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Welcome to the modern woodworkers association. A podcast about woodworking from folk. Who would work? Woodworking is what we do who we are and what we talk about so join us as we have a drink. Sit around and talk woodworking. Hi and welcome to the two hundred eighty seventh episode of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast on Call Barton of cable and tools. I'm here with my co host. Yami plucky of the penultimate woodshop and Shawn's was WIS news key. Easy for me to say Snooze Goerner was newsworthy. The quarter workshop and tonight we're talking amongst ourselves so royal doing great. How're you fantastic? Little Bad news out there. Yeah and Yeah. Yeah so you know come right in with a man just lead panel. I know well in case someone listens to this years from now we can just skip toward this bart. But I promise you on March Thirteenth Two thousand twenty. This is very relevant. Yes we record. This is incredibly relevant so Talking about the Krono Virus coup-bid Nineteen or end cove. I've seen it designated as well. You out in Ohio. You just have your own way of doing things. No no no that was from some other source anyway. Well Anyway. Well let's talk about that so Bunch of Woodworking of Ben's have been canceled. I know the Woodworking shows or cancelled Lee Nilsson's canceling their events but Probably close to home for US. As fine woodworking live Got Cancelled which due to be April seventeenth through nineteenth. So it was like So you know so I had to go winning and You know cancel I think the hotel rooms were automatically canceled by won and hadn't called them and made sure. I was very impressed by that because as we're recording this on Friday night odd time for us to record this morning As I was getting up for work at the ungodly hour of about four thirty I check my email as I usually do. Let the dogs out and that was the email I got an overnight was them canceling fine woodworking alive and by the time I next checked my email at work my personal email which was probably somewhere between eight nine o'clock in the morning I'd already gotten the email from the hotel saying that it was canceled So how'd you prepared to call them? But I thought that was just very well coordinated between the hotel and the conference how. It'd probably helps that though. Tell is the Conference Center. So they know that speak cancelled But if you're gonNA cantilever I thought that was a very nice way to do it. So that the attendees don't get stuck having to go and deal with their own hotel room or maybe the inability to cancel their forgets. Cancel it or all those things to happen. If they're independent things right right. Yeah I was just belt and suspenders on that. But since they did state it would automatically be canceled. But yeah and also today. I got an email saying that. My My funds or being a refunded back to me so so that might take two or three days but you know in their email. I said I might be you know three or four weeks and it was just the next day. I got a email and it should be in your accountant. A couple of days then is very good and this is this is You know in response to obviously the the pandemic who currently dealing with God God willing by the time anybody. Here's this that it gets just getting better every day. And it's soon too soon to be history wasn't gonNA post in ten hours. I know I know and I'm like somebody might catch next week. And they go. Man is so much better. That's absolutely true. All of you in the future. I hope you're healthy. Everyone in the future I everyone's doing well But no I I don't know on a state by state basis. I know you know. The president has made statements In my state of Ohio they've limited anything to groups of one hundred being the cough limit of any events Down to highschool spring sports have been cancelled or at least postponed indefinitely. At you. Know they don't want any of that going on. You know. Our kids have a three week spring break. Starting now the they're they're cutting it off immediately end trying to react. You know to to you know slow. This spread this very topic woodworking question for that but I know like New York state I think it would require a change of law to actually reduce the number of school days so if that were to happen to us. I believe they would have to add two weeks to the end of this calendar so web aim scenario should be well. It's not well it's it's they're dealing with it differently and I don't know you know they're dealing with it. You know so something. We have an idea you might kyle. I doubt you do down there. But we've got calamity days built into the schedule. We have snow days Calamities because we're workers so call them. Call them snow days but it was four five six years ago. Where right off? Christmas break? a wicked system came through and it was negative ten or lower actual temperature without wind chill and that held off two weeks of school of starting back up and it was just wicked. And you know it was like Oh you know students walking and all this other stuff users. Why wasn't at the roads? Were bad it wasn't that the snow is covering it was the fact that the conditions were non safe and God. You don't build two weeks of those into the calendar do you like? We have like three ethnic. No that's it so they've got like maybe eight. Maybe ten days and different school systems. Have it differently? And we're on the border in Michigan. And they do it differently but what they did at that time and are my kids. Were in grade school. But they were sending home packets and here is a workbook for you to work on. You know for that time to make up that work and there was a way to equival late. The time in school with work being done so you didn't have to go over so that's what they've done for this so junior high up in our school system all have access to chromebooks and they use the Google classroom so the the they made announcements and we asked her kids when they got home today. What so what is it? Oh you know or English. Has this reading. And this has this and so there's work for them to complete while they're away. Which should keep them on the learning path in some creditable way to to make them not go deep into summer. You know making up days of school Had some more things like that down here. Yeah we don't have these snow days or if it ever does no no one's going in and out of luck well everyone's everyone's going to go play in it for one thing but But no they do have claimed leads down here. I guess you know we have hurricanes and stuff like that and Hurricane Harvey you know. Shut down you know entire schools. Yeah it's GONNA take a couple years to rebuild the school so you know they do a lot of work from home and then reassign them to other schools but yeah so so in in terms like this where they're having a kid stay home. It's an effort to to do you know to do with you. Know the to limit exposure It's it's kind of directly in line. With what the colleges are which. Oh and again. I can't speak to the states that you live in but are lovely. Governor came out Earlier Tuesday of this week. I think so rarely Attila early. This all kind of gotten out of hand quickly But he basically said we're under you declared a state in the state of emergency and to limit this and limit this and subsequently you know you see it was. It was way beyond me to colleges. Were starting their spring break and they were. They were saying no face to face classroom. Anything Through the end of March so few go do your spring break when you come back. You're not to report to school. You should be on your computer doing whatever online. And they're going to work to do that. Show you to give shot to my sister-in-law who she works for a university and her job is to facilitate the professors creating and dealing with online courses. Mother some other computer stuff too. But that's really the crux of it and she went from having the majority of professors like turn their nose up and say like. Why would I do that too in two weeks? The university is going exclusively length of the semester. Yes mum and in in our in our case I just heard it's happened today Ohio State University big big school at University. You hurt me. Everyone's heard of that one. I hope I hate them but anyway no no it's fine but they They have I think as I understand it. 'cause I have a neighbor? Who Son is down there. They have told students to not return to dorms for the rest of the year. They're fun happens. You don't look well. Dorms meningitis and other viral spreads happens right. We're trying to limit that at this point. Yeah well what's interesting? Is You know it finally would work in live? I think listeners and certainly all know is that you know it's GonNa take a class with David yard afterwards. I was asked about friends. The show for the For the show are you is that what is the status of that class Kyle. Well I wouldn't and cancelled since I wouldn't flying up there. You know I'd have to figure everything so I canceled my airbnb and went ahead and cancelled the class. But you know fine. Woodworking Zari announced classes next They're the conference next year. There are dates and everything So we're probably just GONNA do a little Repeat that but of course I give me another year to talk one of y'all or Brian to take in the class with me. Well I'll be honest. I don't know that I'm going to take the class next year because I already have like two weeks crap going on next year but Next you be completely selfish. Next year is better for me in this year. Go so I hope we'll that next year. At least you spend the extra day with you and just hang out for a day or two outside of this stuff as we were trying to this year but was not looking good for well. We'll let reminds me you know David reached out me and Was like hey where did you do on the Friday before and I said you know nothing in fact I was flying on Thursday because I get cheaper airline flights and he had set up a thing with the yield furniture. Study for goodness to go there and you know. They have all the chairs and all kinds of furniture. I literally think they have all the chairs they have. You know antiques antiques. From going you know colonial days in precolonial days and So I was really excited about doing that. But they called earlier this week and said were cancelled and that just like dern it but I hope that I can do all that Next year so well. I don't mean to cut the short but I think we should hope that everyone stays safe and healthy and then anyone doesn't get sick as predicting many of us will that it ends up passing with just minor flu symptoms and no one has any Any drastic medical issues. Didn't anyone who does. We certainly wish you the best but right. Now there's no virus in my shop so let's get going guess exactly so The army so last episode. We did you. You couldn't make it but we didn't get your thoughts about woodstock coming back do they. Now Countess along longest running. They can't be the longest continually running guest. Clearly we are forever. The longest continually running Woodwork guest so I complete agreement when you quit you cannot consider yourself continually running. It's just it's a fact. They got a new logo. They do have a new logo. I'm not sure the new the new logo is great. But it's kind of like fixing something that wasn't broken like that's a classic when when my old would talk logo short got a little hole in it. I went and bought. A new would talk logo shirt because you need to have a would talk logo shirt. I hate to yeah Now it's now it's It is retro or What are the kids say? These days about throwback throwback Jersey or throwback right. It's like I I still drink coffee out of an old wood was for a Mug. That was in two thousand nine rounded. One yes I have this straight. Walled White One. Oh No no no. The rounding well. That was much better. When he started bringing those out for the woodwork. Cancer yes that was my favorite Mug and broken Well I have three of them so How about this to next year? You come up early to find woodworking live. I will make sure I'm actually able to attend and hang out with you and you bring me a buck. Sure in in return. I get a personal tour of the city. I will gladly give you that. I'll take you to yell to all the chairs. All righty. I'll get you the best Burrito in New York. How about that? The best breed New York is what gives. You is actually really good pizza Chinese food. That might work or some way. We can make us work absolutely but not to get back to talk I'm glad to see them back. I got a chance to listen to not the most reason episode the one before where they were talking about what changed in ten years and I rather enjoyed that. That was a cool Kinda. I like the pacing of it and the Kind of quickfire format and I understood from you kyle. That they're not all the same yet. They'RE RIPE. They're everyone's a little different. So Yeah Yeah. I've got another one in the in the chamber. I think I think I'm a week behind you. Sean okay. I'm about two weeks behind my podcast listening right now and the format of open