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Muses: Sharon Osbourne


Hi this is randy backward from the guests who in Bto and you're listening to rock and roll. Archaeology Ham. Theon podcasts presents from Toronto Canada. Muses with your host Sean Teeth and links. The podcast that celebrates the women of rock and roll interviews stories and fabulous bond. So grab those backstage passes and let's get to our show he there. Sean Hey links. How's IT govern? I doing well? And Hey everybody you're listening to muses the podcast that's all about the lovers. The inspirations that groupies the rock wives in music yes all that good stuff. So you're sorry. I'm happy to have the listeners. Here in links. I'm happy to have you here me to at. It's finally feel like summer out here so my mood is definitely been more positive. Lee and we got so much exciting things happening. 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I'm going to cover Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne so how about how about I kick it off with a song. Perfect for this episode. I Read Sharon. Osbourne's book called extreme. She's actually written multiple books at this point. I just focused on this one right now because to me. I was more interested in finding out how she became who she is today. Like Pre Osborne Reality Show. Because that's sort of. She became my radar and I wanted to know like her background. So I'm going to give that to you so starting from the beginning in her words. Es So the book title is named name a book title match the story. Oh Hell yes. Perfect definition for her life. This is going to be a wild ride. It's also not always nice. There's physical abuse in here. There's things that are crazy and I just WANNA throw that out there as well just to warn listeners. 'cause I was shocked reading it. Okay all right. So Sharon was born Sharon Levy in London England on October ninth. Nineteen fifty to her mother. Hope was a divorce. Irish Catholic mother of two already. Who ran a boarding house for all types of artists? And that's how she met. Sharon's father his name was don. He was ten years younger than Sharon's mother it girl. Yeah so he took a room for a week and six weeks later they were married. They had their first son together. David and then Sharon came about two years after that so her dad was born Harry Levy but he felt that was too Jewish a name to make it in show business so he changed his name to Don Arden. He was a singer who was successful enough to to or quite a bit. When Sharon was young I'm GonNa talk a lot about Sharon's father don because he plays a massive massive role in her entire life in a good way Yes and no mostly no so Sharon grew up in that artistic boarding house in Brixton so she was surrounded by the arts from the get go she talks about growing up in Brixton which was a slam of London and she says like her and her brother had a lot of fun. There are very mischievous. They were stealing playing. There are running wild. They were putting on shows for strangers. She just had a wild carefree Cana childhood at first. So Sharon's father don was not just a singer but he was also a music promoter and manager and in Nineteen Sixty Don discovered rock and roll so he began a journey to kind of spread that across England he became gene. Vincent's manager. You might know bebop Lula and share. Mentions that her. Dad would put together shows and bring people like Little Richard Jerry. Lewis Chuck Berry Sam Cooke Connie Francis and so many others on the road. Sharon would sometimes get to join these tours and she has this really cute story of being nine years old and having a big crush on Sam Cook and that he would kiss her every time that the he saw her and she would just blush in the door. -able some other. She mentioned being lovely where the Everley brothers but she says Manfred. Mann were not impressed with children being backstage. She has somewhere other fun stories in the book for anyone who wants to read more about her youth adventures backstage. Sharon talks about her dad. Being all show for instance around this time they moved away from Brixton into a much classier area and I believe she said that he also bought a Rolls Royce. But he didn't actually have the money to back all this up. It was all about appearances. They couldn't even afford a phone in their flat. He was also known for an extremely violent streak. He always had bodyguards or more like thugs around to help promote this appearance of he wanted to be like a gangster like he wanted to be a scary gangster guy. Things great at home either. Her Mom was definitely not a homemaker instead of cleaning. She says that she throw things under the couch or the beds. They were always running out of things like soap and toilet paper Mangueira style so Washington like a big thing either. Sharon says like she went to a school had a uniform and she would have to wash her uniform in the bathtub by herself. So I think maybe it's possible that her mother had depression. She got a car accident and around that time. Sharon says she was never really the same after that and spent a lot of time in bed. Which probably explains the situation at home? So Sharon remembers her father getting involved in the Star Club in Hamburg where the Beatles got their start and she says that John Lennon actually asked her dad to manage them but her father thought that they were pop copycats and that they wouldn't last and he was really only interested in American music. Things Don yeah by nine hundred and sixty five. Don Did have multiple charting artists though. The biggest were probably the small faces. Itchy Koo Park Lazy Sunday. There's actually an infamous incident that shows her dad's level of scary. Apparently him and one of his thugs went to Robert Stiglitz Office to quote. Teach him a lesson because he was approaching the small faces and like trying to get them to sign with him. Roberts best known for being cream and the Bee gees manager so like Don actually threatened to throw him out a window if that ever happened again. So that's the type of manager Don was good at it. I don't know if I mother heat. It is an interesting time. It's very interesting time so for a timeshare in wanted to be a dancer. She tended classes and auditions. She did snag a few parts and theater companies but her drive. Just wasn't there to turn that into a career. By the time she was fifteen. She was overall that she was over school. She dropped out her older brother. David had already begun working with their dad. And when Sharon quit school. That's the route that she took as well. Did you do any classes or lessons when you were little? Yeah I did a lot and I didn't WanNa do any of them. I was forced so drama. you're like me? You did a bunch of stuff and you quit. My mother. Put me in sports and I hated sports so much. The only thing I'd really did love is drama and when I moved back with my dad and Toronto he put me drama school and that was great for me and I loved. It should have been DEGRASSI. Okay back to Sharon. She became the office. Receptionist at first and one of my favorite quotes in the book at this point is when she says. Guess what I turned out to be good at all the bullshit. Finally something. I could do that. My father approved of so that again gives you an idea of what her father valued and she sort of became his right hand. Bullshit or to the banks to the axe to other managers anytime. Her Dad needed protection or felt. It was better for him not to do something face to face with someone heap. He would put her in his place. Basically when Sharon is fifteen or so her dad thought it was time for them once again to move on in the world even if they didn't have the finances for it he ended up buying a mansion in one Bolton