We just had sex


Who we are here. We are whereabout to do it. We're about to have sex for the first time in three weeks. It feels like six months. But i think it's been three weeks but those because for us three weeks is we're in Sexual time-warp we haven't had sex for three weeks. Because i had a spiritual ut i it was a real uti. But i think it was brought upon me by a spiritual and emotional happening happenstance yet when you took your first visit to the gp in. I can't even remember. Yeah i couldn't find it. They couldn't find the uti well cup and the computer said no computers said no. So i'd seen some alternative practitioners have been doing my own work. And then i wanted to go and pena coppins get the news in case i had some staff in my kidneys because i was kind of concerned because i'm not really bad. Yeah computer said no because it was there but it was also it was brought upon me profile. Them speaking at some sort of wrath But it came about. Because i was processing stock from twenty years ago when i used to get quite a lot of beauty is so it came about because i was processing that trauma and just like restored that trauma to my body but now it's moved through me and i'm feeling good. Just wash my face a brush. My teeth and i'm ready to fuck enjoy. Chabosy i did. I did wash my pussy and ass in the sing of the small lower bathroom. And i used a child sweater to try myself and then put it in the laundry because i would be to go upstairs and possibly disturbed children. I know it's just too risky. Like you could do something like go upstairs and do something enjoyable for yourself like how the shower and get prepared or you could wash your ass in the sink because you can't risk waking up your children. Some nine o'clock point of epic dress bill that we've had it's really not worth it. The children's sweater can be washed his opportunity till adora now more. We're meant to have the have meetings tonight and those didn't end up happening so we have this opening and yet feels really auspicious with everything that's happening in our lives and to really christen this podcast as well with this sexual encounter. I'm really excited. I'm actually feeling like all the stirrings. And my pussy. I can see your eyes are glimmering with excitement glimmering. It's actually. i'm in pain right now. Because i'm sitting back on my knees and i didn't know why we didn't get more comfortable before we started recording. I thought you had a glimmer of like pleasure and excitement in your eyes but actually it's pain so obviously i don't know you very well like oh helix desirous in hungary but actually he's just guide. Shane businees on k. There we got just casually sitting around with mike send. Yeah tranet news you podcasting rig sounds good. It does sound good. We're gonna do it now. Is there anything else that we want to say prior to like how are you feeling. I think it's good to check in like what's happening musical body. it feels. Everything feels awkward at this point in going to be a wild dance. That's for sure. What feels awkward. Just and i have an. We've tried a couple of times recently to have sex and then we try. Lawf- is just so full. Yeah we're just look at each other and they're more like basically neither of us could be bothered it was doing. It was two nights ago and they were saying this not an it. Wasn't that the real so it was getting late. You're not telling the whole truth. It was getting late. The lot of tension dopamine. He was a lot of tension. I'm going to clarify an offer the truth. There's a lot of tension and we knew that it had sex or we got into. It was going to be quite a big session. And frankly i didn't wanna stay up late and i'd rather watch the defiant one son netflix and learn about dr dre. It would be really into that lately. Doing exactly what we tell some students not to do. Don't watch netflix. Have sex instead and yet we know that she is real because those shows legit sometimes and so is your resistance to have sex. Your loved one but also we wanted to record it. We wanted to have everything set out because we wanted to share this session. Because i think this session exemplifies what happens when you have a long stretch. I wanna know like i want to know the decree like for me and my body feeling excited. I'm really interested to see what comes through. 'cause i know there's going to be healing. You and i've feeling quite distant. Our relationship for variety of reasons. We've been very busy. There's been a lot of stuff happening across all facets of our life. So you and i haven't really been sitting in heart space feeling connected and loving. We've been more like going through the motions and just getting shit done and i really feel like our hearts are just begging to connect. I'm feeling like all the stirrings in my plac- like i'm just so excited. I'm day ten or eleven day ten of my cycle so like my desirous factor as like being coming through the roof. I'm totally good to go. The other thing that's been happening loves recently. Is i have been on the gaps diet. Ever run a is so sick of hearing the worst gaps It's really taken over. I love if you don't know what that is. It's basically at dealing the lining of you got. It's not a diet. But you cutting out so much stuff from that you would normally eat. And aiding only super intensely nourishing broths and all this stuff for multiple weeks on end and i had a massive body detoxing and turned into a stew kind of m. a a raging. Just