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The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? If you want more great, Ron McGill stories in your life checkout. That's what she said that bear Spain podcast where she talks to Ron McGill about some of the things that he's experienced in the animal kingdom over the years. They are plentiful. We are grateful as always for his presence here. If you wanna talk to Ron McGill and learn about the animal seven eight six four five six four eight three seven Taylor, you're on with Ron McGill of zoo. Miami. If you've ever observed any evidence of animals using medicine or anything like that and Wild Thing. Well, yeah. I mean, one of the things most commonly seen as you see some primates sometimes eat certain leaves when they get upset stomach, and it's been found that those leaves have a component anthem that actually settles the stomach of the animal something like severe diarrhea. They also use certain kinds of leave especially in the rainforest, see different primates use these to rub on themselves and are used as a mosquito repellent. There's a a something that comes out in the leaf itself that when the monkeys rub it on there for it keeps them -squitoes away. So they're obviously medicinal qualities in animals have associated with certain plants that they do utilize run. You've talked about the sadness of of of seeing alone time zoo animal pass away, I wonder if you could talk about the emotion, you felt when Zuma Amy recently made some history with the birth of rare Indian rhinoceros, I'll tell you know, it's a whole circle of life thing, Greg. I it's just if beyond this. Option to know to to explain to you what it's like to see this animal being born. And to know the things that we went to have it be born because first of all as you said, this is the first different world not because it's the first Indian rhino born. But because it's the first Indian rhino born as a result of induced ovulation in the female and artificial insemination after artificially collecting the semen from the male. So we had a time things perfectly. You know, we had to get see what happened was we put them both together initially. But the natural way he kinda didn't know what he was doing. And she quite frankly, didn't like him. So that wasn't working naturally. So what we had to do as we had to electrically stimulate him to collect the semen. And then what we did was the next day, we inseminated her after artificially, you know, inducing ovulation and the timing had to be perfect. It was we saw this beautiful baby. Born it's doing wonderfully. We're gonna have a gender reveal here in a few days. It's over one hundred pounds already and it just fantastic. I mean, it's a great thing. But at the same time, Greg, you know, the bottom line is assuming all of us live normal lifespans. She's probably going to end up dying before we do. So you see this circle of life. You see that a lot with animals that you see born. And then you eventually see die, but I wouldn't take away the reward of watching that birth. What would you say is the most rewarding experience like that? You've had in all the time you've been around animals. I tell you. I think a lot of it is not as necessarily necessarily the birth that self, but if you know animals that we have played a role in maybe helping to rehab and returning back to the wild. I think that's a huge thing. You see seen animal? It's been hurt or actually rebuilding something. Like we had a bird that had a Bill totally destroyed in a fight. And we actually made a fiberglass replacement at artificial Bill, and that bird could eat and survive and live normal life. So knowing the things that we're able to do that had these things happened in the while the animal surely would not have survived. That's very rewarding thing that, you know, you extend that life of an animal, and the other thing probably one of the most rewarding things we had a gorilla that was almost totally blind due to cataracts. And we actually had one of the top human is urgency come in remove her cataracts and insert artificial human lenses into our I because to real is almost exactly like human eyes. And I'll tell you Dan that moment where for two or three years that grill hadn't been able to see anything. And put her back to the wall. And just stay huddled like that in her little world of darkness when she walked out on that exhibit the first day, and she picked up a blade of grass and looked at it and stirred at it. I have a photograph that I've hanging my office that moment where you can read her mind, and she's like, I can see, and you know, you open a world of for an animal that way, it's like when know you hear human child that has never had heard anything and all of a sudden, they get a coke Lear implant, and they they hear music you see the light on their face. It's magic man. You can't put a price tag on that. I'm not crying. You're crying. Cody grace, you're on with Ron McGill zoo, Miami, go ahead. I read a story about a beluga whale that was caught with a camera on him people. Think that it's a Russian military spy wanna know, what your thoughts are about it. Well, it could very well. Be you know, they have trained dolphins in the past to be. I don't know if the word spy is correct. But reconnaissance animals