Full Circle Weekly News #107


Full circle magazine, weekly news, audio, cast upbeat where we feed, you know, chitchat news about boon to and free software. You can find more information like this WWW dot full circle magazine dot ORG. Dell's latest developer edition computer is here the precision fifty five thirty mobile workstation ships with boon to sixty no four LTS but should be upgradable to boom to eighteen four LTS. Both versions are officially supported by Dell and canonical. Android, however, is not being supported. Earlier this year, canonical showed interest in including Android integration built into the desktop via g. s. connect. However developers are not satisfied with the current state of GS connect. And this is no longer going to be a default extension in new boon to eighteen ten cosmic cuttlefish. With UB ports, recent release of sixteen o four LTS for Ubuntu touch, and it's very premature state of the and box project, which is a project to make Android run on to touch mainstream developers and manufacturers may have less reasons to be concerned about Android and more opportunities to focus on free software. The zero phone is coming soon. It is a raspberry pi based open source Olympics powered hand said this Hackel hardware device aims to be a solution to data security and privacy for the technically astute crowd. Meanwhile, the LeBron five handset which was said to support Ubuntu tach has pushed its release date back to April of twenty nine teen. They are struggling to find Non-proprietary firmware to run the modem and other components. In the meantime, you can use boon to touch now on currently available and supported devices. Did you ever wonder about the root of specter and meltdown according to links creator, Lena's Torvald incorrect calculations done by speculative execution are not completely discarded and this resulted in the flaws almost all modern CPU's utilized speculative execution to improve performance. But Torvald says that it's unfair to have to fix someone else's problems. However, communications are improving between Intel and kernel developers. Spector and speculation aren't the only specs in the Colonel as previously reported. The spec algorithm created by the NSA has been in the Colonel since at least four dot seventeen. In Google's devices, however, Lennox Colonel Ford twenty will now be dropping the government issued security algorithm. Instead, the Chacha algorithm will be used. One can only speculate as to why this change wasn't made. Sooner anonymity is in dead, though tales, anonymous version. Three dot nine has hit the streets this week. It now includes VERA crypt and true crypt integration directly through the Ghanem desktop environment. Another exciting new feature is the ability to automatically install software updates when starting up the p. c.. Keeping your system up to date and using encryption are important steps in staying secure. Lastly, insecurity anew. AAI capability is helping Dev sec ops teams, white hat securities sentinel dynamic uses AI to draw on ninety five million identified vulnerabilities to perform dynamic applications security testing. This will allow developers to create web applications at a much faster pace. Full circle magazine, weekly news, audio, cast assured a tune in next time. Special. Thanks to aren't freed vulgar content creation.

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