Pisces, Pisces, Pisces! Lets get to the essence of it all with Barbara Snow


The following podcast is made possible by the generous support of my community members at accessible shali dot com and the positive reviews left an itin. Thank you so in today's episode. I thought it would be a very cool idea to bring on a pisces goddess as. We are in very strong pisces energy. At the end of this prolific year we have just been through as a consciousness. And i record this Recording the sun. Neptune venus are all khun junked. This energy brings on a very spiritual sacred energy. It brings on an opportunity to meet the divine and i couldn't think of anyone better to bring on the podcast to connect with the divine as the lovely barbara snows. So stay tuned will bring barbara onto the podcast. Bring you some of that. Lovely pisces goddess grandmother energy into your years for this episode barbara. My wonderful mentor friend. grandmother All of the beautiful things. I can call you. Welcome to accessible astrology. I'm so honored to be here. Eugenia thank you you know. I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago. When i was feeling kind of low and depressed about the state of the world and i at the time. No i wasn't alone. Because i had met with members of my community and there was a sorrow and the energy of everybody and does a sadness and i reached out to the one person who i thought. You know. there's one person this world who can help me understand what we're all going through and also move me out of it transition me out of it into a place of love and harmony. Because you've done this for me. So much in my life and i wanted to bring your voice to the audience to ease. Some of those worries that they might be feeling and especially now as we're in. The strong energy is of pisces. And to believe it or not. We're actually moving into the new moon in pisces. I forgot to mention that. I want to really allow people to tap into this place of pisces. Which is kind of about grief and depression. But on the other end is the connection to god and goddess and what that means. And so i would love for you to reiterate some of the things you said to me many weeks ago when i was feeling down or just your wisdom and how you're feeling about the world and what we're going through as a consciousness right now i'd be happy to sweetie and of course it's affecting me to But that's one of the nice things about having lived a number of years on this planet and having been guided to wonderful resources The thing to remember right now is basically. What we're restoring is our direct connection to source because that has been interfered with with in the past and the reason it has because when people know that they are directly connected to the source of all creation and that that source loves them exactly as they are. They don't have to do anything or be anything different. That love is there when people know that you can't control them they're not gonna go into fear and as you know that is the the issue on this planet it has been for millennia and we are in the process of ascending. We are in the process of remembering who we are as gods sparks as f- every human on this planet is an aspect of the divine. Don't worry your head don't try to figure out how that can possibly be when there's darkness when there's pain when they're suffering it's part of the experience of being human because the dark has what shows us the light. It shows us what we don't want so we can move to what we do want. And that's the game. We're playing on planet earth and believe it or not however things look or whatever stories are running through your head. The light has already one we are as a collective ascending which means that each individual is ascending in his or her own way. We're integrating this part of ourselves with the human part who still lives in the third dimensional reality who still by definition of being on planet. Earth is living in the matrix but just as many of the wise teachers have said be in the world but not of the world. So what does that mean means know that you're in the matrix and you have to deal with it because it's where you live. It's where you buy your groceries. It's where you work to earn your money. It's where you have relationships with family of origin with your friends of choice with your partner. If you have one it's where in this body you also have relationships with divine beings. Whose support your god's spark who support you in becoming more and more of your extended self and as you move into that everything changes the process and sometimes you lose people. Sometimes you lose jobs. Sometimes you lose Families because you begin to vibrate at a different rate but when you look around your vibrating at a rate that puts you closer in touch with angels with ancestors with spiritual allen. Allies ascended masters from other other places other other planetary systems with animal allies and especially directly with source. So of course it's uncomfortable. Does this make sense. Yeah no i think one of the big transitions. That i've gone through from twenty twenty two now twenty twenty one or we talk about it as the beginning of the year. Which is the spring equinox. So that's march mid march of twenty twenty until now mid-march twenty twenty one. The process the whole cycle is. I think last the fear was on high. It was turned up as high as possible on every level every direction. Every single person was experiencing fear somewhere in their life very very strong amounts of it. Something i keep talking about on the podcasts. As part of that is because we've had this reliant that the father would take care of us or this reliance on that so our government are Monarchy's our you know our god you know from the perspective of more like the churches Like figure of its this capricorn energy. We had to really face the father metaphorically