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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 145: Featuring Ray Bourque, Teddy Purcell & Ryan Malone


John. Everybody. Welcome to episode one hundred and forty five of spitting chiklis present the by new too damn vodka still out here in California one winding up all star weekend. Let's see who's still alive biz. How you feel and brother the west coast wagon tour boys, I feel like we've been on the road of month and a half. Yeah. That's a wet dog. We and also teddy pursell and Bugsy Malone. Joining us dressed to the nine today. I said Utah what you said, right? When he went on. Like bugsy? What are you doing? What are you wearing heaters prancing down in the lobby and he goes, it's added a. So easy Stewart on any no socks and yellow. I don't know what kind of shoes. Those are Louis Vitton. Expensive. Yeah. They do look expensive Toda's the suit bucks. Well, either way what a week business. Right. I mean, this is like the month long trip. I need to go home. I need to get healthy again. But we've had a time. We've had a time it's been like chick. Let's just coming on the scene. Thankfully to these two guys. I mean Teddy's getting us mcdavid you guys help with stamkos we had dried Seidel with mcdavid. So it's been a week of interviews that not many other people seem to get. It's just different when we see these guys. So thanks to these two. It's it's been a joy let's start from the beginning. We got to to LA on show. Whilst record Jesus with petty and Bugsy. So now, of course, we got a wrap the whole experience does narrow a winning streak checks in the mail checks fell. We got there. Sunday patriots game. We forgot to mention the last podcast big. Thank you to. Kevin Conley who has a bar in West Hollywood call goal goal, and they hosted us, and he apparently he was a little upset. We didn't give him the shadow and while he was upset during our celebration there that I caught on my Instagram live, some irresponsible member of our group broke. Whoa. Gaz all teen. Was right on the bus whoever the team teams, so fourteen hundred dollar flat screen, by the way. I didn't know they were still fourteen hundred dollars. That TV for two hundred goal goal. Had nice TV's. I just didn't know TV's cost that much. I bought one for ten grand wants a year later was three hundred. That was the first thing you bought your signing for my dad voted for my dad, my brother, call and still tells the stories like I think I gave them like a book he ended up already reading, and you showed up with your your frames? I jersey from NHL game and a ten thousand dollar TV fucking middle son Jesus Christ. But yeah, it ended up losing value quick. So we haven't Conley money either way we're going to we're going to send him in check. So yeah, we should have shouted them before it was just two days after that patriot. Twin cons was pretty nice about it to video evidence from security foot is of left us in a bad spot. So as far as breaking the telephone. Yeah. So the video does so Bugsy keesa referencing the team aspect of of him breaking television because he was spraying his beer bottle in the TV got wet. And then it was broken. We're going to replace it. Now, I'm a principal guy. I wasn't shaken the beer, but all of a sudden, you're the one who shakes beer breaks TV as team sports like wall Faulk, I mean. You'd be that thrilled. If I fucked up business like I'm not paying the fine of the guy who gets to spend it for crosscheck it someone in the face. That's kind of what you said. But we were like we're all going to Chuck in a little money. We are going to Chuck cannon. I'm just saying I levels were high. Okay. I am first of all if you look at the film. There was no bottle. You know? Pitchers. You're correct pitchers who's gonna pay for that though. Those barstool because we have so much good content for them Dave porno. He's going to be very thankful of all the work. We donors trespass. Now, let's move it onto Monday, and we banked Scottie Upshall Comrie. I think I don't even remember if we got an individual interview with teddy did get one with Bugsy, but then the most important part of that day RA showed up, and I mean, I don't even know if our remembers he showed up on Monday because he went to the dispensary, and he must eight fucking what ten ten pounds. You know, I got I was still existed from flight, you know. Okay. Three hours. I mean. Everyone's right. When I walk in bugs, he's like hi how you doing Bugsy? Hey, hands me a Budweiser. So I was often running how about how about who. Teddy was in asking teddy to get him a beer. No, he no he. Hey, how you doing? Hey, nice to meet you. But we didn't really see each other's names. And then said, hey teddy motion. Motion barrels. Shoeshine too. So then the helmet on. That's how I recognize that you guys case. So so do you remember falling asleep at debtor? Yeah. Yeah. I wasn't. I was fucking beat. I was exhausted. I had probably three or four edibles as I was dying. You know, I didn't have a pre roll. So I ate a few edibles before dinner. And yeah, the the edibles the tightness all caught up to me. I took a quick little cat nap. How about how about eating office manager Brett's wholemeal Brett when we talk about this. No Brett went to the bathroom, and he comes back and RAM. Food. Brad was everything prior to that was family style. Correct. We all know appetizers, we slept through the time. When we ordered our meal. Vouch for Ripon. I was eating eating the sushi for everybody. Either way I'm gonna our on the radio with on raising my hand. I know we're on the radio we're on the radio. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sleep. Brett goes the bathroom comes to. And just grabs. The ball starts. Like it's been sitting there for a while. And it was and it was wrong and those with a spoon. Chopstick chopsticks. Brett Brett level to just took one bite. That was so good. I'm starving. I just gotta piss. He comes back. It's gone. It's an RA stomach. Just like sorry, buddy. Thought it'd been there sitting there while well, that's because you were asleep for twenty minutes. Yeah. Yeah. Actually either way. Let's talk about how when we had them come to the restaurant. He could find the front door. So he was walking around on Friday at a call me three times again. I call them. And I might do. I'm staring, right. You just come inside the fucking entrance. Finally, you slept. Walk your way in and slept. You ordering the meal and eight Brett by the way Brett is getting porch. This kid, Brad. He's been great for us this week. He we everything's been on the ball. You know, maybe a couple of things. But that's right. Who does? Does. Her who doesn't make mistakes, but he's been great. But poor kid at home is just just kidding abused by Dave Portnoy. So he's in one for when he gets home. You know, we get to go home and sleep like he's just right back into the fire. Let's talk about the Bugsy story that we've referenced a few time we talked about it briefly got depressed, quite a ways. As we talked about it in the stammer interviewee never ended up telling it, if you don't tell it Bugsy wits going to when you got called in by Zo after your fun night, and Long Island, even Laker this going, you just go toaster change it. No. No. In fact, do you do it argued on it for your? You're you're playing online with Mario. But you have a great rookie year. But he was like obviously owner player. However your. Why you call them to nickname? I was best probably nickname. I've ever heard his ace the best, but you have to be special to have, you know, one can just be as, you know, make sense Mario's as pretty good. So I'm just I'm a rookie. So I'm just, you know, falling the the leadership group, and you know, better what you told me, you didn't know. No, we don't know in China made the Pittsburgh paying my good. Mike, I'm somewhere never thought it ever make it. So I'm really soaking it all in, you know, I mean who never think you'd ever be in those use. So you're taking it in. You know, my dad said he kind of your first year, you wanna keep your mouth shut and your ears and is open. Right. Yep. Okay. That saying. Really described you. Well, so you go out for a few team dinners and night. The wind gets going a little bit and in Long Island there used to be a restaurant slash bar next hotel city, and or something it wasn't a shocker witness the name. But so had a few drinks. I don't even think Mario was playing. We had a few drinks end up. Coming back probably a little later than curfew. So anyway, play the game and up go in the OT winner, not a big deal. But. Next. We back from there. We get back from the road trip. Ed's. Oh, you know pulled me in the office. And he's like, you know, how's it going? Pretty good life skill that one. That one coach like we're in. Life's good. I know you're hanging out with some of the, you know, buck burgers older guys on the team, Mike. Hey, listen. I'm a big boy and think for myself make my choices they have nothing to do with, you know with. Whatever's going is is I don't think we won't send you down on my shit. No, no. He goes win type. She at home. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Time to get home. And I'm like thinking man, you must've saw curfews like I think ten o'clock or something on game nights. So I was like I came home like around twelve Mike. Twelve o'clock on game night. I'm like. I'm sorry. I just tell the truth. I didn't know curfew thing was real or something. I was just gonna tell them the truth and. You know, telling the truth what else they do? But anyway, I was like fucking busted probably going to send me down. So I go rate ace ace fuck as semi down. Like, you ain't going anywhere kid. Didn't you say just kind of like this, and you ain't going anywhere? I told the story owner of the team. Thinking about in training camp. I I was a bag skate anytime market was on the ice. We knew never get back. Scared. Just be like practice. I got I got a golf tee time to catch up to here. God, that's a fucking unbelievable story. And he and he did it Justice. He didn't even anything out other than the fact that instead of twelve the answer was four eight four AM fault. Depend what coast? If you're still shoot your. Another funny one that I heard was the teddy pursell always down your phone. You're pretty good with that. Well, yeah. I mean, I hear funny stories that I think our fans deserve in. I find that. When we're drinking more alcohol, they tend to come out more. So I was usually memo Pat him teddy the Halloween story of inept Menton when you your cost was. I mean, I thought it was genius. You told the story yesterday. Can you refresh our memory? Yeah. It was actually gonna give credit. It was Macarena gave me the idea. And I wanted to stay in character. So I was in Emerton thinkers, I think it was my second year there, actually, and we rented out this this bar. We rented out the top floor though. So I was a bathroom attendant. So my my parents were up there with me, my mom, we went out to the dollar so relic thirty face cloth. She like folded him nice some cigarettes those. They were nice and smoke in the remaining character. Bugsy come on. Yeah. So we