151: Modern Day Prophetic with Shawn Bolz


Welcome to our you real finding the authentic. You the podcast that focuses on Christians that are active in everyday life. Join in as we speak to everyone from successful business owners to educators to athletes about their faith, and how it helps them reach out and revolutionize those around them to do the same. And now get ready to roar with your host the voice of manifestation, John Fuller. Hey, ROY nation. John Fuller here. I am fired up for you. Don't know this. We are going to be doing our very first conference in Amarillo, Texas Sunday, July twenty eight from one pm to ten pm. Yes, I did say one to ten is going to be any Norma slung. So I wanna give you the lineup we're gonna have Christie Austin speaking about kingdom transformation in the community. We have bought Hassen who also will be talking about people discovering, how to honor can transform people's lives in their organizations. We're going to have Michael McIntyre, Dallas. He's helping people change mindsets and going to the next level in life. And then yours truly, I'm going to be releasing my very first. I, I said, I actually second book, and how to speak God's words over your life and see radical transformation. And then here's the best part, our friend, Sean bowls is going to be coming in, and wrapping up the entire conference, so that being sent, I'm going to hand it over to. Ears truly, Sean, takeaway, my friend. I can't use the best part. Thank you. All be talking about hearing God's voice for your world. Lonzo, especially business leaders onto preneurs. We're gonna talk about a hearing God's voice for real for real, like, we need to like you have to be a profit if you're going to have to your God. And so we're gonna talk about when I say profit, we're old charismatic also saying, God's nobody wants and he, he planned preplanned all these industries, and all these things are all city, our whole nation way before we ever entered into it way before manifested. So how do we hear and bring a line that was his original heart and what we see today? And so we're gonna we're gonna talk about this survey his heart knowing heart areas, art, and it's going to be revolution. Nations of checking out get on. Are you real? Or you can get on event. Bright is kingdom conference. Get your tickets were running some discounts. You get some of Shawn's, e course you his book, my book and anyways it's going to be phenomenal time. So please, get on there. Now get tickets while you can and have a blessed day. Right. Ready? You will learn here. I am fired up. So in my humble opinion, the two biggest events in Texas, this year going to be two months. Back the back. We're going to be shooting in may thirtieth through June. First is going to be the symposium in July twenty eighth. We're gonna have kingdom conference in emerald Texas. So that being said, I'm super excited to have Sean on and talk about the symposium. We're gonna talk about the prophetic in all the goodness. That happens with it. So Sean, took it away, buddy. I am so excited about these events because one of them we have, how do you hear God's voice for your industry? Your business detainment. Also, of course, the church while log ministry, but we have something happening every hours different. So there's like interviews panel speakers discussion times, and the main sessions people have to pick on breaks, just as, as, as many sessions is you wanna go to twelve hours a day or two days, there's the one it starts off. It's in the people who are coming, I love the voices John Deere, who's one of my heroes. You know, Chris vaulted a businessman Anna minister who's leading the spilled ministry in Bethel church running California. But it's such an entrepreneur meets politicians entrepreneurs world also battles tech company, which is amazing that we have Cindy Jacobs, who's going to be interviewed in talking about what it's like house. She start out in the prophetic. What made our profits the nations, some of the stories where she's met with more presidents in probably any other minister generation. When we have we have the spoil lineup Joyner catch out, do seeing them from South Africa England, and she's a physical physician, but she's teaches on a ministry in the power of that. And what, what is women's or the current charismatic, Pentecostal evangelical worl-, and she's writing, she's written a book on the or women. It's not just securely topic. Topic from minimum actually empower the writing him, all of this speakers coming together, and our in goal is that when people walk away from the bat that, of course, the intellectually, they're going to have a new level spiritual tolerance, but especially for the prophetic, but they're also going to be impacted by the atmosphere. The turtles will Jesus culture, Rick, Pino banned, the Binion's and upper, they're gonna have these encounters to take information assemblyman at spiritually think it's going to be really important. So the goal of this is just advertised confident parka suit what it's occupies, I think God's changing the narrative in the conversation over prophetic ministry, prophecy, in profits. Generation and I think that we're starting to see how people who hear from God are being led into a space, like Daniels. Joseph, and Esther. They're being led into a sweaters influencers, where they're actually speaking, God's original design that makes complicated things actually understood our generation, so real Quinn, Sean, let's go into old news. So why don't give people a backdrop because for some people prophetic just even when you say, obviously, it sounds weird, which it's not. So why don't you take the old as far as maybe current people's