Is Eternal Life Eternal?


And to the good Fight Radio. Show a program dedicated to bringing you vital and uncompromised trues that you won't hear in the mainstream media discussing contemporary issues in light of the Bible and how these issues relate to family culture and the church the heart of this show is to glorify Jesus Christ and expose the works of darkness is commanded in a Fiji's five eleven. Now here's your host good fight ministries own Chad Davidson. Welcome back to the good fight radio. Show I'm your host Chad Davidson of good fight ministries and we always the president and founder of good fight ministries in Passer Blessed Hope Chaplains Seamy Valley California package. Tim How're you doing today? Bless brother blessed praise the Lord places also with us as always is shows. Producer Twenty Placebo. How're you doing today? Bro? I'm awesome and the Lord. God we are so excited. This is a this is something. We're obviously really excited to talk about before it gets you. Actually this is regarding a topic. You're going to be discussing when we get out to Texas Just in a couple of weeks here and I consider that's concerning the doctrine of once. They've always save so. I wanted to remind you guys. We will be out there in Texas for March. Twenty fifth through the twenty seventh okay. We'll be in Belvedere which is right next to San Antonio on the twenty fifth and the twenty seventh and on the twenty six. We'll be in Corpus Christi so please for times in for everything about the event go to good fight dot org guys. We are excited to announce as well March twentieth. We are putting out yes. It's actually happening. We are having our launch party for the good fight radio network where you're going to hear twenty four hours a day seven days a week sound doctrine and biblical teaching on our Radio Network and we are having on that day a launch party at blessed hope Chapel and seemed like California at six PM. We're really excited about it. But you're thinking hey I'm too far away. I'm I'm in Timbuktu. There's no way I can be there guys. You can still be a part of it because we're GonNa be live streaming the event and doing to live shows at the event to live shows including five eleven news. We're going to do an episode of that and an episode of the Good Fight Radio. Show for you guys so you guys can see it. Hopefully not only on blessed chapel facebook page our youtube channel but also on instagram live. We're going to try that out that night as well too. So we're really really excited but we have a topic to discuss a very important topic and guys. This is one. That does bring a little controversy so we decided to answer some of the critiques. Or the critics. Okay we We had some people write into us. We had some good discussion from some people I'd say Simone Biblical discussion from others when it comes to this topic but one thing that we always ask especially when you're coming onto a page like youtube and you're coming to a channel to discuss a that somebody has posted that typically. You WanNA listen to that video before you make your assessments or make your argumentation because that is much better for discourse but if you're unwilling to do that at least read the person who is writing what they're debating back and forth and there was one guy on there who went by infinite rapture and he obviously didn't read the or listen to the shows or read anything I had posted back and forth with him on the page and he got so upset that he posted a video online which was a silent video of the picture of our youtube channel and the video description was anti one. Save always say Pharisees and it and you can barely read what it says on there but it says this video is preaching lies if you feel so inclined have listen and share your views and I praise God that he was able to do that because one guy did come on and share his views he said infinite rapture. Thanks for the connection to the good fight. Radio Show I've been off the grid away from Godly Walk for a while. The Holy Spirit is used their podcast on this video to help strengthen my resolve to faithfully remain courageous in the midst of attacks from the enemy. No matter what trials they must endure while God's US blessed are those that endure till the end. God bless and protect us all true truth and grace abound in Jesus name a man so thank you infinite rapture for your video and sending him over to our sites so that he could be edified and blessed and so that with that Joe he was the one infinite rapture specifically who continued to harp the same message in fact it came to the point where he said. I won't even read anything you write. I don't care what scripts you say unless you answer me this question. And this is how he put it dude. What part of eternal do not understand? Why don't you explain how something that you have? The you have which eternal can become. Not Eternal so joe. I don't know how on earth you can answer that. Eternal life is eternal life. How can you get away from that? Yes so obviously? He's positive the viewpoint that hey if you have eternal life and then you loss. Eternal Life Well guess what was the every turtle in the first place meaning if you had eternal life and it was really eternal life and you stop having how could have been eternal life and if you don't understand Eternal life and what it is in the Scripture and how you related to eternal life and how it's eternal life before you ever experience it and it's eternal life whether you experience or not it doesn't cease to be life whether you participate in it or stop participated. It's always eternal life if you don't understand who is the term life you're gonNA miss the whole thing. And so they look at at eternal life has just merely an adjective describing the you know the extension or the you know the longevity of life itself as though that's pretty much all this really cracked up to be but as we look at this really need to check this out