a little different but as much as they're different they're also the same yum. I think you know mark shipped away. Mark went to ship. And it's still going to be more ship The best possible way. That's a derision on mark but You know what you're getting when mark is involved in producing it and that's a good thing. degree so no more power to them and You know what guys hopefully the next time you quit. It's a little bit longer so we can catch up an episode number but But you know exactly well next up on the list Friend of the show And Sean I'll let you say the last thing it's a Bob rosy rosy DSP sound. Yeah he's been on the show but I just WanNa look at the name ago Bob or somebody know him. Better be are fine furniture now. I'm not scared as your of course I mispronounced. It already wants today so but anyway. So but but he is updated his website so That's fine woodworking dot com. So you might want to go out there and check it out you know. He's been doing this for a long time. And you kind of organized. Everything into articles audio video and So it's a it's a real great resource and you can also subscribe to the website. So if he when he publishes new content you can get email on the website now and he's a very modern clean and well-defined website. And I would agree. That things are GonNa be very easy to find on it. But when we talked to him I know he was slowing down from. Actually creating new content is the new website simply a resource to make the existing content. More findable and usable. Or does he actually have the intention of making a continuing making new content? Yeah I think he's going to continue making new content but more in the like the articles Actually writing a blog and yeah exactly and a little bit on videos and stuff as as it comes up so Yeah Yeah he's he's definitely making some Some new content also. But you know anyone. That's into hand woodworking. This should be on bookmarked in a couple of different places. When yeah when I when I was getting into more hand working I was definitely I was referencing his his production stuff back in a decade ago. It's been a while. Yeah so it's nice to see it all in one place that you can get to really easily anyway again that's Be are fine. Woodworking DOT COM at the same website. He had or is it actually a new. You know it's the same website. It's just the actual sites updated but the addresses the same. Yeah okay definitely worth checking out. That's the easy way to do it. You don't you. Don't have to rebrand re point bree anything it's same places that always was just with the new coat of paint so. I just wanted to give you all a quick update so Less episode talked about lost our presses. New Book by Chris Williams. Good work that you're making life of John Brown and There's a question there that came up because I had just started the book and Aspen. Ask Us what do they call them? Welsh stick. I ask that I said is it. Good no I'll let you finish but I want to answer before Kyle does because I think I know so my question I just wanted to say. The answer is in the book. The good Mike West Indiana was are are all Welsh chairs. Stick chairs so wire could they just be called stick chairs and not necessarily Welsh stick chairs or could they just be called Welsh chairs? Because they're all stick stick backed okay. I'M GONNA put on my My snooty I don't make winter chairs hat okay. I'm GONNA say the little little worn every a good hat. Though every chair made in in in Wales is a Welsh Chair I would agree to that okay. I'm GONNA assume that. These are called Welsh stick chairs because of the general form of the chair and the fact that it's made of Greenwood which when picking the grain to get some of the components of the chair out from what I've learned of generic making and this being a derivative of that style or maybe a foundation of that style but still family is that you're looking for a particular style of grain straight grain or curved grain given the Mon of the chair so it it is a chair that literally sticks become component of their sticks that are transformed with with a spoke shave and a draw knife and the different components and tools of making a chair but a stick is literally an ingredient in making the chair. So is it as literal as it's a chair made of sticks in Wales. I'M NOT GONNA say you're wrong either. I'll just say the answer is in the book David Rees but no it it would make sense and now you're like any anything made in. Ohio is an Ohioan thing right. I mean that the area defining the thing is is the area's thing but if there are different styles within there there may be Welsh Windsor chairs I'm sayin' right. I mean it could be and so maybe the one thing I will say about. The book is is nothing. Like any other woodworking book. You've ever read Is Much more of a story about a man and making chairs and Told from the points of view of various people throughout his life was making chairs and only made chairs for just a short while. Not a short. But you know not all of his life I think he was in the Royal Air Force and flew fighter planes and stuff like that which is alluded to in the book. I think but not really talked about. But it's more about his chair. Mckinnon his philosophy. And it's it's a story more than it is a woodworking your typical woodworking books. So you know. Of course it has elements that all in there but It's it it's quite an interesting and Dare Beautiful Story About You know the the chair making life John Brown. So it's really good so you said it was going to be full of lewd language and inappropriate imagery. No no no well you now. Yeah I think you you quickly understand that that. He was married a few times during his life. I'm not I'm not certain that you know you want to You know you hear about it. But it's not something that's integral to the chair making story fair I guess. Oh but Staying with a sort of lost art press Introduced this before you do kyle. I will admit my ignorance and I've only looked at the page like thirty seconds ago. That's why don't have the background that you do. These are the lost art press. Crucible Pinch rods which essentially make I want to call it a stories tech. But it's not it's when you have the two Two sticks that can slide to create a distant and their most often used. I can think of making something square suits set them to the opposite inside corners and lock them together and then make sure the other opposite inside. Corners are the same distance to ensure. That what you're making is literally square. I forget what that necessarily called but these are square. Excuse me for the device not not the process but the Akron Device. Use Them for other things too. That's what you're going to see. These are two. They look grasp. But there's some sort of metal squares with probably some sort of a lock on one. It's hard to tell from the photo what it is. I have not read anything yet and the other one has endured knob that locks it down so these are the components that you take to in this case square stocks. That have a Bev. On one end to make a sharp point on once you can get right in quarter and slide them. I guess each other and then locked them in to define the distance and check the other square. And when I I was like why in God's name what I need something machined to. I'm sure absolutely wonderful standard. Because I I'm going to be critical this but I don't mean to be critical already. The machining he does is amazing right. But I'm thinking. Why do you need this amazingly machine square thing to just you know you could literally blue tape them together? And then I saw the price and I'm like for forty eight dollars square. I might spend forty dollars on this. This is really not a bad price. All of my criticism kind of went away when I saw the price exactly. No it's you know I I have a set lea. Yeah leave. Allie used to have something like when I saw this on went to leave Elis website. I couldn't find it. They may be tool. But woodpeckers made something like this and it was to round but it was all their machines antidote. I'm sure they were more than forty eight dollars dollars. Probably but But no I thought this is pretty nice. It's it's pretty nice little set and you know you you have to make your own sticks I think it's interesting. That the ones that they're using her are made out of Mahogany. It looks like because there's minor made out of two. Well I have hold on hold on sorry. I've taken off hold on but is a nice little nice little tool and they are in the once you once you start using them. It's just like Oh yeah. This is much better than trying to do. Take measure and You can even use them for other things like checking distances between legs and stuff like that. So yeah is this a case where any time or Harry could use blue tape but you dear listener deserve better and this quality of the machining of these components and the wonderful precision. It will add an enjoyment. It will add to your crafting of objects that are in square will make your work infinitely more valuable and Ed an infinite amount of enjoyment to your process. So you'd be a fool not to spend forty eight dollars on these. So while while not not requiring a fine violinist steck sturdy to pinch two sticks together to pinch in the corners of your box and then blue tape them around them without them. Shifting might be a little more difficult than it is to them in a captured set of things with a nut to tighten it down. I would add a slight ease to the operation I would. I would actually agree with that. There is more benefit than just the aesthetics one of them. It looks like it's under spring tension and the other one is a neural knob. So you Kinda you landed up. It holds itself and then you twist Knob to lock it in. Is that the case I would? It appears to be Kyle. Can you tell US Kyle have similar? Yeah yeah the one with the neuro. Nabi I'll let's Let's the Let's one piece of wood slide in and out and locks down the other one. Yeah it's locked into other piece of wood. It's it's steady there so Gasso yeah now works. Well now there is a trick that I use while making chair. So if you've got two legs and you've drilled your spindle holes and then you need to measure to see how long spent a whole czar is. This one won't really work as it's going to be too big actually fit into the spin all but you can take to bamboo skewers and put them in either spindle. Hopefully this is making sense and then when you hold them together you just put a little pencil mark on both of them so then you can put it back together. Okay so pencil. Mark Easier than blue tape easier and blue tape and plus you can get the skewers then out of the spindle holes. Yeah that too. Yeah because removing them in that case where you're spanning between two penetrations that yeah you you need the take them apart where you get him out of there or you're stuck. Yeah so that's the that's the technique is think Curtis Buchanan is. I don't know if he came up with it but that's I using it from a technical perspective. Would around one run. One still wouldn't let you do that. So the fact that it's square and a little wide doesn't really impact. Yeah the the thing is is. You're going into two mortices basically so you gotta be able to back it out and then so. I mean if this was made small enough it would do. You would still have to put some sort of more between the two to back together but you know at. That's not what these are designed for these designed to measure distances between things and check for square on cases so at at this price point. They're flying off the shelves. They're currently not in stock. Yeah how often are they unstuck? They're getting much better. You know crucible used to run out of things all the time but I think they're getting better now. New Tools are going to probably run into this but You know they. They are doing a much better job of of keeping things in stock. So but you know this came out like last week so yeah it's going to sell out making everything himself or did they have help keeping everything I think they. I think they have help Do they have L. putting stuff together and I'm not sure you know exactly if he's doing everything or not Haven't kept up with that. But I know that you know. Some of the people like Brandon and and Chris of course himself together a few others John and stuff. You know we'll help you know a symbol lump hammers and things of that nature you know. For instance. Lump Hammers are in stock for a year. Every time they sell out so do you. Do you buy enough with them. That you have sway and could get rainy on. Because he's a joy to chat with I don't know I mean I know Chris but I've met rainy a couple of times but he would know me from Adam I I had. I don't know Fine Woodworking America. Two Thousand and something. We were in the in the starbucks in the COVINGTON Convention Center and I had a fifteen minute conversation with rainy as we way that line starbucks next week and he just an absolute hoot. Be as well. And you know I don't th- as it may not be something he wants to do but sure we can reach out. Everyone wants to be. That's right checked