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Bruce McLaren Pt. I - New Zealands Racing Prodigy


Hey this is steve off center. Those failing forward on my podcast. We show the failure is just one step toward success. We interview incredible guests like comedy. Legend Elaine boozer multimedia stars Hannah Drew Lynch and Trevor Wallis. And even talk to a suicide expert checkout new episodes of failing forward every Wednesday for free. Wherever you get your podcast known quit touch. What is the attorney my headphones town turnover? Okay you want to deliver the show. I think what every time you're the. Okay Yeah Welcome back. Pass Gas. Give it a little more. Welcome back if you'RE GONNA if you're GONNA do the intro give it some around all right. Hey Juice Hey Bruce McLaren yes it is. Hello hello listener. Welcome back to pass gas. The don't Media Automotive History Talk Thank you. Thank you for joining us once again. I Love I love all the engagement. You've gone a level. The kind words that you guys send us on twitter place guys personally for all the gross mouth noises. I've been doing yes. The Air I'm not deadpool's friend from the bar. Tj Miller is not in the studio with me today. Who is in the studio today? Is Mr James Pump Free Mr Joe? Wherever he stole my noise GonNa say ooh baby here. I didn't know that like we decided who is going to get. It's alright you can have it alls realize I'm still wearing sunglasses that I put on as a joke. We are discussing Bruce McLaren today. The life of Bruce McLaren what. I don't know how many parts isn't going to be today. Definitely at least two maybe. Three maybe four depending on all the research staff. Hey guys welcome to the past gas. Podcast pass gas. Please help us grow by giving us a good rating and a nicer view on the podcast. Platform your choice to really help us out and I really appreciate that. So thank you all right now for the show. The McLaren Automotive Company is known for building some of the coolest Supercars on the road. There's a clearance service station down the street from our office and at least once a day a McLaren seven twenty s drives by and I think. Baby ooh baby one with a huge wing are not the. I mean I think some might have a huge wing. But that's the one with the big old hips space is yeah it looks like a spaceship So Yeah McLaren. They're known for those their supercars as well as having a very rich formula one heritage punctuated by names like Ayrton Senna ever heard of him Lewis Hamilton. And my personal favorite Fernando Alonzo. Ever heard of him. But how did the company get there guys? What was it about McLaren automotive's namesake? That helped the company. Get to the top. While we'LL SEE BRUCE. Mclaren was an incredibly tenacious and brilliantly creative man to quality I think drive the company. Today is great qualities. We just saw little tiny kid being pushed in a like toy McLaren. Yeah to this morning mincy. That's a sign which call an omen. It was that kid good omen that kids. Debt is the devil in the form of wiler. No one so yes Our source for this episode is Bruce McLaren from the cockpit by Bruce McLaren was published in nineteen sixty four. And I have so much respect for someone who can write their own autobiography again and just the amount of detail that bruce goes into on. It seems like he writes about every race. He ever competed in. And it's like it. Does it start strong. Because he talks about his early life But then he just gets into this hundred page long stretch of different races and I was like. Oh Oh boy I always admire people who can do that and just like recall every little detail of like these crazy like he must've done thousands of races and the fact that he can go back and just like remember every turn of it is insane to me. That's like how Jay z like doesn't right his rhymes down right. Like how do you do that? No he doesn't now does a little wing. That's crazy yeah. I don't even know your guys names all right so without further to a yes. I'm excited me too. Let's dive in to the life and Times of a Mr Bruce McLaren New Zealand national hero. Mclaren's autobiography starts Bruce Waking Up in a German Hospital by the way this is not a book report. But I'm just I just want to let you guys know got. We didn't think it was okay. Anyway wakes up in a German hospital. He's wondering why he was there. Then he remembers chasing down John. Sir Ferrari in Jim Clark's Green Lotus. He is oddly common. His recollection quote most racing drivers. Have some sort of accident during their career and deep in my heart. I knew there was no reason why I should be an exception. I thought this might be why I wasn't alarmed at finding myself in hospital. This great quote from the opening pages. Kind of encapsulates. The mentality of Bruce McLaren if you don't fear crashing then you're free to drive as fast as you want. Hell Yeah Bruce McLaren started racing as a quote. He called himself a secretly scared sixteen year old behind the wheel of an Austin Ulster seven in a hill. Climb ten years later though. Bruce would be racing in formula. One it is said that Racing Java's Abon not made but I guess I happened along. Those two categories Bruce McLaren was born on August thirtieth