actually and recognized he's abandoned us and no matter how you voted or what you saw in the world. Last year you felt abandoned by some Patriarchal figure head or paternal figureheads so whether it was the president at the time or the incoming president Who is now president both parties. That both felt like your bandini us you have. You have abandoned us to the dark. You've abandoned us to the virus you've abandoned us to this and that and the truth is they have and they have for very long time and i think the faith that so many of us have put on those institutions to protect us to provide for us to take care of us we've realized is an illusion. It's not real and that actually the only one who's gonna take care of us is us and it's coming back to that place in that connection to source to god whatever that feels like in your consciousness that connection that conversation is actually lot more just an integral to guiding us in our decision making process to take care of ourselves. You're exactly right. Yeah all so. Many of us have had a false idea of the divine and all of the organizations. You've mentioned organized. Religion governments politics sometimes apemen family systems. These are all controlled mechanisms. And they've told us were freed mainly so they could convince us not to look for true freedom and we have to go through the grief when those things proved to be lies it creates cognitive dissonance. It's like how can this possibly be and if that's not true than what is true and if nothing that i've known in the past is true who am i am what can i trust so for me. It's learning that you have the truth inside you. You have the truth in your body. You have the truth. You have the truth in the elements you have the truth in nature when you go outside and you put your feet in water that water. Caresses you water is one of the most amazing elements on the planet. It is sentient. It is alive that responds to your love or hate. And that's one reason there's so much a effort to control it and also human beings are at least seventy maybe more Water so that's indirectly controlling hus. And of course pisces are all about water are sign are are the two fish. Neptune is ruler. The oceans this is about the fluidity of consciousness. So it's inside you. It's literally inside you in the water. You drink the water you shall of with water you bathe in and that's what you can trust while you allow yourself to become because we're we're we're reconnecting with fragments of our souls that have been lost. Over many many lifetimes we are experiencing the grief and the pain that that engendered in us because those were painful experiences. I've had that just myself recently. Do you have time for a brief story. Yeah i live in ecuador. I had some people whom love and respect. Come to me this week and say we had visions. The brief story is the spanish. Conquistadors came in to the inca empire trick them. they betrayed them. they murdered them. They captured the emperor who is going to give them a room full of gold and they got all the gold and they murdered him anyway. The people were devastated. There's a cliff. Near the the little town i lived in. Were five thousand. People threw themselves off. Rather then be enslaved by the kista doors. Oh so these people came to me and they said you were there saw you. You were the shaman. And my body told me that it was true. I went immediately into grief at trauma that my people had engendered by this decision and with these people we talked about it because it was traumatic for them to but what we learned was the value of life. So this happened just a few days ago. And in the time in between i've had waves of grief move over me and also waves of joy because when this knowledge as they told me lie. Back closure is reclaimed. What you lost. What did you lose. I lost complete trust in myself. And when i laid back with my eyes closed energy poured back into me. The lost parts of my soul and it was golden. The color was golden eugenia. So why now. Why now did this come back to me. Even though this explains so many decades of my life my work on the schimanek indian tradition. I had no idea it's because of the work we're doing now. It's because of who were being now. We have to recognize that all those things that we did that we label mistakes. In the past were learnings. They were lessons. We learned the value of life. The importance of being embodied on this planet because bodies electrical. This mind is electrical emotions magnetic as we go through this ascension process. We are learning to accept ourselves exactly as we are to learn forgiveness to let go of the rigidity to take care of our bodies so that we have the extra voltage not only to heal our bodies because that's what heals us but to to share. It's all about energy. Yeah yeah and. I think that when you know when i've noticed myself i got quite depressed in capricorn season in a little bit an aquarius season as i move into pisces season. It it doesn't matter. I think that a lot of people are sick of it. They're sick of talking about it. Hearing about it getting frustrated by it because there's a decision we make every day with how we see the world and we get to choose that of the divine or that of the devil however you want to name it or would you yes already got a polarity of the dark and the light and the war that has been fought so dramatically this year has been that of love and fear and that that piece of fear in choosing that vibrates it vibrates. It hits other people you know. One of the things. I think is going to start to happen. As you know the vaccine's been ruled out and you know. Countries or states are opening up in some countries are opening up more. I think we're gonna see the states and countries that are in the most fear have the most detrimental economic effects because fear begets fear right and so actually all that rangers