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Thank you for joining me today. I'm power off by May escape and go to promo code Maxwell 20 and you can get some money off on this thing is one of those great devices that you can use and also awaken 180 off if you want to lose weight in this pandemic. This is where you reach out awaken 180 Diane in Charlotte. Yep with the school there loves you where you live in the troll song South Charlotte. I'm in Longview down in The Ballantyne railroad area. Oh, yeah. I used to live over near South Park. That was my man. And I witnessed them. All right up north a little bit and you know right away. I'm going to take you back after things. I saw about you. I just loved that man. There was some stuff about South Carolina that off. Looked at, you know, Atlantic Beach. Yeah, of course, man. I went there and see what the way older than you. I went there in 1963 and I was off the beach and the beach had a fence that went from the beach into the water as long as the football field to keep the blacks from the whites Atlantic Beach Club still like that today to oh they call it the Black Pearl. Come on. Seriously. Yeah Atlantic Beach that Myrtle Beach has its hazards issues. There's a way to segregate and I still go a lot down to Garden City. But yeah, it's it's it's a lot down there all the things which I think is the craziest the fact that my my son was the first black lifeguard in Myrtle Beach and as soon as he's yeah, he's he's maybe now this is about maybe about 33 now dead. And these looking like Mom, I want to take a picture with the backlight guard Aquaman. I know man, but that's that's not even a you know, that's my generation right there that says Hi Well, let me get to this and let you get on and know you've been so busy, but you know, if so, so glad to have you require sellers here with me Cedric Maxwell on my podcast. Do my masters are very easy. If you drink it snowball question of them all read about your profile the rock of your family can't be you but she has to be your wife and your kids. I just love the profile and looking to where you look so happy. Yeah, so she is and we have a fifteen-year-old who is in tenth grade. She just started tenth grade this year had to think about that haven't missed a day of First first day of school since she's been in kindergarten so we wage We had that they're actually going to school in person. So a little uneasy about that, but we'll we'll pray about that. And then I have nineteen month old twins say that was incredible to see that that you had twin daughters. No one daughter one son and one daughter one son. Oh, okay windows, but just for to have kids like that at your age and now it depend emack & and race Motocross. How are you teaching your kids and still be a different between the young ones and the older ones, you know, you just different level. Well, I hope so. I mean the the prayer is that you know, the what my fifteen-year-old is living through right now with the twins won't necessarily have to live through hopefully in that, you know, 14 and 1/2 year Gap 13 and 1/2 year. Gap will be able to create some long-standing cultural political and social changes that my twins may have an easier time than my fifteen-year-old does cuz she's dealing with issues of race, even at as a teenager right now and interacting. I mean they watch you gotta understand that song. When you are if you are a young young person a teen in particular, then you you've grown up knowing that your president is Donald Trump knowing the overlay of race in this country living through Thursday. Its failed completely being able to understand George Floyd and Brianna Taylor. And so I hope that my my younger children will be able to escape some of those traumas reading your book managing country. What were you trying to tell the Nation about your process? How you live? So, I mean it was a few things. I think that you know, being a child of the movement growing up with my father and snake growing up around Marion Barry and Julian Bond learning the lessons of Ella Baker and Faith et cetera. You know, it's just everything that I see politically socially culturally I look at through the lens of the movement. I'm a child of the movement and you know, the best example is why a lot of people Jean-Louis from 1986 Ford since his time and Congress, you know, I remember John Lewis learning of John Lewis in Sixty one two, and three when he was, you know, chair a snake and that's just my my my perspective in the book. What I attempted to do was give black folks who read this a sense of Pride understand that even with the traumas that we all have we can make it through and and white folks who read this a sense of understanding and it's amazing. You never want to book to come out during the middle of a pandemic, but it came out right on time. I'm when people were searching for these resources one of the things that I heard you say and I thought it was brilliant and but I went to explain it to to my listeners you talked about it's good that I guess the whole society. They want to change things about no