Pro Wrestling Defining Moments of the Decade - Part 1


There's one word that best defines worlds of professional wrestling this past decade. It is a women's evolution. Would rise canoe superstars would shine with the right hand and fresh competition putting merged to help make wrestling cool again. Join us now for a discussion on the matches stories and personalities that define the twenty minutes. This is Bro. Resonance to finding Bowman of the decade who to pro wrestling's defining moments Loehmann's of the decade on Siriusxm fight nation. I'm your host Dave League recco you can hear me host best pro wrestling show out there. Busted Austin Open Monday through Saturday nine to noon eastern right here on Sirius. XM fight nation. One thing my show bussing open has in common with the last decade is we. You just celebrated our ten year anniversary in April. I'm going to take you on a ride through the defining moments of the last decade and pro wrestling or as we call it. The busted open era after hours and hours of painstaking deliberation myself. and Oh yeah by the way Alex and Gabby decided the best way to tell. This story is in three parts or the three themes we felt the fine this era the busted open era in pro wrestling won the women's evolution. If if you look at the last decade especially from the butterfly belt where a lot of people called the women's matches the bathroom break all the way to the main event at Wrestlemainia. Thirty five live to the changing of the guard. We look at the legends of the past undertaker Shawn Michaels all the way to what we see on the roster currently going in two thousand twenty and three wrestling is cool again. We take a ride again about wrestling way. Back in two thousand ten where it was the Johnson. PG Era too right now where you're seeing the wrestling shirts again out in public. It's cool to be a wrestling fan. These teams are what made the two thousand ten special in pro wrestling. So let's not waste any more time and dive right into the women's evolution in the wwe. Let's not forget how wrestling wrestling in the wwe women's wrestling in the WWe was portrayed the decade before you did have skilled wrestlers. There's no doubt there were skilled wrestlers. Who are now in in the hall of fame but then there were some wrestlers that were not portrayed in the and the and the greatest of lights? Let's say and that's something that really should have changed and did change in the next decade. Wwe Hall of Famer. Jim Ross spoke to us about the progression of women's wrestling over the last decade. Well It's unprecedented President I'm I'm really glad that women are getting their do No different than I was happy when African American wrestlers started getting there. Do you know I I went through that whole era where You know you had to be leary. As they booker. Owner Bill. Watts was that your peers did not appreciate okay. You having an African American top baby face in the junkyard dog and then to make matters more strenuous some ways watching bold enough to have a black booker and the big cat. Ernie ladd and I remember telling her promoter It W big big into guy former president and I think it would bob that you know my favorite color. Bob Is Green so I don't care what kill the rest are. Green is my color. Well I I so then. All of a sudden is lack is as if you had. They have testicles to get booked to push so. I'm happy that the women are getting the opportunity to Headline shows the wrestlemania Donovan was made. It was amazing and significant for them. But I I would never predict it because I didn't know that any promoter would have the open mindedness to put women slots because I can promise you from my experience. WWe It was twenty six years that they will be guys. It'd be bitching and complaining that how come the broads are getting the push such Russell. Speaking guys have any respect for anybody apparently in our life the broads getting it cush. So after all those Alex to identify those buzz words I love it. I think it's great. The best people should get the jobs. It's the best performers should get the ring time I don't care your color your creed or your gender is irrelevant to me personally. So I I mayer it. I'M A I'm appreciative of it. And my hat's off two vents for for falling through. What is the belief was that these women can be good but let's not forget to ooh special women? There started a decade women. WWe were now being referred to as divas gone. Were today's of Bra and Panty matches but women. WWe b. w. e. were hardly being treated as equal to demand when it came to their matches and the perception of the fans rebranding. The women's divas was supposed to put a bigger spotlight spotlight on the women in the wwe. Despite having great athletes it's as Beth PHOENIX mickie James in Aj Lee storylines were lazily booked and their matches always seem the be the shortest on the card. Molina told US earlier this year. She thinks this era of women's wrestling in the WWe is