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If i am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Our number three. That are extinct place. Well you know with all this nuclear talk. I think it's important to go back to before the book was written some of the unknown history about how the united states decided everything from targets to height of burst of the mom. And things like that. We have to go back to may of nineteen forty five a really interesting memo. That came out before any nuclear bomb had been tested in. New mexico. Certainly dropped on japan the The super select committee got together to discuss a bunch of things really. No one had an answer to and and that includes. How high do we detonate the things. How high should the aircraft be that drops it. What if the aircraft has to come back to base with the gadget as they called it. But we'll we'll get to that little they run As we speak off of dahlie on china which is in the yellow sea there. They're the peninsula extending down from china. That's to the west of north korea in the yellow sea and the port city of leon. Which by the way. Kim jong un Just visited last week and for the address for the Trump we're getting out of the jcp iran nuclear deal address anyway. The the chinese A year ago launched their second carrier but this morning it left port to begin sea trials. And if you have ever seen the the original Chinese character you know that the the long story about it is that it belonged to the ukraine navy. They got possession of advice. Default when the soviet union disseminated disarticulated itself ukrainians. Didn't wanna maintain The they didn't wanna pay the cost of maintaining and aircraft carrier. They didn't even wanna nuclear arsenal so they sold it as scrap to the chinese chinese towed it to china they refurbished it and then relaunched it. Three years ago commissioned it and it's now currently at c. z. aloun on Which is the province by the way that dalai is is in and so far so good for the chinese. They know That i carriers a baby step and that what it what it's meant for is to gain operational knowledge in in something which is brand new to them In the case of the second carrier this one is a carbon copy of that originally that russian carrier. That's now the lien and this. This one is sort of a proof of concept that the chinese can reverse engineer from kiel to conning tower and from bow to stern the entire aircraft carrier with indigenous materials now supposedly the metallurgy and everything in in the chinese shipyard is as good or better than anything. the russians did the russia's builder carriers In in in the black sea in in the crimea and odessa and by all accounts The construction of the carriers was good in the case of the loan. Russian carrier that is still operational just went into into a dry dock. And it's gonna be there for about three years. It's it's the famous smoke maker called coups netsov and it's it had its very first combat deployment last year into the eastern mediterranean and it was accompanied by a large oceangoing tug that was easily trackable by satellite. Because it's a civilian. It was million shifts so anywhere it went. The russian carrier was well. The chinese upgrade the chinese ship So far seems a lot more serviceable than than it's russian brother or sister ship vis a craft. That just left doc. This morning China time the and is heading out to sea for for for sea trials We'll see how that had that goes. This one has a chinese-made power plant chinese. It's an oil burner dislike The the it's a. It's russian-made sistership. The chinese for their third aircraft carrier are are all in and have it to be nuclear powered. Because they understand. The you know the advantages of nuclear power to. Here's the thing what the chinese are basically saying with the first two carriers is These are after step us. Getting better a carrier aviation like you guys have been doing. So since late. Twenty s mid twenties Of last century. Well we are now. The second one hundred percent chinese the electronics the steel the power plants. Everything's one hundred percent chinese we're gonna gain more operational experience. Hopefully we'll be debut in a chinese designed carrier aircraft but for now the chinese are using their licensed copies of russian su thirties. The the naval is version of the russian Twin engined fighter and they have traditional. They have the ski jump. They don't they don't have catapults. The third chinese carrier is set to be a flat top. No ski jump is set to be nuclear powered and it is set to have electromagnetic Catapults are skipping. The steam thing dislike the new uss. Gerald ford has the new electromagnetic catapults which are theoretically and apparently in practice. More powerful than the steam catapults far less maintenance far less downtime. And all that okay. So great so the chinese are gonna make a leap with two key. Technologies nuclear power plants which they have mastered in their surface navy and their submarines But then the electromagnetic magnetic catapult. And why by the way. Why do you need a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The the chinese sort of telegraphing their intentions by doing that. You only need a nuclear powered aircraft carrier if you intend to have global reach the the british carrier the queen. Elizabeth was just commissioned The french charles de goal the the indian carriers The spanish carrier the japanese Large