got jolly ranchers gum hair gel, cigarettes mirror act, spray, x-ray, shower and can clone deodorant toothpicks and everything ecommerce there's Robert head of three. I had three piece suit on. And I so I show up this to the party like before everyone, obviously. So I was there like an hour before just in case someone came early. So then I was getting text and everyone's like where the hell's teddy. So I've stayed in the bathroom they my candle it the bartenders bring me and bears, and I stayed in there the whole time in the guys like, hey, the joke over now like get out of here. I just work here, man. I'm just I'm just here to collect the my paycheck. But then the funny part was disguise was on a date downstairs, but he went upstairs to take a dump and he walked in. And he obviously has been there before and it was the Oilers thinking new we're having a party, and he must record the only guy Edmonton the knew who I was. And so he starts taking his shit, and it's like a small it's like one stall. And if you urinals, and he's the first one hit, and I'll try not to giggle easing this little awkwardly. You get outta here. I like light a match magnum, and you got to your food. And then he wants to be alone to get outta here. Sorry, man. I'm just working here. Anyways. By the end of the night, like all the guys and all the wives were coming in late taking pictures, and we were just having a party in the bathroom. I mean, I think that's pretty nice, and you're obviously, a method actor the fact that you remain in character. The whole night says a lot and the fact that everyone came in the bathroom to parties as a lot of why we have him on this fucking west coast wagon tour, I told the Catalin party cost to one this before. No. And if you have teller again, Steve funny funny bastard, so we're we're in an we're on the docks. And he I don't know exactly the character. I'm pretty sure it was the guy in dodgeball drives around the motorized scooter like the old guy, the coach, you know. I think he was him either way his cost him. He it was in a motorized scooter, and he had to be in it. So all night where it's shark. He's in new mortgage, and he's just driving around. And nobody knows who he is. So people like all the skies wheelchair. So I started sorry not. Thank you. Thank you. Like just be ridiculous. Right. So all night. He's just it's a pain in the ass. You know, like people were like it was packed and he's just bumping into into ankles. So I remember sitting up when are you going to get out of this? I asked him he's in twenty minutes just watch when I get up because I'm like, what do you mean? So he bumps into people bumps into people. He's finding like really causing a ruckus. And I'm sitting there watching all of a sudden he just stands up. He's like thank you guys. There was forty people there like fuck you because all night. So knowing that what he stood up. I was looking at one guys is use back guy. And he was so pissed off before he'd sit up I could tell and teddy teddy emigrant up and the guys just like. See you later, boys. You could see the smoke coming out of the whole there's probably gonna be some people offended by that one. But considering it probably happened eight years ago means like back, then it was still maybe kind of. I mean, if you took it as a joke nowadays, you're you're I wanna ask a question before we get back to some stories that I wrote down my notes, what was the most memorable part of the weekend for you are week. I should say who were your some of your favorite interviews. You don't have to name everyone. Like you did the Seattle team. Just name a few who really stuck out to you. I it's probably the obvious hands. But haven't mcdavid combined me, I think it's great that these guys we're hearing this AVI and apocalypse in the middle of downtown San since San Jose and these guys take time out of their schedule. Busy schedule to come by. And and visit us I think that's a testament so where we are in the hockey media community right now. And also, let fact that they they're like chummy us. They list lay. Listen like luxury, you could tell you listen to the show, man. And that's flattering. That's to me. I guess having those guys be listening to this show is probably been the highlight for me. So I thought it was cool to like you said with mcdavid he comes on and right away. He's giving it to teddy stammer comes on before you even get into any of these. I just calls. Oh, biz for calling mental midget like guys guys here. Even I mean, even guys don't listen, I think if if we're chirping them a little bit. They'll they'll end up here off chirp Neil entered the other day, not like in a harsh way to say, hey, he's gonna fuck, you know, start score. And I thought it was pretty high said, you would outscore them that's harsh. Well, and then and then I said, we're we're here comes chick. Let's Bob then that. Washington three apple so he doubled his scoring with from three points. So I'll send you my address knee ladder. Maybe a little check in the mail out for as you probably gonna hit another bonus. This season are a some of your funny moments of the week. They probably mostly at my expense. I would say. Really remember? Yeah. Also, I think it's a couple of guys chick. Let's bump. I mean, pasta one his competition. Hang on his competition caught on his competition. Thought Leon two Leon to this Bengo father of the big bump right there. But funny parts of the week. I don't I just like just like that probably the the bus ride. I think come rotary of. It was almost like we're on a road trip in some regards was a much hung a bus ride than it probably needed to be. So I heard, but it was gorgeous the first half it when we're on the PCH, you know, looking over the cliffs and see, and that's that's Rhode I've wanted to drive a year. So it was cool drive on that as far as funny, man. Like, I said, you you guys probably answer that because I've been inadvertently provide most of the last. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny that I completely proved biz wrong this weekend biz called news, Grenell slander on the two personas ago saying that I need to get laid. And I never get laid. I never get any tail got the most tail out of anyone here. Comment. I mean, how do you get Mike? On anyone here. Like, that's you. And MS I married. Yeah. All right. How about you? I'm not in the competition, bro. We got a couple of other guys here behind the scenes. I did. Okay. That's all say. Yeah. It was it was an okay trip. I didn't have to pay for meal haven't done any large because I've got some new clothes. So that was doing okay for you. Fuck off you say new clothes. You have the same jumps part of part of the jokes this week, obviously, bug Zebian, handsome, and his charisma, and he finally actually got a skater off it put a even better, although ankles, I forgot about those things, and he's you know, Bugsy being gorgeous years, obviously that attracts a lot of attention from girls probably especially during his playing career. Now, we're told me a funny story about I m s g a number out there. This is funny. You didn't do anything wrong, actually. And it's like I'm right in front of them. Ryan Ryan, and I look up and I mean, yes, complete smoke like Chuck's a piece of paper, and it wasn't. I was not the Ryan was riding alone was like, thanks open to your phone number. Must look good tonight. It wasn't wasn't shriveling. You eat that. It was for. Yeah. Wait. Did you didn't behind you? That was funny of God. And then we got the San Jose. Of course, you mentioned all the interviews. We banked Faulk boys. That's that was a massive week for spitting. Check. Is there anyone we didn't get that? You guys wanted to get. Yeah. Crosby. Yeah. But he got sick. And like Bugsy just like, you know, he was sick too. And so we really couldn't get it together. But I think having all those other guys on sit at one point now now now let me ask you guys. How would you rate teddy in bugs these performances one to ten each of them ten may ten bucks a nine because he didn't come out one night switch if one of us thought we were team. I thought we were one of us like, yeah. We didn't go out. All my God. Yeah. Wouldn't hear the end of it? I'm older than all these stories. So I'm you like break. Dad, really tro tro tro I've seen. The engine still revs also biz we wanna thank them vodka hook up while we well, we got a sweet for the game in in the skills competition. They hooked up the Friday night, the food booze everything all of all the staff about a bunch of them. They've been very happy with marriage that we've how them so far. So keep drinking the pin pink Whitney's. We had them on board last night. They are delicious. Cocktail by speaking of last night, the skills really cool. And I think the the moment we all watching the closest was KENDALL coined the girl from the United States team gold medallist. Correct ellie. Correct medalist comes out of the gates BAAs ING, fourteen and a half seconds right around then and we turned to teddy we had a video of where that one, but that was sick. Yeah. Apparently like, pavonis key was maybe gonna go and he liked deferred after that. Because he didn't want to be embarrassed. Boy, Keller loss to her right? Yeah. Yeah. In she was flying flying. It was it was it was quite shocking. I don't think I would be able to move that fast in my prime. I no hockey any four of us. I'm gonna put my mic down. But still a cool moment. Right. What very cool they implemented all the wall a couple of Olympia from Canada and the United States, actually, I think one of which one of the competitions and Beatrice the passing one the passing impressive. And and apparently like there's a bit of outrage online 'cause they want her to get the money because there's a is money. That's a she actually had the best time. She tries second. But he was like the first NHL or so he won. So she needs to get paid on which I'm sure they're gonna figure that out change for and. And on a decker the Johnson brianna decades. She was going around like she's sitting in a rocking chair. She unbelie I was when she did those turns. I was like what Ray Bork? Oh, they're making tighter. So these girls are just it's pretty cool to see. I mean, I remember I said when I was in high school. I think we scrimmage the ninety eight women's Olympic team. And they you know, they weren't great. And now, it's just like their levels of improvement are outstanding. We should mention the the accuracy contest won by David pasta. And he was the first to go. He whipped right through it. Brought to mind the another former Bruin Ray book who won his any moons ago. Four shots took him. And he's going to be joined the show a little later we interviewed him a couple of weeks back and we're going to be bringing him rape book. Actually, you know what I think we should go right down right now. Let's what rape book done. This interviews. Brought to you by Roman studies show that fifty two percent of guys will experience reptile this function or ED a lot of guys think it's just the way they're built. But actually, it can be the first sign of something a lot more. 