Daily - Daytona Cup Recap Elliott Wins


The final lap with Kerry Murphy is is on. Nascar Cup series racing from the road course at Daytona let's run them down ten to one Michael McDowell. Then you've got joey. Logano. William Byron cavs Grou- La. Filling in for Austin Dillon who tested positive for COVID. Nineteen Clinton number six Chris. Butcher five. Jimmy Johnson notches a top five Martin tricks. Junior overcame a bunch of adversity for third place Denny. Hamlin. Came up one spot short of the wind. So to victory Lane Chase Elliott, third road course win in a row for this guy second win this season and the inaugural winner of the Daytona Road Course configuration that really get cars I. Think more than anything I'm not sure I didn't think very special day but that really fast Napa Camaro which Makes everybody's job a little easier from from my in driving it from Allen's and calling the race really fortunate from that standpoint had a really nice week of preparation came out and execute really good race. So really proud of the day we have a lot to be proud of and and to take that and and get the result that I felt. Like. We deserved other stories on the day. This huge Kyle Busch yet another awful race be flat spotted his tire early on spun around later in the race failed brake rotor had to go to the garage for that one and finally crashed with two flat tires with about five laps to go just amazing season so far for the Defending Cup series champion. US At facebook dot com slash the final lap.

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