aircraft carrying frigate those are all conventionally powered because they don't plan on going anywhere outside their home waters the british. Maybe but the british wouldn't go anywhere without our assistance so we would be refilling them. Nuclear powered carriers. They are surrounded by nuclear powered escort. Ships usually not one hundred percent other certainly supported by nuclear powered submarines So the chinese clearly intended for the aircraft carrier to have a long patrol time and to include possible missions off africa or anywhere around the world because otherwise why would you go to the trouble of putting a nuclear power plant on a ship if you didn't want that huge advantage anyway. The second chinese carriers at c. China is not a naval power at this moment compared to other regional powers in the south china sea they are however compared to the. Us navy they are not but Find me in ten years. It will be definitely having a far different discussions so the chinese now with a second aircraft carrier not yet operational but starting at sea tests today. Undoubtedly it'll be under close observation by by Local navy's right when we come back. What did the egg heads. Theorize dropping a actual atomic bomb in japan would actually be in may of nineteen forty-five only three months away from doing it. They were still having meetings. I'll read you some of the minutes of the meeting from may tenth nineteen forty five here in just a minute. Dark secret place. Brian suits back in the second. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Six forty brian suit. The dark secret place live everywhere on the iheartradio app and lost lost in all of the nuclear armageddon talk about a iranian nuclear future or north korea. Or whatever is going back to the beginning of things how we're some decisions made because no one knew exactly in may of nineteen forty-five no one knew exactly how the bomb really would operate. They had theories and But someone had to pick the targets and the culture and the employment of the bomb than the aftermath of the bomb. so let's get back to that That memo very obscure memo from the manhattan project. Nineteen forty five. The official german surrender was May eighth on our calendar may ninth on the russian calendar of nineteen forty five so The use of atomic bomb to force a nazi surrender was rendered moot There have all gone long. Been theories that we never were gonna drop it on europe anyway And by and large by the way those are accurate because the employment of atomic weapon on mainland europe With the russians advancing on berlin to to using atomic weapon On on burland brought with it a lot more complications than we wanted to deal with not only the fact that it was would have required the bomb. Be which was called the gadget by the way in the manhattan project. No one ever said bomb of and they didn't even use the nicknames a little boy and fat man unless it was an official secret communications as they just referred to it as the gadget so the the same theory of dropping. The gadget on an industrial town as a demonstration was Was still on the table for germany. But thing is the defeat of germany happened. Far more rapidly than the defeat of japan. And the other thing that was that was crystal clear as we got closer to the japanese. Mainland was that the conventional conflicts. Where we're getting more. And more and more deadly square mile in nineteen forty four was a absolute wakeup call after other wake calls okinawa in february nineteen forty-five okinawa of course a japanese province. It wasn't some outlying island. Okinawa was a province with japanese civilians and the japanese fought like devils and they did not give up okinawa easily and it became clear to truman by march of nineteen forty-five that if this is how the japanese fought as we got closer to their homeland then the invasion of the japanese mainland was going to be. The bloodiest battle in american history. By dad was On okinawa my dad was a navy corman on okinawa and He was a personal eyewitness to the to the horror of how the japanese mistreated their civilians forcing them to commit suicide attacks also Brainwashing them into thinking that we were there to murder All the children. The whole thing. japanese civilians were jumping off volcanic cliffs. It was a complete horror show and when that was passed onto truman and and truman of course Learned about the atomic bomb. He understood we need this thing. Ready to go before we plan on before we ever invade the japanese mainland. We have to try this thing out. And if they don't surrender if if what they say is true and they don't surrender then there's something really wrong and we got to invade that that homeland so robert oppenheimer. Of course you know the physicist who was in charge of the The research and development of the gadget of in manhattan project general leslie groves. The engineer corps guy was the overall commander of the the big picture of the military side. The military application side all the resources that manhattan project all the funding of the manhattan project called for with all the thousands of and highly educated people who found their way to To richland washington and savannah river Oakridge tennessee Alamogordo new mexico. And all that. It's it's interesting. How be because no one had ever done it before number. Never had the weapon is interesting how they had to come together and committees and And come up with doctrine