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One on One with Mike Johnson


what's up guys and welcome to Vassar happy hour. I'm Rachel AALIYAH's off today but we had the opportunity to do an extra podcast for you guys and we didn't want to wait. Well truth is. I don't want to wait because you guys if you follow me. If you listen to me if you dare to do that you know I know that I have a favorite a clear favourite from Hannity season and I'm not shy about it. It is none other than Mike Johnson and I've been waiting waiting for this day to have my Johnson on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and I am so excited that he's here. y'All know I've been pushing hard for him to be the bachelor and while fortunately that's not going to happen. He's still my bachelor and I'm GonNa talk to him about that and so much more today Mike Welcome to the podcast bradberry battery. Are you ready. Let's go the whole season to talk to you might so I guess I just WanNa start from the beginning. Because has I feel like when I watched Hanna season. We didn't get to really know you didn't get in depth. You know we saw you. There was a lot of drama that was involved with your season Senate. I don't even WanNa talk about that. 'cause we saw that enough but I feel like that's when we saw you most even on your one on one. We didn't get to know Mike but you are fan favorite favorite. The audience knew that there was something there were even a fan favorite of of Hannah. I've heard Hannah talk very positively about you since the show's been over so let's just beginning who is Mike Johnson. If you describe yourself in three words what would you say my friends will call me since they bushy brow- because I have to brows thick eyebrows do you do you tame your eyebrows are they natural now lately just natural just blessed rocket uh-huh me. I'm blessed to be here with you and I'm blessed to have you on the show. Okay three words and I know you already talked to me about one three words. If you had to describe yourself chromosome goofy goofy ambitious leader goofy ambitious leader like that you sound like a good time I'm a great sandwich and then at the same time that somebody could learn something from you all right so let's dive into it a bit. How do you feel like your life has changed since this whole bachelor experience not crazy thing is like when I'm in the airport in and brush my hair and someone's like a pitcher or something that's crazy because I I want to? I'm of gray forced to take a picture with you within bro Like my breasts thing. My hair is not. Did you know those are. That's the weird part. That's the way apartment there. These are things you have to learn. I had to start getting eyelash extensions because too many times people ask for a picture and I was bald headed ball died. I never I heard on the spot series. It's just crazy like I'm not looking my best and people want pitcher. That's one is crazy. Do you feel like you've you've been able to go back to your normal life since this whole experience one hundred percent. I'm I'm back home in Texas on my closest home. Eason cousins treat amy like regular and if not already even more on top of me now and I respect and I love him I needed. That's kept you grounded through this whole experience because I see the people get caught up. You don't seem to be that person. I don't think I'm caught. It was around thing I ever get caught. Oh but I mean I was just taking a little system on my best homeys a minute ago before being here and they just yeah they do help me. They say they keep me grounded. I think that's key. I wish more people did that. You see this world change. A lot of people and I don't feel like that's happened to you yeah see. I don't think it will either okay so I wanNA know. I don't know I'm sure the viewers are the listeners WanNa know this as well but I wanNA know how well. How did you get on the show so that's a really good question my homeboy I was working as a financial adviser and we want to stay it? Mike the safe place. No I'll tell you already I was at work in my office in through phone across the across the room and my home coworker was like what's wrong with you and I said man all these girls just WanNa have sexual relations and I really WanNa be in a relationship and he bust out laughing for like twenty Eamon see what guy says that and bro Serious in after forever him laughing at me he knew I was extremely serious and I wanted to be a relationship my last last relationship party going on the show two thousand fifteen and craziness got. My heart broke all that stuff so I really wanted to be in a relationship beginning you know get married. I'M GONNA BE Thirty thirty two. I got like little gray. Here's my beer now rocket. you know I'm trying to have kids one day. You know my ultimate goal in life is a tree house for my kids and so high school are you. Unicorn Horn just popped up on your head and so like six months after I had like a a bitch food I guess you would say because I wanna be in a relationship and I am picky. my homeboy Siemian facebook live as you try for this and I was off work that day so I drove in Houston and went to the aquarium where they had auditions and the crazy thing is they thought it was like nine ladies everyone guy it might it might have been forty nine. One guy was crazy right and then I think I was only black guy there for good out. I sit out. There sounds like the best four four suit. I actually got on the Houston News at night because they thought I was a batch which is crazy. That's like legit girl girls also in their mom and dad's we're coming up to me like introducing their daughters to me. While I was auditioning for the show. You didn't even need not like that at all but but it was just a really crazy experience I mean I have my book with me until the story. It was gonna be a great day that day