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Gun Facts and the Secret Service Report on School Shooters: Gun Talk Radio|11.24.19 A


Crimson trace now offers a line of tactical oriented products including open and close reflex sights battle sites and a robust line of rifles scopes purpose built with with maximum features and versatility find out more at Crimson trace dot com. Today on Tom Gresham's gun talk the stats and conclusions from the US secret service examination of teenage murderers target schools at what they have in common. And what warning signs might be present before they attack plus free gear in cool colors from FM a different one million MOMS group. This one is pro second amendment and serious about self defense and much more was. What are you hoping to get for Christmas Christmas? Call eight six six. Talk Gun with your comments questions range reports and now. Here's Tom persevered gun talk. It's time for us to talk about world guns and Ammo scopes sights shooting everything else okay. We'll talk politics politics. You will do that as well because basically if it has to do anything anything to do with guns. We'll talk about it. If you'd like to be a part of this ongoing never ending fiasco give me a call eight six six talk gun or just dial Tom talk gun a lot of things going on. We're going to talk about story in the news about a road rage. Incident ended up in concealed. Carry Guy Shooting the other guy but I think there's some really important lessons sincerest things we at least ought to talk about and I would suggest that you consider. I also saw one of those not the shooting part. That may have happened after we left. I'm not sure we but we got to see a what appear to be a road rage. There's not a lot of fisticuffs a lot of beaten going on. And then just as I left the scene look like somebody was going for a gun boy. Did we ever call that. But but bien tell you what it was one of those going. WHOA did y'all see that but a lot of things about you know in the thing we are always reminded is that you don't want to try to come up with your response in the middle of the thing you want to have already determined? What what your response will be ahead of time? We'll talk about how you can do that as well spent. I just spent the last week at gunsight. Yeah had a bunch of fun I. I love going to the top shooting schools whether it's thunder ranch or the sick academy which is fabulous. If you're in the northeast or four obviously gunsight down in Arizona or tie McKee's place in Huntersville Alabama. It matter how many times you go. You're always learning something and so that's fine. I'll be talking a little bit about some of the things we learned in some of the incredible shooters they brought in world. Class will know world champion shooters. Learn some really interesting things there again. Eight six six talk gun. You may have heard if you're playing the Internet if you're checking can the websites and forums and all of that that the secret service recently came out with a study about school shooters and and there's an awful lot there when we get something like that. That's detailed in involves a lot of digging rather than digging their myself as we like to say. I got a guy in this case I really got a Guy Guy Smith from gun facs who digs into that kind of stuff. He joins US right now. Hey guys how are you. I am fantastic Tom. It's always a joy to be with you. You're always so beat pulls me out of this drudgery of reading about the rates and that's why I like for you to do it so I don't have to decide. You have a way of taking all this data and putting it into digestible form. That's easy to understand because honestly sometimes sometimes you get these studies like this from the Secret Service and you go in my eyes glazed over and I know there's something in there but I'm not sure I know what it is are are we. Is there a therefore in the middle of first of all if you would start off a describe what the study is the secret from secret service. Well and I don't know why the Secret Service tasked with this but they were tasked with analyzing targeted school violence now. This is different from random violence from Street violence lease on the campus. This is where somebody intends to go onto a K twelve campus. Nan called them harm. And that's an important distinction Because that's really the kind of thing that we're WANNA focus on random. Violence is by nature random and much much more difficult to try to nail down a point to be made here. Is that because the gun ban lobby now has decided to link random violence in the middle of so to drug dealers at three o'clock in the morning when I'm shoots the other one on a school parking lot which has nothing to do with the school or the kids against they count that as a school shooting. The tally inflate their numbers. Well I'm glad that you said that 'cause there's one thing is out there I won't name them. They don't deserve the publicity pretty but they keep track of what they call school shootings and they have included the most preposterous wide ranging set of data that should never ever be considered In their database. There was an incident similar to what you said. It was actually a bullet that was fired off. Campus during a drive by shooting and the bullet happened to land on campus. They called that square shooting and there was another case of a teacher. Who is just terribly depressed but you know I? They had two o'clock in the morning drives onto campus parks in the parking lot and commit suicide and sat as that is. It's not what you and I think of is scrooge shooting so because because the deal that they have to do that to crank up their numbers because in point of fact school shootings are actually not that common. They get a lot of attention to get a lot of media but it's not a common occurrence is it