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Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Nathan Zegura (10-30-18)


It's all about me. Dan, patrick. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week long. Want entertainment designed just for you, then checkout. Customizable, streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most ratios anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps. Right on your TV with x one. Go to CNN dot com. Call one eight hundred Finnity or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. Broadcasting from the Mercedes men cake, but I'm not going to be Johnny hustle. That's just not the tone that I would wanna said this is Dan, Patrick, welcome to the program. Our one of this Tuesday, Dan, and the Dench Dan, Patrick show will check in with the Cleveland Browns NFL trade deadline. We'll have some insiders helping us with that. And Reggie Miller will join us as well. You like getting touch with the program. We'd love to hear from a variety of ways, you can Email DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle with DP show and our phone number eight seven seven three DP show, say good morning to our radio partners around America and RTD partners direct TV the audience that we're channel two thirty nine in the NBC sports network rounds fired Hugh Jackson yesterday, and it sounds kind of strange or funny to say it might have come as a surprise. I guess he had lasted this long midway through the season. And then you fire him now handling won one game is I two full seasons in Cleveland, but the Browns are more competitive this year. But I talked about this prior to the start of the season with the friction with offense coordinator, Todd Haley on hard knocks. They showed you just a little bit. Just a snippet. They opened a window just a little bit for you to look in. And you realize if that's something they allowed you because the Browns did have editorial control from what I was told that if they showed you a little bit of that how much more was really going on behind the scenes, but it's the Browns. No need to get caught up. In particular is the bottom line is Cleveland is where coaches usually their at least their careers. Go to die Mike Patton, rob should zinn. Ski Pat Shurmur Eric men genie Romeo Cornell and Shurmur is back with the ranks of they head coaches with the giants, but it's obvious. The organization's problems run deeper than the head coach you might start with the owner there. Now the Browns having citing on quarterback in Baker Mayfield. It does feel like they're building something there. And there's a chance to reverse decades of futility if you get the right coach in there. But if you're the right coach, do you want to go in there with maybe the wrong owner, you got a good GM, a proven GM and John Dorsey, and you're all in on Baker Mayfield. And something that I talked about yesterday. I've talked about it a few times on the program. It's the development of a young quarterback. A lot of it is based on who's your coach and offensive coordinator. How steady is that relationship and then ofensive line and skill positions. There's a lot of ingredients that go into being a great quarterback. You have to have some kind of relationship there. You have to have somebody who is offensive minded I use Jared Goff is the boast poster boy he was going to be a bust under Jeff Fisher will Jeff Fisher's not an offensive minded coach, Sean McVeigh comes in and all of a sudden Jared Goff. Nobody has said anything about him being a bust. It's that quick. It's that simple simples. Maybe not the right word because you still have to find that guy and finding that guy for Cleveland who wants to go into that situation. Even though I got a steady G M. I believe a guy who has a true a proven track record. I'm not convinced that that owner knows what he's doing. Now, if you can get him to stay out of the mix, then you got a chance here, but you do have some pieces here. And I do think there's been momentum with the Cleveland Browns. But what do you do next? We'll find out eight seven seven three P show. We'll try to come up with a poll question. Klay. Thompson drops a mere fifty two points last night fourteen threes on the bulls. He scored fifty two in twenty six minutes at work. Come day. That's one of our earlier stats that brought you by continental tire proud supporter of the Dan Patrick show goes right? Getting of the Lakers lost again. So I guess there's time to panic. So we'll talk to Reggie Miller about the Lakers situation losing to Minnesota Jimmy Butler putting on a little bit of display three point line. That's one of those where you go man killing it from three point range. Yeah. How much you have six Jeremy Klay Thompson had what fourteen ninety two points in the first half. So I text the dents because I think everybody was watching the patriots, and I go, and if they weren't there watching the Lakers, it was ninety two to fifty and I said, by the way warriors lead ninety two fifty at halftime that is the most points and largest scoring margin by a road team at halftime in the history of the NBA. Day best. Yeah. That stat of. Boyer said ninety two at half-time. The Atlanta Hawks scored ninety two for the entire game that they played in NFL