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In this episode is brought to you in collaboration with Royal Bank of Scotland and Hello Hi welcome to another episode of the Magan Show. I am your host. Am I gonNA wardner and in this show I'm joined by entrepreneur and owner of Naphtha if a beauty salon and Glasgow the brilliant Tummy Kozlowski if you follow me on instagram where I'm Megan's I do hope you following me there. Then you might have seen that I recently recently hosted an event called easy wins live in Edinburgh in association with bank the Easy Winds Initiative supports young people manage their finances start and grow businesses and also look for ways to ease juggling act of achieving a healthy work life balance and obviously this is the kind of thing that we covered you and I I most excellent listeners during report today and May when we talked about finances and how to manage your money the panel included Camilla Furlough who some of you may know primarily from La violent a couple of years ago fashioned business business owner Richard Davies and beauty Solomona Tummy Kozlowski. The team will bank asked me if I'd like to poke with any of the panel while I was up in Edinburgh and I jumped the chance to speak Tommy and here's why I've been a beauty writer for nearly twenty years and in that time I've been lucky enough to speak to you lots of brand owners unusually these big plays in the beauty industry people and brands who are already or are on their way to being household names Tammy is thirty years old and her sallow naff which stands bananas and face is three years old she has created a brand a space and services that have quickly made her own innovated in the field but it's very early stages as in terms of what I normally meet brands. When I spoke to her after our panel discussion it became really clear that she's open and honest about the process of starting a business the highs and lows and is is keen to share with anyone who has a passion or an idea they won't turn into a reality Tammy is being helped along the process by one of the Royal Bank Entrepreneur Accelerated Programs which offers coaching and networking to help new businesses and new business owners so in this conversation Tammi and I talk about turning a passion into a business the bits that go wrong and the stuff stuff that goes right the KI will she's learned since being her own boss and employing others and how to know when to stop and enjoy your successes all the links to Tammy Emme Math and world gangs entrepreneur accelerated programs will be in the show notes but here's my conversation with B._T.? Industry Trailblazer Tammy Kozlowski Yeah. Let's see like when I leave here just going to go amigos and get the chain to the point Nice Yeah Poor Jen getting re-ready to Birmingham and did you happen on the clean so they were on the plane and they were like in these type failed themselves descend really quickly and then they're like the the air pressure. There's something wrong with the air pressure. We're GONNA have to emergency London London-birmingham because there's like no air and then she said there was so that was like scared to fly and it was like she was like I'm glad to be off but she just by Tatum Rene at least tell me has lost gay. Thank you so much for joining me on an episode of the gun show hello. I'm released to talk to you because you have done something amazing. You have started a business and we see and regular listeners of this podcast because we'll know that I usually speak to brand donors who have brands that are now high street names <hes> very well known but you are somebody see who started the business. How long ago so I opened the sal on for years ago? Four years ago you're thirty years old. You're the owner of Naff it just math math stance vase and in Glasgow and you are you've done incredible things by turning passion into a business and as we speak today you have just a one two more awards. The Scratch magazine scored for silent of the <HES> and Social Media Star will done and because you've won the second can one three times in a row. What does that know me so we are no in the hall of fame the Scotch magazine Ole Scratch Stars Hall of fame and the Social Media Cagney which as incredible is really really wanted to win it this year and I'm so glad that we did so I get to be a judge next year which is Swiss i-in when I spoke to you so <hes> <hes> listen to them? No I hosted an event that you were part of a handle of up in Edinburgh to deal with the World Bank of Scotland and easy wins and it was basically basically we talked about business and managing finances and what we've had to get your head around is turning your passion into a business and then basically developing business brain and I never a lot of people who listen to this show might have passion projects that they are thinking about starting up or side hustle that they'd like to make their full time job so how where did it all begin. What was the original passion so the original passion was genuinely just doing my neal's? I did my dissertation petition that I am. I always have to be doing something with my hands. Otherwise I just feel depressed. If I'm not like making something so I studied bitcoin design and technology at Uni always saw in making things and when it came to my last year I was just doing my dissertation so as rating and Danilo reports and I just didn't feel like I had to create a vote by dead love pain and my Neal's Anim- swin tumbler is really taken off and I was seeing you know these amazing nail designs and I thought I saw reprint Neal's and I thought I mean I've obsessed with lay prince so I thought I could easily with island l. sold it and it'd be it will at least from there and it was just a really nice when when I was sitting right my dissertation my laptop it was really nice to be looking at some brightly colored fun looking nails and like something that I could be off as well so it totally spiraled from there