no. It's not main fact this a study done by the Secret Service. They looked at a decade's worth of data and they came came up with exactly forty one incidences that fit the definition of a targeted attack on a school and not all forty-one the incidences were people bringing guns to school. There are other forms of targeted attacks. Forty one in ten years. Yes so you know maybe a little over four a year worst case scenario okay all right so all right so you take the time you've dug into this thing. What do we learn? Or what did they learn. Learn what we're seeing is that there are some similarities between school attackers and mass public shooters Predominantly the main motivation primary and secondary is grievance against peers in school. So a student who wants to fire up a school basically has some bone to pick with The school population in general or particular. People there at school. And and when I I say that's the top cause their primary motivation that was it for sixty one percent of the instances and cool when you add up both primary and secondary motivations grievances jump up eighty three percent of all the attacks. Do they sell up with some ideas. Of what say what can we do. How do we stop this? How do prevented do they come to some kind of conclusions and suggestions? They had a list of things which were diplomatically stated things that might be considered but they didn't put forth the policy Speculation but from looking at in all these cases. It's pretty clear that we've got a couple of co burien things going on grievances against your peers. Kids coming from broken homes or homes have drug and alcohol abuse as well as family violence and then A and we see this over and over again. There's a nasty public shootings a high degree of mental health issues for example on on the general populace maybe twenty twenty percent of the population has certain psychological impairments for the population of school attackers. It's twenty eight percent and it goes up to sixty nine percent when you had those students who had some psychological impairment But he it was Indy Psychosis area. Something where they were. You know what not logically attached to the reality of life as we not so. It's three hundred hundred times. It's three hundred percent more than the general population we fifty cent more maybe upwards of three hundred percent more. Yeah Yeah So. It's significant issue. So that won't cycle going Pyramids Grievances Parents who are not you know well-knitted to their children and you know we've got this rather handle model for a time bomb fascinating guy. Hold on their second. I wanted to take a break. We're GONNA talk about this and some other things we're talking with the Guy Smith from gun facts check it out. Gun facts dot. I N F o Gun Facts Dot Info. Frankly one my first places. I go for data and for easily digestible. UNSHAREABLE information when somebody wants to talk about you know. Mass shootings are the America's the only country Blah Blah Blah. I go to gunfire go. Oh guys already figured that one out. Gun facts dot. I N F O if you'd like to join US eight six six talk gun Smith and Wesson announces. 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Tim Knee is now producing more than one hundred and seventy models of triggers for Bolt Action Rifles shotguns. A are rivals end semi automatic rifles proudly made in the USA since Nineteen forty-six. Find your new trigger at tenny. TRIGGERS DOT COM around here guys Guy Smith from Dot Info is but guy who's got that kind of mind you dig into all the data and then turn it around and put it into infographics and ways that we can understand it and I've got to tell you I appreciate it. I couldn't do it but I'm sure that you do. I have way too much undoing that my wife got dressed her soul. She caught me at my desk on a Saturday morning. What's what are you doing? I said I'm renting multi variant regressions on FBI supplemental homicide tables. And she'd Pat Him in my head like in one more out and instead you can just have a nice bless your heart well like I say. I'm glad you're doing because it does. AH FOR THOSE WHO HAVE I look as soon as you go to gun. Fax Dot Info. You know what I'm talking about. 'cause you make this stuff understandable okay. We're talking about this. Study that Secret Service released about school school shootings first of all. I'm so glad that you pointed out that they identified forty one shootings in ten years. So it's about four slightly over four per year not the Several a week that the gun ban lobby would like to convince the public. It's always happening. It's always going on. It's always has been rare and it still is rare. It's just it's horrific. It's horrible no doubt but in terms of public policy. It's if you don't understand what's going on. You will come up with the wrong answer. You do it right well. That's true and what's interesting. I just recently finished a Grossman's book. Assassination Generation He. The whole book is devoted to school school shootings. And you know what's causing this. and He makes very interesting point you says. In North America there was not a student initiated school shooting ever or until one thousand nine hundred seventy five and the first one was in Canada not the US. So what we're seeing in terms of school shootings is that it's a parallel parallelly new phenomenon and the acceleration curve and what the psychologists have looked at as they've done back to the past records is that Even though there were some. I'm shooting before Columbine everything goes back to that It is the source of restaurants for all the future school shooters and you know. Understanding Bats. Psychology is going to be very important to stopping this from happening in the future. Where do you think's going on you know? There are too many factors actors in too few cases that I can't