trade deadline is later today. Four eastern does lay beyond bell commended 4._0._1. eastern. Is that one where he's right on the doorstep? Presses the buzzer. Yeah. Through is it lady on bell? Let him in 4._0._1. eastern. What what if his key card? Does it work? Patriots handled the bills last night twenty four to six I thought the bills would cover. It was a bad beat there. I made an announcement prior to the game. I said at the dannettes, I got the bills then paulie goes outright. And I go with the point Clare. Yeah. I got with the point. See that's thank God. I don't gamble anymore because I would've taken the Packers in the points and got a lucky cover, and then I would have taken the bills and the points, and I was going to got a bad beat their. Yeah. Mclovin. It was unbelievable to Derek Anderson. Threw a touchdown pass. That would have made it a six point game. They overturned it. The next play throws a pick six beat the spread. I was thank you for that. I was in thrall to see if you were going to get around one the giving they could've by the way. I'm watching. Rob gronkowski. And I'm going hand. Does he look older than me? He's movement is so mechanical it looks like that back is bothering him. I know he's banged it. He's a banged up twenty eight year old if he lives to see thirty in the NFL as far as just playing career I'm going to be shocked. Now, he still has great hands their separation a uses his body. He's still big guy out there. But it just felt like he was laboring there and the patriots really miss Sony, Michelle, which is strange to say because you don't think of the patriots as a were depending on a run dependent team, but Sony Michelle when you have Cordeiro Patterson in they're just different because he looked like a wide receiver kick returner playing running back. He did not look comfortable there. But without Sony Michelle little bit different. They're upset all along and had a friend gave me a heads up. Just to say keep an eye on the patriots trade deadline feels like they're going to do something. I don't know. If you go after golden Tate with Detroit, I'd love to have golden Tate on my team. But if you're Detroit you give up and take this map Patricia give golden Tate to Bill Bella is former boss to get a couple of defensive players there. Damari thomas. I don't know. I think you can have marries Thomas. I don't know if you want to marry his Thomas from the Broncos, but the trade deadline a couple of names out there. And it feels like Derek cars, not going to be traded allies Nanka wave is no trade and Patrick Peterson's on can be traded as well. But we'll have who's gonna is our breer gonna join us a little bit later on routine. Sure is okay. The next hour. All right, mclovin. Poll question to him. Okay. We're going to jump right in Nick's it up if you were Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley, and you got calls this off season from two teams and teams the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys which way you going. Well, I would go to Dallas. I believe if I'm Lincoln Riley because Jerry Jones, not going to be in that position as owner forever. And if you're Lincoln Riley, you got five years, they're, you know, if I'm Lincoln Riley, and I had that opportunity. I'd say, you know, what I wanna GM. I gotta have GM in there to be successful. And if not then I would I would pass on both of these situations. Even though I think John Dorsey has a proven track record is the GM in Cleveland. I still got Jimmy has lem is the owner. And I I wouldn't want to Bank on that Lincoln Riley can build up the resume in Oklahoma, and you can beat up on the big twelve and maybe play for national championship. And then get to the point where you're controlling more of your options there. I do think if Lincoln Riley. I don't want Cleveland even though I have Baker Mayfield. My former quarterback. I would hold out four Dallas. If I thought Dallas was going to be open, and I had a better chance to succeed. They're young, mclovin. Dallas they're very patient. They haven't fired Jason Garrett that might be attractive to the next to patient. But as a coach if you're looking job say, well, I'm gonna get a chance here, you know? And you have a lot of resources that GM problem. That's a problem that you brought up, but it feels like you're just treading water. There. You're not you're not allowed to get out of the pool. And maybe go off the high dive a little bit have some fun. Do a cannonball Dallas. Like, you're just you're in the water, you're in the coaching water. But you're not you floaty on and you're not going anywhere. And I think that would be the biggest concern. I would have there is Jerry Jerry's coaching this team in in his mind. He's coaching in the GM as well. I I don't want that. Because you know what? In the last twenty years. He's been the problem. And you can't go in there and say. All right. I got a Hans device on his I'm the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, man. It's great might be dream job. But it wouldn't be a dream job for me right now, not given the, you know, the owners if an owner stays out of the way, and I really feel like the successful programs franchises. The owner stays out of the way stays out of the way in Pittsburgh stays