more. We're not answer Mom. It's not going to be and what not going to have black beans rice anymore. And he said that's a you know, a bandaid on it, but you you went on to explain that, you know, you have to do more just not something supervision off. There was really good. Yeah, so, you know why people want to change on to Mama or change the the picture of Uncle been, you know for me, I've always thought I never wanted us to make the man who sells yellow paint Rich meaning that nowadays, you know, black lives matters in the middle of the street, but what does that what does that really? Do? You know you have companies that are birth Away, a million or two million dollars and that's good. I mean we going to take the money don't get me wrong. But what is your what is your c-suite look like? What do your executive look like? How are you elevating of color and women in your business. Are you paying them what they're worth. Do you have just a vice-president of diversity or do you have somebody there that you actually listen to and so you have all of these you have a lot of performance performative justice, but I I want people to remember that Justice is a verb and we have to begin to change culture and just symbolic changes and enough. So my whole thing is people ask me is this time different and I'm like, it feels that way but, you know the age-old political saying you have to trust but verify I I want you to finish this line for me black lives matter. What are you going to do about voting... So, I mean that's a good question. I mean the. How about like your life depends on it? There was once a famous man in this country who said what do you have to lose? All right, and I think that we're seeing we have to lose whether or not it's the pin dem8 which is taking away any semblance of wealth we've had in our communities or the fact of you know, black and brown people are dying at higher rates whether or not it's just a fractured systems of Oppression that we have in this country. We have a lot to lose and so my... Is vote like your life depends on it because it really does 2020 has been the craziest year not only for for society but also for sports and you know Kobe Bryant passes away this year. I thought I thought that was going to be the roughest moment of the year. I yes and and what you look at it and it just seems like it's just everything is just kind of catapulted and you know with Donald Trump, you know, George Floyd, you know, eight minutes and 46 seconds will go down like forever. We will think about that like forever like nine-eleven. Those will be numbers off in your perspective. How do you really look at this year? I mean, it's just been so crazy. I'm not I'm not going to I refuse to walk down this path with you cuz this year ain't over yet. So I don't know what is going to be other side. You should have me out here saying it ain't going to get no no words, but then it can I just saw a note this morning from NASA was true story the day before the election November 2nd an asteroid is supposed to barely wage. The Earth so I got that means early vote. That's what that means to be. So, I don't know man, you know, I remember I remember when Kobe passed away. I was in the the airport. I'm going to chat group with three other three other just all four of the awesome individuals and he sent me a link from TMZ. I just didn't want to believe it and I was flying to DC to do to do a special at night on on CNN and we ended up canceling the special because of the name of the news around Kobe Bryant and just to watch just to watch the strength of of his wife over this time, you know, losing not just Kobe boujee, but watching former strength is just been something that you know, I think I would probably fall apart but just watching her strength has been something that's admirable and we miss Kobe especially during this time. I think we're about the ROM. Or 8:24, which is going to be a national a Citywide holiday in LA and you know arguably the office probably not arguably the second second best shooting guard to ever play the game top ten player to ever play the game. Well, you know and this one of the things where I thought was something else or a little birdie tells me that you know, you are a big football fan you talk about how you want to do tailgating with that. I think it was at the Gamecocks for South Carolina home. You got to be missing that so yeah. I mean, I think you know when people ask, you know do elections matter, right? Yeah, I mean, we're not even having the SEC apparently is going to try to play this year. But you know, I love that's what I do on Saturdays. I love watching my Gamecocks play the last three years has been dead has been a lot of a lot of tragedy on Saturdays will muschamp but yeah, you know tailgating enjoying going in here in ninety thousand people we won't even be able to be in the stands this year. You won't even be able to tailgate like that long. So it's just a it's a tough tough go. But yeah, I love I'm a huge sports fan basketball baseball football soccer watch it all I'm glad you open that up. And if that's the case, I