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Hour 1: Adnan Virk and Jonathan Vilma filling in


My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. This is the Stephen a Smith show podcast. It's great to have you with us here on ESPN radio. I'm Adnan Virk hanging out with my man, Jonathan Vilma. We are in for Stephen a Smith who is on location as you may have just sit on I take love seeing him. And max Mullen entire crew will Cain out there. Supporting our troops enforces classic. I'm going up love. The fact they're also worrying sunglasses, which is where I'd like to start with my friend Jonathan Vilma JV at what point can I start wearing sunglasses indoors? And you wouldn't think it's an odd thing. You wouldn't think to ask me, why are you wearing sunglasses? Well, you know, I'm surprised you haven't started wearing sunglasses already a you are pretty cool. You have your own podcast going. I don't even get to see you anymore. You over there in the new fancy studio over there for SPN. So I figured you still wear you come in and glasses. I just don't know. I get so I'd love to wear them all the time. But you know, when you walk as soon as you walk indoors out of the sun, I feel like there's about a twenty second buffer that you gotta take your sunglasses off before to think jerk. Or no jerk. Here's the thing. Just just continually add ten seconds about. Once a month. And then all of a sudden, you'll just be that guy. You'll be that cool guy cool guy. And I love this math. 'cause you're right JV, the walk from to get to my, you know, my cubicle to the students about five minutes. So the goal is to actually walk in the studio and have joy gallium. Jesse palmer. Thank this is nothing unusual. This is just this. Just Virk roll in here, this shades. Now, that's how it's going to be. I wanna talk to you about a lot of things and you're right. We never get to see each other anymore, which stinks because I love hanging out there. And even today we're joining forces on the show, we are not the same location. You're at our seaport studios in New York. I'm here in Bristol. But we got a ton to get to and at some point Jonathan Winthrop be very diligent producer went to the entire rundown. But there's no room here. I see for the hurricanes. We must give you at least a minute or. No, no there there. There's not to me. There doesn't need to be here. So well identify with the UN love. The fact you're such a blatant Homer with it. I want to give you at least a minute. Listen, if you want to vent, if you wanna cry if you want to get angry, whenever you will have already cried, I cry at home when no. Watching. That's why we go through all of our college football analysts, you Sekkei, which guy is the most distant from his alma mater, like Galloway in Ohio State or Palmer and Florida. Yeah. Matt Brown, Texas. We're like, okay. Who's the most into their school MCI? It's either Vilma or auto you always know those guys are bleeding for my show. I do I do a very I make I do a very subtle. You know, I I have my green oranges were playing Georgia Tech. You know, Chris Qatar? He's a Georgia Tech guy. So I'm gonna rep- quietly Miami Otto's a complete opposite. He wants to everybody know that he's repping Texas, good bad ugly. And you know, I'm trying not to do that a one because we stink. Too. Because when we do stink. Then it's not like, oh, well what's going on your team? I'm trying to get away from that. Because you know, I could be having a really good day. And then someone says I'll who's going to hurricanes, and it's I. Yeah. Exactly. You're you're number one reason was good. Now, they steak right now. We'll let you know when they get back the picture. It's Adnan Virk Jonathan Vilma. Stephen Smith show brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. I it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contract. Let's start here. JV with the Pittsburgh Steelers and their performance last night. You know, the early produce NFL season, I was transfixed as were so many by the chiefs. Instead of man, Mahomes is must see TV he goes Andy Reid again with these high flying offenses. He just knows pick these quarterbacks guy that you and I both saw at Texas Tech. And maybe you knew the upside I didn't realize he'd be this good. Because in the big twelve you never know what kind of defenses these teams face and the NFL's the different animal, but he's been amazing the patriots after a relatively slow start. They're back rolling. And now here come the Steelers and you start to say, okay. Three way race down the AFC. They knock off the Panthers who are six into team coming in. They manhandle and fifty two Twenty-one. Ben Rothlisberger at five touchdowns last night. Antonio Brown's six catches for ninety six yards. Again, the whole navy on bell James car situation a second. But are you with me that now the Steelers have rediscovered their Mojo, and they are an elite team in the AFC. I'm going to pump the brakes on that. And then the reason why is these Thursday night games? All have the same theme. You have teams that are traveling. And you have the defenses