angry boston lately. Yeah you will. You've been cleansing was dame demons been like really come up from the depths and his circling around and kind of taking over men and some moments of the day. And i'm lightly has been a couple of times and i've been just wondering why all that was. That was intense swatted. Our reaction like that who emily so selby be pricing some serious stuff because of the massive change in my diet and my body's been seriously detoxing whole bunch of stuff. Yeah plus let's. Let's give ourselves some some upset loss. Ut i e app but also through mass of spiritual healing we've been seeing. We've done the bio resonance magnet therapy. We've been doing lomilomi massage. Like full bodies deep massage of every party view. We've been seeing no army path. Oh my gosh so at the same time sober algae guy a few times like kind of kinesiology but his own. Take on it and work. I think what's really happened is the ut. I was kind of a physical thing that brought distance between us. But also i think we've both needed our own space of the last few weeks because we've both been processing so much often when you're up leveling or coming into a place in your life deep transformation you have to go quite dark until the shadows to then pull out into the light. You can only go as light as you can go dark and so we've been going to some dark places and and of course you can actually deeply cleansing on a physiological level. Like you've been shitting out the stuff that's been caked into your body wash. It was black. Yeah was any what now. Your shit smells lazing. All of a sudden shit smells like musha dunston. He doesn't it smell. Someone may be farted in the room. Like fifteen minutes before it's like. Oh this happened in here and it's like No i don't think so. It's extraordinary your body's becoming this purified temple on before. There was no question that will happen living at home and died in here is there did old man behind the toilet. Someone who died of covid last week right away. I'm just like i can't believe you just said he died of covid. I was like i was fine. Picturing an old man died behind the toilet but then the c word about because he may be smelled as shit. Smell my shit and died. He's not going to die. Name all probably resurrecting. He's done but anyway. Needless to say we've been on a huge cleansing fucking spiritual journey before kinlaw reset simultaneous author. We live together. Were still in this strange. uk lockdown. We are always together. Were attached to the asshole. So it's like it's fine that you know. We've had a patch for last three weeks but i know we're both itching because this is our place of like. This is our place of connection. What i'm just thinking. Oh we're joined at the us. Oh you lucky. Joined mine mine is fucking minds around crystal and i just washed mine in the in the snow sink. Crystal clean does not a thing that people say that crystal clear mommy's crystal clear but other than links hall's not crystal clear. Did he get bleach tonight now. I didn't need to the gaps. Thought least for me. It's broth bleached. The chickens jesus to go from being people who've been predominantly plant based for many many years to gaps dishes twenty four seven. Meet and slowly. But it's extraordinary that that level of meat can actually cleric gleich. Clean you out so much. We learned so much anyway. Let's return to the facts of of it doesn't matter it's giving context So i need to know that shit cause has been intense. Yeah but i think the main point to return to as that our sexual relationship and what we've shared of ourselves and what we share with people who learn from us is that we use it as a place to come to regardless so it's like rock up. We use it. Like people use meditation or yoga will use it to connect to come inward to heal to explore to transcend an elite to have massive. We have massive breakthroughs for a business for a life direction of alive for a note. Home schooling ideas for children We have huge fucking breakthroughs win with fucking which is why we hold it so daily to us because it's it's wear its way the best most impactful stuff will happen. And if you if you use it like we do as a vehicle to abundantly. Bring in breakthroughs as well as getting hips. A pleasure and become way more connected with your partner. It's just it's a loft changer. And yeah and this is what we want to share with you. This is what we've been doing for years and what we've discovered we discovered this because our you know sex life of vapid with been together for ten years and you know you hit a point where things can dry up and that is the narrative were sold. This is the cultural narrative that you get married. You have kids and everything you lose everything and we were like it happened and then we were like but were not having it. So how can we heal. How can we cobble together. Our lives and figure this out. And we've done it over the course of many years and we've distilled many lessons from this. We weren't doing well even before we had fox and that's true. Yeah yeah for sure it was. It was fading out and we both pissed off at each other. The bone many levels wasn't working everything else in life working super well and this is what we hear also so much i love my par- now best friends. We parents together. We do all these cool stuff together. Everything's great but this one thing that we kind of need to work on. We need help with that. It's like yeah that one thing is the