and I started taking pictures of my nails didn't tutorials putting them on Tumbler anim- I mean when I look back on them. They're not not so gorgeous time. People are really into and start beating the news too and so from the START I painting my friends nails statements elva vintage fears Tonle Tampons to kneel are and then from there yeah I just kind of well I got kind of bored and other people's not board if he and other people's nails I I was trying to think like Kokin I do more people's nails with sitting in front of them all the time and like physically having to be the because it was quite tired and I was entering into the team and working taken as a visual merchandiser so it's quite difficult to and so I started in making Neil decals which early tattoo transfers for your nails Amazon started no actually started paying enforce Neal's I._B._M.. Falls Neal's sold them on as so it was like the designs I was doing on other people but I could say to people and London and Manchester and then I started making Neil decals and then the neal decals where they can a business to call from so I actually go and chased from top shop stock in the Neil decals so that was like an appointment. I had to decide to just keep this as his are like or dislike anti-business so sexy on for that and I'm glad I made enter business. What was the was the salon the thing you thought where I'm going to do this and I want us out on Yep so Iran ah so the neal decals? I ran the business for two years cold D._I._Y.. Neal's and I love doing that. I just as I was doing that with Supply Neil decals to work intakes and to all these amazing islands in the states where you could go win in lake. There is like eight people working there. You get whatever you want. It and we just didn't have that in Glasgow. A new some incredible individual neil takes but they were working either loans or rain and rims and other beauty salons or rain in single rooms themselves are working at home and I just thought there's so many there's there's such a huge crowd of Glasgow and there's no way that really reflects those people like where Neil silence but it wasn't a place that I must say. I felt like I was amongst my people when I always felt like my here's to macy to go in this place to awkward. Will someone want to paint a picture of my dog Daniels. I don't know so I just thought I I just wanted to Ceylon exist and I thought we'll have been running a business for two years. Annoy nails people know with. I am passionate about nails. Make sure it's a base or I'll open to ceylon that won't be hard my eyes he's twitching that e commerce to bricks and mortar and bricks and mortar as a generally not doing as well yeah it has previously so what what was the biggest challenge. Do you think looking back just one yeah the biggest challenge looking back I had an idea I knew I could execute to. I knew what my limitations where in terms of like the style on the biggest challenge for me was making making sure that everyone ails could deliver the vision and I think that was the biggest challenge to stop forest and then the next biggest challenge was dude nails for two years while growing the business which was I'm I'm not saying I'm terrible. Oh number some stop and saying that because I'm actually not I just I think about them differently but it was it was getting on top of finances. It was keep it on top of all the Adleman things that you need to keep on top of each staff client control like it really will client here no control intial Jeez. Everything was a challenge it was the business was the child the vision the G._M.. The brand ever the Mr. I'm good at Neil's I mean the guy does add hired record at nails. That's all fine and wail. You can have all that but it's actually turned into like something that works. It's like there were other. You know all sorts of things and did they ever at any point to the addition of those things eh derail your belief in your original idea yeah one hundred percent there. There UNADOPTED CHIESA AND SORTA they'll get contained these and I just got to the point where I thought as it is actually worth it like I'm running myself and I'm compete anything and all I'm doing is like making sure the other people okay all day and I'm falling apart and I'm struggling with the business business side of everything so there was definitely points where it got really really overwhelm and it's really tough but I think I saw how people reacted to the business nothing. I saw something in spatial and it was. I have to see everything through so I thought I need to keep go and there were points for yeah. It's a very steep learning curve. I think anyone who's done whether it's <hes> for another business for their own business s when you begin to grow incredibly steep learning curve you make one mistake with your profit and loss. You never made that mistake again yeah for Russia it. It's a lot to take in and it can feel a little bit like fighting fires. That's my job and I think but I think in my personal experience experience though there was a point where the thing that was like finances for examples of great exam of not feeling like I had my head around it yeah. That's when the investment in getting somebody to help his was the best decision to deal with that but we could opening for naturally saying I need help yeah. I think I'm an ambassador so I I know where my strengths and weaknesses are so I think the town's for me was finding the right person to help and no one. I think the hardest thing is actually just knowing what you need. Help worth and then go in and find the right person to help with that. There are so many resources it can be hard when your heads and every day because you think do. I have time to go and find help but it's it's really important that you do take taming finder because all help you so much in the long run how far into the salon someone's life did you mm start looking for somebody to help every six months and yeah but it's six months