nineteen thirty seven in Auckland New Zealand. Bruce's grandfather had started one of New Zealand's I quote bus and truck businesses. He didn't really elaborate on what that meant. But I assume hauling stuff in people and bursts father ran a service station slash garage in Remera New Zealand. Remm wear Rim wehre Ramir wear. We are probably going to butcher somebody whose names. Yeah sorry. Sorry to all our Q. Is Out there related. They're so cool. Yeah I think we do have some listeners and definitely some people who watch youtube channel from New Zealand we respect the FAA guys. Sorry if I make your accent sound funny. That's not my intention. And so if we say a bunch of the words wrong. We're doing our best. All right bruce had been around cars since a young age quotes since then there had always been a McLaren connected with motor transport. Bruce's dad and uncles were adept motorcyclists who dominated the racing scene in New Zealand. If anyone in history was destined to be racing legend it seemed Bruce McLaren was hand. Chosen by the gods of speed. But it wouldn't be that easy. When Bruce was almost ten years old. He showed early signs of polio in his left hip when the polio vaccine didn't ease the pain the doctors decided to x. Ray Him and they've found early signs of purpose disease which affects lubrication in the hip and caused joint to seize up. The doctors ordered Bruce two rest days of rest turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months months in the years. Bruce's treatment would last almost two years and it's kind of crazy in the documentary. 'cause they put him they just have to make his stip his hips like as static as possible so they put them in this like Gurney kind of thing and strap his legs down. So his hips can't move at all. Then they put weights on his ankles and he had like sit in this chair for two years two years. Yeah Bruce and four other boys were confined in similar setups. And we're giving wheelchairs to get around. So they like they took that setup that Bruce was in but then they made it. Mobile wasn't really like a wheelchair. Wheelchair is say you're just like in this weird like a Gurney Gurney thing. Yeah so when you have five boys in these weird wheelchair setups. It's inevitable that they decide to race them. I mean yes but you do push us towards the edge of the hill. Brugere Bruce's friends an after dark wheelchair bed race around the hospital. One day they changed their beds together and wrote down some ramps in front of the facility. Hell Yeah Hell Yeah. Love these guys after gaining some speed on the ramps. The train shares went down the hospitals driveway. Where a right hand turn was waiting for them since ten year. Old Boys don't understand the NUANCES OF WHEELCHAIR. Bed thing handling the boy train collided with the curb and train collided with the curb and caused a quote colossal pileup of wheelchairs. Bruce's traction frame broke free from the the the mobile setup and sent him flying into a flower bed. Like this is already a movie. Sure Timothy Shower me. Bruce was in the hospital for two years before he was allowed to stand on his own. Two years two years free from his standing wheelchair however when he stood up he found out that one leg was shorter than the other one of the hanging weights hadn't been set correctly and Bruce would walk with a slight limp for the rest of his life. You'd think they would like check in on it after a week and be like Oh our all our weights separate in two years. 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Those things are microbial. Because you've got all this gas going on as macworld DOT COM and enter the Promo code gas support the sponsors that support doughnut. We wouldn't be able to make these shows without them and honestly is a great. It's just great product man. Everybody needs socks. Might as well buy them here in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. Bruce left the hospital at twelve years old and despite the limp and loss time spent in the hospital. One major positive was that he had a lot of time to study as he explains it. His confinement meant he wasn't distracted by other things. Active twelve year olds might have been distracted by things like sports as a result. Bruce was an excellent student spending much of his time reading before Bruce left the hospital. His Dad brought him a brochure for the new Jaguar Xe k. One twenty the fastest production car in the world at the time and Bruce spent a lot of his time. Looking through the brochure. Something I can relate to and I'm sure a lot of you guys out. There can relate to now. He paid extra attention to the cut away. Drawing of the three point four leader in line six engine and although he didn't really know what exactly he was looking at the young boys started to feel that he could be a mechanic versus parents enrolled him in an engineering course at Auckland College in Nineteen fifty one. He was just fourteen years old. After the midterms Bruce was second class and he decided to pursue a career in civil engineering a little later racing in New Zealand really began to heat up a local car. Club had set up a circuit at an abandoned airfield in see growth. side note. We're going to talk about