biggest fucking thing. Yeah and there's so much pain because we all have such big stories around what sex means and what it's meant and how we've been treated and and how we show up and our body shame and there's just so much in an actual physiological discomfort so it's you know it's no wonder that it so fraught And we want to offer you know. We want to offer a different perspective and we offer at by showing the truth of ourselves and showing what we're doing so i think without any further ado i think we should have sacks i want you to. I want you to do a body check in now. Because i really want to see what you're feeling now and then i want to check in on like what we're feeling afterwards so i'm feeling some tension in my jaw and in my shoulders. I'm feeling a little bit scattered like a little bit in that upward energy in my head and in my chest exactly what i was gonna say been juggling too many different things today and feel a deep like i feel a warm love for you and a kindness but i don't feel a magnetism yet like i feel disconnected like i see you. But it's through a foggy piece of glass like that. The nourishing love of an old friend. Ready to smash the glass though and really see ewing close cool. That sounds awesome. I'm very very up for that. Yeah i feel scattered. I don't feel feel of lay present and kind of grounded in my buddy of people. Say that i feel yet. Didn't do any work out of physical practice today. That probably didn't help me. But i'm gonna do physical practice now. Oh all right so. I just took off my ugh boots. And then i started to think about getting dressed and then i thought should we be recording. This and i don't know the answer so we'll just record it. It's already recording so so we're in the living room. We got some candles lit because some low level lighting in my One of my products which is putting a color changing thing which is putting out an pink glow right now since a really clean in our living room because we did a huge declutter the other day in our lovely cleaner was around today. So it feels really pristine. I'm taking my pants off. Slices kind of bent over holding a microphone. Because we didn't have tend to use these microphones in this way and taking off her jeans with one Which is all the pennies off hand. I didn't know you could do. A list is one that i can. Of course you deal. I mean you're going to get your holiday with one hand holding on mmediately called. I guess. I guess i just found to store. According i felt compelled to interesting. Because i'm not sure like we could just record everything. It just seemed strange to stop when i could still be recording talking about things i think. Probably in the future. We will record everything. Just know these microphones. We're going to need like wireless Not lapel mics. because we weren't have a lapel. Pieces near the headline wireless headsets. We can be like yeah. I'm naked. I mean i gotta say girl you look fine still got it definitely good. I like that. You're just hanging out in your sweat suit on the ground right now and a whole so. Take your clothes off. The medium toll nike sweatpants Taylor pretty fun. I love that lockdown leisure look he opted though at least there's no stains or holes on these ones and i appreciate that. I think we just get naked like this. don't we. yeah usually which is just one hand. Usually he's both hands visit fire called. I was gonna say we've just been through winter Normally i would make nice out pink sofa which may be. We have to share a photo of that people can understand how fun it is It's right next to the open. Fires pretty good lovemaking situation and we've got our sex blanket on top six blanket. Which only lacy and i know is the sex blanket nature now in yemen funds. Make a dan or let's put on the rug and like throw blocks do something with it and like no baby no fucks enough that longer life. Okay take things off take up. I need to be going then now. I'll wait and thanks to all of my years of yoga training. Diab manala your microphone. While you take your sweater off the would help. oh it's davos advert as mond. Hey it's lacy. I have an offer for all of you women out there. It is my free masterclass a ninety minute deep dive into your sexuality your turn on your creativity and your purpose. You do not want to miss this. I have taught this class to thousands of women around the world who have cheered as they've learned sacred triangle theory for pleasure and power womb energetics for understanding their story lines their creative potential power language for articulating oneself. And actually speaking up. And saying what you mean so much value inside of this class. I'll also be giving you the opportunity to work with me. Further in of my signature program school of whole. This is where i have helped. Hundreds of women receive monumental. Transformation from surprise desired pregnancies healed marriages new career paths. You name it. We have gone there what you need to do right now. Is to hop. On over to lacy haynes dot com slash masterclass sign up for the free class and make sure you show up doors are only open twice a year and they're open april nineteenth through twenty six each joined the free master class. You'll learn so much and then you get to decide whether you want to continue this journey with me. So go to lacy haynes dot com slash masterclass right. Now save your seat. I cannot wait to see you there so we've been seeing each other. Yeah you are back. And we're