where they would send them to certain areas to look for things ranging from u boats to two minds and the ocean. So it's not beyond the comprehension to think that the Russians could have trained a beluga whale to be kind of a reconnaissance mission animal where they put a camera on it that reports back to the central station animals have been used as quote, unquote, spies for centuries would that be your best guess on an explanation? No, my best guess on an explanation would be somebody like National Geographic or a researcher who's trying to get data on what the whale is feeding on where the whale is going the range of the whale. That is most likely what it is. That's how we get the information because we can't dive as far down as Wales can go these new cameras that have can give you that data that can tell you how far they're diving. You can see what they're eating. You can see where they're you know, where they're congregating. We learn a lot about an animal's behavior because we're unable to follow them naturally in the wild run. Which animal complains the most like Daryl Maury James harden, complains like that. Now, Stu gods? The Stu guy that's an answer. Robby, Robby, you're on with Ron McGill zoo, Miami, go ahead Robbie. Hey, Ron, and no particular order. What are your top three? Cutest wild animals. Oh my gosh. I think when you have a newborn pygmy hippopotamus is about the most doorbell thing you could ever think of seeing I think also. God, you know, a newborn red panda is also they just absolutely adorable. Look like a plush toy out of the gift shop and. Jeez. I don't know you everything's kind of cute when it's born. But the panda the pygmy hippo, you seem really care Ron you seem real slow. No. You know? I think I think when a tree kangaroo comes out of the pouch now when it's born because when it's born it looks like a naked kidney bean, it's horrible. But as develops vouching, I start sticking its head out of the pouch. And it's the floppy ears. Oh my God. That thing is just too cute. Hey, Ron I have a selfish question where I live in L A. There's a lot of peacocks. What are they good for because they just seem annoying? They make a lot of noise at night. They're always crossing the road when I need to get by what are they good? You know, they're good for people who like to watch the males do the little ornamental thing. And they think it's beautiful to look at. They are the national bird of India. So you gotta give them that kind of respect. But really other than that. They're not good for much else. Other than just kinda soiling your lawn or making a ton of noise and destroying your car, if they see your reflection in it because they pick it thinking. So it's a. It's a, you know, a competitor. Ron this question's a little bit out of left field. But I'm curious did you ever get a chance to meet or no the famous ocean on version Cousteau, I did not? But I did get to know and have luncheon and a couple of times with his sons you'll Michel Cousteau and just an amazing, man. I mean, he's kind of you know, carried on his father's legacy. And of course, Jacques Cousteau along with Jim Fowler, Marlin Perkins. Those were my heroes growing up because that's what we saw on television, the undersea world, Jacques Cousteau and mutual. Mas wild kingdom today. There's so many programs you kind of get lost in the plethora of them. But Joe Michel Cousteau is quite an amazing, man. I heard some great stories about his dad. Why were you making funny faces at Ron MacGill's pronunciation there? Well, I just thought it was kind of funny because he went very French. And then he was like humble bragging that I knew his brother basically was. Yeah. Yeah. Our son. So. Listening. Yeah. Sorry. Not even listening just got shift Laurent MacDill, you know, what I just stopped paying attention. When you start trying to talk French. It's the oldest show we've ever done. I mean, Jacques Cousteau. You're on with Ron McGill zoo, Miami, go ahead Trent Eireann couple of shark questions. What does the fact the shark, and what shark is the main? The fastest shark is a Mako shark. You know, I could be wrong there. But I'm pretty sure it's the Mako shark is the fastest shark. And you know, there was no such thing as a means shark guys. I I don't like putting that that term mean in front of an animal an animal is is is a product of its environment. If you're talking about the most dangerous, shark, it's probably going to be between the tiger shark bull shark and away white shark why because their animals that potentially could look at it human being as food, but they don't come into humane thing. I don't like you. I'm gonna bite you. And I hope it hurts. That would be a mean shark that doesn't exist mean is not something you find an animal's again animals were product of their environment. If you have abused animal, it's going to be quote unquote mean because it's been abused. But naturally speaking, there's no such thing as a mean animal jaws was a main shark, right? Okay. But. God bless George ski Brian. You're on with Ron McGill Xuemei. Go ahead Bryant. Hey, ron. I think my goldfish constipated he's been kinda sluggish. You know, I haven't seen him do his thing late in life and told that if you take a p and take the skin off of it and give the goldfish the inside that'll help