because I often ask the question in my pastoral ministry I say Hey. Is there anything more important? Then when then where you'll spend eternity asset question quite often? Is there anything anything more important than where you'll spend eternity and that's oftentimes what? I'll use that line to open up dialogue with unbelievers at times. When I'm witnessing I'll just share with people have just say hey and you know what I've never had one person say Yeah here's two or three things every person I've ever asked that question has said No. There really isn't or something to that of that nature. Well Eternal Life brothers and sisters is the most important topic The Lord Jesus Christ who is eternal life because he is eternal life. He's most important topic we talked about as Lord Jesus and our relationship to him and eternal life and this This man that you know Chad was quoting Was basically period into argument. Used by a lot of once saved always saved teachers. In fact I'm be quoting at times and actually using some extensive notes from a chapter I wrote and one of my many books. I have never haven't finished yet. I'm sure many of them that my kids will be able to rummage through and be blessed by and Some you know the the great notes though Some of them. Hopefully by the grace of God I mean if I published every thing I've ever written. We'd probably have a thousand bucks by now because of my messages as being a small book but I was actually working this morning on this question a little bit and then I checked my files I thought man I I know I've written on this a bit but maybe have a file on it and boom after had already written on somewhat extensively. This morning I ran into whole documented written. I'm like man but thankfully what I wrote in the morning. Segue well with what he had already written before. And I'm saying that to you guys to say That this is something I've thought about this question for some time. And when I found the document that I had quoted before it was started with a quotation from John MacArthur who use the same argument. Another way he says to saint as this is eternal life really eternal even though you have been saved can you be lost. Little further down is eternal life really turtle and that's a stupid question he says of course it's eternal it's what it's eternal but that's the question he goes on to say and there's no fine print in the contract called the new covenant there's no escape clause for God. There's no clause forty to be if you do this. This contract will be null and void and quote really. There's no place in the scripture that states that if we abandoned the faith You know we're no longer. We no longer have life up. Let's see what the Scripture on that and let's specifically deal with the question as how can one have eternal life and ceased to have it and that life still be eternal truth matter. Is that every one of us. Lost IN SAVED ALIKE. Have Eternal existence whether you live separate from God in the lake of fire fraternity or you live in the Lord. God's Kingdom Fraternity. Well Have Eternal Existence. It's a different thing though to have eternal life. And that is the quality of your existence and the type of life that you have which is found in Christ. Now he's interesting that you must understand that nobody has eternal life as a quality of life apart from his or her union with the Lord. Jesus Christ himself okay. And that's what you really need to understand and try to understand this. Let's say you had for instance. Somebody had an eternal diamond k. There's really no such thing as eternal diamond because we know of the second laughter Amex and entropy and so forth matters when he down everything will be burned up and so forth but for the sake of argument. Let's say somebody had a eternal diamond. You know Let's just call it a a ten thousand a diamond that would exist for ten thousand years and also that you possess that. You're giving your told that if you act faith and come to the person they'll give you this so-called let's call it again eternal diamond and they give it to you. You have this eternal diamond and you could tell somebody. Hey I haven't eternal diamond you know and then guess what you can forfeit that eternal diamond you can say you know what. I don't want it anymore and you can throw it away and reject it and guess what somebody come to you. Say you still have any trouble diamond? And you'd say no. I rejected it. Then somebody else could say. His Frank is say what must not have ever been any general diamond. Because if you don't have it anymore it's obvious attornal so ridiculous arguments because and that's the same argument that the scriptures would use. I'm I'm saying implies who the fact that our eternal life is found in. Christ he is the way the truth and the life he is as he said the resurrection and the life. Jesus said I come to give you a couple killed in story but I've come to give you life and to give to you more abundantly. Our life is found in him. Right now I'm participating in electricity. My voice is being recorded. I have electricity. And guess what because let's say I disconnect myself and walk away from this microphone that I'm speaking to does that mean that electricity doesn't continue to exist. Does that mean no? It's because I'm no longer participating in being connected to electricity and power and hopefully this. These simple are helpful because it really illustrate a biblical point that really clears his whole issue up in fact guess what. None of us have immortality. None of us have eternal life outside of our union with Jesus. Okay in fact the Scriptures. Tell us and first timothy one seventeen and verse Chapter Six. Verse Sixteen now to the King Eternal Immortal invisible and only God be honor and glory forever and ever Amen. Who ALONE IS IMMORTAL? Who ALONE IS IMMORTAL? And who lives in unapproachable light? Who No one has seen or can't see timmy. Honored might forever Amen Now. It's