right so you can't tell the story yeah so I have. I think I told you guys has a have a disabled veteran license plates right so I can parking spots and I partnered won. The Aquarium was quite busy and Park Park there. I'm there pretty early and I guy drive by an event. He's like hey is someone like sitting there. I might have so I move out of this spot so the other guy can get parking spot right good. Karma people have good Karma and so we're doing that or whatever I go upstairs and doing the wheelchair. He's trying out for the show as well. It was the second time trying out some really cool buying together. We stayed there the whole time just talking crap about the girls and the guys they're just doing what people do and and he became my best friend so shout you broke you hear this. I completely forgot your name. I love you to Homie Long Story Short I got mad because I wanted to relationship in my home way. Six months later told me apply for this show. Oh guys see this. I used to live downtown in San Antonio and I worked my butt off as a financial adviser. I was rookie of the year crazy hard. I'm super ambitious and his grow a mode apartment complex used to have huntings Ashley. She's to have like Bachelor parties every Monday and I had never watched the show prior to that may to be on his end so she like made me go watch Swayne. She said I was going to be to be on the show she was the bachelor was so crazy to you. Shut up to Ashley what we we we see. Now we see now instill Z. Instill a rooting for I think it's a cool story. I love hearing how people got to the show you know. Some people submitted a video. Some people tried out four or five times. I remember my experience. When I went actually went to an audition to my co worker sign me up? There were people who had been there five six times. It's like American idol had traveled to different cities. It's like you know with athletes when hang up the cleats. It's almost like current like let the application go. You know it's it's a good thing you you went through the Houston auditions. They liked you. They sent you on through you went to Hollywood then you came on our TV screens. did you have any you didn't watch the show and I didn't either and I love talking to people who didn't watch the show because I feel like your expectations are different than the Superfan who comes on the show and there are a lot of them over your expect Kim debt was cam isn't camp from Austin Austin. Was your audition no you wasn't I mean I'm sure you would have seen him. He was probably standing up on a pledge wrapping talking to everybody he would've known everyone bio their social even on everything poor cam just to digress a bit the way that that called out Cam at the finale. I feel sorry for him. I thought Jeez like this guy can't win man okay so what were your expectations. When you came on to the show because you can watch it before so only you were my wife who I remember stepping out of the Limo and I saw Hannah out you really cute and so that was like a plus right to me? I didn't and watch golden season so I wasn't I was unsure who would be the Bachelorette. watch Colton season because I watch my expectations were just honestly to be myself. How a good time and if I find love found love okay so you did you know Hannah was going to be the bachelorette threat idea the night before because that was when she got the five guys come out on sage were Chris Chris Harrison and that's when candidate has a little rap thing got the Rose Anouar literally twenty hours prior That's I see I'm shocked that you knew her are you didn't know her until right before that's interesting. Thanks so you really were open and just ready one hundred meet someone which is refreshing you were. I guess I have to say a bachelor term here. You were there for the right reasons. You're and I think the INSTAGRAM when you're there for the right reasons things happen differently oh. I don't know if that's a good thing okay okay. I can take two different ways okay moving on. What was your experience like on the show away from Luke because we saw that we saw that play we all on the camera so say I want to know what the other side was like for you? I want to speak on that but one show to Luke love. You hope you get better but things outside of Luke honestly we're a great. It was a great group of guys outside of Luke and Hannah was is is Google has held. I love it She speaks her mind. I love everything about her. In that regard it was boring like when you're not gonNA date is heliborne imagine it with a bunch of dudes. I what did y'all do for fun on your off days because you're right. What a Lotta people don't see is that you see the dates right as as a viewer? UC Two two hours of filming. We've been filming an entire week and you only get out of the House on rose ceremonies or if you have a date so there's a lot of downtime you're in these great countries these beautiful cities you never been in before and you don't really get to go out and said so. What did y'all do for fun then? I'll tell you what we did so in which are the awed. You're probably more than we did. I just appre drink. do stupid stuff. Push ups pull ups on that stuff. That's definitely now overdid around pool talk to each other do a lot of interviews. There's a lot of that you know the crazy thing. Is You do all these What is it called a guy talk or girl talk season none of that crap aired and now I'm like why are you got me doing all these taff Italian I tyler seen idea great one megaton of Garrett and Hannah because I live thirty minutes from each it was Eddie? They should have made the credit. Although the shirts seen that y'all did at the piano was amazing. I'm glad that that made the credits and I could tell the camaraderie that you guys had on the season. who were you close to? I'm close a Lotta guys like mention. Tyler heated homey dust in earlier today. He's he's Army Dylan's my little brother Connor those are the ones that I hang out with and talk to the most Matteo. I wanted to go see him in Atlanta. Hey I'm pretty cool when everybody is the infamous group Chat Poppin. 