them. Be more regular is that true. You know, what you just taught me something if it is true. That's that's something. I'd never heard before. And, but I gotta be honest with you. I'm not an expert on constipated goldfish, but has a segment on those words, that's fine. That's it. Let's just go to the video there. I gotta be honest with you. I'm not an expert on constipated golden video. We got to do the video today. Dan, tan, we've got to do the video. All right. Let's do it. Okay. Ready because this video appoint point. I think a fantastic you gone. You ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay playing. Okay. It's looking what is this personal snow is he's got a camera. It's going hits bear bear. You're gonna tell what what don't you do? Don't turn it right out of there. But what happened here? What did that man? Do he listened to Ron McGill put his hands up pay their fair looks at them runs away? Look guys for all those times that you laughed at me and make fun of that. That's what you do see that save that man's life. Or at least at the very least being severely mauled that bear came at him. He remembered what he heard on the Dan lebatardshow when Romney goes up put your hands up. Hey. Okay. That's the bravest, man. I've ever I've ever seen what kind of kind of also kinda dumbest man because he keeps them photographing bears at runs away. He's really pushing his luck. I don't I don't support the behavior of what he's doing filming the bear. But I want you guys to finally admit. Hey, Ron not as crazy as you think he put his hands up you see him. Hey, and that bear looked at me go, I'm not going to try and runs away. Remember, you can learn things on the Dan lebatardshow that can save your Llano care while Ron says or what that video shows I'm running if Americans ABC yet. I know I'm supposed to do didn't happen. I'm climbing a tree or your mom or your malt. One of the to your dad or your mom that guy stayed disliked by doing exactly what I want you to do. I'd be dead. We. Thank you. Thank you. Ron. We'll talk to you next week Stu gods here for one eight hundred flowers after a childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool over. Mom's is do you really think she won't be able to tell the difference between a last minute mother's day gift and something truly awful this mother's day. Don't settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. 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Will you sometimes call your childhood telephone number? We all do we all do. Thank you. Yeah. Greg was saying he does as well for to speak into the microphone instead of that third. Thermos you're drinking. Radio. We all knew still guts are changed. My mind do the rest of the show. Yeah. In the middle of a no. ACC donlevatar show with Stu gods on ESPN radio, the south beach session that came out this morning was with Duff MacKay gin the basis for guns and roses, if you want to hear what it's like to party so much that your pancreas blows up to the size of football. And almost kills you. That is the podcast for you. Scott foster is refereeing tonight. Twenty five year referee twenty five years he hasn't done a rockets game since James harden was fine for calling him out by name. But as an added bonus, if the rockets whimpering wasn't something that was a big enough story so far as an added bonus also doing tonight's game. Oh, yes. So it is Scott foster and. Wait. You gotta stay up for that. Don't you? It's if rockets and warriors wasn't enough. How about Scott foster and? Just need a little, you know. So yesterday's God's had a great joke where he said that game of thrones. You got you've got, you know, black magic you've got dragons you've got the dead, but nobody's got a lantern. Greg Cody is all mad because he couldn't get his television adjusted right to see the fights because people did not adjust their televisions and people with the right brightness on their televisions. Did not have the problem that you had which was to get mad at game of thrones on Sunday. Yeah. There's a little thing called cinematography. We're we're the people creating the show or supposed to make it watchable for the viewer. Wow. You're just getting emotional there. Yeah. Korea. I shouldn't have to go to my TV set and try to where's the brightness? Dial nobody knows can we do a simulation. Can we do an artist reenactment of let the scene comes on? It's on your remotes. Is it isn't it really ready to walk up to the back of the TV like in the olden days to find a little none of Philip's through screwdriver knob? That says brightness he doesn't even know how to turn on the T on track. Let alone change the setting wife does all that cigarettes cigarettes feel stupid. It's a lot more complicated than just don't have just a button that says brightness again through the menu. It's a whole to-do. Thank you so much work for putting me through a to-do. Hear my put it on the poll. Can you find the brightness on your television? The brightness control panel on your television. Can you put us next to you though? Like when this is happening. What is the kind of complaining you're doing to your wife, and the television screen as the the battle of winter fell which is what we've all been building to for eight years in the most watched television right event of your