Serie Awesome: Play resumes, but will Higuain?


Uh-huh. Hello. And we're back. It's the Setia awesome podcast. And this time we've got the full trio bag. It is my cotija Palo Vandini. And I am of course, Meena resumed key said he is still gonna break it's not back until this weekend. But it was the super COPA last night between Venice and meal on I know anyone can talk about is all the potential transfers and the game that took place in Jeddah causing somewhat of a controversy. Of course, we have differing opinions on this. A we do. But before we get into that we should point out because I just discussion with my friend, Craig Burley on the show that battalion supercop an I still think it's a little weird. But this is not like the community shield. So it's all a Cup winner against the the league winner. Or it's always the same. But. Teams actually take this seriously lay if you speak to tell you managers, you know, when they count the trophies that they won they will count it. You know, it's a real game without like the community shield. I think partly because you know when they play during the season. And so on the community shield is always like a week before the start of the Premier League. And so people rest players whatever else. So this is not addition game. And I don't think I don't know if you guys agree. But I mean on a new didn't trillion and treat it that way. Yeah. I agree. I to me it's still it's still the same as it's not the same as the by tie. Even like, it's it's a. To win one game to win. But yeah, seriously. Yeah, I would agree with that. I think anything that involves a trophy that that you can count in your right Josie. Marina used to come to just one of the two if he's. That is that is true. Either way everyone did take it seriously from from a standpoint, I guess it was a game through some interesting stuff. I thought that you've meant the second game this season. We have another shot on target in the first half. Which shows you did come out and make like difficult for them. And also have shows you that you've been some playing great. And I think that Merryman Munzu kitchen being there is something that you feel. I think that is why that sort of story that broke briefly some suggestions he could be out for several months and then quickly showdown by himself saying close to this month. Tired of it attractions because without him tight. Those look a little bit more disjointed still that's something that they agree is no doubt thinking about and TV and said that I like that we need to in these Tiek's as be creating more chances. And there was a few contentious incidents is certainly felt like even late in the game man down their goal down. And. Looks to me like Emory China goes through the background in the area. Just get your take on that. I thought it was penalty. And and yet could have been a different outcome for that. But let me just summarize. So you went is one. Yes. And you've into run out with the goal throwing the hit the crossbar just before that then after that developed scored a second goal that was then ruled offside after he scored it me lands. It was and they had checked via Yang. Meanwhile, Meenhan will also upset because the decision was that controlling was ruled offside rather than lamb school the goal and then review it on a on much like they did with you enters. They chose to flag it off side and Tuesday will seem in the upset about specific directive, the the officials have been given at least they should if any measure of doubt, they should let play continue. Let the go hop or not and then review and e twice even. Actually, and and it was taken off correctly. And yes, we don't know because the play was stopped throw him out of school in that instance, and throw it. Well. Offside? It wasn't. It was. Tight one with the referee was sure right? And the pictures showed that he was correct. I agree with you. So I mean, I don't this. This thing about the you know, they you know, what the rules. I does it. It's because he's he sure about it would be different. If afterwards we look at it. We said like, oh, no, look, you know, he was miles on side. You know, then you say bad VR, bad linesmen. And you know, let's go and punish you. But this is the whole debate with the AM because now what what people want to see is everything being reviewed constantly. Whereas if a referee is certain of his decision the Nygard with you. Why Kahn he flag off side. But this turn to a huge thing. After with people saying, why are you meant is being grown to something that may not on here because human error is always always gonna have people about it. Always and forever. I think everything gets to me the penalty that was one that it was a penalty for me. And so therefore the fact that it didn't get reviewed is is is is a shame. I don't think that. And you can I think even better on the balanced by the one is good as it should be. I think it's definitely the interesting footballing storyline. Come out of this ties into I guess, what one of the biggest storylines in general command of this game is is that because only started and he started officially because he going woke up with the fever. We now know that he looks very much like he's on his way to Chelsea. And so, of course, this question gets raised was he