come up with a real strong Correlation but here's the things that we see over and over again We see the kids who have mental health problems that aren't properly being treated. Parkland shooter was a case studying this year. We're seeing being A culture where by recreating narcissus and I wish I had her numbers on this. But you look at Elvis to Parkland and Sandy Hook to a certain degree A lot of these people who shoot up their schools have narcissistic tendencies and they're not validated by society. That they are these gods that they perceive themselves to be. You WanNa truly horrific reading read the manifest of the distal sheer. I mean he basically lays out the case where he thought he was better than everyone else on the planet that no one else does so So you take those kinds of factors and you then give them an for example like columbine which very publicly the shooters there said we're doing is to get back at the world and you know we would love to be famous but will settle for infamous And other kids. Who are you know equally mentally for Agile and ostracized and whatnot? They might say oh. Well that sounds like a good idea to me to you. Know I wanNA make the point that the availability of guns has changed. I mean we guns were available then actually if you go back. Even further further than seventy five kids would actually take their guns to school. They had guns in the back of the pickup trucks and the back windows parked in the parking lot and back in my dad's day he would actually literally take gun to school to leave even in the locker so he could hot on the way home. We didn't have that back then. So there's no change in availability your lack of availability and firearms and yet that seems to be aware. Of course the gun ban lobby likes to go because it's uncomfortable and awkward and challenging to say something has changed. Something's wrong with our the children. That's a much bigger thing to attack. Well and just have a look at the microcosm here in the United States When I when I'm ask speak somewhere one other person say is the last? NRA Convention was about seventy thousand people in a big building filled with guns probably lots of ammo sitting around somewhere. No one dies. Now take seventy thousand of your garden variety gang. BANGERS put them in the same room with the same number of guns and no one's getting out a lot. What's the difference the fundamental differences culture the NRA types or long water type people the average rich gang? Banger doesn't really even know how to spell wall much less Obeida so you know when it comes to kids shooting at their schools there are many cultural things in there. A two and boy you attack. Somebody's culture they're going to attack you right back now. I want to switch more quickly because you just put out something. I found very interesting. It is a magazine capacity muckraking because they always talk about well. You know if they have larger capacity magazines than the body count goes up in these mass shootings so two things one is address that but also the idea that you know the. US is the only country where all this is happening. And I was interested in when I was reading your piece news. It actually. Mass shootings are going up across the world God bless John Lawton people over at the Crime Research Group They have done now. The largest multinational multi-lingual study of mass shootings and I grabbed that database as soon as it was publishing delicious did some visualizations and the fact is mass shootings are going up all around the world and the rate of increase faster elsewhere than it is is in the United States and the only thing that we have is on captive basis. We're becoming a bit more lethal in our mass shootings But then again there's some statistical numbers there for example. India had a couple of cases of mass shootings were two hundred people got killed in one pass but but they also have a huge population so it makes their numbers. You know look a little bit more contact. Sure okay so talk for a second. We don't have a lot of time but this the idea that High capacity magazines or as we call them standard capacity magazines contribute to the body count. Yeah well what I did was. I grabbed the gun. Facts mass public shooting database and anyone can download that from our website and we mapped out of fifteen plus round capacity magazines against The number of people killed in mass shootings that use tim rounds or less magazines. And we discovered to disperse I. There's this Nice Little Bell Kerr with inside the limits of ten rounds or less where most of the fifteen plus capacity fast magazines were used so in other words people are walking into a mass shooting with thirty round clips Thirty around bag and they only kill about five people that creates in my mind aerobic question why and the fundamental reason is a lot of people go to these mass shootings and there's nobody there The bank's shooting down. EMC thing Florida wonderful example guy went in with you know a fair amount of firepower. But they're only five people in the building so you know there were only so many people he could hit right now out quite of this little bell curve. There are a lot of one off. Events that get progressively more deadly really And they do use fifteen round magazines. But you have to ask why. There's this huge bell curve in these one of them for the body counselor. 