lifetime. What was happening? I was like why is the screen so dark? The figures are undistinguishable, where's the lighting in this? What's the cinematographer? Where's the lighting? I was just completing my wife rushing me because you know, she wants to at least here the fight going on even though neither of us. Hold on a second. Explain to me is it to arty for you. Because I didn't see this is it already or. I think it's artsy. It is artsy. Put it on the pole Guillermo at lebatardshow Ardy. Or Artie Artie is just man's name. It is. Or now, it's that's what art house friends called already. That's right. But it is a show about power about family about politics. It is an interesting show about life about death. It's got a lot of different variables with dragons and everything else. But they don't mess up the cinematography like they were going for that. It's not like it's not like, George or Morton was watching and saying, wait a minute. It's too dark. He should have been that would have saved it big daddy game of thrones watching and editing before they they put it out there and the action was so frenetic that you'd really have to watch it in slow motion to see who was killing who and in all the action going on between the frenetic pace of the scene. It was a long scene and the cinematography was just it was almost unwatchable for about that fifteen minutes trunk of the show. I are other fans complaining the way you are as a lot of people are complaining like that. But many of them know how to adjust their television. Yeah. I didn't know you could TV's job to present. How? They wanted to be viewed as John you have to have a smart television. No, not your whatever it is that you're putting up there with ravaged ears on the intent from the nineteen forty zenith. Donlevatar? You want me to get real? Stugatz. I'll get real these things live at our show with as to God's own ESPN radio possible strap it on situation here, Dan. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Guests on the Dan Le Batard show appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sports interrupdate. The NBA is fine. Chris Paul thirty five thousand dollars for making contact with referee. Josh David following what he thought was a foul and Klay Thompson on James Harden's three point attempt with four point four seconds left in regulation, the Spurs and Gregg Popovich are currently negotiating a new contract because pop had his best coaching season ever. And finally. Ugandan woman Mariam nabataen Z Gebert the twins a year after she was married off at the age of twelve five more sets of twins follow along with four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets. It's Ugandan, by the way. What did I say Ugandan? Did I get Mariam nabataen? Right. I think so that was like listen, I told you potential strapping on situation here. Tell us how many children Ugandan woman Mariam Nabetani gave birth to twins a year after she was married off the age of twelve five more sets of twins follow along with four sets of triplets five sets of quadruplets three years ago. However, the thirty nine year old Ugandan was abandoned by her husband, leaving her to support their surviving thirty eight children alone. It was just the latest setback and a life marred by tragedy for nabataen Z who lives with their children in four cramped houses made of cement blocks and topped with corrugated iron in a village surrounded by coffee fields is they're going to be happy ending on. This story is you're gonna keep descending into this awful. I started to I started taking on a dull responsibilities at an early stage. He said. I have not had joy, I think since I was born. Wow. So there's not a happy ending. That's where it ends. I've not joy since I was born. All right. Very good. But wedding season is upon us and the easiest way to look fresh for your being as with the black tux dot com. Oh god. The talk says awesome, suits and talks does that you rent online. They get twenty dollars off your purchase. Visit the black tux dot com and enter code Dan for all the latest headlines information, tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. And we're thanks to George Sodano over coming in and giving the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless, everything for less only at WalMart gear. Mo- are you ever going to not go by Billy are you ever going to make Bill and Bill Gill? The reason I bring it up is because Jimmy Butler is saying his name's not James his name is Jimmy is not he he is saying flatly you do. Don't call me, James. I'm not James. I'm jimmy. Well, he actually is Jimmy that's his legal name. But no, I am going to be Billy forever. It's given me buckets. That's his legal name put it on the poll of it. After last night's what it on the poll Guillermo should his legal name be Jimmy buckets. So Greg, Cody is an. I wonder how people feel about this. I don't know how America feels about this and put it on the poll game at lebatardshow is America rooting for against the sports gambler, who is shattering every jeopardy record. Because he knows a ton is smart. But he's also rigged the system he knows how to bet in a way that super-efficient. So he's doing what James harden is doing in terms of the Jimmy the system in a way that's getting people upset, but I have no idea of people are