perspectives of what you seen in where God's going with that in how it's changing culture in a business. Sure, you know, we, we have everything the Old Testament, which is kind of reflexive that lost thirty years of prophetic ministry. A lot of people view, if you hear from God, it's going to be disruptive voice, that comes at, like Charlton Heston, Ergil this was points. God unique to turn this way, as a Christian, we should be anticipating bowsprit lives inside us is going to nudge us, whether we're reading the bible in, we have a life application on the scripture, we have, which is that's, that's one of the ways space or weather were making a decision on, on our in a war. We're gonna have our next business loans, or whatever we, we, we could be nudged by God to the right place at the right time that he designed hit. It says the bible, he prepared us in predestined for works, which means in the regional plan of desire for us in the host fierce job is to reveal what's in the office. And so he's constantly with the voice within us. He's our conscience is inside of our processes speaking to humanity. And I talked to people 'specially visited all time. I don't hear about this one was recently. He's like, you know, I just don't hear about about. Chris, my life is amazing for the last time that you did it active love that was right outside of your own and paid off big. And so I gave my son along daughter Masan Byron all the money for down payment for a house out of his inheritance gets great rhyming married because I felt like God, I always felt like it would change something for help and the daughter was really allows ROY. Around the house and the picture was so tell me what happened the marriage writing civilly got away shoot babies. She wanted to have families Gardner, everything changed their life and everything personality, just by owning houses in. So you think you were enough to make that decision that your strategy giving us money early, which is not normal was you? He goes while no serendipitous did it this. Could you believe that the boy solicitor inside of me nuts through conscience to do this up -solutely actually like a bad thing? It was beat that was God got is inside of me history. I hear God that way. A lot of you do. Hear a lot of you're waiting for the disruptor external voice to interrupt your life versus you. Walk with God is a Christian, and you don't have it. So we're seeing, you know, I consult with visitors entertainment news all the time. I wonder why jobs us to help them digest, if I will watch saying to them, not to speak to them as a prophet to. Kinda counts. Let's, let's listen to govern. Let's, let's look at what you've already heard. Let's physician it has applications and interpretation. So, Sean, why don't you kind of? I love that part of it. Because I really feel like his is profits when you can give a word, but you just gave a word in it can change somebody's life. But for me, I can help somebody here, God's voice not changed the whole dynamics like the difference between giving somebody officiant, teaching them how to fish radically. So how do you do that say was like when you're getting into the entertainment world or the business for like, how the dynamics what does that look like we could be as simple as I was with that Ailsa actress in Asia nation in all of a sudden, they buy out of the context of this person's like the Jennifer has their country wants to with sedan with her little psalmody. It was quite just her bodyguard her in her agent and interpreter in, in set what he needed. She said, I need perks of God loans. The end. Up myself Savall assess will, what do you want me to do? Like, just what, what what's in your heart? What she says? Well that's his powerful as if you hear it. So let's pray together. Yeah. To ask a big question asked, what do you think of me she is? I don't wanna know. I don't want to hear from him that way said now you do hear to change your so she goes, there is. And she's a Presbyterian nominal faith. Not really. She's known for someone compromising sexual seductive. Stop the same time. She's tried to stand her ground Christian in the best way. She your hell so she's feels a little compromise ago. So it's going to be convicted about right? But as she says, Holy Spirit, what he's income, you're thinking she hears for the first time airlines, she hears internally, I love, you, the softest voice near. It was a real voice in. She couldn't have if I gave it to her walkway go. I don't know if I believe, right? It was a simple word. It's just I love you the bible says it up, but she heard it from gone. She heard it from a fog it in changed her whole life like that moment change. Cassim realize how many times she heard that worse alive as she rising before she was saved or not always, so she she was how good was? I think the goal is if you're if you're profit profits to yet, here, author, influencers leaders situations, you know, conflict whatever, but they also release atmosphere lights know Samuel train thousands of profits over two thousand profits are unnamed in the Old Testament in the cave from saying schools are any trained his promise RBIs job was to create the atmosphere to where people could hear in most of the profits retraining Samuel in allies school, according to Jewish tradition had to have a fulltime career. So they actually had to have a job and be affective in their community before they exception to school. So we think, profits as people who are very priestly, their discount wander. Mystics they just wearing conference. And that's how it was modeled in the sixty seventies eighties, a lot of this guys were just circuit writers, who just priest attend meetings with the