San Diego ever besides Totti's I mean this dude is made for San Diego like the skateboards in the. Picking up early I WANNA to drink a couple beers later on go skateboarding show by the be. Good food where should I go? Should I go? It's chill Bra like Dude I. Love you the best and he pitched great today's he can say and do whatever he wants. Let's see if he can keep that up down the stretch. This is Jase Tingler after game one on how fun it was to watch clever work today. Way. Through Thought him in Nola were just on the same page all day and he was able to execute his pitches, mix them in and did a great job just attacking and staying on the attacking did a good job. His position which I think helped as well at least twice. and had the defense engage because of is. Just, as quick tempo working and and just pound in the zone. So it was well needed for a doubleheader for game. One Any questions you have about this team right now he's been answered obviously over the last four weeks when they've gone twenty and five I mean what are the questions right now? Will they get fully healthy will Tommy Families Twenty nine thousand four will Lewis can't be Sato contribute late in the season he's been out with wrist will eric hosmer perform. We'll get him back at the end of the regular season like what else? What are the questions surrounding this team offense is good as there isn't baseball rotation top five in baseball bullpen pitching like top five in baseball. What are your questions? I'm trying to think the only question right handed bat. The only question I have with this team you know is a question that won't even really matter in the postseason and that's Chris Paddock right? Like if Chris Paddock is rolling question, then you're not you're fine because you're not going to be pitching them in the postseason. He won't be on the starting rotation. He won't be getting a game there unless it's like a someone else gets injured because you already have three starters and paddock maybe could pitch and a seven game series for your visa four starter but you also have richards. So that's a question there but other than that like okay hello. Get Tommy Fan back get. Eric hosmer back. Don't have any lapses down the stretch. You have what? Twelve Games left here games and you've got still three days. Now you're GONNA play double header not an off day. Okay. At Oracle. So you play twelve games over the course of they still have fourteen days and then they have two days after the regular season before the plan Wednesday I mean I mean just this team just goes five hundred down the stretch after it's hard to say that because they just won seven in a row right? Like just go five, hundred, thirty, seven games. Which is clearly evident three it's over six hundred baseball I mean, yeah, it's it's a really good record. You're right and at this point, if you're padres fan I, think you start thinking about getting gritty hoping for more and speaking of hoping for more Jim like if you look ahead, this is something that the padres won't do but we can do it talk about Chris Panic if the Patriots win the first round, the wild card round, and if it takes three games well, then you might have to throw Chris Paddock in game one of the NFL l.. Or Gary Richards. Because if you go clever cleverer lament Davies on a Wednesday, Thursday Friday then of a day off on a Saturday and start a series on a Sunday I, don't know if that's how it's GonNa work or not. Then you can't throw cleven game one of that series unless you do it on three days rest I don't think they would do that. No to open a series. So if you get out of the first round, and if it takes you three games as opposed to then you're gonNa Start Either Richards or Chris Paddock in game one against the dodgers of the National League Divisional Division series, which is a good thing is you've gotten there but you're not starting Davies or Or clever if it takes a three games to win that first series, right? I yeah. I mean that's why you need for starters. I didn't think about that but that would make sense because you wouldn't want to pitch clovinger on three days. So why would you do that because he could pitch game to although then you could bounce them back on game five. If he's GonNa go short rest I'd rather have them go short than game five then in Game One, right? and. So okay that's my question you need to have Garrett Richards or Chris Paddock. themselves. I thought Richards. The last two stars have been good and that's why I thought. Maybe they'd give them a chance to get through that fifth inning. Understand. Tingler. Like Osama tending and it makes sense the goal is to win and to be honest with you if I pick right now I'm picking Gary Richards because historically lifetime paddock has not pitch well against the dodgers and Richard says. Has Yep so Now it's just okay. Gary Richards. You hope he can pitch like he has down the stretch here right? Because he's had a couple of good outings in a row. The out in Colorado when he went four, it was a quick four innings right because he because he's off three days rest healing only two innings that previous starting the Astros became impeached forties against the rockies I believe only gave up one hit in that outing ever since then he's been really good. So continue with that story with that streak for him down the stretch, and if you get past the first round games, he'll get ever get guarantors game winning dodge, and by the way you'd only be asking for him to go something like he went today four two third innings because of this bullpen yep? Like you could go richards four and a third and you can turn it over to Ulta villa or Tim Hill or gone, and then knowing the eighth and ninth secured right in pomerance and Rosenthal I mean if you get your star through five innings and you've got back guys like pu-gon pomerance and Rosenthal then you only need like one additional bridge inning and you've got so many options out there hopefully, strong comes back healthy. But again, you've got some Tim Hill who's been very good for this team and moving to three no here today. So the padres sweep, the doubleheader, they have won seven consecutive games they get. The dodgers on Monday at Petco Park in what would be the biggest home series Petco Park since who knows and you can only imagine what the crowds would be like at three consecutive sold out games Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, if not for this pandemic so we know that there won't be people in the stands but the eyeballs on this team this week both in La I think with dodgers fans knowing that the padres are right there on their heels and here in San Diego with the padres playing eight hundred baseball over the last twenty, five games. I. Mean. This is anticipated of a series as you're, GonNa? Find in a regular