'cause you now. If it were just magazine capacity you would see almost nothing on the left side of the graph one or two or three people were killed and you would see this huge spike on the right autograph in that doesn't exist and a couple of weeks ago. We started hypothesizing what really matters. How many people you have packed into tight space face it comes in? That's what we call the cattle pin scenario right. Yeah let me jump in here because I know I'm GONNA run out of time. I do want to let people know the websites. Gun Facts Dot Info and if you're looking for a way to share information to explain it to people in a way that's easy to understand your infographics terrific and also I'm just going to ask right now. Hey guys guy needs help on this stuff you do this all on your own and it takes money and there's there's a donate button up there so I'm just GONNA ask people if they would you know. Throw the box of our the cost of a box of AMMO. Your way I do appreciate that. We have turn down money from institutions and we do that quite regularly because we don't WanNA become biased. In any way we are funded by donations very good guy. Smith thank you so much I very much appreciate what you do. Then who are you take care. Check it out. Gun facts dot info all right open line. What are your shooting? been out doing some training practicing buying any gun. Oh how'd you COUPLA guns hadn't even gotten them in yet and I spent the whole winker gunsight I learn stuff. I'll share when we come back. Good Morning Mr Gresham. Your mission Russian. Should you decide to accept it is to host a radio show. That will bring true common sense to the discussion of firearms rights in this country. Good luck to. So you've had your Tom Gresham's gun talk T- gun talk. I'm Tom Gresham. You could join us by calling calling me eight six six talk done very easy and frankly about anything. We're open lines if you're thinking about buying a gun let's talk about it if if you WanNa tell me about a gun you've known for years and tell me what you like about it a lot. It's always fun as well or members of your family concern because you have guns and train with your guns for self defense. I hear that all the time amazing. Yeah I'd like to hear that story is well spent all of last week at gunsight. The shooting school actually. It's a gun fighting school role in northern Arizona. We were out there with folks from Osborn. It was a media event. They were showing some new guns. It's the season it's when all the gun makers are shown on their new stuff to the media and we all sign these nondisclosure agreements. So we can't talk about them until they released it. We're we're we're heading towards shots show which will be in mid January and that's when all these will be out there. Some of these will be announced prior to shot Joe. So I'm a few days a few weeks but as soon as we're able to talk about it I'll have that information out will have pictures and photos or have a video in interviews and everything else but but they're cool stuff. I just tell you this. There was some early interesting meet staff but soon was Friday two days ago talking right now. We're driving back from gun sight. There's three of us in the car and go by this. Pickup truck is parked on the side of the road. Is We're approaching it. The driver's side door opens up. If they could watch out you know. Someone's going to jump out there because it's just a two lane road in you don't WanNa hit somebody or get the door as we get closer we can see somebody has climbed up inside the truck and one guy is beating the stuff out of this other guy. I mean this is serious. I am going to hurt you beating going on inside this pickups pickups cab in as we go by and I'm in the backseat somebody driving I turn around and look and the guy wearing a red shirt he was the guy was beaten. The other guy he gets out of the truck starts walking away and then the other guy in the truck gets out and starts after him and then I see just as we're going around a corner I see the guy in the red shirt shirts. Sweep his red jacket back and reached back as though reaching for a firearm a pistol and then of course at that point we lose sight of at them so I don't know what happened. We meet they call nine one one even the whole deal and they already hit. I mean within thirty seconds of US telling what telling them what's going on. They were Roland Oakland officers to the scene. I actually checked the the news the next day I did not find any reports of shooting. So maybe that didn't happen but I combine that with this story out of Houston says and what appears to have been a road rage incident. One man is in stable condition a stable but critical condition after being shot in the face shortly before two twenty pm last Wednesday to drivers got involved in a road rage incident nor one man who had a concealed carry permit. We've driving a box truck. The other was driving a sedan story. Says that both men told the police that the other man cut them off. We'll talk about that. A second. The incident continued from miles Point two until both vehicles acted the freeway third opportunity to get out of this thing while at a stop sign. The man in the sedan got out of the car walked up to the box truck and then try dope driver's side door. The man of the box truck who had a concealed carry license drew his firearm and shot the other man in the face case. We'll we'll go to the grand jury a weirdly enough that before this happened. We saw this Friday and we also driving. Somebody's driving aggressively and cut us off in traffic. Let's talk about this whole. Oh idea of road rage. And what's going on here. Are you first of all the I mean. The first question is are you part of the problem. Are you part of the solution because you get to choose. No matter what happens you get to choose if you are not working. Actively to disengage from it you are part of the problem. We cut me off. Well flipped him. The bird okay. You are escalating this. You are making this problem worse. He tailgated me so slammed on my breaks. I gave him a break check. You are part of the problem. You are our ignorance opportunities to get out of this in de-escalate this and here's the thing. Why is that important because if you are carrying carrying a gun you know that this