'cause I know you gotTa grew and I'm the one that offer my android. Oh Yeah Yeah you're one of those. It's a I mean honestly they should kick you out very annoying. GNAWING with someone goes green. I might get the eleven because all my Mike. Can you please get iphone. Am I listen to the fans yeah. You need to pay attention to AH okay on your one on one. I WanNa talk about that because I said this earlier. We felt like we didn't see a lot aww you were you really nervous did we. Did we miss out on some conversation. I know you express hey. I'm nervous but it just seemed like a lot of nervous energy. Nah I definitely wasn't nervous. It was more of when I watched the Bachelorette back all I did was smile and I have so much more than a smile. I like really converse with people have great conversation. I feel I think the show just wanted me to these smile. They don't want you to look like the angry black man and they dancer Dame portrayed portray ally so I'm appreciative. Even though I definitely was going off on some people that deserve to share their good deny nine good Hannah definitely had conversations we there was no pauses in our dates at all and both are was great conversation throughout his fluid. They just want to show me smile for some reason well. It's better than a frown right no death. I'm frowning takes more. It takes more muscles to frown smile exactly so therefore the smile. I'm afraid I ever I'm definitely a you can say bitch. I've definitely have a resting bitch face low show uh-huh. Everybody knows that but I try to work on smiling because people tell me that I look angry so it's nice that even okay maybe they didn't show your full personality but at least they showed you smiling Meiling full personality. I'm extremely loud and hilarious and I wanNA scream right now. Just out of pure excitement enjoy that's. It's the entry into the podcast with you. Okay so you get sent home. We all saw all that and it was really hard to watch because you were like trust to impress y'all had had the day date before you poured your heart out to Hanna. Hannah and I remember even in the items you're saying I see her as my wife. Did you see it coming at all. No zero percent one one hundred percent that was going to be sent home because I I asked because I want you to expand on that. I asked because when I got sent home I knew it I I it was actually hugging sound and like hugging audio and the cameraman before the rose ceremony saying this was it like I knew I felt it in my bones and so I I guess I assume other people have that same experience so I'm curious where you're coming from Lewis Juice you ready for the Jews time. Can we like I bet so no I one hundred percent thought that Hannah was going to give me a rose would michelle doubt but for those crazy crazy extreme fanatics the suit I was exact same that I got out of the Limo in we I didn't know and for me myself that was like symbolism and I did that prior to knowing that none of the producers of that and so so from my end because I wanted to make sure and this is real. I don't want to take this no way nor anybody else hearing this. I haven't uh-huh woman home to a mom in forever and has been one woman in over a decade and I take that very seriously whether on TV or not being on TV and I wasn't sure if I was ready to take home that's fair and I one hundred percent thought I was gonNA say. I thought she was GonNa give me rose but I wasn't sure if I wanted to mom this. This is the beautiful Hannah was say hi Hamilton place but he is by the way to solve that oh no she yeah so. I thought that I was GonNa say I thought he was rose but for me myself and I shot the beyond say. I thought we would need to have a longer conversation for me to decide for myself because what people don't realize that this is a two way street I just reggie as you were the Bachelorette but your husband now he was a contestant but at the same time he had an opportunity leave as well and obviously he wanted you as you wanted wanted him and so for me. I'll that like that. That's why I was never nervous is a two way street from me. My heart has feelings well. I think it's interesting that you say and in and thank you for being honest and sharing that. I think it's fair fair for you to say you know if you were ready to bring her home because that's the other side of it. People don't talk about you know you watch this play. How how you lose some? Everybody wants a rose every single week but it is such a pivotal time when you have to take the lead to your home because it's a reality check. You're in this bubble this bachelor but will you are caught up in his feelings in these emotions because you have to talk about him all Damn Day every day and then you're GonNa step outside of that bubble and take them home where you know we talked about this earlier your family your friends are going to check you and bring Baxter reality and that's a scary thought and so. I'm glad that you speak on that because I think a lot of people need to realize how nerve racking it is for the person to accept the rose to bring them. I'm home you gotTa make sure that you're ready for that and I think over the uneven watch Colton season but there was a girl who did that on Colton season. She just felt like their relationship had progressed enough for her to bring him home. That's a serious thing so I like the set that he's been ice yeah. Nothing is Hannah definitely like her lighter but I just want to make sure that my family as well I think shows how much you liked her. You weren't just going to it wasn't a game to you and you're going to take her yeah. You weren't going to set her up for failure. You wanted it to be right and that shows your sincerity another good characteristic of the bachelor of bats. I'm just telling Y'all good characteristic all right Mike. I have so many more questions for you. We're going to take a quick break. I'm GonNa let you have a breather because I feel like I've been grilling you for a moment and we're gonna come right back rage. 