actually was this a player taking decision to protect his his essential transfer. He did play in the end he came to the bench, and she wouldn't have done if he was. Compensation? It's happening. I mean. If you'd sat like, I don't think he would have flown all the way to Jeddah. To to that go and pretend he was unwell and then go onto the and then agree to go on the bench and come on. Right. Just doesn't make any sense to me. Like if you do that. Then you throw your on force of move Ebrahim, which style that's fine. Yeah. Then then you don't play at all. We'll talk. Oh, one thing. I'm gonna get from you though. Are you concerned? You're not gonna ask you a question before. By the fact, that you've not playing well, and all these nails and everything it's just the counter attack gets the decision making between what is supposed to be staunched the likes of Seattle now, obviously Palo devali, Douglas Costa. It just seemed like no one knew where to go. This is bizarre. Because when when the lineups were announced, I looked at even team knife. Oh, this is going to be tasty. You know, I'm I'm founded Zukas don't get me wrong. But I do one dollars cost to pay more. And I do want Benedek you to pay more. And I looked at that lineup. And I thought mitt Tweety and ten coy and and pianist in midfield, a wonderful attack full of pace and movement. This is going to be so exciting. And then they don't get a shot on target and more. I think what was really worrying for me is the fact that you needed someone to operate in tight spaces you needed quick exhilarated of the ball. This is why pianist Indiana needed to do more, and they didn't pianos redeemed himself, obviously without wonderful pasta led to the goal Andy ballot appear or good game. But it's not enough. If this team wanted to win. It seems like a weird thing to say when you look at statistically the kind of start that that you've had. But I am a pre she ate. I think ladies thought when he takes a lead is. All right. Let's defend the lead rather than let's add to it. In case. We screw up at the back because you know, he's unlikely to screw up at the back. But I do wonder if it's at some point. And the ladies spoken about it almost like every year on this time about how they need to step it up and dominate teams and create more chances. I wonder what what could you different and to some degree? And may not strike me down for me saying this does it have to do with their record signing as well. Maybe people around him are still even after six months is still adjusting or or whatever there'd be more conservative. So they can give casino. More more leeway, or whatever. I I don't know what it is. But it it seems seems extraordinarily does feel like. I mean, it feels like sunny this filth. Mic all all the real chances to score came through him. And and it's sort of felt like he would school sooner or later because it tends to when he's on the pitch, and he's that sort of mood, and, but it it does feel like there's still they sort of expectation of well Burnell, they'll fix it and dangerous. Yeah. And that is dangerous that you went to still have to rely on the Breen's caney at the back despite having such a beautiful in line. It worries me if I'm very honest, and I am disappointed by the lack of speed and the usually usually Allegra start slow. But by about November, December he's found himself, you know, playing somewhat more fluid football. But this is doesn't seem to be walking. Despite the fact that I think this is the best team. They have constructed over the years. Starting. Now, we talked all through the first season about what you just said that I did that Allegra takes world finance is best team. But to to be getting February playing your best football. You wanted to start now. Like, okay snowboard again. Like, I think it's it's still worth reminding ourselves as we sail this. I mean this team drew two games in the first half of the season one arrest them. So like, it is it is, you know, we're talking about picking holes in something. That's clearly we'll talk about all their disastrous shape because then no. But. Gene champions, the situation. Gab just said about a being a goal ahead in and and then the the wrist help without me don't have to look for like they were so in control, but then they want, and that's the thing that you worry about them for in the Champions League. Specifically in the league. You know, if it happens on week, it'll be okay. The nine points clear, not playing anybody who's canny and in the chairman, of course in Madrid. So the the backstory here, and I very SPN and made the argument I would being told it's not going to happen on the terms three. None of the terms that were laid out. Just some some background Igwe makes an enormous amount of money. It's about nine and a half million euros net of which you've had this weirdly are playing one million somehow managed to wangle a raise when he moved on loan to extraordinary. I don't know how much of that Chelsea are gonna pay whether it's all of it. Or whatever that we don't even really know. This is not official yet told us very very close Mita, and of course, paid eighteen million euros for the privilege of having him on loan for a season. Personally. I think that saving yourself that nine million you'd open the