reality is the Old Testament scriptures out profits were. New counterparts out of. In Antioch in the early church is that they were affected community situations and Solomon, how the Rian had a council of God to be able to deliver deliberate where people come and listen to how he would just share God's perspective on how to rule rain at he would would just come to court. Like people judge Judy. Now, people just go to this courtroom just to be entertained by the voice of God, and how this Wiseman with juristic with. That's how the prophets where the New Testament they had a gift of council and wisdom that helped the complicated things in the heart. Thanks to become. Understood. So I knew I know I knew I know some of you have lots of stories I love stories because they're easy for people to remember was, like another one recently, where somebody heard God for the first time separate from the Ottawa where you set down, whether it was through. I've had Brad Clinton talk about, like smell or touch different. I don't know if you have any things like that, that comes to your mind, it's really fun. Because I think people need to realize it's not just audible. Yes, I talk about time where it's not we're looking for all say this, I, which is parents were married for almost sixty years, which is as as crazy on a very young man. So that Barrett's about. About. They took a lot to go the kids over the cook. They don't need to use words on a findings assault amongst asses chicken read 'em by major instincts, the more you are the longer. You're with someone the less words, you need inside Jackson's understanding, and intimacy about language outside words. Right. With God longer we connector Maureen O'Hara by nature and we're moved for, like, I love the, the bridal horse analogy, somebody rides a horse for years that horses, they'd be told her to go out ago, it becomes instinct for the ride the horse will work, God's countered, are, he wants us to know him that was when people are getting to learn how to hear got they have to understand the goddess visual imagery, that God's transcendent bring transcendence through music, their sound all these days, it's not necessarily direct words. So a recent story was a friend of mine who he was married for a long time. He has wife passed away, and he was talking about, you know, his heart because he was very lonely and all of a sudden. A song that was their love song came on the radio. He asked writing for soccer mice, Lord read permissively know enough. This is okay. And the song that was the love song. I love to came on any had a distinct memory that got spokesper where he remembered her saying, I will love you until we die if diving for you. Please compared to do and he remembered it because of their song. So God came through memory and a song. And there's even scriptural presses for how bad concern using memories. That's one of the ways spacious my motto profit spoke. So when you understand that it's wow, got so multifaceted, his not just trying to direct us by language is trying to get through our heart and change of culture. We are love that story. Man. That's good. Okay. So let's talk about I'm huge on obviously my books about speaking prophetically over lives. Love the you. But you mentioned in previous God has good works for us in aligning ourselves up with what God has to say the kingdom, which. Also translate past Hearns. I've heard his life changing atmosphere because chain our atmosphere, we walking stuff by speaking, what God's doing. You get into some of that know I think we're even wired neurologic. We were made of water and on, at if you, if you do one of the biological tests on rice for you. Speak over one jar rice, speak. Good. Words jar, what rice who speak negative words are rice, you speak in you neglect? And you see over a suit, serger time seven days. What happens that the rice spoke good over this is all schools in America. Do this the rest of these good words over its rivington, beautiful white was a bad words. It gets corrupted green molding, the ones that you neglect. Also this do this at home. Try on it. We're gonna do Mike, Mike kids, public school. It is teaching you that we are neurologically wired for goodness of you, would you bully her or if you? Do they talkers? They self talk, you're actually speaking or something, and you're bringing limitations capsule. God made us this way, and they gave us the words declares. We have the bible to declare all of the good things about the good, nature got decorations keys to Christian faith, that a lot of Christmas, lost the art of decoration. We think we should you know, Paul praises pairs of a church fourteen crasher appraisal of fees of the God, open, give, sphere relation to open, your eyes to see Jesus was wisdom revelation the way he's supposed to be seeing praise over them is declaring it over there, and they are supposed to quote sauce and partner to that, go a vet like we're doing with you in Texas, that you'll be on our earlier the month earlier, the goal is to provide atmosphere, where people start to look at what God is doing in themselves, the world around the income to agreement with it. And sometimes because we're mostly driven creatures, we actually have to. Remind ourselves, stay centered in languages, are that so learning how to make Deckers restrictions and prophetic overselves until we manifest them. That's really important. Yes, I get excited about that. Because I mean do you have a story. I mean I could go and I had tons. I put him in my book just like when you start to do that. And you start to realize that, especially I'm understanding of, like, say, somebody's listening to the show, their baby Christian. They don't even