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Microwave Popcorn UGH!


Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Hells. Let's talk dementia a podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and smiles sales in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia. Here's your host bestselling author Carol. Welcome to let's talk taught dementia. I am Carol. How will your host and thank you for joining me? Our show is brought to you by National Association veterans and Families Eight hundred three five to nine one nine you tell them Carol sent you when you call to find out about benefits for the veteran or the spouse of the veteran ask them specifically about aid and attendance. You're going to be glad you called them. Well I hope you will check out the things that we produce both the written form the audio form and and the video form and you can find all of that on our website. Let's TALK DEMENTIA DOT O. R. G. Right me with your questions Carol at let's let's Talk Dementia Dot Org today. I WanNa talk with you about microwave popcorn. I bet you weren't expecting that to be the topic of today's show. Well you did read the title also maybe you did but there is there are a few problems with most Mike popcorns on the market as I have been reading and I wanted you to be aware of it first of all the problem that I see with microwave popcorns they are microwave popcorns it it is my belief and I have just my brain to base this on but I have just great concern about the safety of microwaves waves. I grew up in the time when microwaves were first introduced and I remember when we got ours and we could come home from Sunday church Sunday night church and heat up the leftovers from Sunday launch it was wonderful and that is wonderful but I just wonder what that really is doing to our bodies so therefore in my household seldomly use my microwave. I'm not GonNa say I never use it but it's just not very often but that's just care all you're GonNa do what you're GonNa do but I can tell you that with microwave popcorn the bags that many of the microwave popcorn manufacturers use not all of them you will have to do a little research about your particular brand popcorn and I'm not going to endorse or are saying anything negative about popcorn except one at the very end. I'll tell you about but the many of the bags used in microwave popcorn contained chemical that when it's heated the chemical breaks down and forms P. HE F o a which is a really long acronym for something. I can't pronounce the ACE stands for acid but this particular thing p. F. O. has been shown to cause cancer cancer because of the bag. Your popcorn is in that you put in the microwave. I think we could have avoided that we also know that popcorn's of very large number of them still use trans fat they have trans fat in the popcorn according to the CDC transfats let's account for twenty thousand heart attacks a year and seven thousand es all because of popcorn well maybe not all because the popcorn but those those trans fats are are the problem and you can find those in your popcorn so think about that the next time you microwave popcorn snack all right. There's more hold on don't leave me you will find in the in the popcorn this thing called pro gal eight and it was phased out in most of the world but it's still being used in the United States. Go figure that one it's known to call stomach problems breathing issues just to name a few then there is this chemical that is called. TB HQ it is an acronym for a very long thing but it's a chemical Michael that is made from get ready now. This is made from butane butane. That's a gas so if you opened up your popcorn box in you read in one ingredients was butane. You wouldn't eat that. Please tell me you wouldn't so it's called. TB HQ because it's takes on a different form one gram causes ADHD cancer asthma allergies. The government allows point zero two percent sent to be in your food but one gram can cause that the artificial butter flavoring that many of the popcorn manufacturers use news many not all contains a product called Dicey toll will Dr Markopoulo. I read some research he did and he said what you need to know about about. Di Acetyl is the as it affects your brain health. It passes the blood brain barrier in the blood brain barrier is there to keep toxins out of the brain and it causes brain protein to misfold into the Alzheimer's linked form called Beta amyloid plaque it inhibits the mechanism recognize that clears the dangerous Beta amyloid from your brain see when you go to sleep at night and you dream Your Roomba vacuum cleaner you know those back in cleaners that you can turn on the house and vacuums for you. We have one of those in your brain that you don't have to do anything it just comes on clears your brain it inhibits that from happening happening and from clearing out the the nasty stuff in your brain so they don't know that it directly causes alzheimers but it does contribute to the brain plaques that lead to Alzheimer's one piece of good news where I said I would endorse a one popcorn is that orval vol- Redden bonkers label says that they do not have diocese in their popcorn so they don't use the the butter are flavoring that has it in it makes me wonder what they use it the theater kind of interested in that but I don't eat popcorn because it gets caught between my teeth and then I have to floss sit out in the last time I did. I wound up at the dentist. Some just not doing that again. So what are we GONNA do for you folks who are like my husband that loves some popcorn wail. Do you know now this may come as a surprise to you. Folks hold on here. It comes people ate popcorn before microwaves were invented. Oh thet is surprising. Do you remember Jiffy pop. Yeah not now not crazy `bout jiffy pop. Let's go ahead and tell you what Jiffy pop is in an aluminum aluminum pan with an aluminum foil lid. I don't use aluminum products. Those have been shown to be shown to be products problems linking aluminum. I'm an Alzheimer's. There are connections. There's I don't recommend that one but did you know you can take your frying pan. Put it on your stove top. Put you some good quality olive olive oil in there though your popcorn in there and cook it and enjoy the pop pop pop. Throw it in your big old ball and if you must have butter put butter. Don't put artificial anything. Don't even put margarine. Do you know if you take margarine and you said it outside in the Sun. It doesn't Melt Elt. That's crazy stuff right there. You don't want that in your body so if you're gonNA do butter just do butter and little bit of salt because it does need a little bit assault. Just GonNa tell you it really does. Maybe some Parmesan cheese. that sounds good now even like popcorn so it's not that I'm telling you don't eat popcorn. I'm telling you be careful careful of how you're getting that popcorn what form it's coming to you in what you're ingesting that you didn't know about but you need to know also some of these exact same things that we have concerns about like Let's see which one was the Doodoo which one I forget here. Oh I know the diocese is also found in pet food that disturbs me and in many fast foods. Just think about what you're eating people. If it had a mama and daddy or ever had a face don't eat it if you don't know where it came from donate it if you can't pronounce the ingredients greediest and know exactly what they are. Maybe find those ingredients in the outer regions of your grocery store. Just don't eat it clean eating. It's important. It's GonNa make us live longer and healthier so we won't be a burden to our children unless you just won't be a burden to your children and you know I know there's a couple of families thinking that Y'all drove me. You crazy grownup. I'm gonNA drive you crazy when I get old. My daughter says she's GonNa put me in a great big great big industrial size refrigerator box in her backyard where I'll have plenty of room and be near the pool. I don't know so now. It's just not sounding good. Where do you guys think oh you gotTa Giggle in life? y'All loosen up a little bit shake. It often give it a giggle but don't go each Margaret Popcorn. That's my thought for today. I hope it will give you something to think about. Maybe change your lifestyle a little bit. Thank you the National Association Association of Veterans and Families for sponsoring this show eight hundred three five to to nine one nine. Now hang up from this go and give your L. O. A A healthy snack until I'm Carol said Hello Leslie since Miles bye-bye thanks for joining us today for Power House. Let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia. We recommend Carols bestselling book also titled. Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on itunes. Remember

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