both naked or both standing in the living room. Naked holding microphones. This is pretty cool. How it works. So we've been getting naked for ten years. I think part of being delegated to sex as a practice in this work is that. Because i guess you're cultivating like your independence turn on in sexual energy. It's like much easier to stay sexually interested in your partner and find them attractive. What's going on you doing. Some strange stretches right now dig around incapable pews a very long time but you have. Yeah i have i did. I did like last week. I'm not gonna trim on growing mon- out you. Are you going for that. That bush look keep you warm is gonna get a surprise when i go back from my next lomilomi gonna stop short like a baby seal. Do you want to sadden intention or anything right now. My intention is to really enjoy myself. How are you positioned right now On mondays on the sex blanket and you are on the. It's love island as turner remember the name of her pink sofa zone. Love island looking lovingly. And i'm good. Enjoy some really great sex right now and i nor license to enjoy it too. I'm ready to receive. It's so interesting to hold a microphone and have you making between my legs. Just be in the experience of it happening and not in any performance but just being like the peer pleasure. I'm going to send my down. Sometimes in these moments. I think well. I'll definitely never be president even though i don't belong to a country where i could be a president but that's something that flashes through my mind i've got some of the rage. Rising in me has almost like this pent-up experiences ping might too busy and turning to my body and then the subtle kind of tender repetitive experience of you licking me as as like bringing out all of this fucking super rage but also rage the world rage for so many like off could just fucking throw this mic right now and then like the pain of recognizing how fucking closed. My heart is and that. I'm gonna have to let it fall open and the fucking immensity of to armouring my heart right now and then all of that amidst the subtle repetitive like fully loving sensation of you just like kissing and licking pussy at just fucking village like so much right now has experienced definitely's and new to me and i think this happens. Were like things become like overwhelming. Sometimes and then we either numb out or we don't know what to do with the experience we don't know how to use these moments like to actually process and actually hold space for all of the contradictory fucking intense fucking life things so what. I'm doing right now. As i'm just letting my inner gays instead disconnecting from sensation which is what we're kind of habitually doing in our daily lives to silence our bodies so we can keep going keep going keep talking doing instead. Of silencing my body. I'm going to amplify my body's receptors. I'm going to choose to experience pleasure and let my heart be fucking loved right now. It's gonna be like by big unraveling point Yeah i just wanna fucking push against adam. Clenching my jaw stretching my face out like it's not on. It's not in packaged or pretty. It's actually just true. It's the true desire of the body to release. This is the the recognition of what's happening on the the bodies level. And i think often we choose especially for the feminine to you know disconnect or become performative in this moment or two compartmentalize any of the riding sensations or not even know what they are not even know how to how to greet them and so leading the brise leading the rise and then all of that in the face of pleasure and love so love of pleasure is what's allowing me to face the disconnect and to face the pain and this is you know often. I find for me as the pain of living a life. That's not fully in alignment. You know still existing within the patriarchal structures in terms of like doing too much over failing my life trying to parent and work and the not being that joyful love space as a grounded. Way of being really flynn's like offering this right now. This is like a josh. Drove like deep healing. That he's giving me. It's like fucking therapy and then i choose whether i'm willing to receive at an how much i'm willing to receive. Am i willing to accept his. Fucking unconditional love right now. Am i willing to let myself be seen you know in here. It's like the the the staying in the brathwaite. The that the staying in the connection to the experiential in the actual experience of the connection the touch the licking the kissing the hands on my legs and had so easy in these moments instead to come into the mind to think about it and right now. I'm just actively choosing to feel until at myself open to a broader expansive feeling. We often only allow ourselves a certain degree of pleasure simultaneously myself to soften my belly to soften myself to g benz let can receive that. I can fully receive. Obviously this requires a deep deep level of trust. What's your experience right. Now you're talking. A law assuring some some really great insights. I'm just wondering this is the first hour we've tried this so we didn't know how this is going to affect their experience. But i was just wondering how how it's affecting your experience of pleasure right now and yeah. It's actually not expecting it. I feel like i'm rising in really coming into sensation. I want to know how it's affecting you like. How do you feel right now. What's your experience. It besides