nl abundance right. There's no love there. There's no. I wanted engage in your business. And engaging in those economies are going to start to crash they're going to start to crumble because fear has taken over the vibrational frequency of those locations. And we're gonna see you already. Seen in america states that are less fear. Filled are economically booming. Right now right. People are running their. They're buying property. They're they're buying homes there because they want people want to be in the vibration of love and abundance which is still hugely possible right now. The the the abundance is still available. It's not been dented by this experience. Actually no you're exactly right and it's all about vibration so the best thing to do. I mean we have to feel whatever we feel. That's part of our assignment is human beings and we should avoid labeling right judge them is like well. This doesn't feel very comfortable. But i'm just gonna be with it and it's going to move through me and then it's going to leave because there's something else i mean. Energy moves in waves and the more we the more we resist it. The more suffering we create when we surrendered to what is when we look at okay. Well i'm one of the lucky ones have food. I have a warm home to live in. I have people. I can trust to love and to be loved by else. Is there. yeah right. So that's abundance. When you get into that. That's why gratitude an abundance or so directly created and that's the time we are in and when we stay in love rather than going into fear i mean even when you get mad at somebody even when they totally screw up let that energy moves through you until you can come back to a place of love because when you can direct love energy to that person it mitigates screw ups. Yeah it changes the way that you're relating to each other when sometimes we have to have a fight to clear the air but when you really love people you clearly air and you come back together and you realize what it was that together in the first place and what's valuable about how you are together it even works when you're working with other dimensional beings for example recently I was working with client to clear an entity. And i was gonna use the blue flame which is epsom salts and vodka and fire because that that sucks any negative at an energy out of any place. Well guess what it would light. It would not light now. That same day i had been reminded by another friend of a buddhist monk who was fighting all these demons and so he built them an altar. And a put tru donald and flowers and he sang to them and he loved them and guess what they went away either their transformed by the energy or they can't tolerate it and they leave so i built an altar to this entity and guess what the entities no longer anywhere near so. It's a different way of being in the world we've talked about. War never works and peace as it has been defined in the past is merely the absence of war. No peace is being in love is trusting abundance and at the more we learn to to generate the vibration of love. It's the most powerful energy in all the creation more. We can use that on all practical levels the more. We're impacting ourselves in the world around us. Yeah and you don't a lot of the the times we've spent together. We've we've because you have the sharman soul spirit whatever we call it. And that's why. I've always been so drawn to you. As i love how you see the world and i love how you work with it. So what are some of the things that you've been doing You know just for people to know about you. You know i know you have a couple of books and things like that and yes. I'm my purpose is to help people learn to love themselves. I mean we throw that around all over the place. But how the heck do you do that right. So i'm writing a book called Yourself and your sovereignty and it's very specific step by step way to learn to love yourself and it is a corollary to a at To a course them. Creating teachable And that will be out in the next few months. I'm hoping within three months. I already have a number of stories about the same sorts of things. These are stories about ordinary people who live extraordinary lives because they tune in to all dimensions. They acknowledge the spirits. They do ceremonies and they do that. In the context of real conflict so that is called the shaman. Chronicles there three books and book. Four will also be out this year. And i'm mentoring mentoring Either in groups or one on one but right now. I'm working mostly on myself. I'm working on my own becoming You know how when something happens. There's always more reasons than you can ever imagine. And so i am practically recovered from a broken foot but it has kept me pretty much isolated for about two months now and i had an earlier experienced last year finding potentially deadly disease. That kept me. focused in word for about four months. So these have been what. I call initiations. These transitions during which i had to really face myself. I gained some new tools. One of my favorite new tools is chanting and montross. And when i do that. I feel the heavens open up. You know whichever being. I'm chanting or singing. Amine their love songs their love songs to the multi-diverse into the sun and the sun the sun brightens has i sing to it. There's a big knowledge moments. Another tool that i am. Blessed by is blessing others so there's There is a twelve general blessings. That i try to do just about every day and i combine the chanting and the blessings. Many people have similar practices. It's all about raising your libration and opening your arm. Armouring to true love to to the god who is not an angry old man to to any of the stereotypes the true god. The absolute is being so enormous. We can't even begin to wrap our heads around it and it's entirely love. There's no judgment in the divine none at all. That is a lie