season in San Diego and again, it just sucks there's no fans 'cause you know that the tide would start to be shifting here and the PETCO not be overrun by dodger fans there'd be lot dodger fans there no doubt about it, but there would be way more padres. They're making a lot of noise because this team is the team that they've been waiting for the team that they've been asking for for how long now you know like they have a while legitimately to MVP candidates they have a rookie of the year they have a comeback player of the year they have legitimate cy young. Nelson met and. Mike. Clements Mike Clovinger. They have a manager of the year Jay's Taylor they have an executive of the year the just. The I did say come back Myers. So they have everything that this fan base is wanted for over a decade like this would have been. Just electric and that's what sucks. But the stupid pandemic that we will not get that electric feeling these upcoming three games against the dodgers instead we're just GONNA have to watch watch and feed off it and be electrical home but you're really like, I'm feeling it. I mean rounds India go. Now I mean it's amazing when I wear padres stuff around San. Diego, like. I've got these mass and I get people talking to all the time out for a walk go padres and people are obviously excited as they should be because this team has played as well as any team in baseball other than the dodgers this year. All right. Let's take a look at the scores around the NFL west here today again, the dodgers in progress against Houston. On Sunday night baseball and the dodgers boring in absolute collapse will win tonight they're leaning in the bottom of the eighth inning five one against the astros trying to split a two game series at dodger stadium. The angels in Rockies played earlier today of course field and the angels Pete Iraqis five to three also earlier today Seattle in Arizona against the diamondbacks and the mariners. Who have played really good baseball in the second half of the year, beat the diamondbacks who've been complete disappointment seven to three. So here's how I'm going to do the standings I'm going to do it with the dodgers winning this game. The dodgers with the wind moved to thirty three and fourteen assuming they hold on that's two and a half games better than the padres. Thirty one and seventeen the giants twenty three and twenty four or ten games down and seven and a half games behind the padres with twelve to play. So the padres securely in second place in the NFC West the rockies are twenty one and twenty five eleven and a half games out and the diamondback seventeen at thirty one. I mean what happened they were over five hundred last year there sixteen and a half games out. But heading into Monday night Jim the Padras tune Afghans twelve to play three games against the dodgers to Nelson. Lament against Clinton Kershaw. What a match up. Man. has just like that's that's the matchup you want. Right there may clovinger but denotes the mets. Your best pitcher all year most consistent pitcher all year you WANNA go up against the best and tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night's match up. It's It's must watch television now. PADRES dodgers Monday at six ten listen to the numbers for lament. This year is two and one with a two point two four listened to the numbers for the left-hander Clinton Kershaw the future hall of Famer where the greatest left handed pitchers in baseball history five and one with a one point nine eighty or a lumet has never beaten the dodgers ever in the regular season. In five starts he's Owen three with respectable four point three nine ers Clayton. Kershaw against the padres has some of the best lifetime numbers of any pitcher against the padres ever. He's twenty one in six with a one point nine eight. Career era. So Kennedy as lineup before that's the thing can limit and the padres reverse history against Kershaw in a season that has really reversed history for the padres at thirty one and seventeen lament and kershaw Monday at six ten, the first of three from PETCO. Park. In a vitally important game for both teams that lines up like this lament game one Davies game to will see about game three paddock if healthy maybe throws Wednesday. If not, who knows maybe a bullpen day with the Pacers have done against the dodgers actually earlier this year at Dodger Stadium and if you're throwing ager more home like I'm GonNa that. Good point he's throwing well for this team absolutely in the second half of the year right here the totals in these two games today San Diego Game One six runs on eight hits and no errors they left on four San Francisco no runs on two hits in an era they left onto my clever the winning pitcher seven innings to hit seven strikeouts. One Walk. He's three two overall as Johnny. Cueto takes the loss went five and a third innings allowed six runs, four of which were earned in game two San Diego three runs on six hits an error the projects left on three the giants one run on three hits and no heirs. The giants left on five winning pitcher Tim Hill a safer Trevor Rosenthal, his third as. A Padre tenth overall and the losing pitcher in relief was saying Sam. Selman. For the giants who by the way in this double header had five hits in fourteen innings and scored one run what a job by the staff that good padres here today very very good. All right. Our next wrapup show follows Monday's padres dodgers game at six ten you can tune immediately. Following the final out will be on xtra thirteen sixty and the iheartradio APP make sure to subscribe to the wrap up show on the free iheartradio APP, you'll get future episodes delivered into your APP. Automatically, you can go back and listen to previous episodes as well, and if you're padres fan and you're not following us on twitter, you need to do that at. John Shaffer? Jim Russell as deep for Jim Russell I'm John. Shafer sweep today of the twin bill by the padres they have won seven straight are thirty, one and seventeen the dodgers away. This has been the wrap up show an extra thirteen sixty. You've been listening to the wrap up. Show me listening after every padres game is John Shaffer Jim Russell breakdown. What happened why and how fellas can bring home a win On Your home for Sunday night baseball extra thirteen sixty. Mobile APPS IT, support cyber in network security. These are in demand and rewarding career paths you pursue with the Right Education Trust University with over fifty years of proven graduates, success EC, Pi University, our hands on approach keeps you engaged helping make what you thought was complex fun and exciting when you think technology think EC University and you could earn your bachelor's in two point, five years or less go to. Dot Edu to get started.

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