of these traveling teams are just flat out pathetic. You look at what happened the week prior with Oakland. It was a no show for Oakland. Carolina has a very good defense. Matter of fact, we know about Carolina Panthers because of Cam Newton and the defense. That's it that that is who they are. And for them to put on such a poor performance. You know, it's funny. I I watch and I said, yeah. Par for the course, this is just another bad Thursday night game. And you know, I'm hoping that at some point this gets a just a when I mean adjusted switches to a Friday game. So just it's just another day other than Thursday because the product is bad. A Carolina is a good team. A good defy. I like watching lewke clearly one of the best linebackers in the I love watching them. But when I see such a poor performance. No pass rush. Poor tackling busted assignments that tells me they're not ready. They're not ready. They weren't coached. They didn't have enough time to be coach physically or mentally. They're not ready. I don't wanna see a bad product being put out on Thursdays. There was a lot of questions. You're right JV. Not only the defense. Also, Eric read their safety was Jackson. The third corps for hitting Ross ruin the helmet. There's been so much of this conversation's the hell it's a helmet. What did you think of that hit? Specifically it looked worse live than when you saw the replay. So I understand why they sent bay objected him from the live action. It looked like oh man that was a bad hit. But all when you look at he kind of grazed over them. I know we're watching James CONNER here who he got hit and he's in concussion protocol. But it wasn't as bad as it may seem here. It comes right here. Live action. You're like, oh, man. You know that it's like, well, what's that? And then when? You really see it you slow it down. It's not that bad. It's not that bad. I expected you as a defensive got to say that. But I know you're being honest because it seems like the majority of these hits people sitting they go, it's not that bad. Why is the truth? The majority of the hits are not that bad. I understand the referees are airing on the side of caution. So if you think that you saw targeting helmet the helmet something that was flagrant throw the flag. And I get it because they're trying to get it out of the game. At some point. I hope though that they take an off season. And then they just like they do for holding penalties pass interference penalties. They make subjective interference to whether it should be a penalty or not a penalty. Or if you don't want to put subjectivity into it. Then then have varying levels of these targeting roughing passer type of penalties where it can be a five yard penalty. It could be ten yard penalty can be a fifteen yard penalty. Or in this case in? Section. But you know, it's it's really tough to watch the game. And every time for the militias ones that deserved to be penalizing the person objected to the really ticky tack ones. They're all having the same consequence. And it's very frustrating. Because I I never want to get to a point where I truly feel and believe that the referees are deciding game as opposed to the players. I could definitely sense your frustration. Obviously as a great linebacker, and you you've thrived off of so many of those hits over the medal and making guys pay. And all of a sudden if you take that away from guy, he's just feel neutered. Here's the question I half. And this is I've given this a lot of fought ratings are up, by the way, the NFL this year ten percent and lashed. We all knew but the gloom and doom and frustration or the anthem protests. And whatever the reasons were made the football just wasn't as good. But now football is back and part of the reason is I think the young quarterbacks and people love that storyline. JV go. Hey, check out with Patrick Mahomes is doing check out what Baker Mayfield is capable of doing check out. What whenever you see new faces? All sudden, obviously. The Rams are a great story with Goth is doing transcending what they already did last year and even better this year. Hey the saints and Brees quarterback driven league. We know that when you get young blood that helps, but whenever I say to people, listen, these these ticky tack places you call like it's so frustrating. It's annoying listed. Yeah. But you know, what the league is thrilled because offense cells and there's more offense this year. Even those plays are nauseating. And they are not the NFL that you played in the NFL that I recognized the legal be happy because more offense means more viewers. Do you buy that? So I do buy that. And you know to be to be very very direct about my thoughts on the rule changes affecting the or helping the offense effecting the defense. I one hundred percent agree with you. And that the young talent that is playing right now playing at a high level is really what's drawing people in it's drawing viewers in because I love to see as much as I respect Tom Brady played again. Them. The toughest quarterback. I ever went against. And when Peyton Manning was playing it's