second half is real coup for meeting and the wages. They say both the wages, of course. Yeah. No more than that. Because his wages are half million eight and a half million net. So basically saving themselves. Well, over twenty million euros could be an issue for you Venice if he doesn't work out at Chelsea and Chelsea send him back. But. I'm in two minds about this right because all along the message is made in this brother and named nNcholas. Yes. Because you think you hide in the background, but I will out you. So this guy who's been yacking? Everybody's been talking to us everybody right about Gonzalo needs to go by Blige gonna go. He's been basically providing hourly updates on all the deals, right? And it's a tricky deal. Because of course, meet on had to agree. You went this, obviously, a degree Eli had to agree and Chelsea needed to get certain ducks in a row like finding somebody take out there whenever else, but look at this myself. All right. This is a guy who believe in the league scored roughly the same number of goals as Murata has this season. It's a guy who we know is temperamental and his beano his sort of mindset goes up and down more. So now, I think than it did certainly when he was around Madrid. Just look at his performance against you've ain't is when all of a sudden news like a bundle of nerves and. The argument is oh, well, he hasn't scored more because he gets no service and meat, and he gets service at meet on because there's one of into and blah, blah, blah, and Bhagat her whatever find to a point. I don't know. I think it I think if I'm meal, and I'm happy that he's gone. He went out of his way to make it clear. You don't wanna go there? And this is good for me, regardless of whether you hand the keys of the team to throne. Regardless of whether you know, you bring somebody else in and we'll talk about who they could bring in. But I don't want this guy who around Mr. negative. I I didn't know if like because the way you firmed there, I feel like it makes it sound like the meat on move was doing from the start in terms of wanting to be that. I don't agree with the impression the beginning that he was quite like into what he said. But then he changes his mind, right? With an e c going. It's tough. I think there's I think there's something with equal. I think we've touched on this before in the show where because he sits up and down play because he's someone who could he goes emotions taking places. Sometimes I think he it's it's really like essential to him on a personal level. Which is a bit of a tricky thing to like make time you, but I think he needs to feel wanted and the thing which which which which he was increasing the whole the whole deal with event is hinged on what in any stop that from happening. Was that Milan would not willing to make it ovation divine? They kept it as a right threat. And they told him a formality because they said, look, we wouldn't spend money on this loan for you. If we weren't going to do it. But if the national fat play reasons, we have to make it rights rather than Gatien, by the way. We should we say Neilan we mean loan Argo because he was in charge of this time. Yeah, I know people are fans out there and have offered to goes that Gazeta's not in. This is all Leo. But but said, so this is this is what why do such a baby in your team. This is what I don't understand right. Sure. But why are you wants maybe team? I mean from Chelsea's point of view you want him because undecided specifically thirty six thirty five games one season. No. But he's, you know, come on his way. Scoring strike. He elevates the pay in the final MVP. You've Venter's LA season. He was top scorer in the Neagh under mount it's your Saturday. He was great around Madrid. He wasn't combines EMA. And he didn't he wanted to be the man which is why he went to now forty but he's proved that when he is loved when he's comfortable. He's a great scorer. Maybe because I just naturally I kind of feel that. Yes, he can easily very technical. But these guys are like, I don't wanna be here anymore after six months. He wanted more money to go to this is the other thing right that deal happen because he demanded more money, you got a raise and any sitting there, and he's been told by all parties, the reason this deal to Chelsea can't happen is because your contract is too big because they don't wanna be on the hook for another two and a half years. And all we get the brother always so busy believe so miserable. Like, you know, what here's a way for you to stop being so miserable. Take a freaking pay cut. If it's so miserable. And and your so dying to be. I think at some level, we got a call call out some of these guys, and you know, I hope he's a success at Chelsea. But if I'm meet on I am I'm doing Jake for the fact that this guy's gone. He's ridiculous salary is gone. You know, he makes you I think he makes marginally more than the highest paid player in the primarily. Okay. This is not Michael about this is freaking Gonzalo Ige grain. Okay. We're all too too happy to to move on by the way, repeating. But can I just just on the point of Meena news ING him while I agree with you that he is an emotional pay. We he has surrendered to those emotions in big matches. He didn't school for two months. He must take