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EPISODE #SE014 "Whet Your Whistle!" - LIVE! The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Eh. The following episode of the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd was recorded in front of a live audience on September second, two thousand seven. It was recorded as part of the dragon con two thousand seven podcasting track at the Hilton hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It's time once again for America's favorite show. The radio adventures of Dr Floyd brought to you by ROY dot com. This week, starring Lonnie Tupua as William Aytac welcome to the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd live. We begin this episode and the sleeping quarters of Dr Floyd young protege. Dr grant Dr grant is just waking up from a fitful night of sleep. When he notices a letter on his bedside table, as he opens the letter, he want us who it is from. I wonder who this is from. Hey, it's from Dr. Floyd. Let me read it. Do you get degreen as you know, your big end of the year final in protege. Wanna one class is coming up soon to help you prepare for the taste decided to put you in charge today. So make sure the us that big old head of yours because today it's your job to keep an eye on Dr St. enclosed. Please find the keys to the time and space ship. Make sure your mind you're driving Dag Nabet yours and science. Dr. Floyd BS chips won't be around today either. P p s this has nothing to do with chip tonight spending all day at Dalai Khan, the Dolly Parton convention. Golly, I'm in charge. I'd better go keep an eye on Dr. Steve as Dr grant rushes to change out of his Bob, the builder pajamas. Let's check in on evil, mastermind, Dr. Steve ourselves, we find the ragged ruffians standing on the street corner outside secret lair, trying to hail a taxi. It's no use fidget. These taxis just won't stop at my mom's about to fall off from waving it so much. Whistling? Does that really work with taxis? I thought that only worked in movies. All right. No, I can't whistle. I was always too busy playing Atari twenty six hundred as a child to be bothered to learn how I wish I had a real whistle. Then we could wait a second fidget. That's it. Real whistle. Quick back to us secret lair. We need to make time jump. We going to New Zealand in June of eighteen eighty four to pay a little visit to one Mr.. William Aytac. Will you may tack is credited with being the first referee to use a whistle in a sporting event. We are going to jump back in time and steal that whistle. Then we'll be able to stop any taxi we want and afterwards we'll sell it on EBay for a tidy sum. Quick fidget time and speaks ship as Dr Steven fidget brace off to their time and space ship. Let's make time jump in our own back to New Zealand in the year eighteen eighty four. It's here. We find William eight-pack visiting with a friend, so I was the game today. Will you more of the same play as bounce? And they just wanna listen, I wind up telling, you know, yelling at most of the time at body end of the game mice, right? I saw Konta magin I've been trying to find something to help me get attention. Try this. Both teams broken, hey, the jolly good. They didn't seem happy birthday now that couldn't afford the rights. What a bunch of party I tried this did that work. I'm not sure the game was called off measly after very ducks. Little back is the whole field that ruffled a few feathers not janea pens on helping. Sorry, I just thought that fit the Bill seeing how you also down. I didn't mean to run a foul. Would you knock it off? What time is it anyway? Noon? Well, I'd better call him a dog so I can fade. Let me just use my whistle here. Out on a minute Jane. You when I'm thinking your dog sounds a little sick now. Now this whistle, this just might be what I need to keep off during the rugby game. Someone's head. Good taste. We time travel this time travelers. Right? Which is simple men from your own time line and. Well, I assistant and I were eavesdropping at your door. We couldn't help, but to hear your whistle. Yeah, just blew it to call him the dog. Yes, I see, but I also couldn't help. But notice that you'll whistle sounds a little dirty dirty. Yes. One can always tell the difference between a whistle that his duty and one that is well washed early. Oh yes. And one certainly want to blow a duty whistle, especially if one's going to be if it's going to be the first whistle that's going to be used in a sporting event. Yeah, you're probably right. What am I gonna do? Well, it's very lucky that I just happened by. Let me introduce myself. My name is willy Wilhelm owner of Willie Wilhelm's whistle washing service motto is we wash your whistle without water while you wait Wednesdays, excluded. Well, in that case of Sidley is looking for me that you haven't by Willie well him, will you wash my whistle without without waiting one more wink one, the