refreshing to hear about a Patrick Mahomes. It's refreshing to hear about a Jerry Goff. It's a it's refreshing. Because you're saying man, how many times can we talk about? How good Tom Brady is we all love and know Tom Brady is the best quarterback. But there's only so much that a viewer a new viewer wants to hear about Tom Brady. So I I like an appreciate that. I will say there's a big difference between good offensive play and offenses excelling because of poor defense. So when you watch the Rams, and you watch Kansas City that's good offensive play. And what I mean by that is good offense of play is. Route I play calling. We'll we'll we'll start there where it's very good play calling. They they have the defense on their heels where they know that the defense is gonna give eight in the box, and they give a play action and go over the top of them. They know that the defense is expecting a run or pass or screen or whatever it is. And they do the opposite and catch them off guard then from there, you watch the execution of these offenses so Patrick Mahomes. He's executing the receivers are executing that offense. Very well. And that's when Chris route running great line protection. You have great Arauz downfield. You have great decision making my Patrick Mahomes. You don't see them gaining tons and tons of yards because of poor tackling because of penalties that are ticky tack fouls. You see really good often. So I enjoy watching good offenses. I hate seeing the ticky tack calls that are giving offenses an extra down extra play. Or extra yards of so it no it's not the offense that I grew up watching and the game is not as physical but good offense is good offense. And of course, when I see bad defenses makes me wanna throw up Amen to that. Adnan Virk Jonathan Vilma infra Stephen a Smith today on ESPN radio and also an ESPN news. Let's talk further JV about Pittsburgh. So this lady on bell situation. The reason I I kind of chocolates like it's a reminder that, unfortunately, and are both optimistic happy people, but it's a reminder, sometimes life stinks labial. Balance says, you know, what I'm not going to report I'm gonna prove to these guys that I'm worth it. And when it comes to these contract situations. I am unanimously pro player, I'm always like, hey, go get some she actually running backs, right? These guys get used and devalued in their thirty and they're throwing the scrap heap. This guy port is the organization. I'm like, yeah. You wanna get paid get paid? I get that. You don't wanna sign your fourteen and a half million dollar franchise tender, and then what happens the Steelers don't even need. James Connors been terrific their offense. Still put up a ton of points. And now you're like, oh, but that's a good thing. Right. So this is get well hang, but doesn't it say on bell? Who by the way is expected back, but doesn't it say to the team? Hey, we didn't need you all along. Anyways. It should have been here since we want. And if you don't want to be here, we don't care anyways. No an because here. Here's the beauty of it lady on bell is still one of the top running backs in the NFL period. There is no disputing that. He is one of the top backs in the NFL. The other thing that he has going for him is that Todd Gurley just got paid somewhere around fifteen sixteen million a year. So the market is set for what the top running backs are to be paid. And so whether the Steelers want them or don't want them the fact that is someone does want him. I don't know who it is. But there are teams out say man, I would love to have on bell on my squad, and I will pay to have one of the top running backs on my team. So for him think he's been devalued baked by not being there and seeing how good Pittsburgh has been without him. He hasn't been devalued. But why would he be so answer? No. I don't think he's been devalued and out ask you, why would he be valued because I would say that James Connor is a good running back. He was a good running back. Pittsburgh. I mean, it's not like James is undrafted free agent. That didn't do anything would never produce. And all of a sudden, we're making him into a superstar, man. He was a good player. Yeah. I listen. I think bell may still have value in the open market. And you're right. He's obviously going to be valuable at some level. I don't know if he's gonna get the sixty million. He wants a Todd Gurley. He's getting I surely think Pittsburgh says listen, we're not gonna pay you because we feel like we've got James Connor who has you said is good. And I think been been better than advertise yet. And then why why would he not get paid market value for top running backs? It's like saying Aaron Rodgers before he signed his deal. And he let's say he made a stink about it. Right. And Aaron Rodgers makes oh, you know, what I'll give you a better example Brett farve is still playing well, and then he holds out and then. Aaron Rodgers comes in and lights it up. And then Brett Farr says. Yeah, since you guys don't need me. I'm gonna go somewhere else. And then the market all sudden says Brett Farr is not as valuable no way, he's