out of the way with the New York. Giants stays out of the way with the patriots for the most part for the most part. I think I think Robert Kraft's got more involved because he felt like he had to be maybe the mediator he had to play the role Henry Kissinger here between Brady and Bella check. But for the most part you let people do their job. I like to Jimmy Johnson. The owner of the Brown said, you know, I I guess I'll take the blame for what's happened here. Well, that's big of you. You you brought in Hugh Jackson. You kept you like, why did you keep you Jackson in the first place? You're finally competitive in feels like there's a little bit momentum. And you bring in Todd Haley, look if are like me says man, I this isn't gonna work. It's just not gonna work with these personalities because Todd Haley probably feels like I know more football than you do. I wanna be the head coach Hugh Jackson probably says, you know, what I'm still the head coach listen to be the dysfunction going on in there. And you're bringing back a guy who did not prove himself to be a head coach. And then you're going to go. Yeah. You know, what let me get another year. You know, maybe wins two or three games this year. It's still no reason to have him back. But if you're if you're going to bring in if you're gonna draft a quarterback and put all your eggs in that basket. Then you must bring in people who will make him better and to people who are going to get along with each other. How did you think that that was going to work out? If I tell you in the preseason, I don't see this working out. You should know that too. We'll check in with Brown's. What's the poll question? Mclovin. We're going to go. Can we put that one up? Just for fun. We have a lot of. I don't wanna make Dallas open okay now because that's not fair to Jason Garrett Cleveland's open. So if you do something, Cleveland wise. Okay. How about a mean question about quarterbacks about high pick quarterback? Jameis Winston poll question. James winston. But it's not just James Winston. He's the only guy who's struggling in that position. Yeah. I know, but he's going to be that's another quandary conundrum if you're cutter, and you probably won't be back. Next year. Can Ryan Fitzpatrick playing him keep your job James Winstons, only twenty four. Are you worried James Winston might play well enough that he keeps the jobber earns the job, and then you have to sign him up for next year. That's a weird because Tampa good Tampa can be good. I just think you don't have consistent play the quarterback position and Fitz. Patrick can be unbelievable. And then it can throw four picks Winston has shown signs of he's just not a leader. I think he's got talent, obviously. But at twenty four can you give up on twenty four. And you have a head coach. Who said, you know, I wanna win. I gotta win. Because of I don't you're not going to be there next year. And there's a chance you still not there next year. Yeah polling. Jameis Winston has seventy turnovers in forty eight starts. He averages the turnover and a half a game. That's that's double with almost double. What's expected? Not good. Not good at all NBC Sunday night. All eyes will be on FOX Pearl. You got Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady football night in America at seven eastern kickoff at eight twenty Sunday night football only on NBC and still drama with the Packers. Timeout Gumri explains. Why didn't take any? I'm not buying it not buying it. But you know, he he, and you know, what was sad about this. You know, there were people had threats against his family like come on. You know, he made a bad mistake. He made a football mistake. Let let's not even you know, this whole I'm gonna threaten you. We we've seen where threats have gone here recently in America. Let's let's not be doing you might not be happy with time on gummy with what he did. But come on. Let's be smart about this. Imagine you could go to prison for something stupid like this. They track you down you go to prison because you're going to threaten time Gummer's family because he didn't take a knee. You're better than you should be better than that. If your time on Gummer in your ass by the media. Did you disobey the coaches would you say, yes, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have or would you cover it with? Well, I kind of thought I was at the goal line. And okay see would you play time. Montgomery. This is his excuse as to why he didn't take any in the end zone. I guess the rent says in the end zone. Taking. Still taking. Said called return was keeping. Kicker talked about a game plan big leg. Guys washed the kickable if you wanted to be retired. Kicked a retirement. At that time. Decision. I don't know if this go. So I'm not going to take on the goal line. The half yard. Take a chance of the game. For football. I don't think we haven't conversation. Office. But I'm never gonna God completely disobey. That's not what I do. It's not the kind of person. I am. Okay. You made a mistake in first of all I in any kick returner. We'll tell you that once the ball is in the air and you start to see okay, where am I running? And it looked like he had no path of, you know, this is the setup it feel it almost felt like the return team route