came up to Christmas and it was so busy and I just wasn't isn't able to do anything like a long tainted at has taken me a long time to get my head around the numbers of my business work and I've had to learn learn earn. I've had to create like a process that works for me and it's taken a really long time to get there so the tame. I just really needed someone to like. Take control of and for me. How did you find those resources so we've actually gotten into the ball like ecosystem and Scotland. There's so much help for businesses so we have Scottish Enterprise Business Gate we and most recently I've had incapable help from royal buying with the entrepreneurial accelerator program but also just speaking to other people with businesses wail and seen who the hot to help them and then also just ask for help from friends and family people's patents sort of came into the inaugural McCain and some really good with numbers. They've agrees system for the numbers near business. Listen to podcasts like just getting help. Whatever but it's just fighting the net yeah given that the team that's the thing thing so somebody's listening to this show because we have a global audience and then at that point where they think they might want to start a business? Would you suggest that they actually look for resources funded by local local other local businesses or maybe the council's all the entrepreneurship program and Young Business and prizes. I guess that they that's not just exclusive Yousef to Glasgow. Yes be those sorts of resources were yeah. I think it's so important I think when you got an idea you you have a vision in your like. I just WanNa get it done. I don't want anyone to come and tell me it's not the right idea but sometimes you do need that and I think like all these services are there for a reason I very much was was added. Get my head down and went I went for it and I've always thought we'll walk in the hill moveth really like I know I want to do like so Kocaeli so bought ah there's so much to be said I've got such an incredible network around me know of other entrepreneurs and I've been exposed to people that I never ever would've came into contact with in my life because I'm such a bubble with my business so it really takes me at my head and I've had such incredible advice from the people people that are also important. I think teaming up with another business owner in the same source sake there that you're in it doesn't have to be what you're doing like if you're dealing with customers or clients on a daily basis just find someone that you can confide and then you can help each other and look at those resources and speak to people and everyone and Kale at people your problems because there's if you talk to another business don't. I'm sure they're going to have the same problem that you've had in some mm so we are no someone else and do when you started what what kind of job title did you give yourself did you did you have one almost of. Neil boss and then. At what point did you start to realize. You had a cruise accumulated. All of these entrepreneurial skills feels like when you I would consider it. Say You're an entrepreneur. How does that I do not I. I still have such a hard time. Call myself an entrepreneur no no but when I look at myself and all the things about me I used to think where like my league crazy too. You know what I mean like. I am an entrepreneur and I have entrepreneurial spirit and not that is that little little thing that keeps me going is about as hard for them to preneurs spirit if you had to <music> sum up what no that's difficult. I think for me personally is just is L. O.. Oh fire in your belly. You know like that that is taken a thaw and make an intangible you know and just believe in the idea of yours but also seeing everything around and no-one no-one China make it work you know and I don't know pin resourceful. Did anyone ever say to you own. Oh you should do this and you had to. You have to disagree with maybe somebody had more experienced in the and and when when did you concede and when did you stick to your guns yeah. I feel like it's been quite a lot and I feel like I with Magog. Law and I knew I want to do so. There have been times in the past. I remember when I first started this aisle on. I I tried to access that ecosystem by going through the funding. which isn't why should have done like? I should have gone for the help and advice by Lynch date for funding and in a nearby lake I went with my business proposal of treating the solemn that was like a community and looking after staff and images candidate. You know like there's a silence service. Industry like you're not going to basically is not going to work. The way you think is going to work and it's it's not gonna be this incredible business going to take over the world so I didn't listen to that advice because I thought well no because I know nor it's going to work inside that will work because I'm at the helm of it so I have to make it work but there have been teams but then I sat down with aw fail silo and owner and she told her all the things I wanted to do and she basically said no like skillet back just to Neil's like you can do just Nielsen the lesson to heart because I knew and knew she'd been through I did and I I didn't want to employ everyone what they want to be self employed and she gave me the base piece of advice for what you WANNA. Do you need to employ because you need to is your vision and you need to make sure everyone is aligned with our so I did listen to her so I think I think you sometimes you. Don't go for advice because you don't want to hear. You don't want to hear anything against what you think well you. I think I think it's like trust your guy. I would trust your up for sure yeah. It's goodbye and the the other thing being. The solids have a very distinctive look and feel yeah something. That's very different from anything else that existed close by and I wondered again how you chose