The Wellness Pie Episode 0


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT. Visit www dot I'd pastor troy dot com before information. Thank you for listening. This is boost Saudi car I am. Or fitness together and welcome to the wellness. Pie. Let me give you a little bit of background on me and. My history and how I got into the fitness industry. Originally I was born in the UK I live very close to. Americorps. Croydon. Very very near to got cable, which is the one of two major airports in the UK. Ike grew up. an area. That was About middle class area and my father worked for BP and the oil station yeah. Yeah. The, the old station. And I I ended up getting into retail management after it went through a few different jobs and I. found that is really good at sales and really enjoyed that aspect of the job I ended up in an era director for a chain of stores, very good soup and honor republic. was in retail for about ten twelve years, and then I got completely entirely burn of it wants to do something totally different. And Somehow I ended up on a cruise ship. For Kaba Cruise Lines Okay and I was back in retail and on the cruise ship as a merchandiser, and that's how I met my wife Lisa on on both ships she was in the onboard and. That's how we ended up meeting and she's originally from Michigan and that's how I ended up being. In In Selah, ended up in Michigan what did you call it when we first met when he was math Fox when we first met, you said that you were a you like Michigan inherited you or something to that effect or Back as a souvenir. I love that. And so you know I had to make a decision as to what I was going to do when I got here I didn't want to get back into retail. Did have some experience in fitness and then I went back to school for a bit and put myself occasions through the National Academy of Sports, medicine and a CIA. Apex Nutrition. American Council on exercise. So all that behind me and then I got into personal training. So is that what you're up podcast is going to be about then? Yes. So we gotta be talking about. The different steps that it takes in order to get into the shape of your life. Okay. Interest on and that's going to go through different areas. We can talk about nutrition which you know plays a big role here. we'll talk a little bit about strength training. Cardio training and flexibility. Those are four components that we look at. When it comes to? Achieving optimal health. Wonderful. You know it's a there's a lot of things out there that people have been trying to do to get themselves in shape whether it be swallowing pills and or doing an exercise of the just doesn't work for them. Right so is that some of the things are going to be broaching for folks? Yeah. We will be touching on those areas and You know it's important that we try to address all of these components of fitness to to help people understand. The steps that is going to take in order for them to to look better feel better and remember at the end of the day. It's all about quality of life right? Longevity absolutely We all want to be around for as long as possible. And you know one of the things that dictates that is you know you'll health care at the end of the day your health plays a huge role in how you look looking how you end up. Feeling. And you know. As we age that's going to be very, very important to to maintain I'm looking forward to future episodes of the Wellness Pie brought to you by fitness together. All right. Fitness together the wellness and just to give you a quick overview finished together is and what we do we are a private personal training studio We saw located at ten mile and Novi Road. At concept is very unique. Three rooms survive rooms fully equipped rooms and clients work in complete privacy while with one of our fitness professionals in complete. in in complete privacy that they have no interruptions no distractions the folks in attention strictly on the client that's fantastic I'm looking forward to your episodes that are upcoming Buso. Thanks for being a part of the podcast Detroit you're welcome.

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