could end up shooting situation and because of that you have? I think I'm just going to say you have a higher duty to not let it get to that point in this situation. We have both people said the other guy cut him off. Who the heck cares challenge in your manhood unless you're somehow mentally challenged somebody pulling in front of you challenges you so what back off on the accelerator? Let him go let him go. Just let them go ahead. Turn on classical music. Turn an author radio relax let it go. But he cut me off who cares really and and now they're going back and forth and one's pushed in front of the other another over miles and miles and it's like this really. You guys are getting so caught up in this. And they're each thinking I'm not going to let him get the better of me. And so somebody getting shot and somebody may go to jail for a long time because of what nothing gene. Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem seriously. Here's here's my take on somebody aggressively cuts in front of me. I just back off on the accelerator. I WANNA give two three four carling's. I'm not gonNA tailgate him. They don't go. They clearly have a problem that I do not be need to be a part of. I don't need to get engaged in that thing. If for some reason they want to stop. I'm going to try to go around or try to find a turnoff that they can't get to behind them. Let them pass the turnoff. Now I'm GonNa Egg. Yeah I know you'RE GONNA delay big deal the Five minutes just get off the road. Let them go on ahead capitol hundred pull back on the road. You never see him again in a problem right. Nobody has feel police supports. Nobody has to go before a grand jury. Nobody has to possibly be charged with manslaughter. Are possibly go to jail and nobody else gets shot over ego it enough. It's not limited to men see women aggressive drivers as well so I think that's the case but what stops now I've stopped and he's boxed in I have nowhere to go. Yeah well you actually do have somewhere to go for one thing. You know what you can always drive away if somebody gets out. Comes up to your car skinny pedal on the right push go. Now if they've you've got a tire iron and they're in front of your car you do not have. I don't think legal justification to run over on the other hand if they have they gun and they are standing in front of you got you scale on the right run over. Just do it called nine one one. Tell them what happened. Go up a half mile and pullover. You're leaving the scene of the accident here. Leaving the scene of where you were assaulted if they come over and beaten on the side of your car with tire iron just say well I guess state farms going to have to take care of this okay but if they start breaking out your side window and return in all bets are off Dan. Do you do what you gotta do. Don't get caught up in the whole road rage thing so the question is are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem. Have you had a road rate situation if you had somebody cut you off. If you had somebody wanted skype I think I'd love to hear the story. And what did you do eight six six talk gun. I'm Tom Gresham. This is gun talk. Are you looking for a place to shoot. The national shooting. Sports Foundation has a great website called where to shoot dot org. It's the largest databases shooting ranges on the Internet. It's also a great resource shooters where you can find video. Tips printable targets a lot more. Find it online where does shoot dot. Org while you're there download their re eyeball now. That's where to shoot dot. It's the bill of rights not the bill of needs. I'm Alan Gottlieb founder of the Second Amendment Foundation when someone says we don't need that kind of gun remind China's founding fathers determined what rights our Constitution should protect. There's a world of difference between rights and needs. It is not the function of government to tell us what we need or what we don't don't certainly. 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The article is on the radio. uh-huh they were gonNA tear are but up because the American people are so violent and crazy so they did this study unfortunately unfortunately they were honest. They went through all of these countries and when they're all done air thing was all said and done the the United States wasn't even in the top one hundred you know we're even in that one hundred. I'm so glad that you mentioned mentioned that. Because I learned that when I went to I just have Guy Smith on and his website gunfire dot info. He has the whole rundown. Because you know that you want it is the the anti gunners they love to say well you know the US is the only country blah blah blah blah or it rates highest in Zimbabwe. But they cherry pick a few European happy and countries but if you take all the countries and that's what you're talking about. The economists did. That's what Guy Smith did. Then you find out that the US has action kinda toward the bottom when it comes to murders and deaths by guns per capita. But nobody ever hears that I. I'm I'm delighted that Do you know where you heard this was it by any chance. NPR actually it. Very well could have been no. I was actually having fun with. I think actually it was as a matter of fact there is also always as much as we look him sideways there are occasionally good articles on. NPR NPR look. Don't get me wrong I like NPR. I like to listen to. NPR Because you know what I don't don't but there is there that's one of those at least I'll tell you this of all the things I pay for taxes that's not the most objectionable how's that sound bound. Yes sir. Hey I appreciate John Thank you for pointing that out. That's a really good point there. But yeah when you look at all the countries don't just cherry pick a few new European countries the US actually comes in towards the bottom somewhere