realize we're not going to be running back. Then all of a sudden somebody says, you know, they may have a code word of you know, he's taking it out. But there wasn't any path there. There wasn't any. Hey, we're going to go up the middle here. I mean, maybe that's what he thought. But all you have to do is take four steps back in the end zone instead of being right at the engine or right? You know, one foot in the NGO because then it allows you if the ball is not gonna make it to the end zone, then you have to bring it out. But it he didn't he didn't allow him. So. That option here. And if the coach says do not bring it out, and plus when he says if I didn't fumble then we wouldn't be talking about it, you still wasted time on the return because if you do let it have you have a touchback rule you go out to the twenty five and no time off the clock. So it is a mistake any compounded. The mistake efforts would also didn't work in Montgomery's favor as he was seeing on the sideline I guess pouting and he threw his helmet because he was taken out of the game. A little earlier didn't like that. He wasn't being used. And then all of a sudden he goes out there, and he tries to tries to be here. And we saw what it's a bad. Look, it's a bad look all around and he made a mistake. You know, police said you'll get rid of him. I said I think he's too talented to get rid of. But I don't know. Now, we'll see what happens here the trade deadline. I know. I don't know. We'll take a break. We'll check in with the Cleveland Browns. What is next and is this a desirable job? We'll talk to a Browns reporter coming up next. Also Bill Livingston who covers Cleveland for the last forty fifty years will join us on what's going on with not only the Cavs and the Browns Reggie Miller a little bit later on in Albert Breyer the insider for the QB dot com. He'll join us coming up as well. Nineteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show. Support for the show comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Let's talk about buying a home. It could be one of the most important purchase you'll ever make. But today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher payments, which can turn a great experience an anxious one. That's why curriculum created exclusive power buying process. Here's how it works. 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And Seton laugh, and I said this I'm being serious here. I know you are and that's why you laughed. But okay, people love their dog. I think I think as we said in the break, I think you would make a good jillion dollar selling watchdog. I just think it's so funny that when you have. You've come up with a funny name. And then you're like how great is this? Yeah watchdog it's a watch put your dog on. Yeah. What am I missing here? Yeah. Paulie? I found a number websites where you could personalize almost anything with your pets face on it. God pillows charms everything I cannot find a dedicated product where you could put a watch a wristwatch with your pets face on it. Okay. If this little pause is the number if somebody wants to go into business, then you can Email or tweet no seat, and you're not. Because you laughed at me. You laughed at me for you. Don't have a dog why. But if you could take it totally different places where you can take your existing watch. And they can work it out to put your dog's face on it, just like they could put the face on a cake or or anything. I'm not sure how successful this. This thing can be a website. No, you send me the picture of your dog personalized. Or if you just want to breed like a golden retriever there or Sheeba enu a bulldog. Imagine a bulldog come on every day. You look you'd be looking at your watch all the time. Maybe you could get the dog breathing is the second hand the second. Like instead, a you'd have the dog on. What about the alarm what if I had an alarm where your dog goes? Come on watchdog on you. Gotta get me on with Mark Cuban. You ought to pitch this shark tank. Yes. Okay. How about who's our boys? Huckleberry? Yeah. Yeah. How about we get down? Okay. Yeah. The watchdog come up with one stone. See if they come up with the watch. Come on. No, no, not cat dog. I mean cat watch cat. Yeah. There's no there's a watchdog. No can't do that. Either. You got to open your mind. What if other types of pets? Nobody's got too. Many people got pigs everyone in Hollywood Clooney. Yeah. I know. But I don't wanna watch pig Taylor swift with their pig face his cold a watch dog how about this. Okay. It's a pen that you can put your pig on. And it's called a pig pen c. See now, you're mocking. You're no, you're not in the business. Oh, I know you were going to be because you love dogs not anymore. Pig pen. No, no. You're not going to be watchdog like like from the makers of from the brilliant minds watchdog comes pen. And here you go. How about this? Then you have a dog pound watch. Cleveland Browns pound dog pound. Lou anybody Nathan, he segue. He covers the Cleveland Browns. She's senior media broadcaster sideline. Reporter for the Browns. How does that sound Nathan watchdog? I'm all in for watchdog pig. Ten is absurd. I am all in for watchdog. And I could get Browns fans to buy that. If I put, you know, the dog pound, and I had the watch there. There's no doubt. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Nathan. That's all we wanted you for we. Appreciate you calling it. All right. We'll talk soon. Okay. Why yesterday? That's a good question. I think for the Browns, you know, two of the last three games yet. The Steelers game in the chargers game that really work kind of ugly performances and for this team. It's such a young team. And while we all know it's been brutal last couple of years. They've showed some signs of life. And I think when John Dorsey and Jimmy d has on sat down and looked at everything I think they realize that a change had to be made it and they obviously with at both being head coach Hugh Jackson and offense coordinator Todd Haley. I think they felt that the environment. That was being created was not the right one for Baker Mayfield who is the franchise or the rest of this young team. And so you heard talk yesterday about inter internal discord. And I think they just wanted to make sure this is an organization that is functioning. I mean, I've been there. Six years. I've seen resumes. Come and go I've seen in fighting in the past. And I think John Dorsey there along with the has now they said, no more of this were not having it anymore. It's time for a change. And I will say I think you Jackson in many ways. Was delta very unfair hand at least in his first two years. You know, where he finished one thirty one. And I think that that albatross. Whether it was just or not what's too big and too big for the fan base and too big for the team. And so when you had that on top of what was going on in the building with you and Todd Haley, I think they just said, you know, what it's enough the priority. Number one is developing Baker Mayfield am this young team. And we need to put them in the best environment possible going forward. But you have these two coaches take his selfish approach here. Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley native. I knew that Todd. Haley was going to be combustible in not gonna work out. They had to know inside even though he's a great offense in mind, and you're bringing them in into help Baker Mayfield. He also have to have two guys who get along. When did this relationship get fractured or was it ever a relationship? You know, I think that's that's a million dollar question, Dan. And I would say that in this business is you well know being around so many people in the NFL and even your business. Broadcasting. There are so many egos involved in Hugh Jackson made it to the point that he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns by being the NFL's assistant coach of the year as an offense coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals back in two thousand fifteen Totta alias presided over the number two offense in the NFL for the last six years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I would imagine both of those guys would think, hey, I know how to do this as well as anybody on the planet, and I think that set up, you know, with difficult for you last year we had so much on the head coach. She was the offense coordinator who was trying to hand hold the Sean Kaiser who was not ready to play through an entire season. And I think this year they thought it would be a good idea to take some things off the plate. But you could see I think from the beginning and even on hard knocks that, you know, this might be a tough tough relationship to have go smoothly unless there's you know without question success. And I think when things started to go badly, and I think the last three weeks we certainly the offense regrets. I in fact last week, you know, you go into the middle of the fourth. With minus one yards of offense in the neck and half and Thomas Humaid following the Tampa Bay game where he said he was going to get involved with born out of frustration. I think at that point you knew something had to give and and yesterday being in the building in Berea. I I ran into Hugh, I would consider a friend of mine, and you know, I was awful for him. But we were on the air in Cleveland daily at about one oh seven when the first report came out about Todd Haley so yesterday I was kinda shocked. I thought it might be an either or and they're going to clean one personnel. And try to go four, but John Dorsey and has them said no we've had enough and both guys out yesterday. How attractive is this job? It should be very attractive. I think that anybody, you know, who would look at the recent history of the Browns, and coaches, and and say to themselves man, this, you know, seems like a job destined for failure. But I think if you take a step back you've got a great football. We'd or now in John Dorsey, and you've got a great young roster. You think about the most important positions in sports? You've got your young quarterback in Baker Mayfield. You've got arguably the best young pass rusher in league and Myles Garrett who just set a franchise record for the most sacks through eight games of the year, Denzel ward is your young lockdown corner was looked great out of Ohio State. He's the fourth pick overall. You know, everywhere you look on the team its first and second year players very few guys even into their fifth or sixties and season. So you have a young