perpetrated by humankind. Yes it's true that the way too late you said come back to love or to conquer. Fear is to use the sort of gratitude and united talks about this with my community the other day at length. Because you know one woman said we'll try to be grateful for the shelter in grateful for the food but sometimes it just doesn't cut it and you know sometimes we have to recognize that the connection to fear or love or god and evil or light and dark. Whatever you wanna look at it as sometimes that that place of being in that The deep sorrow in that deep depression is actually something that is actually necessary for the ability to to find the greatest of gratitude. the greatest Hope the greatest. Faith you know. I think i was feeling faithless. The end of last year and my faith has returned. And i know god is good and i know that i'm connected to ethics and morality in the connection to source in god and light and whatever you wanna call it and therefore i have nothing to worry about. There might be out in the world. There might be dark in the world. There might be individuals perpetuating fear for for greed and money and you know control in power. But that's their game and they can play they complaints so the cows come home but i'm not playing and therefore i don't have to be in wool or Anger or sadness about the state of humanity. Because i'm not living in fear so i'm not buying it. I'm not participating in anymore. You know you're it's you can rise above this energy with with some time and work faith but know that if you're connected to your god or the gods or morality or ethics or lights or source whatever we call it you've got nothing to worry about because let's say the worst does happen. The absolute worse happens in the sun blows up. We're all dead will. We're all dead and we go back to source anyway. And as we're in this new moon pisces phase and sun neptune pays and venus neptune phase. Athena is now in. Neptune are excuse me in pisces. All the stuff is in pisces. And i just want to leave everybody on kind of a no piscine note from you of how would use in people to work with us energy at the end of the season of the year because this is it. This is actually the end of the year. It wasn't in you know january first of twenty twenty one. It's now this is it. This is the completion of what's been a tumultuous year that has been the reveal has also the the the the the beginning of the end of the capricorn system of believing in our politicians and having faith in them and are religious institutions the mar- dogmatic end of it though father were coming out of this and we get to integrate this now with this new moon as we are preparing for the spring equinox in about a week. What would be the greatest thing that you could say to people to use this week to bring it altogether before we step into very new life this equinoxes on march twentieth i would say create a ritual in which you honor all the suffering from last year from all the suffering from this last phase because as you honor it you release it. It's like cleaning house if you don't feel it if you don't say yup i'm pissed yet. Yup i'm scared. Yup i can't move. Because i'm so were welcomed. Then it stays in your field but when you put it to an an an ritual can be a simple thing of lighting a candle and writing all these things down and when you're done burn it to release it so let go of all those things. Don't attach to the stories any longer because you're about to write a new story and fdu burn that then light a new candle and tell the universe how you want to feel. I want to feel loved. i want to feel seen. I want to feel connected other people who get me. I want to know that my needs are going to be met. I want to know that. I am a force for good in the world because i'm important and this is really important at everybody know eugenia. Everybody is very important. Yeah and i'll take it a step further. I've actually started to take out the verbiage of want. So i want this. I want that that's been my new thing because want implies you don't have it inside been starting to now say i. Am you know like before. I met tarek. I used to say. I have this amazing man who so deeply in love with me and there is no such thing he didn't exist. But i kept saying it. And i can't say thank you god for this amazing man who loves me so deeply and is so committed to me and i just keep saying that because you know what you repeat kind of lodges into your subconscious brain and so it's like working with the divine in that way too so it's it's interesting to talk offered techniques In the magic box for each month and he did a burning technique for this month and all community members can access all of those techniques now to if you wanna work with different actual techniques to work with each month in this one has has a lot to do with is is the element of fire and water and i like the idea of starting the new candle moving into that aries season. And saying you know. I m right now. You know i'm refreshed renewed and now i am xyz whatever that is for us right Yeah exactly right. it's in the present moment. You already have everything that you are is always just a consciousness shift away so perfect. Absolutely will barbara. Thank you for coming on for a little pisces. The grandmother energy at the end of the cycle. I really appreciate it. I wish we could talk longer And we will in the future. Because there's a lot more to say a lot more to discuss. And i just wanna thank you for your presence and sending you all the love in ecuador written taking care of the land down there and and it's beautiful place down here and if anybody has any questions they can just go to my website which is my name. Barbara's beautiful vira. i love it. It's wonderful. I love you sweetheart fabulous work. Thanks for having me on. Thank you so much.

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