still. He's still would be one of the best ones. That's why Minnesota went on a private jet to Mississippi to come back and bring him back for one more year to try to get into play. Because when you think about who the player is forget if he has value for the team anymore. But who the player is there are thirty one other teams are saying he is the top or one of the top players at his position, and he's supposed to be paid accordingly. They're just because the Steelers don't need them anymore. That doesn't mean that someone else doesn't I here's the only fear 'cause I do understand your point. But here's the only fear bell supposed to be coming back. Right. Think he's coming back now, otherwise he'd be dumped the whole year. So week lovey me showing up soon here. What if he comes back, and he's not nearly as effective these last few games? Then does it diminish his value once Pittsburgh and him partways? Okay. Well, define effective is not the same. On bell. We saw before. And he doesn't get as many carries. Here's the part of this, of course, should mention James Connor concussion protocol. So we don't know his status as much, but what if Connor and Beller both healthy, and they're now splitting time. So bell says, hey, I'm still averaging four and a half four point eight yards a carry. But the numbers overall are not as strong because you're not getting as many touches hurt him. Oh, I don't think that hurts them. What will hurt him, and my fear to be quite honest is if he comes back and remember, it was a very public dispute that the offensive lineman had Raymond foster Markey's pouncey, they had with them not showing up imagine if they don't block form imagine if they say, we're going to let this guy go and all of a sudden he's facing guys in the back. I'm dead serious. Because they're going to say, you think for I hear you're saying about sour, grapes and guys refreshed. You're absolutely right. They did black. But I was surprised how public about it. But you think they'd actually risks that in a game? So I'm not saying they would risk that I'm not, and I'm not saying that their intent is to go out there and let a guy loose and let let lady I'll get blown up. Right. What I'm saying is they were out to prove a point they as in the offense of line were out approval point that we do not need lady on Bill. So they've been blocking their tails off for James Connor and James CONNER has been the beneficiary of. Pissed off offensive line. That is showing lady I'm bell and the rest of the league, we can do it with or without him. So lady I'm Bill comes back in would they be blocking as hard? That's what I'm saying. We'll I'm not saying they're going to purposely miss an assignment right because they get paid to now then they just can't go around messing up and think they'll still have their job. But if they just all of a sudden get blown up themselves as one of the and gets blown up gets beat something happens, and they're not putting in the same effort. When lady I'm bell is in the game. That's where I'm going because I'm deathly afraid of later on Bell's return changing the culture that's been built over the season with Pittsburgh forget him as a player forget the Pittsburgh offensive line. We know how good they are. And what they're doing offensively. And Ben Rothlisberger is playing amazing. I'm talking about Levy on Bell's character. I'm talking about the offensive line's character. These are very outspoken. Guys. He's our alpha males who are at times can be very stubborn. And I don't know how they come back from it because something has to give either the offense of line is going to say, hey, man, we sell we said we agree to disagree. Let's move on or lady on bell comes back and says, hey, I heard what you guys said it is what it is. I'm here to play ball. If they don't do that. How are they going to how they going to gel? How are they going to mesh for the rest of the season of matter of fact, the most important time of the season? They're getting ready for playoff run. How is leaving on bell in that and the culture of the locker room going to remain the same a can't all that somebody gives in? I don't know if that happens while set because I'm with you that I was astonished at how blunt those guys were like, I understand there's dissension the locker, and we all know, listen, an offense defense times out on the same page within the units running backs receivers aren't getting along, etc. I was amazed those guys that they were like, hey, you know, what you don't wanna come back. We don't need you. We love James Connor. We love the deals like, wow. These are not mincing words. So I I. I think it'd be a Fasching situation would happen to Pittsburgh. If indeed bell does report if indeed Connors healthy, how they finished that might Thomas certainly has a lot in his hand another minute to go here before we go to break. I want to get in Dez Bryant and the saints your saints right now looking for medieval, especially after that performance last weekend against the Rams are good. The offense was Sean Payton talking smack Michael Thomas touchdown. But