understand decorations or prophetic or anything but just being. We over what God's saying their life. Can you remember like an instance where you started doing that in, like a situation, radically changed my favorite one than its more? Recent is and we have a book called breakthrough prophecies present decorations for breaks during your life in I needed brakes about point where Los Angeles during the recession. There's a writer strike replanting church. We had no finances. We have I had lost all my money. That's like many of student lost. Right. My real estate when south the whole thing, and so ever saw number someone, had give me a word that said, God has a provision for every density birds. There's always a provisional every destiny and they processors for isn't for your destiny in you're gonna live recession for God's academy. Motte Ron and I had already read about cocaine the argument there's spices that I was I wasn't fear, but I was in full faith for everything needed because I was living with current Harka and the. Packs of that trauma of that. So I had to declare my way out of it in scriptures dude on eighteen. I've either got while and resources in like God, I don't have the ability without you. So I declare I have the will be or you to produce the resources needed for the desolate you have are giving your reward. I declared every day until it became real in my heart, because part of decoration is that you have to you have to overcome some places on belief in its security. So there's a lot of inward work that happens on the side soft. It's a Santa, then you start to come into revelations while where you start seeing you declare it, and your creativity starts imagine what it would look like fully resource student or that when I start to see Oma got I'm Bill Johnson. Gimme word if you're going to impact Hollywood, because we do James street. You're gonna need a Hollywood by Tampa Hollywood's budget. Remember about a urine declaring this going that word from Bill came back up like. I have phased that we're in steered billions of dollars switching so we can create Keeble in projects that would impact the whole world. And so, I remember, you know, three or four months, I observed for your into this declaring rod headed at breakthrough that year and there's a lot, of course. Oh breaks here. But I think three years after we had our first major corporate rates are a lot of it wasn't direct finances, but it was resources. There had creativity would believe. I mean, I'm so many creative ideas creative, ingenuity, we had buildings that were provided for our meetings that were created building solutions. So God spoke, an actually not getting a resource. I I'm answering your decoration prayers with a spirit of creativity before getting money because money years to solve problems. But I went to learn how to sell on creativity and relationship and zoom rebound. So when you walk in decoration you, learn who you are who got us your life. Matt negative side. Okay. So let's back up a little bit into that. Some talk about. Like even bringing you people because I know behind the scenes like for like you, and I, we have great people to us. Even in business like for my construction company, the way God is just brought resources in people like for you sometimes people think just finances or like you said, creativity came first, but did you start to see like points of contact or God was bringing you like key people that you needed to further that, like next step, all of a sudden they show? Oh, it's wild. Like when we started our business. Remember, we I had this impression higher yuno Jeremy works for me that Hiram. I knew downgrade a Jeremy ROY ministry, can you work as my personal society five tonight a week? I was a pastor time, and it's a start on business soon. While started ministry outside of our church. Would you consider working towards that with us? He was already working fulltime job for autistic foundation, it, he's brilliant in history. You know what I wanna do the second excited about this? If he did it, there's no reason for him to, because it was like a massive decorate a. And then it was like, not really significant. It's not like it's gonna be remodeled significance to do, but he had a vision of what we're supposed to become. And Jeremy is worth in if we made a few million dollars or Jerry, I'd want Jimmy, folks, because Jeremy, as a strategist project manager driver, and we have several types of people like that God's brought along the way to be as they end up being loyal in France. They train you like I feel Germany's CO out, and he manages us as much as we mad at Trump, he helps us to think about projects remember, I was saying you're going to over saturate. If you release these projects a couple years ago in the same year, there's actually enough room for your voice. They had to sermon is this is why different types of markets in Asia, helped us to come into as a author helped us to come to three different waves of projects ear which would have been unreasonable never greater. Visit. And so, I feel like we've had you know, she he's one of many that contain where she people with God gives to the resources of the right employees. It's the right, people view become greater you become more just because then a lot of people do things logs, but as a keen of, we're supposed to out of community out of out of company out of out of, you know, collected and I always try to build with collective of people that's why we are church. We handed over to our very best friends, a planet with me. And there was now with no drama in the hand off. It actually grew doubled in size doubled finances two three years ago, because we handed off, so because we're