to do that because it really is got you all was that another are important parts of it. It's not just about the service. It's about creating creating a space and environment that people come to feel a certain way about when they're in the place. Can you describe right listeners so far. Ceylon was all over the place like checkerboard floor pink walls neon signs everywhere the plant will bear feces stuck to the world. This is everywhere like inspirational course hung in like different colored frames and I'd just like and we've got a porcelain call. Porcelain Lampard called liberace. We've got porcelain. She called share. You know I just I like I said like when walked into silence before. It just didn't feel like it reflect. They reflected my personality and I. I like to be around things nice things. I like you know and so I thought there's got to be more people like me who maybe feel out like not in traditional style like they're keble. They have a place for sure but just for me. Imagine how like I feel like socially anxious and I go somewhere. You know. It's nice to feel like I'm amongst the things represent me but I just wanted. I knew I knew we were going to grow on instagram. We were in this office. That was two floors above street level so no one there's ever GonNa. We're never going to get walked past and trade so I just wanted to make sure that it was super instagram -able so we always had something to take photos off up and if it was a neil's rose had had nice backgrounds and then I just wanted to make sure that when clients were sitting and obviously you can be some people up for up to four hours getting their nails has done and you want something nice to look at so I just want to make sure that every police client could look when they were sitting down had something and fun to look at and something to make them smile and you know all the little inspirational quotes they may need that that day you know and it might just be something that resonates for them and they just think I just want something that they could take pictures resolve as well so it's very our new salads a lot more minimal but it still totally got the exact same vibes. I think it's more grown up for this. I'm an at risk flakes. The rest of the T. Moore's Wail and so we've we've got white walls but there's like a pink data will ran the top pink trims and we've still the neons seines and flowers everywhere and it's just it's a really really nice base and I want to be nice for matting to work in Israel. How important has instagram instagram or social media more specifically in the business. That's that's what we've grown on like. I don't like to see. I don't think we'd be in the same position. With Ota but I don't think we would be genuinely a we work really really hard to make sure our socials are always on point. I actually have a like a day to team that worked on social media and everyone within the Ceylon has their rules so all the nail technicians have to take every say Neil's not not just for instagram pictures but also because it's part of the client expedience to know like the clients want their nails to go on instagram pede so as part of that whole whole that whole journey through the silo and our stories every means our clients get to know our team know who to begin with and he can feel part of the expedients and I just think it's so important is open so many doors for us and secondly like instagram has helped us build a huge community. He'd like we call our whole team and everyone interacts with us. The NAFEESA and I just think we wouldn't have the NAFEESA if it wasn't for social media and also also we have our own fraud brand a math stuff. We have a range of cuticle oils that we know only sale in the salon actually wholesaled in six hundred salons across the world and that's all down to social media and we get to share we get to share like those silence and Saddam's was when the post about our products and it just it just as for me social media as a community and we are just like a personality on their totally hi Tony. I'm curious as well about maybe misconceptions or anything you had to come in terms of being somebody who is a business so now he may be. Have you ever had because you have a business because your young women. Did you have a fear that they weren't taken seriously all the time all the time remember at the skoch awards last night it was talking to so many so many women in the industry who feel the same a lot detained tame the conversation. I have is some imminent taxes for example. What do you do? I run a business. What's the business I WANNA Neil Ceylon. Uh So is it just you didn't Nielsen so it was just me didn't Neil's like props to me props to anyone who's running a one person business business like I think it's so difficult you know about is almost like you see when I got my first class honors and first first class honours at UNI amazing. What did you get in fashion. Well probably just dawned pictures so I do as difficult as really difficult difficult especially so that's why I was like whenever joined the Royal Bank Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program which is incredible. I was so scared because that was going to be in this room of like tech start ups and healthcare companies and I talked myself down so much I was like I'm just going to go up there and link talk and kneels and everyone's GonNa Laugh at me and I didn't say six six. He's put sixty sekine page edna sexy say competitive and won a pitch competition twice by doing my talk coils and skincare and you know so I think yeah I think people don't take tickets. tediously sometimes as well like the industry is huge huge and people title is just. There's so many misconceptions about. I don't know if it's to do with people think it's vanity that it's not important but it was one of the only indices to rise because if you're you may not have enough money to buy a new house or buy a new car but if you've got an spear for opponents