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Did you see see this coming. Oh I'm just because I can be cool so we're not going to be one not honest about the situation right so no none of us knew that jet had I someone back home like at all it was I mean when you see my eyes right now. I was like I was flabbergasted by had no idea I new Hanover GonNa choose jet though even for the moment I got even furthermore when I got home because I know Ellen Ellen and she was playing a game with her who she likes and she chose. What's his name from a star is born Bradley Cooper? She chose Henchoz Bradley Cooper. She likes guys that look like they haven't showered in a few days and that's jet and so it looks like he has a shower or does he smell like head. Just smells good. He smells good rough around the edges like that. I know it's just his style okay whereas tight jeans with the booze you know the nice little leather jacket thing got a little beer going in style. Where's The rain I mean I'm not? I'm not yeah he was out to me. I'm not I know. None of us knew that jade had a woman back home. seems the Great Gatsby. He's Hilarious is super funny. He's hilarious things. You don't get to see I mean we had jet on the show and of course it was more of a serious conversation so so we didn't get to talk to him about that but it's interesting to know. There's this other side of him now. Although it's sad to say that you will not make history being currently being the first black bachelor sorry Oh no we'll get into that but I want to say you did make history because to my knowledge and again I didn't watch the show before I was on it. You're the first contestant to where a do rag in. It all we have to talk about that do ranking analyst go stood up in class when I said this is the show ever seen on the show. I'm always be me always be one hundred to myself of they always have you know we're at home all day in a mansion. Why am I going to do very well? I'm only going to have on like y'all want us to be the reality TV so I'm going to show you reality. I appreciate it because I am and what you guys don't know little behind the scenes information. We're not allowed to wear sunglasses. We aren't allowed to wear hats. That's when I love to wear things really on our heads. So when I saw that you were able to wear the do rag I said wait a estate Mike you know I couldn't do this podcast without talking about the REC. I almost posted hosted on social media when it happened but I didn't it was it was great. I was a fan of it I Love Monterey I WANNA to get an paradise but before I get there. I do want to ask you a question because I felt like this was a question that was posed to me and it's sad to say I don't get a lot of opportunities -tunities to talk with other people in the franchise about it just because there aren't a lot of people in the franchise that look like us but being a person of color in this franchise. Do you fill like Oh. I guess I should ask you. What did it feel like to be a person of color in this franchise? Did you always feel that similar to the way you said when you went to the audition you were the only black male there Do you feel like your race was an issue on Hannah season. Do you feel like it's something that you had to talk about dot constantly. I'm very curious so when I found out there's a southern white girl girl from Alabama as Bachelorette House I wo- sent home now you. I know you WANNA say home down sucks but when Hanan I kissed for the first time as okay you know she might like the big lips and then from there it will be in the back of my mind. I will say you know could Hennessy herself bringing African American guy home to our parents and and now I know one hundred percent her parents love and adore me and so I respect them as well but that was something that was my mind not going to deny it. You know I was concerned about that but as far as the cast member goes the cast members go. I was like I don't really care. I didn't care about none of them. In that regard is cared about him Anna how she would feel and that sounds like I'm trying to be a good guy. That's just a truth out of I don't care about none of the guys and how they felt Mark Hanna and if she didn't if she could see pass rates than I was cool with that no I I I'm very curious and I love to talk about it mainly because I can but when I was on the Bachelor I didn't feel that way either when I got the first impression rose to be frank. I didn't know what that was because I didn't I didn't I didn't watch the show like that before but there were girls that came to me that said Oh a black person has never received the first impression rose so those things were in my mind when I made it as far as I did. I was told a black person's never made it this far so I didn't really feel it until until those monumental and of course being the Bachelor S I'm just very curious as to how it was for you I let's get into paradise. What the Hell did you decide to go to paradise? I still was single and still wanted to be in a relationship so water. Hell not so they twist your arm. You finally decide hi to go you day car. When you first arrived right? I do see how day card and you decide. It's take Kaelin it was so America doesn't see that I was it was a toss up between Sydney. Kaelin and Katie was my second option of who I wanted Nagourney Day with date even between Sydney Kaelin and then Katie I chose Kaelin overseas because Sydney is quiet and I felt like at the end of the