for five thousand pounds which seems insane but he was supposed to pay the rest off in a year's time and she says that like while they were decorating like money ran out there. Living in this mansion by candlelight with no gas or electricity so again it's just all for show They were still working hard to make it in the music business. Though and in Nineteen Seventy Sharon was sixteen. She got invited with her dad to go to showcase. Check out a new band. That have been making a buzz around town. Can you guess? Who Does it? Have to do with Ozzy? It does yes and he was in before he was born so when they came on and said she'd never heard anything like it. That band of course was black Sabbath. That's them right. I had a brain poof. So they decide to meet the band in hopes of managing them buck cyber ended up coming to the office. She describes the band as like strange looking like hair in their faces but the singer he was the strangest of all. It was winter time. He came wearing sandals. Pajama top first shirt. Sharon invited them to sit down and none of them took a chair. They all sat on the floor before being called into Don's Office. It turned out that the band wanted to work with dom but they were scared of him and they were sort of sweet talked by some. Don's co workers and a man who worked with Dan Patrick. Mehan ended up managing them and creating his own corporation which was definitely a blow to dawn but share mentions like that. The Music Business. At the time that cutthroat like people were backstabbing their best friends for bans and that led to like a huge issue between like the Mayans and the Arden's for a long time so they didn't get Sabbath. The did how about we play a little sabbath. Yeah let's do it So no this is not the time where Sharon Ozzy get together? She was yeah she was sixteen. She says she felt unattractive. And that boys were a waste of time she mentioned purposely overeating as a protection protection of sorts from unwanted attention. But of course there always comes a time where things change and she met her first boyfriend when she was seventeen his name was Adrienne Williams. He was in a band called Judas. Jump Her dad managed so shanty. What happens when a young teenage girl was zero? Experience gets together with her. I love she gets pregnant then. This is the Formula Hammy does happen. It's it's crazy it's it's it's insane. How often this happens. Unfortunately her mother basically forced the idea of abortion on her experience was really difficult and she says that her mother was no help or not there for her at all that she just had this sort of like you got yourself into you get yourself out of it. Attitude who takes two to tango while Adrian was supportive though and he'd actually ended up working for Don and moving into their family house for the next five years so they had quite a long relationship. She does mention her weight being an issue in their relationship as well as his womanizing they are both so young and I assume he didn't want to be tied down. Who Does when you're twenty? She mentions he was very good looking and attractive. Both men and women and men in particular who is also a friend of Sharon's was Freddie Mercury. Oh cool yeah. And this was when he was with Mary at she says several years later like Freddie would come to her asking set up a meeting with her father because he wanted his band to join with Don as well and Don actually help them get out of the management that they had at the time and they were all set to join him but they had a big Christmas party that year and Freddie met John Reid who worked at EMI. And John Manage. Elton John and John swooped in and got Freddie instead. Which again was like another blow to dawn but Don was doing all right now. He snagged another big band at the time which was yellow. Oh cool. So after five years with Adrian Sharon realized it was going nowhere. He was looking elsewhere. It was really breaking her heart especially since she still had to work with him in the office every day so she really struggled and she really felt like she needed a new beginning so she decided it was time to move to La. The Arden's out already had an office there and her brother. David did a lot of the. Us work but he wanted to be an England more so Sharon was going to be put in his place. Basically I mean why not by the way. It did. Take Sharon years to get over the heartbreak Adrian but she did and they became lifelong friends. After that I love that. Yeah yeah she has nothing a great things to say about him. My first boyfriend was at seventeen. And we're friends. I'm pretty much friends with all. I mean not all but a lot of the ones that meant something X.'s. It's nice when you can keep it friendly to good place to be. It is so Sharon moved towle in April of nineteen seventy six when she was twenty. Two nineteen seventy six twenty two. It's like a dream. Yeah and she says she got her green card by her father paying a senator and I quote a Shitload of money. This was really for her father's benefit so she could do his business out there like tax returns and things that he couldn't or didn't want to put his signature on. That's important so she had this job. She was staying in a hotel until she found a place. She made friends really easily. Because of all the connections she had her life was really looking up. The Arden's actually finally had money 'cause they were working with yellow and yellow is doing great and Sharon bought a one point seven million dollar house for the whole family but it was mostly just her staying there because her brother and her dad would only fly in like a few days a month to do business and then go back. They even had a made in the house for the first time. And there's this horrifying horrifying story in the book about the made stealing and denying it and her dad coming and taking like a gold chain off from around his neck and putting it around his knuckles and beating the woman until she confessed. Oh my God I don't like that and that's what her dad was like. He was was a gangster thug that was like an awful human being. Apparently the made went to jail for five years after that too I she recalls another night where her father and another man got into a physical fight and Sharon at this point was so in love with her dad and like didn't think he could do no wrong that like she interjected and ended up getting beat up herself trying to protect her dad. She really thought he was like an amazing person. I won't go into details about all the scams that her dad was doing. If you're interested and you should be going. Read the book because it's all fascinating. I'm just trying to focus a little more in. Sharon's story here. Yep that makes sense. So the fall of nineteen seventy six. A friend of hers invited her to a Sabbath gig there in l. a. up until then she'd only had that one interaction but she'd seen Ozzy around La but they didn't really talk and tell this show. She says we must have talked for an hour and a half. He just made me laugh laugh. I remember thinking God. This is such a sweet funny guy. He has such a lovely face in smile. She mentions that Ozzy was really the butt of every joke and the band was like not happy with him at all. They're blaming him for everything that went wrong. She couldn't really understand why there was so much hate towards him. They had another running around this time and Sheri- feelings for him. Kind of began to develop but ozzy was actually married and a father of two. Oh Yeah I didn't know that either. Well actually a father three because he adopted One of his wives previous children. I can't picture him as a younger guy. Only Noam as like. Oh really you should look him up because he was actually quite lovely when he was younger. Yeah all right