interesting because Jesus is a resurrection life because he's the way the truth life because he says if you've seen we've seen the father because he's given revelation of the invisible God the father as a manifestation as the God man the second person that trying God head and becoming manny reveals father to us at his one with the father we come to faith in Christ and become one in him We share in his life. I think the preposition in to be in Christ to be in union with Christ is used about sixty to sixty four time thinking back many probably couple decades. Now when I studied the in Christ passages there's over sixty of them though were were that the preposition in describes us as being in Christ and it's beautiful but understand when you are in Christ you share his life because he is the life in fact he is not just life he is eternal life. Listen I John Chapter One verses one through three that which was from the beginning which we have looked at and our eyes have in. Our hands have touched This we proclaim concerned the word of life the life appeared we have seen it and testified to it and we proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the father and has appeared to us brothers and sisters when you read about. Jesus you re about him who is eternal life. I John Chapter One verses one through three the word became flesh when you come into union with Christ you share his life and because he is eternal life when you are in union with him through faith when you are in Christ you have eternal life. Listen to I John Chapter Five Twenty. And isn't it interesting? This is these are the passages that deal with Having life in Christ and many of them are the Gospel John and I John First John Five twenty and we know that the son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we may know who is true him who was true and we are any M. we are catching end. Who is true and his son. Jesus Christ this is the true God and eternal life so brothers and sisters. The emphasis of scripture over and over again is that we have eternal life by virtue of his life be manifested us by His grace. And that's how we participate in it. The life is in the sun. Listen to me. The life is in the sun the life in Christ before you had a relationship with Jesus Christ really think about this now. Really listen before you had a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ he was was your eternal life or was not yes. He's already to life so the turtle life is eternal life whether you have him or not now when you turn it Jesus Christ do you have eternal life. Yes why because you are in Christ and he is the life now if you reject Jesus Christ right and you cut your your cut off from Christ scriptures clooney teach and you no longer have eternal life. Does that mean he seems to be turned life? No he's still return alive. He doesn't see speech you life doesn't cease to exist it simply your participation it ceases to exist. Eternal Life never stopped. He's eternal life for millions and millions and millions of people right now. If you're put your trust in him you have eternal life. But it's not something he just is not like some you know something he just put in you separate from himself way just gave you like a little pill and said this eternal life no because you are in him that you have eternal life. That was cleared things up. Listen I John Five Eleven and twelve and this is a testimony. God has given us eternal life. Listen TO THIS AD. This life is in his son. There's into this. He has the son has life he does not have the son of God does not have life catch that because he is the life he is eternal life and if you come to Christ you have his life eternal life if you reject him you reject Life they turn a life doesn't stop it continues it. Just stop for you because you continue. You refuse to participate in it but it's still eternal. Now listen to this. I think this is a very very interesting A verse that will or passage. I should say that should really help you. I've talked about participation. He participated in having any trouble so to speak or participating in electricity. When you're speaking and then Doesn't cease to exist because you don't participate anymore. Listen to this Jesus is the life. And now listen to what Jesus says Jesus gives the illustration that the father is the Gardner. He is the vine the buying that gives the branches life. The branches received sap or the life from Jesus and while we put our trust in him and we abide in him. We share in his life yet. Jesus who described himself as a life giving vine and branches that are live and potentially fruit for him that they continue to have that life. So long as you're in him but he also talked about how those branches could be cut off and they can be separated from him. They can no longer participate in his life even though they went participated in his life which is what kind of eternal life. So this is this is biblical brothers and sisters. This is so clear. In fact I have a commentary by an old baptist man Alexander clearing. He was called the Prince of spas and he was in the nineteenth century. And he's a baptist but it's interesting because in his commentary on John Chapter Fifteen he said when people read the warning about branches being cut off the vine right there. He lamented that in his day. Even in the eighteen hundreds that people were putting like blank pieces of paper over that warning. Because they didn't want God's warning the only one of the promises and because guess what if we're not walking with the Lord for not abiding faith if we're not seeking lord if we're not if we're not what you know growing the Lord but we're committed apostasy we just WanNa hear the promises we want to hear the serpent say Thou Shalt not surely die? We love those false promises and God is. It gives us false promises. He gives us promises with warnings. And for John McCarthy You know I have to think I can't judge his heart but