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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm amy held amy conybeare. It is pledging to apply the law as written if she wins confirmation to the Supreme Court. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports Barrett completed day one of confirmation hearings in the Senate at just forty eight years old amy conybeare it could sit on the Supreme Court for a generation Senate. Republicans highlight her resume as judicial conservative including a clerkship with the late Justice Antonin Scalia in her teaching record at the Notre Dame Law School but Democrats warn Barrett could tilt the balance of the court on issues such as abortion gun rights, healthcare, and religious freedom lawmakers. Planning to spend two days asking the nominee about her judicial philosophy and her record over three years on the Seventh Circuit Appeals Court Senate Judiciary Chairman. Lindsey Graham says he expects bear to get a vote from the full Senate by the end of October shortly before Election Day Carrie Johnson NPR news Washington and with just over three weeks to go until election. Day Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is seeking to focus attention on the pandemic and what he characterizes as president trump's mishandling of it biden addressed supporters today at a drive by rally in Toledo. Ohio is reckless personal conduct sense diagnosis has been unconscionable. LONGER DONALD TRUMP is president. More recklessly seems to get. A week after leaving the hospital Cova treatment trump will be crisscrossing the country for in-person rallies I tonight in Florida. Then later, this week in Pennsylvania Iowa and North Carolina. Roberta McCain mother to the late senator and one time Republican presidential nominee John McCain has died. She was one hundred and eight years old her daughter-in-law India McCain shared the news today in a tweet. The nation's largest hospital chain says it has returned to profitability. So it's returning six billion dollars in pandemic relief to the Federal Government Blake farmer of station. W. P. L. N. reports some of the money HCC received head to be paid back anyway though not until next year and some likely didn't need to be repaid at all but CEO SAM hazing says revenues from elective procedures have rebounded to a point where Ata won't need the additional government funding. We believe returning taxpayer dollars early is appropriate. And the socially responsible thing to do. was featured in a New York Times article in June for taking more bailout money than any other hospital system in the country, the company has avoided layoffs and Furloughs, but it did cut the pave employees don't work in hospitals last month some of those pay cuts were restored for NPR news I'm Blake farmer in Nashville while countries addressed the coronavirus crisis, they should not lose sight of the climate crisis that was the message today from the head of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva. She says the climate that climate change poses a serious threat to global growth it's NPR. A ceasefire agreed to by by John and Armenia is becoming increasingly frayed with each side accusing the other of violations and attacks on civilians. The truce came into force over the weekend in an effort to halt the fighting that broke out late last month over disputed mountainous region. Hall of Famer and former Cincinnati reds player Joe Morgan has died at the age of seventy seven NPR's Martin. Cost reports. Morgan was considered one of the best second Baseman in baseball history at five foot seven. He was also one of the shortest when he was inducted into the hall of fame, he recalled his first at bat in the majors when he knocked in game winning run against the Philadelphia Phillies and jean-marc who is the manager of the phillies was so mad he yelled at his players until you guys got be got, it looks like a lunatic. Morgan arrived in Cincinnati as part of a trade that was controversial at the time but ended up providing key components for Cincinnati's big red machine, which dominated the game in the mid seventies winning the world series in nineteen, seventy, five and seventy, six Morgan later became a baseball commentator on TV. Martin Kosti NPR news. A Canadian woman has returned five artifacts. She took from Pompeii in two thousand five saying they plagued her with bad luck. The woman who did not give her full name sent back mosaic tiles as well as pieces of a vase and a ceramic wall to the archaeological park of POMPEII. She included a letter explaining I wanted to have a piece of history that couldn't be bought but she came to regret the decision Mount Vesuvius erupted in seventy nine ad showering pompeii with ash I made me held in Washington and you're listening to NPR news.

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