always ask some of my guests a great question and and I'd love to put it to you and you can't be wrong with this. Give me your Mountain Rushmore Sports. Of sports or horse. This is Lourdes your mouth. This is for car sellers Mount Rushmore of sports and your backyard your building your building that Mount Rushmore and you got lots well with four slots. With four slots. You gotta have Muhammad Ali. I think that's a universal slot. I think that. You know. Jackie Robinson or Hank Aaron Okay, you got you got more of that was one of the other can't be Jackie Robinson or you can have both of them but then you know, I do I do I do Hank Aaron. I love I love the work that Hank still doing today. I know I know Jackie's daughter really well, so she probably mad at me about that. But let's see and then I would say Serena Williams you you put you took one of mine. So that is that's unbelievable. You're the first person that took one of mine. am probably probably pehle. Wow. Wow. I mean I was thinking about I was thinking about Jim Brown. He didn't play long enough. I was thinking about Jerry Rice but Jake is did that Church's Chicken commercial with the fried chicken to the helmet. So he ain't nobody's Mountain nothing no more. So yeah pehle Serena Hank Aaron off and and I like and and so so with that and again you can't be wrong. So you laugh out Michael Jordan and you left out Tiger Woods, right? So tiger tiger cards right number five. If we had another slot tiger would be on it. Michael. Jordan is not even the greatest basketball player ever played again. Wow. Okay. Give me your best basketball player to play a game. So my my to actually put Jordan at maybe two maybe three but LeBron James and Kareem are are right there off. Wow, you know that that's that's that's kind of new-age. You're you're really new age because so many people right now are going to be throwing shit at my at your in my camera because they always like oh my God, this is what I really believe about LeBron and I think that heat to a point. This is the point I'm making about him. He's to go to me because of what he's done social work out people that people of color he's taken on our whole line that Michael Jordan didn't take on now. It wasn't Microsoft fault, but he still didn't take it on and LeBron has taken on faith in Fremantle possible. Yeah. So Mike is actually doing that now like his post-playing career. He's actually stepping up to the plate in and around the Charlotte area doing stuff that people don't even know about but dead. One of the reasons and in people talk about championships. I remind Focus all the time that it's not an individual Sport and y'all can't even I mean you go to the NBA finals with Eric snow and Sasha pavlovic and the junas ilgauskas Andrew good and you know like Booby Gibson. I mean if you drag them to the finals then you know, and you don't win that are you trying to say you can get them in your backyard game? You know, you can't play them. I don't know the jurors. Maybe he was an All-Star but that that was about that was about it. I mean, but you know might play with you know, people forget son who coaches one of the greatest players in the world at the time Scotty Pippin, of course, one of the hundred greatest to play the game. So I mean, he he went Dennis Rodman, you know, how long so you weren't playing with slouches, but I do think LeBron LeBron is the only athlete To ever have that level of expectation from childhood forward and not only meet that level of expectation but exceeded, you know from from the you know, the Sports Illustrated covers to the you know, the the the chosen one all of these things and he's met that expectation if he wins if he wins a NBA Championship in La regardless of whether or not it's in the bubble or on the moon wage. I think that debates pretty much open. I'll ask you a question. I know nobody's really asked you in a while. Give me a positive that Donald Trump has done. I think he's taken some admirable steps around criminal justice, you know, I think that he probably regrets that now and had to be pulled there. But nonetheless I think he's taken some admirable steps with the first steps acted. It truly was a first step that it was nowhere near big enough for bold enough. But you know, I I think that you know, I look forward to you know about an inheritance being able to you know, complete that task If he if they if we gotta go ten yards to score he took us, you know, two and half and so we gotta we have what we still have a group of players to pull out and I think that Biden Harris will get us there, little compliments work right now just as people well I'm speaking it doesn't make to you know to us off into little girls to your daughter with this so I mean so much I mean cuz you know, there's so much you can see in, you know, her mom is Indian her dad was Jamaican, you know images She's the daughter of immigrants. She grew up to a single mom cuz her dad left early age. So you can if you grew up with a single mom, you can feel that she's a mother herself. Now. She's a black woman, you know, so there's so much history. She