full. Awful. Dr. Steve goes about washing William Atecs whistle. That's our attention to the bushes outside Mr. Atecs home where we find Dr grant spying on Dr Steve and fidgets dirty dealings. Oh no. Dr Steve is going to try and steal William eight tax whistle. One of my gonna do could just hop out and yell at Dr to stop, but he's not afraid of me and he just run off the only person. Dr. Steve is afraid of his Dr. Floyd Dr Floyd wait. That's it. I've gotta make time jumped in New Jersey in seventeen seventy eight Dr grant raises off to seventeen seventy eight. Let's return to the house of William Aytac where Dr Steve is just finishing up the washing of the whistle all done. What do you think. Cleaner, isn't that Jane Schori's? Well, let me try it out. Oh, I would love to let you, but there's just one little problem that I'm going to steal it Fitch. And Rodney. Dr. Steve runs out of the door of William Atecs house down the front path towards time and space ship. Come on. We've got to hold it right there, pow. What who Dr Steve spins around and comes face to face with none other than American revolutionary war. Heroine. Molly pitcher. Why it's American revolutionary war heroine. Molly pitcher, I forgotten all about meeting you. Yeah. Well, I haven't forgotten about you trying to steal my pitcher and now I hear you're trying to steal some guys whistle. I'm not. I've got it right here. See gimme that volley pitcher grabs the whistle from Dr. Steven then begins pummeling the nincompoop out over out, hey, how do run run Dr? Steven fidget run up to that time and space ship just as William eight runs up to Molly pitcher and Dr grant comes out of the bushes. Thank you so much. Say my whistle. Madame, hey, any chance I get to put that professional smart Alec and his place. I take me tough. I mean, ever thought about playing rugby. Rugby. It's lock your American football football actually miss pitcher, and I should probably be going well, you show you. You don't want to go for walk and countryside before you go, hey, that might be fun. It's a lot more picturesque the joys e. Yes, we could all guy for welcome hills. No, thank you. Molly, I should really get you back to your own time. Besides every time I go for a walk in the hills of New Zealand. I get the feeling that a bunch of works are going to attack me at any moment or never mind. Well, let's go Molly goodbye. Mr. Aytac goodbye and thanks for rescuing my whistle. Risking my whistle. Whispering. My whistle risk might whistle. No problem. Bye. And after saving the day, all on his own Dr grant is often his own time and space ship returning Molly pitcher, seventeen seventy eight where we'll duck Stephen fidget plot to go next in history. We'll Dr Brent be able to pass his protege one a one class and just what did we get Aytac thing about meeting Dr. Steven fidget charm, Travis. Now they show up trouble find out next time on the radio adventures, duct up. Episode number s easier one for the radio adventures. Dr Floyd starts special guests Lottie to as William attack WWW dot money to dot net. That's WWW dot l. a. n. I t. u. p. u. dot NET Carlo brick as Molly pitcher WWW dot Carla, you dot com. Murder lafferty as the narrator WWW dot murder, lafferty dot com. That's WWW dot m. u. r. l. a. f. f. e. r. t. y. dot com. Jared Axelrod as Jean WWW dot, Jared, Axelrod dot com and gene prior on sound effects. WWW dot druids, fire dot com. Special. Thanks to the staff of the dragon. Con podcasting, track WWW dot dragon, pod dot com. That's WWW dot d. r. a. g. o. n. hyphen p.. OD dot com. Episode number s easier. One four. The radio adventures of Dr. Floyd is copyright two thousand seven Dr. Floyd industries, all rights reserved. Clear the airway, clear the airwaves it's now time for Dr. Floyd's imagination, nation. Ranger's secret message for you. Members of Dr Floyd imagination nation. Remember kids only official radio adventures of Dr. Floyd imagination, nation Rangers can code Dr. Floyd secret message with the secret Dakota ring available only from WWW dot magin nation ranger dot com. All right, grab your secrets. A coder rings and a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember Dr Floyd he is counting on you, and here is the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd imagination, nation ranger secret message for episode number as easier. One four, what your whistle fourteen. Five eight thirteen three twenty three twenty three eighteen seventeen three to five eighteen fifteen fourteen twenty three eight eighteen fifteen twenty three twenty three twenty three a four. Fourteen five eight sixteen eighty three. And that was a message from Dr Floyd himself to all his imagination. Nation Rangers. You join Dr Floyd's imagination nation and become an imagination. Nation ranger only at WWW. Imagination ranger dot com. And until next time set your imagination funding.

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