into this kind of. Witless panter exactly exactly but no. I think that's good. That's a good idea to reach out to him and city so Hey I ordered a new product for micro JAG dolled it today. It is the micro jig magnetic dust cover steel table solace now Ramona Valdez. I WANNA say about two months ago. Maybe longer than that posted something similar so basically Must've saw that video and said hey we could make that but You know what I don Ramon is wonderful but this is a that magnetic cover over. That slot was in an article on Vinyl Wood. Working on how to dust proof. A contractors table saw released a decade ago and I literally have my slot covered with renaissance woodworker magnet. That's all it is. It's just the thing to put over the whole. Yeah because for your Arbor's Bellucci swing trick to dust collection. A table saw is having good suction and yeah and you've got so many holes exactly cabinet sauce have poor suction contractor basically just blow so this is a good easy way to close off a giant gaping hole in the front of your saw and because it's a magnet it adjusts when because that whole your cranked. There needs to swing through the whole whole as you. Adjust the angle of your blade a magnet. You can't just permanently. Fill it early nineties and make square things. In which case you should probably by the crucible adjustable things because they'll help you make square but But no I thought E- add that. Yeah I need to do that. I kept thinking about it and thinking did and then I heard about this. I think it might have been on a marks Morning Show where they call him Friday. Yeah I think I might have been on that. But I'm not sure I went out to Micra jigs website and it's not anywhere on their website but it is on Amazon and it's only eight dollars as of today eight dollars and seventy seven to my cart as we've been talking to you chief not to buy exactly so So anyway that's That's something out there so you know like like you're saying this is just a it's basically the same stuff they make those Magnetic cards you get in the mail from the insurance or realtors and it's basically the same material and just like you said it's over where you're arbor swings. My Dad's got a birthday coming up and he's got a PM. Sixty six table. Saw might work nicely. There you go. We won't tell them what it costs. It looks it looks cheap the only and is the only yeah. It is it looks. It looks expensive but it's not cheap. I'm sure it's very well magnetized. It does have that picture on it. You know I'm mighty dollar to to have something that was just black. Yes that you could always you always get some some three m sprayed in different picture on it. Yeah you a picture of me or no picture. Just see a white backed magnet. It could be a bear magnet. It could really care you. Could you could draw a picture of dust particles. There you go. I'm sorry guys is Friday night a little slap heavy. It's fine that's fine. It's fine so that's really cool and it's approachable little accessory to do better your absolutely. It's you know your shop. You don't have this question. I'm not sure if it makes any sense but if you have this collection on your saw it is a no brainer for nine dollars. Why wouldn't you just slap it on? It's going to improve your collection immensely and it's not just a massive dust collector. I if you've got a shop VAC hooked up. This will help absolutely lean over the blow. It's GonNa help so be careful. You WANNA lead into the blade no running no bad anyway. Who's got them twelve. Milwaukee can't see me but I'm raising my hand you yummy all right so years ago festival introduced the CSS. Which is this tiny little. I WanNa say it's twelve volt. It's not eighteen volt. I think it's twelve. It's a little little thing and It's a it's the festival fanatics out. There will have to forgive me if I'm incorrect in this. But I believe it's made for cabinet makers it's a drill driver. It's not a proper drill And I believe it's made for cabinet makers because it comes with a number of replaceable tips. Which gives you chuck's they give you an eighth inch. Quick release but it's the walkie festival in quick release. It doesn't finish It gives you an offset driver and it gives you a right angle driver. Which when you're putting in like drawer slides and different components inside cabinetry is really handy And I looked this thing I said. Wow that's really cool and I bought one and I pulled the trigger and I realized it had zero. Torque and I sold it no okay. It's for cabinets for putting in screws. It's not for driving tap cons into concrete. I understand that but I have a range of Milwaukee End Makita eighteen volt tools. And Milwaukee. Excuse me Makita Milwaukee the redwoods Milwaukee Twelve hundred tools and certainly the eighteen volts are in a different class in the twelve. But even the twelve's they have some power and like putting my my fence together not my dad my fence. I used probably more twelve volt tools. Eighteen volt so okay compared to what I was already used to in the twelve. Volt world this. The festival was in my opinion very underpowered. And that's why I got rid of it because I couldn't drive like inch and a half. Stainless steel screws that I would use for cabinet construction. I couldn't drive them with this thing. It was it was underpowered. Unless they've changed it it remains into power is not worth buying and for for visual clarity. It it's the best tool drill. That has the extra piece in front of your hands. You're holding that comes down kind of weights sheets so when you're going to sword fight your knuckles. Don't get cut there. It is. There's yeah that's so. That's the festival drill fast forward to a few months ago maybe in like November December of last year Makita. No I keep confusing them. Is Milwaukee so read one Milwaukee brings out what as best I can tell is an absolute equivalent? It's twelve volt. It's the same format with that weird thing in front of your fingers. Though at least in the festival the battery had this vertical component at slip into that. The Milwaukee just uses the walkie batteries and fit in the handle. So I don't know why the Milwaukee put it there other than to Connie the design of the festival some advantage yet it has a little magnetic catch. But that's not particularly helpful number necks so so the Milwaukee has the same quick release tips. Maybe it's not the same mechanism but from a practical functional standpoint. It's identical so I picked up the Milwaukee thinking. That's a useful tool and all things being equal. I've yet to be disappointed by Milwaukee cordless tool that I and it's half the price of the fest tool the Milwaukee. Twelve have is certainly powerful enough unlike the festival. So let me try this out so I picked one up around Christmas time and I'm GonNa give it the most qualified to positive review. I can in. That is better than the festival but not worth buying Okay it's better than the festival and then it seems to have an appropriate amount of torque power. I've been able to drive. You know small one two inch screws. Nothing crazy okay. it'd be cabinet makers are thinking. Well you should be driving a three eighths grew. I'm not doing anything small like that. But my opinion twelve drills you'll be able drive to unscrew and this does that I have done things with the offset head that are truly helpful because the offset had put the driver right on the edge of the shape of the body where you have to put it up against a cabinet wall or something I was fixing was actually fixing the stands for our flags for boy scouts and we have a pipe that comes up that ended up being female receiver of the flagpole that drops down in it and the flange that gets screwed down the base. The pipe is right next to where the screw will goes and I couldn't do it without the offset tip and I stepped off the tip on and it was a breeze and it was really helpful. But that that that's just as helpful with the festival but again the Milwaukee is more powerful and that's benefit and it's half the price and that's an but the negatives which is why I would say it's still not something I can recommend you buy unless you truly need one of these heads. It has the right angle of you offset because the the regular. Chuck Eddy. Drew has that so. That's not necessarily a benefit couple. Things is that in Milwaukee twelve volt. They make a larger battery. That has like a square base that sticks out from the handle and they've a smaller battery. That's kind of A. It's a rounded triangle. Shape that fits in the handle than yours so if you use the smaller battery then that Weird Guard thing that comes down in front of your hand and the battery make a level base and you can rest like on the on the base of the drill as you can like most eighteen volterra have a big fat battery in the bottom Okay you use the bigger battery. Which is what. I have most often what I use more often because they last longer. Then that that Weird Front guard thing doesn't hit the ground and it tips forward and you can't rested on its base has put it on the side which is a little inconvenient. I understand they have to GYP. Batteries styles have popout foot. For God's sakes like just do something. If you're going to use this thing a lot you're gonNA want the bigger battery and the bigger battery makes it less useful. That's a problem All the pictures I've seen so far tonight show with the big battery long snow battery. It works conveniently with a small battery but as I said like I probably have five or six of the big batteries and three of the small batteries like whatever I bought a battery. I I only by the big ones. Because why wouldn't you everything else rests on the big battery because they don't have that silly front thing to balance on and the big battery just less lower so that's one thing the other thing is it has rather than having a switch of a physical switch that moves it from forward to reverse. It has a push button on the top that that's digital and know I don't particularly care there's digital really bothering me but it has a light indicate whether it's in forward or reverse and what I have discovered through use is that I can see that light just finding my shop and if Wola making his kitchen cabinets that's fine the middle you go outside. You can't see the light. It's not bright enough so I was using it actually at work. I was anyone who saw the instagram post. I made Under the Mwa account just as we were recording. I was showing the Bosh Jigsaw. That's on my workbench right now. How my workbench? It's on the top of the team centers where it is And I didn't show is that there's a couple of holes drilled through the foot of that saw because we had to make this curved edge at work and I bought the saw for work to to make the curved edge. I made a rounded wooden thing that fit at screwed underneath to act as a guide and then we cut through it. That's not really the point. But because I was there making the curve because no one else knows how to make curves properly because we're not makers I had this drill with me and the drill was was fine in terms of its power. I was driving inch five eighths and two and a quarter inch wood screws. It drove them no problem. I could not tell if I was in photo reverse. I literally realized I needed to pull the trigger to tell what direction I was in before. I could drill down because the light was. You could not see the light I was. It was It was February in New York so it wasn't particularly bright It was it was impossible to see the light and I think that's probably an oversight because my guess is that they never tested it outside because it's really not designed for outside use but then again unless we're talking to a professional cabinet maker this is going in your homeowner's tools and you're gonNA use it a little bit everywhere and it's it's useful to know that you can't see this light outside whereas if you have a traditional throw switch you can tell whether it's in photo reverse without having to like you know coupled with your hand or watch the spin so that big negative yeah my my hand is conditioned to use the like gun safety style index finger pushes it in. Its going forward thumb PU- pushes it back. It's going in reverse. I know exactly what that's doing That's weird to make it to change that now. The only other one. I've seen changes a driver than my dad has which is a dewalt and it was a it was a gyroscopic control. So you twisted to the left. You're unscrewing if you twisted the right you're screwing electricity tool because you're just driving screws into threaded metal. What are the motorized ones? That looks like a screwdriver. Yeah you twist the handle to make it ninety degree handle Gotcha or it could be ozone. It's very very thin cylinder naturally but that would that had this little gyro in it. So that you just engage when you press it the would go in and that would be like. I can go now. And if you tilted left it would driving the further you tilted the more it would drive and it had a little bit of tour but not too much and you can adjust it with its standard kind of. Torque adjuster But