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Set Your Goals Just Out Of Reach


Today is an important message. Set Your goals just out of reach. Hey there I'm Kevin Daisy. I'm Eric Olson. Join us on our journey to building one hundred million dollar companies. WHAT'S UP MY PARTY. People this is Kevin. Now everyone out there psychiatrist. Your friends friends are going to say. Oh don't set your goals through high because you won't get him and you'll be disappointed in you'll feel like a failure. Well let's bullcrap crap and we had this recently where we were talking about our goals for sales this year and that we are thinking about moving the goal down because it seemed too hard to do and I think grant cardone nails this one in tax. You never move the target. You just increase the activity so more action. The thing is we might not make the goal that we set which is four million dollars. But what if we put it to two million dollars. Well honestly me being human being. I'm GONNA go relax. Lacks a little bit more. I'm not going to push his heart because my goal is not as big. So why would I do ten times the effort when I don't need to do not gonna hit that goal putting it to four million means we gotta bust our ass. We got a double down. We got to hire more salespeople and and we still might not make it but what if we hit three point eight million. We've put it at two and hit two point one. Yeah we'd be happy because we hit the goal but we didn't get to three point eight so you need to set your goals to be a little unreachable to be a little outlandish and to be bold and if you fail hitting that goal you'll probably still do way better than you would have done. If you sit low so looking at the goals you have have. How can I push the limit a little bit. What did I do last year. Maybe it's at the gym or running or something personal but push it a little bit and don't worry about not making it or failing your goal is to do as best you can and if you get close to. It is still way better than getting close to a lower goal. So said there's goals high double down. Read the tenax rule. It'll change your life. I love that book but grant gets it right. You gotta such goals to be a little bit unreasonable. Thank you for listening you're need of S._E._O.. Or other digital marketing services. Visit US online at. This is the Ray dot com.

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