#1216 - TBT: Clothing Design Co. Adapts to COVID-19


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Thank you so much for your kind support. I'm excited to keep making the show for you. Hey what's up friends listeners? Sottile school community CRISCO. I have the privilege of making this program for you every day. I have been doing so since January one twenty seventeen. I'm thrilled to continue. Even the age of so much change disorder chaos etcetera but where is the opportunity whereas the opportunity? How can we adopt? How can we perhaps even learn to thrive? That's what we will look at today. This is the throwback Thursday segment where we take an in depth. Look at someone who story has evolved considerably since we first feature them. You've got all sorts of features throughout the year on today in our latest one. We will hear from Lydia Crossbow who we featured a long long ago. I forget the episode number But she will tell you. Maybe it's actually nine sixty nine. I can see that now episode. Nine six nine. She is a textile designer. Who just so happened to be expanding her business into a retail shop. Right is the pandemic known as Kobe. Nineteen began to hit covered. Nineteen if you've heard of it okay. Just just making sure well. Fortunately Lydia has adapted and she's done so swiftly. I've been really impressed with what she's able to do. Both in terms of her attitude and perspective also her action. So in this update. You'll hear very honest report from her. I I'd like to thank our sponsor and I will come back at the end to wrap up if you are still using one of those big wireless providers this year. Have you ever ask yourself what you're paying for you're paying for expensive retail stores inflated prices in hidden fees and you're also being taken advantage of because they know you'll pay well? Internet mobile mobile provides the same premium network coverage. You're used to but at a fraction of the cost. Because everything is online you can use your own phone and keep your same phone number along with any of your existing contacts to get your new wireless plan for just fifteen bucks a month and get the plan shipped to your door for free. Go TO MITT MOBILE DOT COM slash hustle. That's meant mobile dot com slash. Cut Your Wireless Bill to fifteen bucks. A month had met mobile dot com slash hustle. My name is Lydia Crespo. I live in St Louis Missouri. My businesses argument defiance. And I just wanted a second business. Call Cozy Shop. We opened last November and I was featured in episode nine sixty nine. It's a textile design company. We make and sell clothing scarves and homegoods. We focus on service design of the options that we create easing dyes paints in France. To make every piece coming out of the argument in defiance studio unique in one of a kind. When I was an Undergrad I went to the school. The Art Institute of Chicago. I started dying silk Specifically silk scarves after taking a class on natural dyes. I had an opportunity to sell them at a school rummage sale and they completely sold out so I knew I had something special here. Shortly after graduating I was one of fifteen undergrads chosen to receive a grant to continue my work after school and that grant actually ended up being my fulltime career because I used it to invest in my business so now my main hustle is defiance and now running our brick and mortar shop which is called Cozy Shop but before Twenty Sixteen Win. Argument in defiance was still my side hustle. I was many things. I was an art gallery manager a nanny housekeeper. I worked at a hardware store. I was a Barista you name it. I probably worked it. There has been some major changes since I was last featured on side-hustle School Episode Nine Sixteen. I entered a contest called retail next a contest that was looking for the next big idea and retail. I came in second place. However the judges were so impressed. With the idea of combining a boutique with the with an experienced face. Creative maker space. They offered me the grand prize packages. Well the Grand Prize package was one year wrench free From Cohen equities a businessman championship and a marketing build out budget. So it's been an amazing few months But a lot has been happening so one of the biggest challenges that is facing is even though I was given a year rent free. Things that are free aren't always free right so it was came with its new challenges. I had to all of a sudden hire staff were before I had just been a a one woman. Show Now I had employees working for me and And had a a whole lot more responsibilities that come with that like everyone in the entire world right now. We're having to pivot our plans and strategies because of Kobe. Nineteen global pandemic. We closed our shop to the public in early March and within a week we had a brand new website up. That was shuffle cozy shop. Cozy shop is also maker space where we host a lot of workshops and community gatherings so we had to shift that idea to. We turned our workshops. Kits that can be shipped right to our customer's home so that they are healthy in crafting at the same time for my other. Business argument defiance. We pushed up the release dates of a few of our favourite designs We are preparing for a big spring and summer sale where we do all of our pop-ups and festivals and all of those were being canceled since we no longer had to prepare for travel. I did a huge online push about our new products. The quick pivot really paid off. We sold through all of our inventory in a little over a week and we continue to bring in amazing sales last episode. Nine sixty nine. I spoke frankly about My mental health experience. And I think now more than ever. It's incredibly important. Give yourself plenty of breathing. Room in grace to find with this new normal is going to look like for Your Business. And it's not an also it's not a solution that you're gonNA find right away for me. It was allowing myself to agree over their plans and expectations. I have for my business that were lost because of cove nineteen That was the first big step in allowing myself to grieve and find a new direction. It's what allowed me to gain control over my anxiety and move forward heart. What's up with Chris Again? Lydia thank you so much for sharing that detailed update including both the amazing things and what has worked. Well as well as the challenges. I just appreciate your honesty and transparency so much. I know it's going to help a lot of other business owners inside. Hustler is out there. And I'M GONNA continue to look for positive examples of ways that people are transitioning adapting to a world in which you know so much is outside of our control help to keep bringing them to you. I've been talking about this a lot. This topic in general a lot to my youtube series YouTube dot com slash. Chris Gayle about which is every weekday live at nine. Am Pacific Time. Now as I said I'm looking for positive examples but I also think it's okay to just also accept reality and to say that this is a difficult time for a lot of people out there so I try to balance that between saying okay. What can we do. How can we make something positive? How can we adapt just as Lidia has done while also understanding that these are going to be some massive changes and of course disruption is forced to change? So it's not anything that we would have chosen but again so much out of our control. What is it within our control? What can we do? That's what I'm trying to answer myself and explore in different conversations with people so let me know how you're doing with that twenty twenty year of interaction if you have a question comment if you'd like to update us about your side-hustle whether it's related to nineteen or something completely unrelated Come TO SEATTLE SCHOOL DOT com slash questions. We're featuring them throughout the year as you can tell along with updates from other listeners. Thank you so much I really appreciate you. Hi I'm glad you're out there. My name is Chris Keller wrote this is silence from the onward project.

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