unfairly criticized. But if you think about it like ratings don't lie so the ratings were always up so you as much as people wanna say like Oh it was a it was a bathroom break and did it. Was it really or is that what you're saying because it was trendy to say you didn't like it like nowadays People Jump On bandwagon where it comes to hating something because everybody else is doing it. So it's trendy to be upset over or something trendy to hate something and at that point in time it was trendy to hate the divas and I don't like I don't believe anybody's GonNa say we had Gail Kim. Natalia Beth Breath Michelle McColl Maki myself. And you can't deny that those women had and have talent. The Bella twins were two women criticize at every every turn in the. WWe fairly or unfairly. I know myself there are times. I criticized the Bella. Twins Brielle told us in two thousand seventeen despite all their lack of experience. And let me tell you something sitting down and talking to her I can feel her passion. One thing you couldn't do. You can never challenge their love of pro wrestling. It was so different. And so you brought up when you were really green still so the audience kind of saw you grow and if I could do it all over again I would ask to stain developmental another another year Because I needed that but my stern I we still like WANNA learn because we love Russell I think and I think that's what some bands like Noli only down and I'm like no yes I do still around and it's why I keep coming back and I love that Korean. Her sister Nikki would go onto become two of the most popular figures in the wwe in two thousand and thirteen the wwe and the network would premiere total divas. A reality show that followed the everyday lives of female. WWE SUPERSTARS SEASON One show. Just how heartbreaking being a WWe diva in the two thousand ten could be when the only divas match on Wrestlemania twenty nine is is cancelled minutes before they were set to walk out. I know something's not right here because all of a sudden I see John. This is supposed to be where the girls had their match. Those be their moment. You guys are supposed to be up for that. Never before is that you know we over so sorry. He's like if I show any emotion. I'm just GONNA Freak. They have US walking to gorilla US getting cut and walking outta gorilla. They have it all on tape. They have a reactions and I think people are. I always that for the total David Show. It's like no it absolutely was that was one of the worst ever to get ready to go out and have our full like top hats and fail and gloves like we have full like you know we. It was New York so we wants Sinatra Phil like New York New York and we are canes and like what is like the minute they told us it was like started to droop and I was like it but felt like doing the walk. Shame yeah it was really hard while the women on the main wwe roster were struggling to get airtime. The next generation of female wrestlers were given the spotlight it light on. WWE's brand new developmental show annex t Seraya night simply known as page when she arrived in St received the shock of her life in two thousand fourteen getting called up to the main roster the night after Wrestlemainia thirty to challenge. Aj Lee for the WWe Divas Championship hip on Monday night. Raw Fighting Drugs Yeah he became the youngest woman to win win the championship and wwe history. A year later she would be involved in another match. That would help change the course of history for women in the wwe damage checking out a friend. WHO'S GONNA pay? Never I jus Komo. Thanks bye-bye Vicky. Batts lasted all of thirty seconds. Social media rubbed erupted with outrage and fans started the Hashtag give divas a chance the. WWe Universe wanted women's wrestling to be taken seriously and the wrestlers wanted to be treated equally. Aj leave address. Stephanie McMahon on twitter in support of the give divas a chance movement Lecoq a career just days after a featured bout teaming up with her friend page against the Bella twins see said rituals always Beta team. Well we're going to see a little bit tougher in the beginning. I came in. 'cause I just recold guys timeshare. I'm sure with my brothers and grew up in the residence as my parents taught me how to just wrestle like one of the guys. That's how you're supposed to do right so when I came in it was still kind of in the era era. It was Jesus and I don't like to give his name because well you know what I wanted to be when I was growing up right so evenly is a bad but it it was just fooling models and stuff you know that people had been in the business for a very long time. It didn't mean to send the business why came in and they made a couple of girls cry. I was concerned. It's just how respite what. Which is I'm here to wrestle? Like this why I wanted to not head flash my body. I'm not hits here. Not Wearing like kind of like the corn they kinda offset or here. Yeah but it was just like actually this is like