day police have a fun time okay. Where did you guys have a good time? We had a great time to your date. Did you know that it wasn't going to go anywhere after that. I wanted to tell the Sydney Sydney even before going on the day Kaylin. I told me hey I'm going to stay with her but I still want to talk to you and so as soon as I got back next day I was talking talking to senior. I wanted to be with Sydney and she I think day with Dina saying day yeah so it worked out perfect what happened to Sydney. I mean you guys seem to be having fun and playful Long Beach. We really didn't get the end of your stories. What have I not first off to you? That's disrespectful but first off to the show like Bro. Come on you. GotTa like show what happened to the end of Sydney and yeah weird so tell us what happened. I broke doc it off with Sydney. I just felt as if I thought a couple of things one I feel like she didn't find me sexually attractive to our our connection just was not there whatsoever I think we both were trying and I think that's seen as a diamond when a diamond I mean that she is absolutely spectacular and very very hard to crack and that's what I mean by diamond and so all ruby as well but the diamond wasn't for me and so a broken things off with her and then I went to the to the wedding okay so it was before the wedding gosh we really didn't see we're all no so I mean you can kind of set the time line for us but I I'm glad you cleared that up up because I remember watching thinking what happened to Mike in Sydney. They just all of a sudden they just weren't that was weird. I broke it off with Sydney. It was it was respectful respectful and both sides whose mutual and I wanted a wedding and that's what I don't get to see. I was IMA zone. I was my Johnson to a T. Mike Dow's this was set represents San Antonio. I was just happy as can be. I just so just thrilled to be there. I literally forgot I was wearing a microphone I forgot was cameras was on I was having a wonderful time free. I was free yeah. I spoke to Angela. Do I spoke to Bibiana and I just had a wonderful time. It was first of all I love going to weddings because the reception and could you get the dancing. I just have a fun signed. Do the Bunny Hobby that listen when people ask me about my wedding. I'm like let me say about the reception wedding. I had a fantastic pence has to time at Christmas wedding shelter them. They're beautiful birds and then I went on a date with Angela so I've got a question for or you can answer for you. What do you say and I'm asking you this because people said it to me to? What do you say to the critics that say you don't like to date black women yeah that's crazy I would say literally my ex-girlfriend prior to being on America's phases of black women I come from a black woman who's strong beautiful my sister and my grandmother don't make me go off on your first off? I was on a show that the league was a white the girl so therefore who cares Mommy's always telling me follow your heart and then my aunts you know my aunts. They're the ones that want to date a black woman and then articles they she found what's up and that's just me being transparent but my homeboys always and my sister and my grandma always told me to follow my heart and was near and dear to me the crazy thing is if I were a data white girl and back to around from in Dallas and we certain places we will be looked at in Texas that is true but also true is. I don't care I absolutely love my black winning. When I auditioned to be the Bachelor I had a Microsoft Word spreadsheet that I printed out of course she did financial advisor? We're like that and I had three different categories of women and the first was the black woman that I am attracted to and I'm not going to later names and the second the second one was like mixed chicks or whatever learn or other category Pacific Islander Typing Auditorium at third chick the third category is the white girls and I mean I'm a man that has lived around the world living in Europe for five years and I love all people and I am attracted to who try the two. I have always said our marry a black woman but I'm not gonNA hold my breath. I I love you being honest about this and I ask you because again as as preface whole conversation I can talk to you about things that I can't really talk to every guest that comes through here because we have shared experiences and I got the same criticism because you come on TV and you're on the season of someone who's white as the Bachelorette ed. I have a whole slew of of men to choose from and the one I ended up with is Colombian so people automatically think you don't like your your last race and you are Lazarus people automatically think you don't like your own race and you know how it is your judge by America and then you just by Black America and they're the ones and they're the ones that usually lever come at you for not liking your own race and it's so I love you said my girlfriend prior to the show was black. They don't know your dating history for we're coming on the show and so I wanted to talk about that because I know you got that same criticism as well. Let's just no I absolutely adore my black woman mint and my black skin melon and I'll kiss all over you lady. You love women and there's nothing there's but there's there's nothing nothing wrong with that at all shape sizes personalities you. You're a lover of women. There's nothing wrong with that. You're single. I think we'll get into that later but yeah there's there's absolutely nothing wrong with. It and I think that your friends are right and telling you love who you love there. You said you always thought that she would marry a black woman. Actually always thought thought that I would marry a black man no and I and I put that to the side and just said I'm GonNa love who I love and it turned out to be Brian so you