went to an HBCU. She's a part of a denial divine nine sorority as you hear my kids in the background. Don't worry about it. It's working from home. And so there's so much of there's so much of America that we can see in her and she's Bowl. She's compassionate. I just, you know, spoke to her and Dougie this Thursday morning wishing them a happy anniversary and she's tenacious and she's going to be somebody who is extremely tough compassionate and at the end of the day sees us and said, you know, I know that she's going to work extremely hard as vice president to not only do write about people of color but do right by everyone in this country. What is what is Mike Pence p You're right. Now he has to do a debate right now. I guess, Harris weapons specialist the problem that he has a problem that he's that he's going to have is that he's dead. You know, they Donald Trump and Mike Pence do not interact. Well with women of power... Particularly women of power or who are of color. Why is the why is the word nasty always come along with that? Cuz the limited vocabulary. I mean he does how they got I mean whether or not is April Ryan or your home or nikole hannah-jones. I mean, they don't have a they don't have a vocabulary. They don't know and so he he they are spending more time right now. I can guarantee. Well, they're preparing for his speech a week. But after his speech they will spend more time preparing for how they even address, or do they call her, do they call them is Harris do they call our Senator Harris? I mean they they are going to spend more time trying to figure out how they suck. Dresser the tone the mannerisms then actually preparing it's going to be a fascinating debate. But I know she's going to be very prepared you've been around for a while and you talk about the movement has this song you ever been so splintered I grew up in the fifties, I grew up when there were segregation and just told you about the situation and I was in the other Beach in South Carolina and all that God. I couldn't believe that there was a fence in the water to separate blacks from whites ever in ever in the time like this that you actually remembered that I remember know but I mean that I know of yeah, I mean, I think that, you know, I wasn't around in nineteen sixty-eight but Tom Brokaw writes the book he calls it boom 1968 because not only did you have the Orangeburg Massacre when my father and 28 others were shot three were killed off South Carolina State, but that was in February and April you had the assassination of King in June you had the assassination of Robert Kennedy and you had soldiers coming home. Especially many black soldiers coming home from Vietnam. I'm still being treated like second-class citizens and so the country was becoming untethered and so we've been here before. I mean, I don't I don't think that this is a new phenomenon. I think that that's the difference between as my father would tell me the difference between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon is you could shame Richard Nixon and Donald Trump has no shame. What I hear from you too is just off the roots of your father death of just such a strong black man that raised you and all the things that you learn from him. And I'm sure you're passing it down to your kid's life. That must be a great legacy. Yeah, I mean but being a parent and being a father as a you know, as you know, is it is a daily thing man. You don't have I'm getting you're right. I guess it's just and just try to try to not mess up let him know that I love them and and try to leave by example cuz I don't know what else I'm doing. So, you know those, you know, being a husband and a father your two most important jobs. That's really believe that wage. And they they also especially the husband part also is another another school full-time at minimum pay I'm going to have to speak to somebody about my labor rights in this man off. I watched you and you're so big on CNN have they ever had you on the other network box office do it anything? No. No. So afraid to have you on cuz I would I would love to see you with Tucker Carlson. I would love to I would love to put you guys in the cage match. I you know Tucker's a little fella I so I signed a scene in in 2015 right before that. I did a lot of MSNBC a lot of Morning Joe a lot of money. It wasn't am Joy at the time. It was oh I can't recall my friend's name on Saturday mornings, but then I got tired of seeing him but during that time. I also refused to do a job. Fox I did like and was friends with Eric bolling's is no longer there but I just Rush Limbaugh, but try to not rush I Bill O'Reilly would try to have me on and I just thought that I mean I I don't have the I don't see the the necessity or or have the bandwidth to go up and have to reaffirm my my boss to be in star from that point with folk and you know try to have somebody yell at me about my existence and about what that mean what it means for me to be black in this country. So I'd I just instead of wasting my time move on where I can have a more more fulfilling conversation that viewers can get