Perfect Health: Kapha Dosha


Welcome back today. We move forward with an understanding of what caused imbalance in the coffee. The GAFA is notably as follows heavy obesity heavy digestion oppressive depression Kafka's drawn to sweet leading to weight gain or diabetes if too much sweetness is added to the body steady self contained bodily prostheses. Do not swing into extreme soft. The skin skin is soft. The hair is soft. Even the manners are soft. Undermining approach to situations Gotha people ebola slow with slow fluid movements along with slow speech and deliberate thinking what other patches Babia that the throws Out of balance. Do you see any of the following budgets in your life. A tendency towards diabetes or in fact having diabetes allergies or obesity. Perhaps you've gained weight and feel depressed about your diet. Contains large amounts of Sugar Salton. Heavy foods you've been under stress and react to it by withdrawing feeling insecure your or unwanted. You place excessive emphasis on possessing storing or saving things. You're dependent overprotective or overprotective in relationships. You sleep late many days in a row. You'll find that. Cold weather is aggravating Graduating the first step toward healing is to identify underlying causes of imbalance. Coffer it join me tomorrow as we conclude we with Friday meditation.

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