JJ Watt


On today's part in my take JJ watt. The return of JJ watt. Great interview, I'm gonna put the great stamp on it. We could actually talk a little bit before we do it about how the first one was not great. And we've learned a lot from it. He's learned a lot from it. It was awesome. He came into the studios. One of those interviews that I think it's fifty minutes long. And it was all it was all good. And it all felt like we could just kept on talking really good to have him back on 'em. We have a challenge that we probably will be doing that we need like everyone start slight bullying just a little bully online telling him that he should let us challenge the watt brothers. We also have a f- who's back in the week and some trouble in paradise packed show for Monday before we do all that though. 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You're not an award-winning listener unless you do so go download it. Now, the cash, okay? Let's go. Silence. Avenue. Pardon? Welcome. By our brand new YouTube page, go subscribe right now to part of my take on YouTube videos, all the time being posted today is Monday February eleventh, and we've waited very long, but football's back, it's finally back Asterix. It's back. So I was good. Yes. So the af it's a complicated thing we're gonna break it down. Because really there's nothing else going on the here's here say something nice about the after start. They picked the absolute perfect weekend. Because there was besides Duke in Virginia there really wasn't much. I guess Oklahoma cities. Houston was a decent game. But the af out rated the NBA game the primetime MBA game showing that America loves football over everything else, which we already know we agree with this fact, but we also have a complicated feelings about the I think thinking about it more you and I are the same age. We're both thirty four not to brag it's kind of cool because we're like mid thirties, but still young very mature veep pulled. That stuff. We remember how anybody that wanna Grammy? But I do vapes. The other day. I said I said the name Phil Hartmann in half the officers like who got really sad. But with that said, so our age, we remember the XFL and the excitement that came around with it and how it was going to revolutionize sports. And then it just fell off the face of the earth after like three or four weeks. So I'm not going to let myself fall for it. Again. I'm I have my blinders up. I like the af I thought it was decent. Not great decent the football kind of stunk. There's some good things on we can talk about the good things. The nice thing is that if this league doesn't work out. We've got three more brands full leagues that will be starting over the course of the next eighteen months. So if this one strikes out, then we've got the what FANG controlled football. Yes. Then we've got the freedom football shazier quarterbacks for that. And then we've got the XFL the granddaddy of them all. So there's going to be something for everybody. I wonder if. We're going to be like XFL stands as opposed to like alliance. What I do like is that they are really hammering home that this league is called the alliance. Yes. That's what is don't refer to it. You know, like when we talk about the National Football League. And we talk about watching football games in the National Football League. You have to say those three words in this. You just say the alliance move. I actually think they fucked up already with that. I think they need to have an L in it. I it should be the AFL the alliance football league. And everyone would be like, oh, the F L like the thing, you know, fifty years ago, the alliance league of allied alliances the league of extrordinary lines. I need a league to end to punctuate the feeling that we're talking about football. So yeah, it's it's decent. It's not good. The quarterback play was bad. Well, here's the offense of line. Play was bad. Here's the thing. It's like be careful what you wish for type situation because we are big fans of backup quarterbacks basically just made entirely out of all backup quarterbacks. Yeah. Which I mean watching Christian hat. Berg play is still fun. So that's where I like I legitimately got moved a little bit. When I saw the halftime graphic pop of it was a Christian hackenberg three for twelve. Yes. Twenty yards and interceptions. So that's where it started to like, I started taking a little cold cold shower on the whole thing. He got swept up on Saturday night. I think they nailed it with the fact that it was on regular CBS it felt like a regular football game. Because it was on that station. They had real announcers. You know, he saw Kurt Warner. It really felt like on the sideline. Yeah. Jeff Fisher on the sidelines. I I have a little problem with the jerseys. I feel like you need to go less futuristic more just give me the colors. I know especially with the logos too. I don't need a bunch of Espy nation. Logos thrown at me. I want just a classic like like the Birmingham iron have a very classic. Look. It's all black, and it's a football. And it looks like an iron football. That's cool. I get it. The other ones are like they looked like they took the do that designed the Washington Wizards. Logo. Yes. And then like hit him in the head with a shovel. And they're like okay now, you do our logos. Right. Like, really angular futuristic. Right. It's looks like MLS stuff. And I don't know. So so the opening night was good it outright of the NBA. Now. Again, the XFL we looked up an article in the XFL had I found an article said XFL has enormous huge debut ten point five rating or something. So this happened before this happened to us before? Yeah. Just be careful. I did love. There's when we talk about on Friday. We said what's going to be great about this league? Is they will do some things that the NFL will have to adopt steel. That's great because this is how you get change. Like if you're upset about the the saints play in the NFC championship game. The af is a good thing because they have this guy who's based they have a woman or man sitting up there reviewing everything in real time. Even if it was not like like a flag, and it's cool to watch them go through the process and have the transparent, you know, how the NFL says. Their standard should be like if twenty drunk dudes in a bar think it's a catch than it's a catch. They should actually have just a sweet filled with twenty drunk dudes. That are just watching the replay and replace. Yes. Absolutely. If you're hammered you have to blow above a point eight to get access to the fence week. And then at that point you have like little buzzers. So they just kinda take the temperature the room that way, I've couple ideas for maybe how we could spice it up a little bit. Okay. How he can make this really pop. So the new XFL? It sounds like they're going away from what the old XFL did the best which was like just crazy like stunts like the kickoff. Having coin flip them like chase down loose ball. Now. There's getting an old due to just place the ball. Yes. The no kneeling or it's the. Yeah. The kneeling league is basically why McMahon decided to start this sleek? Correct. One of these leagues should absolutely have old school professional wrestlers one wrestler on each team. Okay. Like that place fullback or Goldberg. Yes. Should be a fullbacks on your one of these. Yes, that's idea number one idea number two. Get Mike Carey to actually do all the replay. Because if you weren't around for Mike Carey's electric like was he there for two full seasons or I felt like fit like ten. It was totally did. It was amazing. Just watching how wrong could be all the time. Yes. Bring him in the booth. That's a lot of fun. Just made one note here. I'm not sure where it was going with this one chains the San Diego fleets name to the San Diego skeet, and it's just all Philip rivers. Children. They grew up in the automats traffic. They should be. They should be in powder. Blue uniforms. Yeah. They should actually just I I think they would want legal issues. Yeah. But just give us what our brains aren't that? Like, we just want the old colors won't colors that we know when he throw it a team the Atlanta legends were purple what's going on here. Yeah. Like this TCU. No, it's not if you're going to give me purple. He'd have a sweaty Gary Patterson going through shirts every quarter on the sideline. That's right. It is confusing. Yeah. Give me me red and black for Atlanta. That's what I know about that. That's what they that's what they are in my mind's eye. They did suffer now. Because Mike Vick dropped out the night before. Yes game. Kind of an old commercials thing is great. I do like to cover. That's a great thing. That NFL will have to do. Also, my last note is let's get Bob Wiley involves somehow. Yup. Actually, I I want to say this publicly I want to offer Bob Wiley job as an intern on part of my take. Yes, we will pay you to be our internal pilot slash magician slash magician. So yes, you will be our personal motivation. Yeah. Personal pilot. If you want to join so overall, I thought the f- was okay, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fall for it. I'm not gonna let myself I'm not gonna give my heart away to it. Because I know when March madness starts, I just won't pay attention as much, but in terms of it passes, the test of if I'm sitting at home and nothing else is on and oh, yeah. I do have three TV's in my living room. That's not a brag. That's just a fact I probably put it on one of them. It is passes. That is it's like a hair the dog. So we're all hung over from the Super Bowl. It's time. It was like a little Bloody Mary worth a football. Kind of ease me into pitchers and catchers reporting because I would just shock my system. So they actually should do. What would be great as if they did the schedule January? They played weeknights like MAC. Yeah. So January they play week is because we're all coming down off that bowl high, and we need football. And you have the playoffs on on the weekend. Then when you get to February you can play the remainder of your season. So that the Super Bowl of af ends right before March madness begins because I'm just being totally honest. I love football. But I will not like there are certain points in the year of sports that I just won't choose a minor league football team where the quarterback suck. Moreover, what I usually watch and be careful about a hackenberg. Go he doesn't perfect. He swishing. Hackenberg out is Richardson layer, Trajan is truly back. He's got twenty three rushes for sixty yards for two point six average and two touchdowns. That is a that is a perfect Richardson. Sal final grade on a f- opening weekend. I give. A. Yeah. I was gonna say like a. P p minus. It's I'm interested like it's a curiosity thing different right now if I'm a dog in the af sticks his hand out to sniff it I'm still not sure what make you just yet. Maybe have some sausages deep inside your pocket somewhere. So I'm gonna hang around if I had plans the next two weekends. It took me away from TV's, which I don't I would probably forget the af exists. And that's where I'm at with. We'll get a fancy football Commissioner Mike Florio on the show and talk to him about his team. Also, I love hearing the huddles in the coaches, especially when Spurrier was bitching out people. Yeah. It was. So that in the NF one thing that we learned is that Mike single Terry might not be a good head coach. Oh, yeah. That did not see that coming and Mike March is still very fat. I'm not mad that he traded Greg Olsen and got Jay Cutler killed, but I will say that he's fat. Yes. That's just is unbiased take by me. Here's one gripe that I have with the league the coaches are smiling too much on the sidelines. Give me more screaming. Single. No he was smiling. He's getting shut out. He was smiling. When he when a call didn't get overturned that should have been overturned. Who's a come on, man? That's okay. Yeah. I need. You know, what I need is a skycam. That falls around single Terry's asshole during halftime to show me how bad his teams playing. Yes. When he wipes and shows everyone, maybe give Davis out there. He said, no he's he's in the league. Yes. Fuck. Okay. All right. So yeah. Don't just everyone just cool down. That's all masking. Just get ready to judge. We we're in an emotionally fragile state football just ended you want football. I know it I'm in the same state. I watched every second of the af this weekend. Just just be careful because I don't wanna see anyone get hurt. And I feel like we're getting her, and I feel like people who weren't around for the first XFL don't realize it. This will hurt when when either goes away or just gets never gets better. Yes. That's that's where I'm I'm concerned. All right. Let's our who's back, then we'll do J J watt. Who back the week became? I know let's hang curve. Let's have Hanko first Szirbik looking to go. I all right. My who's back. I have a few my first one is. Oh, you got the Boston Bruins. Oh, good. So Boston Boston teams winning back big four point weekend. They went three to four things are going. Great and Boston. Okay. Good. Good for them. My other. Who's did you watch all the games? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Who scored Patrice Bergeron? Scored his Dow's goal in point. Did you see last week during force guy? A fight just beat the shit out. Somebody on his first night his very first game. And then his his parents were in the stands, and they were so pumped to see their kid beat the shit out somebody. Yes. And they tried to give each other a high five and they both with entirely, yes. Their son has the best hand eye coordination of all time. Yes. And they can't even make contests. Like, you got your genes from the milkman they were that's not your dad. They were so excited to watch their some beat the fuck out of someone great parenting eleven over doing Gatorade pass for first. Af wins. It's hey, it's history. Okay. Hey, here's a trivia question. Everybody listen to me right now because there's going to be a Slumdog millionaire moment that comes up in your life. Where you're going to be asked who scored the first points in the history of the alliance, and so pay special attention. I think it was kudos yards young way. That was the last thing that the fact that the kickers are all better than Cody parkey probably adds a little bit. That's things. But just feel free to thank me later when that is a trivia question to get right. Yes. On who's back of the week is mcgregor's D S. So after you have see this weekend. Anderson Silva said he would fight Nikki as in a rematch and the McGregor of spot into a tweet. And he said I'll fight Nate Diaz on the same card. Well, so angelie in Brazil nicknamed the adverse McGregor NICKY as verse. Anderson. That's going to get very confusing. Go. Yeah. Well, no the end. Yes. The the Silva fight with something else. Yeah. Just two guys doing spinning kicks at each of the entire Cup densify. That's what is fifty. What he got my who's back the week is crystals. Yeah. That's right. So you know, we're big fans of Devon could use on the show and his crystal collections. But it looks like the goat has also been using crystals of these PD's Roger Goodell probably say, they aren't it's been Brady for it. But Tom Brady got some special stones and healing crystals from his wife, so man card. His wife's picking. Our jewelry form, but here's a court. I have these special little stones and healing stones and protection stones and she has me wear necklace and take these drops that she makes a sale these mantras Brady said, and I stopped questioning her longtime ago just shut up and listen at first he thought this is kind of crazy, but it worked and after four years ago we were playing the Seahawks and she said you'd better listen to me, this is our year. But all the things are going to have to do to win. And I did all those things and by God it worked. So he was wearing like little little energy stones how many things so because Tom Brady so successful in one how many things like little things like this. Do you think he does in day to day basis where he's like? Well, it's helped me get to where Matt. Yeah. Basically stuck in the most superstitious life of all time is like when you watch a game. And you know, like, maybe upside down for minute your team starts doing. Well, then you're stuck up side down. He's permanently stuck upside down because he keeps wearing Super Bowls. So he's like oh. Well, if I just rub this crystal on my dick every morning, I'll win. Another Super Bowl, boom. It happened. Probably a lot of stuff like that. They I imagine that after he won the the first Super Bowl. He just wrote down everything that eight that day. And that's why he doesn't eat anything. Like, you can't eat strawberries tomatoes. Yeah. He he basically just is a Wade Boggs version in football, which is eat the same six chicken dishes day. So yeah, he has like his one meal is one thing that he does he puts on his shoes specific way, he's basically just has to live life with OCD knowing that will end up being another Super Bowl for. He's just like a bad trade probably this. How you end up getting addicted to crystal is you get addicted to. Yeah. You think everything that you do is perfect? So you don't wanna fuck what it is Tom Brady. That's the crazy part is like all of us normal people. Whatever we do eventually your luck will run out Tom Brady, whatever he does. He just keeps wearing Super Bowl. So he's just gotta keep like he's going to have all the crystals in the world that sucks, we gotta we gotta stop him before he gets all the crystals. Yes, he's a prisoner of his own success. So he's wearing the electromagnetic magnetic. Undershirts. He's hoarding crystals. Yeah. I mean, it's tough for us to judge this because we are well-known junk science guys. So. Yeah. Keep keep doing it. I guess he's been clearly worked. So he's drinking water frigging cushions. That's true. Well into sunburns too, correct? So my other who's back in the week. Steve Spurrier not just because he won his opening game, which he's done in his last six stops. By the way, he always blows out teams in his first games. But because he was also talking little shit. So they asked him about the game. He put up forty points. Thank. And he goes, you know, what I tend to win first game everywhere go including in Washington for the Redskins, and that's not easy to do in that city. So like he had to give a little roast little bit. And that's that's classic speier. I love that man. By the way, that was another thing. I wrote down about the is having to fix things. The fact they don't have spur in adviser is insane. Well, the so the issue is that with that was that it was raining. So we had to wear the hat. Oh, so to protect the quad kata. He's going to be an he should be shirtless. Innovator just making that same that same body motion that Jim Harbaugh makes when he's playing shirtless. Yes, we need. We need though ball. Coach advisor can't have it without it would've Spurrier was just straight up tattered up underneath the business towns. Kevin Kevin Durant. Just like jailhouse barrier. I like it. I could see it. Yeah. Me too. There's a little limp to worried about him. He's fine. This is it's pimple. He should be on a scooter. He should coach with scooter. I think golf cart hours drive up and down the sidelines on the Gulf also at Charlie weis. Yeah. Charlie should be coach or just put him on the field somewhere. Oh, okay. Here's what they really should do guy. Af awesome. As they should have a heavyweight conference. It's Charlie weis, Mark, Gino, Romeo Cornell, like just go, you know, I don't know who else we got their Wiley Bob Wiley, yet just all all big boys coaching and just have that be the coach. Coaches for one side. I do like that conference of chalk. Yeah. The chunk Fritz? Yes. I like that. Maybe that's a whole new league. Yeah. Fat football coaches sat football. And then we just do everything reverse the linemen have to be under two hundred pounds and the quarterbacks have to be over three hundred pound Jared Lorenzen envy, automatic. Yes. My who's back. I got to Bill Walton's back. Did you see him eat that cupcake with a candle? No, yes. So we thought it was due be. Well, Dave Pash said you won't eat that with you won't eat that lit, and he just put the whole thing of this mouth. He extinguished it with his thing have. So it just like he also didn't really know the happy birthday song, which was hilarious. Yeah. He's just all one song. So, but he Bill Walton I feel like we had Pac twelve is not great basketball this year very down year. So I think we're gonna get Bill Walton taking it to a different level. He's basically has to put the entire conference on his show. I don't know what else he could do. Besides like, he's. Eating fire on the air. Right. Where do you go from there nowhere? Yeah. Yeah. Swallowing sore. Yes. He's got small swords. Maybe some snake play on the side. Eating a snake? I wouldn't allow would you be shocked if go on just dropped a live snake and Dave Pasch lap during a broadcast. Not at all, not all. And we'll be really cool as if he wore snake as a belt. Yeah. Like a live snake? Yes. Of his attic light its own tail. Cool. Hey, it's me Bill to ELS and a big snake? All right. My other whose back is net. Flicks crime, documentaries, which really has never left, but they had the Ted Bundy tapes that came out maybe a week or two ago wild and this one I watched last night that I was telling you about an Hank actually watches well objected in plain sight, dude, whatever you're doing right now drop everything and watch him -ducted in plain sight because it is let's say it's the most jaw dropping documentary of ever watch. Not like a good. It wasn't one of those documentary come across in like men that I'm really thinking about it. It was awesome is just I just said what the fuck probably about fifteen times. Just what the fuck is that disturbing. Spoilers don't spoil it. But at least tell me what it's about. Well, so it's a pedophile who basically. Spoiler. Don't listen to this next part? I just wanna okay fine. No spoilers. No sports. Just watch. It just watch it every watch it in a week. We'll talk about it. Okay. Okay. We're gonna give out Homer. Next monday. Let's talk about it. We'll talk about at the end of next Monday's show will do a review of it. Because it is that it's let's just say there's a mean minute that that ups the fire, dick sucking. Okay. Well, I'm interested. It's higher thing. Okay. Yeah. And the wired is this guy. Now are we woke on this like we were about bird box being a for them this? I don't know how this story. We did fuck up now realizing that the fire festival guy that was fake. Yes. That was set up for marketing. Yes. Really? That was a fuck Jerry guys are like what what? Because when you watch the fire festival was like, why did they put that in? There may no sense. It was a relevant to the story about it. They knew very relevant to the story. He was going to suck dick for didn't put it this way. But he would have Hank the guys who create memes early steel memes. They basically put a mean inside there documentary? So everyone would talk about it the Kutcher. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I mean Hanks, right. Like, we got we all got we all got cocked. That's fine. I'll get fucked in the name of a good name this. What is true story in? It is why. Well, let's rewind. Here's this viral using that the guy did the abductions because. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. No. This is like seven fuck. Yeah. Ticker. Yes. And no he's like no dinner that's going to let this one in forty years. No, no watch. Everyone watched. I probably wouldn't be making these jokes. If I've seen it factor into it. Oh, I know you wouldn't be making these jokes. Okay. But. Yeah. Doctrine and plant site ever watch it we're gonna talk about it. Next monday. Okay. Let's do JJ watt. So first time we JJ watt. It was probably the biggest moment in part of my take history up to that point. Is that fair to say it's fair to say, yeah, we raised like what seventy thousand dollars six hundred thousand dollars for charity in order to convince JJ to let us interview him and stop being internet terrorist. Yup. And it was okay interview. Well, here's I think we were like feeling each other out for a while. He was like, I'm not sure if I like these Astles, we're like, we're not sure if we like this nerd, but I guess relationships improved a bunch last year. I actually liked JJ Wotton. Well, so the that was a classic case of I think we both weren't ready JJ watt had not fully embraced that some of the things he did was cringing, and we had not fully embraced that one. You can't hype up something to the max, we actually have learned that we always tell ourselves like if we do a big interview not to hype it to the point where everyone the expectations get insane. We've learned that lesson and two we I don't think we were ready to. To embrace JJ watt either. Like, we were it was still a joke to us now. It's like, hey, this guy is actually he's kind of. He's good. Yeah. Cool. He's a good guy at that point. He was still the guy that, you know, you'd always say like J J watt gets it you here. You know, the guy gets and he had reached the point where he got it too much right now actually get now he actually gets naturally gets. Yes. And we naturally get it with him. He's headed on. Yeah. Yeah. Before we do all that Spotify. So Spotify February and just about one super size football game on Spotify. There's thousands of free sports podcasts at agonize over the pre-seasons off seasons. Plain old regular seasons of nearly every sport, imaginable, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, curling, and even hurling. Yes. That's a real sport. Now, it's so easy to stay updated with the latest trade. Rumors predictions in scorching hot takes from some of your favorites fever games. Biggest names. 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That's a beer on us and a pair of the most comfortable men's jeans ever made by heading to Mugsy dot com. Using code PMT. Okay. Here he is JJ watt. Okay. We welcome on recurring guest, and friend. Can we say friend? I think we can. Okay. JJ watt and best friend JJ New York City. Great to have you back on great to have microphones time. So everyone can not yell at us, which was our fault. Yeah. No, I hopefully, they can hear this time fun little story when we interviewed you in your gym in Wisconsin. We hired some outside people to like do the audio and the video and one of the guys brought home computer in his kid like went on the computer like they transferred files, and he just watched the whole thing and then DM doses. Like, hey, I have all the JJ watt footage, and we're like can you not release? So it was a cluster fuck from start to finish. But it's good to have you here. It's good to have you in the office where we're starting to start with football. We can start wherever you'd like to start cat. Let's start with football. Good year for the Texans. Good. Not great good. Not great. I like that attitude. I like that. A lot. So where like you're not getting younger, obviously, none of us are. But you're you know, about to be thirty the hot take it is a hot say thirty. You guys are the Texans feel like that team. That's always kind of flirting with it. Right. Where like is it get harder every year when you get bounce from that first Saturday playoff game, the always play. Well, I think with the type of team that we have now obviously, I mean you have a quarterback. And when you when you come into a season, you have a guy who you know, is going to be the quarterback you have a whole off-season to work with them. And and the type of talent that we have. I mean, hop is in unbelievable receiver got Lamar Miller in the backfield the defensive guys that we have you have a chance to build on that chemistry that we worked on in. Obviously didn't end the way we wanted it to but the nine game winning streak and learning from an Owen three start and coming back and winning games. We have we have some young guys. And so our quarterbacks young guy. So to be able to go through that season. And some of the ups and downs to have such a tough ending like that it makes you hungry to go back in there and work, and I think that that's going. Help us off-season weird. Having a good quarterback. Like, you miss a little bit of that element. Yeah. Hey, we got savage. I'm going to have to train extra hard this off season. You know, it's it's crazy. I mean, we we went through so many over the years, and so many of them great guys. Like you love having him in the locker rooms. I love them. I mean, we had the one year we had Jacob loam, and we had Jeff Garcia it moved. Ledgers? I mean, it was insane. And they were awesome guys joking around one for their birthday when you're Jeff Garcia fortieth birthday. And we bought him Walker. It was hilarious. But then you're also like that guy's gonna step out there for quarterback at us. And to have a guy like the, Sean who, you know is going to go out there and perform, and you know, what he's capable of doing. It is really nice, and it's fun to sit on the bench as defensive player and watch it knowing that every single drive you have a chance going on scores. So you practice against him as he is a lucid as he looks on the field. Like, are you like I got this? He's very elusive. He's very allusive. But he also I think he's he's a good pocket passer. I think that that's one thing that, you know, people when you think of immediately think of a guy that can move around and get away from pressure. But he is good in the pocket, but I never get to get close enough. He doesn't understand that you could get him to scout. You can touch them. The scout talking about camp I played last fullback back in my day. Was what motivated you more? So I will. No, I know what motivates you more. But is there a little small party that was motivated by the fact, I would have to cut off my pinky if you won the Super Bowl once I heard about it. I did start doing extra in the way. Did staff to practice a little bit. Would you have watched? Would you have come I already? I would have been there. Yes. Could cut it off. I would have been there. It would have been great. I don't know if I could have stomach cutting off myself, right? But what I sued you, really? It's gone. Yeah. There you go. Would you have legitimate one hundred how much of it would have gone tip up? And now I'm gonna have to do it every year I'm going to pick a team. Right. So I picked it when you guys were own when you're like one two and three no would happen was. So we put the done chain. You probably were aware of her famous. Doen't Shane everybody talks about it. When you guys were owned three we hung that necklace around your neck and said the Texans. They're not winning. They're not anything you guys out. Amongst many other pundits correctness. We wrote you guys off. And then after you went on a little run. I was like I think we got reconsider the doen't chain, and maybe take the necklace. Awesome. And because they're not doing shit Super Bowl cut. My pinky off a record scratch moment. We're like, wait. You say that what what you say something like that on this show? Like, we're all in like that. Yeah. There's no turning back from that. I would've he would've respect it would have been a great content moment. I mean, can you imagine the viewership? Yes, I would have sold for viewed it. Sold ads like many ads on the tip of my pinky and zoom in and as it gets cut. It's like brought to you by one eight hundred you may want to consider doing just for the. I need. I need you to win. Maybe it's no. I mean, come on stop Tibo. I mean acquaintances. Yes valley are thought was that he could come in circumcise big cats pink. Got experience if you wanna make that phone call. I mean, he has. Yeah. He's been he's been in the trenches. Yeah. For sure. So I mean, I guess maybe I will do I'm not gonna do it right now. But maybe next year, I'll give you that extra motivation again and be like, all right. You can cut off my pinky Washington. Cut off. Right. Thank you. Because what better what better Super Bowl like you win the Super Bowl? You're, you know, reach the highest height. And then you get to watch your number one tritter Twitter troll cut off a piece of his finger. Yeah. Piece to the pinky. So last time we spoke, we were probably you probably thought we were huge Astles and big time Twitter rolls and things were things a little dicey online with a hey JJ stuff for a while which kind of died down after after you sat down and talked to us. But to be fair, you've kind of you've kind of moved past what you were doing in the past to some of the cringe stuff extra medium shirts. All that stuff. The fort minor all that how big of how much credit should we get for improving you as a person because I know that you didn't win Walter Payton man of the year until we visited right? Right. Right. No. I think it's fair. You know, I think that sometimes obviously, I think it there may be times it was over the top with the age all that stuff. But I also think that there is something I mean, they're sometimes people have to call you on your shit. It's fair. And I think that if you're not able to sit there and look at yourself and really kinda take inventory of what you've been doing, and what you might need to change and things like that. So I I do think I'm a different person from that back. Then I don't know if it was all because of that. But I do think that. Played a part in it for sure, but I'm always trying to grow. I'm still gonna I'm guarantee I'm making more mistakes going forward. But we're just you're like ver-. We're actually your best friends with a friend group. That's like, hey, we're going to call you out on your share the people that say, hey, there's broccoli in your teeth right now. Exactly. No. But I you we were probably a little too harsh. It was you the great part about that whole interaction. How it ended is that you also proved that as soon as we think we walked away being like don't meet the guys that you troll online because you find out they're great. Like, you actually are a great guy. And it was fun to meet you and be like oh shit. Maybe we should like brakes and you also going forward. I think helped us with future gasping like, yo if you come on it kind of takes the air out of the joke, and it just makes it a relationship. You know, what I mean, it goes from this like adversarial thing too. Like, hey, we're just friends now. Yeah. And obviously, it was it was incredible for me to witness what the the listeners did with the raising the money and everything. San. Winning list was pretty cool. We didn't think that it was going to blow up like that. As soon as it did. And we were talking before we before we start recording. You still have that checking I do I have the check in the gym. I mean, we're what do you want me to do? It was trying to take it to a Bank most banks in Wisconsin would be polite enough me like, okay. What was it was like it was like plastic cardboard we did it at a we did it actually at your favorite cute Oba yoga. Oh, yeah. We did. It the Cuba. They were like, oh, yeah. JJ comes in here. All the time. Well, can we move all these table and write this huge check for him. But yeah, that was kind of a dick move by us. We gave you the check the can't even throw out. Yeah. Basically would like be a hazardous thing to the environment through that thing out. It would be. It's so big. It's there enough of the lovey dovey stuff. Would you like to care to address the fact that you've regressed as a tight end? Yeah. I haven't thought about it in a while. I really have Evan. I guess my touchdown numbers are way down. Jackie and fan. And I couldn't even draft you. What says that the playbook or is that you just not wanting to contribute on offense. You know? I I haven't been practicing. It really got to get back in the gym. I would just wanted to play defensive end so bad this year. I completely forgot. I was a tight