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So if there is a missing-person uploaded to the phone app, we have a real shot. But like I said at finding that individual within that first crucial hour if they are not found in that first hour, there's only a 6% shot at actually finding this person alive and that's unacceptable as I always say so let's get this episode started. This is As Told by anne-louise bar Dodge concerning Jon Benet Ramsey. The Christmas light murder of a six year old beauty pageant winner JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado shocked the country and turned her millionaire parents John and Patsy into suspects. With sources deep inside the investigation and among Ramsey relatives and friends and Louise bardach reveals. The story behind the Dreadful crime and the bitter split between the DA's office and I thought police department patrol officer Richard French got to the home of John and Patsy Ramsey in the Tony neighborhood adjacent to the Shattuck Aqua. Did I pronounce them checked? Akwa Park in Boulder, Colorado. I probably love that. No big deal with in a 7 Minutes of Patsy Ramsey's 911 call reporting that there are six year old daughter child pageant winner. Jon Benet had been kidnapped. It was five fifty two am on December 26th and the distraught weeping mother a former Miss West Virginia and Miss America contractor let French in Well, John Ramsey directed me through the house and pointed out a three-page handwritten note, which was laid on the wooden floor. Just west of the kitchen area close quote French reported. Absolutely French told colleagues that he had been struck by how differently the two parents were reacting while John Ramsey was cool and collected explain the sequence of events damaged see Ramsey sat in an overstuffed chair in the sunroom solving something seemed odd to French. And later, he would recall how grieving mothers I stayed riveted on him. He remembered her gaze in her awkward attempt to conceal it peering at him through splayed fingers held off for her eyes. If you can picture that 7 hours later, the strangled bludgeoned body of the child was found in a storage room in the basement French told fellow officer that he felt awful that he had not discovered in himself in his search of the house for months. He berated himself as he relived every moment of his hours there while Patsy had wept inconsolably a dry eye John Ramsey had pasted incessantly later French recalled the couple had barely spoken to or looked at each other though. They were faced with the most calamitous strategy off our lives. He did not seem them a consoling each other, but it was the image of Patsy weeping and watching him that haunted French, especially after he learned that she had been sitting down. Actually over the Spotless then fifteen feet below where her child's body lay. The ramseys with Jon Benet and their son Burke had had Christmas dinner at the home of their best friends, Priscilla and Fleet White Jr. A mile or so away from the house after Ramsey had moved his computer company from Atlanta, Georgia to Boulder in nineteen ninety-one the whites and the ramseys found that they have much in common fleet white was also a successful tycoon in the oil business both couples, enjoy sailing and six year old girls with older brothers either Pat seen or Priscilla worked but both were committed volunteers when John Ramsey had decided to throw his wife a surprise fortieth birthday party off earlier on November 30th. He turned to Priscilla to organize the event at the Swank Brown Palace in Denver according to police reports. The ramseys arrived home from the wife about 10 p.m. And then at 5:55 a.m. The whites were awakened by John Ramsey who told them to hurry right over at 6:20 the whites were they're joined by other friends wage. John and Barbara Fernie and later by the ramseys minister father role haverstock several uniformed policeman assisted French until 8:10 a.m. When detective Linda arndt arrived aren't supervisor detective Sergeant. Larry Mason would get to the house later that day. The initial team assumed that the troubled affluent couple victims not potential murder suspects. They even summoned to victim Advocates to the house to comfort them aren't in particular who was described by fellow officers as having bonded with Patsy Ramsey made several critical and possibly irreparable errors in judgment The Ransom note warned the couple not to contact the police but to await a phone call between 8 and 10 that morning. Art world news report that between 10:30 a.m. And noon John Ramsey left the house to pick up the Family Mail, which he later saw him open and read at 1 p.m. When Noam call-ahead come aren't asked Ramsey and Fleet white to follow her into the kitchen and investigator describes a scene. She said I want you to search this house from top to bottom. She had barely wage of speaking that one John Ramsey bolted from the kitchen and headed down to the basement Fleet white told us at Ramsey went directly to a small Broken Window on the north side of the house and paused it said to Ramsey. Hey John looked at this and John said Yeah, I broke it last summer. He wanted Fleet to see the window set up on an intruder Theory but no one but a Spotify trial the remit could have crawled through that space while Fleet is looking at the window John disappeared down the hall directly to the little room where the body is. It's a huge basement with a lot of rooms and corridors wage. Ramsey went directly to that room. He screamed and Fleet ran damn white had previously peered down into the windowless storage room, but had not seen the body lying on the cement floor wage was the lifeless Jon Benet dressed in a white knit shirt and long underwear. There was duct tape over her mouth a draw made of white cord and a broken artist paint brush handle around her throat and there was quarter round the wrist. The body was covered with the white blanket from her bed nearby was her red pageant nightgown described by a relative as her favorite possession Ramsey yank the tape from her mouth and according to the investigator holding her with both hands around her at the waist the way he would hold the doll carried her upstairs and laid off the hardwood floor in the living room, but was interesting was when Ramsey brought the body upstairs. He never cried related a source present at the time, but when he later down he started to month. While peering around to see who was looking at him Linda arndt lifted the child from the floor and placed her alongside the Christmas tree Patsy collapsed right on top of Jon Benet said the source found she got her knees and screamed Jesus. He raised Lazarus from the dead, please raise, my baby. Aren't asked father role to gather everyone to a circle around the child and lead them in a prayer numb with grief and horror they bowed their heads to said the Lord's Prayer the following evening at the former house in South Boulder Linda arndt approached John Ramsey, but Ramsey's lawyer friend, Mike Bynum cut off the conversation telling aren't that legal advisers had been retained to speak for the ramseys