yeah. I can only remember him as kind of like a hunched babbling guy from the show and stuff but yeah he was cute right all. He was cute for circuit. So yeah he married a woman named Thelma. Riley in nineteen seventy one in nineteen seventy two. They had a daughter named Jessica and then a son. Louis in seventy five. I looked them up as we know. Ozzie had a serious drug addiction and was a total. Fuck back then and I saw somewhere that he kinda of described marriage as a mistake and he. He can't really remember his kids being born or like that era. Whoops yeah so at the time share and held her feelings spat and apparently ozzy also felt that spark at the time but was also holding back so in nineteen seventy seven. Sharon was on the road managing yellow so the yellow guys were well-versed and touring at this point and also in their thirties. So they were sorta over the whole like crazy wild tour party life but Sharon was young and board and just getting into it so she mentioned like some wild fund parties and stuff. That happened apparently one time. Andy Gibb from the BG's like she went to his place and like threw up all over his record collection. She actually starting lead and getting paid getting laid getting paid. She had a ball. She didn't need Ozzy around to like teacher. Had a be wild and crazy. She was trashing hotel rooms without the band and then having to pay for it the next day she also mentioned that her and her girlfriend hated this one particular man who worked at CBS calling him a chauvinist pig and they would charge all these clothes and meals to his room since no one ever checked those things back then so Sharon definitely had her own wild moments before and ozzy like ever entered the picture. Let's take a quick break and we'll be right back. This episode of Muses is sponsored by best scenes. If you haven't downloaded best teams yet what are you waiting for? Best fiends has challenging puzzles. But it's a casual game that anyone can play. I'm spending a lot of time at home and I'm glad I've got to keep me. Occupied are usually play while my boyfriend watches. Tv and he started watching me play and asking if he can play a few levels so now he loves it too. 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He's the guitarist for Sabbath and things weren't looking good band. Wise by nineteen seventy eight. The band was realizing that their management which was actually the millions remember were ripping them off and decided to part ways with them and Tony asked Sharon if she thought her father might consider managing them instead. We know her dad is also a thief and Sharon admits she knows that her dad would have taken advantage of them as well but that he also would have them more money than the mayans would so like it was better for them so sabbath came over to their side and so a long battle with their former management. We won't get into that but basically it lasts told the nineties it was a crazy thing first thing Sharon and don did was brings up to La. They rented a House with a studio in it. Sharon began to see ozzy daily. Got To normal lot better at the time though Ozzy. Thought Tony and Sharon had a thing going on. Since they were kind of close friends and everything so again they weren't together at the band itself was going through a rough period. Not just the management howl but drugs like disciplined workwise. Sharon says it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to come together and work and one day. Tony came to Sharon. And he said. We want ozzy out of the band. He's to into drugs. It's taking a toll. He's a mess where we don't want to work with them. Anymore and ozzy was also unhappy with the band. Situation obviously felt that they didn't want him there. So you have a situation where like Sharon don or trying to pull the band together to create this next album. But they're crumbling. Apart and one day it was decided. Ozzy's out and they asked Sharon call up a singer. I'm that she knew called Ronnie del Rio. And that's who replaced Ozzy. It seems Sharon was the only one who is still thinking of Ozzy after they dumped him. She got one of the road as she knew from the yellow tour. Dr Ozzy around town to help them wherever possible. She would check in on him whenever possible. She really felt bad. That sabbath like kicked out there shining star like that and she kept taking a blow over but of course it didn't the ban loved Ronnie happy with the replacement one thing. The ban wasn't happy about though. Was that Ozzy was still in. La and Sharon. Explain to them. What I'm still managing ozzy and they were really not happy about that. And they gave her an ultimatum as or him and she talked with her dad and brother and they handed ozzy over to a friend of there's named Sandy Pearlman. Who had been looking to get into management so with Sharon's help as got over the pain and hurt from being fired from Sabbath. She got him really focused on writing again and starting his own band. She really encouraged out of like a deep dark hole of depression that all of that caused. There's actually a recent music video that Ozzie did verse. Song of his called under the Graveyard and Val kilmer son Playing Ozzie. And you have another female. I forget her name playing Sharon in. It's sort of in this timeframe where she's like pulling him out of the grave and getting him back to life again basically so just pretty literal Inter nation. Very so comparison hot I. Yeah he's cute. Be starting a new band would take some months and Ozzie did go back to his family. In England for a while Sharon talks about how weird it was like suddenly not have him around. They were spending so much time together by then but Sharon had other issues dealing with namely her father as I said she really idolized her dad growing up even if he wasn't very moral when it came to business but share them really believed in the power of like family ties and like blood and all that one day. She ended up discovering that her dad was having an affair. This was like a huge blow to her really shattered her. I guess just finding out that her dad which I find interesting because it's like of course he was having affairs. I mean I'm still upset about the house keeper thing. I haven't gotten over that. Yeah Yeah Yeah this shit. So when Sharon found out she really like she flipped out. Her Dad had this month statue and dragged it out of the house. She found a pair of women's panties in his briefcase. And that's how she found out about the affair. She took the pennies. Put It on top of this statue of her dad's and she took a shit on it. Okay I wasn't expecting. Wow she's bad at wild man. She's a gross. I haven't even put in every story that I could in this like. There's many stories just as insane as this one but yet he. Her Dad came home. Obviously they had a big blowout. It was really devastating for her. She actually went to the doctor. She was prescribed valium and she accidentally overdosed on them. She was really drinking heavily at the time. She said everything that people set about. My father was true. I felt conned. She didn't tell her mother but her mom found out the next time she visited l. a. and her mother kind of she cared but not enough like sharing thought like. Why don't you care more like why aren't you as angry and hurt as I am type of thing as someone who was possessive child over both of my parents in different ways like I can see how apparent having an affair can feel like a personal betrayal? Yeah so on top of this things business wise. We're going down the drain again. Sharon would come home to find her car or jewelry gone and she would know that don was up to his old tricks like having the sell off half of their things because they didn't actually have the money for it and