responsibility for the fact that he's supposed to be a leader and not just a goal scorer. And he hasn't acted like that he looks frustrated and angry, but having said all of them, I think firstly got feels a personal failure on his behalf as to not getting the best out of to'sell. I do think that the who they are looking to replace him with these what is rumored to be from killing take about Schweik different proposals on Iguini. They are losing a man that at the time when did this deal with Dada Manute she and dick Wayne, many many that the better end of the stick of this. Wow. They've added a goal scorer. Yeah. They go top goal scorer, and they lost an aging centreback as it transpired. You know? About attitude for another guy with about who makes even more money. And then they paid eighteen million years year for the privilege of it. The Qatada thing I was while comes out of works out. But come on now. Let me tell you. You'll having grinding if you manage to get him on board and your team is consistent in the sense that you haven't knows Frank Lucas Lucas billion one of us who so everyone to different various injuries. I think he would have done good. I think that he would have been better. I do think he's been on lucky. I agree with you that he's emotional, but so is out vital mode Onta. And of course, they seem to like these emotional players. But at the end of the day, I still prefer to have him and hope to have a consistent team than having PM tick. I immediately he more than any other country in Europe. We have this idea that, you know, you're you're considered a youngster, you know, forever. You have thrown their he scored goals. Give him a shot. I would bring in somebody serviceable, I would not break the Bank compete on tech as looks like they've done because frankly, we really don't know if this guy's any good time recording. That's not that's like that's not a done daily. Maybe this very happy. Bunch y seems to be an alternative Chelsea there's talk to Chelsea betray, of course for those who who missed this. But dry was unknown at person dormant in the second half of last season. Scored a ton of goals went to Valencia on by the way, a bad Valencia side for whatever reason didn't work out thinking only started one the game came back to Chelsea Chelsea enough. Trying to find a home for him. There's talk of Monaco. Now, they're suggesting that maybe meat. I'm we'll take them on board for me, given we meet on. I still think that they can. But they have the tools to go and catch lots and finished four given their financial situation, which is horrendous give him because of what they inherited. Why not get much why canonization Andre sovereign law season. None of they didn't count. They wanted to strike that was going on now. We still think. Guarantees goals. And John does that I don't agree with it. I it was better for them to keep it Wayne who scored more goals Thani, Wayne this they can play together play them together. He's gone meaner. He's gone. What? What? He's better too key. Okay. But he's gone now. So the question becomes dick. But try. For what I think there will. Look, I I have my bet with you believe talked about loads and we'll see about. I am. I'm a believer in Pune take on a certain level. I think is movement in the books is is is something that sets apart from. From a lot of places scored one season reluctantly, but I don't think he won't be on the atoll atoll. Like, I think he's I think he's too similar to for star. And I agree with you that there's not really valid reason in my mind, not throwing good chance at this point. Meet you play one of them. Yeah. Alternate, but you I in controlling I happen to and this is why I cut him without thinking about single being on deal is that even though there's a lot of talk at the moment that it could be a quick resolution. I still have doubts about because the took fourteen years general one four him Millon. I'm the financial will not be able to just hanadova. So it's it's already going to be a conversation about coming. Do a loan deal with options to buy our nation's to buy and I can see this not happening. I think it'd be better appealing and for me on that doesn't happen. I think they'll be better both both policy bets that doesn't happen this January. I think it's the wrong move. Yeah. I think by I seems to me like a lower risk option for the second season. Look me line of of got a real pickle right now because they need to get in the Champions League. And I I understand making any move that you think will get you across the line for that. I don't think making another move the puts you in a mortgage future situation. Everybody with financial play stuff. But I'm trying to make this very brief would be situation be a lot better. If they got into the Champions League. Of course, it would it would help them reach their target, which which are challenging which is break even by twenty twenty twenty one that said if they don't get into the champions, they will have a shortfall in finances. But it's not going to be the end of the world. In other words, if you have to spend a ton of money now to go if you get into the Champions League, and then it's going to you know, it's going to net out. But I think they're better served being smart with their squad by showing that