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If you're experiencing e go online and get checked by the doctor, I know ED can be tough to talk about and tackle. Roman. It's easy. Anonymous in only takes a few minutes to get started to wave Romans usual online visit fee. Visit get Roman dot com slash chocolates. That's get Roman dot com slash checklists. Kay, ladies and gentlemen. It's tremendous me to bring on our next guest. You played sixteen hundred and twelve games over twenty two seasons with Boston and Colorado. He played another two and a half seasons. Where at the playoff games at two hundred and fourteen he'll de NHL record for goals assists points by defenseman. He's a five time Norris trophy one. Call the trophy winner and nineteen time star two thousand one Stanley Cup win his numbers retired by two franchises. And he was elected to the Hockey Hall of fame in two thousand four, ladies and gentlemen, number seventy seven Raymond book. Welcome to the show, Raymond. Great to be honest. Thanks. Thanks for coming on with us. So doing these days Ray, it seems like you're basically a fulltime grandfather slash restaurant tour. How's the restaurant business tria? Restaurants are doing pretty well. Tresco on the north end pretty special occasion, Ray place. It's never been to Boston north end depre- special place. It's like little Italy. It's one square miles of eighty Tien restaurants so competition for fair, but got three new partners or last three years. And one of the guys are rich, and Sarah that is doing incredible job than really we have a nice team that we have our members cruncher guy. Bill colitis then Peter Webber that worked at the garden premium club. He does her social media and marketing, and then I just float around try to promote the restaurant and show up before Roy's game than enjoy the fine food and enjoy the the nice crowd that we get so things of pretty well over special or last year. So we're trending and tracking great direction. And then you. You said full fulltime grandfather. Yeah. I mean, other than that, you know, we have grandchildren. I have our fundation that we started little were two years ago or work family fundation that everybody's very excetera about we have we're trying to create three really major events to to raise money to donate. A lot of different cherries truck New England. And we had our first road race last year. We had over three hundred runners raise a lot of money with you know, great sponsorship and this year, we're looking our second annual road race beheld. Beheld june. Fifteen we ever I annual gala at the Boston Harbor hotel while later this month that has got to be more of a formal event. My wife says okay, we've got the road race. We have the golf tournament that we've had for quite a while. Now, can I have something that could kind of create and have some fun and just kinda show up and dress up and dance and listen to music and Lenny Clark Senate be doing his thing that night, and we have Catherine tap and hosting for us that night that with the NBC sports at doesn't incredible job. So they we got fundation, and then I'm involved with Brookshire Bank than spoken with then with them for five years now, and it's been a great relationship do different things with them play a lot of golf, and that's pretty much it. You know, follow the boys got two, boys planning. American League, Chris and Ryan that are Bridgeport play with the islanders farm team. So we kinda follow them. And so let's pretty much my life in nutshell while that that doesn't sound like too bad of a life. I'm sure you're enjoying. I'm curious though, you know, someone with your resume and all time hockey legend. How did you decide or basically not decide to be involved in hockey at the end like whether it be management, whether it be, you know, a team presidency O G M did that ever really cross your mind? And you kind of always figure when I'm done playing. I'm pretty much done with the game. Well, it was lucky enough to stick around long enough, and that kind of money to be independent not really knowing if I was going to get back in with the game. But I knew initially I didn't want to jump right back in after playing twenty two years and traveling and and really being scheduled for all that time. And you know, I mean, you're involved in your kids lives to certain extent. But, you know, your life's pretty much dictated by you know, what you're doing for work in terms of travels scheduling, even if you're at home, you know, game days, forget it, you know, nobody's bothering you over talking to. And so I wanted to enjoy the kids, you know, Chris Christie going to cushion academy that year Ryan was going to be playing with top gun. And my daughter was a senior governor Dummer, I really enjoyed, you know, going to their games being involved with cushion in terms of helping out there. I'd go down there. Few times a week for practice and that be behind the bench for all games, helping out with the D. And then I was coaching Ryan's team with top gun with Steve Kasper both or sons were playing on the same team. So that was a lot of fun. And you know, and that was probably. I'd say about eight or nine years worth doing that kind of stuff with the boys and the kids, and and and it seems like the the further the more time they're out of the game. It's tougher get back in and I consulted one year with the Bruins for home games home practices with Mike Sullivan last year. He was coaching the Bruins, and I had played with Mike like, Michael and really respected him. And and so I did that that one year. But you gotta be all in it. Got gotta be willing to do it twenty four seven. And so that was that was okay. But you know, and I wasn't ready to do it twenty four seven. So never really got back could a Bill could've obviously done something. But never really wanted to jump in full-time. So here I on Ray, I'm going back the restaurant assuming it's also a talion restaurant. You said there's eighty different Italian rescue. Around it now is a question for followers. What are you doing a separate yourselves from the rest of the restaurants? Are you giving away free breadsticks all of all garden beds? Do you walk around? What's going on? Right. I go around. I go around shaking hands. You know? I I try to get there much. I can't before gross games that we kinda promote when what I'm going to be there. So that's different people know in the -ffiliated with the restaurant, I've been involved with that restaurant for fourteen years, I've been an owner, and you know, with with three different groups, and I've gotta say that this group really organized and things are going really, well, but you know, no, we've given out, you know, nuts at the bar or different flavored olives. All right, okay. Now. Yeah. Yeah. And there's a nicest sort Meg of different drinks are bartender. And our our manager does a great drink in terms of coming up with something different at different times. There's always this special drink on the menu. And but no, it's just I think consistency. You know, what we try to creators? I know what I out how I wanna be served experienced that. I want to have when I go out to dinner and terms of consistency in food service, and and just the atmosphere, and we want you to leave kind of feeling all that. And if we do that, then we know you're gonna come back. So. Promo code for twenty percent off their first Neil. Sounds good. Go for it. You might have a line out the door Raewyn jump in. It's very long playing career. You broke into lead with the Bruins. It was during the ass in the fabled lunch peel a AC version of Bruins. They got a couple of stealing cups could never get over the hump. Now, you are French-Canadian kid English was his second language, you walk into this locker room with all these legendary guys Terry O'Reilly, retell wing, Cashman, how intimidate and was a few to walk in and have all these grizzled veterans in and you with like really no plan experience yet. Well. I mean, you know, you know, where going you're going. I mean that was you know, it was much fan in the year before I got there nineteen seventy nine the Bruins look like they're going to beat much in the seventh game, and I'll son there's too many men on the ice. I remember that night 'cause I was playing junior hockey and on that was about five six minutes from the form. And the memorial Cup was going on at at that time where Brandon we kings were playing Peterborough pizza finals. And that's where had played junior wasn't like it is now where the host team would be automatically in the the finals the memorial Cup. So we we had not one or league. So I was just a fan going to the game. And after that game I hadn't I was taking the bus home. Then I you know, I didn't have my license tillers eighteen almost just before. I got the Boston. So taking a bus home. I had to connect rate on water. That's right on. Brenner part of the form. I remember that night gone by the form and the Canadians had come back evil on bear had scored in overtime. And I'm just like I remember bone by putting my fist, and yes frigging beat the Bruins again. And then, you know, August fourth is the was the draft that year because of the Birger of the WHM the NHL, and I find myself going to the Boston they could've been a better place. I knew where I was going in terms of the history, and what they had is attained and I walked into a room that just accepted me and made me feel very very comfortable right off the bat. I had met Wayne Cashman before camp brand criminal and I were both first round picks and nineteen seventy nine and it was like August fourth like, I mentioned the draft. So then have much time to sign so right after that. Draft. They bring Brad I could Boston. And we we go and we make the press this in the morning, and then, you know, we're sitting in Harry's office, and it's probably about eleven eleven thirty and Wayne Cashman walks into Harry's office, and so we we make cash, and and then we're supposed to fly out three o'clock that afternoon, and so cash tills Harry says, hey, I'm gonna bring these guys to lunch right across the street fours. And so we go to watch with cash, and I mean, there's better story countered and cash, and you know, we're just forget our mouths open. Listen, stalled you stories and have a few drinks and having lunch. And then next thing, you know, we got a call at fours, and it's Joan Carlton they had scour the Bruins saying that, you know, cash these guys to the airport, they're they're flying. They got fly out and cash tells John's is going anywhere today. We've got a softball game tonight. And there's sticking around and you're gonna play with us. So we we kept drinking what to play softball with meta whole bunch of the other Bruins that night. And that went hold the next day and that we showed up for camp. And kinda on had you know, we had met pretty much have to change, but you walk into a dress with full veterans like you said, Cashman, Cheever's retell Riley, you know, build Aretha on Marcotte, Gary Doak, there's probably three or four guys that had one cups or seventy feB too. So you walk in and you just just do your thing. And they just kinda got you along. And and a guy like Brad park for me really took me took me under he