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It's time to rethink. That's why businesses are using hybrid cloud. ai with ibm. Join us at think. Twenty twenty one eleven and see how businesses are working with ibm to solve problems. Like no one else registered. Ibm dot com slash thing cried passionate and pageantry of college. Football leaves here the paul finebaum. Show our three podcast. We welcome you back to the program and we begin the second half with some sad news from honolulu. Colt brennan who played for the university of hawaii. He ran up against a couple of sec. Teams including alabama as well as the university of georgia in the two thousand and eight sugar bowl. He was also the two thousand and seven. Finalists for the heisman finished. Third he has passed away in honolulu at the age of thirty seven years. Old brennan according to reports has had public struggles with alcohol data in fact at hospital in california according to his father terry brennan who said he just spent one too many times on the dark side of life and it caught up with him. We begin the third hour with a conversation with connor rally Who covers the university of georgia and that has been a pretty major topic of conversation. Connor thank you for making time for us and really curious what the topic of conversation has been everywhere. You go good afternoon. Yeah thanks for having me on all just terrible news about colt brennan. Great player that. I got a chance to watch growing up and just really sad and hope for the best for his family. It is really tough and and dying at any age but when you died thirty seven of course yep I'm a long way from that. It just seems it just seems ridiculously young. Hey thanks for being here. Let's talk about the dogs and everyone an opinion of Of of what is all is all about. We've talked to kirby smart twice in the last two weeks as you look at this team I'm curious your thoughts on on on the good and the bad. Well they're going to be a top five team to start the season probably closer to five than one so to speak if jd daniels tastes the steps for that. Everyone sort of thinks he's going to. This could be certainly seen that. I think wins the national title next season. You know the concerns are are in the secondary. I live with what we've seen in college for polo in recent seasons the secondary and the defense. Just don't matter as much in terms of way national title they add. We're gonna raise secondary season ago and alabama the best office in the country. Just blow towards some. It didn't really even matter so it. Jt daniels plays up to his caliber and his potential. In the store offense i. There's no reason why this team can't win. A national title. Accept the fact that there seems to be this jinx out there that every georgia fan is well aware of Talk about that for a second. And how how did the dogs overcome that They've had great teams in the past. That happened national championships. As you well know. I you sorta some bad news. Come way with george pagans. Acl injury and then. There's the four time elephant in the room in alabama answer less. Where yeah they gotta replace matt jones and they're all time great offense but this team is so absolutely loaded at the end of the day. Nick sabin is still calling plays. They're so talented as this georgia team is and i think it's going to be every bit as good as that. Twenty seventeen team was twenty team. That took alabama today there and championship game at the end of the day to find a way to beat alabama to get over this campaign. I think ultimately winning national championship and it starts and ends with that. You mentioned the dvd's and i've i've heard that over and over again from from dog fans Is is that it though. If you're trying to find a weakness you could point to the offensive line and wonder what their ceiling is because you look at the last two national championship winners in lsu in alabama. They will both joe more award winning wines. The best offense wise in the country obviously recruited very well there but to start the season. I think the at that sort of championship caliber level. Now it doesn't mean they can't get there and develop their over. The course of the season by defensive back is your biggest concern. Starting the air. You're off into your second biggest one in opening up against the constantine that might have the best defensive line in the country that's going to present a real issue to winning that big first game of the year. That's a really good point. And you know. I'm i'm not overly you know enthralled with clemson every everything is good but maybe not great but You've just talked about the the scariest part of that program. And that's the defensive line which has been one of their fortes. For many many years under a brent venables talking about the dogs with connor raleigh connor. Eleni let. Let's talk about what the dog's face many we had a guy called. Minute goes to two game season. clemson and alabama. I'm still trying to find alabama on the on the schedule But before we get to alabama which everyone knows about and beyond clemson. I'm gonna go through the schedule for a second because there are some tricky moments. Uab is a good team. I don't expect you beat georgia south carolina. We don't need to go back two years ago. That was an aberration vanderbilt. Arkansas good maybe. Not great auburn. Nobody's really all that impressed with what we think. Auburn is going to be. But here's the game that i think is going to get a lot of attention There's another game after that Kentucky this is a game. Seven of a long black and blue bruising stretch any concern about that game on the