that there's a plan in place, they can go. They have a shot at signing. Something called a voluntary agreement next year, you know, you can go and you can negotiate. And if you show that there's a plan there if you're showing a few start thinking that oh, look, we're all your short. Terms, and you really going to pay fifty four million euros for Gonzalo. You Wayne with those wages when you know, there's not a team in the world that would do that than than you're gonna be trouble. But free transfers can we move onto his big imminent? Talked been nice if they went from wise, they came instead of going to secret thrown in Kenan front moisture can who's twelve years old? Imagine the future international for woods with the future. Send to Bank of Vitton in national team, then Roma's midfield, and we have a dumb pretty cool. But then if you've moisture Kengo, then they would need a striker. The money. But anyway, and then got his bat that events science struck this year. So. Oh, I'm quite pointed with this if I'm only I like it. I like it at the numbers. I still do I tell you. I still do should we tell people to numbers. Okay. So. The numbers as reported widely cross the media hundred forty grand a week. But that figure, of course, is the old saying that newspaper editors do they copy from Tien? Journalists wasn't a time droves. Who wrote it in the guardian originally that figure net? So it's going to be a gross to your which rule of thumb you can generally come close to doubling it in pounds. A week is going to be making north of two fifty to sixty grand a week, which I find is an enormous amount of money for Aaron Ramsey. I mean, it really ties up a huge amount of money. Good news is you don't have to pay transfer fee, potentially. Not. So good news is because you've listed on the stock exchange have to be somewhat transparent. And as we discovered when they signed Sean last year, they doubled his wages two hundred seventy thousand pounds a week. And they ended up paying sixty million euros in agent committee. Most of them going to nice manning, whereas FAS alleys that's about thirteen and a half million pounds. I'm not suggesting Aaron Ramsey's agent is going to get that. Or is agency apparently is gonna get nine but nine is the number. That's been out there. That's euros. So, but how does it Hon of money for a guy who, you know, good player time taking discipline doesn't move the needle has euro resale value because those wages who's gonna gonna buy them. Yeah. I think I think that the disappointment last point. I it kills me signing kills me. The most point is an important one because about the resale value, I think the flip of it. And the reason why I'm a little bit more than out of the fences that even if you total out those wages and the agents fee, if you buying exactly the same play and having to pay the transfer fee and the way that lower, but you still have to pay them wages. You know, something getting in the wages the rest of your time. You pay more. See? Oh, yes, Fisher. But the question is the up front transfer fee for play of his age of his experience. Yes. It would be significant. Trophies oldie trophies? Not only who've won trophies who who come on come on. Talking about seventy million pounds right over five years between wages and commission. If what Meena said is correct. Okay. Could you buy a forty million pound player and pay him six million pounds a year and get the same production out of it at age twenty eight I doubt you that? Maybe you could. But the other broader question just from footballing perspective is you this midfield? You have Mishaan we've walked into a long contract and can't get rid of merely piano. You don't want to get rid of on? This. You have to get rid of him to pay for this, John. That's whole other issue. You have Benton core who presumably you really don't want to get rid of plus a hosted guys on loan, plus your pal Sammy Qadeer plus buys Mitchell. He is pretty well. There are no one would disagree is is probably reached the end of his useful. Fantastic. You need. Yes. I need. This you need what you need six. Yes. Because I need civically Rams. No, no. I would have preferred an Italian. I would have loved to have someone like in my opinion, Unicord's annual that type of player, at least Italian grows with the team UN's, let's wages perhaps, you know, indulgent not because I do think much like what Romar seeing you know. It's best to buy a tiny believe in that. And there are many coming up even said he obey. But what I am going to say is that I do think can I this in the summer, and I did mention it that event is needed. And all the on the ball player a player who can hold possession. I did have an issue with then Emory. John was Borton. I didn't necessarily think that he was necessary unless deer had moved on. I prefer Darah to Emory China every day of the week. I think bent on cool can also do what I'm rich on those. But actually, he has more skills than his awesome. If less experience what I wanted was another play who can do something that pianist can do. So that we're not entirely reliant on this one guy in the middle to hold possession. Because I I would. Oh for another on the on. Gonna Ramsey absolutely. Not in such that those figures and certainly not considering his tactical