already doing and community. I really liked that. You talked about that kingdom idea because, you know thinking about I go back to Ford's. Like I played football when I was younger, this was pre Jesus. But on the similar like it was all about me because I was trying to get a scholarship I played college ball. I did all that. So, honestly, a plane is a team played for me in played like that even in the business if I for years in the Nys is came in the Holy Spirit. Convicted me started showing like I just love like even the fact with this conference that we're about to do with my book, that's about to release all the stuff like I'm a visionary. But I'm not a strategist in, in the Lord's been able to bring people like obviously, my wife people into my life. What I love about this to somebody, I can't take any credit for it. That's what I love about it, because there's, like Nike not be prideful about anything because I can't take credit for it because, like, yeah, I'm up there, speaking argue to write a book or whatever. But that's not that's not me. I think. I think the beauty net is that those are the ROY one when you're independent, and it goes back to the hearing, voices, if you wanna God result, you're going to have to have God process, which as it can't come by your Skilley, retelling, your relational, capital, your abilities, your finances. Those will be used in question, but it's gonna come with got going one step or a lot of passivity producing lifetime. The problem with that, as we see very allot of business kingdom minded people who stand up, or they don't care. They don't trust people. And so they get maybe once that asked their God, given abilities baby got once passed, but it's not a sustainable lifestyle has the body needs the body. We need the community. We made people who will come where we don't we're not the most powerful person or laps all the time. But we share that our God with others and that's really hard on it. I think the wayward teaching the prophetic in hearing boys were teaching from a psychological relational framework, as well as logical framework, so teaching emotion. Intelligence spiritual telling Ida profit come to my church. One time classes and said, I have so much to teach you he was kind of a. And said, hey, this is really a question, but where do you do Christmas? Alex Christmas numbers. Married single is why I'm single and I go last year. Passers house was it your pastor the pastor. Where'd you go to before? I can't remember civil who, who call birthday celebrates asking questions. It's important to caution Burton's, nobody next to who do you call in their birthday, every year is celebrated tickets. Nobody said you are so relational talks sick. You don't have any grounded relationships or family or connects community. I don't trust you. I don't like I'm not trying to me, but I don't trust. We're looking to build the people who already build families in the community or at asset. And that's how the prophetic because the prophetic, Holy Spirit spread counts or concert on comfort. So the prophetic should feel like people who are carrying that aspect of God. It's not the judgement criticism pointing it's wrong. It's actually winning hoop. People are in what is called him to be at who industries are who. Nations are not who they're not in the judgment is Jesus all Jesuit across. So our job is to help people understand who are in their rights kingdom. Okay. That's a weight of prospective. Okay. So on timeframe, if we get closer time, which we might be just tell me give me a signal whatever in will cut off. But I want you brought up a really good points. So I know that there's profits here from God. But you about like, the it's more criticism. It's judgment. The bringing stuff out it in. That's why people some view of prophetic is in they're scared of it. Likes me mentioned earlier. Why so people can understand why is that not New Testament because that's not who was in, how can they differentiate between, let's say somebody goes in accidentally somebody just get a terrible word in walkaway just devastated. Like all my gosh. I'm embarrassed. Why don't you talk about that? Because I think a lot of people experience, that Dan, I think that comes from an Old Testament, Taliban where people in old philologist argument that came from people who had a lack of psychology in the midst of churches where they the, the ministers were allowed to run over everybody in without care of love. Love is the primary goal the New Testament test lead through a few prophets priests kings of people in if those profits didn't hear forgotten God with people, they could get stoned misheard of user agenda that he gets his garden. Came through one for many right? Or couple for many in the New Testament were justified according, Martin Luther nailed these on the door, where events did a cost came from. Junk minister from a process, Mr. say were justified by Bates garbage rains all our own relationship that we don't eat a presale off its leads now. That means that the priests of the profits are there to help build Dacians for us to grow community enjoy identity, but they're not there to establish that what Jesus was already status for us. We also have repentance in the New Testament, it justified Byron face not mid secure about each other's ramifications were Metzer here, about yourselves encourage other people here, forgotten south's, and then profit can happen to the Safeway in that because I don't have to direct you in your life. If I do have a directional work for you have to weigh against like that with all when he's about to go to Rome, aggravates, the profit comes and says, don't go to Rome. They're gonna put you in prison. This is how it