patters wing and really worked with me on and off the icy love talking hockey and our house like a sponge and took it all in. So there's better atmosphere to walk into terms of if you wanna learn. How to be a pro and how to do it, and I didn't really say much pretty McNabb. I think still tells the story to this day that I didn't speak any English when I got to Boston. I spoke. I spoke perfect English. It's just that I didn't speak. I just listened and watched and and did my job. Well, I'm wondering that you, you know, I look at look at your draft, and by the way, incredible job by the Bruins, you and Brad MacKinnon played over twenty eight hundred games to mind, you they got your both in the first round, but you had this dominant junior career your picked eighth overall. There were three defensemen taken in front of you like what was causing you to actually drop behind three other demand that that it doesn't make sense to look at now. I mean, I don't know. You know, the draft is a crap shoot you could go through many drafts. And and you kinda you could say that you know, any any sport every draft. There's always a player that, you know, peasant incredible career, but you know, you're talking first round. So anything could happen with the first rounder, even if you pick I over all twenty three zero commend up in the hall of fame. If you're if you're drafting a first round expectations for you to be pretty good. How good that remains to be seen? But you know, I was a second underage guy drafted just before me. You know, keep Brown was the first to rage guy to go. That was the year that the rates draft came back to the NHL. So I was pretty lucky that I don't have to play that fourth year junior hockey, and I was ready to go on to the next level. So I'm happy. I was because I could add that. And so many crappy places in terms of teams and losing records, and that kind of stuff you kidding me. You're coming to team that this losses. Sunday finals could easily won the Cup that year with the team of veterans, and and and came with so much history and expectations in town. I mean, you know, what flight planet boss and or just being fan. How passionate the our expectation? So there was it was just a tremendous place to play. And you know, and I I had lots with Harrison. Probably about a month and a half ago in Florida. And I said, Harry, how did you how do you get the about pick from from LA? And he says, well, you says 'cause I got traded for wrong Graham, and the Bruins had this. He he he had played in the end WHM before that and he had won the MVP. I think of the w Chan, and Harry, that's what he said and says well LA calls me one night. There's the GM any owner. They're just getting shit face. And they call they call me. And they say, hey, we we liked that Ron Graham, and Harry says well. This is Ron grams. I said I can't I can't treat and he was the p of the year. W trade last year or the year before whatever it was. And he says, and by the way is there's there's not a player I want on your team since. So I mean, I I don't see a deal happening here said he says, well, if you know if you're talking about maybe a first round pick. I might think about it. And and he tells me says we had no big plans for Ron grants you should've so so they the two guys. Okay. Okay. We'll we'll take a battle. We'll get back to you. So they call a little later that night and a little more into a few more drinks. And they tell Harry reset. Well, you know, what we've been thinking about it. And it we're gonna give you first round pick for Ron Graham says well, okay, I'm gonna have to think about this. And they'll call you back in the morning. So every calls them back the next morning gets a first round pick for gray. And that I that being may. So was pretty funny. How that came about? About well, the people who don't know. I'm really good friends with your son, Chris. And so I was talking last night. He said, hey, we got your dad on the podcast. You got anything? I gotta ask him. He said, listen, you gotta ask him about his old age in Harry, cinnamon and raise I contract negotiation. So what's the back story on that one? Well, like, I said we were drafted August fourth. So we didn't have much time to go. She ate. So after going to Boston and milling was Harian Brad is. So then Harry flies to Montreal. So I made at the crown's role that the the door Val airport. And so, and and the background on my agent was he was the order by join your team who's the GM, and he was sometimes coach because he thought his coaches left, and right, so and he was an alcoholic, and he was a frigging Batman, and then intimidator, and I mean, don't Steve cast for I play Julia together, and you know, after leaving junior hockey like there's nobody that we're ever going to run into that's going to be able to TIMMY in terms of a coach because or GM or anything because what would just live we live for three years. So that's the type of guy he was and. So he we meet we start talking and small talk say, you know, our show happy about drafted Ray. And he say all you're gonna love this kid. He's gonna play great for ya. And and be a special player, and blah, blah, blah. So then, you know, we start talking business and my agent says, well, he says we want. We wanna hundred thousand signing bonus. We want a hundred thousand dollars for three years an onset. And and if it doesn't get that. Oh, have somebody breaker lakes? So so hiring areas such back, Harry's like and his name was Rodrigue and says rods and says if you have that something if you have that done to me says, you know, what we had Johnson for goalie for many years. Here is brothers head of the iris. Matthew and Montreal says, if you have something to me all have to have something done to you and the kid will have a contract. So I'm just sitting there thinking, I'll never play the NHL, and I can't tell you. I again, I was having lunch with Harry a month and a half ago, it came up again, I can't make this stuff up. So that's the type of guy that he was and but in the end and up getting a hundred thousand dollars a year and a hundred thousand dollars for three years at an option, so they kept and I'd be a lot richer now. Unbelievable story and one where there's probably gonna be some police involved after it gets released. I want to ask you to say he wasn't. He wasn't my agent for too much longer after that all the next year. I did you get to keep your three percent at least. Yeah. Well, he he got his his share. Yeah. It was probably might about a little more than three percent whole. Wow back contract for you moving forward. I wanna keep it fun talk your rookie party. If you if you even remember 'cause I know how the boys used to treat the young guys back then. And then just throw at your time in Boston like, what are some memorable rookie party stories, and I wanna kick it off with your own. All my own wasn't really. We didn't back then the bro wouldn't initiate anybody. You know, it was just a matter of the captain cold whatever back that after practice you go over four is pretty much every day after practice. We have a few. Yeah. I mean pretty much, you know days on and then if you go into town, captain would say, all right. We're going to displace everybody would make their that's the way it was. But, but then you know, I mean, then the salaries start really going crazy, and I have a great rookie party story with. So you know, when the rookie start paying for the mills when they're making good money. You know, there is I'm sure hope that there was probably about three or four or five or keys on the team. Because some of these meals would get up to twenty twenty five thirty thousand dollars where you know guys would order the most expensive wine Louis the fifteenth, the most expensive males or it was really crazy, and it would get out of hand. Sometimes he's that number as time is that the better version, then Louis the thirteenth. Louis the thirteenth maybe on. Remember frady ordering that might be thirteen. I don't know you probably I don't drink that crap. So if you're you're probably know better than I do. But anyways, the we're having rookie mail and Tampa Bay. I think it was called the White House. And it's a really nice place fantasy plays and expensive. And so, and you know, I mean you guys played so, you know, whenever there's a team meal, there's a shoot track that happens where somebody will get shoot tracked. And, you know, do you all kind of bring the glasses with your sport? And then, you know, case somebody got screwed here. Somebody's got some some kind of crap all over they're nice shoes. So, but that's your that. I was I sit in the corner, and I have little counter rid over. My my shoulder here behind me. And I'm I'm there take my nice new shoes with tassels on. I take them off and put them right up on the over my shoulder up on that little counter. And like, you know, the cagey veteran that I am I'm not going to get shoot trek. So let's see, oh, we order the food starts coming out. And there's lots to tell that comes out, my frigates shoe Tasso cut off. So I'm like are you frigging kid? To me. I said I stand up on my who is fucking with me here. I'm like, whoever it is. I'm gonna frigging fine. Who it is? And you're dead. I said, you're dead. So then I'm sitting best friend table. So old Seattle Motors sitting next to me is Rae. I'm on it. So then that finds out it's combat Clarita frigging rookie, and he's wearing this really nice leather this leather jacket that night at then really nice letter jacket. He goes up to the bathroom. Like rap is draft. I go to the kitchen. I tell us chef this lifelock both sleep. Now. It becomes a best. I put it back there. He comes back. He's like he's pissed and it's like what the hell happened said you messed around with the wrong guy. Talking about said, you less around with the wrong guy says it wasn't me. What would I said your dad, you're done? I told you in Mestre wrong guy. It wasn't. It was Otzi. So. Pretty salty and up by new person. So it's classic one other guy you played with for quite a while. And I'm not sure he's beloved as you were what something about Mike Milbury that you tell us that people might not understand about him. What may be a different side of Milberg that you saw. Mike as a player was I love playing with them. He was frigging tough. I mean, he's the guy that you know. I mean, I remember I think it was December twenty third nineteen seventy nine going up into the stands and hitting that. I mean, he he he says he only hit him once they kept playing it back and back back and forth. Back and forth. Looked like he hit the kid the guy with with his show about you know, nine or ten times. But Mike was you know, a tough guy to play against the credible. Teammates, always had your back and a guy that would show up play hard. But he was he was also a player rep back in the day. And you know, maybe some people don't know. But how involved he was trying to make the salaries public way before they came out. He knew all about Eagleton and did not like him and thought that. The players should really reignite and terms of getting together and divulging what kind of salaries, and there would be a lot better