us documenting. What's your experience right now. Few really great somehow licking your pussies like heroin for may dislike it just makes me zone out and go super common in his meditative space space of this com giving and makes me happy. Yeah you have grounded right now. You're really relaxed. I'm having a really nice time okay. Continue has actually something so free about having the space to talk this out right now as i experienced them am using my voice to articulate my experience and i feel quite liberated an funnily enough. It's actually enhancing my pleasure. Maybe not enhancing. But it's not inhibiting at all. It's it's facilitating It's also so fascinating that ought flip into the performative at all. It feels so safe and easy. I can really feel it. All anger just laughed. My body. Now gonna fully all weaved in state my pussy with his pleasure with your mouth with my heart. Not everything's opening up and releasing everything to be mixed up on on just like software and longer such an interesting experiment. Yeah now finding a desire to remind myself that i'm safe. I'm safe that my pussy be licked. We saw let myself fully open up our baby. Just walk up i go. This is the point where lacey runs upstairs. Little boy rookie. is almost eleven months now oh lacey's walking away nude but with their raids on. That's quite a look. Keep him some birth milk for a minute or two. And then she'll be back. It's quite interesting to navigate life when the baby and you are in pleasure and or less no talking about screw the mood. Screw whatever just have your sex and be let it be. What what it's going to be and if you get disturbed partway through a baby. That's waking up. It is what it is feed into anything else or anything to emotional about it. Let it be and then then will discontinue an emission. Something that i wanted to share at this point is we want show how recording ourselves like this is going to affect us. But you've heard lacy say already that it's kind of almost turns around more and helps her probably to come into like authentic space of pleasure because she can tell you the connections between sexual who center and your voice and for the feminine When you look at the vocal colds and the vulva going on inside. They actually look very much like each other. So the whole story that lacey can share with you much more debt later. Date also familiar. Doesn't feel of course the microphones here. We know this is being recorded and mobile shed but it doesn't feel like there's an extra peasant a room on doesn't really feel very awkward and actually feels for lycene and i very authentic and we know that by sharing. This is going to help a lot of people so this is something. That's very close to our heart had made assuming today and they sit us very brave begin a shared intimate details of your sex life on the air like this but we just know so many people that are going to be helped by this and most of them will never reach out to us thou share with their friends. No-go my gosh look at what these to doing and we just really hope that we already know about. We continually hope that just by being really truthful to ourselves and really authentic with what. We're doing everything that was sharing here. We'll help people and this is our way of contributing back to the world back to old relationships that have been through the Difficult time in this past year and edges hopefully give you some more inspiration. Some more tools along the way to try and experiment and line and i always say that we're we're all the work in progress has certainly true for him myself but it's really good to just acknowledge that and not just enjoy the journey as thoughts for me. I've been those busy off the mark for a minute lacey's back. She's got a robe on she's very cold. is springtime. We're not sure if we should let the fire. Next time we will so you can hear the crackle in the background now. We show continue great time. Oh the something super cool and educational about nece like he syrups often takes way. It's not porn and it's not sex education like a whole new genre. This is what. I want to pack. Something that's totally not. W4 as flynn sat back. I'm in my robot. Chilly here back on after we pass through the honeymoon phase in relationships head into a potential for sex to become something beyond the courtship intellect whole other realm of Hailing an expansion and helping process. That davis things inside of you. Trauma pain uncertainty out to connect hits into things like no therapy. No other practice can do. Because it's trips you bear. Has you and your most vulnerable connecting you into the energy that brought you here sexual energy energy that we're all made of. I really knew right now. Off of a sphere. So what you're doing right now. She says the sieve harry. Flynn oh fuck. I still surprise me. Oh my god. Oh fuck off. I i if i can squirted. They're a bit shit. Got i just my fucking pussy. Healing the whole fucking world on my mouth was like a portal and i just felt fucking sachs this energy of lobby just fucking healing all. Oh my heart just cracked up and fucking oh so is through love that my pussy all through my pussy that my heart fucking ruptured and just fully expanded on god. Holy shit thank you gift. Oh my god you look ready to give more. Fo- i want to get ruined lacey's assuring towards as if i should say something meaningful at this point just say anything meaningful. It's just. I've been talking the whole time and i just