know I think that if you put those list to the side and those you know I have to do this and just open your heart to whatever we'd be surprised at what what comes through you know that there's little Ozzy Story. That's going viral right now. It's the little white Kunal Blackie and they run up to each other down. Yes when I was a child I owed and one of my best friends growing up his name's Colt Simon so call if you here's what's up homey he was a white kid now living in our neighborhood what he was like the White Qaeda had money and he was the only way key in our neighborhood and his parents had his driveway was submitted and they had a basketball goal and it was really cool and auto black guys come over there and it was never about race until he went to high school and those little keys I was talking about with a little white can little black run up so each other. They don't think about race I think about love and friendship and happiness right and then when we get older we just it happens it comes about you know when I was in Europe and I lived in Europe and I'll go on a date with a girl you know big deal I go on a date with sex is going to offer some which by the way a better day but if I were to go so I would have I grow and sex will be looked at differently versus if you go out everybody. I know. She has a husband okay but I get what you mean. It's yes. Yes people think that you're supposed to what I told you all about the document I got. Can I give some back some inside knowledge now now. You said that this is when you are intoxicated bathroom. We're going to get into that but some behind the scenes things that people don't know and that's what we promised to give you on. This podcast is that when you laren talks they do ask you. Who are you interested in? What are you attracted to what type of women or men would you like to see on the season so that's why I want people to realize you weren't just sitting at home and pulled out this this word document because you got it? Save your ducks in ask you who you're interested in definitely prepared I mean I was taking this stuff seriously like we talked about earlier. I was there for the right reasons and so I I I was going to ask I was we'll have to can we put up his document on one bathroom nation in dot com you should you should put that up yourself. If you're if you're comfortable with that because that's very interesting I was going to ask you about the Bachelor in paradise reunion or I don't really you. Can I be honest. You look like you did not want to be there. WanNa look very annoyed is that does that pretty much. Wrap up how you felt about paradise. I just felt that I had no that's contribute on when I watched the show back. I wasn't any scenes I wasn't about. The drama are walkaway off camera when you're having drama situations in so I didn't fall in Love Bachelor in paradise. I just felt like there was no need for me to be there and then right before going on stage. They told me that I wasn't GonNa be the Bachelor and so your here you know flu L. A. I'm going to ask which was rocked Ascott on the show before I don't think so I did notice it and I just there was no only for me to be there and you. Just tell me that I'm not going to be a bachelor so I didn't want to be there at all all right Mike. That's a really good place to stop because that's a that that conversation is GonNa take take another turn and I really WanNa get in depth with that so coming up next. We're going to talk to Mike about how he felt about. 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WWW DOT fat fund dot com and I use coupon code B. H. One more time because things are better in threes. That's ten dollars off if you go to. WWW DOT fat fit fund dot Dot Com and use coupon code be H H hey welcome back to bachelor happy hour and I'm talking to Mike Johnson and Mike we're just kinda. Go straight to it. WE'RE GONNA get into it at this point. We know that you weren't chosen to be the next bachelor. I'm still not over it but I wanNA know how you feel about it. So were you in talks to be the next bachelor. One hundred percent talks to be the next bachelor. I think a a lot of people wanNA know because people are upset right. You're not you're not the bachelor. People are rioting. I'm leading it but a lot of people don't even think that you were considered to be the bathroom so that's why I wanted to lead off with that question and pied anything else consider to be the Bachelorette because I was trying to be respectful of the crew Abacha world and I don't want to speak about it. Even when I went on TV I thought that was being extremely respectful in a gentleman of me to the bachelor world and Peter in it. I don't think Peter did those interviews and so he didn't have to go through that I one hundred percent one to be the bachelor reasons being because one two and find a wife to it was bigger than me and I wanted to represent for all people of Color and then also talking about people of color they need to have Asian Bachelor and you have Indian Bachelor and you have other people outside is black and white and so I want to speak on that as well but I did audition with the Bachelor and I one hundred percent did wants to be the bachelor. I think that's important for people to know to This isn't a an instance. Where are you offering? You turned it down. You wanted it and you didn't get it. So how did you feel when you found out you were not chosen to be the bachelor I found out in the trailers you know before you go on Bachelor in Paradise Reunion and I knew it all right now my head yes. I wanted to be the bachelor. Yes auditioned to be a bachelor. I went in there with the right. Intentions of WANNA find wanted to be true to myself. You might have seen Iraqi and come back. I had a list a word document of the type of woman. I wanted what I was scared. I wasn't scared of and I