a a big Adrenalin rush when we know how to wrestle page wasn't the only one in wwe showing that could really wrestle the four horse women of the wwe were making a case for a run on the main roster roster becky Lynch Bailey Sasha Banks and Charlotte flare the daughter of the nature boy. Ric flair were proving annex. T there was an audience for not the divas but women women facing persisted public pressure to feature to women more on raw and smackdown Stephanie. McMahon would look to annex t the boasted a main roster women's division in the summer more of two thousand and fifteen. You know what there's someone else who thinks a lot like you. Somebody who also isn't afraid to stand up for themselves into and to see the opportunity and disease that moment Paul versus the currents t- in women's champion. I can't believe Charlotte and Sasha bags sights. It wasn't impactful moment. No doubt but not ready to say goodbye just yet to her route. Sasha banks would finish your time annexed by passing the torch tour along rival and friend Bailey and one of the greatest. WWE Women's matches efforts really have in mind one of the most respected journalists in the history of pro wrestling and somebody who has covered every detail of the sport for the last thirty plus years. Dave Meltzer on the progression of women's wrestling in the wwe this decade and the importance of the annex t women a lot of the women in the in annex t which is kind of where the whole thing started there were The kinds of the new generation. You know I think page was was kind of an example who came up as an independent woman wrestler slur and well. She's very good looking. It was really in some ways. She started for self as a wrestler First Glamour Persons Second and Charlotte Flair was another one who came up in that year and Sasha banks and all that and so when they started having really strong matches I remember Charlotte and Sasha banks matches all over over and exterior including the one in San Jose. My in my city Vince McMahon was at that absolutely tore the house down. You know Adrian Neville and been valor that follow and could not follow that match which is amazing because those two are the best wrestlers in the world right now but the crowd was so hyper for the Charlotte. Sasha banks matching they really delivered on that night and I think that came into the exte- thing you had more and more of a groundswell of fans who saw that and wanted women wrestling no high-level women's wrestling supposed to models trying to wrestle the new wave of divas in the wwe had finally arrived but a trip to at and T.. Stadium in Texas in the spring of two thousand and sixteen would bring even more change after the break the divas get their name back. A feud for the ages and a slew of first I you're listening to the pro wrestling defining moments of the decade on Siriusxm fire nation. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Bite Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series. XM APP taking you through the moments and superstars that defined a decade of wrestling. This is pro wrestling's defining moments of the decade back here on pro wrestling's wrestling's defining moments of the decade on Siriusxm fire nation. I'm host the bust. It Open Dave or Greco. The Davis Division was about to undergo yet. Another change changed. We've seen a lot of changes over the last two years especially with page winning the divas championship kind of sense that something big was about the happen is he. W Legend Tommy Dreamer on the turning point for the women was through social media where it was almost like give the divas a chance and that started this movement or when you saw the so cold four horse women in annex t stepping up and it was really. WWe answering the call from the fans and the girls answered the call to and you know you think about that for this past decade. It's only been a short time. But in that short time they have taken and the tradition and history of wrestling and thrown Atma garbage in her trailblazing their new paths just hours before Wrestlemainia thirty thirty two at. At and T. Stadium. Texas Stephanie McMahon informed the Divas they would now be known as WWe superstars the divas name was dead and before for the match that would steal the show at Wrestlemainia. Alleged officially kickstarted. The women's evolution abolution of women in this business is the divas revolution. They are so much more than divas here. In this ring today they are all. WWe Superstars Sodas with my great honor to let you guys know tonight. The winner of the triple threat will be the recipient of the first ever. WWE wwe women's championship. Our saucer Becky Keith. Out shortly smart. She wrote to the floor trying to avoid the pitfall but that may take out another chance for pin accommodation. Now it's Sasha arse in trouble from the top rope on her feet sought to pack search. That's IT Pretty Awesome Charlotte Flare Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were