a lot of airfields. They get turned into race courses over the course of this. Because that's kind of a thing. Dan Did we. Got Corona virus. Going on right now. They're encouraging not to travel. Maybe we should just take all the airports and tournament of race tracks. That's a great I did. Lax would probably make a cool one airport. Hopefully it's Bruce's. Dad wanted to be in on the racing action for one hundred ten pounds. He bought a dilapidated Austin. Ulster seven a sporty variant of the Humble Austin seven. The seven was Kinda like Britain's Model T. but much smaller. The Ulster version had no doors and aluminum body were. It took Bruce and his dad but mostly as dad a year to put the car back together. Pops took the seven out for a test drive and came back with white knuckles and very shocked expression. The car going all right but it had a lot of trouble with things like stopping and turning POPs wanted to sell it. But Bruce begged him to keep the Daddy. LemMe keep the Austin seven can receive my knuckles. You see my knuckles and my expression on my face. Any it's just the break somebody could make dope. That's pretty much. How Africa maybe Bruce can have the car His Dad agreed son. I can learn about break steny. Maybe a new job some day. It's a way more than a man can handle so I'm gonNA give it to a boy. Is that agreed? And let us keep the car as long as you took care of it. since Bruce wasn't legally allowed to drive the car in public roads he built a small racecourse in his backyard This is where Bruce McLaren learned to drive. There's a story in the book. About how he? He crashed the car into like his neighbor's garage doing this race. Course then Bruce got his driver's license at fifteen years old eager to get racing. Bruce found out there weren't really any events near him but luckily his dad knew of a quarry with a sweet five eighths mile road leading down the bottom. Luckily Luckily His dad knew about that. If they could get a permit this would make a pretty sick hill-climb venue more. Luckily his daddy was a member of the Auckland car club and was able to secure the permits sadly but less luckily his dad sick the day of the event so bruce had to do it himself the vice that his dad gave him was that if there was even a scratch on the seven. No more car from Bruce. So yes on you can take this and you can go race it in the corey but if he gets even a scratch on it. You can't do it ever again like that's impossible when you're just driving on little stone. He believed this warning gave him extra motivation to drive carefully as well as block the fear of his first event he was too afraid of crashing to worry about where he'd place. Bruce fought his Austin. Seven Ulster all the way up the hill sliding around every corner but the car made it across the finish line in one piece. To his amazement Bruce had finished first in the seven hundred fifty c class Bruce McLaren had won his first race. Ever at only fifteen years old I concern. We need to find Corey. Do we need to get a corridor? It's by Corey. Build a hill. Climb course have a frequent sick music festival in the bottom. Take that clear this. Yeah we'll buy. We bought a core. Then you can do your digging thing. I can do my digging sh. I really good idea that involves digging a hole. But I don't WanNa say it on the air because I want you jerks steal it. I want to hear about it. I'll tell you afterwards is a really good. It involves taking a big hole but I think it can make us millions okay. According to Bruce his seven taught him much more besides car control which it required a lot of fans but also the importance of quote careful maintenance and preparation. He goes on to say painstaking work in the garage. Before race can mean the difference between winning and failing to finish one of my best. Lessons was a tackle one job at a time. Do it thoroughly and be satisfied with the result before passing onto the next this was POPs doctrine and it has always stood me in good stead. Bruce and his father would modify the seven for nearly every event trying out something new every time POPs would advise at Bruce would do the fabrication and it's three years of competition the McLaren seven. Ulster never failed to an event or win its class. Wow that's big league even in like a local racing thing like Keanu imagine a local. Sea like auto cross stuff breaks stuff always goes wrong. You don't think of but this was like a rock solid car right and then some days. You're just having an off day. You're not really hit it. Can you imagine just like? Oh that guy and his dad. They win the class every time and they have for three years. It's crazy after entering a circuit race at Ohio Kia airfield and finishing third of Ron winning his class. Bruce sold the Ulster in nineteen fifty five feeling wrung out all the performance he could have he was eighteen years old. I just WANNA keep punctuating. How young is enchanted? Because like? He's killing. Yeah do you think. Do you think he wanted to go fast. Because he was in that wheelchair for so long. I feel like that's that was the point of that was what they're trying to say in the documentary or documentary. They're like he was like such. He's a cripple as a kid. I WANNA