on how to use a weapon that never been even tested Remembered the atomic bomb. The first time a bomb was detonated on a tower in july. I'm sorry late late to know. In july of nineteen forty-five that was the first actual proof of concept the design of the fat man woodwork and That you could actually cause a nuclear explosion by encasing bala plutonium in a outer core of explosives that would implode in crushing so it wasn't until That was actually done that. Anyone even knew that the thing would work even before they tested it though they got together and they said all right because so much modeling had been done with elbow grease and slide rules that they had a ninety. Nine percent assurance of the design was sound that the physics were sound that you could actually create nuclear fission with conventional explosives and the resulting explosion would be the equivalent of tons and tons and tons of tnt so Ten and eleven may nineteen forty-five summary of targeting in committee meetings. The second meeting of the target committee convened at ninety. M ten may in dr oppenheimer's office at site y with the following presence and then there are three partners. Four military officers a general general. Ferrall a colonel a captain and a major and then the the balance the other nine are physicists. Physicists and weather experts and engineers. None of them were cultural experts on japanese society or anything like that. what were there to determine. Well how high is the bomb going to be a triggered. What happens if we if we don't drop it and we have to jettison and over the ocean and things like that. What about the psychology of the weapon. I'll tell you about What they decided on here in just a second this This declassified document that was top secret nineteen forty-five giving us some insight into what very very smart people theorized would happen when the nuclear bomb atomic bomb was dropped. It's the dark secret place. Suits back right after this. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Am six forty life everywhere on the iheartradio app. We'll flashback here you know. It's one of the casualties. That i missed from twenty twenty. Where we're the air shows the la county or show at fox field In lancaster and then the edwards air force base air show and so hopefully in two thousand twenty one. Now that it's january thirtieth twenty twenty one. The atmospheric river is passed us. And maybe we'll start to plant or plants and And the whole thing. But maybe we'll get the airshows back because the too stupid cancellations for me were swimming pools and swim team stuff. Because of course vata chlorine is no place for for anyone to go during a pandemic or standing outside on a hot windy day. That don't do that during a pandemic. I thought canceling the show is really stupid. I went back and listen to my interview with the thunderbirds guy from From two thousand nineteen. He was a damn good sport. And you'll hear why so. This is from edwards air force base in twenty nineteen. The thunderbirds advanced party. Liaison guys came to Do oppressors and interviews. Here's my interview with the thunderbirds Brian d'arcy place channel. Twenty three from bakersfield is up here by the way it brunson from kfi los angeles and came all the way from bakersfield. Yes this will be on tomorrow morning. I only need the major for two more minutes. Say up my my intro. I need to read you know about reshooting. You probably have a gang murder to go to go to. Okay would stand up inside of the contract That's an awesome question. By the way. I was gonna ask that on the ladder and danner chain link intro from. Yeah just make sure he clears. Talked has talked to them. What a geek to ask to get in the f16 right okay. But she does. I get to that spot online I i'm a any major mark john With thunderbird number eight he is the the advanced pilot and the narrator and let me just get something out of the way. I gary hoffmann from kfi. did a meteoroid last year in this bird and the rumors that it's been called the hoffman ever. Since is that true. I can either confirm nor deny. That's not answer so that's a yes All right. I'm mark tom. What what is your job. What narrator. I like the sound of that. Assembly radio yeah. Narrations part of it I guess i got voice. Radio but I also do the advance dancing as well so Part of that is to go out and ahead of the team and make sure all the foundation is laid for everybody shows up and then i also do the narration for the demonstration so all the pilots are flying out there. Telling everybody kind of what's going on where to look what's the per diem for For lancaster i have no idea. Are you gonna get into town tonight. I don't think so we gotta get back And you know. We're seeing full metal jacket Earlier you know the drill sergeant instructor. he's He started a brewery in lancaster bravery brewing and his his uniform from full metal jacket is on display there. That's cool so If you go there pilot yeah got everybody's lancaster's october tenth and eleventh is the edwards air force space air show andy. Thunderbirds are the The main event today or show and you fly both days right. You do a practice day on the day before. Then you do a full show. Hope days yet practice on friday. Then show saturdays on. So this means. I guarantee in october. It's going to be like this. It's going to be severe blue clear so you got to do these. The high altitude show right. Yes as long as the weather sports. We'll