i don't know we don't even know. What do i shed some wisdom on your way taking a rookie walk Maybe i in a bit of a different vibe. I feel like just having sex right now. Find fact let's do it. She says nothing's all the my hope. Microphone it just hold the mic and see what happens the more. I just wanna see you. Just breathe blood. You had a nice orgasm hartzell. And how do you feel younger in your face. Yeah so you thought was a good thing acting we know. I think i felt like it was very authentic and true and now feels a little bit performative. Perhaps does it. What has performative to you just so we're talking so much of hell wouldn't usually talk so much. How can it be informative. But like still just explore this idea of of talking. You know like with like you can talk without performing you know loose. And she just told her experience doubtedly. We're not put on a show and just didn't know where we're going to record the whole thing like this but they're lacey's just tugging on my cock to get me from semi to vary situation and go side of her pussy so we're fucking now. There's something much more vulnerable about. This feels really strange. Before i was having an experience and i was just narrating now. We're looking at each other and we're both holding legs and it does feel if any just become a little different for me now as well feels great looks great. Why don't we put them down and just see what comes through. Let's down that my extent. I just keep thinking about our podcast manager. Told you we're gonna go there. We're going. They're going there right now. I just want a heart. Space you are holding the mic for me. Sneakily took his mike something that comes up a lot from us For us even the practice breath while he my life office too casual remind to breath. It's always very useful for your partner because it really situation charles. He really need to come back into your deep breathing. Yeah we often feel like the mood the mood. I mean we have so much to say about this that it can be irrevocably locked but in this moment right now you know what changed and it became strange than we came back to the body back to the breath at back to each other. Now here we are. I just want you to come into your heart while you're doing this now. So she's laixi really pushing them the hot space which really helps may to feel the physicality of a hint pushing against my heart to made me realize that i need to just be aware of that space right now. It's very easy when year. Fucking your wife who you really really like to feel many different things at once so easy just to be in the palace energy but ascending the energy circulating through the heart bringing it until love. I'm having a lot of really big things happening right now. So my jaw just got stuck. I could actually opened my mouth surly like part of this expression. Feeling that i had this fear of my ut is. I'm really like you know. We're obviously very deep into working. The sexes healing practice. So i'm experiencing the fear of the. Uti the twenty year significance of this having returned and then my jaws simultaneously locking them was really scary and staying in the safety right now as as beg. I am alright right. I'll ride led a moment to some stuff that's different to have insisted to gore's all right if you're loving what you are hearing and you're like yes this could be for me. We want to introduce you to our program sacks elevated what you're listening to in this episode is basically the culmination of all of the work we've done and then we've taught thousands of people around the world to podcasts. The results yeah. It's the work in action leaving results and what we've learned is how to communicate how to express our needs how to rewrite our own stories around sex and ultimately how to understand how fundamentally important it is to have a sexual relationship with yourself and then share that with your partners that you can both have a fucking epic life. Hanna understand what you actually like. Annetta communicate that to someone else so they could do it too. If you can express what you want in the bedroom you can express what you want across all other facets of life. This is about sex but you know what it's about every part of your life it's about your career your family who you wanna be in the world and so we take this entry point of sex in your relationship and we make it kind of the nucleus we help you heal at expanded and then your life goes boom big six epic pleasure having the power the confidence to ask for what you want. Yes so if this is making a go yeah yeah. Yeah and we'd bet is then you can go and register for our program sex elevated right now you can get in there with thousands of other people and you can begin your journey with your partner head of a to lyceum. Flynn dot com slash. Podcast you get. The show nights does links to our calls sex elevated. check it out. We want to see you in their media. Changing your life right now right now. We'll see you in there. Go and do it now. We'll see you say we love you goodbye so lacy just went for a moment to have we very concerned about this spiritual. Uti coming back for a second round. Because she didn't want to take any medicine while she took hold tentative stuff. But i didn't want to take any medically prescribed things so two three weeks. She's holding up the triple finger. So we don't know what's going to happen. Hopefully it doesn't come back around because that would be a major drag. I