sixteen very point all especially you look at the last couple times. Georgia has played kentucky last two particular. Yes look one both of those games. Twenty one nothing when they last nathen and fourteen three seasons ago. When jordan not a cell i would say either of those games i think kentucky did a great job of boutique things up and both those games in this recent. Nfl draft kentucky hasn't recruited on the same level as but kentucky is doing about as good as any sort of middle tier sec program in developing nfl talent. And i think kentucky at the very least is gonna make jordan working trying to win that game you saw even though that kentucky game so sort of similar spot for georgia where his ruling stretch they wanna came fourteen to three but it was incredibly ugly and to end up losing you know jordan davis a key part of their defense in that game and then right afterwards richard the counselors. What was basically a season ending injury and a traffic accident. I kentucky team. They're like they're not like some other teams potentially might so. I think the very good point when it comes to kentucky. And i know we have the by and then they get florida. Which you you be for your winning east. Yeah and missouri after that tennessee and charleston southern tech. I mean. I don't know to me You know and you start with arguably the best team in the country. Maybe not and you end perhaps was alabama but other than that. There's just there's considering some of schedules georgia's played recently. There's not a lot on their. that's why i think you hear this. You bronco caller two game season really clemson game enough for the game. I think the more difficult schedule team like alabama. They're gonna play a really good. Lsu team cash potential to be great. You're gonna play a really talented. Saying mtm explosive on offense jordan had that especially you back out in the season we'll see missouri into but i don't think tennessee charleston southern georgia tech arena pushy. All much so have you can navigate that tricky part of the middle schedule where you're at auburn home for kentucky. And then you're florida in jacksonville. It sets up to rare things could theoretically aligned for georgia to ask the best team heading into that championship game. And i think i think Even though it's made to debating the sec championship game now seems seems Georgia has shown a complete with alabama. I mean anybody who watched the the two The two championship games One of the one of the national championship the dogs. I don't know if they really should have won both games did they certainly should have won. I mean i. You can make an argument. They should have won both games. Yeah i you can also make an argument. Our bama deserve to win both of the two. I actually made me think yes. He's a championship game. in eight. Hundred was the one that they should have wanted to see like. I mean he was about to get that was about to be a blow out. Yeah and jalen hurts his based incredible place for that alabama team. Yeah i agree with you. The other game it was it was an nfl game. And you know but i mean i'm trying to remember the moment in that game in atlanta which was probably never gets the credit for greater was because alabama didn't finish the job but i mean there was a stretch in that game that You could you. I don't know how you could argue that. It was one of the greatest stretches or college football. That's ever been plagued teams retreating blow for blow that day and really. Unfortunately i think just sort of ran out of gas there in the second half and there was. There was a chance there where i had a breakaway early in the third quarter. Able to turn that into a touchdown instead of getting dragged down then daughter misses a field goal. they're able to get to thirty five point sooner. That game i change is totally and missile jalen hurts. Something i mean probably longer is why he really getting this. But it just goes to show to absolutely play with alabama. It just needs to make goes two three four winning play so to speak that end up. Tilting them in their favor. Because the reality is when alabama has played in recent demon alabama has been able to make. All of those plays in. Georgia has not. So what do you think conor you follow this team. You hear the fans You converse with them Where where does georgeanne the season what. What's what what does it look like. I absolutely think they're gonna win the sec. Use and i think we're very chandler twelve in our entering that game and if your way you beat clemson and you run through your sec east late. You may not even need to win an sec championship. Game to get the college football playoff just like you did. Where were you saw with notre dame season ago how we settle that until i see georgia actually doing naturally beat alabama and get that monkey off back. I just don't want to sit here. Say yes they can do because they've been so close for so on basically my entire adult life. Twenty twelve day came up short in the championship. Game that year until i see them to it. I'm just going to be a little real skeptical a little hesitant to come out now. Right say this is a team that is going to beat alabama. Even how great eighteen game was. i started thinking about the game and twelve and that fourth quarter affected. Your georgia had pulled that off. I'm not sure anything of top that win. That was so you know. It's so bizarre into one particular. Hey thanks for coming on. Always great to talk to you. Be well and we will talk to you very soon. No problem thanks for having me paul. Thank you connor. Reilly joining us talking about the dogs and we will get back to your calls. We're pretty the rest of the way if you wanna give us a ring. Eight five two four two seven two eight five. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Do you own or read your home share you do and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com denna quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy. Visit geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. Hey there i'm julie foudy from the podcast. Laughter permitted in. We've been teamed up with ally from day one of our podcast in fact i'm a customer and that's because ally wants to help you save your money well so you can grow it well and spend it well on whatever makes your little soul thing. And that's why they're committed to helping you do right by your money so get started. Visit ally dot com to learn more. We welcome you back. It's great to have you here. And the phone number is eight five five two four two seven two eight five from the your name on that board legend in birmingham the one and only legend what. What's up so what's up buddy. How you been getting along. I thought humidity. I was about to. I was doing a show tomorrow. And i won't and one of the questions. They they wanted to ask me. Are we close. I'm just gonna ask you okay. Are we close to the beginning of the end of the sabin dynasty. Oh man paul. Only zoe enhancer. That was a no come Man i want to tell you what's happened paul. Now not only does mick. Saving how twenty. Five first round draft picks every year but now we can go have to five stars. College football free agency. Paul thanks for two to appreciate it. Well i p. golden. Call me so you got anybody up there in rocky top. I said he's our shot. Yeah man. I watched tennessee to one player. That always stood out to me was tutu. I said man food there can play doh you though. I just want to thank the university of tennessee for giving us your best player man. I mean i didn't know you cared about us out. Sick i mean. How's it over paul. How's it over. A may twitter like tim folks in the first run here. Guess what next year. We're going to the same kind and the year after that goes the time everybody lights is over politics touch with reality. I mean if you look at that decides coming back this year. Alabama's gonna be nasty again. And i mean the dynasty is nowhere close to bid over pol. So do me a favor call us. We love you. do we respect you. Don't feel like the rest of these areas as about oklahoma and the puppies. I mean georgia. I made one of them. Paul stand up was the truth on. They wanna new. England is thing was over. It was over the was gone was going off and alabama's still going on paul. It's nowhere close to the over. I mean all thirty senior. You're on the field. I think you're one hundred percent correct absolutely next day. Even i mean either young. How does he now seventy. I mean i mean he's he is still a very young sixty nine. Yeah i mean. Are you quitting anytime soon. Paul i mean you close the Are you kidding me. I want to ask me the other day. Have you ever thought about slowing down. I said no no. Hey i know we've all been home more than we've ever been mad inside again. What's that what's that. What's that willie nelson song from the seventies On the road again to get on the road to get me back on the road again. Was that that. Put oklahoma number one mark. What's day i don't even remember. It was just somebody who's trying a mark schlabach. Yeah here's the thing about oklahoma. We know who you are. You are the georgia bulldogs the mid west. That's osh watching the play offs. They'll the kid we not going day in the conversation oklahoma. We know you'll tell them. Make it but this is what we sollozzo here. The georgia joint win ms reality currently child. We gotta hear children's say the jordan balances that we got here at home. We know who's you folks are. Y'all look at politics get off. I just wanna tell gumbo this your something shot and killed merle gumbo. We're really the wasco. Let me tell you something gumbo. We feel ole miss in the lanes train more. We feel you middle of the pack one of me texas. Nfl so sexual mile. Before you get backhanded a gene this year we feel you. We friendly train and we don't fear him with the godfather football. Don't come out of your mouth sideway gumbo 'cause we're going to beat you and giorgia employ. J. t. georgia fans y'all steal puppies go believe that. Hey love you do. Hey thanks ladies go to hear from legend bringing some some heat today anyway. More of your calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five and let's talk to bammer but we just did. Let's bammer go right ahead. O- paul hall. Listen if if that guy. Just had john connor reilly things that georgia is going to go twelve now that he is drinking cola. The legend is talking about. Let me tell you something. There's a term that all Davos way they used to hate this call clemson he. He used to get under his skin. Kinda like you you get under his skin. But here's the deal georgia. We can call george. George always lose a game that they supposed to win. Hello south carolina. Hello tennessee come on if they really say that georgia is gonna run the table that he has got another thing coming. I just don't understand why these georgia fans wait till next year. Thank they they they gotta team. What do you think paul well. What are you supposed to do though. If you're georgia fan you're you've you've had great teams that have lost alabama. You think of that team in twenty twelve. That's aim easily. Would beat notre dame. You had a team a couple years ago that probably the seventeen team was was a was a play away from winning it The other team could have