do is I get up and walk around and run with the other kids. Now I finally gets like mobility. And he's like just takes it? As far as I like that I buy that. I'M GONNA force that narrative in so please do but the mclarens stopped buying race cars. Bruce's dad bought an Austin Healey. One hundred dash four which they promptly started tearing apart. Mods included some Chrysler Pistons. Buick Cam. Valves it was portent polished. They portent policy heads at twin pipe. Exhaust a full linked undertray was like is that like flat bottom. Wow yeah that's super cool in frequent eighteen thirty nine hundred fifty five fifty five or forty five thirty fifty five fifty five thirty seven. Yeah I love like that. Took Joe a normal person amount of time to do like very simple math equation and are both like really bad at math. Even know you guys is names. It has nothing to do anything. Yeah full length flat tray on the bottom of car really cool. That's really pronounced had drilled brake drums and cooling ducts for reduced brake fade which you need for extended driving sessions and a fully revised suspension. Mclaren's also won nearly every event. They entered with this car. They're just freaking engineering geniuses and it's just a hobby yeah just weeks. Before the Nineteen fifty-six New Zealand Grand Prix which Bruce's dad intended to drive in POPs? His doctor told him that he had to sit out the race. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to find a replacement driver. So Bruce hinted. Hey maybe I could do it. Bub Mamie always thinking maybe since he came. John Duncan Says No. I think we should listen to adopt. He's got you know degrees went to college longtime fort. Louis really care about you. Healthy and everything. I was thinking maybe I could drive. Maybe the car looking me toes. His Dad was hesitant. Because Bruce will be going up against guys like Jack Brabham and the Stirling Moss. Jack Brabham was one of Australia's best known drivers. He got his start on dirt ovals of midget car racing where you learned to perfect the on power oversteer or drift as we know it he would take style with them to Europe where he would regularly you drive with quote full lock and lots of throttle guy is my candidate. Now Jack Brabham as we'll see in the story awesome dude kind of takes young Bruce underwing dude spoiler alert and young. Bruce would go head to head with this guy. Bruce in the Heeley were entered in a sports car race that ran before the formula cars race rate. Welcome back to Bruce in the Heeley So Bruce in the book mentions that the race organizers had They discovered the previous year that having two classes at the same time on the same track kind of a bad idea because these local sports car drivers that were like guys like Bruce. Yeah like modern cars but then you just had like formula cars also just that would be like driving disease the high low cars against because those are pretty good pretty fast like the best we can do. I think you'd agree with Lewis Hamilton and like Dan your card though I would fun. Let's just call up. Mercedes all right yes. Stranger things have happened. We'll get back to more pass guest right now. Over More Sponsors Marquess Brownlee here AKA HD. Let me borrow your ear for a second to tell you about my podcast way form over the past decade. I've been reviewing all kinds of tech on youtube everything from smartphones to tablets to electric cars to headphones two. Tv's and everything in between put even with over a thousand plus videos. I've always found. There's more to talk about so way. Forum comes to you in the form of a chat show between myself and Co host. Andrew Manganelli longtime member of the team where we discussed everything. We haven't had the chance to dive into in the videos so we've pulled back the curtain and talk about how we look at new tech behind the scenes on. Actually making the videos will chat with fellow creators and guests and do mini reviews of pretty much anything with an on button. There's rants it's all on way form so that sounds interesting to you. You can find us on spotify apple podcasts or anywhere he listen catch over there. Unfortunately the Healy's head gasket blew a few laps in the race but for a little bit. Bruce had proven he can hang with the pros he was. He was racing with them. I mean for short periods of time because the former cars were obviously much faster but in the turns Jilin wait. He's keeping up with the formula cars in the turns in the turns. Yeah 'cause I mean back. Then they didn't have air or anything to help them they were just like they'd be sliding all over the place. All the car slid all over the place. Yeah but Claridge's break leader. Yeah they would just Totally lose ministries though After the weekend ended with the death of the Healy's engine. The mclarens took a break from racing for about a month break. As Bruce was focused on school. Jack Brabham Cooper race car came on the market now. The same car that he had just raced. Tammy crazy just see like on craigslist. Lewis is trying to get rid of it. I know what I have no low ballers. No tire kickers has. Bruce was taking this month long break. In focusing on school Jack Brabham Kupa race car came on the market now. This was