will happen in a little bit. Looks at said, I have to run us workout swimming. That's huge because they will testament that would have been a conflict, and the New Testament was all okay. Because almost just five is on faith. Agnes was never knock Alda prop on. But it showed a different model of prophecy supposed to work where each already have a relationship toys spirit. So easier for the second thing is that it doesn't John three sixteen seventeen God's, and Jesus did not come to condemn the world. Victim says that's the holy spirit's job. So we're actually supposed to trust the ho- scared to bring conviction in even prescription pulses kind this valley's people repents these kinds of scriptures were the goal of process, not three judgment conviction condemnation, but the goal process revelations team spirit process, the testimony of Jesus, and the test Jesus, as Jesus showing John, the grind of Kreis completed or way before it happened. So he's shows John what we're supposed to look like what he originally planned to look like at that's for business at when we look at industries, and people were supposed to God's original intention. So does that mean that we don't ever hear something that's negative? No. I've many things are negative, but we can discern things here things, but we have to have a full conversation with God about those things, like I heard out of friend. I heard he was strumming feelings about satin affair. And so what do you want me to do at this? They will tell the old school profits are generation. Are you be? His life level because that wouldn't cause him to turn to God make making even worse and more judgment. So I began a relationship. And so one point where admits meeting we were sitting next. He said is each other. I said, what he wanted to pray for his. I'm just gonna be really honest severe pornography in my life right now on my marriage Mousa Mike, I'm so devastated. You know, frankly, I think it was two months time praying for two months. I saw the life really praying through his playing for me like he thought so lot by God, odd showed somebody and you have the whole time you've been my friend. You didn't pull away from me. You love me as God loves you. He wanted to break, he loves your marriage, and he doesn't let I think this country father's racial line was lost thing. So we prayed into he gets therapy got sixes marriage, but it didn't come because I brought a condemning a victory word came because I was intercessor Fred. So when he could tell me about safe enough to bring it out. He was able to manifest a different result because of that. So it's all. Log before following love. I sports eight ball love like your life depends on an eager desire. Prophecy for following luck. Prophecy is for the sake of God story of love happening now. Love has two sides. It has we recited also hard side. My daughter cries, I go to school, enable lettuce to center school. That's way different than saying. Because Las Vegas is the city of San is going to be destroyed. That is not a New Testament profit word. That's God's never in the whole history of the new test. Mrs Jesus is resurrected at there's never been a time. You can look at Jesuit offices in the fruit of it leading massive salvation assist. Never have. That's good. Okay. So Sean one thing I wanna as we start to wrap up the point of this talk about the two conferences, mainly this imposing coming up on this going to list off. Listen names against listeners kinda understand like this is a event. I'm really excited about going. We're going to be doing some behind the scene interviews, but it to your wife Chris Valentine, John revere. I love John, reviving two twenty years, man. He wrote a book on honor that literally changed my life years ago that was radical Jesus culture upper room. I'm excited. Bob Hassans going to be there. His wife. Here's lice phenomenal. Businesspeople for not now. They're specials seniors. Lance wall now so out of all this is a lot of people. I know you're excited for all of them, obviously, you wouldn't have them all coming, if you weren't what are some highlights for you that you're kind of excited about that. Some of these or I'm gonna be like interviewing city Jacobs about. So her protects us, where world leaders and I think it's sectional is talk about those increasing. But like when you pull it out over, like I relation sorta pullouts stories publicly to our people, it gives people Kurds, that they can come for nations to Lance, while now on a talk to him about carrying preventative Metron, and how hard and good that's been because he's a looks like if you're not for Trump to say soccer, mom and Trump his head of prophetic mandate to do it. If you're Trump Interbike cited by, but if you're not trumpets kind of a weird, like how prophetic people carry those things I body Lauren hassle excited about their messages on business. Bob wrote the book biz. On Danny silk. And it's this changing for business. Remember hearing about speak actually Lawrence. Most profoundly prophetic speakers to influencers are now like she leaves influence or group, in San Diego where I'm the mayor's gonna fall thought political leaders sought church leaders, and she's helped to lead a conversation and say they that's changed the city really honestly, so like to hear her she spoke over other events and it's been profound just kind of like south missiles, you don't notice. She is in south street hits. And Bishop Joseph Darlington has one of my favorite human beings in the world. He carry something that Sony wine skin in the midst of bay around the old regime any carries something with a theologian as a profit as a musician that I think, has boys like is, as underestimated