for everybody in terms of their negotiations. You never know what the guys made. It was all big secret. So whatever we'd go in a row, Mike would go in the positive the opponents dressing room like after one of their practices and all that stuff and trying to convince them to kind of come together. And let's let's go public with their salaries and trying to help everybody because he knew that Eagleton was frigging strewn everybody in playing both sides of the fence. So some people, you know, and I and I remember coming back from south Dan on on New Year's day after the ones or classic, and I was sitting right next to Mike on the way home to Boston. We just went over all that. And kinda brought that back and how how he couldn't believe that you know, the guys went and kinda. To get together and reunite on some like that. And it was all about Eagleton with his represented so many top players league. And they pretty much always they pretty much shot down like ideal about going public with all that stuff. But I think that what happened back then and I'm talking probably eighty three eighty four the salaries, I think they come in terms of the late eighties. How head of the game? Everybody would have been. I think in terms of golden negotiate contracts. When you you know, he became a Boston Bruin you wore number seven. And then for people who who are living under a rock that don't know one of the best moments in Bruins history. I think nineteen seven. Zito's number and you slide off your number seven jersey number seventy seven's on your back giving us the number. How incredible was that night? And is it true? Really had no clue he had no idea at all. That was coming. Well, I worth three numbers with the Bruins. I show up. I win number twenty nine in training camp. And then I show for the first game and number seven that my doll. And you know, I know Phil wore the number, and, you know, I don't say much again, I'm not saying anything just got dressed, but the jersey on and Bobby smarts comes over to me and says. If you hear any hecklers don't worry about it just play your game. And I'm like great, thanks for the number, right? And go out have an incredible year. Nothing said about it other than every once in a while. They you know, they would ask what what do you think? Phyllis busy, remember being retired? I'm like, he was a legend, his great Bruin went to cups. Of course, you know, the number should be going up there. And but Harian fell get after that trade. There's a pretty pretty large coal front between the both of them. And I think that's why Harry gave me the number to where. And so it comes comes time where they decided to retire the number, and I think it was December Kentucky in December nineteen eighty seven. And so nothing's being said about what's what's going to happen with the number up until what a clock that after? Noon. I got a call from Tara Riley. That's an Harrison's office. And I'm about to go down for a nap. We're playing the Rangers that night, Phil. I'm not sure if he was coaching or GM, I think he was jammed at the team back then of the Rangers. So what o'clock Terry's office says AM Silla Terry wondering if you know you'd be willing to. Seven to number seven ghetto go for warm up with number seven come back in a room going back room. Put number seventy seven hundred seven and go back out there for the ceremony and we'll call fill up you'll take number seven off reveal seventy seven. And so the way it happened. I mean, it's such a frigging lack of communication like typical from for time for the bat time back then where there's a lack of big time. Way worked out was fabulous. It was fabulous. The only people that knew my wife, and I, you know, the training staff, the coaches and Harrison, and no press no players nor fill a nobody knew about things. So I knew when I took off that jersey reveal seventy seven, and, you know, tell the story about the first time ever that somebody might have saw Phyllis busy speechless and just that look on his face. I know made his day. So no people up to this day people. I mean, no, you talk about my numbers all that stuff. The first thing that comes up is that night, you know, revealing seventy seven and fill that number like, it should have been never should have been given to anybody else, you know, the legend. And if things that he did in Boston nobody else should a win that number. So it was the right thing to do. Rate. You talked to what Harry Sinden I notice in your first year. Fred Creighton was forty twenty thirteen and you guys were I'm assuming heading into the playoffs right before playoffs. He got a he must have got fired. And then Harrison took over like what's that like is a rookie seeing that and what happened for guy to to get fired with that type of record or Caesar. Well, I couldn't believe it where I hold own. You know, and I think we had just we had lost seven games in a row think and guys have had grapes for I don't know. How many years may be five six seven years as a coach? And grape was bigger than life here and the guys loved them. And for Creighton was totally the opposite of Fred Creighton by what I understand. He was very dry, quiet guy and just just so different than grapes. And the guys hated him the guys just despise them. And after goal and seventy seven losses in a row. Harry decide to to fire of and take over so Harry coach remaining games of the season to the play offs. And but I couldn't believe it. You know, your first overall, and you fire coach, I've I've never seen anything ever happened before or after after that ever against them like that. Right. You alluded to some miscommunication with the Bruins in the eighties. Now, I know as a fan back in the eighties. It would get pretty frustrating because the front office the way the operated it seemed like they kind of kid more about the financial health of the league than than the team. How frustrating did it get for you as a player in the rest of the players in the locker room knowing that maybe the the GM in the front office wasn't fully on board with you know, going all over a winner back then? It always seems like you know, what we we're very competitive and very good and. And then, you know, I think when you look at eight or ninety you know, there's a couple of moves that were made. But as a player, you think that they could have been other mos- that would have helped an extra mole another over to would it really put us over the hump, and it really gives us the best chance to win a Cup. You know, I think a lot of our teams over to and. Yeah that was times. I was frustrating. You know? And and and then in the end, I mean, that's why I left what? The situation for couple years. They're just before I laugh, I always said I would never leave Boston. And the reason I laugh at because it was so bad. I thought it was so unfair for players and fans to to kind of be in that situation. I always always always wanted to bring passion and energy. And and you know, community said it's so much fun playing a game. You know, you could act like a fifteen year old every day with with what you toes living dream and played hockey as as living. So that that energy was really drained out of me, and at the end, and that's why I asked to be moved. I wanted to go into situation. There was a healthy one one that would give you energy to kind of find out exactly what I had left in a tank at thirty eight years old was it like I was like, well, my age that is draining me or is it the situation I was in. And I knew that situation wasn't a good one. So. Ended up going to Colorado about pretty quick now they had plenty left. And but yeah, it was at times it was fustrating. But I gotta say that, you know, with we had some great teams and great players, but but a player to would have made a big difference. 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But I gotta tell you that whoever they had representing the league or their team. Vertucci was unbelievable. I'll tell you. I walked out her I thought on that frigging minor leaguer, and you know, I was going in looking for. The kind of money that is franchise players were making, and you know. And just came out of there. You know? I mean for me, I was asking for four million. I would've accepted three. Then I came out of the arbitration with two point two five and then at side of deal for two point five or five years after that. But it wasn't a pleasant experience at one that really, you know, kind of scars you in some ways, but it wasn't a guy that was going to sit out. I wasn't a guy that was going to miss camp or this game that type of person that could not do that to my team or my teammates. So I thought the the only way that I could go about trying to make what I thought I deserved was going through arbitration. And it was it was tough to go through. I actually read a really cool article. I hadn't read before the oral history of your trade to the avalanche in ninety nine two thousand and I was interested to see that your your first choice where you wanted to go with Philly, and in the end that didn't work kinda give me give me the reasons why he wanted to go there. And then how amazing Colorado ended up being even though that first year. You guys didn't get it done. It took that next full season. But explain that whole situation for us. I we're kind of building our dream house at the time, and I had decided to ask for trade. And and then I was I was I'm really good buddies with Reggie lamb was the goalie coach or Philly, and I was looking at the teams that I thought would compete and give your command a really good chance and these conference I don't I don't wanna go west. I want to stay in east conference for travel and also for the situation I was in with the house, and my family being able to come back if the schedule allowed it or whatever and no one Eastern Conference a lot more. So I kind of looked at it. Philly was going, you know, really well at the time, and I I I knew that Philly was very interested because of my relationship with Reggie, and I knew exactly everything was going on their side than I was hearing from Reggie that was hearing from Bobby Clark. So we play Philly a Saturday afternoon game. I was last game. I play with the Bruins Reggie tells me it's done deal in the morning. And I think after that game I'm leaving with Philly. And I'm on my way and the game finishes pick up the puck. I was on the ice it come and pick it up into the room thinking, or I'm just gonna wait to hear from Harry in Harris County that something was going to happen pretty quick. And I you know, I had told Harry where I wanted to go. I remember calling him asking for trade when Chris was at governor Dummer to go to dumber, I got a call back from Harry, GM meetings and Florida poor pull out I had to take that call and ask for the trade town where I wanna go. It sounds like he, you know, his on board. And I know that he's talking to Philly and everything that's going on. They're gonna do back from or whatever for bread. So I thought it was gonna. Happen then trying to retire after the game at after noon can't reach them. Go to this office can't Sam and Danny find the calls Relator that night. And he tells me that