the highlight of the show and the women are about to take center stage in the wwe more newtown was about to enter the Foale. Alexa Bliss became a major player in two thousand seventeen. But the feud everyone was talking about was Charlotte flare. I saw Shabangu. After trading wins. The feud it culminated in the first ever women's Selma way back no way. Oh my God. Aw I knew it I knew the lower back is too damaged yet. Just didn't have enough edit and ask Charlotte take advantage plan on the table. Rag Doll bags table table again. Taller Heavier clan her in Charlotte. Talk the busted open in two thousand seventeen about becoming more than ric flair's daughter and the story between her and Sasha Banks I was I was very shy An athlete my whole life. I hated public speaking. I never grew up wanting to be a model or an actress or anything like that so when I started to figure out the wrestling and I really think not even till I got to the main roster did I develop a persona in front of an audience and that was something that had to keep working on and it just but the movements of people will say you know you look like your dad in there and do this like him or you do that. I'm like this sounds cliche again. Just a second nature move like him and I don't know if that's maybe from subconsciously watching him all those years my whole life. I'd like to say more athletic than you but you no no but just moving like him or how arms and you know I I think a lot of people don't realize but the story of Sasha and I you know one you know going back and forth was really the story of. That's our that's our relationship. I want to be better. She better high. Would it be better. She wants to be better so I think people will get the number while you've been champs only times but that's how you know aggressive or competitive. Sasha and. I were in that that little time. She's your ricky steamboat. Yes one hundred percent her father and two time. Wwe Hall of Famer. Rick flair echoed those sentiments. I'm busted open in in two thousand and nineteen eight when I do this it it's You know if you're gonNA break my white is ric flair talking to my daughter. But I do know the difference between good great and being the best and Just as you guys have your opinions and she is. Is that such a level right now and what people don't realize is you'll spend your whole career Bubba your tested enough. They will rick who your greatest. Your greatest rivalries for me. I see the list is endless but if you think about it in five years I mean I call sideshow when I see your ad. Caller steamboat because Sasha is is is is Ashley. Charlotte steamboat the chemistry. I'm sure and everytime they work it's a match that is GonNa be the match it's GonNa Steal the card that night or the programming. Ah Being ric flair's daughter and having that pressure and weight on her shoulders. Charlotte was the biggest women star in the wwe Wwe Hall of Famer. Jim Why he believes. Charlotte is the catalyst in a women's evolution. Charlotte flare is best female performer. I seen in a wwe in my career She would have been you know we've been on her Recruiting her big time like we were when we started this whole thing. You know art my my office. My team better said really started this Recruiting and ethic encouragement events. You know I signed some really recite. Some really amazing performers attrition Lita Jackie More Ivory and we we had a a amazing Stacy Torrey Wilson. You know some some damn talented people in their own areas but nobody combines the athleticism the stature the look the instincts that Charlotte flair has so. She's the she's the does she would say the bull the woods in that situation Charlotte may be the most athletic wrestler in the wwe. There some that say she may be the most athletic athletic wrestler period. But I will say this to equal that athleticism is passionate. And it's the passion of Oscar one of the superstars coming out of of Japan into the roster of the wwe. She went to annex t an Oscar's time annex. T may have been brief but she shot to the top of the main roster fast last culminating at the first ever women's Royal Rumble match in two thousand eighteen teetering on the side of the ring feet away from defeat high stakes high pressure. US Got Nikki Bella. Both on the report. The top four in Oscar history and had a championship match in her sights lights but minutes later everything changed when we come back a mainstream superstar comes to the WWE also. The band comes to town on all that when we're back with the pro wrestling defining moments of the decade right here on Siriusxm fight nation if you don't know Sirius. Xm Than Listen Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months on Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home. Online that SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers Sirius Xm no car required. It's the women's evolution of wrestling. That's making history and we examine it here. This is pro wrestling's