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Off off and landing page of the Chris Rea be showing Scoops with Danny mac.com happy to be with you on this well overcast and rainy day in Saint Louis, but we kick off a new week the October 26th 2020 Edition the program. Hope you're having a wonderful day as we will talk a little bit of baseball and a little bit of Mizzou today going to give you some thoughts on a few things going to circle back to something that Dan and I touched on last Thursday. And also set you up for what will be a really really fantastic week excited about some of the guests. We have coming up on the show over the next few days as always if you want to get in touch with us, if you want to get in touch with me tweet me page c h r a b e c h r a b e you can email me Chris at Scoops with Danny mac.com and two scoops with Danny mac.com to get the latest from all of us subscribe. Excuse me, Mack podcast on iTunes Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts and you will get fresh takes delivered daily to your podcast feet Darren's get a great conversation with Derrick goold of the page this post dispatch today at Scoops with Danny mac.com going to get to some of that and just a moment and then give you some thoughts on the Mizzou Tigers who had another nice win this time over the Kentucky Wildcats in Columbia Mizzou getting ready to take on Florida this weekend, but let's start with the baseball last night in the World Series in Texas the Dodgers afford to win over the Tampa Bay Rays to take a 3-2 lead in the series wage. And Clayton Kershaw was good again, five and two-thirds Innings gave up two runs to walk six strikeouts the Rays threatened and had some opportunities early, but Kershaw was able to get out of them Dodgers doing it with the Home Run. They took a three nothing lead in the second Inning on a jack Peterson home run the race got two in the bottom of the third inning. But then after a Margo walk in the back of the 4th still of three two game, he got to third base after stealing second. I walked a hunter Renfrow the race at first and third with nobody out but Kershaw will get out of trouble of pop up a strikeout and Margo trying to steal home Kershaw cut him down at home plate. So 3 to that's as close as the Rays got another home run from Max Muncy in the top of the fifth inning gave the Dodgers therefore to lead that's how it would end. So the Dodgers an opportunity tomorrow after the off day-to-day to win the World Series and still the topic of conversation is Randy arozarena dead. Get another RBI single last night Derrick goold the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. You can read my stltoday.com with Dan McLaughlin earlier today on Scoops with Danny mac.com on the Eurozone ran of trains the reaction from around baseball and how the outfielder transformed himself during an unprecedented season 8 a lot of questions as to why that trade happened. I think I think the national level wage at this real sense that you know, there's not a whole lot in ideas to who came back in that trade because right Matthew Liberatore is not yet in the majors. He's a prospect. And so Monday you you got to have to kind of have your eye on the farm to know who came back in that trade. Whereas all eyes are on Randy this October. So get a lot of questions about that. You know, what did Cardinals didn't see and what how could they let this guy go? Does this have staying power? You know, you get that question a lot too or is there anything different about Randy Rhoads r a n u all those all those questions. Of fascinating answers, you know, the the Cardinals traded Rosemary in part because the you know, the Rays wanted to make that deal and right-handed depth in the Outfield. We all know that they were trying to move those guys. They were shopping actively shopping. A lot of right-handed outfielders the race had long-standing interest in Jose Martinez. Wanted to make that deal the Cardinals. We're really really interested in adding to their left-handed depth and wanted to find if they could a significant Prospect and Liberatore is one of the top prep Prospect off the top left handed pitchers out of high school still one of the top left-hand and Prospects who was drafted out of high school. Very young guy a grade Pals with Nolan. Gorman is a lot of folks in st. Louis home. So, you know, it was a fit for the Cardinals and you know to make that deal happen Jose Martinez was obviously the guy that the Tampa targeted but at 2,000 the likelihood of getting Liberatore back or two to make that possible they added in the outfielder. Am I don't know if other outfielders are talked about per se I do know that the the Rays at one point in time and talked to the Cardinals about O'Neill, you know that they had some interest there. I don't know if the Cardinals resisted trading him