one day. Jeff Lynne the frontman of yellow which was their biggest cash. Cow CAUGHT ONTO. Don's the very and confronted Sharon about it. He told Sharon Don owed him four million in royalties and Warren sharing. Like I'm getting my lawyers involved so this of course led to them losing yellow which is a major blow to don and Don actually later blamed Sharon and told everyone that Sharon was the reason. This all happened like he cooled on us an asshole. Yeah so Sharon's really starting to grow up now. She realizes her dad's way of businesses fucked up that she has been like a pawn in his game. She also felt resentment from her brother. Kinda goes back and forth on wanting to separate herself the family business but also being so tied to it her dad had her signing stuff for years to under her name to protect himself and that would come back to haunt her but not for decades. It wasn't until she became famous for the Osbournes and stuff that she ended up having to pay like crazy amounts of tax and stuff because her dad put her name on things and then she kind of forgot about. It didn't really understand what she was signing right. Things are just really bad for the business. They're virtually bankrupt and this was going on rate as Ozzy's first solo album was to be released saw while Sharon had been going through all this family stuff. He was busy recording the blizzard of Oz. Which is the best title so this business is crumbling around them? Sharon still has this attachment to ozzy. She wants to make sure his solo debut went off properly. It turns out this was a big task because the band was about to go on tour. They were nowhere near ready. Sharon put all of her focus on Ozzy. Sharon talks about Ozzy's first solo. Show her being besides Ozzy's wife Thelma how they had nothing in common. She says and I don't really like the way she talks about. Thelma in the book because I feel like she makes us sanctions on what? Thelma's thinking and feeling but I understand you're both in your twenties and it's a weird situation and it's just a bizarre thing. I'm quoting Sharon in the book. Now she was just somebody's wife. She was there to support her husband and I was there to work. She was also their sport Ozzy. Let's face it so the crowd went wild. Of course Sharon Cry Tears of joy over how well debut went afterwards. They all got drunk except Thelma. Apparently I guess Sharon felt that she needed to kind of point out how different Thelma and Ozzy were at the time in the how like they weren't working anymore. Yeah she does mention that Ozzy at other women falling around at that time was wall so the fact that he's married with kids in an attic. There's just so many issues there but Sharon feelings for Ozzy just kept growing despite everything and finally one night after rehearsals. Sharon and Ozzy ended up having their first night together. Sharon thought it was just going to be a one night stand. She says I was just another in a long line. It was only the drink talking and in the morning we'd forget it ever happened but God did. We have a great night. We laughed. We made love. We had a big bubble bath together. Them back to bed again. Then had another bath then. I left for the office. A little bit of Ozzy some Solo Ozzy. Now let's do it. Who So for the next few weeks Sharon in the ban Ron tour and by the time it was over it was pretty much obvious to everyone. That Ozzy and Sharon were crazy about each other as she talks about a show they did in Birmingham Thelma. Ozzy's kids came and how horrible it was for her and she felt guilty and she knew like Ozzy felt guilty. And of course. Ozzy had to play like the husband. Role in these situations are so messy. Basically they fall in love over. The tour and parting ways was brutal for them. But Ozzy had to go home and apparently he was going to break the news to Thelma that he wanted a divorce instead. Ozzy just admits to the fair. Which wasn't difficult since everyone including. Don knew about it he it was over then he'll and Thelma made an appointment to talk to dawn and it was decided that Sharon was to exit her duties and her brother to take over and sharing says she got a lot of shit from her brother and her dad about being a home wrecker which she didn't appreciate because both of them were having affairs as well double standard there right if you Sharon was really the only one that actually excelled at that side of the job and stealing things so things fall apart pretty quickly and the band was very soon begging Sharon to come back and take over so ozzy calder. She came back. They went through a little time of trying to deny their feelings again. But of course that did not last long. She booked the band into a home studio to record their second album as soon as they got settled. Of course the affair began again. This was hard to read because just again I felt so bad for Thelma. Sharon mentions that she would pop up for visits without warning that Sharon would end up like hiding in rooms or like running up staircases while Thelma was walking down them. They have a lot of close calls. I'm assuming thelma must have had suspicions. And that's why she was coming over her husband and woman knows exactly and share also had work related reasons to be there as well of course So she did see Salma sometimes and she says the more she would see me the more determined. She was to make life difficult. And I'm just picturing this poor woman being like not not being told the truth and just like wanting to figure out what's going on I'd make life difficult. Sharon also says things like I don't know with Thelma loved Ozzy and Thelma's trump card was the children. She knew how to play it turning up with them in tow and again. I'm like she's the one being lied to. I don't see her doing anything wrong. But I'm wondering if Ozzy ever cheated on Sharon what do you think I feel like? He did for sure and then and probably did like the same kind of stuff. Osama would do know interesting. Yeah Interesting. That's just my we'll get to that. We'll get okay so they completed the second album. The band was to head to America to do a tour for singers and bands who go solo. Suddenly not many of them reached the heights they experienced in their original band and that was really a concern for all of them they really wanted ozzy to dominate America. But to do so Sharon felt that they had to reintroduce him to America so she planned a bunch of meet and greets and publicity things for him. Don Sold Ozzy's contract over to CBS. So they're being introduced to the bigwigs at CBS. The morning comes. They want to do something really exciting to say hello to these new coworkers and they decide to go to a pet shop and buy two doves and ozzy puts them in his and heads to this event so as he was really nervous about the whole thing he gets loaded drunk on the way they get. Their Ozzy immediately feels unwelcome by these. Like suits right. They're uptight and apparently he sat on one of the publicity woman's Lap who was not very appreciative of that he was drunk and he kind of felt rejected and he took out one of the doves. What his plan was to release them and let them fly or something but instead you know what happens right okay. So he's got. He's got live birds in his pocket this whole time. Yeah and he's like crazy. Been like the bird before. That's okay so he's feeling angry. Drunk rejected I don't know he takes one of the birds out of his pocket bites off. Its head spits it onto the lap of this woman and shouts fuck you so love it. Then he and Don't even like the insanity it's like next level so the other bird gets loose from his pocket begins flying around the room. All Hell breaks loose. Apparently people were screaming. There was vomiting. Apparently security is being called and