don't think you will come back around. There's just an energy in my body that's being like asked be really like just really conscious of ten year relationship freeze right now. I'm seeing even knew. And it's working for the first time i'm gonna off. Aw shit sui display lacy slash. We decided that maybe super long mission his though she needed right now and now is already in a very hot and pleasurable space so instead of easing things back and changing breathing and changing direction. We decided to just good through the come right there holding mike just catching my breath a little bit. Why don't we clean ourselves up and get cozy. Then we can chat about it though. Sounds nice. I feel like i want to have a on my special gaps cup of tease her turmeric and ginger and a tiny bit of honey with coconut oil on top. I wanna rob brownie and chai tea rod stewart. What about those brownies. That i made fee yet in the freezer. And the freeze yeah. I'll just eat my other. One and then fund made me a full tray rob brownies for mother's day even though he can't eat them because he's on gaps min sacrifice. Okay we'll be back. Oh my goodness it's giveaway time so we just launched this new podcast and we're giving away some free love. Lie is if the love that would be given my isn't enough already. We want to give you some stuff all right so basically what we're trying to do is we're trying to get a lot of five star reviews. People say you're not supposed to ask people for five star. Reviews subscribes. But i want to ask people for what i want. I want five star review. Were direct people. I want you to follow and subscribe and want you to share this. So if you offer us a review we are going to enter you in a giveaway to win some sweet shed and you can read all about that at lacy in flynn dot com slash. Podcast get a breakdown of what we're giving away. It's real stuff. Yeah stuff you're gonna like. Yeah don't just glaze pass this part like go. Give us a review. do it right now. Pause this gives us a review an comeback. We're watching we're waiting. We'll be dawar. We got you for waiting to her. Yeah right the five star. Ding ding ding. Oh we felt. The five stars is coming in las vegas so much. Now you're in the giveaway. Oh my god you could congratulations. Her name is in all my god. You did it you should turn you did a twice katie. It's you see johnny. Thanks bye we love you all but all right back. I just ate peanut butter toast with coconut oil and cinnamon. And i feel quite good and we were in the kitchen and i think we both had a momentary deer in headlights where we almost couldn't believe what we just did. I felt that way high fat that way in one way it was so simple. We did what we normally do. We held these black things. We'd long cables of the end but in another way it did change the experience but not kind of drastically in actually so true to us for another reason apart from the sharing the sex and breaking down and trying to help people and all that in that is just totally lost it is then sex. Brian hewlett cleveland countdown. She'll be six brain now gonna go to the other point about this. That makes it so authentic to us is that it's so simple and so powerful we really strive for simplicity in living room in a business with a messaging everything. We prefer simple and potent. It's so much easier to actually have sex and to just let people see what we're talking about all these years to actually like that's the most minimal listed approach is to be like here it is it feels like a threshold like we've just done something irrevokable. I mean once this is out in the world. There's something very final about that. And then simultaneously. It feels so liberating because to do this. It takes away any vestige or last remnant of shame or uncertainty or doubt around this thing that we're sharing and creating i mean it just is what it is. This is the act that brings us onto being it. Sex it's pleasure its connection. It is crazy that we all have such a deep wound around sex this act that is the essence of our lives that we you know that this will be shocking to many people and yet we are two people to puzder. We have kids. We've made kids. We've come from parents who had sex to make us like everyone's spending their whole lives in pursuit of saxon connection and love and here we are showing it as to you know consenting adults and it feels revolutionary and simultaneously totally normal and nothing nonchalant easy and also it feels. It feels like stepping run edge. Lacy sit in the kitchen that she felt like she discharged in the ocean but didn't know how to swim. It's cut really for us right now. We're gonna simplicity but also a massive nest to it Like what did we just do is have. We gone too far even for ourselves and we have pretty fine with sharing a lot of stuff but we just looking at each other. But i feel like this is. This is just hit. We had this idea and it still feels true. And i feel like the more that we do it. The less the microphones and the and the teachings jewelry sex gonna make an impact on the experience. So less is trolling it. Yeah and i mean you know. The show isn't entirely this. This will happen periodically. the show is about tons of other things associated and around sachs's not just showing inside of our our sex but this is an entry point and also coming back. Tell me how you feel now. What's your experience of your body now. And this is the most important part of slow up with. I feel i definitely