or if the Ray said we'd rather have a rosary near this time around. But the Cardinals felt add depth so they made that you know, what's changed is I mean roserain is a much bigger guy than the guy who played for the Cardinals off the the story behind that is interesting cuz he dealt with covid-19. He he had a positive test then kept getting positive test. He said he was asymptomatic never felt ill off constantly got you know, your regularly got positive tests for for three weeks a little bit more than three weeks that kept him away from the Rays obviously kept him in quarantine. He couldn't do much they they they tried to deliver her they set up a thing to deliver groceries to him. So he taught himself to cook and he also just did something like something crazy like 300 push-ups a day. Yeah, something like that, right? And so you just built on I mean, he just used the timing quarantine to just build muscle mass. And he did that. I mean he fifteen pounds heavier than when they saw him in spring training. So there's that's obviously any and it's not just like adding fifteen pounds by like just eating quarantine and watching Netflix has it was you know, what he taught himself a cook. It was the lean meals that he taught myself to cook a lot of chicken and rice. He was saying, you know just was able a pack on strength and so he's a different guy than than the one that the car whole sad and then you know, does this have staying power? Well, the guys hit everywhere everywhere everywhere. He's gone. He's hit he's just wage. I mean put him in a league and he's hit there. So, you know, I don't know. I mean the trend says that he's in this spot now he certainly has a lot of confidence and he it's so I think back next year for the Rays. He's going to be a regular and everyday Clarity probably going to hit that is going to hit 360. No, probably not a 20 home runs. Sure. That's that's reasonable. You're cool disease Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. That's on the Randy arozarena trade and also the transformation that arose Arena made when he was unable to be on the field and you know, I mentioned this with Dan a couple of days ago last Thursday as we were having our normal Thursday chat the amount of players and the quality of players that get traded away released or otherwise exiled if that's the term you want to use from Big League teams, and it's easy to focus on Eros Arena right now because he is the topic of conversation not just for Cardinals fans, but for the baseball world, but if you go around the teams say just in the National League Central and I went back to 2015 offseason after the 2015 season the last five years up until this year and compiled a list of all the players that each team in the National League central bank has lost be a trade free agency waivers or otherwise, so I'll run through those right now because I gave a couple of the names with Dan but this is just to give you an idea of the caliber of Players Club. That have been moved on from by each team in the division will start with the Cardinals and their position players. All right. So again trade free agency waivers guys. They've each team in the National League central has parted ways with going back to 2015 Cardinals position players. And this is a no particular order perhaps by transaction order but Jason Heyward jahns J J. Jerko, Jose Martinez, Matt Adams aledmys Diaz Randal grichuk Stephen piscotty, Tommy Pham Carson Kelly Luke Voit magnor, Sierra, Marshall Ozuna and Randy arozarena. So obviously some of those guys like Randy arozarena shipped out via trade others leaving via free agency, but that is a pretty staggering the position players from a pitching perspective. Luke Weaver, Trevor Rosenthal Mike Myers. Lancelin, Marco Gonzales, Sandy, Alcantara Michael Wacha. So there's the list of pitchers wage. Don't have parted ways with via trade free agency or otherwise and again a pretty impressive list Cubs list as we go through the teams in the National League Central and the players they have parted ways. Now this is pretty impressive because the number of guys the Cubs traded while they were, you know, competing for the World Series or the number of guys they they've lost is I think even more staggering than I even realized. So from a position player standpoint Starlin Castro Dan vogelbach Dexter Fowler Jorge Solaire. Hi Mark Candelaria dobar Torres, Billy McKinney Eloy Jimenez. Also John J. Tommy. Lastella, Daniel Murphy. And Nick Castellanos the position players the Cubs have moved down from from a pitching standpoint Joe Smith the reliever with the Astros Brett Anderson, Dylan cease Drew smyly Mike Montgomery Carl Edwards, Jr. Brandon kintzler our oldest Chapman Cole Hamels and Pedro strop off the Brewers from a position player. Standpoint. Jean Segura, Chris Davis Lewis Brinson ji-man, Choi Brett