I am sure he understands that life is in Christ and the life remains eternal whether we participated in it or not. But it's interesting for him to say that there's no Warning that we can fail to participate in his life is patently absurdly on Biblical. In fact listen to what Jesus taught. This is the Lord. Jesus Christ. Let's put Jesus before theology. We may have learned from seminary for some teacher from something we want to believe. Let's believe what God says. And let's Change. Our theology to match what Jesus says and not change. His words put black piece of paper over them. Because we don't like what he says John. Fifteen verse one and following. Jesus said I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser every branch in me. That does not bear fruit. He takes away every branch that bears fruit. He proves it so that it may bear more fruit. So guess what if you're a branch that's in him and you're bearing fruit. He's GonNa Prunier. He's GonNa Discipline You. He's GonNa cut some junk off so you'll be even more fruit. That's a glorious truth painful at times but glorious but knows what she's also said if any branch if every batch me that does not bear fruit he says he he takes it away. Okay every emmy that does not bear fruit. He takes away. What does he do with the branches? That are fruitless? Don't bear fruit that he takes away. Well we'll see that in a moment but understand this. He says every branch in me understand this. He's warning understand. He's warning his elect apostles. This is John Chapter Fifteen in John. Chapter Thirteen Judas had already taken off. He split to betray the Lord. Jesus Christ he's talking to apostles who he said to rejoice because their names were written in heaven I am the true vine he says this and then in verse three says any branch in me verse to write Christ Baba says if anyone in Christ. He's a new creation opens a pathway. All things become new. So he's talking to those who are new creations. Those were in Christ in verse. Three says you are already clean because the word which has spoken to you. So he's only warning lack apostles who are queen who are in Him who are clean. They declines they justified. Okay through the word that he spoke to them then he says in Verse Four Abide. In me tells these eleven elect apostles who are clean and they are in him new creations to abide in him. Stay in him. The word is meadow in the Greek and it means to stay to remain to abide meaning. They're they're they don't need to get saved. They're already clean thirty clans. Abide stay in me and I knew as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abide in the vine. So neither can you. Unless you abide in me I five. I am the vine you are the branches so the believers other branches he who abides in me and I in him. He bears much fruit for apart. From me you can do nothing. Listen verse six brothers and sisters if anyone does not abide in me if anyone does not. Minot does not stay putting is not abide by anyone. Who's not a remain in? He is thrown away as a branch and dried up and they gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burned to catch that. I mean that's such a strong clear warning that brother and sister. You must abide in Christ. And if you're listening right now courage your life as vapor is very short do not draw back to perdition man. Don't turn away. Don't go back to the vomit like like the dog or the south or or wallowing in the mire. Don't go back to what the Lord Jesus Christ rescued from Peace. Eleven fees rescued from being drunk and being an alcoholic. And just you know. Don't go back to that man if he's rescued from sexual perversion. Don't go back to that if he's rescued from anger and violence don't go back to that. Whatever he's rescued from the world system the lies of Satan that back that that that wicked state don't commit apostasy abiding Kreis. Your life will be over soon. Our lives are a vapor man. Hold onto Jesus okay when encouraging that by the way he says he says very specifically there that they they gather them and they cast him into the fire and they are burned k. Jesus talked about how the the the angels would gather You know the terrors. And he he throw them into the fire they'd be burned John the Baptist talk about every tree that didn't bear fruit. There's a lot of different imagery used here would be cut down at the root. It'd be thrown into the fire and it would be burned. Jesus talked about what the son of man was. Send his angels and they would weed out. Everything from his kingdom caused Senate does evil and They say to those on his left. The goat depart from me. You are cursed into the fire prepared for the devil. His Angels Revelation Twenty fifteen says. Everyone's name was not written in the book of life. He was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation twenty wait one eight says a cowardly unbelieving bio murderers sexual moral that. Those who practice sorcery idolaters all liars. they will because side of the fire lake of burning sulfur. This a second death brothers and sisters understand Jesus not talking non believers. You don't tell you. Don't go to knobbly say Haiti. You need to continue in Christ and just abide in him or you'll be cut off from and throwing the fire. No they're not in Christ this the warning to believers okay clear context. He Stopped News Apostles. Okay this applies to us by the way I was emphasizing that we have eternal life because crisis in us and we're biding in him and he abides us he talks about. We abide hand. He'll abided us. Listen TO I. Three fifteen peak. This is really powerful. Everyone who hates his brother is a murder. And you know that no murderer listen to this. No murderer has eternal life abiding in him. You catch that Sal. Jesus described eternal life there as a binding and a person but not in a murder abiding is from the Greek word again meadow. Same thing that Jesus us and John Fifteen verse six so talk about whether