you know, going to have to sit tight that. There's other teams in bulb and I'm like, well, they know where I wanna go more or less telling him shoes. Yeah. But you know, what I've got a I've seen this through. And that I got a call. You know, I don't Patrick's Coney windy. Owns husband ready as your little call me 'cause pure like quad. And this is this is how it goes. This is. Ready? I don't remember me as a guy. Right. I played golf with you two times. So cool you 'cause I heard there d- do gonna be traded. He says, you know, what you said go rattle is a really really could place. You would love it there. He says pure does not know that I'm calling you. And I'm just telling you that you would love Colorado. They got a really good team. Like, thank you. I said, you know, what it's not really where I wanna go, but thanks for the call. And so he's best friends with Pierre. It's like, yeah. Right pure. That's not dog. You're calling me right now. So yet call eight Patrick I knew you know, from living y'all playing golf Saint place. And then Dave Alec calls me. He was in Saint Louis at the time and says, right, it would you coming say, Lois, David somewhere. I wanna go and down. I'm here that Detroit's and the next jerseys in the back, and then, you know, talking to Harry, Saturday nights, and you're gonna have. Sit tight. So I don't wanna go practice on Sunday says I would play on Monday don't show up to the rank for something's going to happen within the next couple of days. So now, my wife, and I are looking at different schedules. All these five teams and trying to figure out, you know, their schedule and and wherever and up, and so then I got a call from Dave Andrew Chuck on the Monday night, they're playing oughta wall, and he's pulled off the ice and the warm up and he calls me his race. If you know what's going on this pull the off the ice. I said he says, you know, I think I'm going somewhere probably with, you know, have no clue so later on that night almost right after the game at the Pierre. Harry Cosby tells me that I'm going to Colorado. And then purely quite close me and then Patrick calls me from Calgary there in Cowdery. And he's got Adam Foote. Joe psychic they've read and Sean Podins neuro with them and their passive fought around all excited and kind of China a little bit. And that was it was that avalanche squad the most stack team you've been on and your career. Would you say? Yeah. Yeah. So then we yeah. So most talented team I've ever played on. Oh, I show up. So they truckin I leave the next morning. We send the clock chartered flight. The the they sent a plane for us. And we go through Kansas City. They get the Calgary. I don't know why we did that. But and planning Calgary that night and really really weird feeling walk into that room and seeing a different jersey with your number on it. I got Tresco out really second period. I'm behind my net and come out and I see Joe. Come across the blue line Ripa pass rate on his tape. He wrote the past. No, it was passing the hey to hey, due to sack on the other blue line goes in on a breakaway and scores. My. I think this might be fun and certainly wants tremendous team talented and really a team that you know, was ready to win when they got their ninety six and one and ninety six, but I think other achieve somewhat, you know, not get into the finals more often or winning another Cup. So you know, you go there and they're fighting for they're fighting for playoff spot. Actually, when I got there that you weren that always twenty two twenty three games or twenty three out of twenty six games or something like that to what our division, and then we, you know, we get this unplowed against Dallas that year, and you know, the post in the last seconds of the game and we lose by goal. And there that I was going back the next year. So and the next year was. Crazy from day one Bob Hartley. Really raise the bar in terms of expectations for not team knows more or less. You know, the Cup for bus expectations were really trying to focus on because terms of offense. We had so much talent. And but it was a matter of committing and really I have an incredible attitude and tries to play without the puck. I think you look at all great teams. You know, you look at the Oilers or the islanders or the wings. I think they never won cops till they're really, you know, really were focus on details. And and be tells probably without the puck and how to plan your round, and regardless of how much count you have offensive if you don't focus and really connect to be responsible. When that side of the park, I take you'll never win in the end. So he really really talked about that. I they cap and really worked on. That and try to ask terms of commitment from all the guys that if we could really focus and try to be one of the best effects of teams that in the end, I really give us a great opportunity to win guys really bought in. And we were the best defensive team in the in the league that year Patrick beat the the record for most wins my goalie had the best schools against savage. Joe won the Hart trophy score fifty goals. Hey to school fifty goals, we wanna presidents trophy really had an incredible year. And then you know, we get to the playoffs and. Happen. Ray you kind of mentioned the Hartley situation. Now, a lot of guys have been vocal about how they essentially hated his guts, extremely thankful. The fact that he cracked the whip that hard couple stories, obviously the one about him getting locked the locker room. I don't know if that one's true after you guys up, but in the other funny Hartley stories that you have or maybe like like fuck you matches. You guys got into along the way. We we had great leadership there. You know? Joe Joe Patrick myself, Adam Foote and Sean poor dad and Dave read. We we really really had a nice group. And and I know at some point in time in the playoffs that we're playing a certain way, and and we're puck possession team. And in Bob, how to like just, you know, not playing that way. And we're actually breaking down film in a hotel room between games playoffs and a lot stuff. And it's like, I just remember Patrick myself. Enjoy going up into Bob's office and talking about how we're playing and how we got him. They changes in terms of how we're gonna play to win. And and it was like, you know. You just want to keep it so simple in terms of you know, around the boards off the boards. And it's like, Bob, we gotta make changes. Here said, we're you know, we're looking at how we're playing we got to start you know, keeping POC and being puck possession team. And and so we, you know, he worked with us and we were with him. But it was we had to make some changes to allow us to go on and play the way we could. So that's that's why stories I don't remember him being locked in a room. I don't know if I was there for that. I heard he got locked out of the room after you guys finally won the Cup. Guys up with him at that point. While he was he was you know, what he was. He was tough. But you know, he was more than a third and fourth line guys, you know, and that. I think that's just too easy to do. So by I for me coaches that are able to keep their best players in track and keep them accountable. The special ones. And it's too easy to go. After the other guys, I get shit on all the time. Ray? What are your memories of Sean, Paul dean who famously didn't take equipment offer twenty four hours after you guys won the Cup? That that guy is one of the best teammates I've ever played with. He as is awesome. If you if you don't want your love him and if. If you ever chance to sit down and chat with him either special man, he heard that the record for somebody where they're quit after when an accomplice twenty four hours. So he shows up at our at our party at the Trump house right next to the pets center with his quickly on his skates. Escaped guards helmet, his gloves and his stick. And he kept that on for twenty five hours. I swear to God crazy unbelievable. And that was tell ya. I couple of Cup stories after that. We won the Cup that night. I mean, whether the cop this is frigging sick. I mean, it's they quite you know, I made for me. It was it was pretty much all that was left. That's why I went to Colorado. And then we get to you know, we got. To the finals. And you know, I mean, that's suit seems like it's going to happen. We win we win game one. We lose game too. We went game three we lose game for that. We're in tremendous shape for you know, we we should have won that game going away. We then we go on we're going back home for game five and everybody thinks, you know, we got a great record at all that we're gonna kick some but we end up losing five to one night game. They they spanked us. And now we're going back to we're going back to the jersey down three to defending champs. Always giving us a chance to win that game. And for me going into that year. I knew this is my my last season. I had a, you know, add Asprilla qualifer one year deal. He gives me to your deal, but I'm like pure. I just wanna when you're dealing some giving it to your deal. So regardless of what was going to happen in terms of me where they are losing. Here. I was done my wife, and I I told my wife this is it I'm done. So I'm going to the game six knowing that this might be my last game I'll ever play in the show. So all my family from Colorado. They go to New Jersey all my family and my wife's family for Montreal go to New Jersey and all my closest friends, go to New Jersey case, things workout. Well, we win for nothing that game. We're going back to Colorado and everybody I bring the Colorado. So we ended up going to Colorado and playing the game. We're up three nothing at some point. If we through the game, and I'm frigging sit on and back something like I can't frigging believe that I'm going to win the Cup. It's gonna happen. And you know, what we will work with sports colleges talked about state at the mold and say the present talk about, you know. The process not the outcome. And it was such a mental exercise that game to try to stay rate there in the in the ball and not let your your buying kind of drift to maybe what might happen that boarding three to one. And it was in incredible incredible feeling, and you know, an all joke talk about in terms of after game six chasing me down in a plane is like Ray, how are we going to do this? I'm like do what Joe he says? While the Cup thing, Mike. Well, Joe I said let's win the frigging game. I then we'll have plenty of time where we but the Cup thing. So all he was worried about is. He wanted to be right there next tool just to transfer the the Cup permitted hoisted. I, and what did it credible classy guy and another story about Joe sack is in training camp that year when I came back the second year he wanted to go for lunch, and they'll for lunch, and he's like race is you know, I really don't feel comfortable being. Captain with you on his team. And I'm Joe that his frigging amazing. Thank you so much that's very respectful, but I have way too much respect for you and your leadership, then what you do here. And you saw what I did last year for four months. I don't need to see her aid to do