month you're certainly going to do something that's going to make you feel good about yourself and something you can wear every so a have have failed to law and I do. I do get a lot but no I really actually kit and a lake being on day to meet because I actually enjoy the process of being lake. Make some and being like Oh. I'm like well. I employ nineteen people and another business me wholesale two six hundred people across the world so is it not that impressive. I have no what's interesting about report. I was telling you about British Peachy Council Commission the research into the industry and the fact that it generates more and I will we'll have to put the link to the show notes 'cause like heartaches figures but it's regenerates more revenue than the automatic income. I get goosebumps and you see like genuinely like incapable and I think what's really interesting as well as like I said I'm because at my job having wives and beauty for such a long time I I will meet people when they've succeeded. Yeah it's very rare for me to meet somebody in your position which is amazing to actually hear how you've done it and the fact the when you do talk to me though I d I mean when is it going to just like it's a constant. You're on a very steep yeah. I feel it quite overwhelmed by that something like Bruce Plateau but I don't want you know of no. I really enjoy being we'd. I'm not because I feel like industry as a whole. There's like like we're we're on. We're on something that the woman like. There's so much buzz like I feel Vahidi at you. Saw Happy that I've fail failing to the industry and I'm so glad to to be on this can upward hike with everyone and especially for the nail industry as well. I think like I just think that a M- nails of everythin- people will there are a lot of misconceptions nail technicians and walking just it myself and can get cheaper and it's the same with like any like may call up here skier massage all of that but I just feel like there's something something is really happening at the moment there's so many women going self employed like Clinton their jobs and do what can be a and I just I just I feel like there's something newly spatial come in and I'm excited what I noticed when we did that panel. There were lots of people in the room and a couple of the girls. He sat in the front row. Were Nail settle notice a couple of nail salon owners. Yeah I can't remember the name of this Alan were here. They're here Ceylon while they but I noticed afterwards we the other panelists and I were from the corner. I think by the ball would go and sit with them. Because when I open the floor up to questions they mean to be we'd really like to know from tammy about this and and the obviously you seemed incredibly unguarded an incredibly open and <hes> welcoming oversee took a the time to answer that question is how important is it to to be in close contact with people who could potentially be your competition of that competition competition for me. I don't like to be in competition with anyone. Actually I think there's so much space for all of us in industry and that's what we're really trying to promote with Nafez like we are in Glasgow. There's another beg silo in a four minute. Walk away from US and there doesn't don't need to be any competition between us like we all help each other. I am I try as much as I can to to go and speak to visit. Does it interact with as many silence as can across here Buli Weixin Skin Kit. I think it's so hard I know how hard it is to Rana Ceylon and how isolated and it can be you worked with the team every day but you can't sometimes talk to your team about your team like you. Sometimes teams need that help and because we are in the industry and we don't feel like we are businesswomen. You know like these women aren't maybe access sason everything. That's available to them so I think it's so I if anyone asked me any questions about running a saloon. I will give them all the knowledge icon and all the help I can take the help that I come from them and the team that we've got because a distinct is so important I made so many women last night who to worst in Connecticut have a five and a tat. I was like all the time you need like. Ask Me anything and I just think it's so important to to to speak to each each other. There's enough clients for everyone. I think clients are their own people. They can choose whatever they want to go. We don't own them. There's no point fighting over them. All we can do is offer the bay services that we can offer our look after our staff or the people that work in the silo and look after the clients from there the and learn from our mistakes and just continually try and discontinue try and make sure people don't have misconceptions about it'd be industry and the more we talk to each other the more we talk to our clients and the more we talk about it everywhere the more that people understand that hard artyom to run a business and how brilliant these women are are running the businesses. You know exactly what we would do with sale in the coils. Israeli we make sure and give all the salons the attention that they've got any questions if they're finding a heart to reseal the products we will give them a call and let them know like our tips and techs are are and I think it's important Saudi. I would could jabre on for ages but I do feel so passionately about it. Am I employ everyone. I don't have my name self employed staff employees all the ghettos and the women and there comes a point in time where we're we can only pay so much our because what we because of what we can so what we charge for the service and obviously what we charge for the service as bell on and what people perceive as worth so we we have these conversations that remember don't talk down your job. Don't talk during the services. Give them all the knowledge that you've learned in these eight years four years five years. You've done neal's make sure that they know that the service