about eternal life is abiding in you or whether it is not abide any this very critical to understand sea turtle life as some ticket. Jesus gives you and it's like well. I got this ticket and I have eternal life and if I ever forfeited return in the first place no it is Christ in you. The hope of glory you know. It's not that hard to understand. External life about being in communion with the Lord. Jesus Christ faith. Now listen to this in first John. Five twelve when it talks about. He has the son has the life he has not had. The son does not have. Is he talking about physical life? Spirit life there. He has a son has left. His son does not have some spiritual life. He goes on to say that these things are written that you may know that you have eternal life the very next verse. They talked about this eternal life and right in that context John. Warren's we about how we can reject that life and he says in chapter five or sixteen right after this if anyone sees his brother I'm GonNa Brother of a brand divine commit a sin that does not lead to death. He should pray and God will give him. Life are those who sends do not lead to death. That's like the product will son okay. He can come back. And you know my son was dead but now he's alive but then he goes on to say are those who send do not lead to death. There is a sense that leads to death because keep in mind. He says if his brother send that does not lead to death he should pray for God will give him life so leave your life. But it's not inevitable death. Okay like the prodigal son he was dead but he's alive but he says. I refer to those who sin does not lead to death but then he says this there is a sin that leads to death am not saying that he should pray about that. They'd say you can't pray for someone like that but John. John is with insurrectionists. Those who are blaspheming. Christ those who are saying that Jesus That that were of a different spirit. Nostitz were who were trashing Speaking against the blood of Christ and so forth and Many that were sent from God. These guys were of a demonic spirit of a different spirit and he was Rebuking that lie and the apostles two brothers that were falling into that lie. And then we're taking the side of the mosques and speaking evil of the true Christ and his shed blood. That's the issue there in First John with the NAS. Ticks and these were total apostates. That's why second John He warns about not a fellowship. Eight even greeting People that don't have the doctrine of Christ's Because you will participate in their evil deeds now notices I John. Two Twenty three twenty six. We have that word Meno come again. That word abide listen is C. L. Listen see that what you have heard from. The beginning remains abides stays meadow. Stays in you what we're here for the Gospel. It's like the seed that we receive a man in the parable of the four soils the sort of the seed. See that. What you've heard from beginning remains in you if it does you also will remain in the sun and the father and this is what he promised us even eternal life. Wow there it is guys. We have to continue in the father and the son see to it. That what you heard the beginning. The Gospel remains in you. If it does if it does is conditional you also remain in the son of the father and this is what he promised us even eternal life that means you'll continue to have eternal life that he's given us. Jesus said and Johnny Fifty One fifty two he that keeps my word. We'll never see death. Does he talk about physical death. No 'cause twenty man westbound after this judgement. He's talking about spiritual death because Jesus obviously believe that we could die spiritually. He said as much regarding the prodigal son so we need to continue in the sun. Now it's interesting Chuck's Window Very Popular Radio Teacher Was the President of Dallas theological? Seventy for some years He Goes John fifty-six in his commentary there and he states that the branches represent Christians while he got that one. Right got that one right at least a John. Macarthur couldn't even get that right but chuck's when dog that did get that one right but he goes on to get it wrong and says he goes on to say in his commentary. God isn't show throw the branches in the fire. Just the work's done in the flesh really know says it. Branches are thrown in the fire but it doesn't fit his theology so he changed. What says there does says works through. The flesh are works. We'll go through the fire. I witnessed three. But that's how Jesus talking about. Some of the branches be thrown in the fire. And he saying well they start relationship with God. They've just lost the rewards wrong. If you don't abide in Christ the scriptures are very clear. You don't have a relationship with God anymore. This is the second John Versus nine through eleven. Watch yourselves that you do not lose what we have accomplished but that you may receive a full reward. Anyone who goes too far does not abide in the teaching of Christ does not have. God doesn't just lose. His rewards does not have God the one who bites in the teaching. He has both the father and the son brothers and sisters. I think this is so clear. I just encourage you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ to continue to place your faith. And Lord Jesus Christ and abide to the end because he that durst the end will be saved. We Love Your brothers and sisters press on. Jesus you've been listening to the good fight. Radio show brought to you by good bite ministry if you're blessed by this show and would like to partner with us. Won't you consider visiting our support page at good fight dot org or you can write to us at? Po Box two zero two seamy Valley California nine three zero six two or call us toll free at one eight six six. Jc Truth. That's one eight six six five two eight seven eight or we hope you'll tune in next time on the good fight radio show.

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