what is sharing doing during all this weeping from uncontrollable laughter and she literally pisses herself laughing as they're both excorted out of the building was this good for his career while that's the interesting thing so. Cbs basically decides Ozzy's not worth the trouble except that his first single was crazy train and that had come out a week before and it was getting so much airplay that it was number one across America so it was obvious ozzy was going to be this huge cash cow for them so they just accepted it. Let's play some crazy train. A they went from worrying about if ozzy was going to break America to their entire tour being sold out instantly all from like his crazy antics really and of course the song being amazing so one positive thing Sharon did learn from her dad was how to put on a good show and she knew that this had to be bigger and more theatrical that he had ever done before so she actually was involved in every aspect of the stage show. She made sure that the elephants were more theatrical that the makeup like the colors like everything like she. She's an amazing businesswoman. And she really knows how to put on a show. Chair really built him the show that she felt he deserved and for the tour. Of course sharing Ozzy's shared the same bus which she calls their first home. She says it was such freedom not to have to worry about whether Thelma was gonNA turn up or telephone or even my father or brother. There are no mobile phones in those days. When we were in there we felt completely safe. It was like we were sailing. It's Kinda sweet so as we know. Don is a thief then. We also share in loves ozzy and wants the best for him so when the band wasn't getting paid their advance on their second album at don promised or seeing any of the money from this sold out tour. Sharon got on her father about paying them and she also began looking for a booking agent. That wasn't under her dad's thumb so they were on the road barely surviving while all these sold out tour checks. Were going straight to her head and then he was taking the money and she was really getting sick of it sometimes. She was able to persuade local promoters to hand over the settlements instead of sending them on. But that wasn't always the case and Sharon actually talks a bit about what it was like being a woman in the business back then and she said the music business in those days was a boys club. Fueled by cocaine and sexual favors. These were the days of Payola and Mafia involvement and the standard currency. If you were a woman was a blowjob but men soon learned that Sharon Arden was more likely to kick them in the balls than suck their Dick which is exactly what she did. And there's also a story about her kicking a guy down a flight of stairs she was shoot at us. Yeah that that's like the one good thing she learned from her dad. I guess like she can take care of herself. Yeah she didn't. She didn't take any shit. So if you're picturing Sharon and Z. As like a blissful couple during this time you're partly right they definitely loved each other and we're having so much fun but he's heavy on the drugs. She was drinking just as much as him at the time. And this is where things start getting violent so I don't WanNa get into like all of it but there are many many many stories about both of them lashing out at another. They were both like very physically abusive to one another. She talks about breaking his records ruining his clothes throwing bottles at his head. He broke two of her front teeth. Once she says like the general pattern was that ozzy would hit an. I would throw anything I could pick up. She said that one time she woke up in the morning and her face was so battered that she barely recognized herself and she had no memory of how it happened. And that's when she realized one of them had to stay sober or the very least not get to that level and clearly. That wasn't going to be Ozzy at the time. So she's really lightened up on her drinking and everything so it was on the second leg of the tour that infamous bat incident happened basically after the dove incidents fans we're constantly throwing the wildest things that they could on stage a lot of dead animals which is so weird rats snakes they were in des. Moines and someone through. What he thought was a rubber bat and he grabbed it and embiid its head only to realize it was live such a weird such a bizarre thing. Sharon Amelie to him to the hospital after the show. He had to get anti-rabies injections. She describes a Syringe as the size of a cigar which they injected into a stomach. Of course the next day it was news all around the world and apparently like any publicity is good publicity. So it's funny. It did cost them. Some shows though like certain cities around the world canceled their gigs. But I think they made up for it in record sales and everything anyway. This tour was like a wild one later on. They were robbed. Sharon says about five hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from her and then in March of Nineteen eighty-two a tragedy happened. There was an air conditioning issue on their tour bus and their driver said we have to stop at my house and get it fixed and the driver was also a pilot so are planes on his property and they stopped to take a break and a bunch of them. Were napping on the bus ozzy and Sharon included and suddenly Sharon wakes up to the big crash and what had happened. Was the driver offered some of their roadies and bandmates rides in this plane and Randy Rhoads. Who's the guitarist and Rachel Youngblood? Who was really close with Sharon? They were on the plane ride with him and the plane ended up clipping the tour bus and hitting a tree before crashing into the house in all three people on the plane passed away. Oh that's terrible. I looked online and I couldn't find that this was a fact but sharing claims in the book that the driver was in the middle of a divorce and his wife who had been on tour with them was standing in front of the tour bus and he. She thinks that he was like trying to hit her or something or maybe scare her. I couldn't find like that as a fact I just thought it was strange that she trying to look it up looking it up. Yeah it was horrifying incident. Sharon and Ozzy get off the bus. They're all disoriented. Their friends like they saw their friends bodies scattered everywhere basically so it was like a huge huge horrifying thing for them. The tour canceled for two weeks. They attended the funerals for their friends. But Sharon still had to be like the boss and like find a replacement even though she was like hurting over the loss of their friends you know none of them wanted to finish the tour but they persevered and it was around this time that ozzy was finalizing his divorce. Finally with Thelma who had enough. I think even though that the divorce wasn't finalized. Sharon and Ozzy by this point are engaged and it was just paperwork. That was left so that happened in June of eighty two rape before they were headed to Japan for another big leg of the tour and decided that stopover I in Hawaii on the way and tie the knot you might as well allow. Only their families were present. Ozzy's mom and sister and Sharon both shares and this happened. I believe on July Fourth Nineteen two and Sharon. Twenty eight and Ozzy was thirty three. So you're right still so young. Was it romantic? Not at all. She says that her father as her dad's walking down the aisle was asking her like. Did you get the stage setup for Japan like us going production stuff with her and she spent the her wedding night signing paper after paper that her father had brought to the wedding which was actually the only reason he came to their wedding at all was to get her to sign these papers. So after