is worth it. That's why I run the SAL and the way that I do. I've got a manager manage asylum monitor and assistant manager Social Media Reception Gua- sales manager like so much emphasis on getting the team looked after so the oldest is doing the service educating the client and win win that point that the the can't go farther and the business which is is also something that I'm working on. I want to give them opportunities to go further in the business but when they get to the point that they want to be self employed. I don't want to do the traditional thing that people do and give them guard and leave them behind their contact clients. You can't do this. We've just had one of our one of our nail takes. Leave Amanda. She's gone off and start your own business. She told me that she was leave. Him said that's billion. I'm so excited for you. I'm so glad I've given you. The platform to go on your own has exactly why do we sat down with our. She asked us to do's and don'ts can. I use force on social media. Yes you can use the foresee took in here as long as you tie goff's N._C.. They're done in Solomon Kenai. I'M NOT GONNA she said I'm not going to push any clients. I said these are your clients they come to. To you we will contact them for you and the more you win. You're leaving and where you're going and if they want to go to you they can go to you. You know as their doesn't and I I think I always wanted to show my clients. Should this and I don I feel upset and it can it can be really personal but if you put from a conversation one of just respect on both levels if both people are respectful then you can make such an exciting journey and keep in contact with islands and yeah and I think that goes for any a business like if people are moving on their life your businesses your life and that's their life and you can only look after them when you're responsible for them. Sorry I'll get off my soapbox really really follow owners and you'll have had many a time. They took my clients yeah and certainly like that at the star. I've just realized the thing that I I love the people that work for me. I love them and I have a key to them. An magic cures should extend past them just being in my doors you know for me and I just think if I can speak about that and other people oh can adopt that as well. I think everyone would be a lot happier running their businesses and I feel like the people in the businesses would be a little happier and hopefully even to someone listen to this no in the I've been in that position where they fail upset by someone leaving just have a look back at the situation and just think how could I have made that goal nicely for one and sometimes people are just horrible and dislike them goal yeah. That's the thing because I think the way that you're describing. It sounds very open pin. It sounds very kind. It sounds very generous actually and I wonder whether those those attributes sometimes leave one slightly porous to to be taken advantage of the felt like that. We've found this I am I have learned to Atlanta to harness that into something that makes me happy and something for other people in the past i Vadim was just late. People take advantage walk all over me and then being really upset about it but when I got to the point of why does this always happen to me. I realized it's happening to me is reacting reacting in this situation so I think as come with confidence confidence in on I am an entrepreneur. I am a business owner and is my business zoll so why c goes like lesson to me as a respect thing so I just need the people that are around me to respect that they need to know that I respect them so that they can respect me and I think there it's just been a fair enough to know you can be nice and you can be direct you don't have to you don't have to lie in <hes> late. People do whatever they want. Ev is making you unhappy but you you can you can look after people and be nice and B._J.'s but also have bone days nothing by Jesus. The most important word is just no-one no-one where where you're are GonNa hit the point where you're unhappy and as I'm I'm the same in my personal life is ill you know I don't think I've mastered so much in my personal life but and I've not certainly no master about spreading because I was gonna say how'd you knew what your boundaries and you've just said. Is that point where if you go beyond a you'll be unhappy yeah yeah. I'm really I'm done with him feeling rubbish yeah so maybe sometimes you do have to work yourself into the ground and a couple of times to be league. That's when you're like is it worth it is it worth is what you're doing. Worth it. Yes is is how you're doing with it. If it's heartening knoll changes do something different tinder true good advice thanks. How do you stay? How do you know when it's a good time to expand on what you've already created so for example with the adding merchandise yeah how because see we always have big ideas? I know I do then. I think but I'll I'll hit the go button when such when have you found that you've when do you know. Do you just have a feeling or do you wait for the profit and loss to look just as you want it to look well well. I wish I could say that. I waited for the and look I am no I do. I have so many so many people to look after I can't make the same risks I meet at the start of the business. So Star of the business very much got feeling have an idea. Go free. Stay up for five nights in a row making sure it happens completely not thinking about the money say not worrying about money. I just kind of is very much like if I have to get law no law no if I just want to make this happen which was good in some senses and I'm glad that that some of those things who is also bad and other senses because no knowing what I know now I know in terms of finances and the we- everything works and the processes that I've got very very reckless and I got through lost by this GonNa my teeth and actually six months ago was the