otherwise why mess with what really has been largely a standard as far as I've known in my lifetime. Yeah the one I use I had the the Bausch one the little twelve. Oh bausch one that's and I haven't got an eighteen twelve and then the new twelve. I've got I've got and I've got a big fat bass twelve but I use it all the time for you. Know driving screws in and and things like that and Boy least had that twelve years and it still works like a charm so but you know it's the same form factor as a regular a drill a number of those Milwaukee's that are that same form factor. I have a drill driver that are. That's informed factor and I have the dewalt. That's the impact gone in the twelve. Volt which is really handy. Little tool sometimes And I've been really pleased with all of them. Which is what led me to buy this. I was like well. The four factors pretty cool. Milwaukee makes nice stuff I like to twelve. I have the twelve all the why not get it and It's not again. It's more useful than the festival is half the price and the festival. So I can't say don't buy it. It's not a waste but Unless the special tips really or something you need. It's it's not a useful addition to your arsenal. Unless you really need the benefit it provides right agree. Yeah my regular drill. Drivers are are Milwaukee. I guess I got a hammer drill. I got a twelve built in eighteen. Bolton impact eighteen I duck out here but as I'm looking around my shop just in the stuff that doesn't fit in my cabinet seats cordless Milwaukee's and one Louis Makita. Yeah I've been. I've been really pleased with the Milwaukee so the Chuck's really nice but I have heard over a lot of USA. King can be problematic but bother. Yeah the trucks. But it's but I've never had an issue. I am real gentle. I'm not shocks on. You know I'm not you know Just grabbing almond and mash guerrilla full-throttle to tighten them up. I never had an issue with chuck my first Milwaukee Twelve volt drill. I blew the clutch in it but I was drilling. It was like a three eighths inch drill bit through steel and the Druidic court and that was the clutch broke and I had no power to the chuck and it was like you know what I I know. I overuse the drill and I can't blame it for that replaced it with a new one. And he's been working fine since but the actual chuck. I've never had an issue with one person. Say That to me but you know like I said I don't. I don't WanNa put a lot of stock into that because that's just that's just one thing and I've never had had an issue with him. Yeah and I've been Bosch since the old When they used to drop the battery off the top of the truck to prove that it was the brute for whatever you know like back in you know ten fifteen years ago whenever that was I've been washed only before that I did have a dewalt that I bought the next day I went and I was. I was drilling. I was driving screws. I was putting a set together for musical and the clutch stripped on it and I took it back and I said No. I'm never using the same again and I do. We're talking like circa two thousand to two thousand ish but that's been awhile timeframe. Two thousand two thousand. The Dewalt was king. No timeframe sucked. Yes yes the Milwaukee had sucked and the Puerto cable sucked at the time. Too and Boston just starting to get better and you know it was a tie it. Whatever and that's why I did. I walked into Home Depot. I bought this thing. It was like it was an lower whatever at the time and But yeah it's like why and just walked right through and I went what the Hell and couldn't adjust it back. It was just gone limited. Forget to say two things. I want to Milwaukee for second because I have a number of their lights and I'm wanting to light one. I got for free because I'm GonNa Battery and one I actually paid for but I have their life because I have older batteries. Not necessarily because their lights were the best but I have been really pleased with their lights and as a unit and boy scouts. Now we don't use lanterns. We USE MILWAUKEE BATTERY POWERED LIGHTS NUMBER OF US. Have them and they work that well. They'll ask all weekend so that's impressive that they really are. They're wonderful But to switch back to the Bosch for a second I like Bausch as a brand name and the Bosch Things I own are very nice and like I was talking about this jigsaw before my personal corta. Jigsaw is an old circa two thousand and one port cable and it's tank but it it has no finesse And I have a Milwaukee Makita a Makita eighteen. Volt cordless jigsaw which I really like. It's the older style they've they've updated it with a new one that I've tried and don't like but I have the older one it's made in England of all places and it weighs a ton without the battery but it is a really well made jigsaw Since I've owned that I've bought a fence tool car. Vex Jigsaw and said this is crap and sold the mill the Makita cordless is better than the festival hands down but this Bosch. I got it for work because we were cutting this curve and I knew I had to drill a bunch of holes for the foot so we put it in the course of the job and it's probably going back to work but I have been pleased with the use of this box and I've only heard good things about jigsaw us but the Bosch cordless tools the handle strikes me as abnormally fat and just slightly uncomfortable to hold. Do you find that or are you just lost them like I yeah? I'm I'm used to them. Maybe I I have no problem. Although hands is is very I was a piano player or an I could cover ten keys with spread between my thumb and my pinkie so maybe I big hands school and nothing against your hands. But you're not personally no. I'm not I'm assuming that I have bigger hands and you 'cause I I have relatively large hands. I wear an extra large glove and even that I think to a double X. on some brands that that's really relevant. But but no. I don't know I mean I I've never had a going with a man I I haven't used a great deal of of of other other drills and drivers I could just becomes too because it could. It could be an. There's difference in them. I mean I'm I'm from where I'm sitting. I can see the soft bag that has the old twelve volt with the nonsurgical battery sticks right up in the bottom end of it as as like a clip Those are different shape than what my eighteen volt route has or things dying. The battery can't hold the charge anymore or anything But the I don't know they're all they're all different but I've not had a problem with them But I haven't used another makers my dad's got Milwaukee stuff but I. I can't remember the last time I put into my hand. I just don't but back in the day I I was building houses with gas. Pass load. Naylor's those things terrible handles uncomfortable. They were just shit. Yeah maybe but again guests charges in the handle. It was a battering the handle guest charges in front You how was it knows this gas charge? It was it was guest charge but it was in the handle. I'm trying to remember how we did that. Because you had to push them in and then when they were done would throw them in the fire and make them explode Refined woodworking live in two thousand twenty one firepit in the backyard. You should bring your those. Those are the construction company work where they were there but but But not yet no. It's anyway. Yeah I guess handle geometry's never really bugged me you know and if I look at the different saws and stuff I have a hand saw. Those handles are completely off the board. You know my my one rip saw is square in one profile. And so you're wrapping around to thinner section. Then you're holding between the PAT of your hand and your fingers. It's just I don't know I've never had a problem. But maybe that's just me. Maybe let you bring us all the way back to the Milwaukee M twelve fuel. Three eighths inch installation drill driver. Yes just rolls off. The tongue does does well festival. Css IS I guess a little bit better but it sounds like a train. Do they have like a One or a quarter inch installation driver or a quarter inch half inch insulation drivers interest. But I think it's because it's the three eighths inch drill when you put a check on it which are traditionally a little smaller than the half intro so it had oh that chuck has a capacity to chuck has since but but the truck is just one of four tips to plug into it. So I don't know why it's that size. Why they just call it their their little baby drill driver. I don't know but To GET BACK TO ERGONOMICS FOR SECOND. It's not necessarily a problem but to hold it properly and to use it it's a very historic grip style. cordless tool a lot of drill driver is not handled. This is a pistol grip and you need to pull the trigger with your Middle Finger and have your index finger like running along the side of the body took. Oh really grip it comfortably and okay. I don't actually mind that. That's how I hold a saw like I'm holding my various I don't know what am I. Various Jones by twelve to fourteen in my hand as we're talking and that's exactly how I just naturally put my finger but that's saw and I don't naturally hold drill that way so it's not a complaint but it's just I've had to get used to holding it that way and when you hold it that way it's wonderful because your fingers right in line with the driver and it works fine. It's just different than every other driver have Different will the lightweight and some tour. Maybe that helps with just controlling it and to have on hand to have your middle finger engaging the trigger. I mean there's just a whole lot of weird or economic movement interesting because my Milwaukee The twelve volt which is a hammer drivers. Big It's a big one bits before they made eighteen volts. It's probably you know four or five years old but it's more of a pistol grip style and I'm GonNa have to pay attention the way I hold that one versus my other Milwaukee which is a newer one And it's more of a that t type panel but you're you're as to hammer drill so is that one of the ones that has the battery in the front in front of the handle no no no amounts in the handle both yeah both of them are quote Unquote Hambur hammered drill drivers but our hammer drills but like once twelve lends eighteen volt. I mean they're full size. You know they're not baby Like this drill driver type stuff through standard format. And I'll just throw this. I'm just wondering what the Pistol Grip on the twelve. Oh I wonder how actually hold that because I'm kind of second nature to To use my middle finger and put my indexing along the the body. I I'm GonNa like how to actually use it when I grab it. Yeah I'm GonNa pay more attention because I- i- flop recently between three different drills of two different formats and one two of them because the same battery but they're different one's one's got chuck on the front and one just got the the spring loaded the quick release yeah and And then the other is the pistol grip one and I. I think between middle and index finger. You know pulling you know depending. I don't know I'm GONNA have to up. Just pay more attention to that I. It's just an interchangeable movement. Maybe maybe maybe well let's give. Let's get to a little love though I do on so many things but I think I sound like I'm the one I know people who universally loved them or universally hate them know anyone else who takes the fifty fifty few that I have. I'm staring right now. I literally let me count. I have eleven fest Tool Sanders. Enders hanging in my Sandra Cart and I'd probably have one or two more. Besides that have both dominos track saw. I have dumped by kids college education in the fest tools so not against the plane but they earn enough universally the best everything. There are some things they suck at their routers our garbage. They're they're cordless drills are way overpriced and some of them are okay. Some of them are terrible. They do their tick sauce. I don't get it jigsaw. Suck like they're no tool company. Makes everything the best? That's true of everybody off years and years and years ago. I was a huge fan of Porta cable before they got bought by Dewalt Puerto cable used to make the best courted screw guns. I didn't know that Don category doesn't exist anymore. But there was a time when they made the absolute best corded screw guns but they didn't make the best of other things so I think you need to approach festive like every other company. They're not this holier than Thou Wonderful Brilliant Company. They make very nice stuff and some of the stuff. That's okay yeah I totally agree with you and one of the things I think they do make nice as their dust extractors that they do live two of them. They're wonderful yes can they can't be a little pricy but but they just released a new one. Okay this I don't know that because I've not been paying attention. Let me ask you you delete in makes it sound like it's affordable. Does that mean it's too small to us? I don't think so okay. I think it's standard is. It's not you know I have the thirty six an old one before. They redesigned him but That's been a workhorse for me. But they just came out with a CT fifteen. Which I think is the hander mid-size the mini