feel like probably a lot. Younger key ally hunger or feel so much more clear i feel less stressed and less scattered. I feel very calm. Which is nice because of been dealing with a lot of internal rage lately trying to understand that because it was very out of character rage feelings. Come up for you during sacks at all. I feel like probably. It was even more heightened because we hadn't had sex for three weeks. Whatever it just felt like what you were saying there during our session that you heart was closed. Mahat was so closed and so so buried dandy but just saying you there and seeing your beauty again and your openness. I feel like that. Just helped basically illuminate my heart again. Mahat heartache heart my heart in a new in a new way so you feel you know. We all say listen. I took all the tom about this. Not enough words for things we say can make all the time fucking connected. I feel more connected with you may never knows what that means. But we gotta come up in different nuance towards for the shanghai. Just south so important for the intricacies of this. So i just i feel like a missed. You feel like. I hadn't seen you for ages. We've been living in the same house but she's been working. Parenting and the lack of sexual connection is just left quite a chasm in life and it we talk about this and calls that you have to build a bridge back to your partner to to keep that connection intact. And i feel like that's exactly what has happened now. I feel like just seeing you laying there so open and beautiful my feel edges so much more. Love view of philip probably fell in love with you and just a little notch. More just than it was. Definitely different with the microphones but it was very special and a laugh. I felt the same this deepening of love. And i think it's because where you know in this ten years of relationship right now. It's it's upon us and i'm i'm feeling this and feeling this connection to you when i first met unum seeing that person in you away but also who become an who becoming as we embark on this next chapter of our lives and i sign us a mirror lake your resistance to let your heart be opened than the reminder when i was reminding you you know we kind of had our own private moments and set to mike stem whispering there and i had whispering so you all y'all and i was feeling your heart and just reminding you how much i love you and and to feel love to love yourself to let me love you. I just feel so much how that changed the momentum of your energy through your pelvis into your heart new fox me from your heart and you came into lavin and i loved you and you loved yourself and your love came back to me and i felt profound and then we come out the other side now and on a body level my shoulder. There's no tension in my shoulder or jaw. My heart is so warm and like heavy in my body instead of high and flattery. it's grounded like feel really anchored in my physical body. The mancha's feels really warmer now too. I think there's just so much love. We're smiling at each other so they we go. That feels like the roundup. Let's be honest. I kinda wanna see if we can get an a bit of the defiant ones before we hit the. Hey we've already pushed it fast and thirty this wall past my current bedtime so might as well party this night through boy oil. That's hilarious for all of you at home lessening. Obviously we've taken massive journey. And i'm sure you've experienced some hot moments and some surprises and maybe some things that connected to you and where you're at and what matters most is where you're at on your journey and that you're perfectly placed where you are and whatever nuggets speak to you and feel the most impactful those are the ones you start to unpack right now so looking at your life and your relationship to sacks and how you feel when you hear these things and let the things that practical you that trigger you that make you onshore. Let those the entry point as well to your deepest healing because it's in discomfort that we learn so much about ourselves ayman yeah. We hope that in a showing up in this way we helped to liberate your sex. And elevate your sykes and bring you into a deeper communion who you are which is a deeply sexual alive extraordinary person who has the capacity for infinite pleasure and turn on to live a life that you totally fucking love And that's what it's ultimately about louisville off of pleasure and wonder and if this has helped you and you wanted to hear more please leave us a review because this is a new podcast and reviews a to get. This is quite a number of podcasts out. There and people have only said man of ear. Tom every day but bunch of reviews really gets us off to a good start. So we've shed the love with you. Say nancy tend to share the love with us. I'm sure we'll to proper out trout. Maybe this will be aro- maybe this can be true. Cicero troth and all so subscribe. I don't know how you do that. But i'm sure there's something you hit where you subscribe and then you get notifications when we dropped new podcasts. And that will give us favorability the algorithms. I do know how it works scrub wherever you listen. Leave us a review. Police leave us a review. It can take you a couple of minutes right something heartfelt and true about your experience and then share it. Email it to someone whatsapp. It shared on social media. Let's get this party started. Bush love to you will die bye bye bye.

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