end. Play football. Is it partially variables not there anymore. So you you're not like try to show him that you're better at catching touch than he will. Because now that you say like, it'd be awesome to catch one against them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Should I mean, I fully healthy off season this year? I'm gonna get back there. I'll start catching some balls again. I'll start running my two yard routes. Fades the end zone. I gotta get working with the, Sean. I don't think I've ever caught fade from Sean Naci said what is this was the last time you had a fully healthy offseason two thousand fourteen the and fourteen year that's crazy because as soon as two thousand fifteen ended there I mean, there was the whole second half of the two thousand fifteen season was it was insane. Just trying to get week-to-week. There was wild. So the two thousand fifteen season on I haven't had a fully. That's not says I'm so excited. Yeah. I know you're a hundred percent right now. Yeah. So I go ahead of scope a couple of weeks ago and on Monday when I I've been working out for a couple of weeks, but you can't fully work out immediately after scopes on Monday, I'm in full, go workout. So the you'll be back on Instagram. You can see the videos has noticed as you guys have noticed videos, are are there's also not there's no more sixty one inch box to show. The thing happens when you get older leagues, you have to change your workout. So I mean, unless you guys want thera- band or. Yeah. You know, water aerobics have you noticed the, you know, age in being in the league for so long. How how much is that changed where your workouts, and maybe not losing that having to do things differently? Yes. So you completely change your philosophy. But you don't change the intensity. So like, I still work out just as hard and with as much energy and probably the same time. But it's just I'm not necessarily back squatting four twenty five for sets of five I'm doing about squat where it doesn't put as much pressure on my back. I'm doing a proud push ragged just alleviate some of the situations where you're putting yourself in a bad spot. Tons and tons of core work to make sure that my core. I've here that year the court. I am working hard. I am I'm working hard on. Although in no time. Yes. Become important. It's extremely imports. The most important. That's what they say. Everything attached to your exactly it always connected to the core. How much machine I got. I haven't used it since that day. Just because he only one time it still sanitaire. Yeah. That's true. That is I mean, he's got a big belly button. You don't know what lives inside of their whatever. It sucked out of is probably pretty much you bench. Right now if I had to bench. Oh, I noticed that you don't bench right now. Yeah. But I'm not in like a full bench. So last off-season actually did one of the most one of the the thing that I felt the best doing did three forty for sixteen last offseason. Which was that was pretty that was good. I was excited. Dad benches more than that's three forty sixteen reps. It was pretty I was excited about that one. Yeah. I would be too because I didn't I haven't done like a two twenty five type tests since combine. I mean, there's no reason to do it by obviously. So we we worked our way up in the weight room last year in the off season, and the we'd had a day where they said, okay. This is your way just see how many you can get in my way, it was three forty. And so it was awesome. So I ask guys who come in here who are like super fast. How cool is it to be fast? How cool is it? Just be like I can lift anything see that rock over there lifted. It doesn't really have any perks. It doesn't. I mean. The only thing that has is expected to. Do stuff if you need any help. Help me move. It's like a guy with the pickup truck. Everybody calls you through. Yeah. Same thing with reach tall things on shelves problem. He'll get stuff on shell average high. So I don't believe that I feel like it's probably still going to be pretty cool like little shit. I don't know when he actually list like fast. Like, I we write a Gatorade during the other night, and you same boat was there, and we were talking about that about how people always challenged him to raise his people always tells me to race. But I mean, I'm not I have to stretch. She's like I can't just race you out of the gate and stretch and stuff. But then I saw him the next day. And he did that like four to two in regular regular shoes. And I was like we just talked about this last night. And he ran four to two. It was like that's insane. Right. The guys unbelievable. Yeah. I think with you. It's you get used to being able to pick stuff up. So you don't really appreciate when you're doing stuff around the house that maybe other people what what's the heaviest thing that you've tried to pick up late that you were like damn I wish stronger, probably I squatted four hundred fifty pounds the other day that was probably the heavy. Picked up. I didn't use a belt though. Because a man, but yeah, just for having the graphic up. I don't know probably like all my fears every morning when I wake up go. Pretty big burger the other day, it was three patties. And so that was like which biggers, oh, how cheetahs you up to. It's a little bit. So man, this is this is tough. So part of the thing with my knee is that obviously wanna keep as much inflammation housi- cannon. So I was talking to on Tristesse last week. And he was like, you know, if you really want to try and keep her inflammation as low as possible, he goes, you should go on a gluten free dairy free diet. From Wisconsin said, bro. I'm from Wisconsin. I'm to ninety. Free Derry for what the hell am I gonna meet just rice and chicken and avocados? And so so I tried it for a week and a half before I came in New York because I knew when I'm in New York. I was like I'm going to have please. Bagfuls wanted to eat that stuff when I met my house. I can do it like I can you can plan I can plan enough meals when you go out in the world. I mean, I I'm not going to be that guy that dinner table. Like, do you have gluten free dairy free menu? I'm just I'm not so it's very tough. But did you notice a difference? So it was too short to really no difference. But the gluten free I could definitely tell like more energy throughout the day, which was interest intrigue here. It was interesting the dairy free. I think needs a longer time to settle in. I mean, I'm from Wisconsin, man. Yeah. You can't like a glass of milk within as almost standard how much weight gain when you quit when you retired. I almost I think I'll lose tire. I think I'll lose really because when I had my first back surgery. The the treatment is to walk twelve miles a day or actually my second back surgery treatments just to walk. So you can't do anything but long little weights. No, nothing. I I was walking on the side of the road back in Wisconsin. And I dropped all the way down. I started to ninety I dropped down to sixty six and of course of two months because I don't I don't necessarily Le. Love eating as much as I do. I know I have to. So it's much more now of just eating to keep the weight on and keep the muscle on. But when I'm done, I'll probably eat three regular meals a day. Then not crazy with you. Probably drink more beer, though. Probably he no doubt wine is good for the inflammation. That's what they say. I love a good Guinness though. I mean, huge guy once I went over to Ireland ahead a Guinness. I was hooked the Guinness. They have at that factory. I think it's I think it's like they do something to it better. So then you just want Guinness for rest of your life. I don't I don't it's not like I've been to that place. And I've had that pint and it's not the greatest beer on that one single pint up at the top. Yes. And they fought with your head forever. Yes. One hundred. Okay. If you tell somebody to try get us here. It's good. But I tell somebody try games, they're they're like Guinness. Tire country violent it just it differs some different. They said, I don't know. I don't know if I'm remembering the song, but they said not a single keg in any pub and Guinness in Ireland is more than seven days old, which would be. Because it so fast sly, I believe that big time pig time. I will going off your nutrition thing I read something earlier today that Brian Cushing is getting hired by the Texans to be strengthened conditioning. Is he going to be like the head guy or system? He's an assistant. It'll be weird for you. Having like your old teammate trying to coach you up on stuff. No. I mean, he's he's obviously he he loves the weight rooms got knowledge in there. So he knows what he's doing. He loves the game. And he has he's he was a successful player for such a long time. So I don't think it'll be that weird. I'm sure we'll crack some jokes here and there I should be right. Don't drink Starbucks around him. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. That's how much you hate. Did. You hate hard knocks. Leslie, it's our it also came at a time that wasn't that was peak JJ, it was out in it is one of those things where you look back and you're like shit, man. If I did that today, I would different. Yeah, I'm happy that you did it. So. Yeah. I mean, it is just it is such. There on twenty four seven. Yeah. And I mean, so like I don't care how normal you say you're gonna act I don't care how like every single time. He turned around and you see a camera microphone, you know. But you cannot physically act completely normal all the time. Right. Just hard. We have it here. I mean, we we filmed all the time. And it does there's many times where it's like this suck. Right. Because you're yeah. Yeah. So no. But I I look back at that. And there's definitely some things. I'm like dude coming come on the tire flips were good. I like to tire flips. Before minor. It comes on every now, and then, but no I wouldn't say it's in the regular rotation. Okay. Let's just comes on. I think if you guys every single time. Ten percent off. So good. That's so good. All right. Can we talk about Wisconsin commencement? Yeah. Absolutely. So you were just named the commencement speaker. The university of Wisconsin are al-mahde you graduate. Dropout for a good reason. So that's my dream. That's like I was telling these guys before that's my if I ever make it make it it would be like, hey, come do, the Wisconsin commencement, right. I don't think we'll ever happen had to beg on Twitter for them to send me some fucking freaked year. So for the football team. So I think I'm very many steps away. Are you excited nervous? I'm excited. I'm really excited. You know? I was. Every person I've talked to since they announced just a couple of days ago has said you should just be completely free because I don't remember who is Mike men speak. Right. I don't I you. We said that conversation on the like, I honestly I'm going to try and make it great. I'm gonna try and make an incredible. But at the end of the day everybody there is just thinking about how quickly can we get out of here graduations were hot in our outfit? We want to get to the drinks we want to celebrate aren't some like, I don't know. I know how you can make an incredible keep everybody beer or stone. Cold music, sh-, big cat comes out tax. So if you got tanks say you got the call next year. Yeah. What is your plan? I'd swear a lot. They'll love you. If you cuss swear, lots. Would cause any remember. Yeah. Maybe remember their way series away to be. I dunno. I'd probably I it's weird because there's things being funny. Yeah. That's you're gonna trying to be honest. Because charted be like, hey, look like college is fun. But it really doesn't matter kind of that kind of thing. Like, hey, guess what? Guys. Like, none of this ship matters could tackle big cat. Bring him out on stage. And it'll be like Zac Brown. Right. That was real right? I might go. Sit front row that guy broke a rib. The I heard it was in sales also peaked JJ it was what if I sat front row like