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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Louise Schiavone. Japanese authorities are demanding tough prevention measures amid a coronavirus outbreak at two US military bases on Okinawa. More than sixty marines have been diagnosed with Kobe nineteen since July seventh officials on Okinawa say US military officials have told them the bases are now in lockdown. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University report there have been three point two million covid nineteen cases in the United States with almost one hundred thirty five thousand deaths. Starting Monday, nearly all Louisiana residents will be required to wear face masks and Public Paul Brown of member station W. R. K. F. Reports the announcement from Governor John. Bel Edwards comes a day after the state recorded its highest single-day total of new coronavirus cases until now the Democratic Edwards had let local leaders make their own decisions about masks, and he supported mask mandates in New Orleans Baton Rouge and Shreveport, but Republican officials, and some of the state's new hot spots, including Lafayette and Lake Charles have openly opposed the policy. So Edwards stepped in, and if you don't like the mandate, then don't like it, but were you mask anyway? It's the right thing to do. It's essential thing to do. Edwards is also shutting down the state's bars, which have been the site of dozens of outbreaks and accounted for hundreds of cases since they reopened in the middle of June for NPR news I'm Paul Braun in Baton Rouge the US census. Bureau says it can no longer meet the currently. Go deadlines for reporting the results of the twenty twenty cents NPR's hunting. Hunting Wong. Explains Federal Law Requires a Census Bureau to report the latest population counts for each state to the president by the end of December. More detailed data used to reach all voting districts are due to the states by the end of March two, thousand, twenty one, but the bureau is Associate Director for the count Alfons no says. The pandemic has forced to bureau to push back its plans. We are half. The window of being able to get those college by those days despite back in April the bureau. Ask Congress to pass four month extensions for those deadlines. Meanwhile, the bureau says it plans to keep collecting census responses online over the phone, and through the mail until the end of October on Zuluaga NPR News New York. President trump is not apologizing for commuting the sentence of former campaign aide, political confidante Roger Stone Stone was charged with lying to Congress obstruction and witness tampering. He went to trial and was convicted. Trump told reporters. was treated. Horribly Roger Stone recruited very unfairly. Roger Stone was brought into this switch on this. Political, witch hunt and the Muller. Scam scam because it's been proven falls. The White House said they were worried. Stone might contract coronavirus in prison. This is NPR. At this stage in the election year was a foregone conclusion, but in the twice postponed presidential primary vote in Louisiana. There are no surprise. Winners president trump face no serious challenge. He won the state GOP presidential primary ballot on the Democratic side. There were fourteen contenders and all former vice president Joe Biden took his party's victory in Louisiana. Voting had been postponed due to the pandemic seven time Nascar series champion Jimmy Johnson will be back in the driver's seat this afternoon after missing last week's race because he tested positive for Corona Virus Greg. To negative corona virus tests have cleared the way for Jimmy Johnson to race in the four hundred. Mile Cup race at Kentucky speedway Johnson says he was a symptomatic before last weekend, and felt anger with the results, then anger related to the pandemic through me, being positive through me missing a race to me, not being with my team. The fear of my children's is I mean it's just if you're. Heading everywhere before missing last week's race, at Indianapolis Johnson, made six, hundred, sixty, three consecutive starts the fifth Boston series history for NPR news I'm Gregg. Lieutenant J G Madeline swaggie US Naval Academy class of two thousand seventeen has become the US Navy's first black female tactical aircraft pilot swivel of Burke, Virginia has completed naval flight. School is now due to receive the traditional wings of gold. She'll be flying with the red hawks of training. Squadron Twenty one in Texas. I'm Louise Schiavone NPR news Washington.

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