one in the mid. One I think is like the mid size want so. It's bigger than the there. There are many one but I mean it's a fully You know carte one looks to be you know it's you know I don't know I wanNA say stands may twenty four inches tall something in that neighborhood But anyway it's only three hundred forty nine dollars would say only only that is that is a great price for festival. Dust extractors and that prices kind of a gateway drug. So don't knock it and what I will say is a couple things about festival Not necessarily even that one you talk about the old one. That's the one where the dust intake is on the side of the center. No it's in the center. But I WANNA say mine's like from around two thousand seven two thousand eight. I think around two thousand though. I don't know twelve or so they. They redesigned him. Years must have. Oh Oh you must have either. It's newer or the dust extractors on the side the the actual hosting on the side because it was probably only about four or five years ago that they redesigned them to move the dust connection to the center. Well Mine's mine's on the front. Are you talking about the the the side of does collector know it's the front but the older ones had it all the way? If you're facing the I guess it's all the way to left versus Senate side. No no you're you're exactly right. That's the that's the model is I have. I don't have my number in front of me in from where I'm sitting. I can't actually say it's behind my stand. Iraq is the twenty six. Is the Big One thirty six. What's the number for the Big One? Thirty six mine was. I think mine was the biggest at the time. I think it's like a thirty two exactly. I have the older style in the biggest size at the time And I have the newer style in the biggest size at the time. My older style. is wonderful. I actually burnt out the hippo filters because I was I was in taking burning. Mdf embers at it melted the filters. I'd have replaced filters but it's been an absolute workhorse and I have a dust. Deputy on it and it's wonderful. I. It is a great great vacuum. I have the newer one. The the older one is a little awkward to lock in that. There's a separate lock for each of the rear wheels and at least in my driveway which is not level some of the times the rules don't contact and we'll still drift occasionally but it's not bad The newer one. It doesn't like with the wheels it has this little foot that comes out in the middle. Which makes it a tripod. And it's a little tippy and I don't like that The new one is a little harder to open I. I'm forgetting the inside because quite frankly I got the new one I said this is not an improvement. I put the new one in the attic and I haven't used it since I talked to my festival dealer and I was told at the time the new one came out. Which has to be pregnant. I'm wrong two three years ago. Maybe three or four years ago. It's a while something like that. Yeah it's been a while when the new one came out. Which of course takes different bags? I was told that they would only make bags for the old one for five years so I didn't just turn around and sell the new one because I didn't want to be in a situation where five years down the road. I couldn't get back to my old. What ended it needed. A new one So my new ones been sitting on my attic. Virtually since I got it and I continue to use the old one which I there's some subtle things that they say are better at the new one. I don't even remember what they are at this point but none of them proved to be any better. The old one the wheels lock easier. The form factor is a little bit smaller. More compact made it easier to fit in my shop and I still have three bags for the old one so until I run a bags and can't get them anymore. I will continue to use the old one and then I'll reluctantly switch to the new one. Yeah Curtis they're awesome. They're also in this is like you said entryway gateway drug so to speak into the tool Ecosystem I mean. This was three hundred fifty bucks. It comes with the anti-static hose which the other ones do not want the regular green hoses. When has the gray hose and even comes with of tools a crevice tool and the sweep tool which is Which is pretty Nice Minding. Come with any success stories like that and like. I said it's only three hundred fifty bucks there many which is even smart which is smaller than this one. I think is five hundred dollars And so this is kind of like the one and only festival I have just the CT one twenty five no but whatever the standard that's like they brought a couple of years ago it was a hundred bucks a hundred bucks. Yeah so I got an festival for one hundred bucks sucked but no I want to call attention to this highlighted line on their site that said the C. T. Five does not have bluetooth connectivity. And there's no option for Bluetooth as an add on. Please tell me why. In God's name you need Bluetooth technology on a dust collector. I know the answer it's stupid. You're correct I don't remember. I try to listen to most of the woodworking podcasts. Out there and you have to forgive me. I don't remember which podcast it was but literally two days ago. A day ago wasn't today because I didn't. I was in the office all day but last time I was in the car extended which I think was yesterday. I was listening to one of the many woodworking podcasts out. There and there was discussion of one of the hosts had multiple vacuums and was talking about how he had a couple but the one that he really liked was the one with the Bluetooth and at the time my thought was why the Hell do you need a bluetooth connector on your vacuum like you go to the festival website and it talks about how you know if you have the Bluetooth in the vacuum. Your kids won't get cancer and you can't get the corona virus. Jesus Christ never really I know but it it it tout's some mythical benefit and I think I use the vacuum as rigorously perhaps less frequently but as rigorously as anybody out there and I remember when they came out with thinking. Why on Earth would I want to do that? And now that I'm sitting here I can't think of I can't think of a reason. Why Bluetooth important like the advantage of the vacuum is that you plug your tool into it. And when the tool turns on the vacuum turns on turns you off off fifteen seconds later so it clears the lines of dust and yes. You're on the fact that that is a wonderful feature that frankly all vacuum should do but only a handful of them do. Yes so something. I I put on my whole house. Humidifier is a current sensing relay so that it only blows wet air when the fan is actually blowing otherwise it's going to put wetness into a system that's not moving and that's a bad thing exact. So so why. That needs to be wirelessly. Any wireless technology why it doesn't make sense because you're only gonNA plug one thing into this thing at a time. Okay here's the thing and I think I think in this discussion. I think I've come up with it is for the newer generation of cordless tools Because if you're cordless it can't sense when the tool is on or off This wrong I shouldn't but I'm not wrong. That doesn't make sense but okay. But here's the thing I I was listening. I've said this a couple of times tonight. I will continue to share it. I'm tweets bad about podcasts. Everyone take note. I was listening to the most recent for me. A fine homebuilding podcast. Because I think most of us we've enjoyed and Patrick's a Nice Guy. I like and in their most recent episode that I've listened to which is probably two weeks old they were discussing track source. And they're not woodworking guys. They're carpenters Patrick. Is the host of the show. I know him personally when you talk about eighth of an accuracy. His eyes glaze over. He is a carpenter. Not a woodworker. And that's wonderful because he makes nice stuff and he's a good guy and I like But he was talking about having the festival track saw and another editor was talking about having a cordless track saw and the advantage of the cordless and they were both like well. If you really nice by connected to the vacuum but I don't Bother Connecticut vacuum and I'm yelling at the car because I'm listening to this as I'm driving and I sent them an email because I of course I did about how you there were right. You need to connect the track. Sorta vacuum but the instant you connected to the vacuum. The fact that is cordless is useless. Because you've already got the vacuum hose. Why not have a regular court so that returns to this vacuum discussion of if I'm going to connect vacuum to a sander or saw or domino. Why Earth would I need it to be cordless because I've already going to vacuum what was going to it because some might and it's why I mean they're just like money right now and I haven't heard that actually from a post framer 'cause I'm interested in that kind of stuff that like. He was whatever he was working in his shop instead of on the field and he said Yeah because of all the batteries stuff we've been using battery Naylor's and battery drivers you know but man in the shop. This air hose connected. Naylor really is awesome. It's lightweight it's easy to move around. Why would you not you know? There's a there's a place for it and there's a place not for you. The advantages are there are separations between the two. You know what just Y application. I agree but again I'm GONNA come back to the fact that for a Bluetooth connected vacuum to work. The vacuum hose needs to be connected to the tool. Yeah so exactly. Even if you're in the field in the field cordless tools are wonderful but the minute you connect them to a vacuum and vacuum has to plug in. Why wouldn't you just use a cordless tool the plugs into the vacuum? Because you only have a hose going there. Not So fast. They do have some cordless vacuums now festival. I don't think I will does. I don't know what about their ITTY bitty one little sustain is when I don't know that one might I don't I don't think so but it might but I look at that one unless you're installing jewelry boxes in million dollar homes. Why would you ever want to vacuum that sport? It's Kinda cool that fits in with everything else. But it's so frigging tiny. Oh God how anyway? So that's how I feel the fifteen berlinger three hundred forty nine dollars in fuel. Three eighths installation drill driver. Yes yes but okay. Well let's let's talk festivals more because they're always giving us some things so Have I guess? Mobile selling tables? What they're calling it out and I watched the videos. It's Kinda of interesting but I think you could build something very similar yourself for less than a thousand dollars for the listeners. Who heard me made that noise apologized? I'm looking at these things for the first time as we're recording and I am not a proper host and having prepared and haven't looked these notes I I own that sitting in front of my garage right now but it's made by different company and I only paid half the price for the unique thing about this that that Solo is interesting. Is You know it will. It will help you handle your. She geds actually put him up into a horizontal Orientations doors on parent orientation exactly and it. Also you know you can. Also you know Disassemble it fairly easily. Get into a nice compact shape and I think you'll handle some large goods but thousand dollars is a lot to spend on something like that. It's too much I'm thinking you know with some experience with or Y'all familiar with eighty twenty. They make Extruded aluminum parts you can buy. You can make something using their components for probably a third of the price. I would think well I have when I when I'm actually doing work. Which has not been for a very long time listener When I'm actually doing work I use my benchmark table all the time and I often get questions about it collapsible table that has plastic not wooden things that pop up on the top and you can sort through the plastic and before they went into business they were nice enough to send me about just off so I have extra. It's an imperfect solution because they are out of business but I think I paid about four hundred bucks for it and mine this this festival kind of fold up like an accordion like cross pieces have hinges and its remains standing and wheels on the bottom. Which is Kinda cool? I guess they're already awful up. So it's still the same height but but compacted whereas mine the legs hinge underneath it twice a flipped onto its side and the legs fold up so minds about thirty inches wide by five foot long. Something like that. You put it Saporta. She could just find. The sheet hangs over on the sides and I love it. I absolutely love it and I've had mine for years and years probably going on a decade and I would not be without it when finally dies because I'm going to be upset that I can't buy another one It's a great great thing and if this is your version of that you know what I've got a thousand dollars worth of use out of mine and mine was only four bucks. But why would you pay a thousand dollars for this? I just don't get it. Yeah I don't either. Well I guess if you're in the you know if you're an