the Japan tour they decided they were GonNa move to England so that Ozzy could still be close to his kids a day after they got their Sheri- father and brother took ozzy out to a pub insurances that they proceeded to. Tell Ozzie that Sharon was insane. That it was her fault that yellow left their management. And all this crazy bullshit. And we're like ozzy don't worry about it. We'll make sure you get an all. -ment will say that she's insane. We'll get you out of this. Oh really right of course. Ozzy told Sharon everything and sharing couldn't believe that her family would go that far. Even though you know finally onto how horrible they are so she says the next day she went around to her family's house to see her mother and her parents dogs literally attacked her until her mother finally called them off shore to the hospital and she discovered not only the wounds from the dogs biting her but she actually suffered a miscarriage from like the shock of dog thing and she didn't apologize. He APP one of her father's bookkeepers. Was there like trying to get Sharon assign more papers. And she actually did last time on that tax return and then she left with two suitcases and she says she never looked back so she finally got away from her godawful family so Sharon was a smart woman. She knew how business worked and that she wasn't going down without a fight. She merely took ozzy to New York when straight to CBS who did as pressings and distribution as she told them they were leaving her father's label that if they gave them any more money to dawn. That ozzy would sue them so the next step was to find a lawyer to help them which proved really difficult since. No one wanted to go up against her father like. That's how scary. He was to people all the while. Her Dad's team is going around telling everyone insurance gone insane. Even her mother has turned on her as supporting our dad. So Sharon and Ozzy were really all alone in this and since management held the purse strings. They really had nothing. No credit cards or cash. No driver's license even just their passports. Sharon called their friend. Bill Elson for help who was Ozzy's agent at ICM? She explained everything he found some money for them and a lawyer. Don Of course wasn't happy about that sent his GOONS TO HARASS BILL. But Bill did not cower to don good for bill actually word came on the street that. Don wanted to kill Sharon. Holy Moly and Sharon and Ozzy actually ended up having to hide out while the lawyers dealt with everything because they were worried for their lives so her dad wanted one and a half million for Ozzy's contract they had to waive all the money. They had made touring to that point and the royalties and they would have to do one more album to get free of him. Cbs agreed to lend them the money to pay off her father and they went into debt which took five years to repay but finally they got free of him after that contractors scary right entre rugs are scary. I'm scared you really gotta look over it and be careful so through all that stress. Sharon had another miscarriage. They were really having a hard time but they were slowly digging themselves out of it. Sharon got back with the band. Working booking tours tons of promo. Ozzy is like at his peak ozzy. Drug Insane this at this point though so it's not exactly smooth sailing again. A lot of stories in the book a lot of times where as behaviors just bizarre weird like one time fans one a dinner with Ozzy and while that was happening the person the management person who was the one that said it up was sitting next ozzy and odds punched me in the face punching me in the face and this poor guy was like. I want to punch you in the face and Sharon didn't know what to do so she's turned to ozzy was like you want me to punch you in the face and Ozzy was like yeah and so Sharon punched him in the face and then he was like thank you and then they just went back to like dinner like nothing happened. Thank you and there's also an incident where there in Germany with exacts and Ozzie's pissed drunk out of his mind he ended stripping completely new doing the Hitler salute at the dinner table and like calling them Nazis. Hey it's weird though 'cause like sharing you'd think you'd be mortified if your husband doing this stuff but she is laughing throughout all of the peeing in her pants again exactly. Sharon suffered third miscarriage. And that's when she went to a doctor and he explained that she needed this surgery to stitch together her cervix so she did that and she had to slay low for about twelve weeks so that was hard for her. Because Ozzy was on the road she didn't get to go and she says it would be nice to say that ozzy behaved impeccably but he was a complete and utter bastard. He was out of his mind drugging drinking cheating. So Yeah Sharon does talk about the pain that caused her even though she knew he didn't have feelings for these other women's that he was like sleeping with but of course. Sharon felt alone awful and she's dealing with miscarriages and trying to get pregnant and just not a good scene but Sharon had the surgery she recovered. They were able to get back on the road. Sharon did get one up on her dad which was great. That gorgeous house in L. A. was financed by a loan. They took out and of course her father never bothered to make the loan payments so the bank was going to repossess the house. There was a trick around it. Though her dad could sell the house first and use that money to pay the bank and pocket whatever money was left over but all those years of Sharon signing her name it was her that was the owner of the House and she refused to sow. So the bank repossessed. It evicted her dad and he never got a dime from it. Oh Nice one. This of course infuriated him. No doc again. He was threatening her life. She said she get calls from his henchmen saying things. Like Don knows. You're in New York and says to remind you that New York is a very dangerous place and you should watch your back. Imagine getting threats when Your Dad like that no i? Can't I literally can't. It's so terrible anyway. Life went on Sharon and Ozzy welcomed their first daughter. Amy In September of Nineteen eighty-three. Sharon realized Managing Ozzy while also managing a new baby was difficult so she got a little help with. That may help with the baby. Both okay just for people to understand how much work Sharon was doing. She was Ozzie. Sole Management at that point she was negotiating his contract setting up the tours and the Promo employing all the crews organizing the merch. The stage sets the opening acts. All that and more. That was all her so she hired another woman which is great in Lynn. Seager to help with that and Lynn would continue on for the next twenty years with them or more. So after four months being a new mother to amy she discovered she was pregnant again. That was Kelly and she was born in October of Nineteen eighty-four. This is around the time that Ozzy I gets into Rehab. Because he's a total mess. He has to newborn babies now. They knew he had to kind of start getting a shit together. So the Rehab was in Palm Springs. Sharon kids soon followed. She went there for like group. Therapy there's a lot in the book again. I'M NOT GONNA go into everything but over the course of the six months things kind of really looked up. She got a lot of these family Therapy sessions unfortunately. Ozzy sobriety lasted two hours after the six months icky just immediately went for a drink but they had commitments now like more tours and stuff so even though Sharon was worried about him being ready in terms of his addiction like he could not cancel some of these events Sharon also talks about how she continually gained weight over the Eighties. Which is not surprising. She's