defining moments of the decade. Welcome back to pro wrestling's defining moments of the decade. This is David Greco right here on Sirius. XM Fight Nation OSCO go won the first ever women's royal rumble in early two thousand eighteen. WWE Hall of Fame Mark Henry on the shocking moment. That what happened next Ronda. Rousey spread the light on the women's movement being a dominant personality. All she did was I say you know what you could be. You could be a great athlete. You could be a great fighter but unless you're fan of pro wrestling unless yes you love pro wrestling. You're not going to be good at it and Rhonda was a fan and she wanted to be good at it. She wanted to not come in and just be the marketing employ. She wanted to come in and say look. I'm a fan of wrestling. I Love Roddy Piper. Roddy Piper love me and taught me a lot and Dan. I want to be able to respect as business fraternity life Dr Arguably the greatest female UFC fighter of all time was now a WWe superstar doubters about Rhonda rouses ability ability in the ring. Were soon silence which may be the greatest debut ever ever wrestlemainia thirty four through my lousy the body. Once the tests deputies all Timoti screaming gun talk it's L. Y.. Witness visit after the rare rowdy. Aw Rhonda would take the WWE and the women's evolution to a whole new level the wwe women were now in the mainstream according to WWe broadcaster casteran host renee young definitely a critical role. Nine hundred thousand most recognizable athletes in all these WanNa talk about hard work and somebody coming into our world and that's not always met In such a positive way and I think people just respected the work that Rhonda put in but it also also gave it that mainstream. `push that helped everyone. I think feel a little bit more comfortable but yeah you know what the women can really own the spot Rhonda putting so so much working night year and a half that she was a wwe I think just looking at everything onto gibb from the moment she walked in royal rumble to getting to that. Maniacs bought thought she definitely helped put that. Put the women on the map that I mean and that was something you could just hear Rhonda saying that in the Locker Room to me it was never for Rhonda about out Rhonda. She really wanted everything to be about. The women and about women's wrestling She she was such such a star coming into that spot that definitely swing how to catapult to women as well the need for women's wrestling was insatiable and the wwe capitalized with the first ever. All women's pay per view evolution rumblings rulings of women's Wrestlemainia main event had started floating around and it now seem possible with the mainstream star. Like Ronda Rousey. The obvious choice for opponent was Charlotte flair but unlikely Challenger was about to emerge Abbott by this talk. Becky terrible story. This morning I six to a creek. That's talk but the wwe called up with Charlotte. Charlie and Sasha but always playing third wheel becky. Lynn was still untapped when it came to her talent on the main roster a grassroots movement with the fans to get yeah becky Lynch to the top had begun and wwe was listening. A match was set between Rhonda and Becky at Survivor series but a happy accident with would propel Becky Lynch to superstar staff at the wall. Talk to you about. This is a graphic scene. Another steel chair shot right across the already injured on the loan. Limits Champions smackdown down has obliterated Monday night raw. Said they don't mess message of survivor series. It broken nose. Obviously see the bloody face of Becky Lynch instantly became one of the most iconic images in. WWe We history. The match with Rhonda was off due to injury but they would meet down the road. Becky who started calling herself the man joined busted open in two thousand eighteen. Gene explained how she was ready to take on her doubters commend. You WanNa do things where you wanna be a good person you don't want to you. Don't want to upset anybody you don't WanNa step on anybody's toes. You WANNA get along with everybody in the locker room make it a good atmosphere right and you know where that got me. Got Me Nowhere. Two thousand seventeen. I sat in the sidelines. Owns most of the time I had gone from the best match on the card wrestlemainia thirty two right to change in the way the people perceived women's wrestling wrestling completely changing the title from Divas to women. Right I'd gone from that to all of a sudden being in an in one minute matches and losing and then I was drafted raft. smackdown live right now. Is the first woman drafted. And then I might then women's champion an lost it because I took my foot off the gas pedal and then I sat out there for nearly a whole year. Maybe even longer just wondering what I could do hell. I could get back on top. I'm doing everything everything royal train and I'm on my matches or what I can tell what is going on. What do I need to change? And and eventually was a