wanted. I take it back. I don't think. I don't think that georgia team could have been clemson. But you're still talking about many mixed opera missed opportunities. I mean rick out a couple great teams that manage to find a way to blow it exactly. Paul manage to find a way to blow it. And i think that's what georgia does that is should be the motto their tagline. We've managed to find a way to blow it. Hey paul you have a good day. hey thank you. it's really good to hear from you. Continue legend. Apparently people upset in jackson. Mississippi you're on the air. Hey paul From jackson first time caller lanky. I'm listener Along to respond to let you know like legend. He's a is a legend on your show. It's east thrilled for the court For the linebacker we gave him. He's gotta get his name right. You know it ain't too dancing with some around. You know like a ballerina. His name's toe toe. So get it right legend. I will make sure. Legend goes to his Strengths grow grammatical guide and correct one. More time how do you say it. Go toyota okay. It's t. o. hyphen o. te'o hyphen. Oh he was close. Thank you for the call Nick is up next. Hey nick thanks good afternoon. Hey do we are doing really well. I have two things to ask you me. I'm a huge fan of what a school there have been mean fans a whole life Father went to school their mother body. We it's been in the past few years bosch. Ask if it's a. Do you think it's realistic. That south carolina could get back to a bowl. this year. I just i. I haven't heard you guys talk too much about it. But i i am not. I am not optimistic now. We're talking about this coming up. And i i've said it constantly. I really like beamer. I think he's brought some an infusion of excitement. But you look at this i'm gonna. I'm gonna run to the schedule for a second. That's the only way to figure it out. That's tough eastern illinois carolina troy c. Three games they're three three wins. Can we find a fourth Georgia georgia on the road. No kentucky at home. don't think so tennessee. Maybe that's a. That's a toss game in knoxville. No way flirted home. I don't think so missouri and columbia. I don't think so auburn maybe Three i see five. Maybe the yeah possibly okay. I know i'm i'm signing. Wishy washy they. They need to turn one of those games that that are toss ups and they could maybe scratch out six wins. Maybe yeah i think that's correct. I think that's where a lot of Game combination sitting right now. I mean that's i'll i'll be at ucla at georgia. I know the easter long game probably sold out Have i mean that's that's a that could also go away for is usually pretty respectable. We don't want to walk into that thinking we're high body but Yeah here. Here's my issue in. And i'm leaning on people who have been to spring practice and you never know what somebody else sees i. What what what. what what. A friend of mine told me that that had been there was this. He just didn't see a lot of difference maker players now. That doesn't mean you can't be good with a good coach and molding them but this team is is devoid of great talent. I think you know that. Of course spring game was not very flashy and It just it is what is. Hey thank you for the call. I really appreciate it. I was talking about day to day But but you don't know Right now with the way. The portal is you. Could you could pick up a couple of difference makers overnight. I mean south carolina's lost a couple of really good players. Though heading to break your phone calls continuing we are opening up lines with every every everybody saying goodbye. Eight five five two four two seven two eight five more to come right after this. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Wnba is on its way back playing basketball in a pandemic looks like this. No mask no six feet apart took put yourself in. Harm's way it was decision. We are dedicating this season. To ron taylor the unity that we were able to experience with something that we won't forget and we can lean on as we move forward. I would do it all over again because bigger than me to figure than my teammates. Espn films presents. One forty four presented by honda may thirteenth at nine pm eastern on. Espn we welcome you back. It's great to have all of you here Legend has really stirred up a hornet's nest. We'll get some more reaction to him in just a minute right now. Jeff is columbus ohio. Hello jeff what's going on paul. Jeff we are doing great. What's up with you. And it's good to hear allegedly come in and raise the pressure on the show a little bit man. I mean. I was afraid you'd have to get the fifty late around. The show was so dead here for a while. But it's nice to see the blood pressure rise up a little bit tonight. Yeah every time somebody wants to write us off we We have to set slight comeback. I know i love it. Hey paul do you ever say anything on the show or talk to people and people here what they wanna hear and not what you really said. Does that ever happen to you. Oh it's happened to me a couple of times when it was really really painful because People completely misunderstood and this representative daily but last week or whenever was couple of weeks ago. Like called you might remember. I said that. I think the georgia fan tallinn to have you validate that. They might be good this year. You remember that. I do yes. Yeah so i'm talking about their fan base in some clown. Georgia fan comes in about three minutes later in wants to remind me work. Justin field gang rob. Hey i know. He's from georgia. But what's that got to do is what i was talking about. It has nothing to do. I didn't say one thing about a player. Did i know yeah so. I don't