pumping these kids. They had their third child. Jack in November of eighty five and she says sober Ozzy never cared about her way but drunk Ozzy would make fun of her and make painful jokes especially if there was an audience around of course that affected her so ozzy's like really struggling with his alcohol issues when Jack arrived and Sharon says he was like always at his worse when writing and recording because of the pressures. They're all through this. When the kids are being born in everything she still talking about him being violent and like them having bad issues so that was still part of their regular life. Some improvements happening though. Sharon says that the autumn of nineteen eighty six was the last time. Not Ozzy ever cheated on her. I think this was mostly out of fear because this is when the AIDS crisis began happening and Sharon says that she discovered a stocking that wasn't hers and she threw it at him was like well. You better get tested now. And he was like tested and she mentioned aids and everything and apparently that just freaked him out and he got tested and he was negative course but every month after that for two years he would get tested out of fear so I think. Stop Cheating. Mostly out of concern for his Health K. You in case. You're wondering how Sharon's dad and brother are doing at this time. Not I gotTa Tell Ya. Her brother actually got arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for kidnapping extortion and assault. Which was all of course over? Business Deals Oh God. Her Dad flew the coop was later extradited back to the UK to stand trial two years after that but he got off so he must have paid someone so by nineteen. Sharon and Ozzy were almost had a breaking point. It was really awful reading all of this. There's a moment when recording. No Rest for the wicked. Ozzy tried to strangle Sharon in front of a bunch of people who had to like literally dragged him off of her another time. He punched her and dislocated her jaw. Sharon mentions Ozzy Song Dr. Jekyll doesn't hide and says that's exactly him like rage. One minute calm the next. It wasn't just booze. He was also taking a lot of prescription pills at that point. Churn talks about thinking about leaving him but she had three kids. She had no personal bank account family and like a lot of women in that situation. I think she kind of felt stuck. Also she loved him. Of course like it was just a lot for her. She really didn't know what to do. She of course mentioned like not wanting to be sexual with him during this time but sometimes he would come home drunk expecting Saxon. She said she never said no but she would like be crying because she didn't WanNa do it. One time she did give him an ultimatum about divorcing if he came home drunk and he relented and quit cold Turkey which led to him having multiple alcoholic seizures. So he's like real bad right now. So Al Sharon dealing with that disaster in her home life she's also branching out as a business woman though she was talking to Ozzy's agent bill. Allison who was like you should manage other people otherwise everyone will look at you as just a wife. She wasn't wrong and Bill had someone in mind for Sharon which was lead afford from the runaways. Who At this point was becoming sole artist as well? Sharon took it on and lead ahead success and even did a duet with Ozzy so this really gave Sharon confidence to keep working and she soon found other bands. The choirboys the Bonham's John Bonham's son's band as he wasn't happy about this though. What male musician isn't happy? When the focus is on him right right you set. Yeah but Sharon enjoyed it and was making her own money all legitimate on her own terms so that was very liberating for her in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. The violence came to a head. When Ozzy who is obliterated one evening actually decided to kill Sharon? He ended up strangling her and thank God. She managed to set off the house alarm and the police came and arrested Ozzy. This of course was headline news. Police ask Sharon if she wanted to press charges for attempted murder. Her reason for declining. Was that Ozzy had been blackout drunk. And she recalled being blackout drunk in her life and understood that people can be capable of things they wouldn't normally do so that was her reasoning for not charging Ozzie but as he did end up going to another rehab of course because of this after Rehab Sharon. Let him come back home but told you ever hit me again? I'm gone and this is the last time she mentioned violence in the book. So hopefully that was the last time you think this incident with a scared ozzy sober but it didn't. He was back drinking within weeks. Sharing is just I duNno. I can't imagine going through all that. Obviously it does mentally affect you and your decisions and everything they have children. The children are seeing this and hearing this and that's awful. I have Kelly jock written books Kelly might have. I'm not really sure could be interesting to hear it from their perspective to for sure. An interesting thing happened in the book around this time. Sharon mentions that multiple doctors at these rehab clinics in the eighties. Told her they believed Ozzy had Parkinson's but they dismissed it. They blamed the addictions the withdrawal for like all of his physical issues. And it wasn't until two thousand three when Michael J. Fox publicly came out about his Parkinson's that they decided. Oh maybe this is like we should take this seriously. So she says Ozzy was diagnosed with having Parkinson Ian Syndrome Parkinson's but it doesn't progress in the same way so I thought that was interesting because it was like only maybe in the past year that came out and I guess now he has Parkinson's or something okay he definitely had been dealing with the effects of that for since the eighties. So by nineteen ninety. Three things were back on track for the family. Ozzy and Sharon took some time off touring and recording and all that it was just them and the kids in England. I'm pretty sure like Ozzy was still drinking at this point but not as hard by the time they had to go back to work though. Sharon had this brilliant idea organizing tours and crews was such a major job but for bands working the festival circuit. You just have to worry about your own circle of people and like the performance not like the whole picture right so Lollapalooza was in full swing by then and Sharon actually tried to get ozzy spot but he was turned down because he was considered too heavy. So that got Sharron thinking. Why not have a festival like this but for hard rock bands? And that's when ause fest was born though it would take three years of hard work and planning to get it going. So that started in nineteen ninety six with only two tour dates but it was a huge success and the next year they covered twenty two cities. Okay so to give you an idea of what Sharon was handling with Ozzfest. It's a crew of about sixty people. Two stages twenty bands told a number of people on the road ends up being close to like six hundred people and all those people need to be fed three times a day just a mountain of work but she obviously kicked with it right. So it's about this time. They decided to move to La because all the business that they were doing wasn't Merica so it makes sense in one thousand nine hundred seven they were approached by a UK production company. Who wanted to do an OSCE at home type of documentary? So they did not and it was it was a success and that were caught the eye of MTV and at first emptied ask them if they would participate on their show cribs which they did and that became one of their most successful crib episodes that was most requested on MTV so everything was going while