roster with a lot of Callan. David jokers in sending player yoga Jobe. Having a great year for you up front Djibril peppers this coming into his own. So everywhere, you look you have a very counted. Young roster that is going to be together the nucleus of which will be. Gather for at least three or four more years than you'd obviously like to extend those guys beyond that. So I think it's an attractive job. I think they're going to need somebody who can come in and be so disciplined oriented and focused on all the details. And really the most important thing. I think ultimately you need to bring somebody in here who is delight guy for Baker Mayfield. I think you would agree. We're seeing at absolute shift in the way offense is running the National Football League in it started with John McVeigh Andy Reid matinee you now. In Chicago Carmichael is doing Sean Payton down in New Orleans. That's the future of the NFL. And I think it will be important for the Browns to get somebody that can put Baker Mayfield who's an ideal quarterback for that style into that kind of system going forward should be mentioned that Nathan was suspended for how many games were used to spend it for that would be eight games to last. I will be back on the sidelines for the Cincinnati Bengals game following thanksgiving. And for that, I will in fact to be thankful, and you. Were suspended because. I questioned the veracity of a call on the sidelines, and I would say this. I let my passion for this team. And you know, it's been very hard. And you know, I'm passionate person. Dan, I let my passion for the team get the best of my judgement. And now I am doing time for the crime. What can't can't they flag? You white who suspended been worse. I think if I'd gotten flagged I think that might have been a heck of a lot worse. And who suspended you the NFL the Browns the Browns. Okay. Do you think the NFL told told the Browns to suspend you? I am not in any position to. I don't want you to get in more trouble. Please. Good to talk to you. Nathan great talking with you guys as well. And love the front row, gentlemen. Nathan cigarroa. He's the Browns sideline. Nathan you still there. Okay. It's a pedometer. For your cat called catwalk. You know, I'm just such a dog. I'm very allergic to cats. I so I will not support anything in the cat field. It might be a brilliant business idea. But I mean, think of watchdog it makes you feel safe. It's going to tell you that time it's gonna make you happy. When you look at it. I mean think about these, and that's you got the triumphant right there. That's the holy grail to trinity. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Heating study is a little harsh pig pen. Yeah. I know. But you wanna you wanna treat this idea? Like, it's a fire hydrant and your dog, and I just won't accept that. I think I've come up with a brilliant idea. I could be on one of those shows, you know, where you sell your your products. Right. You could get the flexible guy to do it QVC could be QVC sham wile. Yes. Okay. Laugh now. It's got a little too much energy for house. I know. Yeah. It's the most it's a miracle product is flex seal the one where he saw the canoe in half. That's my favorite that ever happened. Accidentally saw your canoe and half. This will put it back together. What happened? I sawed. My canoe in half that'll trick. Oh, don't worry. No big deal. Now. Here we go for says. We got a picture of watch with a dog on it that I guess this product may Dan, I've checked the website. This is a very hokey website that tries to personalize things I know this because my wife tried to do before this know that mine's called watchdog and has been taking. Yeah. No. Tell this person who said for me to move on for them to move on. Because I've got something here. And I'm going to cash in all my chips and quit this job and put all of my money into watch. Doc, I come back. We got our play of the day. Couple more stats day as well. Right after this. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you, please. Please stay with me in just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. The company that has been offering great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's gyco. I'm using for a long time itself. And anytime you need help you could speak to one of their trains specialist twenty four seven no recordings the company. Gyco. Go to Geico dot com today. Sorry for all the numbers, but I've been a fan and a customer guy go for a long time and five four three two one. I'm out football season is here. And no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park. RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with attack each day and revenge the jocks with Martellus Bennett the ultimate soap opera. So download leash shows in each week on podcastone sports dot com. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of news headlines right after this podcast. Keeping the beach not close enough. So that's space between you and me. The way all dance and sway into the music or buddy, you move. And every time you cross, ma'am. Alexa, play the country heat playlist. Okay. With Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Play. Of the day. Check this out grant looks right side clay takes travel now the free. Threes. Every player off the warriors bench graduates play tops break it. Steph Curry's record fourteen threes. He's got fifty two point. Pat bene- char hit me with your best shot member. When Pat Benetton used to be thing is radio network. They scored ninety two in the first half. That's the most point scored in the first half an NBA game. Only the nineteen ninety Phoenix Suns scored one seven against the nuggets. Klay Thompson thirty six in the first half finishing with fifty two and an NBA record for most threes in a game. Our play of the day is brought to you by the Premier League Premier League mornings. It's a clash of the top clubs, and it'll be arsenal. Hosting liverpool. Liverpool big Mohammed Saleh at the emerets Saturday at one thirty eastern on NBC. We ever pulled question. I put up snarky one which quarterback taking the top three is most likely to succeed. Choices are Baker Mayfield Sam darnold. Mitchell trubisky. James Winston, Marcus mariota. I left out the Goff wins class. Who would you guess is winning that pole? Baker darnold Trubisky. Mario and Winston. Baker Mayfield junior the third Baker. I then KEB isky less than one percent. Jameis winston. Yeah. Yeah. Wonder moving forward is this just going to be interchangeable quarterbacks. Is you're going to kind of navigate this. Like you're trying to find the right pitcher to start a game or complete a game close out a game. Because you got Ryan Fitzpatrick and James Winston, neither are your future in my opinion. It just hard to give up on a twenty four year old that you made the number one overall pick. But you know, look at Tennessee with Marcus mariota. Are you all in on Marcus mariota club? Look at Jacksonville. Blake bortles. Also, number three. Everyone says go get a quarterback in top three. It's not that easy. No. Because you have to have a quarterback who's worthy of a top three pick. And I think that's where people make the mistake where they go. We gotta get a quarterback. Well, don't don't use a high draft pick on a quarterback. Just because you need a quarterback. He might not be the right quarterback any might not be worthy of. A top three or top five pick. Who were the debates have odds on the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, because it's not going to be Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma. I have seen. I have to update. He's there was an early front runner that everyone was like, what did you see that? Sean mcveigh. Yeah. What's that about ways in Ohio guy, the guy? Okay. This is how I think this all plays out. It doesn't go well in Green Bay and Mike McCarthy's out in Green Bay. He goes, I don't know what. It's relationship is John Dorsey, the GM, and maybe check me bay. Yeah. They're both green bag is. Okay. Mike McCarthy will be your coach pretty Dorsey was part of that. Okay. Check that. But I thought there was a relationship there. But if I connect the dots, and I have McCarthy he and as Aaron Rodgers is moving forward in his career in the latter part of his career. He's going to want somebody else in there. You don't have to be an insider to look at the body language between those two are the comments that are made publicly by Rogers, this isn't going to last and if you're Mike McCarthy, and you're out in Green Bay, and John Dorsey gonna want his guy you bring in McCarthy who you know, offense background having worked with Rogers. And now you get to work with Baker Mayfield junior the third the Browns GM John Dorsey was a Packers player for four years. And he's worked for the Packers since ninety ninety one through two thousand twelve scout scouting director player personnel football operations. So he's a lifer with Green Bay. So I it just feels like that. That would be the nice transition that I get McCarthy whose worn out his welcome in Green Bay. And you get him in Cleveland where he gets to now. Mold a quarterback as oppose Aaron Rodgers is already molded. Aaron Rodgers doesn't need to be told anything whereas Baker Mayfield can learn from Mike McCarthy amick love that'd be good too. So in two years, you get another shot at Lincoln Riley when you fire Mike McCarthy. I mean, look at this. I mean, look at this stat look at the history every two years they've just been churning through guys unto Linda haven't drafted any are. They haven't hired anybody. Who has stature here? There's nobody who's the last coach Hugh is a little hot. He was a quarterbacks coach and he had trouble in Oakland. Yeah. He didn't do anything. Rob Kinski wasn't. Oh, Romeo Cornell Mike Pence. No look at listen to that. It just feels like a hard place, you need somebody who has commanded respect has one. And is an offense minded guy. That's what you need. If you're going to be fair to Baker Mayfield taking him number one overall. And you want him to succeed, then you have to put somebody in there like Mike McCarthy, he would be the guy that I would look at it and say, you're not getting his Lincoln Riley. You're not getting him from Oklahoma. I don't think. Yes. Mclovin. Does it young guy with rantings Zack Taylor whose quarterback, which I believe would you want to Sean McVeigh young guy instead McCarthy who sort of bit around so. I wanna young offense coordinator. Okay. That I want that guy who will succeed