onsite contractor and you're in the fest tool world and you want to you know but all the time you may be able to pay for something like this and short order. I don't know two two things if you're anti contractor into the cost the job it's not that big a deal. I absolutely understand that. All things being equal there mark is professionals who make money at this so in that world a thousand dollars not that much money. I understand that but your second point of your in the festival world. Well this is a table. It doesn't interact with their system at all. Like you give table from anybody. This rather unique special table. But it's not like it connects to your vacuum or your Sandra or something. It's just a Table Has Bluetooth God notification. When you fold it up your phone knows exactly you know and you can locate it around the job site. You know Big nope there's a market for this. Clearly they think there is a market for this and they're probably right but I'm GonNa go with you Sean. Nope yeah well. That's why I'm put it in the show notes because I knew I knew you would have a fun time with this one for anyone who wants to look it up. It is the festival two zero five one eight three S. TM eighteen hundred mobile sewing table. Ooh I wanted to twenty eight hundred. Roll another one. Wait till the upgrade it and then the bags will fit anymore right anyway so too. I got something for you. Which is a little smaller. Little more fits in your pocket kind of things right No this was Lazarus earlier this week maybe today earlier to be the the woodpeckers pocket compass now I don't find myself needing to draw circles on the fly but the in the in the woodpecker style of red analyzed aluminum recision machines parts. This is a pretty slick. Look a little thing where it's got basically a Inner how would you say that they fight inside each other to pieces each other male and female component with adjustability? There you go that you you set a point. It has a has a point that threads into the back end of it for storage and then can be put into it for as a pivot point and pencil drives down in it. And you can draw circles of varying diameters and there's two different sizes anyway. I thought it was a cool little little thing in the same vein as the The PAULINI pocket square that they brought out years ago. It's it appears to be about the same size and this one at least yeah. Yeah do you have the big one of those Pollini ones I have? I have two of the small ones actually. I don't have the big one okay. Oh I didn't realize they made a big police but this doesn't make a big one and yeah the the the small one of these for sure. It's it's like it is truly possible And it just yeah. If you find a the need to draw now these are true circles. There's no elipsoid or or any other shapes you can do with them. They are just. It's a circle cutter Circle Marker And only a circle marker but I think it's. It's pretty cool. I second that and harp on it for a minute. Is that go? If you're in the market or in the habit of making circles often this is probably a really good way to go because I will admit that when I have made circles it's been kind of some kind of jury rig thing that kind of makes the circle you know it makes circle but it's not that stable and I babysit it's not ideal and I actually have a They sponsor the other podcast. But I have a Iraq Ler Circle cutting dig that I bought after the last circle. I made more circles but I haven't made a circle sits So if you're making circles this I'm sure this is fantastic. Because woodpeckers makes really nice stuff at dwell machine and it is it looks very convenient in that sense. I make not necessarily square stuff but I tend to power more than make circles. So the the pay. Leena rule that you mentioned one lives in my In my apron like it's fantastic it was. I'm going to guess it was fifty bucks something like the was it. Oh I don't even know 'cause I have one too. I wasn't wasn't terribly expensive him. I don't think it was much easier hundred or one hundred fifty bucks depending on the size. I'm looking at sixty. You can do the one. The one the little ones rain dri- little one is sixty bucks. One is one hundred. Sixty is probably only a little bit more than the paling rule was at the time it's twenty bucks more. Yeah Thirty percent but still if you're making circles often I'm sure this is a wonderful tool. I don't make circles often. It seems a wonderful tool to solve half. I actually make circles fairly the thing I can see. That's great about this. It's easy to set it up site. I want to circle. You can look like you can easily get it to two inches in boom whereas if you're using you know what? I Use a traditional compass. Is that you know you might have to lay that up against a ruler. You know adjusted Nanu fine adjustment to to get into your you know dimensions but I'd be interested to play around with one but Even though I make circles I'm not sure I want to spend sixty or a hundred dollars you know I got a Nice. Compass works really well. Well the question was about forty bucks or so questions circles. Do Make and you get paid for the circles. Exactly because that's not the answer to this thing. Yeah exactly but you know I can see some advantages. You know. It's something you can carry around with you. Where compass cans especially the one I have is a fairly big one in has sharp points all kinds of neat stuff like that that you don't want to be sliding into your apron in and out so I can definitely see where this would come in handy because it looks like the little piece that actually you know That you re ball around the little pinprick as I would say actually installs inside the device. We don't have to worry about any sharp points or anything like that or find a cap to cover your shark point. It's nicely self contained and I I mean it's one of their rolling one time tools. They just like to set up machining for one thing. Find out how many people want it and make that many you know and they James machining safely. How they operate. That's a wonderful method because it brings a lot of things to market. That might not be able to and I don't fault them for all because it lets them gauge things and understanding how they make them with the machining and the level of waste they have in aluminum. That believe it or not doesn't end up square when the machine because it has some memory. I Wa complained about the expense of certain things that are so specialized that I'll never use I. I will never complain about the cost relative to what they invest in making these things like. It's a lot of work during them right. No for sure very. Yoon your special need that you we specific need tool but I thought it was kind of interesting. They use it. It's self contained. It's not gonNA poke to your pockets or or anything like that and I mean even the big one probably fits in the apron. It's seven inches long. Give or take so I mean it's not gigantic. Would it be fair to call it? The ILLINI pocket rule of Circle Jerks. Yes not knowing Leney and whether or not he would agree to that. But Yeah Yeah. I'm sorry I do not have the Pollini One. I have a DVD one. You're still the F not even talking to you head curious how much it was. The one ball is fifty bucks. That's probably about what repaid expensive. I have to only because I bought one for my dad for father's day before I give it to him so I kept and now nobody. Yeah Kyle your year off cheerleader. Because of the lack of antedates red handed is aluminum near shop. Damn I do have their angle gauge Do you know what all my woodpecker stuff. It matches my milwaukee stuff the red one got it and your Bessie clamps right. That's right and as I look at it I guess it is just the best The jets are read to the plastic cups. I use for mixing things in their red to. Oh Oh you know what they're they're solo so another thing to add in that actually was mentioned and I am just right off of the would talk episode. Most recently isn't too way before this episode comes out The and nothing. What was it? It was the the glue. It's a woodpecker. Snow knits a rottweiler. Glue Blue Brush. No like inside container like at the Square Container Square Ish Container. Oh holds like four to six ounces of square container. That's well it's silicone so it releases what has been white project Luna. Yeah some wonderful. Yeah I I I I heard of it and I looked it up and I'm like Oh that is really cool. 'cause I I'm mixing poxy doing this rocket stuff. I've been doing in in like wax cups like just like bathroom cups that for some reason we have them down here. And they're not Dixie cups their their whatever but they're fine and the Apache actually releases from I don't it's probably something bad. That mixing them in a Wax Lined Paper Cup. But I don't know oh by the way I just I just noticed here before we get off the subject too far is a pocket. Compass may had the small one back in twenty thirteen. Now they did for fifty bucks. Okay so large sixty twenty thirteen fifty bucks. Two thousand thirteen no inflation. It happens new ones coming the virus so you just wait hold on. I'm sorry the small one went up to seven inches in diameter Ryan Yes yes the this one back in twenty thirteen only six and a half. Oh so they've expanded it more material ten bucks more seven years later. It's well within sound marketing. We're good so anyway. So so are you talking about. Oh Yeah the Little Rock Glue Pot thing. Yeah I think that Interesting as a non disposable way of a mixing small batches of poxy. If you're doing little craft poxy or or even project glue where you're not. I'd I've never have you guys ever like poured out glue used it and then try to pour it back in Epoxy cures but yeah most glue. I I pour out of the bottle onto it. This is the Iraq ler silicone glue keeper this square thing. It's ten bucks. Yeah it's like it's it's super cheap. It's basic they. You know the guys on an on woodstock talked about seeing it workbench Khan and And it for ten bucks. I mean if it's that's cheaper than even the cheapest Cups Deal Mixing Cups. What's interesting is I do. user Glue brushes couple myself and Both the large ones in the in the small one and they just came out with some even smaller ones. And I'll pick those up and I noticed here in the pictures they rest neatly the container. So that's nice there you go. It's a debt. That's the thing I Dino sometimes silicone because I got some Silicone PADS is. Yeah the glue does release from bed. Doesn't always all released from it? You kind of have to watch it. Yeah I'm only using tight bond as I look at my shelf. Taipan one to entering. But I'm using pond in my silicone stuff and I have no problem just peeling it off to wash using primarily liquid. Hide Glue so you can see. It's not as it's not as clean You just heat it up. It'll it'll probably probably not wrong. Rework it yeah probably probably melt the glue pot or the be careful burke keever sorry Ebert Cheaper Hieber lined up for ten bucks. I'm I'm considering it. Could I ask a question and I don't mean to be spoilsport? Here doing these here. What's the shipping? Oh I don't know that that is. The products are not prohibitively expensive. They usually a good deal on but they're shipping. We live in a world where shipping costs are minimal because of monster corporations and they're not a monster corporation. I'm trying to be sympathetic to that. But they're shipping seems prohibitively expensive to go into Houston. So it's a big deal to me. I think is in Ohio. Oh and the nearest one to me is two and a half hours away from me in Ohio Better than ten. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. Well Andy Card you proceed. It's probably one of those things where they appreciating for like purchases up to forty dollars in your at thirty two dollars. You can just throw this on there. I think there's an Amazon way of doing this says Amazon. Pay As an option at checkout. There's Betcha that show you can get married on Amazon. I know woodcrafts would just as expensive now. There is a woodcraft a mile from my autism. So I could definitely do that would craft in Rochester which is about nine hours away. Oh my God man you would think somewhere near you. There would be both a woodcraft. Rock layer there's tools for working wood which is only an hour and a half in Brooklyn. It's true that's an hour and a half way. Well it depends on the time of day but yeah after. Tom Got moved up to New York to help with Katrina. Which for those of you. Who Remember Katrina happened to us? In the fall and woodworking Katrina hit us on a Sunday into Monday and woodwork in America. Started that Thursday so I manage to go to woodworking America. I shared a room with Tom that year. He had his bag packed to go to New York. But then up flying back to Tampa before then two days later turning around and flying into New York to help with Katrina so the one in Winston Salem. No because I didn't go to Winston Salem it was we were in Kentucky Huntington But the reason I mentioned it is Tam was. He was helping in some department that he wasn't qualified for Tom's a wonderful guy. He's qualified in public relations very well. He wasn't in public relations. He was in like logistics. I forget what it was but he was complaining. Rightfully so about you know the fact that they took gold this team from Florida that was experienced in handling hurricanes and completely mismanaged them at central departments. They had no experience but anyway he was working like fourteen and sixteen hour days for most of the two weeks he was in New York. So it's like day four T it's ten at a fourteen something like that and he only worked twelve hour days so I drove into Brooklyn to pick them up and we hung out in the afternoon and we tried to go to tool for working wood and we got there like five minutes after they closed. We didn't get to go the story. So I'm sorry I've written about Hurricane Katrina coming tropical storm. Sandy though there wouldn't you're absolutely right could hit But it was better than saying no. You're actually right. I'm embarrassed to say that to realize that Jesus I was like what I think might be done. I might be talking. Yeah so yes sandy. Hit New York and Katrina hidden also specifically New Orleans So I I I'm done. I'm sorry it was a good story nonetheless. It was good it was good. I assure you all the facts were true except for the name of the store except for the name of the storm. Yep All right well she we move on Yes to to Neyla we've gone through piqued her interest in the shop. Sean I actually did a thing. Oh you do the thing I did. A thing is the most menial simple thing and I was totally unexpected But I did get used woodworking tools and I made dust and shavings in the process of recreating remaking a rotten piece of trim. The piece I was replacing was rotten. I wasn't making rotten piece Of Anyway I walk into work guy that I work with Says Oh hey here and he hands me a pine board and a painted piece of trim. He said this was in my closet. It's rotten you can make this right sure. I went Okay so it was cut to with and it was as tall as he wanted it. It was basically a one by six piece but and it had a simple. I think it's called. It's not even a village style like just a really fair curve on the top edge of just return so it's a simple curve anyway But I had to thin it down which I use a combination of cross cutting rip saw. But I got like my mocks vice out. I got my veritas out. I got my spoke shave out. I got a little hand playing out. I made a thing and it's probably going to be painted and put inside a closet and never seen the light of day. It was a piece of trim. I just made a piece of trim. Just like literally was a rectangle that I made thinner and rounded one top corner tastic and I think even posted on instagram might posted in the process of doing just that as much as I can. Hold the tool and take a picture. We were all hoping it was rocket parts. I know Raga Parts. No sorry no rocket parts. It was this was legitimate pine to be painted at a later date not in my house but it was fun. I haven't used my spoke. Shaven years criticized maximize me. Oh Yeah Yeah. I've got a I got that old bench crafted thing when they brought that out God How many years ago is that. Oh Ten plus years ago Janet. Yeah I've got a big old eight quarter ashes labs hold that bite together and Or using as the jaws advice and I love that thing. It's it's great to do exactly what I did was which was was like rip cutting something because you can cut right down through it from the from the side and I just put it up on my bench like front because it's not tightening go. It doesn't bind on the curve. Does it no no? It really doesn't And the way I was doing a piece of small enough and I was using essentially dovetails on so they've barely two inches below the the the back of the saw the spine of the saw So I I kind of treated a corner with a cross cut then flipped the corner and treated the next corner with across cut and then try to connect those lines with cross got saw but now that was a rip cut so I brought the rip saw to connect those and just the feeling of of something like that which is very small. I mean this thing was was like six inches long and four inches. Wide is very small piece of wood that I'm working on and so the cut and it's a small saw that I'm using too but the switch to a properly sharpened rip saw that you can tell it is a legitimate row of chisels going right straight across. It was awesome like it. Just it aid I never worried about. Wavering off my line and it was just perfect. An orange accurate might be that accurate and so yeah and so to prove that point. I basically took. I took a three quarter inch board and made it five eighths and had would have had a solid piece of wood that I cut off it and I gave that back to. My coworker said here. You don't need this but I want to show you that I can do this. That's what I took off. It was there you go fun there you go. I used woodworking tools. Would you did woodworking? I did woodworking. That's more carpentry. Is Kinda Term Carpentry? Is that because it wasn't putting any more than one piece together. It was just shaping one piece pieces of small talk. I said look honey I can. This is what I do I make would smaller A. She wasn't impressed. What's in your shop? let's see. I guess a released some new Videos with my boring Jake because I had the production model which differed from the one. I released videos for earlier so I still go. One more video to Put Out there upright either do that tonight or tomorrow but The old videos. Yeah Yeah Yeah once I get this last one. I'm going to take some of the ones that I had up there down. So yeah because the ones before with the quote unquote pre production model and then when I actually produced in my inc a couple of design things that made it just a little bit easier to To us and the little Angle Gauge Setup Block That I came up with. I found some improvements on calibrating that to each individual boring jake so that became more accurate. So mother videos were Kinda obsolete which makes sense You know and so So I did those videos and so I'm been released from our know about every other day so I have one last one to release but It's you know and one of the things I did. Include in these videos is that you can now use the boring jig to ream holes and I think I talked about that on the last episode looking for source where Rimmer so and I think I said I did reach out to Lee Valley while I heard back from them and they're not taking any special orders but I was also disappointed that they were they were really forthcoming with. Tell me Yeah. We don't make to sir cells. There's another company makes but I couldn't get them to Tell me who that company was. Yeah I'm sure. He said it was overseas. I'm sure it's a Mate somewhere over in China and so I've been looking for local sources Quickly found out. I do not need a machinist needs one it grinds because something needs to be ground but I keep getting Getting some roadblocks here and there about people you know wants to tell them what I want like now. I don't work with high carbon steel. No I don't work with high carbon steel so I need to find somebody that works with our carbon steel. So still some more folks need to reach out to but I'll eventually find a source for easiest one guy local that Yeah I think I'm going to have some success with but he's just the kind of thing where users could provide their own rework. Do you need to sell the rumor with it as civic that it needs to fit properly or fit with the JIG I bought? Well the valley rumors at Twelve degrees included angle so each side is six degrees of the cone. Let's say so Most in other chair makers utilize that Roemer. There's some chair makers that utilize eleven degrees and honorary. Well it's something that My Dunbar You know the winds were instituted. Really Started Teaching Windsor chairs on twenty twenty twenty five years England. He is ornery and he started with the eleven degree Reamer but then most chair makers I know like your Peter Galbraith Carter's Buchanon Elia bizarre and they all use Six degrees warmer so three degrees outside in most of the people I know us six degree rumors. And those are the ones that you can buy from Elliot and Tim Manny. You know the wooden hand remorse and they're really nice so But to use this boring jake to Tarim holes or really need a medal. Rumor that can be used under drill. So that's the reason and the reason for me having been built at the six degrees is 'cause Used to that's what everyone has probably may be already have ten cutters for their legs six degrees. So you WanNa follow all that so so I just need to find a source and I've had a lot of DM's from folks going. Let me news. Soon as you find a source you know because a lot of people are using these These handwriting Merson. They're made out of These wouldn't Henry Merson rebate out of various materials. Maple instead of smart woods but they can still be somewhat problematic. When you're trying to reema a hardwood like an oak or something like that rather than you know your standard pine or poplar itself is still just a handle. We're talking about you know the whole machine. The whole rimmer is wooden. Has the blade in as a blatant. Yeah Yeah so. It's got a slot in the cone section. What they with the blade in there so yeah so you know I'm I'm still looking at Got A I got some. I got some folks need to follow up with And reach out to you so committed on finding one but it's just not finding a source for that. It's just not as quick as I thought it was going to be. So yeah I may have to be one of those guys that you know may have to do this up in In cat he'll probably send it over to you sean. It's Look Right. I think this is the. Is this the Andy Klein way of doing it? And it's like nobody makes it so I'm GonNa get myself pretty much so you know and I may have to reach out to some some of these Some of these offshore sources and see if they can make something but We'll see how that goes but on a brighter note which I post about on. Instagram is my stare at Combo Square so I think a post about hey. I found out that my twelve inch stare. Combo Square was out square. Wouldn't squaring more and I'd heard too. You know you could file down the little tabs to bring it back in square better. Really didn't want to do that. And so I reached out to a start and the guy asked me you know common issues. Hey you make sure nothing stuck in there and you know all that stuff instead. Yeah nothing stuck in there. It's never been dropped. You know stuff like that. So it's like we'll send the head back to me so I did and Within three days I got the head back perfectly fixed ready to go and I I thought they just replaced the head with the new one I finally looked in there went now. That's dirt that was probably there before so I'm pretty sure this is my head but they definitely polished it up a little bit. So we're we're we're charge except for the shipping whereas staring where learn send that? Oh you would ask me until weird. Name it's northeast. It's in the Boston Northeast. Okay Yeah let's see. I'm just curious because a three day turnaround is pretty good because you presume it to a day there. Yeah well I mean once they got it it was even so that Yeah I mean what I'm saying is it didn't said on the show for anything like the LS start companies headquartered in Alpha Massachusetts. Yep Okay I knew his name name but yeah for I don't know cost me six six bucks or some dissenters up there but yeah so big shoutout to them for you. Know that's excellent customer service and when they send it back guy included a bunch of cool stickers as well as some like apron sized Charts for a taps and stuff so I mean that's what they are as as much as woodworkers love that company. That is a machinist machinist true and true -Chusetts sure historically when you think about like the last century Massachusetts was the foundation of machinery in machining in the country. Okay New England was quite frankly but it's the heart of New England. Yeah and he didn't know whether I use it for metalworking woodworking her whatnot so yeah so so. Yeah so big shot to them. So that's great so I need to buy more stuff from you've earned by business sir. Business no I do have too many things from them but anyway on another note since I have been making these These demo videos I've had to make a number of C. blanks to drill out currently at four see planks that are fully drilled out and so. I needed turn these. He blinks into chairs so. I've been contemplating that and think it was Saturday. on Instagram Windsor chairs by Dan. Dan posted out there that. And he's a Windsor Chair maker out of Maine and he posted that he was selling spindles and I you know fully roughed out ready to do the fun part. Which is you know. Turn them around and shaping them so they're fully roughed out in talk tugging all shape and it's like how much you want form was. How would you need a win? Thirty BUCKS APIECE. Free Shipping. I went sold for one hundred fifty bucks. I got I spindles arrived yesterday. Great condition and and It was great so you know thirty five bucks. A CHIRP for spindles can be that that sounds fantastic. But