indiscipline. I I mean, he does one in forward, and he leaves positions behind in gaps perhaps onto Allegra. He will learn to do that better. This is the only thing that worries me about him. He's not even started. Also, so. But for me I wanted to know on the bull midfielder, I would've chosen someone else. But now that us here, I do think that he will help you on edge, and at least hold a little bit more possession and make it useful possession for even. Doc about another guy on very big wages who plays them along. To be absolutely fascinated by the saga of mild economy class. What's going on? This is very interesting to me because. Why do you think because of? Because if I'm day, do you think that's why I'm positive by it? She's a fascinating. You know, what's interesting is that a lot of people to about into winning stuff. And I always said I haven't issue with the team that is led by spill AT, the has modern ecology and has angered on in it. Losers. Big fat lose. No his little characters. They are not people. Who are just like. All right. Let's keep quiet. What for the team? You know, they will people who love attention and economy is obviously on a large contract. Intel are apparently winning to offer him seven million season. One two his agent and his wife would like nine. You're. That but go ahead and schools moguls, and she would like nine to keep in line with how important he is with how much he does for inter with the fact that into continue to tell us and remind the add a big club again can spend money that can be somebody huge looking at the likes of Luca Madre JR. So if you all that team than you can spend on your top striker. And so considering how much Gwen is being paid considering debate on seven million why not have guys on a bit more than that? I see that point of view. Meanwhile in quite a bit of leverage here because he's got solar. Contractors running down is it. Release close which one hundred and ten million started off looking like a lot. And these days doesn't like a lump nemo people say that it's interesting. He's a one hundred million. You know, like, I don't I still think that is a lot. You know? I again, it is hundred million strikers have there been in history ratio. But but but his his the thing around eighteen ninety you'll spend a hundred and ten on income. Without is it's a bit like expensive houses. Right. The markets on either if the one person who can afford it. We'll do it like so like so that's why I think I was coming from. And it's it's true. But the flip of that is if you're into even at one hundred ten million euros. He goes can you replace those goals? Yeah. That's a two is about sort of the whole like monopoly versus monopoly new word. I learned which is when there's only one buyer. Whereas when there's only one. There aren't many center forwards out there. They really aren't right now. Any one of them? He's got the right age profile. So well part of me says, you know, I think we throw these big numbers out a little too easily. Right. Because you know, the new Kaku gas eighty million fine. But that's man, just United more money than God. He's go to Tana goals in the primarily, whatever else is the right age profile all that, you know, made sense to some degree. And it's not like he's terrible. But let's, you know, but if you actually look at very few center forwards have gone for that amount. And we're talking about nearly twice without on the young went for for example. Right. Put you right. He's the only guy where you can rock up. So like if I'm say Rao Madrid next season. You know, what I know exactly what he's gonna cost me. I need a centre forward this year Kareem out to pasture rather than get involved in some Pena havi buyer live. Window ski masks tablas ice leases, easy, wander some money, and I get into hundred ten million and I'm done. That's what you've been stick with Wayne fundamental, and you could you can debate the merits of that on now but big clubs who have the money. Sometimes let's get this done done in some like, yeah, he's a lot younger, of course. Hundred ten ninety and he scores in the big matches. He's with a chance, you know. He's he's now paying for the Argentine national team. Honestly, if I was looking for a striker why not get him? So basically, if you're if you're Chelsea what you do in the summer is used a hazard money to bring in to bring him out kata the and then you resign Hudson door and you've got an adore Hudson county and politic frontline Gwen. Goes back to you here by forcing you to sell mural in piano, bar Chaloner. They could just tell him back to nap. Because by then maybe Milica what keeps? Yeah. Playing lots you this weekend Sadie returns. I think we say that's the tie around. Yeah. Well, it has to be because all the seem probably should be only. No, we li- we lie. Of course, say. So this is a game that weekend show. I mean like Napoli, well if you listen to catalog Chiloe speaking off to they wanted to buy Taty the day. He would insist that the challenge is for. I think a lot of people will feel like maybe it is a little bit over. But he thinks it isn't. And and even even if. You know, either way, you know, you know, the point the season earning season where you still getting complacent. I'm doing these thirteen be big missions lots. You're