think ultimately it just came down to. They chose the right person for what they want and there's nothing wrong with that at all. When I I found out I was? I'm not gonNA I was sad. I was annoyed when I very first found out but then I think by the end of the night I wasn't annoyed no more because I was appreciative you've and thankful that they told me no right into their because now I can focus on myself and I'm just blessed because I know my wife and my Queen Mike this is a really really big of you and it makes me still want you to be the bachelor even more. I'm more of set this podcast uh-huh telling you don't you edit this out. I have upset and I just I. I hadn't even met you. You know. Most people don't know is that we have a mutual friend. My chimenti from college is one of your best friends so I could speak to your character outside of what I saw on the show and now I'm sitting here in front of you and I'm just I'm might shed a tear. I'm so upset that you're not the bachelor and this is what I have to say and I'll ask you this too because you've just been so open and honest honest and really respectful and how you're handling this whole process. This is nothing against Peter Peter on the show and a lot of times people will confuse. You said we had Peter on the show. Peter seems lovely straight lined vanilla but lovely and I it's not that I don't I think he'll make a great bachelor. I think that you know he'll he's very been higgins. Ask I think they'll surround him with an entertaining cast two masters his learn I I again so I'm saying all that to say it is not a knock against nothing against Peter About Peter being bastard. Do you think a good one. I think Peter is a look and deal with his five o'clock shadow. He has a a fun Super Fun job. His family's amazing his little brother. I know personally he's dope kid and when I say cost him only thirty one. I think I would have been more entertaining. I said it and I'M GONNA stick by my word yeah. I think you'd be entertaining to wait. What Oh oh he said? Peter has a as a fun job. I don't think he's had that job after the Bachelor I disagree. Peter is in love with being a pilot no no. I don't think it's up to him. Oh you know what I mean. I'm sure he'd get another job or something. I'm just saying his own plane he might maybe they'll let them take a sabbatical. I don't know it's hard. I think that's why a lot of times you see people on the show who have jobs or lack thereof of jobs because it's hard to ask your employer for time off so I'm not saying that as a knock appear I'm just saying you. It's going to be hard for him to be able to do. Both is what I'm saying. Now's a financial advisor. So therefore I have a boss can do say it again. you really answered my questions very well. I appreciate that I was trying to get messier anything but you were very matter of fact and I think it is what it is. I will ask you this are you. Are you disappointed with the lack of diversity on the show so that's one of the things I spoke about to the producers if I were to be the bachelor and I said that I wanted to be representative of America as far as the women that or be on the show if I were to be cast as a bachelor like I also feel that more people of color and I know Peter mom is of Latin descent but come on won't Peter's White all right. Let's be honest and so I'm not talking about things advantage. I'm talking about. I WANNA fool on Indian guy or full on Asian girl for some reason as I like Asian girls. I like Sydney She Beijing. I didn't know that about myself until oil paired is about all experience you love women. It's what you feel. I think that's great. Do you think that not getting the Bachelor is the best thing you never had right now about say right now 'cause I'm focused on his in the moment and so I know that if I were to be the bachelor it will come a lot more scrutiny into my personal life into my family's personal life into my sister and things of that nature and maybe as God's website is not the right time for you to be an spotlight and the whole point of going on the show is a fire person and so I wanna make sure that that's the president's I wanted to find my wife. I wonder if I'm Queen and so if I'm not on the Bachelor you know I've been blessed to be opened up to a plethora of people that know my face and so I may the woman still yeah. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about God's plan and the women that you've Been Open Up to meet Aka Demi Levato. Oh we gotta talk about it. Okay because Demi Levato is a fan of the show and I have not seen her this involved ever so spill the T. Swansea. I want to see you said to drake lines by the way you say why I'm upset. I'm a fan of a drake civility on amy okay. I'll ask you more pointed questions because I always answer. I would always answer questions. You've gotta ask them. Have you met yes and I have met in person. How many times we met we met more than once on? Let me just tell you who is not going to be on Peter Season Demi levato okay. None of those girls can even stand in the same room with Demi Levato so you you are already winning. Let me just tell you this Mike Johnson and give them a name. No no minimum okay Mike Johnson. How is she? I think she's amazing as and she's incredibly humble when she and her and I are together or have my God I'm saying is that don't say anything. That's going to mess up the relationship ship. 