between the middle and the bottom when it comes to murders and s with firearms arms. Gerald called in also. He's line four out of California. What's going on out there? In the left state Gerald State wanted to provide you and our audience Your audiences in some kind of a real world. Example of the draconian gun and ammunition laws that we're experiencing out here. I was at my local sporting goods store. They have a very ever diminishing gun in ammunition selection when a uniformed police officer walked up and stood next to the counter. I told the associated please. He's helped the the officer. Is this time. It's probably much more important than the officer explained to that he was there to buy ammunition I department. They had supply ordering error. Big Training Tomorrow need to get a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition. The associate looked at them. That concerned look on his face and said I don't know if I can do that. Let me get my manager manager. Walked up introduced himself getting fully uniformed bag gun officer. Hold the thought just one second here. I can tell where it's going at. I want I don't want you to get cut short to run up against a heartbreak officer goes in needs to buy this ammo. Needs it right away. Away but oh yeah hits Californian we have new laws Gerald's GONNA fill in the rest of the story when we come back. Don't go far Jerrell to be there to be a part the best you can call in to eight six talk guy. I'm always telling you gotTA watch out. See what's going on in California because that's the kind of thing that kind of runs out here to the rest of the country. Gerald's this call from California. got a ditch story. Jerry said you're in the store officer comes in and he's in uniform. He's in a hurry because they have run short of ammunition Kamya nation for the department. So He's actually trying to get ammo from the store for the Police Department right. Yeah that's correct. He was trying to buy. I think about two thousand rounds of ammunition for a training training session the very next day he explained that was some supply error issue they didn't get the MO on time The manager comes over. Says I can't sell you this mission. The officer says hey listen here's my. Id Card in addition to my uniform badge gun name tag. I'm a peace officer in the state of California California. The manager says. I'm sorry I can't do this. I need to get a letter from your chief of police. Signed Live Inc with the make the model caliber the grain weight. Everything that I can sell this to you on behalf of your department. The guy says officers. Let me get my sergeant on the phone. Sergeant calls talks to the guy the manager that is same explanation. The Watch commander then calls lieutenant the training lieutenant then calls and at the end of the day it was determined that this Sporting goods store could not sell the police department ammunition because they lacked a letter letter Indicating those details officer then said can I buy it as a private person and then get reimbursed. The sporting goods store manager said. I'm sorry all right. That's a straw purchase of ammunition. That is illegal. I can't do this. I'm so sorry about please. Vote men that officer Kinda shrugged shoulders. Shake this his head and exited the star and I sat there with my job open like. Is this really happening. Is this what you're alleged players. Legislators you're now telling us that's what we need to do to make a safe. We need to keep the police from having ammunition to keep us safe. Gerald understand that you found gun talk through the podcast absolutely you know. I know this might be a surprise Tom. But Berry Educational programs like yours very very insightful or not carried on the normal airwaves here and I just WanNa thank you for making your wonderful program available to us. in areas. Where we we don't receive over the air so thank you for what you're doing? Please support the Second Amendment Foundation or the California rifle and Pistol Association. I send them five five bucks when I can two kids in college But they're great organizations not affiliated with either. They take my money I hope they do good with it And I hope that the answer that we're experiencing here does not spread to the wonderful areas through the rest of the United States. But I fear that is wash your appreciate your report that is upsetting and still not surprising by the way he also go to gun. Talk Dot Com. Look under gun talk radio and you can find all the stations several hundred stations that carry the show. You might be surprised. Sometimes you find one near you think why didn't even know it was there you baby podcast listener. You weren't aware that you actually listened to it. Live as well so they could Jarrell appreciate. She ate that and they are fine with that. Honestly and I'm not making this up I'm not this is not hyperbole. There are a lot of the gun ban folks who really wish. The police didn't have guns. They really I mean I had him telling me that actually had Tom. Ds from the violence policy. Senator was on gun talk years ago and ask them. What's your goal? What if you have anything you wanted? What would it be said? We'll get rid of all the guns and really the police to and he said well you know wants to be get rid of all the guns. The police won't need. There's either ponder that the naive tae the childishness the infantile thinking process. This that come from thinking if we get rid of all the guns all the people will be good really well. We could put up no gun signs and then people wouldn't go into places and shoot up people right because if they have the side battle works brilliant utterly brilliant eight six six talk. Walk Gun when we come back. We got some new guns to tell you about you. Do not want to miss this.

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