a very serious car. One that could bring the mclarens to the next level in a racing career they sold the Healy Bruce's daily driver and his bicycle to pay for the race car and entered the Horror Horror Hill Climb Championship race the very next day. Yeah he mentioned the bike. It's alright car another car and then a bike which is probably would not. I don't think it'd go very far to help. Pay For a formula. Two car basical bicycle. Yeah I MENA motorcycle bicycle Bruce. One point five liter class with ease bruising company had plans to campaign the car in America hoping for a sponsor to get them to see. Bring Jack Brabham countered by offering to send them a one point. Seven liter cooper set single seater F one car for Bruce to drive at New Zealand events. You're like nineteen and this legend is hey one. F One car. Yeah Guess I was thinking about going America but I guess I could stay New Zealand. I don't have any bike. Sticky points alongside that. There were rumors that the end Z. I. G. P. New Zealand's race sanctioning body wanted to sponsor a Kiwi driver to race formula two in Europe and Bruce was apparently on the shortlist to improve his chances of being picked. Bruce accepted. Graham's offer of the one point seven liter cooper while he waited for the Cardo Arrive. He finished his university exams. The Cooper arrived New Zealand. When Bruce was twenty years old he describes the first time sitting in the car. I was in transplant. My first view of the Kupa I climbed in the front wheel seem close in gave me the feeling that it would be very stable. It had more instruments then the sports car even wood trim steering wheel little. Did I realize how many hours I would later be spending in a KUPA cockpit? Bruce's first time behind the wheel of the Cooper was out at ardmore. He drove the one point. Seven liter while Jack Brabham drove a one point nine six leader Formula One car that had also been shipped over. The two racers took a few laps together with Jack. Leading Bruce around the circuit one of the best drivers in the world at the time showing a young apprentice the ropes. I had a marvelous time following his lines and hanging the tail out when teach. It did when we pulled into the pits. I was told off a hanging tail out too far a case I thought for the pot calling kettle black but I tried hard afterwards to motor in Anita fashion so that just means like swinging the backout more. Yeah like he's like. Oh to check out what I can do. You want to eat. Dealing teachers is shaking his head even though he shaking his head while he is also just stone faced during a smooth counter. Jack and Bruce entered the nineteen fifty eight New Zealand Grand Prix at Ardmore Bruce's car broke down eight laps in. Bruce thought his chances of getting that EF two scholarship were shot I mean why wouldn't they be? He'd even finish the race but at the post race trophy presentation. It was revealed that Bruce had been chosen his raw talent. His raw talent behind the wheel made him New Zealand's best chance to get some podiums over in Europe. When the time came to leave New Zealand Bruce traveled with the Cooper by cargo ship departing from Melbourne Australia to Aden Yemen. Yeah I had to like double check because that's really replace Then he flew from to England after hanging out for a little while in the book or Day. He's like talks about time in Yemen. And just about how? He went to different people's houses for like ten pages. Why do I need to know? Cultural Man is first time outside of news the Yemen. That's true but I want to hear about race cars James. Hey man you need to widen your scope a little bit. There's a lot more out there just race cars. I suppose that's true I learned that when I went to Pittsburgh I was like Pittsburgh. It's very with your eye. Opening Links Nolan Yemen. Pittsburgh was my yarmulke shortly. After arriving in Jack Brabham drove bruce to a small factory in Surbiton. It was the birthplace of Bruce's cooper race car cooper as Bruce. Jack approached the building's curved facade complete with large glass windows John Cooper. Himself CAME OUT THE FRONT DOOR. This seems like the opening of Dress Park. Yeah he's wearing brown overalls his jet black hair slicked back and a pipe hung out of his mouth may chew coming in half a look now. He's pilot pleased to meet you. Boy Coming and have a look around John. Cooper was a titan his Formula One cars at sixteen races and won back to back championships in one thousand. Nine hundred ninety nine hundred sixty John would later lend his knowledge to the British Motor Corporation and helped develop a revolutionary front wheel drive town car for the masses. They would call it. Jim Coupons right F W de for life maybe Bruce's first race. In England was a bit of a letdown. He finished ninth in formula to race and worse a feel sponsor he was promised back in New Zealand fell through when the company's London Rep told him that he was one of the hundred racers that come to England that year. Reality starting to kick in for young. Bruce is really on. I WANNA go back to Zalin hanging out with my D- I'm east. Mead Bruce was working in the Cooper factory assembling a new to him race car to race wants. The new car was done. Bruce had a