get what these guys are coming from. It's time to pick. I love it man. People need to climb all over these georgia fans. Because i told you that nightfall. They'd got their tail between their legs coming to you to tell them they're going to be good because they don't believe they're going to be good because like less instead they always find a way to to To mess it up. That's that's their mo. You know what i'm saying but anyway last night or two nights ago i heard you haven't ls guy call in and rip it on lsu instead. He wanted to hear from some lsu saying disney. That is exactly right. Yeah and i think he called out. All i gotta give all these some credit. I think i've heard all come in and say he's really upset and and infuriated by of these accusations and lsu. But you know who. I'd love to hear from. Where's old righteous bread from plano texas. Oh yeah i mean. That guy haven't heard from him. Yeah i haven't heard from him either. But i love to hear what old righteous fred has to say about about his beloved tigers. I mean yeah. It's it's a mess down there but it just kind of. That's the first person i thought fall. That guy said that but hey how about holder has got things stirred up that ne- yeah just read an article You may have heard the guy on. Espn today talking about. There's division in the franchise you know what you and i know urban. There's no division. If he makes he made a decision right get rid of those who are divided. Care it all. These people are thinking. Does he know jeff darling. Song was on the get up this morning and He he he had this This interesting comment. He said that. There's there's a lotta people down there that that are unhappy about this. Yeah i mean ball when you hire people like if you were to leave and go to another station or whatever. Don't you sometimes go to the people that you trust. I mean in business. Every day people hire people. Maybe not 'cause there's a bass or whatever they trust them. You know what i mean. Well sure would get inside. Even the organization. I work for and guarantee you you could. You could quote anonymous sources Saying that they don't agree right. I mean i don't understand while these talking heads like golick. I heard him rise up here yesterday. I mean why are they so stirred up about this. I really don't understand why. Why are they so stood up about. I was on with keyshawn. Johnson today Hold on saying only. Let me play this emily. If you can grab the keyshawn. Johnson cut about about tim. Tebow wanted to get your okay here. Here's what keyshawn said is laughable is a problem on both sides to me. Here's the problem starting with the jacksonville. Jaguars you're trying to rebuild something from the ground a built something from the ground up and understand the relationship that you have with a coach. All coaches tend to bring in like jay said people that kind of understand their program in you know but not six years after they can retire. Stop it call it. what it is. This wouldn't happen to nobody else. Except remind tim tebow but urban meyer also must understand that those people that are inside the locker room those players they sitting there going. What the hell you doing there. You go i mean why. Why are these guys. Got a spell on. How would they not by won't earned the trust of the teammates. I don't yet. I mean why not give it a chance and then critiquing all these guys gotta jump up any more and make a name for themselves and get out on the front page before they even know how things are working out. That's what drives me nuts about the media today. Paul and they're not accountable like i've said for years and what they say before they because they could be wrong and nobody really cares. They do it every day. I mean you coming from well. Part of the part of the issue. You're right about a lot of it. But part of it is and i find myself in this situation especially in the fall when i'm doing multiple shows on big platforms where there's no new on can say something here in in for one way or the other but on those shows whatever you say it's disseminated and it's usually disseminated in the most inflammatory manner possible right but i mean if if if people doesn't make the team gets cut you know whatever all these guys are gonna rise up again and distant. I told you so. But if urban wants to bring him in and bring him in. I mean if i want to hire a guy in my business i'm gonna hiree i. I just don't understand the the outpouring of of you know the. How much odyssey tim tim. Tebow and urban meyer lightning rod. You know for for a lot of people. And i just don't understand it. I really don't. It's a great question. Hey thanks jeff. It's always cool to hear from you. We are heading to a break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. You're listening to the paul finebaum show. Podcast else is playing. Tom and tom to lock in the final playoff spots. It gives clean something to play for. Defend your position and haymakers charlton and upset. The anything can happen in a given night and begin your run. Only the strong survive make history. It's not done yet win to get in time. It's nba on espn. Tom the state farm play intern may eighteen th through the twenty first on. Espn and we're back here on a tuesday afternoon in johnny is up next. Hey johnny thank you. Good afternoon spec mccall. Of course i had the their own. In i l and i'm all tied into sold like the legend was talking about. Yeah aol might be dan of all dynasties you're in order for guys to get to get paid for their name likeness and they gotta be on the field. Play it and all these guys that have. These guys are set on the bench for two three years before