let me ask you there for main part of the country. You're you're both very humid environments. Are they okay? To have a warped they move. No no no You know there cut up on the grain so none of them are GONNA be dead straight but will be a few that that'll go in one direction or another. That's just part of the business because our cut along the grain unnecessarily to be straight but to be even with the grain parallel with the grain. So yeah there they ran. They came in fantastic condition so radio. Yeah so Anita need to reserve some time on the Shave Horse and get busy and speaking of building these shares have been thinking about a new fixture for my bench Kind of like a poor man's high by I guess really. Yes I've been thinking now for chair making what I do when I'm saddling the seat and I think I saw Chris wars do. This is a basically a two by four. And a screw it to the underside of your seat and I do it between the two front leg holes and then use that in a bias to secure the sea and that works great But I would like know when you do that on a bench rise especially your your front buys. It's Kinda hard to get around. All three sides of the chair seat so to speak. So what I'm thinking about doing is building a small auxiliary bench. They will attach to the top of my current dench in on the end of it. Have a quick release vice which. I happen to have just sitting around doing nothing. Small quick release vice so thinking about just Putting something together probably at a two by four you know just like you would have benchtop laminates to outdoors on edge. are Faced with the edge up eliminate enough of those to Go across my One End of my bench which you know my benches in two different sections and each section is about eleven and a half inches wide so For one of those sections and then stick out enough To put that Buys on and they're not can use that to be able to secure the chair and it'll be a little higher which will be a little bit more. Ergonomic should be able to get around all sides of the like and should be able to. Do you know secure the actually blank in the seats to carve the underside a hand of the Seton Hall Types of uses. You would do for that while a concern is if you pull into hard with draw nigh when you're trying to like put a champ for on the underside of seat. Is that going to be two four out to kind of cantilever the bench. So that's only concern. I have right now but you make enough seats or went once. You're what you have the Jamaican under control and you return to seats. You make enough chairs that a full new hire bench is worthy as opposed to a picture that fits on your bench. Well Yeah I'm sure I was thinking about the picture fit on. My bench would never be moved once it gets on there but Yeah I have thought about doing an entire separate bench just for doing saddling seats backed. Curtis Buchanan has plans for that type of bench and Out there They're free if memory serves correct on his website but I'm sort of running out of space. My shop for something like that. I know I don't need another extra bench so you know yeah I know I know I know I do like to walk around occasionally in my shop and pace back and forth so that would cut into that space but So I thought I'd just try this out and see how it works and might be something I'll share out there if if it does work so that anyone that has one of those split top. Rubio's or Those type of benches in my work form appreciate that kind of fixture like as we're doing this. I'm looking longingly at my carving bench. Which has a vice attached to the front of it? And it's the toll. Small Bench like the bright dovetail bench set Shannon made years and years ago and I think I probably got about three months use out of it before it got buried behind his entertainment center that it's still hidden behind. It was just such a joy to used for carving right. It's so yes you should make. You should make a bench fixture though there's probably marketable you're right there but for your own use. Make A standalone taller bench. You'll fit it in somewhere you'll love it. Yeah Yeah I'll probably end up there but I was just new Linden. But Ben let me try this. No this is nothing I would sell her or or sell plans for might be so much. Share out there and go. Hey here's what I did and see if it works so but with that Diani what's in your shop shop. Listeners will find it hard to believe. But I have the Milwaukee. Mt Fuel three eighths inch installation Jill driver in my shop. I know compared to the festival drills. It's better worth buying hold on. No let me go get my you keep talking. I'm going to go get my My boss rolls and we can put yourself okay right back and I am as we share before I'm not going to rehash it but I'm mediocre Lee impressed by its but I will admit that for the last hour. It's been fun to play with him. My hands while we're talking and for anyone who checks the Mater Woodworks Association Story. You can see how the grip works and the offset head. But that's unfortunately that's about all that's been going on in my shop. I used it to fix. Some flagpole stands recently and that's the extent of my recent woodworking but that's all being said Kyle. I believe in your shop or perhaps in the kitchen above your shop you have some Texas spring water. I do that. That's my beverage of choice today. Texas Spring Water So we have A. We have been bent to go tomorrow so I didn't really want to Blow up anything but we're still like fifty fifty or whether we're going to go to this event so well it's kind of a little It's the Little Saint Patrick's Day get together. That was planned. And we're still debating whether we're GONNA go or not based on yourself but I decided if we do decide to go then you know. I figured I'd just do my drinking tomorrow fair enough you're able to enjoy yourself endemic free. Yes yes oh what. Oh that is funny. Is You know I was thinking about this? The other day is with. The pandemic woodworkers are readily prepared for this. We do most of us. Have the respirator with the one hundred filters and gloves. And you know Turner's got the full face mask so I was thinking about if I do go tomorrow. Showing up wearing a respirator and gloves. Sure the respirator at least breathing. Your crap air. That's right. No No. We're as podcasters. We are also uniquely outfitted to not be in close contact with each other as we had this conversation. Yes the we are free of transferring anything we may be carrying. I know. Is it Pretty Fancy Mike. It might transmit. I think I'd say Mike I have an eighteen or twenty one hundred. I've got an. At are something. I I know we both have. Etr Sean how easily a higher number? It must be better than it must be bad. Remember Anyway yes. I haven't rode cast appro. I don't well. Well ask since you don't have a road Castro Sean. To at least have a beer. You drink do so. This was a little bit of looking forward to getting the hell out of town for spring break next week. Hopefully should the world not closed down in the next eight days? Where you're going down in Florida. Oh here in Florida outside of Fort Meyers okay because cigar cities from Tampa. And I was GONNA say if you're actually going to Tampa you need to give Tom Hogan and contaminated. No but I do have rough plans right now to go to Tampa in November. Oh may look Tom at that point. Although I'm going with my wife and friends without kids so alone time might be more. Tom Has met my wife. It's okay okay. Other many ways I take a sip of it the Picked up as you alluded to Cigar City Brewing Company which oddly is available in northwest Ohio in winter like they I think so But this is the the the Guevara Citra Pail so sits hops right in it and really nice You know not not not an ip by any means it's just a pale. It's got a little bit of that citra flavor to it. It's really really good. Excellent Heady topper boy as you have alluded to. I am drinking what I would consider to be the the Og of Dank Beers. It is the alchemist. Heady topper as best. I am aware is only available in Vermont. It's good it's very good. It's not great but it is very good And it is as far as I'm concerned. The definition of a Dank New England. Ipa It is. It is the New England and it's wonderful And I have friends who were in Vermont a couple weeks ago and I've actually been in Vermont since then but I wasn't able to pick me up but they brought some back for me and it was wonderful so Drinking the last of them And it's it's just the life I would highly recommend if any was not sure what we mean. When referring to a Dank New England I get yourself some alchemists specifically the heady topper and you will know this is the definition of that so I have to. I've never had that. But there is a Michigan brewery that on its escaping the there is one version. That's an m forty three and they have a double that something else. And that is the Dan. I've had ever Jordan. Because I've not had that you've had this so I don't really care them to each other But all the more reason for you to come to find woodworking live twenty twenty one. That's right mark your calendars now should should. We'll see if my marathon doesn't get postponed till then you could run all the way to good. I guess I am so sorry when I stepped away. I I got that drill in that grill. Go that's similar but mines in eighteen. Volt some both of these are eighteen votes but this one is the old Bosh Brute. Eighteen volt can you hear how tired that is? It's sleepy and and this is this is actually the impacter little much smaller grip by the way. The handles are completely different between the two tools. But that's a that's a twisted. My Hand High Torque little Little jobbies listeners. That was Milwaukee twelve tower. And you know what I like. I said I push it with my index finger to go forward thumb to go Yup Mike. God intended check out the the. Mata Woodworkers Association instagram story where I showed the push button on the top of this one and the light in the fluorescent lit garage right now is easily visible but I promise you. It is not visible in daylight. Is that the one that my wife liked it could be. It was a story and I didn't see notification from her. Oh maybe stories you posted a video of your your your scroll saw. No no in your the commenting about the microphones. Yes that was. That was my pre podcast huber. There you go. I'll listen to that later. All I can say good taste there. You go when I was when you were posting that I was picking up pizza actually. We're trying to figure out dinner there. You go yeah me too late. Holy Crap Diabe. I got home from work. I Fed my children. I took care of them and I cannot hear that podcast. Yeah I was in. The shop came up and went. Oh crap and apple and a muffin and that's probably why I'm so punchy and I'm on my fourth beer how about you. I'm only on my second second water for me that with all that fun information for the listeners Working folks find you on the interwebs Diani. Well I can be found at penultimate WOODSHOP DOT com. I can be found at the park on twitter. Allegedly according to this In the show notes you can find me on facebook. You can find me Panova which hop on instagram. Find me a beer on untapped and two hours and five minutes into the podcast. You can find me talking about where you saw sean. How are you Oh I'm Ashley. W Seventy eight or just. Shawna eight on most social medias including untapped and instagram. So you can find me there kyle. How about you? Well you can always find me. Bart Dog Colin Instagram. The only social media platform and that just about wraps up this show. If you haven't already please subscribe to this show on the Pod catcher of your choice just search for the Workers Association there. You'll never miss any of our exciting episodes like this one while you're there. Please leave us a review if you're listening to US odds are you're subscribed if you're one of the people who are listening without subscribing. Get off your butt and subscribe police but assuming you're one of the people who have subscribed you know another woodworker in person. Maybe only one depending on where you are. You don't have a local guild. It's rather Isolating and Solitary Hobby but talk to the other guy you know or the Galliano or the youth you know and tell them to subscribe please because what could be better than two hours six minutes and forty two seconds of us just kind of meandering about our interpersonal relationships and power tools So all that being said Kyle. I'm lost this is really terrible. I apologize you're lost. You're done did you. Did you give your you did community? So you did outgoing thing. Yes so then our done cut all this out and I will simply end with the fact that one of the least appreciated cordless power tools is the cordless heat gun which if all you do is make rectangular furniture you will find no use for but if you use a poxy or die or like to shape plastic parts the cordless He'd gun is a really cool tool and since it doesn't have to connect to a vacuum makes complete sense. The only cordless tool in my shop drill.

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