listen as great greatest Thomas has been they've been hurt by lack of depth the other receiver positions. How impactful think Dez can be very impactful? I look at what does has become and Dez will be a very very important piece. Not maybe not statistically, but very important piece as far as game planning when you talk about putting Dez Bryant and Michael Thomas on the same side. You talk about motioning Dez Bryant to one side. And then motioning Alvin Kamara out the backfield to the same side. You talk about putting chimera Michael Thomas on one. Side. You put Mark Ingram in a backfield. You let Dez Bryant stay on the backside by himself. I mean, there's so many ways that you can start to use them in utilize him. Because remember the issue was he's not a great route runner, and he couldn't be the number one corner man to man. So you don't have to deal with the number one corner. That's Michael Thomas asked to deal with that. Now, you don't have to worry about being a great route runner when you're in the slot because you can find the holes in his own, and you just need a beat a nickel corner. Who's usually the third. Second third best cover corner on the defense. So he has a lot of juice lev. Remember, he's got fresh legs. So he's got a lot of juice left where he can be the anquan Boldin for the nuance saints. Jonathan Vilma has got a lot of juice left to guy does get up. He's still a few and hot fire. We got plenty where coming up as ridicule. Join us next talk more. But the saints also wanna get into Marcus Peters that whole situation with the Rams, I love you. I love it smacktalk and back in love here. JV? That's what we're all about straight talk. 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It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Ashra lingering odor make the switch and J L dot com slash sports. Warning. This products nicotine is native chemical. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance soon tonight for college basketball actions. Arkansas takes on Texas and the armed forces. Clashed up presented by sportclips. Coverage begins at six thirty PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Also could college football action tonight. Syracuse over on ESPN two Adnan Virk alongside Jonathan Vilma were in for Stephen Smith today on ESPN radio. We'll get back to more of our conversation about the Steelers and saints with our friend Louis Riddick. Who's kind of join us. Now, you see my variety of NFL programming. Louis we get into the Steelers and saints and all the rest of in the second but Cowboys and eagles Sunday night and two teams that have been underwhelming and ways and then filled up. He's been okay just had some late collapses. But that huge win against the Jaguars in London and the Cowboys three and five Troy Aikman's now criticizing them. Jerry Jones is well aware of it. I am I am purposely setting forth coffin here for the Cowboys. I think they lose they lose badly. Louis the eagles rediscover their. Mojo. How do you handicap this game? I think it's organizations going in two different directions. Quite honestly. And I think the reason isn't necessarily because of personnel. I think is just the way that personnels utilized and physicians that they're put in from week to week Billy make it pretty simple. The eagles kind of know what they have they tried to play to their strengths. Not always perfect. But I think on off at the side of the ball. Doug knows exactly what he needs to do in order to get that offense going and they'll play their best befall over the next two months defensively. They know who they are. They know what their limitations are which are really in the back end of the secondary on the corners in that state, the particular. So they have to rely on the past Russia. They have to rely on foot quarterbacks under duress. They'll try and do that. So I think they're built do enough to win the division. Now that Washington is banked up. Dallas Dallas has some good personnel. Stand down on football field and watch Dallas plate live. You start on the defensive side of the ball is some fantastic first second and third level defender, Marcus Morris. One of the best players in the NFL. Dylan Smith is a fantastic linebacker. Byron Jones is a fantastic corner on offense. They had players that can obviously Zico who's ten tastic firms. The offense line isn't as good as it once was, but it's still good enough to be able to get you into second and manageable. And they have enough wide receiver weapons now that if they use them properly this football team should be better. So they're they're they're like two trains passing in the night, these organizations are, and I I'm with you look at the ball starts rolling against Ballas in this game. It's still he starts getting the cranked up. It could be an ugly ugly game. And that's unfortunate. Because I really don't. I don't think the talent disparities at wide. I just think Sophocles it's not even on this not even in the same. You know, it's not even the same zip code so Lewis, if if I'm hearing you correctly, the Dow you don't believe Dallas winning