gradual thing where it was like. Okay all right. Well we've gone through a lot of the roster. Okay gone through a lot of the roster name we get them the money in the bank opportunity. So then we're we almost get get that money in the bank opportunity then somebody combs who Steals from underneath you who just escaped most of the match. Right she just hit. Most of the Macci didn't do nothin' often and then she combed tips me off the lot and she's able to get that opportunity and I'm thinking to myself now. I'm worth more than that. I'm worth more than that. I don't care who I have to step on to take it. I'm taking it and then of course being best friends with Charlotte. I'm known as the best friend of Charlotte in fact. There was an article about me that said Charlotte best friend Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I can't even remember what it was a bad. But it's not it's Becky Lynch it's Charlotte's best friend. I am more than Charlotte's best friend. I'm certainly not her best friend anymore. But the fact that they didn't even recognize my name is so insulting Becky's he's the man character it was an absolute hit fans are even comparing her to. WWe Hall of Famer Stone Cold. Steve Austin he told busted open in two thousand and nineteen gene. Sees doing her own thing. And it's working man so much fun with Becky. Because I've known her for a while I've always known that she was very confident and very very goal oriented and I really was blown away by how charismatic articulate eloquent. You Know He. She is as a person as a human being she. She's lighting wrestling on fire. I'm so proud of her. That that Gimmick the man you know a lot of people they draw all comparisons to stone-cold Kinda McGregor whatever. He made that that that that's a whole. That's a whole different thing. And she's pulling it off flawlessly and I think she's. She's the best for the last eighteen months. Probably the most pre- premier run in the history of of wrestling for a female and high profile run regardless male female. Why why did we not get at the very least becky Lynch drinking a beer with you? I don't know that she really needs my anointing. Hang or what would that would that the Tories because she's so much lower she is kind of like you doesn't mean I'm saying you are like like me. Could it be detrimental that you're in the ring with with Becky Lynch could it be closer Mitch. Hedberg thing he says I I got my own thing going. I think she's got her own thing. Going and bully you can make an argument for either way and it's going to be fifty fifty i. I just don't think she needed my endorsement. May maybe somewhere down the road. If there's an organic store storyline that would come up. And maybe she needs some help or something like that but I think she stands on her own. Pretty Damn oil fans man's wanted becky versus Ronda for the role women's championship at Wrestlemainia. But first becky had to survive twenty-nine other competitors at the royal rumble. Just like Oscar did the year before to get her there. Charlotte getting methodical not giving any opportunities. D Becky Lynch. She's measuring our Charlotte class. Last Talk Kim Connected probably better organically connected better matter with her audience than anybody on on either side of the proverbial I'll she's special Mickey's got that Stone Co quality that is perceived. See that Jon Moxley has. I'm not saying by any stretch. Folks that Becky's GonNa supplant stone cold and lexicon of WW superstars but they have traits aches. They have natural traits that they possess that have not been manufactured that organic and natural in real and Becky list is real that was. Wwe Hall of Famer. Jim Ross on Becky's popularity in a decade. The stage was set. becky lynch versus Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemainia mania thirty five but a third face would re enter the picture when we come back. The main event of Wrestlemainia thirty five it's pro wrestling's defining defining moments of the decade right here on Sirius. XM fight nation. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am I'm to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series XM APP fresh faces and new companies take that change the perception of wrestling over the past ten years. This is pro wrestling's defining moments of the decade welcome back to pro wrestling's defining Moments up the decade. This is Dave Greco on Sirius. XM fight nation. It looks like we're poised for Ronda. Rousey and Becky Lynch Wrestlemainia. Ania thirty five. There's never been a women's main event match in the thirty five year history of Wrestlemainia. That was all about the change. WWe Hall of Famer bully only right on the importance of what we're about to say. I think the decision for the women to main event wrestlemainia thirty five being ultimately intimately made was very simple. It was the right decision. I believe that Charlotte's flare Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch not only only earned the right to main event Wrestlemainia but they proved that they could main event wrestlemainia. I don't think there was any question that those rose women were the three correct women for the job. I think that they had done amazing work. On television and on social media leading up to the match and I don't think that those women were in the main event just because they were women I think they were in the main event because they were great wrestlers who earned the right to be there Charlotte flare at found her way into becky and Rhonda's match. It was now a triple threat match for both the women's championship and the smackdown women's championship and would close the show. The women had finally made it to the grandest stage and the biggest moment of all in the waning hours of April seventh. Two Thousand Nineteen the the three biggest female names in the wwe walked the long ramp to the ring. WRESTLEMAINIA thirty five and the man made history rowzee. Let's winner-take-all then here we go. Runoff is if you're becky you better check your band on how for pellet shakes out BECCA. How does the man rousing about to take it all rosy not allowing her to get to her feet and finally only does post? The weight needed on our left. My life the shoulder. So that could be worth a root word with Ronda. Rousey was ethical footprint so our credit becky leads. It looks like was able to throw away. Their soldiers did about I think that got her their uh-huh Ronda Rousey suffered I fall in love. You tell me lex takes it all the women's Becky Lynch was now becky to those. But it wouldn't be without controversy. Rhonda's shoulder was up off off the mat on the three count. Here's how it sounded with myself and bully Ray. The next morning I'm busted open a great main event. I thought all women were tastic. We have a winner. Take all champion and Becky Lynch pretty crazy end for that match. Last night there was a discrepancy with the three count. Correct yes I mean. It's her her right. Shoulder was clearly up at the count of one. There was an obvious edict from from creative. That said we want Becky to slip over. She caught a quick one. An impressive when you catch a quick one you get the other person on their feet immediately. Dude how quick was Rhonda Back on her feet pretty quick instantly as if she was fresh and ready to go and keep on fighting but there can definitely be a case made for Rhonda's shoulders. Were not down but you still got what you wanted becky. Accu Lynch is the the the universal champion the wwe women's champion. She's the champion of. She's a champion. She's the women's champion right now. She holds both titles titles in the WWe to smackdown title and the raw title. The journey was complete for Becky but the journey was far from over for the women of the wwe the WWE's relationship with Saudi Arabia was a hot topic of conversation. In the latter part of the decade with many fans feeling they should not be presenting shows and Saudi due to the treatment of women in the fall of two thousand and nineteen. They presented the first ever women's WWe match in Saudi Arabia between Lacey. AC Evans in the Talian Neidhart Larrea takes down. Lacy Dad Jim the bill night heart now once again Italian to mason near the Taylor attack the hair. The battalion was crying before I even left gorilla. I mean we were I was like I almost. I felt like I was just overwhelmed with like emotion because I knew that I knew that this match was bigger the knee I knew it was bigger than Lacey. New is bigger than. WWe Me that there was nothing like this that the women in wwe have ever done before and like mark said the magnitude of being the first the experience was just transcending it was four four little girls and women everywhere the that have had a dream and that we got to open doors that have never been opened before that was just overflowing in my my heart. I'm going to feel so incredibly inspired because that's the way I felt walking out to the ring and just to me that's what life is all about. That's why that feeling was transcending wasn't this is more than just wrestling in a moment's creating moments the moments are lasts forever not the championships not not the goal. I mean granted. Listen I'll take a couple of championships like get them. But it's it's about the moments it's about the way people make you feel and to be able to inspire girls. I was so inspired walking down that ramp and I was almost so overwhelmed with emotion that I I almost felt like I couldn't deal. You'll like my legs. When I was walking down down to the ring it just was a surreal? Almost out of body experience. They felt like I literally was talking to my dad before I walked down the four hundred right when I was gorilla. Always a few people that I talked to. I always talk to my dad now and my dad I know he has my back and I felt like in that moment. He he was with me too and he was he was there and he was like he was part of the like all the stars align that