the godfather you saw my face. You're like, oh, Jesus Christ just freak in your underwear supposed to picture everybody in their underwear. Big cat will give you a model. It will just be there. Yes. Just that'll relax. I actually have a piece of advice. You should start out with joke. Do you want here? My favorite shirt. It's what's the difference between a chick pea Ghorban being what doesn't cost fifty bucks to have a Bonzo being on my chest. Okay. Okay. Chickpea got break the ice. I think actually the people Wisconsin with love that they went into the laughter. Yeah. So this I obviously live in Texas now and the Baylor school medicine gave me a doctorate degree. So I wasn't. I don't wanna put any pressure on the people. It was Concer. I don't wanna put any pressure at all. But I'm from Wisconsin. And I'm not even from Texas, and you don't have tests. I mean, I'm just saying you think they'll give you mean, it's pretty easy to get a doctor degree from Texas. If you suck rattlesnake poisons somebody's shit dot J J. Wait, you need a degree. I mean, it would be cool. Yeah. I have a doctorate. So mean, how many credits shy? Are you a lot? You could get we could get our listeners to just take online courses for you. But that seems like yeah. Okay. So I very sure. Pretty far away. I transferred from central Michigan and not all my stuff transfers, and they want to UW walk suffer six months 'cause I couldn't transfer me. And then I started out in LSC think and then I moved to conceal Aji, which is like a billion credits. Yes. Okay. Well, I you're well, I've really shot for the honorary. Right. I went. I said, you know, I'm. I went I said, you know, I'm gonna try and get the honorary. You gotta just like put in a bunch of jokes. That are like, you know, very specific to the bars in Madison than people that that was my opening line is going to be something like guys, I know you really care what I'm about to say, it's just a race to the terrace to get spotted Kerry guy. So be like, hey, guess what? In the real world. Not every bar has drinks. His stiffest Mondays that shit right champ here sorrows in a fishbowl, right? We're good. You just wrote? You're just wrote it, and we did that whole thing. Just make it about drinking just about alcohol. I mean, that's if you want to win the hearts of a bunch of like university of Wisconsin, Madison, which I can't take huge. There's like fifty thousand people there the Kohl center. I think they do it's in the states somebody's talking picture of it all the graduates are on the field, and they take up the whole field. And then all the families and everybody earned the stands and the whole lower boats filled Jesus Christ. It's insane. That's that's big time. Should actually do it in full pats. That's what she just come out. The only way that bring the Letterman jacket basher, I just work out. Thirty minute workout FOX jump onto the good idea. Tony Perkins the system if you've got everyone on guys, let's go. Let's go out. Lars. Yes. Very log over my head this works. This works. Maybe bring out bielema Super Bowl ring. No seem jogging through the concourse. That was amazing. You beers them. We had really. Yeah. Recently. And I was like yet, your wife blocks. No, it was a couple years ago here in New York, I think he'd just been fired and he can put him back. I don't doubt. I mean, he's big boy is often salami played it. Yeah, wisconsin. Yeah. It was so funny watching him. He was running down to the field to be in the celebration after the Super Bowl and watching him try to sprint through the concourse and like try to evade people in a lewd Pete way with so no he's going because he's up. So he's making his way down right after the game. He's in like the tire patriots coaching staff is trying and they're all out running him. It's like the running of the bulls. But if all the humans were way faster. Just behind John come on whatever happened your Kito diet. Just all we are trained on that tweeted out a picture of my dick and my cell phone number. So yeah. And we also didn't we hired a nineteen year old who didn't know what Kita was. So he he would just Google it. He just gives us food and be like, wait. You can't eat that. Right. So we just we just don't awful all the time. Yeah. You done it. No, it's terrible. My buddies is trying now, and he has no clue hito flu sucks. The best part is when you when you pee on the strip. And then it tells you that you're in Kito. That's you guys do it that we did that serious. Yeah. That's how the penis picture. Yes. Put out videotaping eat, pork rinds, and it's terrible cheese. Mass gross your breasts, smells bad. Yeah. Including a minute fasting or not nobody I wanna get into that. Have you done that? No. But I know guys I heard your brain gets really active. There's I mean, the problem with all these things is just the sustainability of it. Because like at some point you're going to be in a situation where you can't right? You can't do it. Right. You have to do something. And I'm like if you can just make subtle lifestyle changes instead of doing these wholesale changes. I feel like it has that's irrational. I'd rather until my body because my buddy, my buddy does all these different diets like everyone that comes out. He's like, oh, man. I'm like, yeah. Do everyone for two weeks and you're done daddy's. He sounds like every time you're gonna be chips, grandma. Apple like, it's not that hard. I eat healthy and exercise occasionally, and you'll be okay, that's tough. I'm more on your friend side. Do you have nutritionists that that work for the team or do you have your like, Alex Guerrero guy? That's like specializing how many avocados to be injected into. You know, we have we have one that works for the team. He just got a new guy that came on last year, and he has an assist in. Both of them are incredibly smart there. A lot of fun to talk to. But sometimes it's like that's resource mart. And he knows. So and I'm like, okay. Yes. I know if I ate only right. Walnuts gradually. I'd be incredible. Like, you gotta you gotta work with me. Right halfway here guy. Yeah. So he's gotten really good at that. And it's been a lot of fun to work with him. But yet sometimes Tristesse just they have such perfectionist view of the world where I'm like, you got at least meet me halfway I think it's just because they know so much. So they see like all when they look at a piece of food. That's not good for you. They're like poison, right? Whereas we see it like. Yeah. Walk yet. And I'm I'm sitting here thinking, okay, I cut out dairy is my shoulder gonna swell up truly because I'm drinking a glass of milk, or like like what what my new level, you know, like. Like, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's too it gets to point. Yeah. I think you have the right? Take on it. I've always wondered people in your position. Obviously, you're at the top of your game as far as like, you know, athletes, go in the off season how much stuff do you like try to do completely different to refocus on something new or if it's like something nutritional like, I I wouldn't imagine. Even if you're Tristesse was like, all right JJ. We're going on the like strict paleo diver entire offseason. Like, you're pretty fucking good. Right. So how much do you actually change up offseason Aussies with you're trying? So like the first thing I do after our season ends the first three days. It is literally injuring whatever you want. Yes. So it's a blast three days three because you feel. Jesus was doing when he's oh sick. Who just like I'm just going to gorge going for going for it. So I mean, it is a full sleeves of Oreos. I mean, it is like everything's Guinness is going down. It's everything for three days. It's a fun time to be around. Yes. But waking up as miserable. But then after those three days for the first two weeks, I'm still on like a e pretty healthy. But, you know, go out for a burger here off what you want their after those two weeks done, you pretty much kinda lock it back in and I pick when I'm going to have fun. And when I'm not so like, I try and do a weekend with my buddies every year, we go four days and that one I'm like, okay. You can do whatever you want there. But you gotta lock him before leading up to that this week my girlfriend here in New York, eat what you want and enjoy it. But next week you have to lock in. And so you just try and do it where you have to stay sane because a lot of it's mental. I mean, a lot of it is you can't just stay boom, boom, boom. The whole time. Otherwise, you're gonna go crazy. So you gotta give yourself some breaks. And it's a good way to do it. Congrats on having girlfriend, by the way. Guys. It must be nice dating somebody. That is also like an elite athlete because you guys keep each other in check a little bit. You couldn't date like a wino-? That's like I'm gonna go right back smoking cigarettes drinking Chardonnay, eleven o'clock in the. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy thing with her as she has a crazy sweet tooth. She loves chocolate. Chip cookie. She loves desserts, and she has a six pack. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what she eats. Like, we went to Levin bakery today, which is up here in New York. And they got these cookies that are insane. I'm like, I can't eat that she'll eat three of them in as have a six pack. But it is fun. I mean, she it's competitions a blast. And I I swore I could be a Premier Li goalie I said when we first start dating you it and she's a soccer player. So I was like give me one year to train. I said let's say it's at the end of my career after I retire one year to train. I can do does mad to know. This story comes back around hits me in the face. Oh, no. So so I was like she was like, no you can't. And I was like, yes. Just give me a year. Athletic agile. I can move. I use my hands just like that and balls at heart. And so she goes okay, come to the field. And so we went out to the field. She put it not even on the penalty. Spot the eighteen yard line, which is like the big box far away. And I was like, yeah. I'm gonna stop this. No problem. She smoked a ball pass my face so fucking fast. And I was like no chance you can give me five years to train no chance. It's insane. How fast and how hard she can get a ball. And I can only imagine obviously what like Rinaldo flying. Yeah. That burst my bubble. You should still try though. Yeah. We need to have it be that all of our American athletes can play soccer at the highest level of they wanted to because that otherwise we become betas in the no, no, I agree. You could still think was saying you. Have you be perfect hate me? They want me and you on Swazi. Oh, yeah. They're not in the Premier League anymore and every now, and then they'll just be people on Twitter will be like Yanks out. Fuck you. You fat pig. I own point one percent of one percent home this happen, which Chelsea team. Yeah. It's been a struggle year. That's gross style. It's been for the why I went to a game flakes six years ago or something. And I mean, I didn't I didn't know anything about the Premier Li back there. And I was like I wanna get into awesome. And I truly love watching. Yeah. I wake up every weekend. I love to watch it in the morning. I think part of the reason I love watching because I don't know a ton about the logistics of on everything American sports. I know how free agency works. I know how like these back door conversations. Like, I know how all the inner workings of the kind of screws you up as a fan because you it's hard to get fully into a team because he know how it all goes in the back end. So I'm watching over there. I don't know what the hell these transfer fees are like that you got to buy the right to buy a player. So I just blindly fan and I love watching. I also think that the prayer league part of the reason why people like watching it. And this is at least for me personally. It's very appeasing in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday, the the pitches so burying, and it just kinda lows you. It's like almost watching the master sit is it's. Very like, it's a very nice easy way to start the day. Like if it was if it was NFL football game at eight AM harsh. It's it's even the London game. It's always like this a little early, but I hit you get a nice British accent commercials. A Cup of coffee. Yeah. Kind of the same way. Yes. Like when you see the strawberries and creates she's wearing white. Yeah. Nice way to wake up in the morning, and they do a great. I love the coverage. I mean, such they love we've been blazers. No friends, are they? Yeah. I watch I watch every week. Like, I said, I mean, the games are at six AM sometimes. Yeah. Very one of my favorite things to do. Wake up make up coughing and just sit there and watch Premier Li people are gonna love this JJ watt supporter of soccer, even though he's a football player. Yeah. Absolutely plan. London this year to really, yeah. First time we played the Jags. Chechen shooting. What was back to the whole back deal whispers around the room like how sports work what you said. I don't know how. Smack on that. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Do you think you're going to get cut? It's it's Boston Amine. I mean, it's my head. It's a portion of the interview where we're just doing. I like that. It's definitely possible. Speaking getting cut how come you haven't trained with knives? Like, Aaron Donald. Good questions. It's because it's scary. Yeah. Yeah. It is. It's wildly dangerous. He actually told us through fake knife. That's bullshit. How many more years you think you like that like how come how you could you imagine? Could you imagine? If I did that for years ago. Oh, we. I mean, it would be JJ knives are actually like 'cause. Yeah. Thousands of murders year. Like every every now and then like Graham explore page. I'll see something whether it's an athlete or nine athlete. And I'll be like if I did they. Thousand fourteen or fifteen. Yes, I will no doubt. But I think that's part of it too. Is like your when that was kinda during like a come up like I. Yeah. I know. So as you're on the KOMO anything you do becomes a new story. So like, the they'll pick up anything, and it becomes a headline like my house up in Wisconsin, all that stuff. And it's headlines. And then it's like, you're everywhere, and it feels like oversaturation, and you kinda do stuff that I was doing obviously don't wouldn't do now. But it just all culminates in like, okay. This guy's turned into the internet. I think was a little meaner like the minute shifts. The internet does weird thing. Pretty mean? It is still pretty mean. But mainly Twitter's Twitter's put it all just kinda shifts. I get maybe it's not the interest meaner. I think people have become more aware of trolls and start to to people now know the playbook controls, do you know what I mean? Like, if you if you feed them gets worse. So should never have responded to us. We wouldn't be here today. That's true. And we wouldn't be friends. Best rest. How many more years you're gonna play? It's a good one. When when you wrote that letter saying you almost retired. I thought remember, but then he saw the kid wearing your jersey. And you're like, I'm not gonna retire because you're right. That was kind that was almost like the end of that was like the start of a transition. Yes. Two years away from the game. We'll do that team. Yeah. It was a sappy story. It was good store. Yeah. Was you actually wearing jersey? Yeah. No. It was real. I mean that whole story was real see that's the thing. Like even like during that time because of what I built up, I guess, even when you're writing something that's hundred percent real true. And like come on, dude. It's really fucked jersey. During that time. I was like as I was reading like this is so pointless because I'm this is one hundred percent true. And it's like a legit story. But I'm gonna get ripped or so like it was it was hard, man. Like us wearing a on cloudy. Yeah. I gotta get back. Right at this kid. We'll start to wear my. Yes. But I don't know, man. I feel I feel really good like my body. Feels really good right now. Last season was good just to get back on the field to get back playing. I'm going to be honest. If you told me before the season, you're gonna have sixteen sacks be an all pro. I would have said hell, yes. I'm yep. Because I honestly that get seventeen is, you know, sixties Belay. I would have said hell, yeah. Because I as much as I as hard as I trained in as much as I did, I still didn't know for sure if it was good or not, you know. And now this off-season my body feels great I can train the whole off, and I can really build the confidence that I need to play confidently week-to-week not just go out there and be on the field. I wanna play truly special fits which one of your brothers. Do your parents love the most they're having a baby this month. Also. It's not fair. He got married first. He's having a baby he got a dog before any of us playoff game. He did that he did on the that was a touchdown. Bullshit. Yes. Such I was I was screaming M, I television because I mean, the guy hasn't had a chance to touch down his whole career playoff game. He's is a touchdown. Yes. And I was he live. It was kinda cool that they showed like six hundred times. So it was wrong. It's replay that every true and seeing seeing a fullback do a barrel. Roll on the goal line was like very very funny to watch have never seen that before. But yeah, he got screwed up that. Yeah. But I gave him credit because it was a hell of a catch throws low. So it was a hell of a catch Roldan had the thought process rolled in. But he was it was funny because the watching the probe on it's the chargers coaching staff and that the chiefs fullback was in there and people are pulling from for the MVP 'cause they'd like six catches Sherman either. Yeah. And I'm like where all these place from I was like Derek fullback for every single player. I think Sherman wanted the MVP really bad. He had them install specific packages for him. No other way. He's on our full-back. We do a fullback of the year ward for college football, the man trophy tell Derek that if he wants to be on the committee. We can vote on John Kuhn Aaron ripped hausky vantera leeches lot. Surprising heard about I thought it'd be rude. Ask about seeing if I'm not a full full back one plane score touchdown the NFL. Okay. How would you be more proud? If you've played fullback and gotten the league blocked led to another man getting touchdown. That's how I know. You're not. What about TJ did you talk to NAT crazy season? They did you talk to them throughout being like, hey, man, any advice or it was wild, man. I mean their season, obviously was wild just up and down. But then everything that happens off the field training. It's it's wild up there who do vote for for team MVP. That's the most important question. I didn't even ask about that. But I like some teams have something like, it's if you think about it's a weird thing is very weird thing and especially get mad about. Especially publicly, right? If you wanna vote until the, but I mean, I don't what's that for. You know, I guess voted for juju. I literally didn't ask him. I'm going to ask. I don't. I honestly don't know. If voted I don't know if it was it. Yeah. How how often do you talk to your brothers during the season? We talk every day. Really? We have a group. Text literally everyday. We talk multiple times a day either. Either phone call our tax he should in that group tax down. Then. Actually, this good point. I wanna say this out loud. So that we can get this on record. We wanna challenge the what brothers to feats of strength PF myself in Hank your whenever you want whenever you're altogether in Wisconsin. We'll come take two hours feats of strength. What kind of sit ups like festivus? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Nothing to get anyone hurt. But like some kind of competition to Catholic on something where we can kick the shit out of the white brothers. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yes, we're it that wasn't a lock in. Don't know you said. Will lock into long walk into the end. Okay. Awesome moment. Right. You all will be together. Right. We it'll probably be an LA. Derek has the baby we're going to be. Yeah. Is that weird that we're going to be in LA same? We incredible. Yes. Yeah. That will be we have to figure out what I wanted to at least some swimming. I think it'd be swimming. How far he's got conned, bro. Swimming was another thing that I thought I told myself the twenty I think the shortest one is the fifty meter. Yes. At the Olympics. Yes. Because I start one when offseason I was hurt. So I was just sitting on my couch. I was watching. I was like what sport afterwards. Could I do try and win a gold medal because the Olympics are cool. The obviously can't play football. So I was like I always thought that one the cool things in the world is standing on the podium with the American flag and everything and winning a gold medal. But I was like I mean soccer goalies, one that was my first two, and then I was like the fifty meter swim the one where you don't have to turn 'cause I can't turn shit the one where you just go straight. And I was like I got some explosive legs dive off like halfway across the pool. And then only got halfway keep a year to train for that. I like that. But I do that curling. It's hard hand girled. Trying to guess. Yeah. He's actually trying to make the Olympic. Yeah. Yeah. You do a good handball player. Good rugby. Rugby and Olympic sport seven's rugby is is it the best in the world second. I would know we were in the six nations, that's one of my favorite things to watch too. And that's from Ireland. When I when I first got over to Ireland and love watching the six nations rugby dedicated yourself to rugby when you're like in high school. You would probably be the best rugby player in the history of the game by far and the US probably would have went metal. Would you like to politics? I'd like to make my form apology, the United States association, all United States people the entire United States. Erica fifty thousand dollars a year play rugby could've been incredible. All two hundred ninety of you came. Yes story. Awesome. All right. So we gotta figure out what competition we're gonna swim with turn. You just. Are you good at the turn? Can you can turn to I drink water? Like, it's turn. Okay. We should your headache. It will be like have you seen? It. You never see me. Turn. Exactly. Yeah. I can turn, bro. Downturn. I can't even swim without suck water down. Like, I have to do the thing where your heads above the water and some. I know. So we that's why laps in the Jacksonville Jaguars pool. The one that they have in the stadium and big cat. When all the way down under water turned and came back, then turned again. Yes. And went back set the record. Well, it's because it was too shallow sea. So this actually I've hypothetical that I've always said I could beat. There's no athlete in the world that could beat me in every single sport. You couldn't beat me in every single sport. There's one sport. I could beat you. I don't know what it is. But I could find I think it might be swimming in his longer than a one shot. Yes. See I have the right to like change all the rules. I just have to be good at it. I pretty good. I think if you watched arts, I love watch, George that will be one of the competitions. We gotta think of table tennis. Yeah. Take kin who has spent we got one. Yeah. We got one in the locker room last year and one of our teammates is unbelievable at it. And he thought he taught me a whole bunch of stuff. So I mentioned worked my way up to being pretty good. Who's really good at it? His name is Bruce Ellington he used to play for the forty Niners yet for us. Then he was on the lines this here he said that they brought in a table in San Francisco, and they brought in a true professionally one of the guys from the Olympics, whatever, and they he was there for two days, and he taught them a whole bunch of stuff. And then he tried to teach me, right? So we'll do that. I think I could kick a football farther than any no way. Dad loved the punt as a kid. So I'm not talking about. I'm talking all you're talking. Kick around. Yeah. Feel far can you go? I can kick it six yard field goal. Emma's holder. Yeah. Also on what I have. Yes. I had to back you up. I can't really. Kicked a sixty order in a rugby game one time. Yeah. All with a rugby ball. Yeah. Well, it's different can kick a sixty yard field with football too, high altitude I actually trained with football spots. Smaller football. We'll do that. We'll do a snap. It will be. We'll do we'll time. It will be a snap. Hold kick in. You gotta make the thing. So all three all three of us, which has more degrees. Well, hang I mean, do you have a doctorate to Derrick? Do you have a doctorate? What does that count for degree? No, okay. Maybe. Thing we talked about though for for hanging the place that you can get. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. We'll do which team has more. Degree sounds good. We have accepted we've one regular degree in one doctorate. Okay. We got regulars and hang pending pending pending. Okay. We'll figure out what the the we'll do ten ten different events ambitious for two hours. And we gotta go from swimming plea. Football events is going to be quoits shit like that like like quarters or like no actually flipping. We'll just literally the first vet will be called the coin toss. And then we'll call tails. We'll be up one nothing yet. 'cause we got tails fails. Yeah. Exactly. So earlier this season we had the overtime game against the colts. We had I mean, it's a coin toss. It's a stupid. We try to figure it out. So we had this theory and it worked for like the first three games where like you. Switch back and forth each time. We're we're winning. And so we had overtime against the colts and overtime is much more important than the beginning of game obvious. And I love tales never feels like that's what I always go with. But one of my buddies. He was like dude it's been going back and forth every single time. He's like it's heads this time it's heads. So. And I was like fuck it has been going back and forth. Every so I went out there, and I called heads and we fucking lost. Head. But then Frank wreck basically gave you guys the game at the end of that was a while. We went overtime in our first two wins the year. Oh, Bill minutes. Yeah. Yeah. That was cool. When you swore a second ago. And he said fuck couple times. JJ? We're just lose JJ. They were friends. I liked that. Speaking of that colts game to did you sack? Andrew lucked, sir. Yeah. Sacked them three times to compliment you. Yeah. After I mean, not immediate after the sack, but he he's done that before. Yeah. Man. He's he's the best. I love luck. I mean, obviously, he's a great player in a hate what you did to someplace. But he's he's one of my favorite players in the world the play against because I have such an immense amount of respect for him. And how he is just he is he is he he doesn't try to bullshit. He doesn't try to be somebody else. And he's truly just a nice good guy and any works hard. And he's a competitor. It's fun to play against them. What about Bortles he's to play against? I mean, it's different. But he's good to play. I mean last year he got he got us. Pretty good. Did I don't even remember if he did or not? But is he like a number one on the guest rankings for the show love Blake? Yeah. He's well. He's one time bleak of the year last year we called Blake Griffin. And Blake Bortles whoever answered I one Blake of the year. And Blake Bortles wasn't doing anything as. Good good. All right JJ. This has been fun, man. Pucks rockets. So hard. I haven't been new bucks rain, obviously, I've been to the rockets and love watching rockets play. I mean, you gotta go with your hometown hometowns, Jonah sucks. Yeah. He's a fucking. Have you been no I've been I I got to go I train at their facility this off season for couple of days. And I got to see it up close. But I didn't actually go into it looks unbelievable and what they're doing with the whole area around and everything I mean, the bucks their facilities and everything they built up there. The new owners that bought a few years back doing incredible things in the rebrand. I mean there. Yeah. Everything from their logo to Jaanus to the rebranding. They're doing really cool thing. Joe? Yes. I was sad. Should I be worried at all about Wisconsin badgers football that bad year? It wasn't it wasn't ideal. Grammar tes, I love coach Chris death. I mean coach Chris guy that I would. I hope he's the coach there for the rest of Wisconsin. I think you will be he's incredible. I love him. Yeah. But yeah, I mean this year was tough. But it was the bowl games. Nice. A nice win. Well, it's weird because it's everything shifted now. It used to be a season. Like, that's like that's actually a decencies right now. It's I mean, yes, spectators have completely changed, which is awesome. Right. But that you know, when you look back like like, you look at Nebraska years ago with Bo Pollini, the I mean, they're going like nine and three nine three and people were always like, well, we need to be better and stuff. But then you get rid of them. And you're going you through all this crap. So it's like, you sometimes people have to remember this heart, right? Not easy. Right. Like, so you're going through some tough years and this year. I think we started rankling number four. Yes. Which was to me. -sconsin can't be that high on the radar ever. You gotta just lay low, right? And then sneak. Yeah. That that always makes this high expectations. Definitely hurt us out of the gate. But I mean, two years ago was awesome to watch. It's fun. So the thing I love coach, Chris. I mean, you know, he's like he's he's just the man everything is just he tells it straightforward like it is he's he's Wisconsin footballers the same gray sweatshirt. Yeah. That that they make any classes. Yeah. He's perfect. Yeah. He's. I love that guy. I'm excited to see him. When I go back for commencement and have a chat with him. Yeah. When you do the whole get everyone on their feet bench press and the chick ring me on stone. Call thought you were gonna make a Dan rebel joke there because. Good friends. We talked. We talked from time to time. He's speak here with him. He's he's where's the show? Stand with him. Right. He's suspended back. Yeah. Because he got thirsty. He was like putting me into like articles trying to get clicks. And said that he when he got hired as new place. He said that he will be going on part of my take now that he is no longer ESPN. We had invited them self invite. Yeah. So it's like just chill out. We don't hate him. But he just, you know, just relax. You got to hear you get overly excited times. He's gonna be like come on when we invite you. He did send me to a pretty unbelievable sushi. Spot for lunch. He loves he loves insane. Yeah. But he does like the thing where you take a bite and throw it out. Yeah. I know this is a food way. Yeah. Because he's got it. He does like the taste tests on his Instagram stories and just takes one bite in throws it that's stupid to to take one bite of something. And then that's the worst. All right. Thanks so much man from thank you very much. 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Everyone maybe tweet them and say we loved you and part of my take, and it would be really awesome. If we did the watt verse PMT challenge, and and his brothers and Hasbro. Definitely would be nice. Yeah. Nice. Hey, guaranteed enjoyed the JJ watt interview. We did. Hey, derek. I hear you're having a kid, and you're the favorite son now, tell JJ open Kisner something bigger than sports. No. But I'm saying good. He's the most he's the favourite son of the family. Okay. So the walk brothers verse PMT. Hey, JJ, don't just say loved your interview would would love even more to see the brothers verse PMT or what you do is. Maybe you tell TJ and Derek that JJ committed them down with that going. So we'll yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So look forward to that. That's definitely happening okay segments. Trouble in paradise Boston, Celtics. Oh, hang. Hake as I talked about who's back the week and more of a Bruins guy. Anyway, so the what is going on with they lost to the Lakers than a really bad team. That's basically just treated everyone in trying to tank it. Blue twenty six point lead and Marcus Morris after the game said that's team isn't having fun. It hasn't been fun along time team is bunch of individuals. They're not playing like a team basically just called everyone also calling Brad Stevens out a little bit brassy coaching job. Yeah. And I actually reminded Hank. Remember last year, we had the fun embrace debate. Would you take Brad Stevens? Lebron james. Yeah. That was good one. Who actually might have Brad Stevens to just say LeBron? But what what's going on give us the reason? Like tell us what's going on. I don't know. I mean, I wish I had the answers for you kyri got injured again. So that's the thing is like curry very always gets injured. They're very strict team Keri got injured. You would think that means it's going to be bad. But the Celtics are probably going to go on a winning streak now with like Tatum. What about the fun part? There's Gordon by bet you think Brad Stevens do that bring out the Gordon Bombay bring out a beach ball. Like remember have fun guys. They're not as. I mean, everyone knows that Tatum was doing a lot of work with Koby in the off season. There was some articles about Kobe talking. Jalen Brown the off season tell them to worry about himself. So it's like it could be like Kobe trying to infiltrate from thin. Great mama move to basically, take down the Celtics from from mentorship. Rivalry continued. You gotta get yours. You gotta get yours. I always get yours. Now, do you like ending kyri say like the best teams are Kobe told him that the best teams have some internal discomfort? How many so basically he his advice to kyri was like act like a dickhead? Yeah. And then that way everybody will hate you. And they'll have somebody to unite around hating school. Lebron how many people Koby mentor a lot on the Celtics. I would never I if I played in the NBA, I would never take we've Bryant's mentorship. Seriously, because I knew that at the end of the day. Kobe does not want you to be better than he was just trying to get his he's still playing defense. Yes. It was obviously an awful loss. But everyone knows that the season start till after the all-star and Kyrie said they. The senior leadership. This Morris is trying to like get the guys fired up. God more so than I think there's a real problem. No trouble. So panic button one to ten to. That's it. Yeah. One is the one is panic. It goes now ten is an eight. Oh, well, Jen Tam. Holy. I'm not word. I'd be worried not worried at all at all. If you're not where it'd be zero in the offseason, they're probably gonna trade like their entire team for Anthony Davis. Oh, like, it's tough to really get like deep deep until it falls. You're good retreating everyone. Yeah. So sounds like you don't think this is a team for the same thing as the clear message. If you can get a player like this prime you ever takes to get him. It's it's exact same thing. Cleal mack. Well, no, I think it's a little bit different. Because you have a young group of kids. They're good, right? They should be the team that if you were a good sports town, you would just lineup automobile. Like, hey, listen, I'm loyalty you long run. Let's ride. But now, you're just like no get them out of town. Also chasing a high wouldn't traded Mitch Trubisky for Khalil Mack. I wouldn't have. Okay. Yeah. So how track this traded picks not players? Oh, got it. Now. You're just talking sports. It's different. Yeah. Well, I I wouldn't have traded. I wouldn't give up mischievous. And it's just sad Cleal MAC any day of the week. And I can prove that by not having to do it. So