or say, whatever I'm going to say or do here. So you know, and all I think that would do if we go for a shit at some point of time during the season is question leadership, and this should never been questioned. So thanks, buddy. But just the classiest guy and one of the best players play with and hardworking guy and trips in his preparation. So Joe was just awesome. So we we win the Cup. We go to trial Powell's pose got his frigging shit on. And then peer qua- before leaving. He says bring a Cup with you can I so we're at the Trump about three AM, I've got this big van fifteen passenger van that you know, for all the people have in. In town watching the game. So I have a big cooler of the cups of front seat buckle. Then we go back to my house who turn on my street, and we started beeping the horn and three in the morning people coming out of their house who put the Cup on the sidewalk the cool street, and we party till six AM. So it was it was a blast. It was incredible. Those little run there. You're saving of work. We don't going to ask you the question. You just keep going right into the next one. It's perfect. Well, anything else? Yeah. Well, I was gonna ask you like a lot of our fans love the funds stories. And and we were wondering if there is anything off the top of your head, you think of maybe with your time in Boston or and if you can't think of one maybe a another prank story 'cause some of our fans love the prank stories. Well that that first day that we might cash in Boston. But I'm a criminal and I were. Drinking all afternoon floors, and you know. To Bradley, you know, three hours in the serrate is, you know, a westerner. I mean, the western guys are always their stories, and they're always better. And they're always bigger, and it's so bad. Like, right. How many times you go for this like? Like. I don't know two or three. He's all proud. Not once I'm like, well, good for you. Awesome. Anyways, we keep we keep trinket that you know, I played I played a lot of baseball growing up up until I got the Boston. So that softball games going on that night? So you stick a both out in right field, anywhere frigging or should face. We're going we're both in right field. And I tell you I went up to bat. I could not forget touch the ball cannot see the ball. So that was that was one one night that I, you know, I always kind of said I was pretty good baseball player, but that night not so much. So he's pretty cool night. We end up playing softball beating all the Bruins autographs, or like, well, this is going to be fun. I I heard a hilarious story on your on your first trip to LA all the boy said, I let's meet down at the pool, and you and you. You. Wandered down there. They still Speedo won't. I grew up in Montreal. So that's all we were. And so usually when you know, the captain tells us to eight to me that made out of bars, whatever on the road at LA were saying Marian courtyards right down there with the pool and all that stuff and Custos. All right. Let's on a pool and where last guys to show up and. Yeah, that was the last time at worst, you know, so. You would. Teammates Ray who was the funniest teammate. You had. You know, what cut the natto and Steve Leitch to get you going. They they were like a they feed off each other before game. They'd have this routine. That would get your laugh and get you loose like, no others. There were there were very very funny and very witty. So those two guys were among the top top guys. So they they had some good stories. I mean, you know, that goes on dress robes all kinds of terms of pranks and one of the pranks. I remember. Kenny lensman, and and Garry galley had something and what something starts one day when you do something somebody's close or whatever. Now this. I it seems like it never ends. So one day. I think Kenny might a did something to Gary is close. Then the next day. Gary grabs that KENNY'S James, and, you know, wet small down in the shower, then, you know, then he puts the pants and the in the icebox where where all the ice is coming from. So now kind of look for his pants, and now finds his pants and the cooler where the ice is the sound Agean how the past look now, they're all wet from the shower. Not bow. These things are frozen solid. So now he can't wear these things for a few hours puts the dryer. And so there's there's so much stuff that goes on that like, I said, you know, you you miss like. Fifteen year old real out adults and our different ages. You could be eighteen to forty years old and just they credible atmosphere to be part of a team and play, you know, for for professional team and to have that kind of fun and that kind of chemistry. So that's those are the things that you miss. You know, you miss your pre game Meal's pre-game that and then just fifteen year old pretty much every day. Well, Ray I mean, yet a career that people couldn't even really dream of you got it all -ccomplish doing great things. Like, we like you mentioned before it's the Bork family foundation board family foundation dot ORG. If you wanna check that out. So thank you so much for joining us and continued success in in whatever you do. All right, guys. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work that air view was also brought to you by Dollar Shave Club. I love dollarshaveclub because it has everything I need to look feel and smell my best. What I love even more is the fact that I never. Have to go to the store. That's because one DSP delivers everything I need right to my door and two they keep me. Fully stocked on what I use. So I don't run out. Here's how it works dollarshaveclub has everything you need to get ready. No matter what you're getting ready for. They have you covered head to toe for your hair your skin your face. You name it. They have it. And they have this new program with automatically keep you stocked up on all the products use determine what you want. And when you want it and shows up at your door for once a month to once every six months, and that's what I do for. I also used the dollarshaveclub toothpaste and man is that good. It tastes great and has your breath smelling amazing. And I don't think my teeth have ever been so clean, plus with their handsome discount. The more you buy the more. You can save in right now. They've got a bunch of star set you can try for just five dollars like their oral care kit. After that, the restock ships regular sized products at regular price. So what are you waiting for get your stars set for just five dollars right now Dollar Shave Club? Dot com slash chiklis. That's dollarshaveclub dot com slash chiklis. Thanks so much to Ray Bork hall of fame legend, we appreciate that. It was a great interview. Also when we were talking about the skills competition. There was one big event that we didn't mention and that was the zig that biz got on his neck that he had to get into second ticket for to get into Rena. So walk it down. I mean, I was like busy, you know? Sometimes you want to say things like doing this zapper. Oh, I got a call out anything about myself books Bugsy about his booger. Z loose stack. What am I friends has a burger or something in their teeth? I always be like, hey, you got something your teeth or a booger? I thought it might have been right? Didn't wanna like make them feel insecure about this it he had right inside his nose and up being booger. And I think some consciously that's why thought not to say it was big as your fingernails. Look took Bugsy twenty minutes to get it out of it. I was a little pointed. I like how you open that up with. I I would tell my friend and the Nakazawa a notch below. We haven't faced that yet. Whitehead, and I didn't want you make you feel insecure. And I thought maybe you had that. I might actually be able to get laid. Hey, talk about Grenell with just a tough head at the skills losing seven to me had that written down. My that was a bad way bread owes me to fifty two hundred who knows it was just a complete work fast for me. Every bet you made I won it was tough because the stamp coach won the stamkos one. I was down like two fifty. And then you're like all right doublet on stamkos right now. Stamkos scores here. You're you're even if he's doesn't your or you down five hundred and then he mass went down five hundred. I'm like, all right. One more one hundred bucks lost that. And then I got fifty bucks one. Yeah. You. Yeah. You other fifty. That's that's a tough tough skills competition. I don't have it decided like the blue light. If they'll be a blue light. I haven't keeps asking me for my van moment. I'm not ready to tell him. What to send yet? It's like, what will my mind decide. Will you be sending me the full seven fifty? Well, I say like just give me two hundred over in the middle. It's I told teeth at the bar last night. I was like. Yeah. Down like seven fifty to wait. He's got. I don't worry. I got you. Yeah. He was buckled. There's no chance. Connor mcdavid one is third fastest skater competition. That's obvious. It probably is last one though, right? Zev is Brian like you said the teen. Change the rules back to hook it and holding. Let's go back to last podcast in. Maybe I should have watched the way spoke. But what I meant was is that they're going to be burning three to four years of his true pine, but probably therefore before they're able to compete. I didn't mean that's all he has left in his fucking prime. So if I said something that sounded differently. That's what I meant. And I might have been fact said that some of you probably don't listen carefully enough. I knew what she meant. But I also knew you get rip for it. So I was happy. That's when you'd be right in his prime like twenty eight usually like primetime. Yes. He wanted actually might be working out the best way right now. Everything happens for getting a little younger, now, whatever let's not even get into it. Whatever you guys can rip me. I can take it. Patrick Marlowe getting a little shoutout from Austin Matthews. I thought that was cool, of course, Marlowe played forever for like what two decades and San Jose, those really cool. I like that moment came out of nowhere to little specialty doing his jersey of bull Marlow doa school. But it's funny to like the fans were like loving it. But he wasn't traded he'd left on his own. I know I know I always think that too, but like twenty years there, right? Like, even if he leaves. But also the other funny thing is like they who they they're Boone the piss out of Crosby. Unlike really like is because he beat them in the Cup final. I know. But like he's at all time legend like, I don't know. It's the all star game. I think that one was more of a more of a like Habu like we're back 'cause he has a real hard when that sharks guy with the first two on his forehead was screaming. Yeah. Where I think it was a little more vicious was when they put it through dowdy on the Jumbotron, they were booing because they wanted to boo, and they even went as far as the San Jose. You know, how they're setting up the also game. They put drew out face. I one of the shot targets. Oh, did they when when they would hit his face? So we'll maybe compare all fucking pay all the targets different faces. But I