'cause I no not at all. I'm extremely respectful when denial together it's laughter and we talk about real shit like she's as a down to Earth woman and I respect you so much and she's really humbled really cool really fun down to Earth person and she's from Texas from sex her body too so that's cool okay. You sound well acquainted. It's my job to see through this. I will say that I have met Demi Lovato as she did not have this reaction to me. She's just be like. I don't even know if she knew I was on the bachelor. She took a picture with me and walked. He's an extremely sweet woman. No no she seems really sweet and Is there anything else that maybe you want to tell us. What is the status of your relationship with Demi? Demi Lovato must satisfy the relation with me and I are that we are two people exploring each other. I like it. I like it so what's next for you. My Johnson was next for me so I am really big into and I really care about self love and insecurities and so I'm I am working on something right now to help raise people's self love in lower their insecurities through a media platform. I love this and I'm GonNa tell you why this is so necessary. Sorry so we just did a podcast with Blake and it went so deep it had to be two parts and what I loved about that podcast is he was so open conformable. I mean you met Blake you saw the drama but he talked about the darker side of being in batter nation which a lot of people don't hit him up about it and and I really think that you guys should team up together and really help people through this because everybody wants to see the war on TV and you know people are Schilling or they're going to all these events but you know that lasts for most people six months and then the whole new crop of Bashar contestants come in and you're lucky if you can sustain it longer than that and and when you don't it's the dark side of things or if you have a bad experience and it plays out on a public platform like blake sted. It's the darker side of things I'm excited to hear that you're doing something positive and I think it can really reach and help a lot of people are completely. I've had family members and friends commit suicide and you know become hurt really bad by mental health and the people that are in the public eye that were once in the star now they're down at the bottom and so plays a a real toll on you and so you asked earlier about me and my personality have I let things go to my head. I tried to be even killers always because I am super grateful to be sitting here with you right now and I know that tomorrow it'd be gone so therefore my day ones I wanna make sure that they know that I love them. Care about them and that's the strongest thing that you can have is this your family and friends that are near and dear to you understand that everyone goes through something. My demons people say how do you smile you know through adversity and so I just WANNA use my platform for the good for the greater good wall still having fun and still being direct. You know Mike very powerful. Gosh Mike Johnson. I I have to say it is our loss that we don't have you as the Bachelor for season twenty four but I am glad that you have graced us with your presence on Hannah season even on Paradise. Even though I know you weren't a huge fan of that but you are a part of this bachelor family you're part of this franchise and I think that you're a really positive figure within it and so I I just WanNa thank you so much for coming on the podcast and I'm also excited because I feel like this is a question. I wanted to ask you to feel like a lot of people haven't had the opportunity to know you and you've really gone deep on this podcast and I think one of the things people would say about why you wouldn't make a bachelor is because you didn't open up origo. You didn't cry in certain instances and for all those people out there who said that take I hope you're listening to this podcast because you have opened up in a way and put yourself out. There have been very vulnerable very honest and really shown who you are and so I I mean like to all the haters out there by I want to speak on. La that thank thank you for this ridiculous. when I'M NOT GONNA call her name said I'm not going to be a good contender for the bachelor because I wasn't vulnerable enough and and ordinary cry for one where I come from when we talk about tears we let those tears out but I'm not GonNa let series out for the most frivolous things I I do cry. I am an emotional person. I am in touch with my emotional side but I'm not gonNa cry for something that you've seen fifteen other news Crawford Graf war and so that's just ridiculous to me. I I am extremely you. Ask Ask anybody that know me. Oh my God all needs to ask what's up and I'll tell you this. There are plenty of people who cry on that show and there's nothing behind those tears. It needs nothing. It doesn't mean that they'd be a goodly okay and I'm not gonNA name any names. Okay okay all right. I want to say thank you so much for coming on the podcast really do appreciate it. It was a long time coming and I wish you all the best. I'm excited to see what happens happens for you know for one. I'm not going to be here for six months or less. I know that's why me neither was Mike Johnson. Thank you so much for coming coming in today. I know you had to stay in. La An extra couple of days to make this work so we definitely appreciate it but I feel like you kind of wanted to do it anyway because this was a long time coming. I see see it on your face now so next week you guys do not forget we will have part two of the Blake interview. I promise this is one that you don't WanNa Miss. It'll go up Wednesday morning and it's worth the wait in the meantime. You can get all the latest bachelor news on Bachelor Nation Dot Com right now and you guys as we say every week we want to hear from you so make sure you tell us what you like. What you don't like about the show and tell us what you want to hear more of we need to hear that you can email us at happy hour at Bachelor nation dot com or visit Bachelor Nation Dot Com and Click podcast? Thank you all for listening and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast bats or happy hour and you can subscribe on Apple Podcast

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