they get on the bill. Those players are willing to go so what can get on the field. No you're you're you're right about that completely amazed that it may it may equal out a good bit You know all these everybody be having better players and then it'd be more competition that'd be more folks in the playoffs because different teams and then i got something to say about you when you're reading escape jews for all these teams and you look at and you say well. They got all the net. Maybe a win. Auburndale are very talented team. And they're going to win some games and georgia and alabama better not be sleeping when they come over because albany who get on them to. Yeah i'm aware of that. I've been to auburn seen some tremendous winds. But i'm just not convinced that They have the players this year. That can compete with alabama and georgia. And i may not but they still a good talented team and we got to see what the new coach is like. We haven't seen him. You're right. I mean we. We have no idea We know what he's done and but we don't know what he's gonna do. Well thank you for the call. Thank you very much. I got one comment on jail. Take your time hate must have very good workers for him in the face building houses because it seems like he spends all his time watching and listening to the talk shows. Sports talk shows. He knows what said auto. That's a that's a. That's a good gig isn't it. i'd it is just. Hey i need to go build this house. Apple watch felt. I'm gonna go ahead and finish that That subdivision that's thanking for Thanks for calling appreciate it very much. You take care of yourself. Let's continue and william who is up next in florida. Hey william thank you. How are you doing today. we're doing great. Thank you to hear my question was. I'm a diehard florida gator. fan a couple things a. How do you see us doing this year. Kind of You know The shoot the bed was the last four games last season. But we have amory jones coming in anthony. Richardson as our quarterback. You know the backup I just got a question for you. Because i've respected you for seven years now. How do you see us doing this year. Well thank you for saying that I think the gators are going to have a very good year I i. I see them winning most of the games. I don't see them winning against georgia. And i'm trying to think if i see another loss but I really i two losses on the schedule. Right now And i think they're pretty obvious which ones they are. They're they're lsu in georgia yes sir. Yep yep that's kind of what i see as well and you know the the georgia game last year. I was very surprised by with happy where they was limited capacities of the good experience for me. Because that's the last few years as you know we have not done well against georgia so that was a good highlight but The end of the it was not great the well. I think it was really a pretty good year. it And i know that you can't wipe away the ending but it was progress. And and that's what. Dan mullen needed to do He needed to show that that thing that this program was back. And i think it is which i like the end to And i think emory jones you know as a as a good dual threat. He can bring a bring a different thing going on there. I don't know if we're gonna do the tim. Tibo thing like we do have a traffic an emmy last year but anthony richardson. I think has a good potential But i really like to see kind of be in contention but as you said you know unfortunately as as as diehards am. I don't. i don't think we're gonna lose a couple of games But in and you know this kind of way the cookie crumbles. I think we need to get get some more. You know damn well a little more time to to develop that program. We'll great to hear from you Thank you so much. You take care yourself. We have a few more moments here on this segment and Let me Check in with bobby. Who is in atlanta. Hey bobby thank you paul. A fellow mit tell. Ut san so wonderful about the nfl I talk like talk. A little bit about quarterback situation tennessee this year. No the new coach got hansel Opportunities with all the summer transfer portal. You know with the linebackers leaving and everything else. So you guys are going to have his hands full. So i guess my question is when i look at the quarterback situations. They've got the guy from virginia tech it's going to be a potential Starter they've also. Got the trees for for michigan. The guy bailey that finished the years starter. And so i guess. My question is about brian. Our so i watched him play in person. Watched them on tv. You reminds me a lot of to you. Know to play at alabama in terms of his athleticism in got cannon for an arm. So you think. He's got a realistic shot this year. That's a tough question. you also have. I think you mentioned milton Coming in. I hate to run. Let me let me answer this when we come back. Thanks so much for the call eight. We had to cut short. We will come back another hour to go right after this. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show weekdays on the sec network beginning at fleet eastern. Hey this is bomani jones. What's your favorite podcast. Let me tell you why that'll be number two after you listen to buy three times a week child you keep up with me as i discuss topics from the latest in technology and music and people get dunked also we'll get the very best analysis of the games and we watch them with the psychopathic level store for connection. Plus we have got a community of guests that you feel like your closest friends in nota. Listen to subscribe to the right time with bomani jones. Podcast wherever you get your podcast.

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