do you do anything different. When you're at an airforce force in the show i mean. Can you do more or less than when you're a civilian. No armours package. Just kinda allows us to do the same demonstration but the weather will drive a stew either high. A lower a flash. Oh okay when. When is this the decision day on the flight deck. So we'll decide. We'll look at the weather forecast and we'll start preparing a football play this say lower high but the day you know we kind of fight what we see in that regard that the day the show is supposed to be is the day. We'll look at the weather and if it is below are men's for high show move to shots below are meant to flash know the army what we call you guys targets now. We don't know you guys i had. I had a organic at fifteen. That was with me in in baghdad with first cavalry division. He was good chap good guy. I think it was a different team. Every time though but All right thank you very much. Pain are maintainers are incredible. I keeping these jets running every single day and we have not had a single demonstration. Cancel new meaning titians So how long have you been thunderbird. Let's let's get into your selection and career with keyboards a team for one season. This is my second and final season. I applied to the team back in two thousand eighteen for the two thousand nineteen in two thousand twenty seasons And that means so. Obviously you guys get a lot of international shows and all that what's without naming names are playing favorites. What's the coolest place on. The face of the earth did cheaper to ben since you've been with them. It's absolutely impossible for me to pinpoint because they're all great. They're all phenomena impossible. We've been so many relocations probably one of the best things about this team's is we get to travel all over the united states of america and there's so many gems of places that you'd never even think about going to that we get to go and spend a weekend and just super impressed at all. These different locations community of people It's just very inspiring for me. And that's what we try to do is go around and inspire Without getting into the blue angel. T-bird thing if you had to be in any other nations air force in their flight demonstration team who who's your favorite and i can't use the thunderbirds of the blue angels now. I don't wanna get into that wednesday with the blue angel dude over at fox has been To word for it. yeah. Yeah i You know i. I haven't flown with the red arrows. Or the snowbirds. I hope to so if you're listening but i think i think the snowbirds do a pretty cool demonstrated you a great show. I've seen him up in everett paine field. But let's be honest that plane. It's yeah they're tutors So slow it's not quite like an exte- but i love everybody on that team nursing the rush of the russians have those two teams. They've got twenty nine team in the sec. Seven have you ever seen them. Never seen him. I saw i saw the whatever. They're called the white knights which think that's impressive. But you know why zero safety standards see. That's the handicapped with you guys. You actually fly safely. Is that correct. That's the rumor we yes we absolutely fly safest possible number one priority so So tell me about the smoke system. I've ever heard anyone ask about that. You you guys. Actually you remove the gatling gun so tell me about the smoke system so we take the gun out and in place of it. We put a smoke oil system and there. So where the the ammunition drum would go. There's actually a barrel that holds a lot of the oil. there's special tubing that goes from where the gun barrel would be all the way to the back of the engine and there's a little nozzle off That pops the oil out and then it's instantly burned and turned into smoke from the engineers. Here's a total gearhead question. What kind of oil is it. I mean is automotive oil. Or what the hell. I don't know the exact number i know. It's in environmentally environmentally conscious vegan. A smoke it burns instantaneously And then it evaporates. Yeah basically immediately so if you if you think contrails airplanes that fly in the contrails. They leave It looks like white smoke. Yeah up top. So there's contrails are actually just supercooled condensed. It's like cloud right well. Art smoke will not. He doesn't hang around very long. It doesn't linger because it starts evaporated immediately as soon as it's burn So depends on the density the dense densely of air Kind of depend on how long it's gonna hang around but it typically starts evaporating right Susan burn have. Have you heard the rumor that the navy actually harvest sperm whales and renders their blubber for oil for the blue angels is just a rumor. I've heard i have not heard that rumor. Wales if you see a blue angels show you see whales kill whales. You see the blue angels. That's that's all. I know but you guys are environmentally Sensible and safe. That's very california. By the way by you know we try to keep everybody happy further yet. Good sport a damn good egg good guy. Hopefully thunderbirds are back. And that edwards will have a airshow for twenty twenty one in la county will have an chauffeur twenty twenty one as well. Rebecca into second. It's the dark secret place ever warhawks. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Let's get to know. Kfi's employee of the month. Hey morgan cook. I am a part time producer at. Kfi i work out a lot. I also really enjoy driving turning on sad music looking out the car window like i'm a music video. I enjoy buying expired vegetables from the store at discount prices to get sick or not. I only got sick like three times so far this year. So that's a good start. Congratulations to morgan cook. Kfi's january twenty twenty one employee of the month day of i. Am six forty more stimulating. Talk my answer. forty dart's league replace. Brian suits in here. Warhol ix earn over three And live everywhere on the iheartradio app and a new movie is available on amazon. Anyway it's called fifteen minutes of war. The it is a french film it is originally titled law interventional or the intervention. A wh- what is it about. Well i'll i'll tell you what let's play a little bit of a trailer. Then i'll tell you what it's about by the way french belgian production. I tell them to do story. You'll understand but not always don't put up with summit just copy never left alone get this. There's a pretty tense. You love that dialogue. It's in both french and belgian. No i'm sorry. So the movie was originally Yeah called the events the in In french and belgium and but You can look for it as fifteen minutes of war and what is it about. It's it's about an incident that is largely credited with Validating the french national police forces swat team. You know the f. b. i. Has the earth the Emergency response team. They have regional arts and I h rt hostage rescue team but the hostage rescue team can do a lot of things decide. Rush you rescue hostages so anyway. Here's here's the bottom line in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the french colony of djibouti Quite lovely and great hotels. Great room service Kempinski there were. There were thousands of french citizens who who lived in djibouti. Also the french air force a large contingent there And the foreign legion guarded the borders and it was surrounded by bad guys around by A soviet dominated Theo pia and somalia back when somalia was a coach state and there was a lot of hostile Independent movie and move Terrorist attacks nineteen seventy-six. A school bus full of school kids was taken hostage by seven guys from the democratic front for the liberation of djibouti in her or whatever and the french very quickly mobilized their national police intervention unit which was fairly new everybody was scrambling to make new terrorism units in nineteen seventy six and They affected a intervention and they killed all seven of the hostage-takers Unfortunately two of the kids were killed immediately one in hospital later but they freed the majority of them and it was a very successful operation. It was a lot of the details. Were kept very very secret for years and years and years so the movie plays kind of fast and loose with the facts that they have this kind of rogue four man super cop you know diehard sylvester stallone ish kind of You know swagger. They're flown from paris into djibouti or the foreign legion has the situation contained at this amalia djibouti border and the four cops and they're a ragtag group of wacky personalities and sort of. It's a french american movie you know. It's kinda that that. The european idea the american cowboy. You know kicks the door down shoots the bad guys and screw it situations over right and it's a it's a good movie. I recommend it is good but just know this. If if it had been more accurate. I think it would have been a better movie. But if you don't know the full details of the story fifteen minutes of war is what you should look for. And it's actually the number one in five not i team but so anyway it's it validated. The gign the group invincible gendamerie nacional of france has to national police forces. The national police and then the national gendarmerie and the gendarmerie is part of the ministry of defence The the other one is part of the the crime bureau. Arming the court national courts bureau but So france has to national police forces in their differently equipped and recruited and trained and within the military when the gign. They wear police uniforms I mean within the the the agenda marina seo now. They have the national intervention team. They were the ones who chased down the charlie hebdo terrorists. There's also a really good documentary about that by the way but they are very. They're very the gign guys are very very who are they trained with. Us army delta force They come here The delta force goes there. They're very very good very very hard to get in. But this is. This is sort of the legend of their of their origin band. It's a good movie. Fifteen minutes of war is i want to say. It's the little over ninety minutes and as usual. I'm number thirty nine minutes so ninety nine minutes. I'm sorry Well ninety nine. Yeah so anyway it. It validates my love of subtitles Don't don't watch. I don't know if it's double subtitles. But that's my recommendation. I checked out last night. it's new. It was new on netflix or amazon. Wherever i saw in a and because of me it went up to my recommendation. so the gun playing it very accurate extremely accurate Very good and Filmed i believe on location there. And so Fifteen minutes of war is the movie and check it out all right. that's darcy. Replace alex for the thirtieth january the year. Twenty twenty one. We're still in the middle of this. See tomorrow night for super bowl. Sunday on kfi am six forty live here on the iheartradio app.

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