division Muslim won't make the playoffs where does the organization go. If that happens where do they go from there? I mean, you know, it'd be John, you know, that's always a great question. The organizational go wherever Jerry wants to go and most most more times than not usually goes right back to him. Which is I'm in control. I own this team. I paid for this team. I made his team into what it is. And I'll do what I want to do with this team. And quite honestly, what that more than likely ends up being is I wind up in many ways holding it back not because my intentions are bad. But because I just don't really want to let go and let this team really flourish. Like it in the early night though. That's interesting where where does he need to let go is it the operations does. He just need to be the figurehead so to speak and bring in a g a real GM, a real, president, etc. Etc. Yeah, I think it's just where he really has the. Who grew? Item of checks and balances that he really respects. Especially when it comes to the selection of a coach and a guy who's really the CEO the football team, quote, unquote, which is what everybody called the head coach. Right. So I think that's where really he starts to fall short. Look when when you draft is like a Marcus Lawrence and Zeke Elliott pretty good players now. I mean, he's not trusting guys can't play. It's then with the most important part of team building John is about how you developed and utilized guys. All the telling you want you to develop then and I'm talking about not only the only in the weight room, but the classroom how you correct them. How you actually teach them on the football field. I correct him on the football field. How you then teach them the next thing and then collapsed in constantly keep them on that right, developmental art. You're just gonna fall short, and I don't think ever since Jimmy Johnson has been there. I mean, it's kind of an every cities higher at some point in time. And he's had some coaches that have been there. He just doesn't let them really spread their wings. And do what they do best. Jimmy was the only one who could really do that. And even that's apart. You know, at some point in time, I at a certain point in time where he had to go he had to leave. So if he I think that's really where he has to reevaluate what he's doing as far as rounding out the football operations. And that that's a big part of it. I mean, that's not just grounding out of cooperation that is really the operation that is the most critical higher, and that's where he needs. I think to kind of go. Okay. Look. I need to get somebody who may have a bigger profile than me who may ask you though. A lot more football than me. And I'm willing to admit that he knows more football than me. And I'm willing to say, hey, look. Yeah. I built this pyre quite honestly, I'm not really the one who's running. This guy's running it. And I'm gonna let him run it the way he wants to. And I just don't I don't know if he'll ever do that. I don't know the guy, but from afar that I mean, not what it looks like he's doing I think that's where he may be holding his own team back. Talker. And now Louis Riddick. Adnan Virk and Jonathan Vilma in for Stephen a Smith on ESPN radio. JV were excuse me. Louis we're used to guys, you know, certainly talking trash that's part of the sport. But how about Marcus Peters throwing trash back at Sean Payton, do you? What was Sean Pean thrown shade on him? I don't think he was he was just saying we'd like to look to be Michael Thomas touchdown. But maybe I'm missing this because Marcus PM Shirley took offense to it. John talked about it on get up this morning this and it's come to that I've heard through the grapevine to showing and we'll get after players. He will kinda like he'll chirp. It dot TV is caught him a few different times coach with other with opposing players Jones back at him. And it's not because he hasn't said something. So I don't think that's yawned him to kind of challenge players on other teams. Whether it be purposely or kind of you know, like, you know, kinda trying to, you know, send them certain message messages through the media. What's interesting, though is look for as far as Marcus Peters is. Turned. It doesn't shock me at all. It's not back at him. Like, this anybody who knows Marcus is history. When he was again, he knows he's a very volatile player. He's a guy who doesn't hold back as many times to his detriment, which is probably ninety. I'd say the majority is large part of the reason why he's not in Kansas City anymore is because they grew tired of it and the talking didn't match up with the production and right now Marcus in Hollywood's production isn't matching up with this talking. Either Sean this is far as how he has his football team playing. So I think it's really cool, actually. And if he if he wants to meet him again, and then like you said a little bowl Gumbo. That'd be great. Oh, I can't wait. It's going to happen. It has to happen. I it's just too good for not to happen. They gotta see in the playoffs for that to happen. Again. What would you do