you never know what my real answer. I actually think that the Celtics just press the panic button on themselves after hearing Hank talk about how they should below the whole thing up. I don't want them here. Blow the whole thing up directly. Ron's yourself low this head get these bums out of my town. I never said that said that probably what's going on. Okay. Sounds like it sounds like you just made more trouble. You can book to sell this going on like eight of eleven streak from here on book. It is only eleven games. No. I'm just saying like, oh, just at some point. They're going to win eight out of eleven. Yes. Soon wash. My way off is ten out of Levin. I for how much no it that way. If you believe in your guys, if they don't get eight out of Levin at some point you have to shave your beard for the rest of the season. Yeah. What if they do if they do, you don't shave you? I'll shave your beard. That's not person. Okay. Next up. We have nitpicking Zion Zion. Williamson had an awesome block against Virginia. But the ball went out about s- keep that you you should do. What bill? Russell was so good at catching those that block. I don't even know what to say the his fucking like the F lettuce Zion has is in Saint well everywhere stand the people who I think I've heard was Scotty someone maybe it's Charles Berkeley. Scotty, someone is like tried to say that Zion owes Mike francesa that doesn't really count. But who cares? Six you should stop playing right day. Right, scott. He's on the right side of history. But there there's been some rumblings like Zayn. I don't know. The dude is just out of out of this world the shit. He does and even like even against Virginia. I didn't think he was that. Great. And you look at his stats like dominated the game. He blocked shot where the guy was getting ready to shoot three pointer wells. I was standing in the fucking paint. So what you're telling me is he was out of position. Yeah. So his position needs a lot of work. He should have had to work that hard to get out there to block that shot. I mean, it's Duke here. No one is beating Duke. No one is not happen. Agreed their special team it's special to watch night tonight out. Agreed. There's no one beating I agree. Doc cat. I've I'm happy you're on board. I've been on board. Okay. Dukes here, bro. Hell. Yeah. All right sticking with the college sports. We have for Clemson Daboh Sweeney came out and member there was some very weird drug positive tests right before the bowl game, the semi finals. So dabble came out and said, there's a chance they might have actually Clemson it self might have given them the drugs by accident PD's. He said, oh, yeah. I mean, there's a chance that it could have come from anything. They're going to test everything and look at everything. And that's the problem is you really look at this stuff. It could be a contaminant contaminant that came from anything that was something that was cleared and not a problem. All of a sudden, it becomes there was something. So three guys got tested, positive and dabbling. Well, yet could've come from us. Very interesting. They have that Dave that rock that. They'll rub at the bottom of the hill. Right. Maybe that's some sort of crystal. All I know is that elbow fans. I'm sure we'll take this. Well, definitely. Yes. Definitely. I mean, listen, I as we said when this happened. I believe I do not believe that that both Swinney would engage in anything Laura has. Just believed him. He's a good guy. And I choose to believe that, but well, Davos pump pose full of steroids. It's not his fault. That's true. He's just a student athlete. That'd be great. If you could just like somehow put a steroid in the in the water system. So just in the showers when the guys were taking showers like soaked in through their scale that would be good. That'd be cool. Yeah. Topical. Call it. Nebraska in rhino eight. Yeah. Rhino horn just ground up and worked into the pipes. How many get some mean tweets about that about Brassica? They get mad when they don't have the internet fun. The weightlifting the invented weightlifting program net known starts. Respect the biz Bob Costas. So explain this for the people PF team. So this is a really big deal to Bob Costas back in two thousand fifteen you know, when Bob you sit down at halftime of the Monday night football games, and give us his little lectures about everything about how he's a better human being than everybody else wears a little hat and scarf. Yeah. Oh, the scarves were gloves. Even I'm pretty sure he was inside. He looked like he was like malnourished kid in newsies. Yeah. Yeah. Come along extreme fade Jimmy's got the got the gameplay come on. So he so he basically he had a a halftime monologue written down for himself that said that we're all bad people for watching the NFL, and that we should all be we feel complicit in the ongoing rash of severe head injuries. And it was right? When the movie concussion was coming up, and they were playing a game in Pittsburgh to the truth toilet, and Bob was saying that like we need to do some soul searching as Americans halftime of football game that he. Getting paid to be on correct abroad. Correct. Because he was the host at the time and NBC said sorry, we can't do that. And then Bob knew from that moment going forward that the situation in his words was untenable. So once you've lost Bob Costas, the moral soul of America. I think that there's gonna be some very serious questions about the the journalistic integrity. Yes of NBC. Can I say something that I don't even know where everyone lot like I don't know where popular opinion has gone on this story because it just came out a couple of hours ago. I just believe whatever. Bob, Costas me too. Of course, the NFL is like, hey, Bob. You can't say that on one of our fucking broadcast like that's graduate Goodell. Does a lot of stuff to silence. A lot of people as kind of a clown winnow, easy, clown. But this one it's like, yeah. Why why would you be allowed to bash the league that's paying like you your salary right now. Right. And also, I think that there's like a little bit of gravity loss from it. Every time I see Bob Costas speaking at me when he doesn't have pink. Right. I need the pink the pink is like that's a that's like a bat signal letting me know that this is a big j shit go right right now like he's battling through he basically slept the night before with is and somebody's but Hawaii and he still showed up for work on time. It's also there's a difference when she agree. There's a difference like Roger Goodell going after ESPN because they're running outside the lines or talking about it outside of a game broadcast. That's ridiculous. You can't tell an entire organization to stop doing jer. Journalism because they don't agree with you all the time, but podcast is doing it during an NFL game like during the broadcast if he had done that on real sports with Bryant Gumbel who the fuck cares if he had done it, you know, on a radio show or any like during the Kentucky Derby, if he'd been like, hey, I really wanna talk about concussion the football. I don't think the NFL would've care during a game. You really can't do that. Yes. So Bob is a big big J. And he finally answered the question that everyone's been dying to know. Which is why wasn't Bob Costas featured on NBC's coverage of the Super Bowl a year ago. That's the best part is. Yes. So the headline is like the here's why Bob Costas was not allowed to do the pre game of Super Bowl fifty to write a year ago. And everyone's like, oh, finally, oh, you guys have been asked burning up about a year. And and I I've judged the conversation where the where the dialogues going and people are still wondering where I was well here it is. Yeah. It's it's this and the Malcolm Butler situation. Those are the two biggest things on everybody's mind for the last year with what happened in that Super Bowl? I like Bob causes because he's got a big game voice. And we grow up cost us, but he is number one in smell your own farts health him, he farts in his hand and cups it and puts it right to his knows. What what are the funnier parts about? This thing was he's saying that he's actually fearful for putting this information out there. So he's scared to put this out because he doesn't want to he doesn't want to point to people that he's worked with in the past. And it's something that he's been worried about for the last year outside the lines had a series of dozens of conversations with Bob about this matter. And he finally felt the time was right to come forward and say I wasn't allowed to talk shit about the NFL during a bunny night football game twenty fifteen that is a load off my chest. It's big too. Because this is the first time outside lines ever talked about concussions. Yeah. That'll be big. If if we can literally end concussion show if we can work in a fee for World Cup angle to this. Just gonna nut all over himself. How youth based how T-ball actually causes a lot of concussions uncoordinated five year olds let the bat fly and one kid got knocked out. I think the worst problem was bet flipping flipping a true. All right. Let's let's finish with drunk idea. Oh, yeah. So I I deal on Saturday to make a union of scabs. Okay. So scabs should unionize. So hang scab is somebody that like if if af if an organization goes on strike, then they make a picket line, and they're trying to just shut down the worksite, and then the big inflatable rat. Yeah. The big rat. You just sit on the sidelines on the street. Yeah. And then scabs are the guys that come in. And they take their jobs, and they'll go ahead and the work for lower pay. Yeah. And so that's bad for the union for organized labor, but the scabs themselves should unionize. Ooh. I like that's what I'm saying. Like, they should they should get together and demand better treatment. Whatever news scabs. Just up here. Yeah. But then they unionized to put that. No. Actually, we've got a, you know, we don't like the third wave of scabs. So we've got a union off yet. So union office little I don't hate that. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone just you threatening to union against each other. I did say on the radio on Friday. How hilarious it would be. If we try to unites just the content that will come out being credible. Yeah. We had Hank PR union. Yeah. Hey, will you wear workers of the world unite shirt, absolutely hypoc cutters? One forty one. Yeah. I think I can get it done. Do they wanna head this up? Yeah. I think you and Marty see you negotiate our our terms as as are as a union, what do you demand as as the leader of the professional more? Person raise and Ricky. That's not doing this trying to get a promotion. No. That's not what you the union is basically, everyone gets paid a little less, but we all get paid a little more. But as head of the union, I should get paid more. Right. No. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that's fair. Yeah. You got to be a little bit. But they know what should run for like alderman to. But once you do that, then we're just gonna Bubba scab for you. He's going to scab you right out of the gab the fuck out of you. But you guys are in my union not yet. But you're not actually looking out for us. You looking out for yourself. No. But that's to say union. There is there's something to be said for the fact that if you want to perform well at your job, you should be compensated. Like you're performing while. You're right gives you that confidence. That's what Kirk cousins had such a good season this year because he got paid so much money. So you're good, Hank. You guys. Yeah. Okay. Hey, I love all right Wednesday. We have something very special plan for you think dog show might have a special guest little something out of the ordinary get excited and tweet questions. You've always wanted to ask a dog judge. Guess. King. Gary's I'm good. Today's. Twenty. Percent. Member. John. To say. Twenty six. It's part might take percents by bar stool sports.

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