was making pink Whitney's. Yeah. But it was funny that they had a drew doughty one. I mean, there's only there's only five targets. I mean like they could have picked they clearly picked out because he's a ri-. He's doing thing. Now, where everything you say he'll say something different than look over laugh at us. This is this is this he'll know folks doing this. Oh, okay. Sorry. I wish I wish we know about anglin quiz soup before we interviewed me. I stated did you happen to catch it? Oh, I know our stroking his caulk off with herbal active. Hey, sick three P suit on and on the inside. It was it was all godfather movie characters on the inside. Thank all wear that in here are all over them swipe. Yeah, was all quotes from the movie with the pitcher, Don, Vito Kaleo, and it was definitely sweet. I didn't know it was his favorite movie. We didn't actually get to that. We didn't. We didn't really ask him what he did on his days off. But would have been cool to get say lovey as they say another thing too. I wanna thank Uber. They actually called me after our little mishap there, of course, the eleven dollars and thirty cents. Was refunded back to my Uber account because they cancel the trip. And I'm you know, that I had my guy and the actually even sent me a hundred dollar gift card that was not necessary. I'm a principal guy. Just returned the money. You guys know that but you'll you'll keep the extra hundred credit. Well, I I somehow can't access it. So if the same Uber guy is listening. Coal back over eight. Maybe we'll even talk you guys in some swipe ups. Maybe we'll get you sponsor in the pod too. So give me a buzz back. We're gonna figure how to activate that hundred dollar gift card that you gave me because of your mistake, that'd be appreciated just thought I should mention that. Another woman was seen a little kids out there burns sees in paps kids. Just we think bugs you said. Like, they have no idea either. I mean, you're you're born you don't know anything different. But just the fact that I think everyone else sees that. Like, all these kids are just living the life. It was cool all burnt burnt toll today when we interviewed him ease. I my kid would not stop trying to just like fl- do the flaw stance. He just he wouldn't stop doing celebrations. I'm like I'm gonna when this cameras off. I'm gonna all little bit of a p wack from the spit and chickens community to teddy because he didn't mention the couch flames when we talked about the Wayne, Wayne when when should you have mentioned them what all we're talking. We asked who's going to be in the finals. And who'd who'd you like, and you know, like you guys never talked about the flames. We talk about. We said that the best party team league in there fucking wagon and it really in the Pacific Division. Like, what do you? What more? Do you want to say exactly I thought we've actually done a lot of talking Calgary? We talked about Jere dano, and how awesome of guy is when he hit his thousand gay and he should be at the all star game. Probably. Pays for a hundred win the north. I just hate James Neal. He's a scumbag. So I didn't want talk. He's obviously these guys are friends with James Neal, so free those who are going to go on a Twitter rant and say that these guys hate each other. That's not the case, right Bugsy. Well, I don't know you can say anything on Twitter. That's a good that makes more sense than I he probably realized it does it can say anything on that being Edmonton. How much that fan base hated us? Now, we have the whole province of Berta hating us. We didn't mentioned claims. Yes. So you guys got both admit are. But even bird, it doesn't matter because Bill Peters came over to our table last night at dinner. Oh, yeah. Forgoing swung over and said Hello flames coats. Yeah. He did. So he might he might know that we're pumping them up. Always part. Can you guys? Stop talking with my team ripping it up. Well, he was ripping up. He is having a couple of cocktails. I have one more thing written down as far as the store. You said you wanted me to wait to tell me on the actual podcast. I don't know if that sentence made sense wit, celebrating a second assist story. Because you're talking about guys celebrating assist who was oh about two to remember. Yeah. So I actually was thinking of a different one. But the one that I that I was part of I was over in the at the under eighteens, and it was like summer going. It was like spring of my senior in high school. So as big tournament like the drafts the following year. You know, like big deal, and I didn't have a point through the first four games of the Purnell. Preliminary speak much Houria a preliminary rounds, I didn't have a point. So the fifth game. Dude. I snap it. We're up seven. Nothing. I snap it over to my deep partner. Right. He fires it down the wall. A guy gets it makes a move. Nice move on the goal line Snipes at top shelf. So I got a second says, but I have now passed it like forty seconds earlier. You know what I mean? And we're skating to the pile, and I was just like fist pumping. I'm just going and so hard just Rippin my fist, and I'm just so. Fired up because I knew I got an assist on the play. And the next day. We're watching the video cO the coach Alex Roberts. He stopped at. He's like you're this happy that you got a second assist. Where were the frisked pumps when you were going into the pile? When you didn't get a point. I was like they were there. They were just a little bit smaller. So I got shit on for that one. But I don't know how that came. That was to brought up that story about set up. He did. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He said they up we would score in two seconds sissies fist pumping. In the other corner. Yeah. That was that was up interview was awesome. That one I think people really enjoy their people enjoy all of them. But wait, you told me to mention when we were at the game on Sunday that Bizet's fake punt guy. Oh god. Biz is the guy, I realize this quickest first time ever watched football with them. It's fourth and twenty and they're on their own ten watch for the fake watch. Villa fake watch for the fake punt goes in the air sixty five yards change of possession. Next time. The guy gets fourth and fifteen watch for the fake watching the fake. And I was like two times doozy's a guy every time. Sure shit. The third time. Do we got to watch for the fake hair their midfield? This could be a fake time. And I was like you're the you're the watch for the fake punt guys like what do you like you keep telling us to watch for the fake every time there's a punt. You're the guy that it happens the thirty fifth time, you know, you've been saying like told you told Jones God with the interception guy hit deception. Yeah. Who's talking about when there was like twenty seconds left last week? And it was like twenty seventeen this games. Got OT written all over it cons. Another one. It's like it's a three point game. And it's fourth down in the teams you ship show on their offense of twenty yard line. So, you know, fifteen twenty five yard or coming up it causes like this game shaping up for like you say doing as he ties up the game with the clock winding down then later in the game. Con con. No they did in the patriots game. 'cause the patriots end up going. Oh, he goes this game shaping up for you. Don't say so Kevin Connolly is not to your punt watch for the fake punt. I'm gonna be in the torch online for that, boys. That's that's a pretty long podcast interview. Once again, the west coast wagon tour is now over we're going to be pumping out tons of content. All the interviews, of course, featuring Bugsy and teddy. Of course, thank you to new Amsterdam vodka who sent us on this all star extravaganza weekend. Grenell wants one more here. I think RA has a little gambling corner for the boys. What actual court? Well, we didn't have on the other day because the NHL took a break for the all-star game. And a lot of teams are on their buys right now. So it's might be risky time to gamble with teams coming in and out of by. So keep an eye on that teams out have been on breaks. Guys might be a little rusty real quick before we get to your gambling corner your gaming corners. Brought to you by capterra. Remember the year nineteen eighty nine the year the World Wide Web was invented. We've come a long way in the last thirty years. So why does it feel like the software us every day at work is stuck in the past take a leap into the future by finding the right software for your business. Capterra dot com. Capterra is the leading free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business with over seven hundred thousand reviews of products from real software users. Discover everything you need to make an informed decision. Search more than seven hundred specific categories of software everything from project management to Email marketing to yoga studio management software. No matter what kind of software your business needs. Capterra makes it easy. Discover the right solution in fast. Join the millions of people use capterra each month to find the right tools for their business. It's funny because I mean, obviously, I don't own a business. But my dad does and my dad made the switch to capterra few months back, and it's made his business so much more efficient, and he can't thank them enough. So visit capterra dot com slash checklist. For free today to find the right tools to make two thousand nineteen year for your business. Capterra dot com slash chiklis. Capterra dot com slash chiklis at C A P T R A dot com slash chick. Let's so having said that. Winnipeg at Philadelphia Monday night in Okada hot has been a nice story for Philly. But the jets off for about a week and a half that coming off a loss as well. So it'd be on Winnipeg for money line Winnipeg on the money line for a unit and on the puck night for half unit. Again, that's Monday when Philly. And Wednesday night same situation, Tim obey. They offer a little bit probably gonna wanna stop the stretch off on the right foot. So I like Tampa Bay Wednesday night at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay on the money line for unit as well. So. Yeah. In the last thing, I did remember how about the guy asked me will you sign your what do you say your money ticket or some other what he taught he whipped up across jerseys. So I signed to Sidney Crosby jersey Ryan Whitney. Thanks a lot. I wonder if. Got it all talk. I just want to wrap up by saying. Thank you guys again. Teddy RA great job flying out here in basically doing nothing. Shuttled through anti-dam vodka shuttled to vodka for helping us out with all this stuff. All these basically, everything we did this whole week was because of New Hampshire vodka. Absolutely just kidding. Are a little bit. Budweiser little bit wiser canons. Of course, a sponsor. But this was fans. This was worked for us. Like, we we worked hard. We we hope you enjoy the content and in base on that we're going to keep trying to push out more and more and give you guys the behind the scenes look at what they got to offer. Stelea mandalit Sweden. And then. The. With the sun.

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