Louis, if if you're you're playing let's go back to your playing days, and all of a sudden, you got torched, and then one of the coaches from the other team just starts jarring, or or, you know, this this talking trash you. What would you do? How would you react? Yeah. You know what? I mean. I'd be one of those people who. I don't know if I'd snap back at him like that. But I do know this. You know, we we know when we've been had we know when we've been exposed. And it really what this wasn't the first team that got after me anyway, right? Yeah. The Packers got after too. So I think with markets because you can talk all you want. I think really I like it back in the lab so to speak each Ellen my game. Banning people have been kind of abusing me, I'm number one quarter, so to speak at people been targeting me, like I'm some guys just got signed off the practice squad and has no business being out here. And if I if I had any which I do I think we all have some cried. And I think Marcus has to I think I really starting to teach am going. How can I get people off on facts? Okay. You wouldn't all of a sudden just snap. Back say something, you're probably regret. I I I may say something like, hey, you know, what? All right. We'll see what happens next time know something like that. You know, I mean. You know, how it is today? Right now, I know individuality is celebrated right. Hot takes her. Celebrate my hate that phrase. Okay. People love quotes people love one liners at barcus has some now. I know I look I know people in Kansas City where he was at. He's got some one liners. So don't be surprised if some more come out of his mouth as that game. Maybe comes back around again in those in that is going to be must see TV, you know. And that that would be much each actually that would be much she on the sidelines. If you can hear I love to hear. Oh, yeah. I I am canceling all ESPN activities. So I can get down there and be on the sideline for that game. Yeah. Must see audio and TV thanks to my man. You gotta guys that is Louis Riddick. He can see on a variety of NFL programming here on ESPN always brings a funder with this perspective as both a player and somebody who's been in the front office coming up next a little change your pace. We're going to talk to you the expression of climbing mountains, we'll talk to actually done that L capi ten a new seventy three thousand feet, he frees solo d-. That's right. A crazy story coming up next, Adnan Virk and Jonathan Vilma. Stephen they spent show on ESPN radio. Peter manning NYC makes clothes for that. Not so tall guy pants shorter. In seems shirts. You can wear on talk and jackets that don't fit like a tent check out. Peter manning, NYC dot com and discover a great fit use code ESPN for twenty percent off your. Guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen a Smith show podcast. Dammit. Celebrate fall birthdays anniversaries autumn roses from my friends at one eight hundred flowers dot com right now whenever flowers is offering thirty six on them roses for thirty six dollars to order thirty six and roses for thirty six dollars. Go to win a hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. Adnan Virk alongside Jonathan Vilma. Stephen a Smith show on ESPN radio and a real pleasure walkman. Alex hulled who is an absolute animal. The movie is called free cell. It's documentaries available in theaters everywhere. Now coming from National Geographic, and Alex is an absolute animal for this very reason. He climbed three thousand feet Al cappy town Yosemite national park without a rope. It's called free soloing, hence, the name of the doc is called free solo. And we welcome him. Now, Alex seriously, I watch this documentary through my fingers. I was so terrified for you. How in the world did you do this? What in the world is the appeal of free soloing for you. I mean, it's a big question. I mean, free soloing and sort of one aspect of climbing, and I've loved all kinds of climbing for the last twenty years, but I think that part of the appeal of free sewing, it's just that it's just a man's more. From you requires you to perform at a higher level to some extent. So it's kind of a nice it's like a test of climbing. I guess. Passing the tests the whether. Yeah. Yeah. Sure, that's one thing to be to be attracted the idea of like you said, it's a real extreme level of climbing. But it's one thing to do it nothing to actually be filmed. How the idea of being filmed by Jimmy Chen and his team come about. Yes. The film, so they actually reach out to me Jimmy Chen, and his co-director his wife, actually CHAI really they had just made the film area. Which is a great film about mountaineering and seen it, and I really respected their work as they approach me about making a film, and as a professional climber. That's huge opportunity. I was like that's great. And then it was me that that wanted to make it about. Okay. Mostly because you know, someone's gonna make a feature film by you. It should be about something significant. And to me, the only thing worth making a film. I was okay. And then the more the more practical