the next day. The police were informed that the ramseys had nothing more to say and wouldn't answer no further questions. Although John Ramsey was a lifelong Conservative Republican. He turned to happen Morgan & Forman a long. I'm sorry Law Firm almost synonymous with Colorado's Democratic political machine take a look at their offices here in Denver says Chuck Greenberg columnist at The Denver Post referring to the Gated mansion that houses The Firm then take a walk over to the governor's mansion a few blocks away and tell me which one is bigger and I'll tell you what. One is more powerful and during the seventies and eighties. How hadn't ran Gary Hart's campaigns for Senator and was an advisor on his presidential campaign hadn't became known as a power broker in a kingmaker. He had a reputation for socializing with clients such as Hunter S Thompson Governor Roy Romer former Governor, Richard Allen and Congressman David Skaggs her off political allies of haddon's as is how it's Hunter folders longtime district attorney had his Partners Brian Morgan and Lee Foreman by arguing controversial Intruder 33-1 an acquittal in the celebrated 1980. Trial of Lee bib Linsley, he was accused of murdering her husband a prominent, Colorado pediatrician Quote on a ratio of 12 to one child murders are committed by parents or a family member said FBI veteran Greg McGarry Ramsey decided that his wife should have our own lawyers and he retained Patrick Burke and Patrick Furman within a week of the murder. A media consultant named Pat Horton was also brought aboard later to be replaced by Rachelle simmer and wage earner in July Denver's Premier publicist. Charles Russell was added to the payroll in addition to his lawyers team of private investigators Ramsey retained the Denver firm of hls Armistead as well as former FBI, criminal profiler and two handwriting analysts after the police tried to question Ramsey's first wife in Atlanta. He also hired a lawyer there named James Jenkins Caesars a lot of lawyers a lot of different organizations. I had never heard of when I you know, originally came across a trombone a case like I'm sure a lot of you did. That are a little bit older and can remember this case when it first, you know appeared. So comparisons are inevitable made to OJ Simpson. But Jon Jon Benet Ramsey is far wealthier, and I'd like the Simpson dream team Ramsey's lawyers have sought invisibility ironically to Simpson Defenders Barry Scheck and the forensic scientist. Henrietta Lee have made themselves available to the boulder DEA some say in an effort to refurbish their post Simpson image. The one press conference hadn't steam it permitted the ramseys in the boulder Marriott on May 1st was so elaborately orchestrated that would it was called the Ramsey infomercial by Denver talk radio host Peter Boyles the Ramsey team of lawyers and publicists chat against the back wall, but the selected reporters had agreed not to question them. It was not the first time that it carefully packaged appearance had backfired on Sunday January fifth media consumption. Pat Cordon had arranged to have a television crew outside st. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder during the service. There was a special hand out a personalized quote for the Ramsey family offering prayers specifically for them set up parishioner who was present we were appalled because a lot of people had qualms about believing them to be at the time outside. The church was a throng of photographers waiting to capture a sobbing Patsy exiting on the arm of Barbara Fernie. They told totally used to church as a photo opportunity said the parishioner the ramseys appearance of CNN in Atlanta and January 1st had also raised questions. Why would a grieving couple go on National Television or refusing to speak to the police? What the John Rambo you mean by saying? I don't know if it was an attack on me my company. Eight months after the murder to the bafflement of the public the FBI and the police hadn't Steen has been singular literally see him a singularly successful in dissuading bulb Alex Hunter from filing charges the public perception whether true or not is that how hadn't can knock out Alex Hunter blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back said columnists Chuck green honors team is led by a trial Attorney Peter Ostrum a former prison guard at San Quentin who has worked with Hunter for twenty-three years trip demuth life-forms handsome assistant and Lou Smit. He retired homicide detective the police followed up through initial ineptitude by rapidly assembly a group of six experienced detectives legs like Tom Wickman. They were Ron Gossage Jane Harmar Melissa Hickman Steve Thomas and Tom Torito Hofstra men's and women's teams are supposed to be working together. Hi security war room but trust between the two is quickly shattered Peter Boyles who was daily coverage of the Ramsey case as won him National celebrity has and admittedly personal interests Pioneer talk radio hosts down when Burke said his best friend and Mentor was gunned down in Nineteen Eighty-Four by Neo-Nazi thugs Ramsey's lawyers Pat Burke and leave Foreman represented two of the accused boil says that Alex Hunter who make calls Monty Hall of Let's Make a Deal Fame has never met a criminal that he thinks is fit for jail, Jeff Green and calls Hunter found her plea bargain has Savaged his office as the hunter Ramsey team. During a three-hour interview with me in June Alex Hunter and affable man of 61 acknowledge that much of the ramseys post murder Behavior was unusual. No question about it. They woke up early on he said normally it is true. But such victims throw themselves at the police and district attorney offering and begging for information the fact that they do not cooperate as most compelling but it is not really evidence Hunter asked to find nude that Patsy Ramsey was a college graduate and had talented as a painter. He passed on the information that she took the science fair at her son's school and that she had impressed lawyers with their outspokenness when she served on a recent jury. She was fused with quote. Jon Benet said it was more than mere love as far as John Ramsey when he referred to as Iceman. He wondered aloud whether someone as smart as Ramsey would write such a long note. Toward the end of our talk. He said these are not bad people then hastily added. Of course, we know that good people can do bad things. When I ask Hunter weather pressure from the hadn't team had gotten to them. He said I'm in the first year of my seventh term and how you have zero interest and running for state dog catcher or Congressman. So the business about me syncing my political force in is nonsense. I don't feel any intimidation. However, one Insider said that Hunter is twice removed from the case and Hunter admits that he depends on Peter Ostrum for his information. Well, he's the only one that's keeping me advised. He's what I consider to be the lead guy. All right everybody. So that's going to end the first part of this four-part series on Jon Benet Ramsey. 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