to the throne and become a head coach. But I want the young offense minded guy with Mike McCarthy. I don't know if I can find both as a head coach because he still had the offensive coordinator and Sean McVay by all accounts the offensive coordinator there. Everyone says get the next Sean McVay that's every with that. Because people didn't know Sean McVeigh was going to succeed. They're like you're going to hire that guy young. Well, nobody's saying that anymore Dan in Chicago joins us. Hi, dan. Hey, how's ago and good, sir? So we do five ten to five. So the name I got for you guys young guy. He was the passing coordinator for the Atlanta the Super Bowl microflora. He's passing coordinator down forty Niners. San Francisco young guy jel well with you know, Baker. And if he can get Baker on-board Baker control, the troops get bored to follow this young guy. All right. I want to know what your thoughts were on it. All right. We'll if he gets hired. I will give you credit and thank you for the phone. Call. He could have just made that amount for all. I know. I'm here in the floor is a hop. Is. It his is he is there. Matt leflore who's titans offense coordinator? So this must be brother was legit the guys right leflore at central Michigan. Yeah. That's love is Ella. Fever fever fever quarterback. I thought about this. Yeah. You too. Yeah. What's the poll question? Mclovin. I put up that top three quarterback crews. Yeah. You wanna talk. It lets some real NBA here. Do they have to move back to three point line? It's taking over the Leo my gun. There's just no other. There's no other way to even conceivably win except bomb threes how much farther I can't move it farther on the on the sides of the cord because you can't get your feet in there. It's a layup for the warriors. Okay. But what do I do on the side on the side of the court? That's gotta be widened the court. I guess maybe you have a longer at the top and shorter on the sides. Sounds like Mike Gundy or something. Party in the back. Yes. Wouldn't extend the three point line because they would just just you'd remove the three point line. If you wanted to change think if you move it back, mclovin it's like when they say, we're going to tiger proof of golf course, we make it longer. But then you played into Tigers hands by making it longer. Therefore, I I took out, you know. Thirty more golfers who couldn't handle the length right that you're right. It would help the warriors. But people are saying the game actually, no intact saying this. But the game is getting way to score way scoring way up. They love scoring all of these leagues. They they all look at it and go how do we get more offense in here? Nobody's tuning in to watch a great defense. They're just not nobody's tuning in to watch. You know, the Knicks under Pat Riley, play defense or the pistons. They're just not watching that. It's all about show me highlights. You know, this is fun to watch. It's back and forth. It's pinball the NFL all of it. They just want more offense. Well, Lisa Lakers went counter decided, you know, what we're not going to work. Wow. I mean, come on. So you said, it's so easy. And everybody's doing it. The Lakers it too. Right. Coming up next hour. We'll check in with Bill Livingston Cleveland. Plain Dealer columnist who would have thought span of twenty four hours. You lose. They head coach of the Browns. And the Cavaliers Terry Francona. I don't leave my apartment to stay inside tear dancer. Also, our breer is gonna join us trade deadline coming up. The Lakers are officially here on the official Lakers podcast on podcast one sports, neck joint. Emmy award winning sports reporters Schuster until host Aaron lar- Soule as they discussed the Lakers news of the day and break down the upcoming season. With some of the biggest guests around including shack magic and the new king of LA. Lebron James check out the official Lakers podcast every week on podcast one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. The con- the two emblem ally. And. Louisville partake in this. Hey, we hit. We've we've. Alexa, play Arianna 'Grande. Okay. Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. President Trump wants to end the constitutional right to citizenship for some children born in the US children of non-citizens. He says he's been told he can do it with just an executive order. The president descending more than five thousand troops to the Mexican border. As a caravan of immigrants continues moving toward the United States customs and border patrol. Spokesman Andrew men encountered a combination of almost nineteen hundred persons apprehended crossing our border illegally or presenting without documents at ports of entry. Critics call it a waste of taxpayer money. The president goes to Pittsburgh today to console the grieving community after eleven people were shot dead there Saturday to synagogue, but some say the president is divisive and shouldn't visit White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, some individuals there. Grieving they're hurting the president wants to be there to show the support of this administration for the Jewish community. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders. I'm Rita Foley.

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