Philips. There's a connection from the other night with Tampa Jonathan Villar Mike Moustakas. Jonathan scope Domingo, Santana, Jesus Aguilar Mauricio. Dubon Trent Grisham. Yasmani. Grandal from a pitching standpoint Jeremy Jeffress song Smith like Parker Tyler Webb Wade, Miley Drew smyly again and Zach Davies now the Reds and Pirates are interesting case study dog. Because they have both made big trades and they have made trades to potentially kick-start a rebuild, but then they have gone on the other side of those trades and acquired players that you wouldn't necessarily think you would acquire if you were in the midst of rebuild. So here's the Reds list position players Todd Frazier Jay Bruce Walker Adam Duvall Jeter Downs. shed long Taylor Trammell on Scott Moss a pitching list Aroldis Chapman Tanner Rainey Josiah gray and Kevin gausman for the Pirates guys that they have moved out position players Andrew McCutchen Austin Meadows Jordan luplow Corey Dickerson and Starling Marte, so that would seem to be a team that's in the midst of a rebuilt. Right? It seems it's trying to send guys out the pitching. Gerrit Cole Charlie, Morton Francisco, Liriano again, Tyler Webb Tony Watson Daniel Hudson, Tyler glasnow Jordan Lyles So like the Pirates were at the intersection of potentially wanting to rebuild and trading Gerrit Cole to the Houston Astros trading Andrew McCutchen away. But then also sending Austin Meadows and All-Star last year and Tyler glasnow started two games in the world series for the Rays to Tampa for Chris Archer. So they've been kind of caught at that intersection of Are We rebuilding or are we trying to acquire players to win now? The Reds the same way, I mean, they traded Jeter downs and wage. I agree shed long and Taylor Trammell last year in the deal to you know, pick up the guys from the Dodgers and also Trevor Bauer so I'm in now and they got the playoffs this year with Trevor Bauer, but they also traded away some of the best prospects including Taylor Trammell and baseball. So, what's the line? And I completely understand the just Spotlight that is on Randy arozarena and how that really magnifies maybe some of the deals with Cardinals have made over the last few years. Rosarina. I think was the piece that the raise wanted in that deal to get Matthew Liberatore and my stance has always been that way. It's the other deals the Luke Voit to New York the Matt Adams some of some of the trades with guys under control when your rationale for the moves has been that we need. Give opportunity to other guys. Well, you can still keep players on your roster that are under control guys that around the 40-man guys that Still have option years you can still keep them on the roster. rather than just moving them for the sake of moving them but Again, something that I think every Club deals with and as we read the names and and go through the list, I mean even the Brewers list. Go through the list of guys that each team that there's all stars on. All of those lists get each team in the division has parted ways with whether it be via trade or free agency get each team has moved on from the Cardinal certainly aren't alone. In that respect but they have moved down from some guys who you would think at least with what they're doing with their current teams could immediately and drastically impact them most significant area of weakness. 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Is they beat Kentucky and a couple of things that stood out to me? We'll talk a little Mizu later this week, but just some thoughts on the win and on the way they were able to win first of all the unpredictability of the schedule and I think that it's been talked about and stated before and we've talked about how football coaches are perhaps the most regimented and scheduled people on the planet and so much thought to the point that they'll sleep in their offices and really not lead healthy lives because of the way that they go about trying to structure and and trying to plan and trying to execution on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. So with the unpredictability of the schedule and some of the positive tests we've seen that have come out and have come out in the SEC Mizzou has been thrown into a situation where you don't know what the schedule to bring. You don't know what the next round of testing will bring right. So missoula's had to be kind of fluid in in their preparation and getting ready for just about anyone. So yeah the nice win over LSU you do it in one style. You throw throw throw counter based like was fantastic and then you prepare for a Kentucky team after you don't play Vanderbilt and a much different style of Kentucky team Kentucky team that you haven't beaten and took some time and you do it in a different way. You hold onto the ball you limit Kentucky's possessions. You don't turn the