made this moment happen for lacy and I I feel like my dad had a little hand. Like every star perfectly aligning for us. Talia was one of the best athletes in the wwe since her debut in two thousand thousand seven wwe personality Renee Young explained the significance of this match. I guess even thinking about it and like that sounds cheesy but like legit thinking about that moment of he in leaks he In that hug that they shared in the ring to the hug that they shared with the woman that was at bring sites having gone already Arabia myself and seeing The reception that women that women. It's incredible and that's it's just so groundbreaking. I don't think anyone thought That that match would ever happen to for naughty unless you to be able to go in and Filled that role and it just the way that the crowd reacted having women in the crowd there and to be a of a physical change. People can actually see the tangible thing for the women in Saudi Arabia. As much as they're changing times over there but to see women In such a powerful. or they're crazy. I mean it was just such a such an important moment I I can think I can. I get that image of my head so perfectly here. Even thinking of a few is so great and I think it's not easy to get that spot. She's so uh-huh deserving to be somebody who can be a change over there and to to you know. Get a little bit more credit. I really don't get enough credit for the women's evolution thing with Beth Phoenix a truly truly incredible journey for the women this last decade our very own Tommy Dreamer what he feels. The women's evolution is all about. We were there when the women were the as we say the bathroom break match and that was just the spot they were they were actually putting the spot to quiet. The crowd down for the main event event which is a horrible spot to be to be in but the women went out there and still worked their butts off and earned earned the respect of the locker room fast forward now where their main eventing Wrestlemainia this woman's movement it it was. Hey these girls or women are just as good as the guys and we need to be spotlighted. That and there was a little crack in the adore. Were they instead of putting their foot there. They kicked the door down. Trish stratus was the total package during the attitude era and was one of the first in the company to approve. Women should be taken seriously in the ring. She appeared on busted open prior to her retirement match at Summer Slam Two Thousand Nineteen First Charlotte flair there and spoke about the progression of the women since the attitude era. It's almost like you know when you walk away from the business you're in this frenetic crazy pace and don't sometimes you never realize what you're creating behind you right and it's not do or you get a no war for this or that Special Fan that tells you how changed their life really offend a letter and then you start realizing holy smokes the stuff I did like people and the girl it you know. It's just because now we have social media we we have building dot com things that we have you know Accidentally things I search me how I informed person who smokes really and a lot out of it is a lot of stuff that we did is out there Lita And it's it's humbling. It's like Kinda. Don't the everyone a person. I believe the first time I really have to kind of hearing this. These things come out because you're tired go away but then then in the meantime there's new girls that are being undeveloped and coming up another generation coming up and then at that point in the spotlight and they're telling you how they how they got there was to get there at this point years later later hearing about it so I think for the first time I went back there and just I'm so happy that my work different impact and influence people in the positive way. Because I really hope you're because while using it you really try to make the day takes so it's It's humbling and it's really it's gotta find and And it's special got it now. Create a lot of relationships with the girls were now he like got someone up there on. I got there I put me down and I'm there helping and and giving back the candidate and I loved. It makes me so happy to feel when they put them in their mailing stuff. And it's a it's a nice position. What's next expert women and wrestling? Becky Lynn's is now arguably the biggest star in the company and continues to be a focal point of their weekly programming. We're seeing the emergence of a rea- Ripley deeply an annex t here at the close at a decade and we're now seeing even more women's evolutions in ring of honor and in a w coming up next week examined the legends who stepped out of the spotlight and the new superstars who stepped in the last decade. You're listening to pro wrestling's defining being moments of the decade right here on Sirius. XM fight nation. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six the busted open podcast.

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