more from I've seen you get your tainted with Donald Trump things. You said mad, but also seeing you even get mad or when it was a gentleman you were working with his name was Paris, you know, like there there there were times like you wanted to just grab this guy in, Georgia. The life out of it for Paris Paris, you know in Paris called me today and was like, let's go get a beer I go get a beer repair. So I I just Paris was frustrating because he was dead and I don't mean to sound condescending but he knew better right, you know how you it's people who who kind of who understand the experience but take up positions for something else in some other goal in life, and I'm not sure what that is. And so it was more of a kind of disappointment than a than anger with Paris, you know, we're all friends. Like I was friends with changing any I was transferred Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you know, we go on T and we have it out me and Kaylee used to have have knock-down drag-out some Anderson Cooper where if they would just it would be a panel of eight people and and if she is back up and just let us talk for like eight minutes to through commercial breaks and then we would just go have a go across the street to our Studios with Columbus Circle dead. And right in right right in New York and we would go across the street to this amazing sushi restaurant and have Sushi & Wine with people like Donna brazile. One day Morgan Freeman came over. So it was just it was just a bulb. That's just it was a family thing and you see them now and you just you just pray form the person that you've been most intimidated by Like you meet this person you're going to just your your breath kind of goes back. That hasn't happened to me since I was twelve and I was in the airport. I was headed to LA with my mom maybe 11 and I was in Salt Lake City and I saw Kareem in the airport too. And I walk trying to get autograph and he said no, but that was the only time I was kind of there's not a I don't think there's a man or woman who can I mean I've been interacted with many other times with Barack and Michelle, you know, I you know from any Star Athlete on down of you know seen off my really good friend call him out a little brother Stephon Gilmore plays for the pet. So I've been in a locker room with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. And you know, I've seen Bill Belichick and Page Michael Jordan golfs out here in my neighborhood. I just saw Dell Curry the other day, you know, it just don't I don't think there's a man that can make me kind of a woman that could make me do that at this age at this month. But Corrine was probably the last time that happened to me. I think the the time they happened to me that I remember and I was probably more stock was basically. Oh my goodness. Who is this that Stokely this is one of them. Oh, they're going around. I love it. But their pores I just talked about mine was meeting Bill Clinton actual. I was building Great Lakes and walked down some people and said, you know what? Mr. Clinton, how you doing? My name is Cedric Maxwell. Oh, he's adorable racist. They like TV. I don't know whether Iraq would build I was on the phone with his see now they want to press out a button. See I was on the phone with his with his Deputy Chief of Staff yesterday. I could just sit down. Okay and bills are great guy can see that and Bill and Hillary amazing people. I've seen people like, I don't know how people get to the point where you know, they go to a Michaels. Concert and pass out. My wife got like that one time we were Where are we and we were we were kind of I can't remember where we were we were walking backstage near Beyonce and Jay-Z and you know, oh, I know we were at the DNC and she walked up on Beyonce and Beyonce said I'm watching my husband before that's that's about how long they'll be embarrassed me when I take you out no more man. You know what? I do. Appreciate it. I'm going to let you get back to your kids on the Saturday. But you know before I let you go the most important thing again is for all these young people who are in these lives protesting they got to get out and vote. I said, if you don't get out and vote, you know pumped out you know off for you you gotta you gotta get out and vote and I wish you the best of luck up there. I hope that your your Celtics continue to crush the dreams of the seventy sixes and and move on. If we meet LeBron de you can beat in five. You know, I'm partial cuz I like I love Duke and that Tatum kid is going to be one of the best players the league scene and you gotta Stone Cold killer. I don't know how y'all got Kemba Walker, but Kemba Walker is a stone cold killer you just missing something. I don't know maybe a healthy Gordon Hayward or something. I don't know what it is, but you'll get there. Well, thank you very much appreciated kiss the babies for me. Tell you why. Thank you for your time on Saturday. Thank you for joining us after Maxwell podcast. Thank you. May I have a great day? Mr. All right. Take it easy.

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