business is booming in one thousand nine hundred nine as he went to again and Sharon underwent surgery to help her lose weight so she talks a lot in book of course about the Yoyoing of her life Sometimes she was inside six. Sometimes she was a size twenty two and it really affected her physically and mentally so she jumped at this opportunity to try a new procedure where they cut a hole in your stomach and make a new pouch fear. Intestinal track so you eat less and expel quicker. It changed her life. She says the first year she lost a hundred and twenty five pounds so she underwent some plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin and whatnot. She says the moment she realized everything changed was in two thousand and two because people magazine included her in the most beautiful section and like she had never considered herself beautiful so that was a special moment for her. Of course losing all. That weight made her more energetic as well when things were at her. Worst with Ozzy in the late eighties and Sharon actually stepped away for managing other artists for awhile but she took on the challenge again and she actually ended up becoming smashing pumpkins manager for a while. And she tells me horror stories about Billy Corgan and his massive ego. That didn't last long. But it's amusing part in the book for those interested so yeah after the crib episode aired it was like such a huge deal that MTV came back at them and was like we would like to do three shows with you like three episode shows about you in the family so the whole family was in except Amy Collins dead took a producer role on the project and shooting began October. Two thousand one and things went so well that MTV asked to extend shoot time so six weeks turned into six months then the first episode aired March Fifth. Two thousand two and as we all know it became a huge fanatic. Early Days Reality Television. They were really one of the first for that and they weren't scripted. Either like that was actually reality just yet. That's a good point. That's a good point so what are really scripted. Now rate away their lives change. Suddenly they're being invited to the White House is is asked to perform at the Queen's Jubilee Sharon started hosting MTV coverage for that she talks about how like instant fame it was just this crazy new thing and suddenly like all the people you WanNa meet WanNa meet you. So they were really loving it. They were on top of the world which usually means something. Bad's going to happen and it did share in discovered she had colon cancer and she insisted the show must go on and with the support of her family. She went into Chemo. She goes into detail about how difficult all that was and her journey through cancer. She actually wrote a second book. It's called survivor. And that's about her experience with cancer so season one of the Osbournes went on to win an emmy which was. Mtv's I ever and it really like you said like an established new genre of reality TV. That really dominates to this day in two thousand three Ozzy had a quad bike accident. He almost didn't make it through but of course he did between Ozzy Solo work with Black Sabbath. His sales at this point are over. One hundred million and Black Sabbath were inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame and just this past year. Ozzy put out an album so like he's still successful in it and hopefully they're dealing with their medical issues and as we know the Osbournes are still all over. The media sharing went on to do X. factor celebrity apprentice. The talk and God knows how many other reality entertainment shows and their kids have followed suit. Ozzy and Jack have a show together called Ozzy in Jack's world. Detour apparently eras just Tried to see him this year. Actually I slept that right. He was doing a meet and greet kind of thing. Yeah he's still he's still around and I hope star gets to meet him sometime into. I talked to start us about this episode and asked her which songs I should put in. So thank you for that Stardust before we close up here. If you're wondering about Sharon and her family she did kind of. End Up Record reconciling with them. Her mother passed away. Nine hundred ninety nine and after nine. Eleven happened Ozzy kind of really pushed. Sharon to deal with her family issues since they were kind of realizing. I guess like time is fleeting. GonNa live forever by then. Her Dad was old and had lots of health problems and no money. He had no friends. Sharon actually took care of his needs and tell his passing in two thousand seven at the time. She wrote the book which was two thousand six. It seemed like her and her brother had made a men's as well though. I'm not sure what their relationship is like. Now that's Sharon's crazy story and I really encourage people to read the book because I could have put in so much more and I knew this episode is going to be like a little bit longer than normal just because I wanted to put in so much but like I left out so much crazy stories and everything to that. Were just wild to read but didn't kind of propelled things forward so that was great and I really didn't know that she was raised in the music business. Yeah Yeah really like that. You know talk about family business and I. I don't think I'm other some people that you're like. Oh yeah they followed in the footsteps after their dad and now they're a part of the company to you but if it would have been like music related thing I would have been like I would have been right in there to work getting to know and of course. Yeah I think that was. That was great. That was a really good episode. Thanks links you're welcome and I just. There's a lot of things that Sharon says or does that. I'm like Oh man that's crazier. That's awful or whatever but one thing is certain and she is an incredible businesswoman. And just like so many other women that we talk about. Ozzy would not have the career that he had or has without her support he probably would not be alive right now without her support so she she is an incredible woman and I think it is really interesting that she of learned from her dad basically like what not to do and she was like. I'm going to be better than this is going to be a legitimate. I'M GONNA make money properly and I respect her as businesswoman. So much great. Cool Dude love it thank you? You're welcome and thank you. Everybody for listening that wraps up another episode of muses if you want more in you miss us on the weeks off because we release twice a month head over to our patron we release on the alternate weeks. They're five dollars a month gets you are backlog of all of our past content and we put something out every single week so there you go. Yes Thanks everyone and make sure to review and rate US on itunes please. It would mean so much to us later. 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Bond Rap pod is a podcast men of a certain age discuss the they've dissect rap music while we somewhat classicist in our tastes and grew up listening to hip hop from the eighties. Until now we're also interested in the present and future over the past hundred fifteen episodes. We have been interviewed rap. Legends like Chris Paul Del the Funky Homo Sapiens Kooky Egypt premier and even the Proto rap group the last poets. We also make it a point to talk to writers commentators and creative shaping the Genre. We've interviewed journalists and bestselling authors like Nathaniel Friedman Jeff Weiss chief Abdul keep an atom. Man's back and as nate mentioned even though we are products of the eighties nineties. We take time out to talk to some of the most important voices and wrap today groups and individuals like little open. 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