Nigerian President Orders Reduction In Price Of Fertilizer


The Appellate podcast shares the stories of multifaceted Africans one episode at a time the podcast aims to uncover The Untold Stories of modern and Millennial Africans off base and various parts of the world. Each episode gives listeners an opportunity to learn and experience conversations that showcase who they are and they're Global perspectives in our own never change in World. Be sure to listen And subscribe to the absolute podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. You can also follow at Affiliates podcast on all social media platforms, you're listening to the news of this hour on Africa Business Radio president muhammadu buhari has ordered the reduction of the cost of fertilizer from $5,500 up to five thousand. Naira per bag reduction was announced by the Vice chairman of the national food Security Council and the governor of kebbi state and tick. Oh bugger do it is closed is on Tuesday. We've been Statehouse reporters in Abuja after I cancel met with the chief of staff to the president Professor Ibrahim gambari, but we do explain that the federal government's decision to reduce the price was to ensure food Security in the country. And that wasn't he's at this time on Africa Business Radio. You can continue to listen live online at w w w dot Africa business or our mobile home. I am Rachel children do thank you for listening.

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