string of great outings. At Britain's premier race track silverstone the track began its life in nineteen forty three. It was an air base for launching fighter planes and bombers during dub dub to how it became a race track is something of an urban legend in one thousand nine hundred forty six local name. Maurice go gone. Wanted to test out the top speed of his new car. The B roads around the town weren't long or straight enough but then he remembered the airfield and super long runways. Reese went to silverstone and found that he could drive right onto the base and did some laps down the runway and return wrote. He told his buddies about it. And Forty seven twelve racer staged and a legal race at the airfield. Maurice ended up hitting a sheep during the event so so that race is now known as the Mutton Grand Prix. Good story that's crazy and that's just the kind of stuff you've come to expect from media and pass GATT. That's Bruce found his footing in the new car so he had like he was at the. The factory was basically a team driver. But they're like hey like if you want to raise for us you kind of have to build your own cars. There's a different time back there. I mean so many guys from like the sixties like Ken Miles built ours. All these dudes because who better to build the car? They'd have all kinds of computers and like they're wearing a nowadays. You have a whole team guys all over the world Watching exactly what? Neff driver's car is doing listening to his heart. Defeat his pulse which is the same as heartbeat. But I'm sure they have their blood pressure going like all their vitals and stuff but back then they didn't have any of that stuff so the computer was the guy who drove in being like. Hey I think like the rear is kind of weird. And they're like how weird and then he's like. Oh you know what? It's probably easier if I fix you know. Yeah so like He. He was in the Cooper factory and dislike going upstairs to find old parts and just putting that whole car together but at the Andy had like a legit racecar. There's a funny part or something I noticed in the documentary was like you know nowadays. You'd have someone like squirting water in your mouth like a gatorade bottle or something. There's all these shots of him like getting into the pits and then they just like give him a beer beer real quick and then he gets out yeah. These guys are like smoking cigarettes. So what a cool guy just like you know people say it all the time like they don't make them like they used to and I really think it's impossible to make them like they used a world that doesn't exist for guys like that anymore. I guess I honestly think the closest thing to racing in this era like the sixties now is formula drift. That's a good point like dealing. Dillon has been posting today. He's are not today for the past few months. He's building his car for this season. Forsberg's cars all taken apart ody's car. He's building a car for the season so I think like formula drift is the purest form of like old school. Motorsport it's still small enough. That people like build their own and like sponsors. Don't have so much of a say in it Sponsor money to begin with a huge team. And at this point like I guess Vaughn is the closest thing with rt are to an actual team but like other than that. There's really not like a Mercedes or like a a there's like dominating there's or there's no dream teams that exist like there's no williams like it's still very drifting still is very grassroots even to its core like there's not like a grassroots. Formula One anymore now like you couldn't go to Mercedes and B. Like hey can look. I build a car from the factory work in your thing and do that. Work my way up to be bribing drift. I mean that's what Dylan is done based you know like he's like. Hey Chris Yeah he crewed for Chris Crude for driver for years. And there's so many other stories like Aaron Parker. Yeah our boy Same deal cruiser ODI builds on car. Love it nasty a love. I mean that's essentially what you didn't you didn't start out doing what you're doing don't it? Waste did James said follow me and then he said okay teacher and I said hey boy you're hanging it out a little higher in those turns and actually he said that to you. Bruce finished third in his first race at Silverstone and he followed that up with a club race victory the next week however the other drivers at that club a little pissed that a quote factory driver and car had taken the w nevertheless young. Bruce's finding his confidence since his move to England after spin at brands. Hatch a cooper employee named big. Ginger Devlin told Bruce's mechanic columbine when quote that might of Y'alls will either be a bloody good or he'll kill himself little. Did he know that both statements were true? Damn Dude spoiler alert. And that's well. We'll pick up next week on past. Yes yes next week. I hope that was informative. I'm looking forward to seeing where the accident in our goes. But I'm looking forward to where we go with Bruce McLaren. What a cool guy. Yeah all right. Well thank you for listening to pass gas. If you don't already know we also have a Youtube Channel Were called doughnut media. 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