first time since opened in the business that we wear free because of decisions I made ah the star. I'm like not paying attention to weigh in. We were going to be VAT registered and just think an oral B.. Find someone will tell me ah the door and then you end up with a huge bell that you're like fighting to be bike. You know so I think I think you'll know you know and it's raped eight by Lincoln again. Your limitations and you're like the bone Jews in need to say it by yourself so if you're like if I'm not if I have ideas all the team <music> but I write them. Don't just go and do them and then if I'm still thinking about them. A weekly are then all thing okay. There's something in this and need to talk to Nicole any to talk to Lisa. I need to make sure sure everyone's workloads can accept this idea. I need to make sure that I put money away every week so I._p.. All our bells until savings weekly up here evatt bill into an account weekly so that when is ready to come so I very much have to our money weekly which actually works for me because I have an idea that week I'll see okay. We've got X.. Amount Spear in the budget this week we have anything to pay off the Denison for the sal on top the anything once all those things are sore or it can refund this idea. I don't WanNa be in debt so as agree idea yes could I maybe scale back and just do on socials or do in a way that doesn't cost us money so I think I think going on your is really important but also not in the past. I've only worked myself into the game but worked the people around me into the ground. Because almost I wasn't taking advantage of them. Knowingly bought like almost like took advantage of the fact that I was their boss and they were going to do what I said so me. Having when this like crazy idea that actually had no financial or like business like nor positively towards anything you know just because it was an idea that had and then just realized it was quite quite narcissistic thing to do to basically work one into the grain so you can be like. Did you know so. It's just Kinda. Maybe having a little checklist of like doesn't always have to make money like everything could be brand. Building gnarly can just to help make a nice day for everyone. I'm just going to be in lake. Am I going to hurt myself denness. Am I going to hurt the business going to hurt the financials financials and you know if no then go FRA but if you can see like the long term benefit and something you know I think I'm looking at it from the other Said's so if you ask me like two years ago I'll be like Oh don't doesn't matter I believe in yourself but but that's what you get from experience and just like Super Soley sitting here doing the same things in year four the you were doing in year one then that might be worrying yeah. I don't know if I would have a low support me yeah so I guess to clarify. I'd be really interested to know what your mentor Olmert Motto Is. Whether that's in life or business whether it's the same one or whether you you have two different ones to to but there can have quite similar. No I would say three. Let's just do. I like to always either. No I think may be caned eventually got it tattooed on my leg so I can remain myself because I always just think when you're wearing jeans while I I just know is there. No I just feel like always became you. Do you know anyone's going through it seem as if we have a client is causing was an a- raucous and missile over lake to pioneers or something and sometimes the Lake Nicole whoever on the desk can be lake so named Droppin Nicole billion view you know like it might be like Oh why she acting like that. I'm still frustated now. Just be like you don't know what's what's happened today. That is not nothing that to paint has got nothing to do with you. Like is not a big deal so just be nice to see okay. That's totally fine. You know became a M- and then <hes> will at a year. I always say that like am. I going to be worrying about it in a year. If something's maybe a little bit a little bit kabbage Almond and iron about it but it's something that will have a huge game to me into everyone array male distinct. It's not gonNA under year this eight hundred quit. There's something in you know so name but if it will make in a year always have to say that an and Malacca last one is the one I always say to myself is just the world's not going to fall apart. You know like if you don't the email by five o'clock. I'm not gonNA fall apart. Yeah tomorrow might be a little bit more difficult you know like or if I need to ally in completely overwhelmed like the world isn't going to fall apart and sometimes when like talk to yourself Tommy like literally like the war you didn't this yeah perspective is the worst I tand words professional. I I have a feeling I'm just GonNa Watch you go global global more success delighted about because you all client and you are brilliant person to hang out with just seem the destroying your saints other really Nice just like pilled headphones as so it's fine. It's getting links to Tammy Jimmy Fallon cuticle oil and everything else will be in the show notes which can be found where viewed as a streaming and downloading this episode but tell me thank Sir. Thank you so much absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for listening. I really hope that you enjoyed that episode before you go. I just wanted to remind you that. If you wanted to get in touch with me which I would be delighted to you to do. I love hearing from me then. Please do email me at the beauty podcast at g mail dot com if however you think I know I just want to send a quick note or maybe even a gift for me slide into my dams on social media on twitter I am at Emma Gums and instagram the crap. I'm I'm at Amazon's or if you have any conversation with me and thousands of others listeners other listeners to this podcast then simply join the facebook group the link to

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