fighting in the top four not fight for the lost spot in the eating season suddenly shaving to very tight Muncie. Yeah. It's it's a it's an interesting game. I know that you're excited about savage showing here. I think that they've improved. They've come on mobile is back in scoring Lewis to Bank to scoring Milinkevich savage back to be salvage the formations interesting. Having you know to full woods to sort of. You know, t's does if you like meanwhile, now putting seemed to be suffering a little bit you sold them in the coffee tiny and not really performing to that level. It is a copay Tanya. I'm but having said that hasn't schooled in two months and the goal machine. Anyway. No. But it's interesting that Angelo was having him on the left again in the Cup. I get it. But they. The the the it. It does seem like, you know, the beginning season we were all excited about playing through middle. And that's the new thing. And now it's a little bit. Like actually scoring seventy goals. You put him back in the middle. And it's it's I'm not saying they're in trouble because they're not like, I think that they're going to be just fine but changing their little bit. We were going to have a big debate about munch because I Coffey J before yesterday with a former director football clubs in Italy. And and here in England also happens to be very big Roma fan and. He was railing about about Monchy and spiel as a fan. I I don't get it is this guy any good. What is the big deal? And that's why we have all these printouts munching wheels. Yeah. I feel bad and feature generates these are murky signings many of which deals and just a few. Yeah. It's you know, it's funny. Like Tommy one good player. He's trying. Don't sweat like that's a good show. But I- Jones waited the first one jumps to mind for me is clearly like in my opinion, like industry to be good signing. And it's not like an exciting one for the future. It's just like decent value you go pla- color. Katie's done like chain cost much. I believe so. Yeah. Training lost to leave. I mean, but he's not, but he's not the future. Trying to I think, you know, you do have these other one I mean Ricard's door if the poor guy gets injured twenty two who knows of other again, woundr fantastic social media videos, cool at the undertaker. You know, we wanna see him kick on a little bit twenty two now. Apparently, he didn't systems on your low would be a wonderful jail. No question about it. Vini great deal. It's an interesting. It's an interesting Schick with the super complicated way in which. These days is true. Yes. In story. Of course, we've talked about this is the mystery. I don't get. Twenty four million pounds on that guy who I get your logic. But you know, I know he's got a lot of player for that money. But it's a lot of money too. I think that's probably a little bit of nostalgia for that. One. I know. Owns these VN kind of. Paul you that makes sense. But you know, they don't have an issue is Robin Olsen. He it's interesting that like you think about how much they bought it in frost. Obviously, you know, there's a need to keep some of that as well. But I the the big signings is I think they're awesome. There's some interesting signings, obviously, many this year who young con to the full judgments on just in that we've seen a little bit of this and promised, but I can't give you a real judgment on him yet. And that potentially is when you me nineteen years old. He's he's got a future. Well, yeah. True. Bullet dog he's to most expensive signings are stolen about twenty nine. You know, it's it's it's it's a little to me that that's how money by their argument. And we'll throw this out there hit us up social media. Give us reviews. He's that will but he sold. Well, I think Alison that is good feedbacks. No matter how he's been on is a tremendous deal any which way you look at it. Thirty four point two million. It says here Kevin strolling at twenty two point five million pounds for guy with news that is a tremendous sale as well. For enough money. With hindsight. Time people thought it was a tremendous deal rooted over thirty million. You know, again, hindsight a pretty good player. Maybe they could hung onto him. God some more out of them this for twenty million and other weird one. Where all of a sudden, you wonder maybe he's actually better than he thought. He was, you know, Emerson for eighteen million to Chelsea, a stroke, absolute genius. You put these things together. It's it's makes bag I think that people are gonna continue talking about. I still think he's learning. Obviously, I think he's been tremendous Roma. And I think that now he's sort of land that he he said the other day in an interview that he thinks investing in a tiny is the way to go, and it's a different culture to what he's used to. I think then he will continue only the I would definitely trust my team in his hands much like I trust mine in. Should we leave me with a million question, would you? Swap fishy for Monchy. Not. John John team. We just what that's all. We have time for next going how resumes, and we'll have more interesting debates on why you've end just Iraq is seem to be better than the rest. Just in carrying toy. And we'll tell you all the top.

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