rooting for him or against it. James the system. Yeah. James in the system. Are you proud of yourself for that? Like if I didn't love it right up to, you know, I'm okay, just doing the show. I'm against them for obvious reasons. He's beating the system he's cutting corners. You know, he's not cutting corner. He's not cutting corners finished saying, he's rigging the, but he's because he's better at gambling that anyone else they shouldn't allow professional gambling. He has the answers written down in his hand. I think he does too about that. Yes. I I think you've just uncovered something quarterback with a wristband got all the plays written out. I mean, he's got this whole thing. I mean, Duggary annoying. Yep. Loser. Ready? You got to start with the hundred dollar question potent potables for a hundred you don't go right to five thousand ridiculous reinventing the wheel. Meanwhile, the farmer from Idaho and the housewife from New Jersey who should be thrilled to walk out of there with one hundred and fifty bucks. They can't even get on the show because of this guys writes hog it all the time. Really is. It's an outrage. Trebek's gotta be angry say that. No doubt. All right. But you don't think Alex is angry? Travek angry is this guy that there's an unprecedented run going on on jeopardy, and I do believe that many of you are just against this guy because he's got a crappy smile now. Travek hates this Alex trebek's, Alex trebek's, and what you're not talking about Alex Rebecca talking about this guy, and Alex trebek's does not like that. You're talking about this guy. Get off the stage is with Rebecca wants say they should bring out a big hook. Like they used to do in vaudeville where the comedian. It's official the old references on this show need to go. It's the oldest show we've ever done. It's been naps. It's been jock Cousteau questions. It's been vaudeville billion hook over again about tiger stadium in the twenties. Cody get out of here. God just get outta here. Don't be old somewhere else. You'll anywhere. On billion. How how does America feel about this? I don't actually know. People say you're rooting against seeing something that you've never seen before. Or if you already seen enough of it because I'm guessing the first time that people saw it. They liked it. Under now. Tired of it? I think it's like it's like many things many dynasties. Right. You appreciate it you respected. It's called the beginning. And now you wanted to go to the I can't believe that you're anti this guy as someone that's place a wager to because most sports gamblers are. So for this guy. It's a little club that we're in. Well, it's a massive club that we're in. But you root for your own one day, a co worker mind Brandon Guzzo said that he walked in on an on air talent named Jeff to force. He went to his apartment that was the the horse racing channel on a box on a mini fridge filled with Heineken, exactly the way, two cats, and he told me that thinking that I'd be made. Sad by it. But it was like, you know, what that sounds like the most romantic damn thing. So yes, I root for this gambler because that life is sexy. He does have a slimy smile though. I feel like that's the thing that is turning people off. He just kind of looks like. Yeah, that's right. I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere. I want someone did seem nice. I want a little humble pie with my winners. I've seen a couple of stills does look like he's got the Ryan Gosling going where he's got two different sides to his face. I mean, Dan, there is that element. Right. You just want it to be like, Betty, you know, like, you know, your next door neighbor winning all this money? You don't want it to be this guy. Mattie was on this run. Oh, my America. Would love Betty not just Ryan Gosling. But the Ryan Miller as well is this a Ryan thing. Check out. Ryan Miller, look different person each side. Is there anyone else? Like that. I thought there was someone in sports that you you guys Ryan Miller else in sports. I thought there was a second moisture, but that one's easy. It is. Yes, thinking up. Jersey half of his face different than the other half of sei's put it on the poll. Guillermo, put it is half of Shire's face different than the other half of his face. I think that's an accurate Spain's easy. I mean, the Ryan Miller and Ryan Gosling, I it takes a while. It's not the different color is it's at the sock. It's different. I I really don't know. How people feel about the jeopardy dude at what point did you guys? Get tired of him at what point did you guys get tired of him? So Donald is in the back of the room saying he doesn't understand what you guys are doing. I don't know. How America feels about this, dude? What I'm doing is. I think it's super hot air force had a mini fridge filled with heinekens while the horse racing channel was on a box in his apartment and fist Deutz about that life. I'm supporting him. Yeah. There's a different lifestyle to the degenerate life. Dan, you're asking everybody the question. How the hell do you feel about him? But here's the thing before you answer that if it was Defoe right just being Defoe. I think America would fall in love with it. But it's this guy. It's just a young Defoe is a guy who makes five star picks on a Sunday afternoon. Thank Defoe gamma put it on the poll, a fridge full of Heineken and horse racing on the television romantic. Yes, or no. Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads. He. Don't you think America would fall in love with Deepa? I mean, why wouldn't America fall in love with you? He's wonderful donlevatar. He has the greatest football team. We take the ball room gold to go like no one's ever seen. We're in the we're on the ground where always in control. And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl. Stugatz. Where the Miami Dolphins everybody. Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins. Oh, good. The song feeling joy. Yeah. Wrong lyrics. These libertas show with us to God's only PM radio. If you miss any of our interviews today. Check them out on demand and Dan podcast. Brought to you by Capital One gap. 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Get ahead of the Rosh with thirty sorta tulips for just thirty dollars from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. Did that the UCLA did that we? We are six minutes away from me talking about comedy duos before I do that. However, I've got a triumph of topics in front of me. And I don't know which one to go to now, I do know which one not to go to and it's Cody on the Kentucky Derby, but necklace cage. Singing, purple rain, angrily in karaoke. Okay. All over Los Angeles. Or stugatz has been telling us since yesterday. He has something for Adele Becca. I'll still have something for Dell. Tomorrow. I would love to hear nNcholas cage. I mean, it feels like something I need to hear right now. I mean that of derby team said, I think what's happening with nNcholas cage was some of the mic doesn't think it said. But Mike thinks it's romantic to have a horse racing. Simulcast in a small fridge. Full heineken. Yeah. Tv that the horse race thing is showing on being on top of crate of some sort futons may be. Yes, nNcholas cage is lie. Life. Maybe there's something inherently wrong with me. But this life seems amazing to be able to work out all the problems from your four day marriage that broke up and she took you divorce court and she's suing you for alimony because of all the career miss opportunities. She had in the four days, you're married him working this out on the in the Los Angeles karaoke circuit. It's great only singing purple rain, which me no has was in here a couple of weeks ago saying that's one of the worst songs that you can pick because of its length. And also, I just wanna know what nNcholas cage is doing during the tar solo. I love that you just quoted amino Hassett as if he were some sort of karaoke. The league he is in a league. And the only time that we've ever heard him sing karaoke. Greg Cody prides himself on singing well enough that you don't know whether he's a bad good singer, a good bed singer. Thank you. A mean Alhassan is very obviously, a bad bad singer. Why you want to hurt me? Now he claims that's the key to carry Okey being. Don't understand it. Why you wanna hurt me? Do you think this is the beginnings of a mental breakdown or let's face it, probably the end of a mental breakdown or is this some sort of performance art. I think nNcholas cage knows the power of being nNcholas cage. I really do. Or is just weird. Yeah. I'm gonna go with the second the buying the dinosaur bones the collection of castles, wearing the electric blue suits consoling. Vince Neil saying I love you and being dead serious to the point that I've never believed in love that much. And you have that conversation with carrot top wasn't. He there in the middle of that era top that's one of the great parts about the story under reported is that in all of this carrot top was just like having lunch with them, and they stepped out and in the five seconds if they stepped out they being Vince, Neal, nNcholas cage in electric blue suit. They got into TMZ trouble. Do you? Remember, the details to give the audience who don't know that Vince Neal of strana avoid the the abuse of a woman or alleged abuse of a woman reaching. Into a car window and nNcholas cage saying you gotta stop doing this as if it's happening all the time to Vince Neal allegedly winning, but Vince Neal has passed sorted. And carry top was nearby documenting. Yeah, you top couldn't leave them alone for five seconds Beijing seat. Court of having like a carport, right? If valet right? Valet right in front of the aurea. Of course. Early. Of course. I gotta watch video again. I wonder if nNcholas cage was wearing a cowboy hat might have been an electric was remember the electric blue suit. Was I can't get to suit green singing. Of karaoke and purple rain. But Greg, Cody it we should get to Greg cody's passionate Kentucky Derby take. No cowboy hat. Oh disappointment. Kind of mistake is that to make often been seen wearing cowboy hats as mistake. Cowboy cody's all excited about the Kentucky Derby, even the horse racing is largely for old people Instagram tsars right about the triple crown ruining horseracing up. Why are you excited for the Kentucky Derby, well maximum security is a great story. He's a local horse came through Gulfstream won the Florida derby. He was in a claiming race. You coulda had them for sixteen thousand dollars. And now he's about to make history.

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