side of it is that that as a freshman climb. I mean, I have a lot of obligations to for sponsors to going to events and things like that. And okay with such a big challenge for me that I kind of needed an excuse to clear my schedule for a while and making a feature film with something that I could take all my sponsors. And be like, oh, you know, I can't do any work for the next six months 'cause I'm working on the movie. Man. Yeah. Yeah. People talking about the motivations for the film. But I mean that kind of was one of the practical sides of it. I was like, well, this is a great cover to work on this big life project that I've been wanting to do forever. But it's like hard for me to get the time to work on a myself without some kind of good excuse, you know, that that is really awesome. We were talking right before the commercial about this watching other athletes in their abilities. And I know that I go through when I was playing, you know, waking up in the grind. And that'd be like probably the most. On fun part right of sports. But when you were doing this, what was the most agonizing part or the most agonizing moment of the of the whole filming everything what was the most agonizing for. Well, the hardest part of the filming was definitely, you know, shooting interviews or shooting just like having the camera and all the time feeling like there's always something in your space a little bit. But but I think that when you're talking about the grind, I mean, the real grind with all the training like the physical training. And I think that it's maybe a little bit. Oh, it tell it. Tell us about that. Well, I mean some of it lie. Well, I mean, I mean, basically, it's an enormous volume of climbing. I was going climbing all the time I was doing extra pull ups fingertip pull ups and things core exercises, stretching all the basic body maintenance. But I think that with climbing it's maybe a little bit more fun than than you know, other sports is because you're not like INA Jim gym working hard. You're actually out in the mountains kind of playing like doing the thing that you love to do. But certainly I was very fatigued for very long time. And so, you know during the climb your fatigue. No, no, I'm saying like the six months the six months because I was kind of preparing for two years at a time. But for the six months directly ahead of the actual free solo. I was going pretty hard. I was training maybe thirty five or forty hours a week, which is kind of a lot. I mean, there's a lot of hours of physical effort. Yeah. And you know was just hired a lot. So part part of it would be actually going and just continually climbing climate. Yes. Oh, reselling when no not always reselling most of the climbing with a rope. I mean, the idea was to give physical prepares, but I could do the one gray for so. And I did several other you when you see the film. There are a bunch of practice climbs and other things that are also very challenging. But, but we're sort of stepping stones tour doco, but most of them preparations done with a rope. Because when you're when you're training, you wanna push the failure. And, you know, clearly, if you push the failure, while free sewing many dies. I wouldn't be able to shower. Cool, man. So what's your next month? What's going to be the next one? No. Honestly, I don't know. I mean, we'll be free soloing again. Or with a rope. I mean, I'm sure that oh free solo more in my life. I don't know if there's anything as big as inspiring, his, okay? And so I wouldn't be surprised if I never take on anything quite to that scale. Again, a really is one of the most striking conic majestic walls in the world. Like, there's just nothing quite like. Okay. So we'll see right now. I'm sort of trying to focus more on the physical side of climbing again more on just training trying to climb harder as but with a rope got and say, hey, and he's still there. I know it kind of took over you. I love it. You're still Alice. You should be so thrilled Jonathan as even seen the document. And he's. Intrigued I'm interested. I will send them the link after this in fact, this so well, we're going to steal Alex for a little bit longer as renegade continue at the top the him just about twenty to twenty five seconds shocks. And I promise we'll continue this. How about the personal focus of the story as well showing you and your girlfriend you guys still together. Yeah. We're still together. Relationship is great. You know, obviously making a film better relationship as a little strain and the release the film is, you know, been been experience for both of us been other relationships grade, and we're living together in Vegas, and and things are really good. All right. More of Alex in Honolulu. Hal, Hal, he became this mountain climber who still maintains a relationship, plus the NFL hall of Famer Jerry Rice are gonna join us the top there. He's gonna great documents you out his well, Adnan Virk Jonathan Vilma. Stephen a Smith show on ESPN radio. That's just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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