by this generous lost ten years. And he's like he's in seventies. And in heat when he speaks excuse me, literally, I feel like it resonates in the deepest parts of you Incan contained your opinion in second over certain things. Like if you're jaded, or confused about something he brings such deep hope the logically, but also spiritually so all of all excited about the worst teams, just like there's just a knife, or they're going to be amazing like I love her so much for me. That'll be one of my favorite parts. See the dancing the freedom. Cami, she's she's been a common writer in Hollywood for nine years. And she packs out the comedy warehouse becoming storehouse these kinds of places comedy clubs. Choose a sangria, but also in the groundlings for I'm still as eight or nine years. And she does she's moved over to the faith-based arena, too, and she's hysterical. She's so much fun. Chemical over exerting will can't wait to check it out me so all right. So Sean, tell us more time. Give us the dates and tell everybody where they can go check out the conference, gifted tickets, the whole dying little may, thirtieth through June first in it's at the rising theater grand prairie taxes. Right. Outside of Dallas close airport at its it's going to be Thursday night, always or Saturday night. You're screwed trucks. There's people to stay all day eat, and then other, so tells close by scrape, it's going to be beautiful and a month later with year were doing day with UK's really into his one day or one nights. All. Across the country, this regard on America. So we were what we'll be doing twenty seven altogether that Amer so excited about being just because of our friendship. Just what you've been building region, but another God's gonna count of big way at snow. We've had these moments and regions got has been doing a stunning. I opening experience together people are coming. We're packing anywhere from eight hundred seventeen hundred people were go almost everything is sold out, where we go because people are just hungry for this conversation. I need petition how here for a limited deeper and I'm helping to lead that conversation. But let me tell you I feel like a baby in this context. I've got so much more about to happen more than years that will feel like Condes will walking in now is like baby steps in your slumber backout while that was to begin. So I felt mature but I feel like which are in the midst of Joe aria, deroga- girl, whole lot, so excited so listeners, United, now there's that one in July for those who. Our local perfume Shawn's. We're gonna be doing a July twenty eight it's the glove. New center, number Illo that's going to be from one to ten of Bob, Michael McIntyre myself Christie Austin, Sean, will all be talking about I'll be releasing my book. I'm excited. You know what? Why excited about that? Sean is because I couldn't have done it without everybody's help. I'm just not I'm just to unlike, you know, the TV show or this case himmy in he's like, like all over that. I have a really hard time focusing. So I have all these people around me that helped me stay focused, but I'm excited though. Because God brought like obviously you're part of the book in awe in. I have all these people have written into the book, and it brings such a different dynamic of hearing odd in releasing those words speaking over live undecided about it, because it's it was such a God collective moment. Herbie re stats, why excited? So what we should do a whole show interview under books of your listeners could really here. Okay. I'd love podcast for vocals that law gonna ask you, as maybe when you come to, I don't know who you're interviewing or what we're doing when you come to Amarillo, but maybe you can do your things I don't know if you or not. But we'll figure that you would you do our repetitive where we should do yours and we'd use it for both of podcast. Ulysses M Mr. Harris should be as. Word seriously. Thanks for having me on. So, Sean, I'm gonna give you always give last word to my guess you get last word for you. Wanna say whoever I wanna say, I hope everyone who's listening to me or new to what we're talking about. So of been for while, but I wanna encourage you to be the hungry ever been forgotten your life in. How about that hunger is you ask huge questions? And you look for big perspectives everywhere that you feel stock, or that feels like I've had times, someone will tell me, you can have the biggest breakthrough in your life soon in my heart doesn't line up like the I don't feel it. So I worked myself being stock. Whether you there, be life coaching more church, eating worship social, whatever you need. Get out of it. Get over overcome because you need overcome everything against overcome into about Asher, so be as hungry as you can. Because so much is changing the world right now. And we need you in your position in who you are. We need. We need your. Love design. Yes. Amen to that Rx nation. I'm just gonna leave it at that because that was frigging awesome. God loves you in wants to do amazing things so your life. So remember, be real authentic be you. God bless in come both conferences and get filled and radically changed Levy. That's offer this episode of argue real finding the authentic. You be sure to go to argue real dot org for your free questionnaire to identify your gifts and talents. And how you can use them to help people become leaders and catapult them into their destiny to help others become the leaders of tomorrow. We appreciate you spending your time with us and look forward to helping you reach out and revolutionizing. Next time on argue real finding the authentic.

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