Bomber: Manhunt in Austin Trailer


And firms injured mothers in the room with the subject on known. What exploded I just froze for a second. My initial reaction was to protect my son. In March twenty eighteen Austin, Texas was a place of fear and panic one person is in the hospital after an explosion at home. I bomb exploded the morning of March. Second all started win multiple people. Call the police Farman early this morning. It's not time to panic. But it's time to be vigilant. And it's time to pay attention. Just a loud loud. No, it's funny. I don't remember hearing the blast. I'm Jason Puckett. The host of bomber over the course of this podcast. I'll tell you the inside story of the hunt for the Austin bomber a search that would last nineteen days while the city remained on edge and the nation watched and wondered who is behind this where will they strike next. And what if this happened in my hometown, we didn't know what the package looked like? So any package was suspicious and your thinking how many more did this person or persons plant overnight. How many more unsuspecting people may go out front and handle a package and suffer the kind of injuries or or loss of life that we've already seen? You can't even mostly process wrap your head around this this whole past ten days has been like a movie, we just want answers to know. What happens our neighbor into what what's happening to other people in Austin? You can have terror strike in a moment. And we knew the time was of the essence because of the. The unpredictability of when and where the momber may strike next. What kept him I guess from wanting to hurt us. Jud all of these folks were were good people. They were members of our community. And they you know, they they lived a life and people cared about them. Call joan.

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