ball over you run run run. Larry Roundtree was unbelievable. Connor beige black plays an entire different style of football game and you win in a much different way a much more methodical way. This was in this is the thing that maybe drives me the most crazy and football whether it's the NFL or college is that you know, think about a couple of years ago the Barry Odom team that had Georgia on the ropes that should have beaten, Georgia at home, but you did not adapt. You did not adapt to the situation into the environment. You did not adapt to the opponent. And while you were up big on Georgia at home going down stretch instead of trying to use the clock and the situation to your advantage. You kept running your offense. You kept moving at the same Pace, you kept executing and you kept getting plays off with, you know, the same amount of time on the play clock you did not take the situation into account. I think that every team could benefit by having a common sense management coordinator like you could literally hire a guy who's find like the best Esports the best Madden player in the country in higher that guy to sit in the Press Box and say, okay, we're up by Thirteen points. There's eight minutes left. This is how many first downs we need. This is how much time we should snap the ball on the play clock with this is how much time Time we should run it down with but teams don't do that. And I think oftentimes had coaches who have the time outs in their back pocket and are so consumed with every aspect of the game. I read maybe you know, it gets a little too much for them. And what happened at Mizzou game against Georgia is they kept running the hurry-up offense, they kept snapping the ball with a ton of time left on the clock and mathematically mathematically. They did not take into account the situation and how they could use the situation to their advantage. They did not do that. And I'm already in the small sample size. So impressed by Eli drinkwitz in his ability to take the situation into account and use it to their advantage. And what did miss you do on a Saturday? They played a completely different style of game. They played a clock management style of game they converted on third down. They limited Kentucky's opportunities. They used the game and they use the situation to their advantage and that's something that not enough teams do like I'm a Bears fan and a month ago the Bears play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football. The Bears were down a punt it away. They needed a field goal to go up. They gave the ball back to Tampa with More than two minutes left. In Tampa in the situation instead of running the ball using clock forcing the Bears to use their time outs. They threw the ball and they stop the clock and they gave the ball back to the Bears in an age age is situation was unbelievable. I just don't understand why more teams can't use commonsense. Maybe we need a common sense coordinator. Like a lot of it's just math. A lot of it is literally just math. Here's how much time is left. Here's the time outs. They have here's what we need. If we get a first down mathematical here is how much time we can take off the clock but teams don't do that. They don't do that. So in an era in sports where I think it's so often hard to adapt long and hard to you know, become a chameleon and try to fit different situations. I give you a drink with a ton of credit and you know what they did when they didn't necessarily know who they're going to play when they're going to play where they're going to play so hats off to eat. I drink went to Mizzou a really really impressive win in a really really impressive ability to adapt. I'll talk a little more Mizzou later this week Ryan Kelly. The home loan expert is one of the great sponsors of the program and Scoops with Danny mac.com. And right now Faith is a perfect time to learn about a home loan refinance. You hear the word all the time, but maybe you don't even know what you're doing. Essentially you're redoing your loan. So in terms of your first choice mortgage your retooling your loan the home loan expert is paying off your current loan and giving you a brand new loan. You can decide the term thirty years. 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They Tuesday edition of the program and I think you're going to enjoy what we've got coming up this week. So thank you to yep. Listener thank you for subscribing Two Scoops with Danny Mac on iTunes Spotify Stitcher. Wherever you listen to podcasts check out Dance full conversation with Derrick goold at Scoops with Danny Mac, I'm giving you a couple of my thoughts coming off the weekend. This has been a Monday edition of the Chris Webby show on Scoops with Danny Mac, until tomorrow be nice to each other and it's always shut off.

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